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The Tennis Thread


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Venus was one of my Top 2. Her skin alone, she was positively glowing.

Oh okay, the tennis. The WTA side has been unpredictable for years but unpredictable would be a tremendous understatement for what happened this year. The so-called ascendants who acted like Serena was in their way to the major titles...what happened to them?! Garbiñe? Svitolina? Bencic, who always acts like she is condescending whenever she has to play Venus, where was that spirit of entitlement then? Congrats to Raducanu for grabbing what was ripe for the taking and congrats to Fernandez for cutting a huge swath through all those WTA players who were supposed to contend for this year's title. Nobody saw them coming, but it will be interesting to see who familiarizes themselves with Raducanu and Fernandez's games going forward.

Well, nobody could claim that Medvedev came out of nowhere, with two other finals under his belt, but it had really been Novak's title to lose and lose, he did. Unlike many of the players who face Djokovic in the majors, Daniil knew that mixing it up (what some might call junk-balling) was an effective strategy for someone who was likely fatigued and nervous. Had Daniil played a predictable game, with obvious patterns for Novak to become comfortable with, Nolé might have been able to settle down and find his way in. What's really funny is that Medvedev employed the same type of tactics that Monfils used when he took a set off Djokovic at the US Open few years ago, but Daniil was ruthlessly efficient and ultimately successful. I guess the point is, when you win, there won't be criticism of your strategy. Congrats to Daniil on his success at the Open.

I had low expectations for this tournament, so it was fun to watch, the handful of matches that I did watch in their entirely.

And Venus looking glorious. Folks need to understand that it's a costume gala. And some understood the assignment.


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Is this some type of record?


Oh, it's not a record, but Tonic does indeed have a faster losing time.

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Apparently, Tennys Sandgren got defaulted, like what, two games into the first round of a Challenger match?


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The women's peaked at 3.4 million, while the men's peaked at 2.7 million.


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