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Changes coming to General Hospital


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I was originally going to post this at the end of the current story arc, but I've decided to let people know this ahead of time. At the end of the "Secrets & Lies" story arc, General Hospital will undergo a few changes.

1. The name will change from "General Hospital" to "Port Charles".

The blog has gone through a series of short name changes (over a span of one week), but we have decided to permnately change the name to "Port Charles". Though the hospital is a big part of the show, we have storylines taking placing all over town. We feel by renaming it "Port Charles", I it will further enhance our vision for the show. As well as make it easier for accompanying graphics.

2. The "Endgame" story arc will not be a 13 week story as I originally thought. There are many big events that will happen during this arc that will forever change the foundation of Port Charles, I feel that it will take more time to correctly to the story.



3. 4 roles have been recast. Scott Clifton will no longer be portraying Dillon Quartermaine. We will be taking the character and a new direction and feel that Scott (though a great actor) does not fit that direction. John-Paul Lavoisier will immediately take over the role of Dillon on Saturday, February 17.

The roles of Michael Corinthos III, Kristina Davis Corinthos and Morgan Corinthos have been recast due to SORASing. Effective immediately (as hinted through off-screen actions), Michael has been aged from 11 to 16. Kristina has been aged from 6 to 15 and Morgan has been aged from 4 to 9. The time comes on every soap when the younger characters are aged for the sake of story. In an effort to try and keep the ages together, we have aged those children.

Fans will notice that Michael and Kristina are close to the same age. This was done for the sake of the "Endgame" story arc and future storylines. It is not unheard for characters who are older than one other to end up being around the same age after SORASing (i.e. Dillon/Brooke Lynn/Maxie/Georgie/Lucas being around the same age even though Lucas should be older than all of them).

Bobby Steggert (ex-Sam, AMC) has taken over the role of Michael as of last week. Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL) takes over the role of Kristina on Tuesday, February 20. Giovanni Cimmino (ex-Parker, ATWT) takes over the role of Morgan on Wednesday, February 21.

4. The dialog/summary form of storytelling will continue. On days when we get behind, we will do breakdown summaries so we don't get too behind.

5. We may be looking for another team writer. It is expected that one on our team will be taking an indefinite leave of absence.

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I'm looking forward to this change. I think it will only bring good things for the series. Looking forward to seeing Michael, Kristina and Morgan slightly older. Will Molly be far behind? Or does she not exist in the fiction?

Molly does exist, but I can't age her yet. She'll still be 2 years old. I'll age her over a period of time.

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