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Courtesy of Finn McCool

March 15, 1971

Created by

Agnes Nixon

Executive Producer

Doris Quinlan


Bud Kloss

Directed by

Del Hughes

Written by

Agnes Nixon

Richard Holland

Kathryn McCabe

Associate Producer

Felicia Minei

Associate Director

George Chrison

Technical Director

Chet Mazurek

Scenic Director

Marvin Reiss

Costume Designer

Hazel Roy

Lighting Director

Roz Bigelow


Al Lemanski

Senior Video

Ken Amow

Stage Manager

John Devoe

Casting Director

Joan D'Incecco

Production Assistant

Penny Finch

Music Supervised by

Aeolus Productions, Inc.

Fashions Courtesy of


A Presentation of Creative Horizons, Inc.

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