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  1. Written by: Nick M Camella is With Trinity at the Davis household. CAMELLA: So that article you wrote is on point, Trinity. TRINITY: Happy that you dig it. CAMELLA: It was real. Proud of you getting’ real with America. TRINITY: I just hope it makes people think. CAMELLA: It sadly won’t make too many white people think. They will try and block it out. TRINITY: You think it’s that cynical? CAMELLA: Fo sho. These cops are not stoppin’. TRINITY: Sure doesn’t seem like. CAMELLA: They aren’t. There was just another shooting of an unarmed black teen down in Texas. TRINITY: Sickening. CAMELLA: Almost like a race war. The more things change the more they stay the same for us. TRINITY: Have any positive news? CAMELLA: Well, there is a party going on that we should go to. TRINITY: I don’t know if I feel like partying. CAMELLA: Oh come on it will be fun. We can get our drink on. TRINITY: Fine because I know you will bug me until we go! Meanwhile, Downstairs: Eartha has arrived home. Malik and Morris are sitting down having some beers. MALIK: Hi mom. EARTHA: Hey guys…that is not a beer is it… MORRIS: It’s not going to hurt him. EARTHA: He is underage. MALIK: Please do not start a fight about this. Eartha gives Morris a dirty look. Morris uses the moment to take a swig of his beer. MALIK: I will be twenty one very soon. EARTHA: I won’t be the Debbie downer. MALIK: Thank you. Eartha hastily walks upstairs. She has a flashback: Young Eartha is with Young Morris . He is having a beer while she drinks a bottle of water. YOUNG EARTHA: Must be nice to be the older man on campus getting to drink whatever you want? YOUNG MORRIS: You wouldn’t even like this beer. YOUNG EARTHA: True, but it’s about the freedom. YOUNG MORRIS: Well, you are almost my age. Almost legal. YOUNG EARTHA: Then we can party together! YOUNG MORRIS: If that’s what you want. YOUNG EARTHA: It is. They kiss. YOUNG EARTHA: Loosen up. Why are you stiff? YOUNG MORRIS: The beer should loosen me up soon. YOUNG EARTHA: You should be chill with me already. If this is about our relationship, I told you we are official. YOUNG MORRIS: I know. It’s all good. Don’t worry. He kisses her again. YOUNG EARTHA: I’m not worried. Eartha comes back down to the present. -- Reva and Josh get home. Reva is still in pain and walking sorely. REVA: It’s the sh*ts getting old, Joshua. I am so sore already. Tomorrow I probably won’t even be able to move. JOSH: I will do whatever I can to help Jack walks in. He sees that Reva is in pain. JACK: Hello…something wrong? REVA: I am in pain and the pills have not kicked in yet. JACK: What happened? JOSH: Someone tried to kill her. JACK: What?! REVA: A car sped right at me earlier today. JACK: That’s crazy. JOSH: Would you happen to know who would do something like that? JACK: Wait…you don’t think this had something to do with me do you? Josh stares down Jack… -- Elijah has arrived at the Manning house. Blair opens up. BLAIR: Hi officer, I hope this has something to do with the charges I tried to press against Reva Shayne? ELIJAH: This does have something to do with Reva but not about charges against her. BLAIR: What is she up to now? You know she attacked me at the store today! ELIJAH: Oh yeah? BLAIR: Yes. She is too much. ELIJAH: You wouldn’t have happened to try and get revenge did you? BLAIR: Just what are you getting at Officer Smith? ELIJAH: Someone tried to run over Reva with a car. Camella and Trinity arrive at the party. TRINITY: I am not going to like this. CAMELLA: Please stop complaining. TRINITY: I don’t like being around a lot of people. Let alone drunk people just stumbling around and being obnoxious. CAMELLA: You are being over dramatic. This is one of the cool parties. I know the people. They walk near some coolers. CAMELLA: Grab a beer. TRINITY: No thanks. CAMELLA: Well grab me one then, please. Trinity gets one for her. Zacks teenage step brother Rourke is also there. He sees Camella. ROURKE: Hey you, long time no see. CAMELLA: Rourke, how is life on the north side? ROURKE: The same as ever. TRINITY: How do you two know each other? ROURKE: She use to come to my school. Funny thing is I may be going to your guys school this year. CAMELLA: That will be trouble. TRINITY: What is that smell? ROURKE: Not me, I hope. CAMELLA: I think it is you. Sure smells like weed. Don’t tell me you brought some here! ROURKE: Of course I did! -- Eartha goes back in time again in her memory: Young Eartha is now with Young Elijah . YOUNG ELIJAH: I am so happy you are back in town for a while this summer. YOUNG EARTHA: Really just two weeks before I have to head back. YOUNG ELIJAH: Any time with you will be amazing. It’s been a long year without you. YOUNG EARTHA: I’m sorry to say, but we won’t be spending much time together this summer. YOUNG ELIJAH: What do you mean? I’ve waited so long. YOUNG EARTHA: I don’t know how to tell you this. YOUNG ELIJAH: Tell me what? YOUNG EARTHA: Elijah, you know I love you but I cannot do this to you. YOUNG ELIJAH: Do what? Spit it out! She turns away from him nervously. YOUNG EARTHA: I have to break up with you. YOUNG ELIJAH: What the hell are you talking about? He yanks her back around. YOUNG ELIJAH: Oh my god my worst fear came true didn’t it! You met someone else? Young Eartha starts to tear up and shakes her head yes… Back in the present: Eartha deep sighs… -- At the Lewis Ranch: REVA: This didn’t have anything to do with Jack. I know who was driving that car. JOSH: I am just saying that Jack thinks he is being looked for and someone may have found him here. JACK: I hope not. REVA: Why would they come after me? JOSH: For helping him. JACK: I knew I shouldn’t have moved in here! REVA: No, dammit. Stop this. This wasn’t about Jack. I told you and Elijah who did this. JOSH: But how could you be sure. You only saw the hair. REVA: I saw enough of the hair to know who tried to hit me. JACK: Well what’s with the suspense? Tell me who it was? REVA: It was that b*tch, Blair Manning! -- Elijah is with Blair. BLAIR: This is ridiculous! ELIJAH: I am sorry you feel that way, but her memory of the driver and the description seems to fit you. BLAIR: She could just be saying that. Are you sure she was even almost hit? She seems like the type that could be making that up. ELIJAH: She has been medically examined and is actually hurt. BLAIR: Well I would like to get a lawyer if you are really accusing me of this. ELIJAH: Do you have an alibi? Where were you between 4 and 5? BLAIR: I want to call my lawyer. ELIJAH: I am just asking some questions. If you want to go down to the station that can be arranged. BLAIR: No, no okay. I was visiting my husband at work. ELIJAH: And he can verify that? BLAIR: I’m sure he can. Blair looks on worried… -- At the party: CAMELLA: Why did you have to bring weed? TRINITY: The smell is awful! CAMELLA: I hate it. ROURKE: Don’t be a couple of haters. CAMELLA: I’m not hating. Just sayin. ROUKE: I came here to chill out. TRINITY: Who comes to a PARTY to chill out? ROURKE: Me, bro. TRINITY: Bro? Who is this guy? CAMELLA: He’s an oddball. TRINITY: Tell me about it. CAMELLA: Let’s go drink. TRINITY: I mostly just want to go home. -- Malik walks into his mothers room, Interrupting her memories. MALIK: Mom… EARTHA: Something wrong Malik? MALIK: Just wondering if you want to join me and dad for some pizza and wings? EARTHA: Um, I’ll take you up on that offer, actually. MALIK: Great. They go downstairs Eartha sits next to Morris. Morris smiles… -- At the ranch: JACK: Todd’s wife did this? REVA: It had to be her. JACK: This is going to make my new job awkward. JOSH: You got hired at the newspaper? JACK: I did! REVA: Congratulations. I just hope Todd is not as bad as his wife. JOSH: I am happy to hear you got a job though. JACK: Maybe I’ll be out of your hair in no time. REVA: No hurry. JACK: If it really was Blair tho, I hope she is taken down. REVA: I hope she is being arrested as we speak. -- Todd arrives home to see Elijah with Blair. TODD: Blair why is a police officer here? BLAIR: He thinks I did something absurd. TODD: What do you think she did? ELIJAH: She has been identified in a possible attempted murder? Todd chuckles. TODD: You can go. (he points to the door) ELIJAH: This is no laughing matter. Reva Shayne could have been killed. TODD: Reva? ELIJAH: …and I won’t be going until I know if your wife was with you at your job between 4 and 5 PM. TODD: She did come over for a visit. ELIJAH: I hope your cameras there will prove that it was between the time period in question. TODD: I’m sure they will. ELIJAH: If evidence is found you will have to come to the station, Blair. BLAIR: And this time my lawyer will be with me. Call Tea, Todd! Call her now. Elijah exits. BLAIR: Well are you going to call her? TODD: Wait Blair, when you came by my office you wanted me to look up info on Reva Shayne Lewis. Why is that? BLAIR: Certainly not because of this! She looks on… FADE TO BLACK *I do not own any non original character nor any
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