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Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread


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Celeste gets NO love. It's strange. She was with Romeo? I guess that was before I started watching again this year. I can't really see that but get it girl ... lol


UGH I need to get caught up!!

On 9/13/2021 at 10:55 PM, Bright Eyes said:

God Bless Hollyoaks for not wasting much time in getting Nate in nothing but his underwear!

Not watching that trailer full of spoilers. The show is so much more enjoyable without having any idea what is going to happen next.

If Zara doesn't stay long-term, I wouldn't be upset if she took Oli with her when Luke dies since Gabriel Clark will never match up to the greatness of Aedan Duckworth for me.

I kind of miss Leela, though I completely understand why Kirsty Leigh-Porter would want to take a long maternity leave after everything she's been through.

For those that were paying closer attention before the COVID hiatus, is Romeo the only person Celeste has been with since being in the village? 


I was wondering about Leela. 


And d'oh. I can't believe I called Juliet Peri ... LMAO. I guess they are very similar. Timmy shoves Juliet down the stairs not Peri. Oy. LOL

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I don't know whether to 'spoil' it or not since it's already aired but LOL, Hollyoaks can still deliver an OMG moment. 



And Maxine has REALLY bad taste in men. I LOVE Nikki Sanderson but Maxine feels very much wash/rinse/repeat. Stuck in a never ending rut of crying and or abuse. They also don't seem very invested in her as a character IMO. While things happen to her character she feels reactionary. If that makes any sense. I'd love for them to do something different with her. If not, it might be time to make a tough call.

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