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Let's see....first you asked to see a pic of me on the board. Second you PM'd me asking for a pic of me again. Third...you asked what I did for a living. I wonder why I thought that.

And that all happened after you asked me gazillion times "I don't see your, pic, John, where is it?"... So why would I send you my pic, when no one saw yours. And I bet there is a good reason for it. I don't even know how did I get to this point in this ridiculous discussion. You had a Freudian slip and asked "Are you interested in me?"... I have no idea how can I be interested in someone I discuss soaps on a message board...

As for the "what you do for living" thing, I don's see how that relates to me being interested in someone... I really don't.

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So the guy that dumped me while I'm still recovering from heart surgery is trying to talk to me again.

He claimed that he was "scared" to see me all frail like and with major scarring on my chest and that he just needed to bail.

He wants me to forgive him.

To try again.

I told him to go mount a rusted spike and bareback like its going out of style.

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Verizon is the devil. I can't believe they would do this to me! ME! One of their most loyal customers! I hope they're brought to their knees!!


I had Verizon for two years. Immediately when the contract was up I switched to AT&T. I am much happier now!

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