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Story By

Tom King


Robert Soderberg

Written By

Joe Lesueur

Dorothy Ann Purser

Barbara Seiger

Ronnie Wenker-Konner

Samuel D. Ratcliffe

Directed By

Henry Kaplan


Robert Costello

Robert Calhoun

Senior Producer

Mary S. Bonner

Executive Producer

Paul Rauch

Production Manager

Joe McShane

Production Administrator

Jim Hill

Associate Director

John Bianco

Technical Director

Russ Ross

Lighting Directors

Cheryl Thacker


Harold Mofsen


Phil Berge

Videotape Editor

Matty Powers


Robert Reese

arry Frischer

Fred Rivera

Stage Managers

Axel Coen

James O'Corman

Mark Traub

Art Director

Robert Franklin

Scenic Designers

John Pitts

Costume Designer

Lewis Brown

Assistant Costume Designer

Susan Hum

Wardrobe Supervisor

Gertrude Sloan

Associate Producers

Kathlyn Chambers


Elizabeth R. Woodman

Assistant to the Producer

Karen Stevens

Production Assistant

Christopher A. Hollis


Bob Greenberg

Music By

Score Productions, INC.

Men's Wardrobe Furnished By

Barney's New York

Copyright 1980 Procter and Gamble Productions, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

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