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Created By

Frank and Doris Hursley

Produced By

Gloria Monty

Production Consultant

Jerry Balme

Directed By

Alan Pultz

Written By

Pat Falken Smith

Margaret DePriest


Sheri Anderson

Associate Producer

Gerald T. Straub

Assistant to the Producer

Norma Monty

Casting Director

Marvin Paige

Production Assistants

Shelley Curtis

Diana Antisdel

Maura K. Penders

Deborah Ware

Art Director

James Ellingwood

Associate Directors

George Thompson

Hal Alexander

Unit Manangers

Steve McIntire

Steve Reagan

Engineering Managers

Burt Schwartz

David F. Chen

Production Coordinators

Tom Smith

Ken Tafoya

Technical Directors

Dave Smith

John Cochran

Lighting Directors

Grant Velie

John Zak

Tom Markle


Zoli Osaze

Bob Miller

Senior Video

Sam Potter

Victor Bagdadi


Jim Angle

Dave Banks

Carol Wetovich

Ritch Kenney

John Rago

Videotape Editors

Jose Galvez

Jack Moody

Stage Managers

Jerry Blumenthal

Jennifer Cobb

Costume Designer

Jim O'Daniel


Jackie Eifert

Alice H. Jackson


P.K. Cole

Hair Stylist

Katherine Kotarakos

Music By

Charles Paul

Theme Music By

Jack Urbont

Videotaped At

ABC Telvision Center


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