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A plot that's never been done before on Point Palace

Matt P.

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This week, Point Palace treads into a new soap opera plot that has never been done on any network, blog, or web site. Series creator and head writer Matt Politylo, comments on this huge event.

"I'm always trying to come up with things that have never been explored and Dylan's health scare is something that no soap has boldy gone to before. Being a part of SONOP (Soap Opera Network Original Program) just pushes me further to try to be unique and original as I believe this plot truly is."

Find out what's going on in Cody, Colorado this week on Point Palace.

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    • This past week - in reference to the Brightshine couple and their pregnant surrogate cleaner - I've been continually saying "What in the Handmaids Tale is this" lol
    • The anniversary open could have been charachter sketches (like the late 70s/early 80s) which transform into live pictures (like the 88-99 intro). Or they could have re-created the jazzy red intro maybe with a different color like gold instead of red for the 50th. Instead we get a windows movie maker intro with a horror movie font. I wonder if the cast can tell how awful it looks. This is easily one of the worst soap intros of all time. It really lifts GH's off white epilepsy opening out of the gutter. Idk how soaps are allowed to come on the air with such poor quality. Audience loyalty is truly strong. I had a feeling Y&R might drop the ball in some way for the 50th, hopefully GH doesn't disappoint. Their 60th celebration in 2013 was epic. 
    • Oh yes, that Voyager scene. Superb.
    • They better mention the Drakes - Epiphany was close to Patrick and Robin and they were all integral and together on that part of the canvas for years. It would be nice to see horny hospital nympho Kelly Lee reappear for the memorial too, I remember her being part of the hospital firmament in those years. But I can't see that happening.
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