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Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread


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Celeste gets NO love. It's strange. She was with Romeo? I guess that was before I started watching again this year. I can't really see that but get it girl ... lol


UGH I need to get caught up!!

On 9/13/2021 at 10:55 PM, Bright Eyes said:

God Bless Hollyoaks for not wasting much time in getting Nate in nothing but his underwear!

Not watching that trailer full of spoilers. The show is so much more enjoyable without having any idea what is going to happen next.

If Zara doesn't stay long-term, I wouldn't be upset if she took Oli with her when Luke dies since Gabriel Clark will never match up to the greatness of Aedan Duckworth for me.

I kind of miss Leela, though I completely understand why Kirsty Leigh-Porter would want to take a long maternity leave after everything she's been through.

For those that were paying closer attention before the COVID hiatus, is Romeo the only person Celeste has been with since being in the village? 


I was wondering about Leela. 


And d'oh. I can't believe I called Juliet Peri ... LMAO. I guess they are very similar. Timmy shoves Juliet down the stairs not Peri. Oy. LOL

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I don't know whether to 'spoil' it or not since it's already aired but LOL, Hollyoaks can still deliver an OMG moment. 



And Maxine has REALLY bad taste in men. I LOVE Nikki Sanderson but Maxine feels very much wash/rinse/repeat. Stuck in a never ending rut of crying and or abuse. They also don't seem very invested in her as a character IMO. While things happen to her character she feels reactionary. If that makes any sense. I'd love for them to do something different with her. If not, it might be time to make a tough call.

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It's not a surprise that Adam Woodward left, but his presence will be missed. Someone that beautiful, being that talented. Some people just have it all. Must be nice . I was genuinely surprised Warren was the one to kill him, bringing that to SIX people he has murdered. Still, great twist. Hopefully, he won't get away with it this time. 

Friday's episode was very schmaltzy surrounding the Cher storyline., another major sign of Kirkwood's style forming into Lucy Allan's, which is kind of similar to a classic Hollyoaks feel. I'm not some big Sylver/Mercedes shipper, her best pairing will always be Malachy, but I don't think I want to see her go through the same cycle with someone else so I guess I'm happy about their reunion by default.

I have to add that I've really fallen in love with Juliet. Every time she scowls at someone, instead of being annoyed, I always find it endearing and hilarious. I even look forward to it.

I also thought the Galaxy guest character was cool and very much of classic Hollyoaks move, too. I wouldn't be mad if they brought her back and built up the first Asian family. Probably thinking too much about it though.

Maybe it's because she's my favourite, but anyone else see some chemistry between Mandy and Dr. Ali? I know he's probably the next villain, but something clicked in those scenes for me when he was treating her for her panic attacks. 

Which brings me to my next point ... there are so many single people on this show. I don't think it's a problem per say, just surprising. I even made a list ...


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Lots of single folks!


I'm in agreement on Mercedes and Sylver. They work for me and I don't really think they need to put the audience through investing in yet another 'good man' for her. He's it (unless the actor bolts then you know the dude is dead)


I liked Brody and the actor was good. It's a bit of a loss but I was feeling like one of Damon/Brody needed to go. Not that I dislike either. Just to free up a spot on the show (I just know the show and it felt like the writing was on the wall).


I know he's apparently popular (and I like that I can almost always say 'I like the actor so it's not their fault') but Warren's time feels up too. It just feels like it's time to let him go. There's still some stuff left but yeah ...

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I'm with you about Warren. Brody is his sixth murder. I hope it's revealed that Sienna didn't actually delete his confession to his previous 5 murders that she had, but I doubt it. The thing is, I don't hate him at all, he's more than watchable, but like you said, it's more than time. At the very least, this return has more than made up for his horrible stint from 2010-2011.

I don't think I had any idea Brody/Marnie were ever a thing. Her very Marnie reaction the day of his funeral was hilarious. 

Oli's material surrounding Brody was so glaring to me because of the recast. I miss Aedan Duckworth so much that I'm strongly questioning whether I even care for Oli to stick around once Luke goes.

It's sad that COVID stopped us from getting a proper funeral for Brody. I know it's necessary for safety protocols, and I'm not even sure what they are exactly in the UK, but as a viewer it really is just annoying at this point that we can't get proper group scenes for who knows how long. 

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What to the actual hell? Warrens stint from 2010-2011 was one of his best.. The Brendan Brady/Warren Fox stuff was legendary, him being with Mitzeee and stuff. Only downfall was that the writer closed the door for my beloved Louise to return. He took Mitzee to the place where he buried her after killing her. That was so stupid from the writers.

2010-11 in general was one of the best years from Oaks.. Brendan Brady/Warren Fox.. The hilarious Mitzeee that got character developement.. SILAS Blisset! Nuff said. The Costellos, The axing of unneeded characters like Stephs unneeded brother Jake, Zak, Micaela, Eliot and so on.

I don't watch Hollyoaks that often anymore coz it became so dumb again like a few years ago.

Peris stalker story has to be the most obvious plot device in keeping Juliette and her apart that i have ever seen.


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