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July 28, 1997

Executive Producer

Charlotte W. Savitz

Written By

Michael Malone

Tom King

Craig Carlson

Shelly Altman

Peter Brash

Juliet Law Packer

Mimi Leahey

Richard J. Allen

Lewis Arlt

Sofia Landon Geier

Joanna Kosloff

Gillian Spencer

Mary Sue Price

Directed By

Mary Madeiras


R. Scott Collishaw

Carole Shure

Leslie Kwartin

Assistant to the Producer

Allison McKiegan

Cecile Schwartzoman (sp?)

Art Director

Patrick Howe

Associate Costume Designer

Gail Baldeni

Associate Directors

Janet Andrews

Carol Sedwick

Dawn Kiernan

Finance Mananger

Skip Walker

Technical Director

Vincent Balley

Lighting Directors

Howie Strawbridge

Eric Mejia


Bill Vaccaro


Marta Hogan

Videotape Editors

Karen Thomas

Matthew Griffin

Stage Managers

Cindy Flood Jacobsen

Dennis Cameron

Production Assistants

Gina Taravelle

Christopher Cullen

Casting Director

Jimmy Bohr

Assistant Casting Director

Elizabeth Wilson


Thomas K. Hogan

Barbara Eastman

Eric Eisenstein

Anthony Tarrantino

Electronic Maintenance

Antonio J. Rivera

Jerry Ryba

Scenic Designers

Tim Goodmanson

Bridgitte Altenhaus

Scenic Artist

Robert Franca

Wardrobe Supervisors

Frances Spagnola

Dan Kicks

Make-Up Aritsts

Melanie Demitri

Kevin Bennett

Hair Stylists

Annette Nianco

Stanley Steven Hall

Assistant to the Executive Producer

Michele De Vito

Production Coordinators

Leslie Oliva

Kelsey Bay

Dan Griffin

Assistant to the Writers

Edwin Klein

Music Producer/Supervisor

Susan-Beth Markowitz

Music Directors

Ron Brawer

James Kowal

Theme By

Dominic Messinger

Manager 01 NBC Studio Operations

Mary Beth Scalici

NBC Operations

Larry Stoti

Bob McKearnin

Kristen Bradley

Medical Advisor

Cera McCraw (sp?)

Production Mananger

Louis J. Grieci

Executive in Charge of Production

Mary Alice Dwyer Dobbin

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