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DAYS: Friday

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I will start this off with a really random question. Why are all the clocks set to 4:20? Are the directors potheads or is it some long running joke? I forget to post this each time I see it, but earlier this week Sami was talking on her cell with the clock behind her set at 4:20. I just always find that funny, and the clocks were set at 4:20 even during the SSK SL. Either the set people are too lazy to change them or its got to be some joke. In case some people don't know 4:20=pot smoking.

About the actual episode...

What a nice, creepy cliffhanger! It's about time DAYS had one, does anyone remember the last one? DAYS this week has been much better as it seems the SL's are actually moving. Why can't this be done on a regular basis?

I am highly anticipating Monday's show, hopefully the build up to Sami's wedding won't disappoint.

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