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Changes Coming to mySON TV


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I just wanted to thank those of you who participated on the suggestion thread for SONBC, as well as those who PMed me your ideas on how to make this better. I just wanted to update you all on some of the changes on the horizon for the Blogs & SONBC.

1) As proposed, there will be a community president announced. This person would be responsible for overseeing the fan fics, help with any questions or problems, and help ways to help our blog community improve.

2) As Josh suggested, there will be a "network" within SONBC. Those that choose to participate with the fan fic blogs will join one of two networks, which will be announced later. There will be no restrictions on how to manage or write your fan fic. You'll just be placed on the network by the type of blog you have (either original or based off a current or past soap). I also want to stress that fan fics aren't just limited to daytime. If you want to do your own take on a primetime show (or primetime soap), that is well within your right and will be accepted.

3) Writer Resources - As many of your suggested, there will be a thread where those looking for help writing their blog can ask people for help, or look see a list of people who are offering their services.

The people who volunteer could tell us what-type of soap blog they'd prefer to co-write. Like a Days blog, original series blog, GL blog, GH blog, PSNS blog, etc. Then the writers who need a Co-HW can view the list(which could be at the top of the thread) of people who have expressed interest. The help can be for the short-term, or long-term.

4) Something that we were considering doing last year but never panned out was sort of a magazine. Matt P. suggested something where "online critics" pick hot plots, what's not, spotlight characters, and have news flashes of anything else that's going on with their blog. EpiGuide used to do it all the time and they got a huge response because it's a great way to promote one's blog.

We would do that, but in a different way. There would be a blog created that would be used as a magazine. Blog writers can do interviews, post previews and will also find out their big blog news in that area. This will be named at a later date.

5) Thanks to a very good friend of mine, those blog writers who aren't that good at making banners, or those that can but are too lazy to do it, will finally be able to have graphics. This person, to be named later, has agreed to be our official graphic maker. There would be guidelines set so people don't take advantage, but I think it it will work out well.

6) The SON Photogallery will be tweaked to improve functionality with the blogs. Why use photobucket when you can upload your images here right?

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