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Created by

Agnes Nixon

Executive Producer

Julie Hanan Carruthers

Written by

Megan McTavish

Lisa Connor

Addie Walsh

Victor Miller

Chip Hayes

Marla Kanelos

Jeff Beldner

Bettina F. Bradbury

Karen Lewis

Rebecca Taylor

Amanda L. Beall

Karen Harris

Directed by

Conal O'Brien

Angela Tessinari

Casey Childs


Ginger Smith

Karen Johnson

Associate Producer

Nadine Aronson

Production Designer

Roger Mooney

Costume Designer

David R. Zyla

Associate Directors

Barbara M. Simmons

Shirley Simmons

Anthony Pascarelli


Barbara M. Simmons

Shirley Simmons

Anthony Pascarelli

Stage Managers

Rusty Swope

Tamara P. Grady

Penny Bergman

Fritz Belkelner

Production Associates

Marika Brancato

Jen Minda

Technical Directors

Howard Zweig

Michael V. Pomarico

Frank Shiraldi

Music Supervisor

Terry Walker

Lighting Designers

Tom Markle

Jo Mayer

Assistant to Julie Hanan Carruthers

Monique Bell

Theme Composed by

Billy Barber


Bob Israel



- Chip Hayes joined as breakdown writer on January 7

- David A. Levinson's last script aired January 14

- John PiRoman's last script aired January 29

- Casey Childs' last episode as producer aired January 30

- Karen Harris' first script aired February 4

- Karen Johnson's first episode as producer aired February 23

- Mimi Leahey's last episode as script editor aired May 13

- Jeff Beldner's first episode as script editor aired May 14

- Marla Kanelos' first breakdown aired June 7

- David R. Zyla replaced Richard Schurkamp as costume designer on June 7

- Steven Williford began occasionally directing episodes on September 14

- Marla Kanelos' last breakdown aired October 6

- Juliet Law Packer re-joined as breakdown writer on October 21

- Amanda L. Beall's first breakdown aired November 3

- Marla Kanelos returned as a freelance script writer on December 22.

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