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Writer's Corner with Matt P


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Today in the Writer's Corner we have Matt P, Creator, Executive Producer and Headwriter of Point Palace. Point Palace is part of SONOP and is set in the fictional college of Point Palace. In Point Palace, you never know what to expect, drama, romance, explosions, deaths of major characters and even trained assassians. Jump into Point Palace, you won't be disappointed.

Tishy: Hi Matt, I am so glad we are able to meet to do this interview. I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this.

Matt P: It's not a problem Tishy. I love to talk about my blog


Tishy: Somehow I knew you were going to say that. Let's begin. What made you decide to write Point Palace? How long have you been writing?

Matt P: I wrote Point Palace in November of 2000 when I wanted to send something online to my friends. It used to be VH1 Top 20 Music Video updates but that was a dud so then it was always a joke that my life was such a soap opera, thus Point Palace was born.

Tishy: Every writer pulls something from their personal life into their writing. How have some of your personal experiences come into play when you write Point Palace?

Matt P: I definitely will see something going on in my life and think, man that would be a really good plot! Let's tweak it to make it outrageous and dramatic.

Tishy: Well you have done a really good job.

Matt P: Thank you. The closest personal experience was from the 'Pilot' when my friends who were based off of Jake/Vicki/Ike had their own love triangle on, which I picked up on, and of course had to write about it. As well as my "evil ex" trying to make a play at my best friend at the time. Everything else is purely fictional.

Also Nate getting tested is very personal since I'm a huge advocate on safe sex and getting tested. There needs to be more awareness on the dangers of unsafe sex.

Tishy: How did you come about choosing your cast?

Matt P: There were never character representations in the original e-mail version so when I put Point Palace on SONOP, I was looking forward to having a dream cast. I used some of the cast members from a filmed Pilot (which can be found on Youtube) as well as some fun soap opera cast members. The cast is very young and fresh. I do looking forward to casting because certain fans of a variety of all types of shows will like to see their favorite actors in either a big or a small role.

Tishy: You just mentioned Youtube, do you have a link to it?

MattP: Yes, it can be found here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVJeqilifLs (part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBU4gNZHwno (part 2)

Tishy: That's awesome. I know I wil have to check it out. Now you have quite a large and eclectic cast with a variety of different characters. Do you find yourself relating to any of these characters?

Matt P: Since the characters were based on me and my friends, I always feel a connection to the original characters. If you see that Blake is in almost every front burner story, it's because he's based on me. Though I always said that I wouldn't get drunk and run over my pregnant ex-girlfriend like he did in Season 1.

Alley was based on a girl that I grew up with, Will was based on the girl's boyfriend at the time, Carrie was based on the girl's best friend, Dylan was based on my friend, Nan based on my ex-girlfriend whom I thought was trying to seduce my best friend to get back at her, Jenny was based on her good friend whom she seemed to like to control and the others fit nicely into the mold.

Sometimes people asked me to write them into the story. Like Peggy who was based on a professor and Nate who's based on a good friend of mine.

Tishy: I am glad that the streets are safe with you driving. To date, what has been your favorite story to write so far?

Matt P: My favorite story was Ava's trial in Season 3. There was so much going on with it since she had an affair with her professor, was accused of killing his wife, stalked by a rival, and then became heartbroken only to turn back to her alcoholic ways.

My favorite scene to write was from Episode 78 when Will says goodbye to Lenvy. I think that it was the most powerful scene throughout the whole series and if it were on TV, it would be submitted for the Emmy's since it's such a tear jerker.

Tishy: I have to say that Ava strikes a chord with me. I really like her character. Now what storyline was the most challenging for you to write?

Matt P:The most challenging story was The Gala Explosion because a lot of the cast members were exiting for story related purposes and one of which was bad girl Nan Sheridan. She definitely had a big impact in trying to fill a void.

Tishy: I have to ask because Nan was one hell of a villianness. Is Nan really dead? Will we see her again?

Matt P: All I'm going to say is that she's one hell of a character and this is a soap opera. Is anyone really dead? I will however say that any of my "brought back from the dead" characters will not end up on an island anywhere.

Tishy: Thanks for not quite answering that question. Spoken like a true Executive Producer. Now Matt, what story did you have the hardest time writing? Do you regret any storylines?

Matt P: The hardest story I ever had to write is actually one coming up. The show sort of turns darker when someone rapes someone else. Another hard plot is bringing back someone in a reasonable way, even if they (cough) had someone shot or blew up a gala. Certain characters seem to be justified. Then again, this isn't real life and people don't want to read about real life or they would read the news.

I probably regret having Nan Sheridan exit but there is a reason for it which I can't reveal just yet.

Tishy: For those people who haven't read your blog (although they should be!) can you give us a brief synopsis on the stories currently airing?

Matt P: Here are the major stories. Blake/London/Alley/John/Baby L.J.- London had John's baby but she's married to Blake who wants to be the father. Alley is John's girlfriend and Blake's best friend so she's caught in a really hard place between the two. Especially since London died from birth complications after having L.J.

Jenny/Carlos/Nick/C.C.- Jenny had amenisa and woke up thinking that Nick was her lover when Carlos was off in LA getting an award for his acting skills. Meanwhile, C.C. used him while he was drunk by videotaping them having sex. Now C.C. and Nick have teamed up to keep the couple apart but Jenny is slowly regaining her memory.

Carrie/Dylan/Victor/Juliana/Michael/Mary Ann- Carrie's having repressed memories that make her think she's 10 years old and her boyfriend Dylan is hellbent on finding out what's been making her act the way she was. The secret deals with Carrie's ex, her parents, and an evil Mob vixen.

Ava/Sky- Ava is struggling with her sexuality and is trying out a new relationship with Sky but she's debating about society's views.

Nate- Nate has had numerous sex romps but it's catching up to him as he thinks he may have an STD or worse. Nate decides to get tested to find out if something is wrong with him.

Alexia/Tanisha/Owen- Alexia's brother and Tanisha's boyfriend Owen has dissappeared from his hospital bed. Both girls think that he's been kidnapped by a nurse named Ivory Goldie. The nurse is no where to be found and Alexia can't go to the police because she's worried that word could get back to her mother. Alexia is obsessed with finding him.

Will/Mika- After losing the one he loved, Will has moved on to a new girl who's been harboring a deadly secret. Mika is a killing machine but is falling for the one who could either help her or destroy her.

Tishy: Care to reveal any spoilers? I love spoilers.

Matt P: Carrie will act her age again once the secret is revealed. The secret is huge and will not want to be missed.

London's baby will be okay but London will not and there is going to be a huge war between Blake and John which forces Alley to choose.

Ava and Sky do fall deeper for each other but of course someone is going to make it into a bisexual love triangle.

Nate has an ephiphany after his test results.

Tanisha and Alexia go on a journey after getting a lead to Ivory.

Mika's original mission is revealed and Will could be in danger.

Jenny goes back to Carlos but C.C. still has the tape to show they were together and Nick becomes violent.

Tishy: Those sound great. Now recently you mentioned that Michael Dietz was looking at a draft of the pilot. Have you heard anything back? Would you be attached to it?

Matt P: The good news is that MD has in fact received it and is looking at it but he's very busy with a reality show project. I think he's also acting on PASSIONS. So when he gets the time he'll get back to me. I'm still working on getting a literary agent from NYC because I'm so confident that this could be a hit show!

Tishy: Well that is wonderful news and if I was a betting woman, which I am, I have a feeling you will be going places. Now I know you are a busy man, so do you have any final comments?

Matt P: I want to thank everyone for reading and leaving their comments. It's very inspirational. Make sure to watch Point Palace on Youtube and check back to the Point Palace website as it will be updated very soon. Also, look out for a new opening to premiere very soon and "as always, stay tuned!"

Tishy: Thank you very much Matt. Make sure to read Point Palace, one of mySON's finest blogs. It's been a pleasure to get to know Matt and I want to thank him for letting us interview him.

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