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  1. ANOTHER WORLD 226 Aftermath of a Carl’s death Consultants: A. Washington-Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, and DRW50 IN THE CORY LIVING ROOM Dr. Russ Matthews is off in a corner on his cell phone. Russ: Iris it’s me. Iris: Hey how are you? Russ: I dunno. Iris: Is everything alright? Russ: No. I can’t say it is. Iris: You’re at the Corys right? Russ: Yeah. Iris: What happened? Russ: Carl just passed away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three of Carl’s surviving children (Cory, Elizabeth, and Devin Lucas) all emerge from the small crowd. Elizabeth: Daddy. Daddy! She runs up to Carl and Rachel. Rachel is holding her husband still, who has just passed away. Elizabeth: Do something mom! Call 9-1-1. Somebody call 9-1-1! Daddy! Daddy wake up! Cory: Lizzie… Elizabeth: How could you do this? How could you let him die? Devin gets Elizabeth. Devin (with tears in his eyes): He’s gone Elizabeth. Dad is dead. Elizabeth: Don’t say that! Don’t you ever say something like that! Nooo..noooooo! Elizabeth breaks down and Devin hugs his sister tightly.. The paramedics arrive at the gazebo with a gurney. Paramedic #1: We’ve come to get Mr. Hutchins. Elizabeth: No! No you’re not taking my daddy! Cory: Let them do their jobs Lizzie. Elizabeth: No! Cory holds Elizabeth back as Rachel watches in sadness. The paramedics put Carl’s body on the gurney and cover it with a sheet. Elizabeth, in tears, breaks free of Cory’s hold, runs to the gurney, and lifts the sheet up to see Carl’s face. Rachel: Elizabeth don’t do this. Elizabeth: No. This isn’t happening. Daddy...don’t go. Daddy! Rachel: They have to take him honey. Rachel goes and embraces Elizabeth as the paramedics wheel Carl out of the gazebo. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gregory and Lindsay watch as all unfolded. Gregory holds her. Lindsay: My God this is so sad. Gregory: I feel so bad for them. They lost their dad. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost mine. Lindsay: Don’t talk like that. You’re not gonna lose your father. Meanwhile, Russ approaches John and Sharlene John: So you were treating him? Russ: I was just trying to make him comfortable. There was nothing we could do about the tumor. Sharlene: I’m sure Rachel appreciates it…and Carl. Those poor kids. They’re too young to lose their father, and Frankie. Frankie was just getting to know him, and it’s all just cut short. This just isn’t fair. John rubs Sharlene shoulders. John: This reminds me of when we thought we lost you. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this. Sharlene: I survived, but Carl didn’t. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE, Matt and Amanda are with Rachel in the gazebo. Matt: Mom. Do you need anything? Rachel: No honey I…I just want to sit out here for a minute. Amanda: We’ll be inside. Rachel: Will you check on Cory and Elizabeth for me? Amanda: Okay. Matt and Amanda go inside, as Felicia comes out and sits on Rachel’s right on the gazebo bench, and Paulina comes out and sits on Rachel’s left. Paulina clenches Rachel’s left hand, and Felicia clenches Rachel’s right hand. CAMERA PAN ON RACHEL, FELICIA, AND PAULINA...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. -------------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 Lindsay: I’m gonna get something out of my car. I’ll be back. Gregory: Okay. -------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, out the front door, Devin Lucas is with Lorna pacing back and forth. Lorna: Are you gonna be okay son? Devin Lucas: Yeah…I just wanna be out here for a minute. Lorna: I’ll…go see about mom. Lorna goes in, and Devin Lucas paces faster, and breaks down crying. Lindsay opens the front door and sees Devin Lucas, whose back is turned to the front door. He turns around and sees Lindsay, and quickly wipes his tear soaked face. Lindsay: I’m…I’m sorry about your dad. Devin Lucas: What did you come out here for? Lindsay: I was going to my car to get something. Devin Lucas: Don’t let me stop you. Devin goes inside as Lindsay looks at him. ----------------- CORY’S ROOM Cory sits on his bed. Amanda walks in and sits next to him. The two are silent and Amanda breaks it. Amanda: You know, for what it’s worth I know what you’re going through. Cory: I don’t...know what to feel. It’s almost like I don’t feel anything. Shouldn’t I feel something? Amanda: You’re in shock. We all are. Cory: I’ve been expecting this. Dad told us he was dying, and now he’s gone. Amanda: You’re a strong kid. And we’re gonna need to band together for mom. --------------------------------- Matt knocks on Elizabeth’s door. Elizabeth sits in a chair next to the bed and Matt sits on the bed. Elizabeth: Did mom send you? Matt: No. I know what it’s like to lose a dad though. You should take comfort in the fact that Carl got to spend his last days with you, Cory and Devin Lucas. Elizabeth: I’m sorry that you weren’t able to do that. Matt: Hold on to those memories. My dad adopted me and raised me as his own. It still hurts sometimes. Elizabeth: Is it gonna feel like this all the time? Is it always gonna be this painful? Matt: I know you don’t believe it now but it gets easier. You’ll start to do what your dad would want you to do. I don’t think Carl wants you to be sad forever. Elizabeth: I...shouldn’t have lashed out at mom like that. Matt: I’m sure she understands. She’s lost another husband. She’s gonna need us. ------------------------------------ Russ is on his cell phone with Iris. Russ: I know there was no love lost between you and Carl so I don’t expect you to shed any tears. Iris: Still it’s...devastating for his children...and Rachel. Russ walks to the gazebo and see Rachel with Paulina and Felicia. Russ: Rachel’s lost Mac and now Carl. She’s gotta be so devastated. Looks like she’s in good hands though. ----------------------------------------------- Rachel: Felicia. How did you deal with it? Twice. Felicia: I really couldn’t tell you. Zane and Lucas. This is different for you than it was for me. Both of my husbands were shot to death. You got to spend your last moments with your husband at home. Hold on to that. Rachel: Paulina? Paulina: I’ve learned to live without Joe. Every time I see Dante, I smile, and I’m happy, and proud, but a part of me still gets sad, because I see his father. I start remembering our lives together. I know I don’t have to tell you how to deal with that right. Rachel: No. This is helping. I thought I would never find love after Mac died, but I did. Carl pursued me. I resisted, and resisted… Felicia: So did we. Rachel: Carl and I had our ups and downs, but we had a beautiful life together. Paulina: You have two wonderful children. Felicia: Carl lives on in them, and in my grandson. Paulina: Carl was like the father I never had. His impact will always be felt in all of us. We will definitely miss him. Felicia and Paulina each lean on Rachel’s shoulders as they look up at the sky. FREEZE FRAME ON RACHEL, PAULINA, and FELICIA...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 226
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