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3 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

Rennae is right. 



And Brad is having a bad US Open with his awful predictions and now sticking up for Joker and being sent to the woodshed by Rennea.

3 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

Novak should have gotten a warning for whacking the ball previously. They might have avoided all of this. The problem with tennis is that the rules are applied so inconsistently.

He didn't get warned? Wow..that was bad. Seems like Sasha feels bad for him but his statement is ignorant and Brad shut up.

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It was clearly an accident.  Most players discard the ball that way but that usually aim for the ground. 

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A little bit? Really Brad??

Pam and these remotes from her California home are sh!tty. Why is she appearing? 

Gawd what does Novak have on Brad Gilbert? 

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I may have to rethink this.  He looked in her direction before tapping the ball in her direction.  

Djoker's arrogance knows no bounds.  

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6 minutes ago, OzFrog said:

oMg iT wAs sUcH aN aCcIdEnT eVeRYOnE’s oVeRaCtInG oMg... 😏


Novak needs to get in the bin 🚮


In a total dick move, he intentionally hit that ball in her direction.  Djoker just didn't think it would actually hit her.  


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It doesn’t matter whether he meant to do it.  Brad Gilbert is a chauvinist dick.  If that had been Serena she would probably been fined 30,000$ and out of the next Slam and it would not have taken 15 minutes to discuss it.  I kind of liked Joker and now I see he’s an ass  so is Brad

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I hope this is an eye-opening moment for Novak. I’ve always loved his play and loved how he shook up the Fedal bromance, but this day was coming sooner or later. He’s always been angry and, again, reckless on court, and had a lot of close calls. (I don’t want to hear sh!t about this from Nick Kyrgios—talk about kettle/pot.)

For all the great tennis he’s produced this year, it’s been a sort of annus horribilus for him. Like almost every mistake you can make, he’s made in the past few months. I’m curious how this will all shake out.


USTA says that Novak will lose all ranking points earned at the U.S. Open and will be fined all his prize money earned here in addition to the other penalties. (EDIT: I’m unclear if that means he’ll lose his 2019 points as well?)



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