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October 3-7, 2005


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Did Y&R hit an all time ratings low, so no report? I watched this week for Sheila and Lauren but quit taping it weeks ago because it takes too long to watch/ff on the weekends and the prime time shows are actually good this season. Is it my imagination that there are more good prime time shows than in years past, or have soaps just gotten so bad that crap tv in prime time looks better?

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Men 18+ Viewers

1. Y&R 1,182,000 (+27,000/+32,000)

2. B&B 872,000 (+11,000/+118,000)

3. ATWT 710,000 (+125,000/+96,000)

4. GL 629,000 (+115,000/+194,000)

5. DAYS 562,000 (-47,000/-151,000)

6. GH 547,000 (+50,000/-61,000)

7. AMC 526,000 (-44,000/-245,000)

8. OLTL 450,000 (+36,000/-105,000)

9. PSNS 396,000 (-23,000/-108,000)

Hooray for CBS!!!!! :)

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Tuesday's ATWT HH number has to be a typo. Doesn't mesh with the other Tuesday dailies: AMC, DAYS, OLTL and, even GH. Number of viewers seems way higher than what at 2.3 would bring.

That's because in the 2.3 households for ATWT, more people were watching per household than the other shows you mentioned. So, while the same number of homes may have tuned into the shows, one home had more viewers than the other. That's why AMC has a higher household rating than GL despite GL averaging more viewers.

Good job CBS! I'm pleasantly surprised at GL. I hope this was due to the 'babyswitch' or the Lewis' drama and not the 'romping cousins.' I'm sure they'll credit them anyway.

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Hmmmm......I'm probably way off base here but maybe, just maybe, I'm not the only FAN of AMC (and yes I am a FAN even though I think it's awful) that is sick to death of the McTavish/Frons AMC vision.

But hey that loss of over 400,000 viewers is probably just a typo :rolleyes: because who doesn't love a TV program treating them like they have the intelligence of a first grader?

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