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'Oaks actress pleased with cancer plot

Friday, May 28 2010, 6:06am EDT

By Daniel Kilkelly, Entertainment Reporter

Hollyoaks star Carley Stenson has revealed that she was pleased when she heard that her character Steph Cunningham would be diagnosed with cervical cancer.

The health nightmare kicks off in next week's episodes, which see Steph struggling to come to terms with the news about her condition.

Speaking of the shock plot, Stenson told All About Soap: "I'm so flattered I've been trusted with this storyline. I was the face for the campaign Arm Against Cervical Cancer last year, so it's important to me that I get it right."

Asked whether Steph is confident about beating her illness, the actress replied: "There's no other option. If she doesn't fight this, the alternative isn't worth thinking about."

Steph initially decides not to tell love interest Gilly Roach (Anthony Quinlan) about her news, and also keeps her family out of the loop.

Stenson explained: "With Gilly, she's embarrassed and doesn't want him to look after her. She also doesn't want to hurt her family either."

The star has been part of the Hollyoaks cast since 2000.

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First, I am happy that this isn't going to be a boring breast cancer SL. Second, it's nice to see her get a big story on her 10th anniversary with the show. If there is a heart to the show now, it's her, IMO.

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The show seems to be improving ratings-wise again, it's been above the million mark all week long this week...


Hollyoaks' transmission, which saw Elliot ovedose on Archie's new mix of drug, was watched by 1.11m (6.5%) in its standard 6.30pm slot on Channel 4. E4's first look took 413k (2.2%).

Very strong ratings for EastEnders on both BBC1 and the repeat on BBC3, too...

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I didn't like Archie very much either. I did like that he got the "takes one last look back" exit, because that's one of my favorite exits from a TV show.

I cannot stand Cheryl, ugh. She's such a pushy loudmouth.

The McQueen drama continues to carry the show, but I did enjoy the Rhys/Gilly scenes. I thought I'd read that the show had moved away from their friendship. Had they? Either way, I'm glad they're still friends. And the Steph/Gilly moment was sweet, if short-lived.

I'm still a bit weirded out seeing anyone besides the Osbornes living in that place.

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I'm not sure what exactly happened with Lauren and Gaz. I didn't see a lot of that either. I think after he was put into a coma (I don't remember who did that), he changed his mind about being racist, or said he was never actually racist, I don't know. Then he and Lauren became close as she had no one else and they were both damaged.

Gilly befriended Tom and helped to be what a father or older brother would be. Gilly began to fall in love with Steph but she was infatuated with the dance instructor Fernando. I guess that didn't work out, I didn't see their breakup, I just saw some silly scene with Fernando telling Tom that Santa didn't exist (how old is Tom anyway, shouldn't he know that by now? Does Tom ever age?). Anyway, Steph was touched by how kind Gilly was and she began to fall in love with him, but he had already moved on to Jem, as he thought Steph wasn't interested.

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I have no clue what is up with Loretta and frankly I don't give a damn, either. Good riddance to a character that should have never been made a regular in the first place. However, and this may just be my superficiality speaking, but I wish Marquess would have kept Kevin Sacre around. I know a lot of people think Jake is damaged, but I have still always enjoyed him. I'll miss his sexy. :(

Freaking Mal and Mercy ... I don't even know what to think of these two. Should I be loving them right now or be in constant eyeroll rotation?

Is Ste STILL in love with Amy? Talk about a dead plot point ... Wow. That needs to end soon. And who the hell is this mug that she is with? Is he on the chopping block?

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Thats Olly and no he aint on the chopping block. Some of 2010`s addictions aren`t that memorable at all. I think they all need to be sacked apart from Ricky`s dad and Sheree Murphy`s character...maybe Texas too.

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One year later and it feels like bizarro world. Mercedes is having sex with Calvin, asking him to marry her. Cindy is married to Tony. Kris is dressing in mens clothing. Gilly looks like a grown up, while Josh looks like a muppet. WTF.

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Don't worry, Kris occasionally still wears a dress every now and then...

And the show is about to get another revamp with the new producer's work beginning on July 5th.

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Come on, Josh always looked like a Muppet. :lol:

Whoever convinced Anthony Quinlan to get his hair cut should get a raise. He has a very hot body and as the character has grown up emotionally it was mostly just that stupid hair which was holding him back.

Kris worse a dress to Calvin's and Carmel's wedding.

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Can anyone tell me how Loretta and Dom broke up? Wasn't it something about him stalking her? How ironic.

This story is a bore but I'm glad to see the Deans all being a stable family again. They got really ugly in 2007/2008.

It's kind of funny that Ravi seems to be pretty smart now -- figuring out Malachy's motives before Kris did. I remember Ravi being a meathead when I watched his stuff a few years ago.

I know it's probably still too late for Malachy and Mercedes but I thought their argument scenes were strong, the best part being Jacqui's face when she heard them upstairs. I love Jacqui. :lol:

You know those guys who have great bodies but they don't do anything for you? That's Olly.

I really like the DI or whatever they call them in the UK. She's efficient without being too much of a cardboard cutout. Doesn't it seem like the UK soaps do a better job with their detectives than US soaps? Even if they aren't overly bright, you still like watching them. Like Marsden on Eastenders. Or the guys who are investigating Gail on Corrie.

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