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  1. Jammy and Jaubrey Gone! Peyton List, Tom Pelphrey, and Stephanie Gatschet all exit as Aubrey, Jonathan and Ghost Tammy. No word on how the people will exit but it is promised to be big. And rumors still go that Tammy will be brought back from the dead. The Doctor is Out! Montel Williams exits as Dr. Chandler Tyler. The role didn't seem to work out and was written off. However a new story will soon begin for Reva that may involved the return of an old character from her past. Cassie Lives Again! After Nicole Forester left we thought we'd never see the character again. While the evil Cassandra is gone Cassie is not. Popular favorite Laura Wright returns to Springfield when Cassie Winslow wakes up in Cedars. FTL promises to see the old Cassie but still redemtion must be made for her actions as Cassandra. Frank and Eleni Return! Frank Dicoplous will make another return as Frank Cooper but this time Jennifer Roczell will be playing Eleni again. The returns are temporary. Recurring Status: Rick Hearst, Yvonna Wright, Sabine Singh and Terrell Tilford have been taken off contract. Rumors still go around that these characters have exits planned but FTL has yet to make a statement. Rumored info: Stars such as Lesli Kay, Colin Egglesfield, Jeff Branson and Tamara Braun are being considered to join the cast. Jessica Leccia is expected to take some time off this summer as Natalia. Kane Manera may return as Mark Guillespie. Bonnie Dennison, Arielle Renwart, and Scott Clifton may be let go and the characters Maureen, Vi, and Jason may be recast. If Reva's story doesn't go as planned KZ might exit FTL!!!
  2. Stephanie Grant Recast! Vanessa Simmons is out as Stephanie Grant due to scheduling. Now Karla Mosely will take over the role. The role is being taken in a whole new direction. She has a pretty big story coming up and we will see a lot more of her. Is Alan Michael Saying Bye-Bye? Rick Hearst might be exiting this Spring as Alan Michael Spaulding. And if he is then expect his love interest Mel Boudreau played by Yvonna Wright to be leaving with him. A WHOLE NEW AVA! Michelle Ray Smith will not be returning to FTL. But Ava is indeed waking up. Melissa Claire Egan (Best known as Annie on AMC) is joining the cast when Ava wakes up. MCE is going to have a HUGE and we mean HUGE role on FTL and is taking Ava to a whole new level. You won't believe what happens with this character. She will share scenes with Bill, Michelle, Olivia, Edmund, Marah, Jeffrey and one other male character that we can't tell you yet! You'd never guess! Far From Here Tom Pelphrey is once again exiting as Jonathan Randall at the end of Spring. It's been amazing having Jonathan back to finish up storylines. But it's time for us to say bye again. There is no word on how he will be written out. But we should also tell you that Peyton List will be ending her role as Aubrey at the same time. Aubrey is leaving with a bang. Stephanie Gatschet will also end her role in reappearing as memories/visions of Tammy. No word on the story at this time. Rumors: Could Colin Egglesfield be joining the cast? FTL is interested in bringing back Eden August Laura Wright has been questioned to come back. But will it be in a new role? Arielle Renwart may leave as Vi if her new story doesn't work out FTL may be cancelling the return of Jerry Ver Dorn (Ross)

    Casting News

    A lot is happening this fall! Paul Anthony Stewart amd Bethany Joy Galeotti exit. No news on whether either role will be recast. Paul Fitzgerald exits as Dr. Colin McCabe. A storyine dictated decision that will make sense in a few months. Tom Pelphrey and Stephanie Gastchet return. Along with Peyton List joining the cast. TP and PL come on as Aubrey and Jonathan. SG is playing Tammy's Ghost but rumors that eventually she could be playing a very much alive Tammy. Marnie Schulenburg and Kane Manera exit as Susan and Guillespie. Another Storyline dictated decision. However rumors are that a recast of Susan will be brought back months later. Jerry Ver Dorn my return as Ross Marler. It all depends on how our readers would feel. Many have grown favorable to the Blake and Remy pairing and Ross's return would conflict with that. LET FTL KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!!! Ross: Should he come back? If so should Blake choose him over Remy? Tammy: Keep her dead or have her rise from the grave? Danny&Michelle: Will Manny ride off into the sunset? Should they? If you wish to get straight to the writer feel free to email at [email protected]
  4. Don't miss all of the excitment ahead this Spring in Springfield! Chandler/Reva: Reva begins to bond with Chandler and the two have a strong friendship which grows. Josh/Annie: Annie is trying to prove herself to Josh. Josh and Annie will be one of the main couples this year and their love story is revisited. Alan/Natalia: Alan must choose between the woman he loves and the company he fights for. AM/Mel: This couple is going through a lot this year. Alan Michael is on his way to the top. But his rivalry with his brother could get the better of him. How will this impact their relationship? Gus/Olivia: Olivia knows about addictions and is helping Gus to get past his. But when another woman is thrown in Olivia gets threatened. You'll be surprised at who it is. Cyrus/Harley: Harley is trying to trust Cyrus but everything that has happened leads her to question everything they share. Susan: Susan has a whole bunch of problems. She not only deals with those but the hate from everyone she hurt in Springfield. She will search for romance with a couple of men in Springfield but knows she must work on herself. She also wants to wait for Guillespie. Marina/Shayne/Rocky/Kevin: Shayne is using Marina's emotions without realizing it. This will have huge problems. Rocky and Kevin are in love but no one wants them to be together. This quad ends in ways that you couldn't understand. Remy: Remy has a new romance ahead. He begins to look a woman he has known for a long time in a different light. But another woman begins to grow an attatchment to him at the same time. The women are all over Remy this year. Rafe/Aubrey/Jonathan/Liz: Rafe and Aubrey have a fun spring fling. The two manipulate to keep Jonathan and Liz a part. Aubrey continues to fake a pregnancy but more people are brought into it. Jon wants to work on things with Liz but begins to wonder if he can ever get over his love for Tammy. Coop/Vi: Coop is teaching at Springfield High School now. Vi has taken a strong liking to him. Coop may be unaware but when another woman get's thrown into all of this things get crazy and dangerous. Ashlee: Ashlee isn't ready for a romance just yet. She is trying to focus on her future in becoming a doctor. But when she crosses the wrong person things get very complicated for her and maybe even life threatening. We are going to learn a lot more about Ashlee. Bill/Michelle: Bill is finally able to get past what happened with Ava and Olivia. Michelle has let go of Danny and is ready to move on. Bill and Michelle are ready to try a relationship. But will someone's ex cause problems. It's not that hard to guess who it is. Mallet/Dinah: Dinah and Mallet have lost all trust which is the one thing they really needed. This couple isn't sure if they can make it. Dinah begins to revert to her old behaivior. Expect to see the Dinah Marler we once knew. Phillip/Beth/Edmund: Beth and Phillip are planning a wedding. But Edmund knows that Lorelei could come back at any moment. Beth tries to fight Lorelei from taking over. But she can only fight for so long. Rick/Roxie: Roxie is trying to restart a romance with Rick. But he has had his heart broken to many times. He's not ready. Rick begins to help another person out which causes jealousy to Roxie. Roxie begins to cross lines we didn't expect. We learn what has truely caused her to become the woman she is now. Jeffrey/Marah: Jeffrey and Marah get a glimpse into the life of parenthood. Jeffrey is confused about his feelings for Cassie. Marah feels no threat since she is gone but someone else from Marah's past comes back to get revenge. Blake: Blake has returned from visiting Ross and has more and more secrets for everyone. Will she finally tell her family about Ross? Blake has made a decision when it comes to Ross and Remy. Secrets in the Marler family all start to pour out. Even the ones we didn't see coming.
  5. John Driscoll returns as Henry Coop Bradshaw. He's got some interesting stuff ahead. Bree Williamson joins the cast of FTL in the recasted role of Susan Lemay. Look for her to shake things up in town. Also to share a lot of scenes with the older characters. You'll be surprised to see who she interacts with. Cynthia Watros makes her much anticpated return as Annie Dutton! She returns in a surprising way. But she totally reminds us why we loved her very quickly! Nicole Forester exits as Cassandra Spaulding! Her story did change but it's still going to have the same effect. It's going to kick start a new one. Her final scenes will be emotional. Krista Tesreau and Terrell Anthony leave Springfield as Mindy and Rusty. The decision was storyline dictated. Expect them to laave by the end of February. We promise good exits with each. Colin Egglesfield and Melissa Claire Egan from All My Children are rumored to be joining the cast.
  6. A new year is upon us! Which means FTL has new stories, couples, returns, exits, and so much more ahead! Will The Real Annie Dutton Please Stand Up? Chandler and Reva continue the search fro Annie. But don't expect her to have a simple or boring return. Also when Josh finds out what's going on we'll see him have some shocking reactions. Annie will have a huge role this year in Springfield. She enters just as things are turned upside down and she is about to rock Springfield again. Expect to see some people from her past come back into her life. Even the people you wouldn't suspect. Also Chandler and Reva grow closer as time goes on. What we can tell you is Annie will come into great power. Strong Bonds Cyrus and Harley are having a very carefree fun relationship. All they both want is for to keep things from getting complicated. The only question is whether or not Springfield will allow that. Gus and Olivia have gone through a lot with the shooting. Olivia's feelings for Gus aren't going to remain a secret. But Gus has some secrets. It's going to be a difficult year and he'll lean on people he didn't expect to. All we can say is everyone will find love. It's only a question of who with? Crazy in Love! Roxie has feelings for Rick but her mental state comes into wuestion by her brother Rusty. Rusty finds out how dangerous his sister may be. However he knows this could help him get Mindy to himself. Roxie has a lot going on this year. And her past is going to come back to bite. What we'll tell you is that you don't know the half of this story. Best Friends For Life Bill and Michellf have been friends as long as they can remember. They tried dating in the past but it didn't work. Will they have a better chance now? Michelle is still recovering from Danny's death. And people from Michelle's past will return which will bring her happiness and drama. Bill still feels guilt for what happened for Ava being in a coma. And he is trying to raise their son. But hint, Ava won't be sleeping for too long. She could wake up at any moment. All we can say is these two will need each other and lean on each other as long as possible. What to Expect When Expecting Shayne and Rocky are all ready to raise Marina's child. But Marina is having second thoughts on the situation. But the thing that keeps her giong is Shayne. Marina and Shayne begin to have temptations towards each other again. Rocky is pushing Kevin out of his life. But for how long? Rokcy then finds a career choice that he is passionate about. But Shayne won't feel the same way. What we'll say is that this time next year these characters will be in places that you never expected them to be. For Love or Money? Natalia has saved Alan. He can finally have a happy life without being the richest, or most powerful. But when he gets a chance to have his old life back he just might take it. But can he have both lifestyles at the same time? We will tell you that Alan will have to decide. And his decision will have consequences. A Fall From Power Cassandra and Edmund have had a great reign ruling Springfield. But it's about to end. Cassandra secrets are revealed. Also they discover shocking news that puts them in danger. All we can tell you is in the end Cassandra will finally get her one true wish. Family Business The Spaulding business is going to be on the front burner. Right now Phillip, Alan Michael, and Cassandra are battling. But as time goes on more people throw their hats in the ring. The Spauldings will battle and it all will come down to a shocking reveal. What we will say is we will have a new CEO. And it's someone you won't think about. Who's the Mommy? Jonathan and Liz are trying to get a relationship together while letting Aubrey down gentely. But Aubrey isn't going to give up without a fight. Aubrey isn't quite who Jonathan thought and has a lot of secrets. Aubrey will bring in some allies to help her keep them a part. She gets some shocking partners. And just when you think the story is over a whole other bomshell is dropped. All we can say is that this story is going to have a shocking reveal, probably one fo the biggest of 2009! Long Lost Child Mallet and Dinah begin to keep secrets from each other in regards her daughter. Yet neither of them know that Gus and Harley have adopted Dinah's daughter. All of this will be revealed and complicate things for everyone. And it will impact Mallet and Dinah's realtionship. We will say that the information will be revealed. A shocking return! Coop and Ashlee return to Springfield. But a lot is mysterious about the time they spent in Europe. The two will have there own problems but will each make career driven choices. What we'll tell you is Coop and Ashlee have grown up in a lot of ways. You read 2008. Now imagine that again..... times 10!!!!!
  7. Here's what to expect this winter! Chandler/Reva/Josh/Annie: Chandler and Reva search for the real Annie Dutton. But if/when Josh finds out about Annie things get complicated. Could Josh's feelings for Annie be still lingering? Also Chandler and Reva grow closer as the search goes on. Rusty/Mindy/Rick/Roxie: They Shayne's are back! Roxie Shayne has her eyes set on Rick Bauer. And she has many secrets that mean trouble for Springfield. Her brother Rusty returns as Chief of Police and Mindy Lewis still is beautiful. Will the brother/sister duo break up Rick and Mindy? Michelle/Bill/Olivia: The two friends bond over their tragedies. But could fate being playing a part in all of this? Their friendship will grow stronger along with other things when they discover something surprising. Olivia on the other hand has a near death experience that leaves her a changed woman and gives her a new romantic interest. Kevin/Rocky/Shayne/Marina: Kevin and Rocky can't fight the feelings that they have grown for each other. The forbidden relationship can be tempting. Shayne on the other hand is oblivious and is planning a lengthy future with Rocky. And a very emotional Marina goes to Shayne for help which leads to a shocking twist that involves everyone of them. Alan/Natalia: This couple has the child and everything else they could ever want but Alan's past as the villian of Springfield puts it all in jeopardy. Will his karma finally come? Cassandra/Edmund: These two are caught up in big trouble involving San Cristobal that could cost them their lives! And they continue their control over Springfield. But this won't last long. By winters end the duo will fall from power! Phillip/Beth: These two are trying to make their relationship work but somehow things aren't going as planned. Beth's past could resurface some demons for both of them. Gus/Harley/Cyrus: Gus wants the love of his life back. But Harley has moved on. She fell in love with ex con Cyrus Foley. Now the two have to face Springfield. Harley and Cyrus look forward to a relationship that isn't complicated like their past ones but will Springfield allow them to be happy? Espeically while his brother is on the run with her daughter. Liz/Jonathan/Aubrey: Liz is not going to give up on her family dream without a fight. And Aubrey won't let Liz take everything away from her. Aubrey turns out to have a dark side that Liz should fear. But Jonathan and Liz bond over Sarah. Aubrey finds a partner to help her keep Liz away from Jonathan. As the winter ends a shocking discovery will rock their world! Dinah/Mallet: The couple tries to raise their child but will the secret about Gus and Harley adopting Dinah's daughter destroy the relationship? Things are heating up over the winter! Keep up with Finding The Light to find out what happens!
  8. The Bitch it Back! Cynthia Watros will return to Springfield as the real Annie Dutton! The mental state of Annie remains a mystery. But rumors are that she'll get involved in the Josh/Reva/Chancler story. As well as share scenes with her friend Dinah and her ex Alan. Cooplee Continues Caitlin Van Zandt and John Driscoll return as popular couple Coop and Ashlee. Expect to see them as a more mature couple. And Ashlee has some HUGE stuff coming up. They both have had big experiences and each chose careers that bring them back home. M and M Recast! Bethany Joy Galleoti makes her final appearence as Dr. Michelle Bauer. And Soap Vet Heather Tom steps into the role. Michelle is going to get in touch with her Bauer roots, be a good mother, and lean on her close friend. Also the role of Marah is being recast. Natalia Livingston is exiting from the role. Storyline dictated of course. Martha Madison will take over as Marah. She is a good fit with the Shayne women and will be taking Marah to a much different place. The Villian is Gone! Nicole Forester is out! Cassandra Spaulding ends her reign as the head bitch of Springfield in February. There will be a huge way of her being written off. This has been confirmed to be the end of the Cassandra Spaulding Era. However is it the end of Cassie Winslow? Mommy Dearest Orlaugh Cassidy exits as Doris Wolfe. Which oddly is connected to the return of Doris's daughter Ashlee. Other rumors: Krista Tesreau and Terrell Anthony may exit as Mindy and Rusty at the end of the winter. Bree Williamson is rumored to be joining the cast. The character is currently beng reffered to as "Sally".

    Cross Over!

    FTL IS DOING A CROSS OVER! Detective Remy Boudreau (Lawrence Saint Victor) will exit at the end of this year and head over to the town of Pasadena. You can see Remy on the hott blog S.T.E.A.M!!! Be sure to follow Remy over to the blog and see what steamy adventures he has. Also coming over from S.T.E.A.M is the character Rufus played by the lovely Alexis Arquette. Rufus is a character like no other in Springfield history! Expect to see Rufus arrive shortly after Remy's exit. S.T.E.A.M
  10. We've heard the secrets..... We've read the romance..... We've speculated...... But on October 20 2008...... The 100th episode of FTL will change everything!!!!!! And these people will have life changing moments! This town is just not going to be the same after this!!!!! Episode 100 You think you know Springfield...... just wait.
  11. Here's what to expect this fall!!!!!! Expect new romances, returning characters, and huge secrets just waiting to be reveaeld! Harley/Cyrus/Guillespie/Susan: Harley and Cyrus chase the two all over. Susan and Guillespie make some really bad decisions that might make things even worse. Is that possible? Someone Susan loves might pay for her actions. Lizzie/Colin: Colin can't stand his betrayl. It begins to eat away at him. Eventually it takes it's toll on the relationship. Rumor is that Liz will find out everything about Jonathan and Sarah!!! Gus: Harley's absense causes other problems. One of the girls that Gus and Harley adopted might get taken away if they can't get the documents they need. Mallet/Dinah: Mallet has a lot of questions about Dinah's past. Which might get in the way of them being happy with their baby on the way. Michelle/Danny/Marina: Danny wants to be happy with Marina. Yet he can't get over his love for Michelle. Michelle and Danny are possible to repeat the pattern and fall back in love. Sadly if the choice isn't made soon enough then things will have tragic consequenses. Bill/Olivia: The two lovers begin to turn on each other when it comes to the baby. Olivia wants to redeem herself with raising Ava's baby but Bill won't give up his child. And Edmund Winslow will do whatever he can to get the baby. Edmund/Cassandra: The partners might not be getting along soon. Cassandra might lose balance when she finds out she's got a stalker to worry about. Edmunds life could be on the line. But Edmund finds the upper hand as he discovers that Cassandra might not be as sane as she claims to be. Blake/Remy: This hot couple takes some time apart. Will Blake go searching for her ex husband. Also Remy gets tempted by another woman! Reva: Her life is going right. Reva doesn't need a man to be happy. Then again can Reva and Josh deny each other for long. Josh and Reva go on a mission to search for a woman from the past. Which could lead to many surprises and a new man in Reva's life. And just as her life is on top of the world, a secret comes back to bite her on the ass!!! Shayne/Rocky: Rocky and Shayne's relationship is shaken by the attack. And Rocky's attacker will be revealed! This will change the relationship forever. Rocky and Shayne begin to look at other people romanticly. Extras!!!: One night in Springfield........ A Big Storm Changes Everything Buildings collapse Cars crash New bonds are formed A baby is born! One character....... won't survive!!!!!
  12. Some rumors are as to who will make an apperance on FTL next? FTL has been experimenting with the casting. We are working on a new method. Where characters move in and out with the stories. Which gives the opportunity to make FTL even better. Here are some rumors and ideas about what might be going down this fall: BJG (Michelle), PAS (Danny), and MB (Marina) all are set to exit the blog this fall. No word on if anyone will be recast or how this will effect the Marina/Danny/Michelle Love Triangle. Paul Fitzgerald (Colin) is set to leave in the fall. MS (Susan) and KM (Guillespie), are both rumored to be leaving as well. Expect some ghostly apperances Jessica Leccia returns as Natalia Jason Tam takes over the role of Rafe Rivera. Josh Duhon is now in the role of Kevin Marler Jerry Ver Dorn has been considered to be returned to the role of Ross Marler. Cady McClain might be seen as a love interest for a certain man. Alexandra Chando and Peyton List are both up for a role of a character being called Amy. Montel Williams joins the cast of FTL Look for more of the Shayne Family to appear for Reva. There could be some recasting in the works for several of FTL's characters.
  13. OUT OUT OUT!!! Michelle Ray Smith exits her role as Ava Peralta Lewis sometime in August. There is a huge question as to how they will right out the pregant character of Ava. John Driscoll and Caitlin Van Zandt exit as FTL's star young couple Coop and Ashlee. FTL promises to bring them back soon. They are possible to return later in the year and are scheduled to have return with a powerful story next year. Morgan Englund will exit the role of Dylan Lewis. This leaves question as to what will happen in the Lewis vs. Spaulding storyline. Billy Magnussen is leaving as Kevin. It was based on a SL shift for the character. The role will be recast. Sadly EJ Bonilla is back out as Rafe! Unfortunatley things didn't work out again. The role of Rafe may be recast. Jessica Leccia is taking time off of her role as Natalia. Natalia will be gone for a couple of months but returns later in the fall. Melina Kanakaredes ends her return as Eleni this August. Frank Dicopolous follows her out. He ends his role as the great Frank Cooper. His absense will be felt and hopefully the character will make some returns in the future.
  14. The Spring focused a lot on love triangles and affairs. The summer will continue but throws in family drama. Reva/Josh: Josh is ready to get back with Reva but she's not having it. She's got her hands full with WSPR. However Josh won't give up without a fight. Ava/Bill/Olivia/Jeffrey/Marah/Edmund/Cassandra: Bill feels the need to stay with Ava but he and Olivia soon give into their desires. Marah finds out about Jeffrey's history with Olviia and is determinded to get to the bottom of it. She also causes huge problems for Ava which send her on the road to self destruction. Later Cassandra and Edmund are pulled into the drama. Mallet/Dinah/Cyrus/Marina/Danny/Michelle: Mallet and Dinah are thrilled with the little one on the way. However they are plagued by Dinah's past with Cyrus. Marina tries moving on but ends up back in Danny's arms. And just like the past Michelle is back for her man. Rick/Mindy/Phillip/Beth: Rick and Beth's marriage is falling apart. Phillip and Beth share the love of their three children. Mindy tries to get forgivness. Lizzie/Colin: Lizzie has finally found a man that loves her for who she is but the age difference causes problems. Coop/Ashlee: Coop's doubts cause Ashlee to have self esteem issues. The couple runs into problems. Coop later gets an offer that could send him packing. Shayne/Rocky: Now that they are out of the closet, this couple has to beat the odds with help of Reva. However the summer will be the toughest and hardest of their lives. Eleni/Frank/Mel/Alan Michael/Lucy/Dylan: Eleni and Frank remember old times while Frank forgets Mel. Alan Michael however has not and she leans on him. But he has a lot to deal with now that Lucy and Dylan are going against him. Alan/Natalia/Gus/Harley/Susan/Guillespie: Natalia's pregnancy is a big story this summer. Natalia will let Gus believe he is the father but Alan is the same man who has been desperate to have a child for years. Harley tries to let Gus go and focus on saving her daughter. Expect big returns for Susan's storyline. Blake/Remy: Remy has seen someone who may or may not be Ross Marler. He neglects to tell Blake who has been thrown into the excitment of having her own show. She will interact with a lot of people with this job. Kevin/Maureen/Jason/Vi: Kevin and Maureen's relationship goes through the summer. Jason grows feelings for Vi but she can't stay away from Kevin. FTL will bring back some past families of GL. The Bauer, Boudreau, and Grant families will all be featuread again.
  15. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    Really great news: Melina Kanakaredes returns to Springfield as Eleni Andros Cooper. She is scheduled to return in May and stay through the summer. She will be involved in the Frank/Mel/Alan Michael SL. Paul Anthony Stewart returns as Danny Santos. He exited the show in 2005. He has a 6 month contract! He shares most scenes with Mandy Bruno (Marina). Kurt McKinney Exit Matt Reardon leaves town sometime in the next month. FTL confirmed that there weren't any potential SL's for the character. But assures that he will make returns for Matt's family events. Rumors are that FTL will bring back Michelle Bauer Santos later on. However it has not been confirmed. Nor has it been confirmed who will play the role. Rumors are that Nancy St. Alban, Bethany Joy Galleoti, and Rebecca Budig have all been talked too. Also rumors that Alicia Minshew, Heather Tom, and Christie Clark have all been possible recast.
  16. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    It's Twins! Expect to see Scott Clifton and Billy Magnussen join FTL as Blake's twins Jason and Kevin Marler. The boys are going to be a part of the younger crowd.
  17. Marah/Jeffrey/Reva/Josh/Olivia/Bill/Ava: Marah and Jeffrey are drawn to each other which will cause problems for Reva. Josh and Reva can't fight their feelings now that Cassie is alive. Does always really mean always? Bill helps Olivia through her acholism. Ava of course shocks Olivia and Bill with her "pregnancy". The girl digs herself into a deep hole. Cassandra/Edmund: Well she's alive. The new villian is going to cause hell in Springfield! And with the Prince of Darkness by her side there is no telling what she can do! Harley/Gus/Natalia/Alan: Harley and Gus try and deal with going from raising two children to four. Gus really wants Natalia but not for the reasons he thought. As the wedding grows closer Alan does as well. Alan and Natalia can't fight their feelings for long which have some shocking results. Phillip/Beth/Rick/Mindy: The Four Musketeers together again!!!!!! Mindy has brought Phillip back into their lives. Beth and Rick help hide Phillip. But Mindy continues to push. It all comes down to a shocking secret that will change everything. Blake/Remy: These two have realized their feelings. But they stil walk on thin ice. They continue to play their games of tricking each other and keeping secrets to stay together. Remy gets some shocking information that could end the relationship. However things get complicated when lust turns into more. The stalker will be revealed. Mallet/Dinah: Mallet is mourning his little sister. He makes it his mission to find whoever is responisble and make them pay. However 90% of Springfield is suspects. Including his wife. Dinah has many secrets coming out and just when things get intense Dinah and Mallet's life changes forever. Marina/Cyrus/Guillespie/Susan: Cyrus tries to keep hide his brother Guillespie from Marina. Because when Marina finds out that Cyrus's brother is the same man who killed Tammy, it won't be good. Of course this is only the beginning of Cyrus's past coming back. Susan soon finds herself in serious trouble! Frank/Mel/Alan Michael: Frank and Mel are enjoying their relationship which could become more. Eventually everyone finds out. Everything gets serious when Alan Michael is thrown into the mix. He wants to break up the couple. However a shocking return could change the men's feelings. Dylan/Lucy: Expect to see these two as a possible couple. Lucy returns as a more sophisticated character. Ashlee/Coop/Lizzie/Colin: Ashlee and Coop try and help Lizzie. Lizzie finds a familiar feeling with Coop. However Lizzie and Colin are shaken by their growing feelings for each other. Colin is determined to save Lizzie. Eventually her family is shocked to learn about her illness. LEAVE ANY THOUGHTS OR COMMENTS! FTL LOVES TO HEAR EVERYONES IDEAS AND OPINIONS!
  18. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    ANOTHER COOPER! Sabine Singh will join the cast this Spring as Lucy Cooper Spaulding. The character was last portrayed by Sonia Satra. There is rumored to be a Dylan/Lucy paring. She shares her first scenes with Morgan Englund and Rick Hearst.
  19. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    Flying the Coop! Caitlin Van Zandt resigned with FTL but only for short term. She plans to exit along with co-star John Driscoll by the end of the summer. FTL has confirmed this but states that Cooplee will be back before you know it. The exit is planned to be a sweet ending. Rumors have been circulating. Michelle Ray Smith's contract comes up this year and she plans to exit. The character Ava would exit around the same time as Coop and Ashlee. Around the same time Crystal Chappell's contract is coming up. Chappell plays her MRS's onscreen mother Olivia Spencer. However FTL is making bigs moves to get her to stay.
  20. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    Old Actress New Character!?! Bonnie Dennison is back! But not as Susan "Daisy" Lemay. The actress did a great job in the brief time she played Daisy. She has been brought on to play an aged Maureen Reardon! A move like this hasn't been made since Bethany Joy Lenz was cast as Michelle after playing Reva's teenage clone. Look for her at the end of the year. Expect to see her interact with Maeve Kinkead and Kurt McKinney. But she will share most of her scenes with Rob Bogue and Gina Tognoni.
  21. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    Joining The Light: Sabine Singh joins Finding The Light this Spring! She is said to be a love interest for Dylan!
  22. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    Van Zandt Out? Could Ashlee Wolfe being saying good bye? Rumors are that she will exit in March but there is no word yet. And John Driscoll (Coop) is almost a sure bet to leave later this year.
  23. JAYJAY


    Possible Pregnancy: There are rumors that an actress is pregnant. FTL has not yet said who it is or what they will do with it.
  24. JAYJAY

    Casting News

    She's Staying! Krista Tesreau has signed a contract with FTL as Mindy Lewis! Her stay was supposed to end in Feb. but she now has a lengthy contract. Her SL with Rick and Beth is said to hold a huge shock that none of them saw coming. She is going to be a busy girl this month.
  25. GIVE ANY FEED BACK AND HELPFUL IDEAS Here are some of the ideas behind my SL's. STORYLINES - Mallet/Dinah/Matt: SL is over now, but Matt is still going to be bitter. - Josh and Cassie: I really didn't like this couple and I broke them up immidiantly. CHARACTERS - Cassie: The character was totally changed with the actress without explaination which was unnessesary. I decided that later I will write in an explaination that will actually admit to the fact that Cassie hasn't been the same person these past two years. CASTING - Dylan Lewis: Morgan Englund is once again in the role. - Susan Lemay: Kirsten Storms is in the role but could be recast. - Marah Lewis: Natalia Livingston has taken over the role. CHILDREN - Rafe and Daisy: I never liked them and felt that the de-aging of Susan was hurting the history. She has been aged back, now she has been in college while Rafe stayed to finish HS. (He is still a little younger, but not much) He won't be shown much, but he may be used in the future teen SL's. - The Kids: They are going to remain at the same age for now, with the exception of Leah who is now 3. Though by the end of the year, these children will be aged a few years, it will be nothing drastic and history will be checked so that ages make sense. HOMES AND BUILDINGS - Houses: Many will be brought back such as the house that was owned by Matt&Vanessa then Josh&Reva. - The Beacon: I know that too many people have lived at the beacon, but it is still a good place for certain characters such as young couples and bachelors/bachleorettes. But not everyone will have a room now. - Any Confusion: I am still working out the living arraingments but by the end of the year I hope to have that settled and a more organized idea. Since I am writing for you all, I decided to do something that the actual show should do (in my opinion). I am going to ask your opinion not only on the current state, but the future of the story. I will be asking questions about Story Lines, Couples, Casting, and many of the things that I listed above. I'll start posting my questions soon. So please let me know what you think.
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