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Created by

Bridget Dobson


Jerome Dobson

Written By

Anne Howard Bailey

Charles Pratt, Jr.

Kim Beyer Johnson


Gary Tomlin

Directed by

Michael Gliona

Supervising Producers

Steven Kent

Jill Farren Phelps


Leonard Friedlander

Associate Producer

Julie Hanan

Production Manager

Debbie Bachtell

Music Composed by

Dominic Messinger

Theme By

Joe Harnell

Music Supervisors

Dominic Messinger

Liz Lachman

Casting by

Barbara Claman C.S.A.

Casting Associate

Mikki Powell

Senior Unit Mananger

Michael Koljan

Units Managers

Glenn Miller

Tim Danker

Art Director

George Becket

Assistant Art Directors

Linda Berger

Laurie Davis

Richard Harvey

Renee Hoss

James Carhart

Associate Directors

Joanne Goodhart

Jeanine Guarneri

Mary Dobson

Continuity Supervisor

Edlyne (Pat) Lloyd

Assistant to the Producers

Eric Preven

Production Accountant

Allen Grossman

Stage Managers

Robert Schiller

Jim Mancuso

Costume Designer

Richard Bloore

Makeup By

Carlos Yeaggy

Kim Adrissi

Dawn Marando

Martha Schribner

Hairstyling By

Janet Vanmanen

Valerie Scott

Technical Manger

Doug Dessero

Staging Services Mgr.

Joe Nacey

Production Assistants

Jeffrey Lerner

Pam Fryman

Inventory Supervisor

Brad Garfield

Press PR Coordinator

Mary Brotsis Andersen

Production Coordinators

Susan Levin

Carla Mangia

Casting Coordinator

Tricia Cellic McRae

Executive Producers

Bridget Dobson

Jerome Dobson

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