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I'm not arguing that lol...and I'm all for that actually. And I know that KK owed them eps b/c of the strike and her going to shoot her film but man...I'm just done with the Clark/Lana rollercoaster (as Lois so aptly termed it in Toxic).

And I don't hate Lana, I just can't stand Clana.

That said, I hope her return is also about giving answers regarding Lex.

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LMFAO, best scene of the whole show(so far) was that the Legion had NEVER heard of Chloe, they've heard of Lois, Lana & Jimmy(as it should be)

But they've never heard of Chloe?

I'm sorry but that whole scene was awesome! I think that was foreshadowing that Chloe will never be important to history ;):D

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So, Welling in a cop uniform? Made of win. That man is ridiculously hot.

I really loved the Clark/Chloe conversation about Lois. Sweet of Chloe to look out for her cuz...and I loved this exchange.

Clark: Lois is just so...

Chloe: Lois?

Clark: Yeah.

That is pretty much the truth lol....words can't describe her, she's just so..."Lois" :)

I can't wait til Lana's gone. Really.

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