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  1. Hi all, We're conducting a quick survey about contemporary radio/audio soap operas & if they have a place our present. It's a quick survey (less than 3 minutes) and all responses are welcome! Here's the link: https://us2.list-manage.com/survey?u=ad35be68a92196af895ac53df&id=dbf3e73f4d&attribution=false Thanks!!
  2. Written by: Nick M Camella is With Trinity at the Davis household. CAMELLA: So that article you wrote is on point, Trinity. TRINITY: Happy that you dig it. CAMELLA: It was real. Proud of you getting’ real with America. TRINITY: I just hope it makes people think. CAMELLA: It sadly won’t make too many white people think. They will try and block it out. TRINITY: You think it’s that cynical? CAMELLA: Fo sho. These cops are not stoppin’. TRINITY: Sure doesn’t seem like. CAMELLA: They aren’t. There was just another shooting of an unarmed black teen down in Texas. TRINITY: Sickening. CAMELLA: Almost like a race war. The more things change the more they stay the same for us. TRINITY: Have any positive news? CAMELLA: Well, there is a party going on that we should go to. TRINITY: I don’t know if I feel like partying. CAMELLA: Oh come on it will be fun. We can get our drink on. TRINITY: Fine because I know you will bug me until we go! Meanwhile, Downstairs: Eartha has arrived home. Malik and Morris are sitting down having some beers. MALIK: Hi mom. EARTHA: Hey guys…that is not a beer is it… MORRIS: It’s not going to hurt him. EARTHA: He is underage. MALIK: Please do not start a fight about this. Eartha gives Morris a dirty look. Morris uses the moment to take a swig of his beer. MALIK: I will be twenty one very soon. EARTHA: I won’t be the Debbie downer. MALIK: Thank you. Eartha hastily walks upstairs. She has a flashback: Young Eartha is with Young Morris . He is having a beer while she drinks a bottle of water. YOUNG EARTHA: Must be nice to be the older man on campus getting to drink whatever you want? YOUNG MORRIS: You wouldn’t even like this beer. YOUNG EARTHA: True, but it’s about the freedom. YOUNG MORRIS: Well, you are almost my age. Almost legal. YOUNG EARTHA: Then we can party together! YOUNG MORRIS: If that’s what you want. YOUNG EARTHA: It is. They kiss. YOUNG EARTHA: Loosen up. Why are you stiff? YOUNG MORRIS: The beer should loosen me up soon. YOUNG EARTHA: You should be chill with me already. If this is about our relationship, I told you we are official. YOUNG MORRIS: I know. It’s all good. Don’t worry. He kisses her again. YOUNG EARTHA: I’m not worried. Eartha comes back down to the present. -- Reva and Josh get home. Reva is still in pain and walking sorely. REVA: It’s the sh*ts getting old, Joshua. I am so sore already. Tomorrow I probably won’t even be able to move. JOSH: I will do whatever I can to help Jack walks in. He sees that Reva is in pain. JACK: Hello…something wrong? REVA: I am in pain and the pills have not kicked in yet. JACK: What happened? JOSH: Someone tried to kill her. JACK: What?! REVA: A car sped right at me earlier today. JACK: That’s crazy. JOSH: Would you happen to know who would do something like that? JACK: Wait…you don’t think this had something to do with me do you? Josh stares down Jack… -- Elijah has arrived at the Manning house. Blair opens up. BLAIR: Hi officer, I hope this has something to do with the charges I tried to press against Reva Shayne? ELIJAH: This does have something to do with Reva but not about charges against her. BLAIR: What is she up to now? You know she attacked me at the store today! ELIJAH: Oh yeah? BLAIR: Yes. She is too much. ELIJAH: You wouldn’t have happened to try and get revenge did you? BLAIR: Just what are you getting at Officer Smith? ELIJAH: Someone tried to run over Reva with a car. Camella and Trinity arrive at the party. TRINITY: I am not going to like this. CAMELLA: Please stop complaining. TRINITY: I don’t like being around a lot of people. Let alone drunk people just stumbling around and being obnoxious. CAMELLA: You are being over dramatic. This is one of the cool parties. I know the people. They walk near some coolers. CAMELLA: Grab a beer. TRINITY: No thanks. CAMELLA: Well grab me one then, please. Trinity gets one for her. Zacks teenage step brother Rourke is also there. He sees Camella. ROURKE: Hey you, long time no see. CAMELLA: Rourke, how is life on the north side? ROURKE: The same as ever. TRINITY: How do you two know each other? ROURKE: She use to come to my school. Funny thing is I may be going to your guys school this year. CAMELLA: That will be trouble. TRINITY: What is that smell? ROURKE: Not me, I hope. CAMELLA: I think it is you. Sure smells like weed. Don’t tell me you brought some here! ROURKE: Of course I did! -- Eartha goes back in time again in her memory: Young Eartha is now with Young Elijah . YOUNG ELIJAH: I am so happy you are back in town for a while this summer. YOUNG EARTHA: Really just two weeks before I have to head back. YOUNG ELIJAH: Any time with you will be amazing. It’s been a long year without you. YOUNG EARTHA: I’m sorry to say, but we won’t be spending much time together this summer. YOUNG ELIJAH: What do you mean? I’ve waited so long. YOUNG EARTHA: I don’t know how to tell you this. YOUNG ELIJAH: Tell me what? YOUNG EARTHA: Elijah, you know I love you but I cannot do this to you. YOUNG ELIJAH: Do what? Spit it out! She turns away from him nervously. YOUNG EARTHA: I have to break up with you. YOUNG ELIJAH: What the hell are you talking about? He yanks her back around. YOUNG ELIJAH: Oh my god my worst fear came true didn’t it! You met someone else? Young Eartha starts to tear up and shakes her head yes… Back in the present: Eartha deep sighs… -- At the Lewis Ranch: REVA: This didn’t have anything to do with Jack. I know who was driving that car. JOSH: I am just saying that Jack thinks he is being looked for and someone may have found him here. JACK: I hope not. REVA: Why would they come after me? JOSH: For helping him. JACK: I knew I shouldn’t have moved in here! REVA: No, dammit. Stop this. This wasn’t about Jack. I told you and Elijah who did this. JOSH: But how could you be sure. You only saw the hair. REVA: I saw enough of the hair to know who tried to hit me. JACK: Well what’s with the suspense? Tell me who it was? REVA: It was that b*tch, Blair Manning! -- Elijah is with Blair. BLAIR: This is ridiculous! ELIJAH: I am sorry you feel that way, but her memory of the driver and the description seems to fit you. BLAIR: She could just be saying that. Are you sure she was even almost hit? She seems like the type that could be making that up. ELIJAH: She has been medically examined and is actually hurt. BLAIR: Well I would like to get a lawyer if you are really accusing me of this. ELIJAH: Do you have an alibi? Where were you between 4 and 5? BLAIR: I want to call my lawyer. ELIJAH: I am just asking some questions. If you want to go down to the station that can be arranged. BLAIR: No, no okay. I was visiting my husband at work. ELIJAH: And he can verify that? BLAIR: I’m sure he can. Blair looks on worried… -- At the party: CAMELLA: Why did you have to bring weed? TRINITY: The smell is awful! CAMELLA: I hate it. ROURKE: Don’t be a couple of haters. CAMELLA: I’m not hating. Just sayin. ROUKE: I came here to chill out. TRINITY: Who comes to a PARTY to chill out? ROURKE: Me, bro. TRINITY: Bro? Who is this guy? CAMELLA: He’s an oddball. TRINITY: Tell me about it. CAMELLA: Let’s go drink. TRINITY: I mostly just want to go home. -- Malik walks into his mothers room, Interrupting her memories. MALIK: Mom… EARTHA: Something wrong Malik? MALIK: Just wondering if you want to join me and dad for some pizza and wings? EARTHA: Um, I’ll take you up on that offer, actually. MALIK: Great. They go downstairs Eartha sits next to Morris. Morris smiles… -- At the ranch: JACK: Todd’s wife did this? REVA: It had to be her. JACK: This is going to make my new job awkward. JOSH: You got hired at the newspaper? JACK: I did! REVA: Congratulations. I just hope Todd is not as bad as his wife. JOSH: I am happy to hear you got a job though. JACK: Maybe I’ll be out of your hair in no time. REVA: No hurry. JACK: If it really was Blair tho, I hope she is taken down. REVA: I hope she is being arrested as we speak. -- Todd arrives home to see Elijah with Blair. TODD: Blair why is a police officer here? BLAIR: He thinks I did something absurd. TODD: What do you think she did? ELIJAH: She has been identified in a possible attempted murder? Todd chuckles. TODD: You can go. (he points to the door) ELIJAH: This is no laughing matter. Reva Shayne could have been killed. TODD: Reva? ELIJAH: …and I won’t be going until I know if your wife was with you at your job between 4 and 5 PM. TODD: She did come over for a visit. ELIJAH: I hope your cameras there will prove that it was between the time period in question. TODD: I’m sure they will. ELIJAH: If evidence is found you will have to come to the station, Blair. BLAIR: And this time my lawyer will be with me. Call Tea, Todd! Call her now. Elijah exits. BLAIR: Well are you going to call her? TODD: Wait Blair, when you came by my office you wanted me to look up info on Reva Shayne Lewis. Why is that? BLAIR: Certainly not because of this! She looks on… FADE TO BLACK *I do not own any non original character nor any
  3. EXT. DOCKS – NIGHT A thick fog nearly consumes the setting when a boat pulls in. A pair of feet steps off the boat and it is revealed to be John Hu. He looks around and likes what he sees. Suddenly, a Don Chi, Hu’s henchman, steps off the boat from behind him. He has a briefcase in hand. Don: Pretty foggy here tonight, huh? John: Just how I like it. Don: So you never told me why we’re here in Springfield. John: Patience, patience. All good things to those who wait. John digs into his pocket and reveals a small photo of Harley. He brightens up at the sight of her. John: (putting it back in his pocket) We have to get things prepared for the shipment. Is all the money there. Don: (tapping the briefcase) Yep. Counted it twice. Five million dollars. John: Good. Let’s get back on the boat and circle around the bay until they arrive with our stash. Don: Yes, sir. Don heads back onto the boat. John starts to head back onto the boat, and takes one look back . . . John: Springfield . . . my home away from home. He gets back on the boat and it takes off. CUT TO INT. HARLEY’S COTTAGE (LIVING ROOM) – NIGHT The room is pure darkness with the exception of the TV, which illuminates Harley. We slowly pan towards Harley, who is nestled up on the sofa, asleep. She’s so peaceful, and we FADE INTO EXT. YACHT – NIGHT— DREAM SEQUENCE Harley is dressed to the “nines.” She is donning a beautiful haute couture gown while she sets on the deck of the yacht, which glides across the Danube River. The scenery—its so captivating and refreshing, mesmerizes her. A male hand then reaches into the frame and grabs her hand, placing a flute with champagne in it. She looks up (and we follow) to see the man is non other than John Hu. Harley: John . . . John: Ssh. Don’t say a word, my sweet. Harley: But— John leans in and kisses Harley passionately, silencing her. Then a shot of the boat drifting off into the night, and BANG! BANG! END OF DREAM SEQUENCE BACK IN HARLEY’S LIVING ROOM Harley jumps out the sound of someone beating at the door. Phillip (O.C.): Harley! Harley, are you there. Harley: Ugh. Harley gets up, with her hair tossed everywhere, and heads to the door. She snatches the door open to Phillip, who jumps back at the sight of her. He can see the fury in her eyes. Harley: What! Phillip: We need to talk. Phillip barges in without being invited. Harley astonished by this. Harley: Umm . . . Phillip, I didn’t— Phillip: What is about you not wanting Zach attend Lincoln Prep? It’s a good school! Harley: With a lot of spoiled brats! Phillip: Just say it, Harley! You don’t want Zach to attend Lincoln Prep or have anything to do with my family or me because you’re afraid he’ll end up just me like. On Harley over it, FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiVNjqhyeW8 FADE IN INT. SPAULDING MANOR (HOPE’S SUITE) The door to the room flings open and Alan Michael rushes into the room, frantic. He starts to scope out the room and Holly trails behind him. AM: Mom! Mom! Holly: Alan Michael, be quiet! Do you wanna be heard? Alan Michael nods understandingly. He peeks in the closet and sees that it has been cleared. He looks to Holly, anxious. AM: Where is she? Holly: She couldn’t’ve gone too far. AM: I wouldn’t put it past her. The door closes and Alan Michael and Holly turn to see India leaning on the door. India: Looking for Caroline or should I say Hope? Alan Michael’s jaw drops. He charges towards India with rage in his eyes, but Holly grabs him, stopping him. AM: You! I should’ve known it! You— India: You better settle down. Not if you want me to remain silent. AM: Remain silent? (trying to break free) That can be arranged! Holly: (restraining him) Calm down! (to India) Where is Hope? India: Oh Holly . . . (shaking head) you knew about Hope too? This gets better and better. Holly: India . . . India: I wonder how Ed is going to take the news—his main squeeze keeping such big secrets from him. (gloating) Bet he won’t like it. On Holly’s reaction CUT TO EXT. BAUER HOME – NIGHT Ed sits on the porch rocking, and its foggy also. He looks in the night sky. Mom, Leslie, and Maureen, if you can hear me . . . (tearing up) please help Meta, Bruce, Mike, and Hope find peace. Ed looks down to see someone standing within the fog. Ed: Hello? Hope emerges from the fog looking destroyed, mascara dripping down her eyes as if she’s been crying nonstop. Ed: Caroline, you all right? Ed steps off the porch and walks over towards her. Ed: Do I need to call Alan? Hope: No! Ed: Did something happen? Did Alan harm you? Hope: No. Ed: Come with me. Ed takes her by the arm and tries to take her by the arm, but she jerks away. Hope: Don’t you even recognize me! Ed: Caroline, are you sure you’re fine? Hope: It’s me, Uncle Ed! It is me, Hope! On Ed uncertain and shaken, CUT TO INT. HARLEY’S COTTAGE (LIVING ROOM) We open up on Harley and Phillip in a stand off. Harley: Phillip, are we seriously going to do this tonight? Phillip: Yes! Phillip storms over to the sofa and sits. Phillip: (patting the sofa) Come sit. Harley: No. Phillip: I’m not leaving till we talk. Harley: You sure about that? Phillip: Harley . . . please. Harley sighs heavily and complies with his wishes by sitting across from him. Harley: What Phillip? Phillip: This has to stop—this tension between you and me. Harley: There is no tension. Phillip: There is. Harley: Phillip! (gets up and points to the door) Goodbye! Phillip: No. Harley: Leave! Phillip: I said no. Harley walks over and grabs the phone off the end table and starts to dial. Phillip: (sighs) Who are you calling? Harley: Frank. So he can come and whoop your ass and take you to jail. Phillip crosses over and struggles the phone away from Harley. Then he tosses it across the room and shatters into pieces. Harley: Phillip! Phillip: Now lets sit and talk like adults. Harley: Talk like adults? Screw you! Phillip: Why do you hate me, Harley? Why! Is this because of how I took Zach from you? I thought you’ve forgiven me! Harley: Well you thought wrong. Harley grabs her keys. She goes to exit but Phillip grabs her by the arm, restraining her. Harley: Let me go! Phillip: No! Not until you listen to me! Harley tries to pry free of Phillip’s grip. Harley: My opinion isn’t changing, Phillip! Zach is not going to Lincoln Prep. End of story— Harley breaks free but falls onto the floor. She holds her arm in pain while Phillip rushes to her side. Phillip: (worried) Harley, you OK! Harley: No! Harley kicks Phillip away from her. Harley: See! See! You see why I don’t want Zach anywhere near you! Your family! You’re a bully, Phillip! You’re sick! Phillip: Harley, it was an acci— Harley looks past Phillip to see Zach standing at the bottom of the stairs. Noticing Harley’s reaction, Phillip turns and sees Zach too. Guilt comes over Phillip. Zach: What’s going on? Mom, are you OK? Harley: (covering) Nothing. (getting back up) Nothing at all. Zach: But I heard you two screaming. Phillip: It was nothing, Zach. Just a simple disagreement. (devastated) I-I’m sorry, Harley. Forgive me. (fighting back tears) Forgive me. Phillip rushes out of the house. Harley looks on concerned and, CUT TO: INT. BAUER HOME (LIVING ROOM) Hope sits on the sofa in utter silence. She’s a total mess. Ed (standing up) watches on from a far, bothered. KNOCK! KNOCK! Ed rushes over and opens the door to reveal Holly & Alan Michael. Holly: Is she here? Ed points to Hope. Alan Michael rushes in and kneels down next to her. Holly enters and Ed closes the door. They both watch what’s about to happen. Alan Michael: Caroline! I’m so sorry. She doesn’t respond. Alan Michael: I just wanna let you know that you’re not fired. Your job is still intact and I want you to come home with me. OK? She still doesn’t respond. Alan Michael: Caroline . . . (tearing up) please forgive me. She slowly turns to see her son crying. She wipes the tears from his eyes. Hope: Don’t cry, my sweet baby. I forgive you. Alan Michael kisses her hand and bury his face in it. Ed is now convinced. Ed: So I guess it’s true. Holly and Alan Michael react. Ed: So I guess she is Hope. Holly and Alan Michael exchange looks, and on Ed unhappy, CUT TO: INT. BOAT (LOWER DECK) – NIGHT John lies on the bed in a daze while he glances at the ceiling. He then gets up and head down the hall to another door. He cracks the door open, and we get a slight shot of Carmen lying in the bed with a medical ventilator strapped to her. John: You’re home, Bonita. You’re home. On a shot of Carmen soundless sleeping, FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKZEgIi2Les COMING SOON: Phillip’s illness continues to go unchecked Jason & Leah plan an attack on Phillip Remy & Tierra grow closer Mel struggles with keeping her pregnancy secret Olivia's continues her quest to destroy Marah A friend of Shayne's comes to town Dinah & Mallet are drawn together Blake & Rick find love (not with each other) Alan uses the Reardon boys as pawns to gain back Spaulding Hope’s secret’s comes out Laurel & Reva makes life-changing decisions Cassie starts her search for her biological father & Frank helps John Hu wreaks havoc Michelle continues to fall victim to the Bauer curse Pilar and Bill reestablish their friendship James grows tired for Daisy . . . and wants Trista instead

    S4 Episode 8

    Life changing moments happen in Springfield... Mallet and Dinah's House: The whole family is now together. Mallet and Dinah stand in the living room. Belinda and RJ stand in the middle. Cyrus and Marina are walking inside. Belinda looks at her mother, "No. Stop it. This isn't funny." Dinah sighs, "I know." Cyrus looks at Belinda, "I've waited so long to talk to you about this Belinda. I promise you not a day has gone by where I didn't miss you." Belinda stares, "You barely know me." Dinah looks at her, "I know this isn't what you wanted-" Belinda shakes her head, "Cyrus Foley is my father?" Mallet looks at her, "It has no reflection on who you are Belinda." Marina stares, "Guys stop it. Belinda, Cyrus has changed. He's a great guy and I trust him with my son because I know what a great guy he is." Dinah looks at her, "This isn't about Cyrus. This is about my daughter." They continue arguing back and forth. Belinda turns around to see RJ pale. Belinda stares, "Oh my God." RJ sighs, "I..." She nods, "Cyrus is Guillespie's brother isn't he? Guillespie is my uncle?" Cyrus sighs, "Yes Belinda." Belinda looks down, "So you're saying that not only is my mother the woman who killed RJ's father... but my uncle is the hit man who terrorized everyone in this town and killed RJ's sister Tammy on her wedding night?" RJ tries to hold himself together. An emotional Belinda feels sick. Lighthouse: Bill parks outside the lighthouse. The men are all in their coats. Bill hollers, "Spencer!?!" Phillip shouts, "Spencer?" Robbie looks up, "Oh my God." The men look up at the top. Spencer is walking around the edge of the lighthouse. She is leaning on the railing. Spencer has taken a lot of pills. She is almost numb all over, but now is eager to feel something painful. She keeps tearing at her arm but can't feel anything. Bill, Phillip and Robbie run as close as they can. Spencer looks down past them at the freezing water beneath her. Bill and Phillip look at each other. Robbie sighs, "I'm going to try to get to her. Just talk to her." Phillip hollers, "Spencer. Please get down." Spencer is muttering to herself but they can't hear her. She slowly starts to climb on top of the railing. She can hear the water beneath her now. She faces the lighthouse. Spencer smiles, "I'm not like everyone else. My head doesn't work the same way. I feel everything. I feel love, I feel hate. I feel..." Robbie finally gets to the top, "Spencer no!!!" He watches in horror as a smiling Spencer lets herself fall backwards off the lighthouse and crashing down into the freezing water below. Road: Liz has crashed her car. She's trapped inside and her baby boy is in the back seat. Aubrey Cross stares into her window, "Hey Lizzie. Long time no see." Liz stares in shock, "Aubrey... you're back in Springfield. My baby is stuck in the back seat and I can't get him out!" Aubrey stares, "He certainly doesn't look like you." Liz shakes her head, "He's my son with Remy." Aubrey nods, "The cop who tried to put me away?" Liz sighs, "Aubrey you tried to kill me before, I know you hate me. But my son has never done anything to anyone. He's Sarah's brother. Please Aubrey get me out!" Aubrey shakes her head, "No time." Aubrey walks away. Liz screams, "No!!! Aubrey help me!!!!" Liz hears the back window break. Liz looks in the mirror. Aubrey reaches in, "Hey little guy." Baby Clay screams and cries. Liz looks at him, "It's okay Baby. Mommy won't let anything happen to you." Aubrey struggles to get his car seat. Liz shakes her head, "Just take him out of it!" Aubrey undoes the seatbelt. Smoke starts filling into the car. Liz cries, "Please, we've already lost Remy please don't let this happen." Aubrey picks up the baby, "Yes! Oh you're okay!" Aubrey pulls him out and holds him close. She rocks him, "Hush little baby..." Liz stares at Aubrey holding her son, "Aubrey... Aubrey let me out now!" Aubrey holds Baby Clay close as she looks back at Liz who's coughing from the smoke. She looks at Baby Clay and then back at Liz, Aubrey runs away. Liz screams, "No!!! No!! My baby!!!!!!!" Museum Apartment: Maureen and Jason are making out in the bedroom. Maureen looks at him, "I've wanted this for so long." Jason smiles, "You have no idea how much I've wanted this." The two continue kissing. Their loud music is playing in the room. Outside in the living room, Vi is pacing. Vi shakes her head, "No... Jason wouldn't do this to me... No." Vi starts throwing things around in the room. She breaks down in tears. Vi holds her hands over her face. All she wants to do is run in and attack them. But she holds herself back. Vi quickly picks up the mess she made. She is being very quiet. She grabs her bags and walks back towards the door. But first she goes over by the candles that Jason put out for her. Vi shakes her head, "You could have had me Jason. I would have done anything to make you happy. I was the best girlfriend you ever had. I was finally going to be honest and open up to you. But I will never trust someone again because of you and because of her..." Vi runs her hand on the candle stick. Vi sighs, "If I can't have you..." Vi knocks the candle into the pillows. She watches as the flames grow larger next to Jason's room. Vi quietly walks out. Bauer Home: Coop is with Ashlee in the garage apartment. She sighs, "You don't know what it's like to wake up everyday and feel like you're the most disgusting person who was ever born. To feel like you just let yourself down." Coop stares, "Ashlee..." She sighs, "Anytime I'm anywhere with Dalton I feel like people are staring. Wondering why he would be with someone who looks like me." Coop stares, "I can't believe you see yourself the way you do." Ashlee nods, "I don't think I could ever lose enough weight. I will always hate myself. Before at least I could pretend that if I lost weight things would change. But now... I'm still me." He looks at her, "You're still you. You're still funny, sweet, creative, caring, energetic, thoughtful, smart, amazing, romantic, brave..." Ashlee laughs, "That's a long list." He looks at her, "I think very highly of you." Ashlee stares, "You're good at this." He stares, "At what?" She nods, "Making me feel beautiful and important." He takes her hand, "You're both Ashlee." She looks down, "I know it sounds terrible but... I mean Dalton compliments me all the time. But it just doesn't feel the same way as when you say things." Coop stares, "Maybe you should think about taking things slower with Dalton while you figure things out Ashlee. I don't want to see you put yourself in too many stressful situations." Ashlee rubs his hand, "You still care about me." He smiles, "Of course. I always do." Ashlee stares into Coop's eyes. He looks down to see she's still touching his hand. Towers: Ross is in his suite. Blake is there with him. She gets off her phone, "I think they're starting to get annoyed with me." Ross stares, "You call them a lot Blake." She looks at him, "What am I supposed to do? Kevin is still out there somewhere!" Ross stands, "How can we expect them to find someone who does not want to be found? As much as I wish everyone could care about Kevin as much as we do, I know the reality." Blake sighs, "Why is this happening?" Ross stares, "Kevin is lost right now, emotionally. We have to trust that somehow he'll find his way back to us. Just trust your heart Blake." An emotional Blake looks at him, "Why are you so strong right now?" He nods, "I've been through this before remember?" Blake wipes her tears, "Dinah killing Hart is not the same as anything Kevin has done. He's not a murderer Ross. He's just... he's..." Ross nods, "Our son?" She nods, "Yeah." He looks at her, "And no one can love him the way that we do. It's frustrating watching people write him off as some sort of monster." She shakes her head, "He's not, is he? He's just our son, and he needs our help." Ross looks at her, "He has a great mother who loves him, it's only a matter of time before he comes back to you for help. You're amazing Blake." Blake sighs, "He wouldn't even come out to me. He's made it clear that he 'doesn't need' me. I feel like I failed him Ross. I really did." Ross takes her hand, "Never say that Blake. You are an incredible human being and I'm so happy that I can call you the mother of three of my children." Ross kisses her hand. The two stare at each other. They lean closer and kiss. PART TWO: Mallet and Dinah's House: Belinda stands with RJ. She can't look him in the eye. RJ doesn't know what to say. He understand why Annie came to him with this information. Dinah looks at Cyrus, "Do you see? Do you see now why I didn't want you in her life?" Cyrus stares, "I'm sorry." Marina shakes her head, "No! Dinah get off your high horse. Cyrus loves Belinda. Tammy was my best friend and I don't hold Cyrus responsible for what happened." Dinah nods, "Funny because I recall you dumping him when you found out who his brother was." Mallet looks at them, "Would you two stop?" Dinah shakes her head, "Marina started it, now didn't she?" Marina stares, "You've never liked me Dinah." Dinah nods, "Well you've always liked to go after my sloppy seconds. We both know you've always had a fascination with Mallet as well." Mallet looks at her, "Stop it Dinah." Marina laughs, "Did you tell your daughter that you blackmailed Cyrus into staying out of Belinda's life? That you forced him to sign papers saying he would never tell her who he was." Belinda turns to her, "What?" Dinah nods, "Yes I did. And now you see why." Belinda shakes her head, "That wasn't your choice to make!" Dinah walks towards her, "Belinda I did it because I love you!" Belinda pulls away, "No! Stay away from me!" Cyrus sighs, "Belinda I never meant-" She shakes her head, "No! I don't want anything to do with any of you. I'm tired of people keeping secrets from me! You can all go to hell." Belinda storms out. Everyone stands around looking at each other with anger. Cedars: Spencer is rushed into the ER with the EMTs. Bill, Phillip and Robbie follow in. Michelle runs over, "Oh my God! Emma? What happened?" The EMT's look at her, "She's showing signs of hypothermia." Bill runs over, "Michelle please help her." Phillip nods, "She fell into the lake. I think she's taken some pills." Michelle stares at her son, "Robbie what are you doing here?" A horrified Robbie stares at an unconscious Spencer. They roll her away, Michelle follows. Bill and Phillip look at each other. They are both soaking wet from jumping in after her. Bill looks at Robbie, "You should go home. But thank you Robbie. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't led us to her in time." Bill hugs Robbie. Robbie nods, "Okay... bye." Robbie slowly walks out of the hospital. An emotional Bill paces, "I can't believe I let this happen." Phillip shakes his head, "It's my fault. I did this to her." Bill looks at him, "I'm done fighting Phillip. We need to focus on her and doing everything we can to help her get through this. Okay?" Phillip nods, "I agree." Bill nods, "I don't care about our past Olivia, our past with our fathers, or anything else between the Lewis and Spaulding families." Bill reaches his hand out. Phillip reaches back. Spencer's fathers shake hands. Bauer Home: Coop sits with Ashlee. He pulls away. She looks at him, "Are you okay?" He stands up, "No actually." She stares. Coop looks at her, "Eden is upset for other reasons too. She seems to think that there might be something going on between the two of us?" Ashlee laughs, "Us? You and me?" Coop smiles, "I didn't think it was that funny." She keeps laughing, "I'm sorry. It's just silly. We're just friends now." He nods, "Exactly. We already tried the dating thing. It didn't work out between us." She nods, "I know right? I mean if it didn't work the first time around then wouldn't we be crazy to think it would work this time? Nothing's changed has it?" Coop stares, "Ashlee, you need to promise me that you're going to get help okay?" Ashlee nods, "Okay. I'll talk to my Mom later. I'll go back to counseling." He smiles, "I'm going to check in on you. Okay?" She nods, "Okay." He looks at her, "I got to get going." Ashlee grabs an apple, "I'm going to start eating now. I just need to get back into my healthy diet." Ashlee takes a bite. Coop smiles, "I'm proud of you Ashlee." Coop walks out. The second the door closes Ashlee spits the bite out. She drops the apple into the trash. Ashlee gets ready to go for a jog. Road: Liz is beginning to pass out from the smoke. She can see sparks starting to come from the hood of her car. Liz cries, "Remy..." She begins to pass out. As Liz closes her eyes she feels her door getting torn open. Aubrey reaches in and tears Liz out of her seat. Aubrey pulls a limp Liz out. She grabs her from under her arms. Flames begin to fill around the car. Aubrey hurries as she drags Liz away. They car explodes, knocking Aubrey and Liz down. They hear an ambulance coming down the road. Liz looks up to see Aubrey shielding her. Liz looks around. Aubrey nods, "I put Clay down over there. He's okay. I had to get him a few yards away from the car." Liz stares at her in confusion. Cop cars and an ambulance park next to them. EMT's rush out. David Grant hurries over, "Hey. I heard what happened. What's going on?" Liz stares, "Aubrey Cross saved my life." David stares, "Aubrey Cross?" Aubrey looks up at him. David stares. The EMT's bring Baby Clay over. David grabs his handcuffs, "Aubrey Cross you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Sarah Randall, the shooting of Elizabeth Spaulding, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law..." Liz stares as Aubrey is taken to the cop car. Museum Apartment: Maureen and Jason are making out on the bed. She is on top of him. Jason feels her body. Maureen looks at him, "Those candles are so beautiful." He smiles, "You like it?" She nods, "They smell really strong." Jason stops kissing. The two sit up. Jason sees smoking coming from under the door. Maureen stares, "Oh my God!" The two run into the bathroom. Jason looks at her, "Call 911." Suddenly they hear a spraying noise. Jason rushes over. Vi opens the door to his room. She holds the fire extinguisher in her hands. Jason stares, "Vi." She smiles, "Thank God you're all right!" She throws her arms around him. Vi smiles, "I came home and saw the fire." Jason sighs, "I was trying to surprise you." She nods, "I'm so glad you're okay. I was so worried about you." Jason and Vi hold each other. Maureen stares at them from the bathroom. Vi pretends to not know what was going on. She smiles to herself. Towers: Ross and Blake are kissing. Ross stops it. Blake looks down, "This isn't right is it?" He sighs, "It feels right..." She nods, "But?" He looks at her, "Not like this. Not while we're emotional and worried about our son. We need to focus on Kevin and the rest of our family before we do anything." She nods, "Who knows if we'll really do anything?" He sighs, "You're right." Blake grabs her bag, "I need to go check on Clarissa. Adam is 5 months old today and this has been tough on her you know? So I need to go." He sighs, "Okay." Blake quickly walks out. Ross sits in his chair. He begins to wonder if he should have got her to stay. There is a knock at his door. Ross jumps up and rushes over. He opens the door. Belinda stands outside his room, "Ross." He looks at her, "Belinda. What's wrong?" Belinda looks at him, "You're my grandfather right?" He nods, "Yes I am." She sighs, "Then you'll help me out. I can't go home, I can't be around all of those people right now. I just need to lie down and clear my head." Ross puts his arm around her, "Come inside." Ross walks his granddaughter into his home. Police Station: Aubrey is taken into the jail cell. They lock her in by herself. She sighs, "Oh my God." Annie Dutton is in the cell next to her, "Aubrey Cross right?" Aubrey turns and looks at her, "Yeah. You're Annie Dutton?" Annie smiles, "Looks like I'll have some company." Aubrey nods, "For a while anyway." Annie grins, "You're the one who kidnapped Sarah Randall, faked a pregnancy, stole Marina Cooper's baby, shot Lizzie Spaulding, went on the run." Aubrey stares, "I don't have time to list your crimes." Annie grins, "You should try. You could learn a lot from me." The two crazy women of Springfield smile at each other. PREVIEWS: Aubrey's victims await confrontation Gus and Harley declare their feelings Mallet and Dinah make a decision Spencer begins recovery Marti stays with Zach Kevin makes a violent return!
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