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Ok so heres the deal. I am still ending PCH with a series finale some time in the near future. Now Originally I had planned on replacing PCH with The Market, but after a lot of consideration, I have decided to go back in GH history, approximately three years, to the Port Charles Hotel Fire. From that point I will spin GH into a parallel world, in which characters will live and thrive and suffer and pass on.

For those that are interested the exact date in which my Parallel GH will begin is February 12, 2004. All of GH history up to and including this day will remain, but everything that comes after that will be thrown out and rewritten. The characters that were present then will be portrayed. A character list will be created and posted eventually.

The start of this blog will not start for a little while, hopefully sometime in May, so to keep everyone interested and up to date, i will post day to day synopses of GH. I will start posting the synopses tomorrow. And watch out for the Finale of PCH!

I posted this in my blog as well as here. I hope you all will enjoy it when I begin!!

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