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Found 2 results

  1. ANOTHER WORLD 214 Are John and Sharlene in danger? Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby Christine Andreas makes an appearance as Taylor Benson. PART 1 CENTER… John and Sharlene are sitting at a table gazing at each other. John: What are you wearing? Sharlene: Clothes. John: So it’s your clothes that I smell? Sharlene: It’s must be Gain. You’ve seen the commercials right? John: Oh the guy who is smelling the dog’s blanket. Sharlene: Mi towel su towel. John: I think it has something to do with the perfume. It’s driving me crazy. Sharlene: Is it now? John: If it was legal to do it outside, I would. Sharlene smiles. Sharlene: If you didn’t have to get back to work… John: This day is just getting better and better. Sharlene: What happened at the hospital? John: I hired a new RN. Sharlene: You are on a roll aren’t you John: Yep. Brianna Jameson. ---------------------------------------------------------------- HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM Matt is having his vitals taken by Brianna Jameson. Brianna: 128 over 74. Matt: Is that good? Brianna: Yeah. Matt: So can I go now? I got work to do at the office. Brianna: Are you one of those all work no play guys? Matt: Haven’t had much time for leisure. Why? Brianna: I...I just...never mind. Matt: No what is it? Brianna: I recently moved to Bay City. Matt: Really? From where? Brianna: Philadelphia. Matt: Philly huh? Big city life got to ya? Brianna: Any good places to go for single gals like me? Matt: I would tell you but then you would probably miss out. Brianna: How? Matt: You know there are...places in town that I couldn’t tell where to go and how to get there, but I definitely know the way. Brianna smiles. Brianna: That means you’d have to take me. Matt: That means you’d have to let me. Brianna: I think...that could be arranged. Provided you take care yourself. Matt: So what’s my prognosis? Brianna: You’re dehydrated. You need to drink more fluids and eat something. Matt: You have better beside manner than a lot of doctors. Brianna: Flattery will get you...somewhere. I’ll get the doctor. Brianna jots down Matt’s vitals on his chart, places it in the bin that holds the charts, and leaves the room. ----------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THE EXAM ROOM. Brianna gets a phone call on her cell phone and she answers. Brianna: Hello?....Oh…Are you sure? She takes a deep breath. Brianna: Okay I’m coming up there. ---------------------------------------------- AT THE MONTGOMERYS With Marley lying on the couch. Tyrone opens the door to Vicky. Tyrone: Hey Vicky. Come in. Marley: Hey sis. Glad you stopped by. Vicky: Yeah uh...guess my little nephew’s enjoying the warmth of your belly. Marley: I’m not technically due yet. Tyrone: The actual date is in a couple days. Vicky: If you don’t deliver they’re gonna have to induce labor right? Marley: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Vicky: I remember when I was pregnant with the twins. Jake waited me hand and foot, and I wasn’t even on bed rest. Those were the days...when we were happy. Marley: Vicky is everything okay? Vicky: Well, if the girls stop fighting each other, Jake decides to rethink the divorce, and Steven decides not to date Joy, everything would be perfect. Tyrone: Steven’s dating who? Vicky: Joy Kramer. The one and only. Marley: Is he crazy? He needs to get away from her before she hurts him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO AT THE CENTER… Steven sits across the table from Joy… Steven: I think it was over there where you dropped your cell phone. Joy: No your cousin caused me to drop it. Steven: Oh did I hit a nerve? Joy: Yeah because I loved that phone. Steven: So you don’t like the phone I picked out? Joy: That’s not what I said. Stop putting words in my mouth. Steven: So what can I put in your mouth? Joy: That smooth tongue will do for now. Steven gets up, leans over and plants a kiss on Joy, who reciprocates. Steven: Wait. Joy: What is it? You’re not finished kissing me are you? Steven: No, but I didn’t get an answer. Joy: To what? Steven: Being my date to Carl Hutchins’ party. ----------------------------------------------- BACK AT THE HOSPITAL…Maggie, wearing a white lab coat, walks into the exam room with a chart, where Matt is buttoning his shirt. Maggie: Oh it’s you. Matt: I’m happy to see you, too Dr. Winthrop. Maggie: So you had a dizzy spell at the office. Matt: It was nothing. Maggie: You need to rest and stay hydrated. Matt: There’s been a lot going on at Cory Productions. Maggie: And you need to let someone else handle things for now. You need to be away from work for a few days. Doctor’s orders. Maggie looks at Matt’s chart. Matt: Can you send that nurse back in? Maggie (looking at the chart): Brianna Jameson? Matt: She was really nice. Maggie: You need to concentrate on taking it easy and getting some rest. You can focus on Brianna Jameson some other time. ---------------------------------------------------- DOOR Brianna walks up to a doctor who is standing at this door. Doctor: You’re the next of kin, so we called. Brianna: What’s going on? Is it? Doctor: Yeah it’s time. I think it would be comforting for her last moments to be spent with you. I’ll leave you two alone. Brianna pushes the door open, and walks slowly toward the person in the bed. She pulls up a chair, sits at the bedside, and clenches the person’s right hand. Brianna: Mama? Mama it’s Ellen. The person lying in the bed is Taylor Benson. Taylor has tubes hooked up to her nose, as her monitor beeps. She opens her eyes and smiles. Taylor: My sweet girl. I’m so glad to see you. CAMERA PAN ON TAYLOR…SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG PART 2 Tyrone: That girl’s gonna ruin his life. Marley: Call him. I’ll talk to him. I’ll happily fill him in on everything that Joy did to us. Vicky: No...no that won’t be necessary. Marley: Why not? We have to tell him what she’s capable of. Vicky: I’ve tried that. Tyrone: I take it didn’t work huh. Vicky: No. Unfortunately it didn’t. Steven is hung up on her ------------------------------------------------------- Joy: Carl Hutchins? Steven: You’ve never heard of him huh? Joy: No not much actually. Just bits and pieces, but I have heard of the Cory Mansion. Thomasina told me about it. Steven: How is she? Joy: I talked to her on the phone. She’s in great spirits. She’s doing so much better. Steven: Glad to hear that. Joy smiles and gazes into Steven’s eyes. Joy: You know I didn’t think I’d stay in Bay City when I came. I thought it was going a bit of a pit stop for me. Steven: I’d like to think I had something to do with changing your mind about it. Joy: Well, I certainly didn’t expect this. Steven: Expect what? Joy: Liking you this much. Steven: You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Joy: Noooo that’s not what I mean. It’s actually a great thing. Things are...finally gonna go my way. Steven: I don’t care what my mother says about you. Joy: So I’m sure Vicky’s told you about what happened between Tyrone and me. Steven: And I don’t care. That occurred in the past. This is now, and all I know...right now...is that I feel so lucky to have met you. Joy: Me, too. Steven leans over and kisses her. ----------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, John and Sharlene observe Steven and Joy… Sharlene: Look at them. John: Is that my nephew? Sharlene: Sure looks like it. My goodness he’s all grown up. It just amazes me how all the kids are grown now. Our own child. Charlie, Kirkland. Time sure has flown. John: And I wanna spend all the rest of my time with you. Sharlene: You know Gregory is such a blessing to us. He probably saved my life. John: How? Sharlene: The day I gave birth to him in the shed. John: How could I forget? How could I forget anything that…? Sharlene: Mood killer aren’t I? I guess Taylor Benson is gonna be etched in our memories forever.
  2. ANOTHER WORLD 213 Carl gets some mysterious information from Lorna Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby HOSPITAL John Hudson is in his office and Brianna Jameson walks in. Brianna: Hi Dr. Hudson? John: Yeah come on in. Brianna: HR sent me. John: Right. I like to meet all the candidates, well, as many as I can. Brianna: Right. John: So I went over your resume, and you did your clinicals at Mass. General? Brianna: Yes. It was a great experience. I learned a great deal. John: So what brings you from Boston to Bay City? Brianna: Boston is a such a big city. I’m a small town kinda gal you know? John: Bay City General though? Brianna: Yeah I...heard a lot about this hospital. Never a dull moment. I think you were treated here for malaria. John: By a guy who shouldn’t have been practicing. Brianna: Yeah I uh...heard about Fax Newman, too. John: I see you’ve done your research. Brianna: Yes sir I did. John: And since you’ve done your homework, you know that we never have enough good nurses. Brianna: Very hard to come by in this field. John: You’re exactly right. There’s been some turnover here and we need somebody who’s gonna stick around. Brianna: Hopefully Bay City will be a place that I’d like to stay in. A good job could factor into that. John: A job I hope that you can start today. Brianna: Today? Does this mean I….? John: That’s if you want it. Brianna: I’ll take it! Thank you. I will make my presence felt here. I promise you that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE OF JOHN’S OFFICE...Brianna makes a phone call… Brianna: Mama. It’s me. Yeah I got the job. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY PRODUCTIONS Amanda and Rachel walk into Matt’s office. Matt is sitting at his desk. Matt: Hey mom. Rachel: Hi honey. Matt: Amanda how was the board meeting? Amanda walks slowly Matt’s desk and puts papers on it. Amanda: It was...interesting to say the least. Matt: What is this? Amanda: The contract. Matt: For the merger? Amanda: Yes. Matt: Are sure you can trust Iris? Rachel: I sure wouldn’t. Amanda: That’s why this contract was drawn up. She has to agree to be the co-CEO of the new company. Rachel: You’d be having to watch your back so she doesn’t stab you in it. Amanda: She said she’d think about it, but my offer has an expiration date. Rachel: You’ve done well Amanda. Amanda: She needs the connections that we have to grow her brand. Matt: What are you gonna do when Iris tries to betray you? Rachel: Carl and I have come up with a plan. Iris won’t betray you. Matt: What about Paulina and Sandy? Amanda: My sister and my other brother are okay with it. I’ve gotten their written agreements. I need yours now. Matt: Well you know you’re also going to need the board to sign off on it, too. Amanda: That’s the problem. One of the board members retired effective immediately. Matt: So we can’t execute the deal until we have all seven board members’ signatures. Amanda: First we gotta find another board member. Matt gets up and and blinks his eyes. Amanda: Matt what’s wrong? Matt: Nothing I just feel a little...hungry. Matt tries to walk and stumbles. Rachel: Something’s wrong with you. We need to get you to the hospital. Matt: Mom. Amanda: Mom’s right. You need to get checked out. ------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl opens the front door and Lorna walks in with an envelope. Lorna: I got it. Lorna gives him the envelope and Carl reads its contents. Carl: This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you. Lorna: Are you...ready for your party? Carl: As ready as I’ll ever be. How’s Devin Lucas adjusting? Lorna: I don’t think he’s having any problems whatsoever getting acclimated to Bay City. ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- SUITE Devin Lucas opens the door and Iris walks in. Devin Lucas: Sorry I haven’t been in touch with you. I went to see my dad. Iris: Really? About? Devin Lucas: Just...just some family stuff. Iris: I’m really really sorry about Carl. Devin Lucas: Is that right? I thought you’d be jumping for joy being that you tried to shoot him at his wedding. Iris: I’ve done my time for that. It was a learning experience. Devin Lucas: And exactly what did you take from it? How to be a better shot? Iris: I saw the pain on Rachel’s face when I heard her say he had a brain tumor, and she’s already had so much loss in her life, as have I...so yes I’m sorry that your father’s dying. My father died, too. Devin Lucas: It’s tough, but I didn’t call you over here to give your fake condolences for Carl. Iris: Well excuse me for being concerned. Devin Lucas: What did you decide about Amanda’s merger proposal? CAMERA PAN ON IRIS...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG PART 2 HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM Amanda waits with Matt. Matt: Come on Amanda I’m not three you and mom don’t have to wait here with me. Amanda: Will you let me be concerned about you? I am your sister. Matt: I’m fine okay. I don’t even know why I agreed to come here. Amanda: Because mom and I weren’t gonna give up until you did. A nurse walks in with a chart. Nurse: This is...Matthew Cory? Matt: Yep. Nurse: Is this your… Matt: Sister. Nurse: Well sister… Amanda: Name’s Amanda. Nurse: Amanda I’ll need you to wait outside. I need to examine your brother. Amanda: I’ll be right out here. Amanda leaves the room as the nurse retrieves a blood pressure strap. Matt: Before you poke and prod me, can I get your name? Brianna: Oh sorry. Brianna. ----------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THE ROOM Amanda talks to Rachel. Rachel: How’s Matthew? Amanda: Stubborn as always. Anything on Iris yet? ------------------------------------------- Iris: I haven’t decided yet. Devin Lucas: Well you need to make some type of decision because I’m sure Amanda’s offer’s not gonna stay on the table. Iris: If I accept this offer, KBAY could become a powerful company. Devin Lucas: But you and I were supposed to take over the company and make it powerful. Iris: You have to trust me on this. I have a place for you in the company. Devin Lucas: Doesn’t it make you wonder why Amanda proposed a merger to you? Out of the blue? Iris: I’m considering everything here. Devin Lucas: Sounds like you’re double crossing me. Iris: No. No that’s not it at all. You have to trust me on this. I know exactly what I intend to do. Devin Lucas: Which is? Iris: You’ll have to wait and see won’t you? Iris leaves and Devin Lucas makes a phone call. Devin Lucas: Hi it’s me. The person on the other end is Carl. Carl: So what happened? ------------ Devin Lucas: She did exactly as you said she would. ----------- Carl: You can’t trust her, especially when it comes to Cory Productions. Don’t worry son, I’ll see to it that Iris will be neutralized. ------------ Devin Lucas: Are you at home? ------------ Carl: Yes...with your mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl hangs up and walks back into the living room where Lorna awaits. Lorna: What do you plan on doing with what I gave you? Carl: Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Lorna: So you’re not gonna let me in on this plan? Carl: Not completely, but I will tell you that what’s in this envelope has been twenty years in the making. It’s time I finally stick it to Grant Harrison. FREEZE FRAME ON CARL...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 213 ------------------------------------
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