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Which Defunct Soap Do You Miss The Most?


Which Defunct Soap Do You Miss The Most?  

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  1. 1. One selection only

    • Another World
    • Generations
    • Loving
    • Port Charles
    • Sunset Beach
    • Search For Tomorrow
    • The City
    • Ryan's Hope
    • Other

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I miss AW .... sigh. 9 years ago this month I was still in active grieving.

But, I also miss SB, THE CITY, DAYS pre-94, ... I've watched so many soaps, for so long, you'd think this would be an impossible question, but it's not. At the drop of a hat I can give you ten! In order from most missed, to not as missed.

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Obviously, I miss AW the most. However, I take tremendous solace in the fact that had it survived, P&G would have almost certainly butchered that show the way it is currently killing GL. In my opinion, cancellation is far more preferable than having every last thread of a soap's dignity being taken away from it.

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