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June 27,1983 - Premiere episode of Loving shown in primetime

Produced By

Joseph Stuart

Teleplay By

Douglas Marland


Patrick Mulcahey

From a Story by

Agnes Nixon

Directed By

Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Associate Producer

Barbara Duggan

Associate Director

Gail Zimmerman

Technical Director

Bob Behr

Production Assistant

Megan Duggan

Scenic Designer

Boyd Dumrose

Assistant Scenic Designer

Phil Gilliam

Costume Designer

Carr Garnett

Lighting Directors

Howard Sharrott

Everett Melosh


Chuck Eisen

Ken Huffman

Jonathan Lory

Camera Operators

Tony Gambino

Gene Kelly

Chris Mauro

Larry Strack


Bob Shinn,svo

Videotape Editors

Harry Allen

Harvey Beal

Kathi Black

Gary Moscato

Tom Miller

Bob Nicosa

Stage Managers

Kathleen Costello

Niles Goodsite

Makeup Artists

James Cola

Craig Lyman


Sandy Hoffman

Francesca Paris

Unit Managers

Eve Eddo

Ken Crowell

Technical Managers

Geoffrey Felger

Jon Partyka

Phil Vaccaro

Production Coordinator

Ron Rhodes

Sound Effects

Al James

Key Grip

Alan Rawlings

Music Composed By

Michael Karp

Casting By

Feuerer & Ritzer

Campus Scenes Taped At

C.W.Post Center

Long Island University

Videotaped at

ABC Production Center

New York

A Dramatic Creatioms,Inc


All Rights Reserved

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