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This thread will only remain open as a way for people to discuss things that doesn't necessarily fit in the regular forums or doesn't warrant its own thread. There should be NO SON related discussions in here. There should be no staff discussions in here. There should be no member vs member discussions here.

If you can't do that, then this thread will be closed and any variation of this thread that ever pops up in the future will be deleted with the member that creates it suspended.

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Also, there is simply no way for this staff to reply to every reported post and send updates to each and every member who reported a post.

If you report a post, you should know that it will be handled in a timely manner and let that be that.

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Wow...I'm away from SON for a couple of days to take care of some things around the house, and I come back to a circus. It looks like all hell has broken loose around here in the past few days.

Maybe I should take breaks like that more often. :D

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We Canadians had our long weekend last weekend, to celebrate Queen Victoria Day. We just call it May 2-4 and celebrate with 2-4 case of beer. But happy memorial day to the US in the crowd.

And in other news, who wants to give me a job? I'm educated. I'm also willing to do very little for a lot of cash.

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