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May 8, 1984

Written By

Richard Culliton

David Cherrill

Judith Donato

Gary Tomlin

Lloyd Gold

Joe LeSueur

Frances Myers

Roger Newman

Cynthia Saltzman

Directed By

Ira Cirker


Kathlyn Chambers

Karen Stevens

Senior Producer

Mary S. Bonner

Executive Producer

Allen M. Potter

Production Manager

Elmer Gorry

Associate Director

Kevin Kelly

Technical Director

Frank Gaeta

Lighting Director

Maurice Verschoore


Arnie Dick


Charles F. Moore

Videotape Editor

John J. O'Connor II

Stage Managers

Richard Purus

Ed Prendergast

Associate Producer

Rina Lotrionte Bellamy


Elizabeth R. Woodman

Art Director

Bob Phillips

Scenic Designer

Fredda Slavin

Scenic Artist

Al Gallo

Costume Designer

Alex Tolken

Assistant Costume Designer

Patricia Adshead

Wardrobe Supervisor

Mildred Packard

Assistant to the Producer

Jan Luce

Production Assistant

Catherine Sedwick


Lillian Cvecich

Make-up Artist

Steve Lawrence


Bob Greenberg

Music Produced By

Score Productions, INC.

Music Supervisor

Barbra Castrataro

Men's Wardrobe Furnished By

Barney's New York

Supervising Producer

Laurie A. Durbrow

Executive In Charge Of Production

Edward Trach

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