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Found 11 results

  1. So...February Sweeps are over. Or was it sleeps? A B C D F I am still catching up on GH, but I've enjoyed the week of the reveal so far. Now that might change once I get to the fallout. So I would give it a solid B since it's been a while since I watched GH. Y&R...hmmm...judging on one episode as I'm behind I would say a C. There were just too many people running around...none of whom I was interested in. But I still have EB's anniversary episodes to sit and watch. How was your shows last month?
  2. Well, I admit to being interested since some of the threads here really got some traction this month. So...how was May Sweeps? From where I'm standing it seems like the main stories were... Y&R: Adam's Return GH: The Nurse Ball B&B: Wyatt's triangle, the Baby Switch DAYS: 'Nicole''s return. Discuss!!!
  3. Well, it's over with...so...How would you grade May Sweeps? And bonus for me since I'm waaay behind...so Ron Carlivati finally have a bad May Sweeps over at DAYS? As for me... Y&R Judging by what I've seen...B. From the JT fallout to Jack's paternity to Hevon/Shick, there was stuff going on. And I have to admit that I have been binge watching again more than I have since SS was still writing. We know how I felt about the JT/Victoria story so I will not talk about it again. Nor the Jack rewrite...but I do tune in. And what are your thoughts?
  4. Well...someone had to... ...and since we have been brainstorming some great ideas (and so has the cast) ourselves... May it be a good sweeps...
  5. Well, since it is pretty much done. How would you grade February Sweeps? A, B, or a non-grade?
  6. Well...November Sweeps are pretty much over. So...how did your soap do? I for one can't wait to hear about MY's first sweeps at Y&R myself. DISH!!!
  7. Decided to start it since no one had already, and I needed to rant after today's episode. Why the h*ll did Brad make all of that a fantasy?! All that good drama that occurred in that scene and it was ripped away in a millisecond. Also, I am so over soaps and all the characters being morally corrupt. All the stunts that Bill has pulled & Liam snitching on him, and the one time he needs to snitch he doesn't? Instead, he wants to use the secret to gain leverage over Bill? This is some crap.
  8. Have the new TV Guide in hand and it said that... Quinn is going to make Steffy an offer she can't refuse...CEO of Forrester. get And as a result..Myra's claws come out!!! Not that she will be alone in trying to get the ladies out of the way...Ridge will be working on his plan to be CEO again...when he isn't busy trying to get married to Brooke again who he will be sleeping with very, very soon and proposing to some time after.
  9. CBS is doing a Neilsen polling. I sure in heck put how much I am tired of the Liam Steffy Wyatt crap. here is the link http://www.cbs.com/shows/the_bold_and_the_beautiful/news/1005594/we-want-to-know-what-you-think-of-the-bold-and-the-beautiful/
  10. Well, now that it's over, how would you grade the November Sweeps of all the soaps? Or are you really thinking sleeps? Why? Why not?
  11. So...how did your soap do overall this year? A, B, C, D, Z???
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