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7 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

Wow, Lajovic just routined Thiem. What the hell happened there?

Thiem was 5-0 against him. The last match they played went 3 sets. Lavovic was playing well coming into the match. Thiem has beaten Novak in MC but really has never done well in MC for some reason. I am not worried since last year he lost some matches he shouldn't on clay yet came on later and at the French making the finals.


More later in my thoughts on Tsitsipas match and how he needs to learn lessons from Thiem.

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7 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

Now Zverev is down a set and 0-3 to Fognini (who could always fall apart or... not).

He has points to defend. He'll lose 270 points today if he can't come back and if he does poorly in Madrid and Italy he could drop out of the top 5 in the rankings.


Fabio wins. And he played awful just the other day complaining how bad the court was...lol.....Looks like Roger will pass Sascha in the rankings and take #3 after Madrid with Thiem passing him after Italy depending on how well both do.

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Ugh....Nadal vs Pela... Skipping it....so tired of seeing Nadal on clay and winning....something is up....he can't play injured on hard court yet on clay he can......fishy


Nadal is so boring to watch on clay.

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1 hour ago, Faulkner said:

I saw Berdych is dropping out of the top 100 for the first time since early 2004!!!


Berdych should retire. He seems to not give a damn anymore. 

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If he hasn’t been an extravagant spender or gambler or screwed over by his team (always a question), he certainly never has to work again with the career he’s had.

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Lajovic just won the first set from 1-5 down against Medvedev, including a break on a shank lob winner.



Wow. Interesting. Two burgeoning stars from East Asia who’ve had major setbacks due to injuries. Never met on the main tour, but Chung won their two previous matches in challengers way back in 2013 and 2016.



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Mevedev looks like he's somewhere between quiet panic and exasperation and the twilight zone.  All that patience that he has been exhibiting throughout the tournament seems to have dissipated after his lead in the first set crumbled.

He did hold serve in the second, so there's that.  It'll be interesting to see whether Medvedev will be able to stage a Lajovic-like comeback in the second set.



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