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Port Charles Discussion Thread

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I watched the first 3 years or so of the show when it was on...i will say the most extreme 180 change in character was Julie Devlin...yet it made actual sense in a weird way.  When the actress left in mid 2000..there was a void there in a way since a lot of her stories were quickly wrapped up...the Christina custody story, her marriage to chris...and her and Rachel Locke's cat and mouse situation.


While the recast ellen had a hard time following Debbie morgan..i d8nt even think Debbie Morgan could have made the Sebastian story work either.  I do tho k recast Ellen and Rachel had a good rapport..mand I hated that the connection they hinted at never was followed through on..nor was Ellen's fate ever revealed I don't recall.  Did she leave suddenly..or did Rachel dispose of her?

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I loved "Secrets"! 


The plot worked really well given the format the show was using at the time. If I remember correctly, the first month or so there was some mystery over who the three were. One of the really nicely done character moments had Lucy Coe investigating Paige Smith because she had aged so beautifully and she wanted to know her beauty secrets. I thought that was a very Lucy thing to do. Once they revealed they were Angels with unfinished business, then they weaved in the mystery of the fifth chair. I also think Amy's true connection to Ian and Eve a secret for a long time. When they eventually revealed Eve was sitting in the fifth chair, I was hooked. 


The only downside of this plot was it was really the first arc where they gave up on Allison and Jamal, who I thought were wonderful. Rafe was just so vanilla and boring. The writing didn't help, but the Brian Gaskill didn't bring much to the table. I thought Gaskill had a very modern look, for the time, but I didn't see where they were going with Rafe and Allison. Also, revealing Jamal was the father of Valerie's baby was one of those unforgivable rewrites. 


The big gripe I had was that they didn't write all of the ladies out when the story ended. Joy Bisco and Vanessa Branch should have left with Tamara Davies. The follow up arc, Superstition?, was boring.


Going back to 2000, I think you make valid points about the show. Christina was a character that had ties to so many parts of the canvas, and I think removing her from the canvas took away from a lot of the overlap. There wasn't really a big overarching story or villain in the rest of the year. I thought the stuff with Kevin and Charlie McMillan/Livvie was very well done and fascinating, but it relied heavily on the introduction of a newcomer. Kevin's hearing with the discipline board over his handling Livvie's case is a very well done episode. As mentioned above, I really liked Allison and Jamal, but so much of their story featured them with others (Amanda, Frank, Courtney) in more supporting roles. I haven't seen the story about the nurses' strike or the Claire Wright story. Both of those are stories from that period I would love to see.

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I loved 2000 and the headwriting stint of  Karen Harris/Jonathan Estrin/Barbara Bloom. It felt like PC had finally hits its stride. I was excited to watch almost everyday. When the telenovela style/ B&E started that December there was a noticeable decline in quality on the first day

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