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The Tennis Thread

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Lord, please be kind and let this match end in 2.  Sveta is a mess!  ESPN won't bid on this too much longer!  


I will wait for Fed/Stan.

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Someone tweeted that all of Venus' losses this year have come at the hands of the eventual winner. This is probably of small comfort to her though.


Every year at IW,someone makes a sexist comment. Here is this year's comment, if you can even decipher the crazy abbreviations.


Edit: Welp, he deleted it. It was pretty bad and I'm guessing he was getting dragged for it.



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19 minutes ago, DramatistDreamer said:


I was about to post this. I saw the ceremony and Stan is crying like a baby saying he is exhausted from the two weeks. I think he really wanted to win this. He turns to Roger and says he is laughing at me...he is an a$$hole....and they didn't even edited out...LMAO.......



And tennis fans aren't buying the kool aid that Murray and Nole are selling...LOL. They believe their injures are fake and pulled out because they are losing badly in tourneys....LMAO.  One even commented by saying...."We won't miss their boring ass tennis....LOLOLOLOL


Now if only Milos were to pull out again this week....I'd be happy!

Roger is #6 now and closing in on Kei at #4. Kei has a lot of points to defend from last years Miami Open.



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