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Sadly even though I felt the season started out strong, I have not enjoyed it since about the third episode. There are too many new interns taking up a lot of time that I feel absolutely no connection to. And I also felt like the "Winter finale" was rather anticlimactic when it could have been great with Miranda's wedding. I think that Shonda has spent a lot of this season very into Scandal as that has been fantastic and probably also planning out the end of Private Practice, and so Grey's has taken a back seat. There is just no clear vision right now it seems and the interactions and episode structures are very off. Hopefully it will improve in the second half!

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Are we supposed to be debating if Bailey really wants to marry this guy? Owen and Christina have so many problems besides the lawsuit. Are they going to address them at some point?

Jackson needs to move on from annoying April. He can do so much better, like with me, for instance. smile.png

I thought that the women all looked gorgeous at the wedding. Their dresses were very flattering. However, Bailey's dress was a hot mess and did not flatter her at all. What that a hint that she does not really want to get married?

It was great seeing Neve Campbell again. She has matured, but still looks great. She should join the show.

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Other than the biker story, I really enjoyed that episode. I am glad that Bailey followed her heart and put her fears aside. She and her new husband dancing at the wedding were so sweet. I knew Adele had died when the Chief showed, but it was kind of him to still go to the wedding. I really like Jackson and Stephanie hooking up. I loved how she was drooling over him.

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