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Did you see that Serena Williams was reprimanded by the referee's because during the changeover, she was reading? She was told not to do it again, then the umpirees said it was ok for her to read because she brought it with her. It wasn't like someone passed her a note. They have been many players that would read during the changeovers, everything from the Bible to notes from their loved ones. I just thought it was funny.

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Did Sharapova end up going down? She was in total command in the 3rd set up 2-0..... then her opponent who was like the 30th looked like she was wearing down and came back to win 3 straight games. Maria was getting pissed.

I had to leave though and never heard the outcome.

Serena is ALWAYS getting into it with the judges.

Who can forget that memorable match at the US Open a few year5s back when she lost to Jennifer Capriati. A ball, that was clearly out, was SO IN. To Serena.

The judge made her call (Serena was playing like [!@#$%^&*]) and Serena looks at the judge and then goes all Drucilla Winters and is like no you din't and runs over waving her racket. "That ball was SOOOOOOOO in"

I was like sit ya ass down Serena.

She lost and Jen ended up going to the final I think that year.

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Yeah Maria lost in 3 sets. I was very suprised at the result.

The defending champion, gone. Wow.

She I think got a little too over confident with her shrieking self :lol:

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