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  1. One thing I can say about this year...all four threads are full of talk, talk, and more talking. So how is November Sweeps doing it for you this year? A B C D F SHADY GIF? How did they do?
  2. Well, it's that time again!!! How would you grade Y&R, DAYS, B&B, and GH for May Sweeps this year? A B C D F SHADY GRADE/GIF? I feel like GH is cuising toward a C...and that could change. (An aside...I never gave GH a February Sweeps grade which was a B for me. Originally the first week of March was the end of February, but well a censored name here had a trial. I felt GH built up the drama and the double wedding perfectly. Now the fallout... ). This month it has been enjoyable, but not as focused (so far) as February.
  3. Well, looks like there's been talking (and some hottie pictures judging from the DAYS thread ). So...how was February Sweeps for you this year? A B C D The depths of Hades? How did it go for you?
  4. Just stumbled upon this via a Twitter post. It's a podcast interview someone conducted with JFP earlier this year. She talks a lot about her start in daytime and the various shows she's Executive Produced. https://anchor.fm/soapoperaroyalty/episodes/JILL-FARREN-PHELPS-ebr1bj For those who don't want to listen, here's a quick recap of some main points I wrote down: She says she started as a casting assistant at GL before became a production assistant there Then she went over to GH to became the musical director at GH, and then SB - and then moved up to producing at SB Talks a lot about Cruz and Eden at SB in the beginning She says her Emmy wins at SB were due to SB being a "different" show that didn't "play by any rules" She says that she thinks a story like Eden's rape on SB could never be done today She talks about Maureen Bauer's death on GL - she takes responsibility for it, but says she "researched" this decision a lot, and the "research" said the audience was indifferent to the character. She says the writing of the story made people care "too much about the character," so when they killed her, the audience was "out of its mind". Goes on to say this was a "teaching" moment for her - IMO, she tries to victimize herself here a bit, and the backlash from Maureen's death still stings her in some way Continues to say she didn't kill Frankie Frame on AW as she was already out the door - she doesn't say her name, but pretty much blames Margaret DePriest for this and the way it was written She defends the John/Felicia affair story on AW... On OLTL, she says Erika Slezak and her had a lot of "trust" between them Talks a bit about her Emmy wins and what they mean... Not much was said about her GH tenure strangely, but the interviewer didn't have any specific questions She said Hollywood Heights was brutal work, but she had fun (that's where she and the interviewer worked together) On Y&R, she said the mandate from CBS was to "bring it into this century." She said CBS and Sony felt the show, its look, and its sound were "outdated"; She praised the Delia death story... She says the decline in soaps over the past 20 years is due to people having life changes (more women going to work, people losing the habit); She says the search for "younger viewers" did a disservice to the people actually watching the soaps Typical OJ excuse for the loss of the soap audiences also talked about She says loved all of the shows she EP'd, but there was one she wouldn't name that she said she didn't love as much due to where she was in her life... She singled-out the beginning of her time at GL as a piece of work she was particularly proud of - the writers (Curlee/Demorest/Reilly/Broderick) were't mentioned by name but she praised them as "extraordinary"; She LOVED the Blackout week on GL She says Gloria Monty never remembered her name and called her "Jane" when she was musical director at GH, bur she learned a lot from watching her She praised Steven Bochco a little too much and says she tried to bring things she watched on his shows on the shows she produced... Says she would love to bring Santa Barbara back if she could bring back any of the cancelled soaps she worked on She felt like she had unfinished business at AW and didn't get to do a lot of what she wanted there; She called JER's (or 'Jimmy Reilly' as she affectionately called him) work at DAYS "brilliant", but she said she refused pressure from NBC to steer AW into the direction he had taken DAYS in She says she would like to be remembered for being "fearless" and "courageous" and for encouraging others to be that way, and also being a "good boss"
  5. So...February Sweeps are over. Or was it sleeps? A B C D F I am still catching up on GH, but I've enjoyed the week of the reveal so far. Now that might change once I get to the fallout. So I would give it a solid B since it's been a while since I watched GH. Y&R...hmmm...judging on one episode as I'm behind I would say a C. There were just too many people running around...none of whom I was interested in. But I still have EB's anniversary episodes to sit and watch. How was your shows last month?
  6. Well, I admit to being interested since some of the threads here really got some traction this month. So...how was May Sweeps? From where I'm standing it seems like the main stories were... Y&R: Adam's Return GH: The Nurse Ball B&B: Wyatt's triangle, the Baby Switch DAYS: 'Nicole''s return. Discuss!!!
  7. Y&R’s Joshua Morrow Talks The Dark Side Of Nick & That Sexcapade With Phyllis! https://michaelfairmantv.com/yrs-joshua-morrow-talks-the-dark-side-of-nick-that-sexcapade-with-phyllis/2018/07/24/
  8. Reed is sick of picking up trash on the side of the road as part of his community service, so he tries to plead his case in favor of a less dangerous task than being exposed to oncoming traffic by the roadside. Surprisingly, the judge agrees and allows him to complete his community service in another area, only there is only one other option-- service at a longterm care facility run by a Catholic charity. Disappointed by the prospect of spending so much time in a potentially depressing place, Reed wonders whether he made the right choice to lobby so hard for a change but decides to check out the facility anyway. He meets with a Mother Superior/Nurse who is in charge of the facility which is run by Catholic nuns! Now Reed is sure he made a mistake and whines about this to his parents, who promptly tell him to stick with his choice. INT. THE NEWMAN/HELLSTROM HOUSE- NIGHT VICTORIA Reed, you complained about how hazardous it was to pick up trash on the side of the highway, now this is too much? REED If you saw how depressing that place was, you wouldn't even ask. The place is practically a graveyard. JT A graveyard? Come on, Reed...don't you think you're exaggerating? REED (whines) I don't wanna go back there. It's... creepy- JT Well, I'm sorry buddy but you don't really have a choice, it's either this or picking up trash by the side of the road- REED This is all so unfair- VICTORIA Life's unfair, Reed. Do you want to hear about my day? About having to listen to my former stepmother drone on and on- JT/REED No! Please not that again. VICTORIA (haughty) Fine. Just know that there are times when we all have to deal with situations that are less than ideal, it's a part of life. JT Besides you may...find something about it that you actually like- REED (sarcasm) Sure, Dad. INT. LONGTERM CARE FACILITY-DAY Reed, dressed in work coveralls puts aside the mop and bucket aside. Curious, he creeps through the hallways and walking past an open door, where a NUN has just put away a guitar inside a case. She sees Reed, who scurries away. Thinking the coast is clear, Reed doubles back only to walk smack dab into the Nun. NUN Oh! REED I'm sorry Sister. NUN That's okay, uh...Reed, right? REED That's right. NUN You know, if you have a question about anything Reed, you can ask. You don't have to creep around corners. REED It's just that, you play? A look to the guitar. NUN Oh yes, I find that musical stimulation really helps our residents. Except for her, poor dear. Reed glances over at a woman who lies in bed. She is on her side with her back to the open doorway, so all that can be seen is a form under a sheet and a cascade of brown hair. Been here for a few years. Our resident Jane Doe, no family, I'm afraid. REED That's really sad. NUN Not as sad as it was when she first arrived. The doctors had practically given up all hope. Fortunately, it's against our policy to...(pause). She was comatosed, no signs of life, then one day...well, there were signs of life. The doctors believe that she may never get to full consciousness but, these were the same doctors who wanted to euthanize (stops herself). Well, let's just say that here at Our Lady of Beneficence, we believe in miracles. DAYS LATER INT. NEWMAN/HELLSTROM LIVING ROOM-NIGHT Victoria, Victor and Nikki. NIKKI And how's Reed? VICTORIA It's the strangest thing. Since he started this latest round of community service, he's been so focused. NIKKI Well, you say that like it's a bad thing. VICTORIA He goes from school, straight to community service and practically straight upstairs. When I ask him about his day, he only talks about how his day was good at the facility. He's shutting me out. VICTOR How's his attitude? VICTORIA That's just it...there's no hint of an attitude. He actually sounds sincere. (Beat) You don't think there's anything going on...anything untoward- Victor laughs. JT enters. VICTOR Untoward? At Our Lady of Beneficence?! Sweetheart, that is a well respected charity known for the good work that they do with the sick and the indigent. NIKKI The Newman Foundation has been giving donations to the Sisters for years. I highly doubt there is anything foul going on. VICTORIA (worried) Well, Mom, you of all people know, a cult can start out with an ethos of goodwill and Reed is still impressionable. NIKKI By a bunch of nuns?! Oh honey, you sound ridiculous right now- VICTORIA Mariah was in a cult, I'll ask her about it- JT Hey, here's an idea...why don't we just ask Reed about it. LATER THAT NIGHT Reed exits the kitchen and is about to climb when JT and Victoria signal for him to sit down on the sofa. Reed looks exasperated. REED What else is there to know? I'm a glorified janitor. Sometimes I help bring in the trays. There's a nun who plays the guitar for the residents, she's...okay, I guess. I'm not crushing on her, if that's what you want to know. JT Is there a girl? REED What? All the residents are practically ancient. (Beat) Except for one girl, lady...well, she looks kinda young. JT (jokes) Is she cute? Reed squirms. REED Can I go now? I have homework to do. VICTORIA Oh, okay...sure. Reed makes a hasty exit, leaving Victoria and JT with confounded expressions. SEVERAL DAYS LATER INT. GCPD CHIEF WILLIAMS' OFFICE-DAY Paul is behind his desk as he talks to JT, who sits on chair facing him. PAUL So you don't trust Reed- JT That's the thing...since he started this community service, he hasn't given us one reason not to trust him, but there's something about the way he describes that place. Victoria thought it was practically a cult- PAUL (scoffs) The Sisters of Beneficence?! My Mother volunteered there for years, they're pillars of the community. I know how a cult functions and Our Lady of Beneficence isn't a cult. JT Welp, Reed is probably not gonna like it but...I gotta go there and see for myself what my son is actually doing there. LATER THAT DAY. INT. LONGTERM CARE FACILITY Reed is seated in a chair by the window of a room. A guitar is in his lap. He is facing the woman in bed, whose face we cannot see. REED I hope you liked that one, Jane. Just something I've been working on. Reed puts the guitar back in its case. You really don't look like a Jane, to be honest. Jane makes me think of plain Jane. You're anything but plain. In fact, you're really very pretty, like beautiful. God, I sound like a creep. Meanwhile, JT enters through the lobby. He is greeted by one of the Sisters. SISTER May I help you? JT I'm here to see one of your volunteers, Reed Hellstrom, he's my son. INTERCUT WITH Reed in the room. SISTER You mean our only volunteer. JT looks confused. JT (confused) I thought there was another young lady here. A different Sister enters the room with Reed, who has an expression on his face as if he's a kid who has been caught with his hand in a cookie jar. SISTER Reed, you're going to miss your bus. Reed makes a hasty exit out of the room and bumps right into JT and the other Nun, who braces herself so that she doesn't fall. REED Sorry Sister, I don't mean to keep doing that (looks at JT). What are you doing here? JT Can't a father come and check out the good work his son is doing? REED You weren't this interested when I was picking up trash off the side of the road- JT You weren't this devoted when you were picking up trash off the side of the road. REED (agitate) Did Mom send you here? JT Your Mom doesn't know I'm here- REED (dubious) Right. (beat) You know what, there's no pleasing you. JT (raises voice) Let's just go home, alright? A groan is heard from inside the room. One of the nuns go inside to tend to the woman. JT and Reed try to peer in. NUN Our Jane Doe seems to be agitated, which rarely ever happens. Perhaps it's time for you to go. REED You're right, I'm sorry Sister. As the Nun props up the woman by cradling her in her arms, the woman's face is briefly revealed just as manages to look inside. JT gasps and his face goes pale. The woman looks like Colleen Carlton. In the days that follow, JT wrestles with the brief glimpse of the woman's face. It looks like her but it must be impossible given what happened. JT decides against telling anyone what he has seen. Instead, JT decides to do some investigating work on his own. FLASH TO: JT at the longterm care facility. A nun holds her hand up to dissuade JT from going any further. NUN I'm sorry but we cannot allow you to see her. The last time you were here, she was very agitated, that's never happened before- JT She probably heard the sound of my voice and recognized it. You have to let me see her. Please. NUN You've already revealed that you're not a family member, perhaps if you can locate- JT I can't do that to her mother, not unless I'm sure it's her. Please. NUN We have to act for the good of our residents. After you left, we were up half the night trying to get her to calm down again. JT Shouldn't that tell you something, Sister? JT storms out. INT. THE NEWMAN/HELLSTROM LIVING ROOM Victoria and Nikki sit on the sofa. NIKKI You can't pull Reed out of court ordered community service, Victoria. VICTORIA Reed went from enthusiastic about his community service to sulking within two weeks. Not to mention JT. NIKKI Is he sulking too? VICTORIA That would be an improvement. He's become distant. In his sleep, he's restless...tossing and turning. He groans...this is a terrible time to go out of town on business. NIKKI Maybe you can talk to your father, about sending someone else? VICTORIA I'm sure Ashley would love to go in my place, and convince Dad that I'm not equipped to handle the responsibilities of my job. Hell no! NIKKI It was just a suggestion- VICTORIA And not a very good one. (Beat) Sorry, I'm just...things have changed in this house and I haven't a clue why! INT. GCPD-CHIEF WILLIAMS' OFFICE Paul and JT. PAUL (perplexed) I can't do that JT. JT Please, Paul, I need to find out who else was scheduled for transplant surgery the day that Victor Newman got his heart transplant. PAUL You need access to highly confidential information yet you won't tell me why. JT Can't you just be Paul Williams, Private Investigator and my friend, mentor, not Chief Williams of the GCPD? Paul looks at JT with a mixture of pity and exasperation. INT/EXT. CRIMSON LIGHTS Mattie notices Reed, who sits at a table in a funk. She walks over waves directly in front of his face but he is lost in his thoughts. MATTIE Someone's lost in thought. Reed grumbles. Dare I ask how community service is going? REED Just when things were beginning to look up, it all goes downhill again. MATTIE It can't be that dire. REED I was finally feeling like I was of some use to somebody. Most of the residents at the facility, it can look hopeless sometimes but there was one patient who was practically comatosed and, should've had the least hope of ever getting out of there but I would look at her face and she- MATTIE Oh my God, she? You have a crush on a comatosed woman?! REED It's not like that, Mattie. I would play the guitar and it was like she could hear and- MATTIE (disbelief) You played the guitar for her?! I thought you were a janitor, or something! I don't even know what to say to right now. Maybe, seek help. Mattie leaves in a huff. EXT. OUTSIDE THE GCAC Dina steps outside the car and her hand is held by the driver. Dina's smile of delight quickly turns to a frown when she realizes the driver is trying to escort her inside. DINA I don't need you to chaperone me to get pastries. You may wait in the car until I return. The driver hesitates. It's perfectly fine, you won't get in trouble with Jackie. Reluctantly, the driver gets back inside the car. As Dina turns around to enter the GCAC, JT takes a hold of Dina's hand. JT Mrs. Mergeron, may I buy you those pastries? INT. CRIMSON LIGHTS-MOMENTS LATER Paul types away on a laptop, a brief look at the screen shows the website for the GENOA CITY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Transplant Center. Paul scans the staff listing. The Chief Administrator's picture is shown briefly. Paul takes a deep breath and clicks the Contact link. INT. GCAC-MOMENTS LATER Dina and JT sit at a table, Dina sips from a mug. DINA The hot chocolate here is delightful. My second favorite, apart from Paris. Dina studies JT's face. But I don't think this invitation was just about inviting an old lady out of a mug of hot chocolate and some pastries. JT (tentative) What if I told you that I could take you to see your granddaughter? DINA Why, I just saw Abby- JT (hesitates) Not... Abby... DINA (eyes wide) Colleen? I realize that it's unlikely that I'll have time to really sit down and write this out in length. I have two projects I'm working on--helping people write 2 plays and I'm paid for those, so guess which projects will be getting my attention? Suffice it to say that Dina gets to see Colleen as she demands to see her granddaughter and bonds with her instantly. J.T. (still not being allowed to visit Colleen) asks Dina to not say anything until they can confirm Jane Doe's I.D. then Traci will be the first person they tell. Of course, this does not go according to plan, as Dina begins to talk of spending time with her lovely granddaughter. At first Traci, Ashley and Jack assume it's Abby but when they discover that Abby has been consumed by work and hasn't seen Dina in several days, they wonder whether Dina has regressed. TRACI And she's been doing so well since she returned to Paris. Meanwhile, Paul has been doing some 'side sleuthing' and discovers a discrepancy in the admissions process of transplant patients and cadavers the day that Colleen's body was admitted to the transplant center. He is reluctant to tell anyone until he hears back from the administrator whom he has a meeting with. Dina is out at Fenmore's on a shopping spree, but not for her. It's for her beautiful granddaughter, she tells a just arrived Lauren, who has popped into the store and has offered to personally assist Dina (who at first insisted that she didn't need help then soaks up the lavish attention that she gets when Lauren has an employee give Dina the VIP treatment with tea and pastries, "I can never resist a great pastry", Dina says). Dina queries Lauren about what size she believes would give the most attractive fit for her granddaughter. "Abby?" Lauren asks while pulling specific outfits. "Of course, not" Dina bristles "Abby doesn't need me to select her wardrobe...I mean Colleen!" Lauren is completely confused and troubled but says nothing. Later, after Dina leaves the store, Lauren is seen calling Traci. TRACI We really need to talk, Traci. Paul is in conference with the hospital's transplant director, who is wary of allowing Paul any access to the confidential records without a warrant but after Paul reminds him that as chief of police that he can easily get one and that cooperation will go a long way to making the investigation a less disruptive process, the director relents. As Paul and the Director go through the records, they find more than one red flag, including a report detailing the presence of a male cadaver who was temporarily lost during the confusion of an employee shift change and was discovered in one of the post surgical rooms of the operating theater, meanwhile a woman, with severe oxygen deprivation and likely brain damage and n the verge of expiring but still alive was discovered feet away. Two employees faced disciplinary action but the issue was never made public. The Director quickly states that he was not in charge of the transplant center at that time. PAUL I think we need to talk to the employees in question. Traci and Lauren meet and Traci is confounded by Lauren's account of Dina in Fenmore's earlier. Traci assumed that Dina was confused about which granddaughter she was speaking of but when Lauren showed her the disparity in sizes, (as Fenmore's keeps a log of frequent customers' sizes and style preferences), Traci becomes even more concerned. As Paul and the Director are about to conference in one of the employees who worked the night of the transfer and was disciplined (the other employee has since died), he explains about the two separate teams that worked on the transplant. One team extracted the heart from the donor patient, the other team implanted the heart on the recipient patient. He suggests that Paul talk to someone on the extraction team as he was part of the prep team and the post surgical team for the donor patient. Yes, he made the mistake of leaving the post op area before his replacement could arrive but he himself had an emergency with an elderly parent who had dementia and wandered from home. During the course of the conference call, J.T. tries to call but Paul ignores it. As Traci and Jack wait for Ashley, they discuss what to do about Dina. TRACI Is it possible the our mother has somehow befriended some stranger and has convinced herself that she's her granddaughter? Ashley arrives. JACK If this person is even real. TRACI Oh, I believe she's real...but who is she? ASHLEY Mother won't like it but, I think we may have to consult with her doctor...see if there's a medical reason for this sudden change...this confusion. TRACI She doesn't appear confused at all. She seems confident, assured in her statements. Lauren said she was adamant that the granddaughter was not Abby. JACK Well, I'm confused- ASHLEY We may all need a doctor's consult by the time we get to the bottom of this. (beat) Where's mother? Pause. She's not here?! Where is she. JACK You know that mother insists on having her freedom of movement. We can't tie her to the bedpost. TRACI She's been very responsible lately- ASHLEY As in no arson, no stabbings, no kidnapping? The phone rings. Dina is on the other end. Traci answers. TRACI Mother where are you? DINA Visiting. I'll be home soon, dear. Before Traci can get another word out, Dina hangs up. Wide shot to reveal that a smiling Dina holds the hand of her granddaughter, who except for shallow breaths, lies motionless in bed. Close up on the hands as Colleen's fingers begin to twitch. A DAY OR SO LATER Dina comes down the stairs, she is in a buoyant mood. Traci, Jack and Ashley observe her closely. DINA I'm famished. Dina walks toward the dining. Well, are you all going to stand there and gape at me? Or will you join me at the breakfast table? ASHLEY I actually have to get to Newman. We have so many exciting projects in the offing, (stares daggers at Jack), I need to get in the office early just so I can get a jump start. Jack stares daggers back at Ashley. JACK I think I'll be going in early as well. No rest for the eternally successful- ASHLEY Wicked...I think you mean "no rest for the wicked". JACK If it comes to that, I have no problems going there- TRACI I'll join you, mother. Traci quickly takes Dina's hand. As Dina leads her toward the dining room, Traci shoots a withering glare at Jack and Ashley, who appear chastened. EXT. DAY A car door slams as Paul walks toward the front of a building and rings the bell. A muffled male voice answers and Paul answers. PAUL Paul Williams...we spoke on the phone yesterday. Paul is buzzed in and enters an elevator with the doors closing behind him. INT. ABBOTT MANSION Traci stares at Dina across the table as Dina eats heartily. Dina looks back at her, annoyed. DINA Oh for heaven's sake, dear, if you have something to ask me- TRACI I spoke to Lauren a few days ago and- Dina rolls her eyes. DINA Should I have given her a tip to keep her mouth closed? I asked that she be discreet. Dina, clearly annoyed and agitated, checks her watch. TRACI It's just that...Lauren mentioned that you were buying clothes for your granddaughter but the sizing was off. DINA (aggravated) That's because they weren't for Abby. (beat) My car's here, I have to leave. TRACI Where are you going? DINA To meet J.T....I mean, er, T.J. He's my trainor at the Athletic Club. (stumbles) you know exercise helps the brain...and I need all the help I can get. Dina gets up, kisses Traci on the forehead. Don't worry, dear, in time. all will be revealed. TRACI (puzzled) Revealed? As Dina hastens off. DINA When she's ready. A door slams as Dina has exited. TRACI She? EXT. ROOM-MOMENTS LATER Paul sits in a small room that doubles as a makeshift private office with another Man who offers to him coffee but Paul declines. MAN Oh I remember that day! It's not everyday you're part of the team for a billionaire patient. Everybody was in a lather, everything had to be perfect. We all talked about it when it was over. PAUL We? MAN Both transplant teams. The donor and the recipient. There was a huge buzz in the center I'm shocked that there were so many errors but I had no part in that. PAUL And you sure the cadaver was a male? MAN I personally witnessed that heart being pulled out of that man's chest, wrapped up and put on ice. I transported it to the Operating theater myself. The transplant was a success, as far as I heard, but as to what happened to the donor's body afterward and how the body was handled this is going to sound kinda cold and indifferent but it really wasn't my job. INT. ROOM-DAY Dina puts lipstick on Colleen's lips, then smooths her hand, then her dress. Looks at her with adoration. DINA I think you're ready, sweetheart. I just know when Traci sees you, you're going to open those eyes. INT. GCAC-LATER Traci is at the entrance, talking to Devon and Hilary who have emerged from the gym after having just finished their workouts. HILARY Named T.J.? (Hilary shakes her head) TRACI (desperate) A woman? HILARY No, I've never heard of her. DEVON Yeah, I mean...I've never heard of a trainer, man or woman named T.J. As J.T. enters the GCAC, Traci sees him and follows his steps with her stare. Traci's anger is rising but she keeps it under wraps for the moment. She looks at Hilary and Devon. TRACI Thank you. Traci marches off. Hilary and Devon exchange bewildered looks. HILARY Did you see that look? DEVON Not sure I even wanna know what that's about- HILARY There once was a time, I'd make it my business to know what was about to go down over there- DEVON You sure you wanna be a witness? Because I know I don't. As Hilary and Devon make their way to the exit, Hilary gives a long inquisitive stare at a furious Traci who barrels toward J.T. TRACI How dare you confuse and muddle my mother. I demand to know for what purpose are you using her? J.T.'s phone rings. Don't you dare answer that! On the other end of the phone, Paul starts to leave a voicemail message. PAUL J.T., this is Paul. We need to talk...call me back as soon as you get this. (Pause) I thought he was anxious to hear from me. Paul gets in his car and drives off. INT. NEWMAN ENTERPRISES-DAY Ashley and Lily are looking over some samples. ASHLEY Not that I need her permission but just as a courtesy, I'd like get Victoria's feedback on the new samples. LILY (wary) And you're looking at me because... ASHLEY Well, you have such a great rapport with everyone. LILY I'm not so sure about that these days. Since I came to work with you, it's as if I've defected to another company. She's professional with me but there's something in her manner... ASHLEY You wouldn't have to drop off or pick up any samples, just...get her thoughts on it and...a report, a memo, whatever you think is best...get her thoughts on it. See if anything sparks, if not, we've done due diligence. LILY Something for the file, right? The phone rings. ASHLEY Exactly. Ashley answers the phone. Ashley Abbott? Jack is on the other end. He hesitates. Hello? JACK Ashley. ASHLEY (curt) Jack. Lily signals that she can leave, Ashley signals for her to stay. What is it? JACK Have you heard from mother or Traci? ASHLEY I'm surprised you're even asking for my help. JACK It's just that...no one's answering the phone. And I've tried their cell phones. ASHLEY Gee Jack, with our mother wandering off to parts unknown, buying wardrobes for a granddaughter that she claims not to be Abby while mentioning Colleen in the same breath- LILY (anxious) Colleen?! Your mother mentioned Colleen? ASHLEY I'm beginning to think you don't have full control of our mother's daily protocol in the way you've been insisting, Jack- JACK You know what? I'll handle this myself. ASHLEY We'll talk about this- Jack has hung up. Later. Somewhat dejected, Ashley hangs up the phone. Ashley appears lost in thought. LILY (bewildered) Ashley...what is this about Colleen?
  9. Better late than never right? Back in April, I began my first blog post but convinced that no one really wanted to read it, I only made it available for one member to read. I made another blog post yesterday but wanted to open it to everyone to read--too bad I forgot to change the settings to make it open for everyone to read. Only when one or two members started to complain that they couldn't get access to my blog post that I actually discovered the issue. Oops. I couldn't remember how to change the settings, (duh) and kept trying to make the individual blog post open. Word to the wise: that doesn't work! Try going to the handle for the blog itself (again, duh!). Lesson learned. Anyway, for anyone interested here's a link to this ever evolving blog. https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blogs/blog/187-story-ideas/ It's comprised of what you might call, scene and storyline sketches. I likely won't have time for anything more elaborate. Have fun!
  10. Well, it's over with...so...How would you grade May Sweeps? And bonus for me since I'm waaay behind...so Ron Carlivati finally have a bad May Sweeps over at DAYS? As for me... Y&R Judging by what I've seen...B. From the JT fallout to Jack's paternity to Hevon/Shick, there was stuff going on. And I have to admit that I have been binge watching again more than I have since SS was still writing. We know how I felt about the JT/Victoria story so I will not talk about it again. Nor the Jack rewrite...but I do tune in. And what are your thoughts?
  11. Okay here goes (lol). Working within the framework of existing storylines. This story is spread out over the course of two weeks or so, mingled with other stories. The time-frames are not precise as this is just a rough layout of ideas that I haven't even fully thought. Just writing as I'm thinking... The only thing that would half-way interest me in the Jack startup story is if Jack convinced Ashley to partner with him (when a disgruntled Ashley decides that Billy isn't listening to her after he has discarded all her ideas). Meanwhile, Jill gets wind of this new venture and advises Billy to do what he has to do in order to bring both Jack and Ashley back to Jabot. Billy, encouraged on by Phyllis, insists that he won't need them because their startup will flop. Jill walks away irritated with Billy's attitude, thinking that perhaps her son needs to be brought back down to earth. Together, Jack and Ashley decide, not only build out Ashley's discarded ideas for cosmetics but they also decide to launch a moderately priced line of cosmetics--which are basically "dupes" of Jabot favorites, including an updated dupe to John Abbott's first formulated fragrance Vive Riche with new and improved scent and packaging, with a cheeky name like Tojour Riche (Forever Rich), a play on the name of John Abbott's fragrance. Desperate for investors, Jack and Ashley approach Jill about Chancellor taking a stake in the emerging company. Jill declines until Ashley tells her the one of the ideas was to revamp fragrances from the Jill's beloved Men's line. Ashley proposed this to Billy but he literally trashed it. Jill is incensed but reminds Ashley that Brash and Sassy had that line and retooled it as Dare and Ashley reminds Jill that Brash and Sassy folded when Victoria returned to Newman, Jill correctly guesses that the proprietary rights are on the verge of lapsing and may be up for grabs. Ashley suggests that she can make "dupes" for the product but Jill wants her beloved Men's line out of Newman hands. They both look up the proprietary rights and it is Jill's suspicion that the rights are about to lapse is confirmed. Jill leaves a message for Michael to meet her as she wants to file some paperwork. Ashley proposes that they partner 50-50 but Jill suggests that Chancellor might want full rights to the products to put out on their own. Ashley emphasizes the need to revamp and update the products and haughtily suggests that Jill knows full well that Ashley is the best chemist to improve the cosmetics. Jill agrees but Jill wants it publicized that this will be a revamped version of the original Men's line which she created. Ashley suggests having HWG handle the PR but Jack, still stung by their rejection when he pitched the idea to them, rejects the idea. Jill mentions a recent hire for CI's marketing department that she finds to be very impressive. Jack and Ashley are both receptive to meeting her ( down the road--enter Shari Headley as the marketing executive). Jill meets with Michael, who, on a promise of lawyer/client confidentiality, helps her to file paperwork to secure the proprietary rights to the product line that was once her Men's line for Jabot. Meanwhile both Billy and Victoria hear rumors about Jack and Ashley taking meetings with investors for their new venture and both Jabot and Newman executives begin to worry. Kyle wonders whether he should have moved with his father to the new venture. Billy wonders whether it's finally time to nullify the dreaded 'blood Abbott clause' and Victoria seeks more information on what products Jack and Ashley are working on. As this new marketing exec meets with Jack and Ashley, all hit it off immediately and since investor money has been coming in, they decide that there is money in the budget to hire the new exec to marketing and PR immediately. The first order of business is to set a launch date. Curiosity getting the better of her, Abby decides to do some digging and discovers that there is a plan to revamp products that became a part of Victoria's Dare line. A smirk comes across Abby's lips as Victoria enters the office to ask her sister what has her looking like the cat the swallowed the canary, to which Abby responds "You have no idea, do you?". Abby drops a hint about a new men's cosmetics line coming soon to shelves everywhere. Billy enlists Traci's help to try to get Ashley and Jack to meet them over dinner to discuss repairing the rift but when they all meet, it turns out to be a pitch for Ashley and Jack to fold their venture and return to Jabot. Jack and Ashley scoff as it's too late. Victoria tries to enlist Michael's help to try to send a cease and desist letter to Jack and Ashley as she has guessed it has to be them trying to use Dare as a blueprint for a new line of men's cosmetics and Michael declines her offer. Victoria asks Michael if he's working for them and Michael only states that he hasn't met with either Jack or Ashley about Dare. Victoria is suspicious of what Michael isn't saying. Neil sees the new marketing/PR exec at the GCAC, offers to buy her a drink and proceeds to chats her up. When he finds out about her PR background he states that HWG could use someone of her considerable skill-set. As she is about to decline his offer, Jack steps in and says "Oh I see you've met our new head of marketing and PR". Neil looks perplexed. The new PR exec promptly thanks Neil for the drink, proclaims that "gentlemen, I have work to do" and proceeds to exit as Jack says that he'll see her at the office. DAYS LATER At some point, Jill starts is getting impatient and after leaving texts, which Michael has mostly been ignoring Jill decides to "take the bull by the horns" and call Michael for a lunch meeting. Michael, who does not let on who he's on the phone with, tells the caller that he already has plans with his wife as Lauren hovers in the background. Michael can guess what it is about and believes that she could get the news that she wants soon, if only she'd exercise some patience. Jill emphasized that being patient did not get her to where she is in life, ever. As Lauren tries to ask Michael who he's arguing with on the phone, the doorbell rings and Lauren answers it. A courier has her sign for a legal sized envelope. "Michael, this says urgent". Michael can barely get the words "I'll call your back" out as he hangs up. He takes the envelope, opens it and examines the papers, briefly lets out a sigh of relief before looking at Lauren and saying "I'm sorry honey but I'm gonna have to cancel our lunch date". Lauren rolls her eyes. At the outdoor café, Shari Headley's character shakes Lily's hand and thanks her for agreeing to meet at such short notice. The new PR/marketing exec explains that she want to use Lily's agency to find models for a campaign blitz for the launch of a dynamic new men's cosmetics line, although she cannot yet give many details, suffice it to say that it is a major upgrade of a once beloved line. Lily furrows her brow. Later, at the GCAC, Lily and Abby meet for lunch and discuss their suspicions that someone is revamping Dare and it won't be Victoria or Newman. Abby thinks it is her mother and Jack. Lily mentions the meeting she had earlier with a very elegant yet sharp marketing exec that gave little details. They both muse on how mysterious the situation is and how it may lead to a footrace between various corporations. Lauren on the phone says "Michael just canceled with me again, how about joining me for lunch?" Hilary, Jack and the unnamed marketing/PR exec (ToBeNamed) sit down to lunch at the GCAC. Jack notices Jill and Michael at another table. Jack makes the introductions between Hilary and the exec, who takes the lead in the conversation and discusses having a segment that introduces some of new products before they go to market, to generate consumer interest, she presents Hilary with a gift bag of products, including some prototypes for what will be their men's line. Jack suggest that Devon try those out. Speaking of Devon, Jack asks Hilary about who they can talk to about book a private party at the GCAC for a future launch party. Hilary suggest that she can put the PR exec in touch with the club's manager. At the other table, Jill peruses that papers that papers with a thousand watt grin on her face. "Well that was fast!" Jill exclaims. "Not fast enough for me", Michael says. "You practically called or texted me every day". As Jill starts to apologize, she notices that Lauren and Paul have just sat down to lunch. Lauren mentions how great it always is to meet up with her good friend. She complains that Michael has keeps canceling plans with her and she's doing all she can to not become suspicious. Paul urges her to keep on that track. Paul observes Michael sitting with someone whose face is hidden behind a menu. "Speaking of the devil", Paul gestures toward Michael's table. Lauren follow's Paul's glance and sees Michael sitting with someone and gasps. As the waiter makes her way to the table, Lauren points to an item and asks Paul to order for her as she marches toward Michael's table. Jill hands the menu to another waiter. Lauren chastises Jill for arriving in town without letter her know and asks how long she's been her and is appalled when Jill tells her two weeks. Jill tries to explain that there was a perfectly good reason why she wanted to be somewhat incognito and says that Lauren might as well know the reason why. Michael pulls up a chair and Lauren sits, telling Jill that "this had better be good". At Newman, Victoria and a team are busy on phones and computers when an employee puts a laptop in front of Victoria and points to a section on the screen. Victoria gasps loudly as Abby walks in and asks what's all the drama about. Victoria points out that Jill has reclaimed proprietary rights of her men's line with means that Dare, in its current incarnation is effectively dead. Neil, Devon and Lily discuss and how messy things could get their suspicions are confirmed and Ashley and Jack have somehow gotten rights to Dare's line of products. Neil is unsure how that's legally possible. He knows some companies don't bother to get patents because of their expense but sure Victoria made sure that she held the proprietary rights to the products. Lily thinks it's possible that Dare got lost in the shuffle after Victoria went back to Newman and became embroiled in a tussle with Ashley for the CEO position. Neil and Lily start to discuss their respective meeting with the new marketing/PR exec and Devon wonders whether HWG will regret not being able to snag her for their PR company. Hilary walks in and mentions just having had a meeting with her and that she is already meeting with the manager at the GCAC to discuss a launch party. Neil remarks that this new exec wastes no time. Hilary calls Mariah and tells her they need to schedule a staff meeting about an upcoming show to tease some coming attractions for some products from Jack and Ashley's venture. Devon marvels at how sharp the people behind this venture all seem. He wonders aloud whether it be too late to try to buy a stake in the company. Hilary proposes that if she can get in a joint stake with Devon and/or HWG perhaps she can help. Cane is irate with Jill for keeping him in the dark. Jill states that this her own stake and is separate from Chancellor. She urges Cane not to worry as this venture, in no way competes with anything at Chancellor. Cane still sulks at having been kept out of the action. At Newman, Abby announces that Victor wants to meet with them now. With a smirk, Abby taunts Victoria for letting the ball drop. Later, Ashley informs Jack that she has heard from Jill and the revamp of the men's line is a "Go". Ashley and Jack are in an upbeat mood that this venture is truly coming together.
  12. Well, since it is pretty much done. How would you grade February Sweeps? A, B, or a non-grade?
  13. Personally, I haven't been wondering where he's been (at all) but according to this post, some fans of the show have (*shrugs*). Looks like Daniel Hall is off the show for awhile, at the very least. Y&R has been doing a kind of 'furlough' with actors who don't have much story--not a bad strategy, TBH. Maybe Scott will return with a different actor to portray him. http://soaps.sheknows.com/the-young-and-the-restless/comings-and-goings/1915/daniel-hall-addresses-his-yr-status-as-scott
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