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  1. Episode#38 -Sam is determined to kill Marlena before she weds John! -Everyone is shocked when Jan Spears walks into the church. -Rex decides against telling Philip about Shawn and Belle kissing. Rex, Philip, Shawn, Mimi, and Cassie set off for St. Luke’s. -Stefano whispers in Megan’s ear what she must do to stop John and Marlena’s wedding, Megan is shocked by what Stefano tells her. She finally agrees and Stefano tells her the ceremony will start soon so she must go, Megan goes off somewhere inside the church. -Sami asks Carrie how Lucas and Austin are, Carrie refuses to talk to her and just walks off. Sami sighs and said “Shouldn’t have been an idiot and asked her.” -Nikki sneaks around the Church, and accidently walks into the confession room! -Erin arrives at the Church, Max and Lilly are shocked to see her. Max is afraid another argument might break out so he asks Erin what she is doing here, Erin replies that she is going to sing for John and Marlena, because she is a singer. Lilly groans out loud and they both turn to face her. -Andre and the prisoners finally have all the plans ready to break out of the prison boat, Andre tells them they will break out today! -Caroline, Frankie, and Victor arrive at the Church, soon followed by Steve and Kimberly. A few minutes later Caroline turns to see Eric Brady standing at the door! -Nicole is walking up to St.Luke’s and is shocked to see Eric standing in the doorway! -The Mysterious Woman walks around the corridors of the Church and says “Get ready Salem, because in mere minutes I will reveal myself to you.” -Marlena is ready and leaves her brides room for a moment! Sami goes and meets up with EJ when he arrives, she tells him about how it seems Carrie is angry at her for about yesterday, but it is not the first time so this is nothing different. -Belle is angry to see Jan at the Church, but she just ignores it and has a reunion with Philip, who has just arrived with Rex, Cassie, Shawn and Mimi. Jan looks back at them and thinks to herself that soon Shawn will be hers, she then has a fantasy where she is beheading Belle and Mimi on brackets, then Shawn scoops her up in his arms and they share a steamy kiss. -Lucas arrives at St.Luke’s and Sami wonders why he is acting so strange. -Eric Brady (Jensen Ackles) has a nice reunion with his family, he tells them he has returned for his mother’s wedding and Shawn Sr.’s funeral. -Sam grabs a gun she kept in her purse, and gets ready to kill Marlena once and for all! -Megan peaks into the room John is in, he is alone so she slowly edges in there. -The Mysterious Woman opens the door to Marlena’s bridal room, only Kate is in there putting ear rings on. The Mysterious Woman has a knife in her hand and says “It is time.” and she says to Kate in a loud voice “Kate, I am back!” and Kate turns around and screams “NO!!!!!!!” The Mysterious Woman is finally revealed to be HER!
  2. daysfan


    Episode#37 -It is a new day! Today is the day of Marlena’s wedding to John, and Shawn Sr. and Patrick’s funerals. Marlena is with Kate, Sam, Belle, Carrie, Chloe and Sami in the church. They all are just finishing Marlena’s wedding dress, Marlena is estatic about her wedding. Meanwhile the tension is felt between Sami and Carrie. -Shawn and Mimi are getting ready for the funerals and Marlena’s wedding. Mimi comforts Shawn over Shawn Sr. dying, Shawn assures her he is alright, and that today should be a happy day because they might just get a surrogant today when they continue interviews. Jan watches from the door and says “Oh you will my little love bunny, I will make sure of that.” and remembers how she constructed a disguise to put on for when she tries out to be Shawn and Mimi’s surrogant! -Stefano and Megan are in disguises at the church. Stefano tells Megan he cannot let this wedding go through, he tells Megan he has a plan, and it involves her! -The Mysterious Woman walks up outside the church, se says to herself “Today is the day everything will come full circle, and I will finally reveal myself to Salem!” -Caroline sadly readies herself for Shawn Sr.’s funeral that is after John and Marlena’s wedding, Victor is with her and continues to comfort her while on the inside thinking everything is going according to plan. Bonnie and Hope also sadly ready for Patrick’s funeral. -As John readies for the wedding, he explains to Bo, Abe, and Roman about what happened at the DiMera Mansion yesterday, they are all shocked that Stefano is alive. -Philip is back from his business trip just in time for the wedding and funerals. Rex and Cassie run into him and Rex is tempted to tell him about how he caught Shawn and Belle in a kiss yesterday! -Austin is suspicious of EJ when he says he is going to the wedding with Sami, Austin just shrugs it off and then he wonders where Lucas is because he has not seen him since he left the Salem Inn yesterday. -Billie has awakened in the hospital and is released, as she leaves she wonders who attacked her. -Steve and Kimberly visit Kayla, she is still unconscious and Kimberly asks a nurse when she will wake up, the nurse does not know. Steve continues to wonder all these love feelings that he has for Kayla. -Lilly and Max arrive at the church, Abby is there with Maggie, Julie, and Alice. She gets up and goes to say hi to them, when she is over there she continues to be suspicious of Lilly, and Lilly recalls how she erased Abby’s memory of what she found in the secret room at the Spears Mansion. -Nikki is walking down the street and sees that a lot of people are gathering there, she says “Wondr what is going on here.” and heads inside. -Frankie informs his family he is leaving town after Shawn Sr.’s funeral. -Lucas is at a hotel on the edge of Salem, he waks up and has a tiny hangover, he wonders why he is there and how he got there. -Sam leaves Marlena’s room for a minute to go get something, once she is outside she says to herself “I will make sure Marlena does not make it down the aisle today. And today, for the third and final time, I will get rid of Marlena…. This time for good.” Then a freeze frame of Marlena and Sam’s faces, with a lighting bolt between them.
  3. This is the week readers have been waiting for ever since July. This is the week that will finally connect everything that has happened so far, this week readers will be shocked when they finally discover WHO THE MYSTERIOUS WOMAN IS! Yes, this is the week all will be revealed. November Sweeps will start off with TWO LARGE SHOCKERS!!!!! John's secret that was previewed a month ago will come out at last.... and after months of being clueless to who she is, the Mysterious Woman's identity will come to an explosive conclusion that will leave readers SPEECHLESS! The Mysterious Woman storyline will finally end and her ultimate goal will be revealed! "We are glad this storyline has kept readers in such suspense, we hope it did. This seemed to have been a fantastic storyline and really helped set everything off to a magnificent start, the Mysterious Woman storyline has really impacted on alot of things in Life in Salem, and that was our goal. We hope the reveal will be as great as the storyline was, because it should be a real hit!" the headwriter exlaims DON'T MISS A MINUTE OF AN EPISODE THIS WEEK ON LIFE IN SALEM!!!!!!!!
  4. daysfan


    Episode#33 -Lexie asks Caroline if she is absolutely sure, and Caroline says she is. Lexie tells her she knows they all will want to say goodbyes to Shawn Sr., so after Caroline calls Roman and tells him to come to the hospital, Caroline asks Victor if he will come with her, and he says he will. Lexie leads the Brady’s and Victor into Shawn Sr.’s hospital room for their final goodbyes. -Nicole and Jan head to the Salem Inn to get started on Jan’s new disguise. Once there as they begin, Greta arrives, and she sees Nicole and in anger, she attacks! -Lilly says she does not need anyone’s help, and that she can handle Max by herself. She then bursts into the Pub and asks Max what he is doing! -Lucas is shocked! He tells Carrie he cannot believe what she is doing, and that she just lost their baby. Carrie says she is sorry and begs Lucas to forgive her, Lucas refuses, he says “Carrie, if you want Austin, you can have him, I’m through with you.” Lucas walks out and slams the door, and Carrie breaksdown in Austin’s arms. -Megan stops following Bo, and heads to the Dimera Mansion! Where her father, Stefano is! -Andre finally gets all the prisoners in the prison boat on his side, then they plan on how to escape! -Frankie and Roman arrive at the hospital, and then join Caroline and the rest of their family to say their goodbyes to Shawn Sr. -Maggie asks Jennifer what this big announcement is, and Jennifer informs them that Jack, Jack Jr., and her are all moving to London to start their lives together! The Hortons are thrilled! -Bonnie tells Mimi to calm down, and that Shawn or anyone else will never find out that Claire is his daughter. She tells Mimi they will find this Mysterious Woman and make sure she tells no one about their secret. Mimi asks “What about the other person who knows?” and Bonnie says they will find that person too and silence them.. Cassie listens outside the door and begins to wonder what Mimi and Bonnie’s secret is. -Shawn and Belle continue to bond, so much that they lead to kissing! Rex walks in right as they are and says “What do you two thinks your doing?!” Belle and Shawn are speechless. -A young woman (Tari Signor) arrives in Salem, she says to herself that maybe her son is here. -Nikki runs into Celeste while she is walking around town. Celeste gasps when she sees Nikki and Nikki says “What’s wrong with you?” and Celeste eyes Nikki suspiciously. -Billie continues to bleed uncontroablly in the warehouse at the docks. -Brady, Chloe, and their daughter leave John and Marlena’s penthouse. Marlena excitedly tells John that she is finalizing the plans for their wedding. John then tells her that something big has come up. -The Mysterious Woman sits in her little hiding place right outside of Salem. She relishes in all the pain she has caused. She says “Oh you poor citizens of Salem. It is all part of the Master Plan for my revenge. Bringing Nikki to town, releasing Sam from her prison to go after Marlena, waking Jan up from her coma, stabbing Chelsea, poisoning Kayla, convincing Lilly to come to town, sending Erin here, giving Jack a cure, revealing Claire’s paternity to Jan, blackmailing Sami, trying to bring Bo and Hope back together. The best is yet to come Salem , because after I am through with you, you will not know what hit you!” Then a freeze frame of John and Marlena, the Brady family standing over Shawn Sr., Jan, Mimi Bonnie, Shawn, Belle, Billie lying unconscious in the warehouse, Lilly, and Sam.
  5. daysfan


    Episode#32 -Bo continues to be followed by a mysterious person, this person watches as Bo visits Zack’s grave. -Victor continues to comfort Caroline, while Steve looks at Victor with anger and hate. -Rex tries to go see what is wrong with Mimi, but Cassie walks in and stops him, she tells him she does not need him, and that he should just back off for now. Meanwhile as Mimi calls Bonnie and tells her to meet her at the loft now, her conscience, who is “Jan”, taunts her saying that her secret is going to come out soon, and Shawn will hate her forever, and run straight back to Belle. -Frankie is about to leave town on an air plane, but he gets a phone call from Caroline, saying Shawn Sr. has collapsed at the hospital. Frankie quickly gets off the plane… and runs into Greta Von Amburg! -Belle is just entering the loft when she runs into Shawn (Brandon Beemer), Shawn asks where Philip is, and Belle tells him Philip is off on a trip for Victor, she hears Claire crying and goes into her apartment where the babysitter is, Belle says the babysitter can go so she does, then Shawn helps her as she tries to stop Claire from crying. They start to all bond. -Kimberly decides to take a walk, she leaves the hospital and as she walks around Salem she remembers her times with Shane. -Marlena seems confused about what is going on, but nonetheless she has a good reunion with Brady and Chloe. As they talk about what has been going on in each other’s lives and they introduce Marlena to their new daughter, Sam sneaks out of Marlena’s penthouse. -Jennifer and Jack inform Abby of their plans to go to London, they ask if Abby would like to come, but as they suspected Abby refuses. They finalize they’re plans to leave Salem and get ready to inform their family of it. Lilly watches them from the window and says “Excellent, Abby doesn’t remember a thing about what happened in the secret room, so now on one knows my secret.” and then Lilly leaves. -Jan tells Nicole about her new plan. The plan is Jan will disguise herself as a simple woman who wants to be Shawn and Mimi’s surrogant, she will make sure she gets the job and no one else, after that, she will make everyone think (still posing as the surrogant) she has been implanted with Shawn and Mimi’s child, while really, she has implanted with Shawn’s sperm and HER egg! She says she will switch Mimi’s egg with hers right before the process, therefore implanting her with Shawn’s sperm! Nicole says it will never work, but Jan assures her it will and then Nicole just shrugs it off and they get started on designing Jan’s new disguise! -Lexie continues to try to stabilize Shawn Sr., but to no avail. After a while of trying to revive him, Lexie tells the other nurses and doctors that they have him on life support right now, but that is the only thing keeping hi alive and that he has lost too much blood. She tells them she is going to inform Caroline of this, and give her the choice of keeping Shawn Sr. on life support or pulling the plug. -Lucas asks Carrie what she is talking about, Carrie is suddenly silent and Austin stands there, on the inside hoping that Carrie will say she still loves him. Carrie tells Lucas it was just the slip of the tounge, but Lucas does not buy it, and asks her if she still loves Austin. -Billie begins to think no one is coming to the warehouse and that she is tricked, but she hears a mechanical voice saying “I am hear Billie, now are you ready to find out who attacked your daughter?” Billie says she is ready, and then the Mysterious Woman sneaks up behind her with a rock in her hand, Billie hears her and turns around instantly, but before she can see who is behind her the Mysterious Woman knocks her unconscious by hitting her on the head with the rock! -Max and Erin continue to get to know each other and bond a little, Lilly walks up to the window and is shocked to see what is happening! She thinks Max is flirting with Erin and is about to bust in but Sam all of a sudden appears from behind Lilly and asks “Are you alright?” Lilly is startled and looks at Sam suspiciously. -Bo says to Zack’s grave to please help guide Hope back to him, because they belong together. He gets up and leaves Zack’s grave. The person who is watching him from a bush says in a woman’s voice “After I am done with you Bo, you won’t think Hope and you belong together anymore.” The camera zooms up to the woman’s face to reveal THIS PERSON!
  6. daysfan


    Episode#29 -As Marlena lies unconscious on the floor, Sam grabs her up and pulls her towards the window, as she pulls Marlena out to the balcony and prepares to throw her off into the night, someone grabs her from behind and throws Sam back into the apartment! Sam is shocked by who it is. -Jan turns in shock to see Belle, Jan doesn’t say anything and gets up and attacks Belle! She pins Belle to the wall and begins to strangle her! -Caroline asks Lexie if Kayla is alright, Lexie tells Caroline that she was able to stabilize her, but the poison is a very rare poison and is causing Kayla to loose blood. She says they need a doner from someone in her family. Shawn Sr. steps up and says he won’t let his little girl die, Caroline asks him if he is sure, Shawn Sr. says he is and follows Lexie to a hospital room. -John and Celeste try despartely to escape the Dimera grounds, once they finally escape John asks Celeste how she got there and how Stefano is alive. Celeste answers that she sensed a vibe of danger, and she does not know how Stefano is alive, she explains everything that happened last night with her and Stefano, she warns John that Stefano will not be the only Dimera to return to Salem. -Bo decides to leave the hospital and goes to Hope’s house. While there Bo continues to try to convince Hope to come back to him. Hope reveals to Bo that she is planning Patrick’s funeral tomorrow, Bo asks Hope how she could plan the funeral of a man who worked for the Dimeras, Hope ignores the question and tells Bo he is NOT invited to the funeral. As they talk someone watches them from the window (and NOT the Mysterious Woman). -Jack and Jennifer continue to bond, and grow closer to reuniting. -Sam looks up to see the Mysterious Woman! Sam asks “What are you doing here? I never thought I would see you again.” and the Mysterious Woman says “Samantha, you didn’t think I was going to set you free and just walk off did you? I have been watching you, and I did set you free so you could take your revenge on Marlena, but we are doing this MY way, not yours. I have already gone against Marlena once, and failed. But I am making sure that this time I do not fail, and that means you obey me, and if you do as I say, soon Marlena will be dead…. This time for good.”
  7. daysfan


    Episode#27 -Caroline and Shawn Sr. quickly rush down to Kayla’s side, Steve tells Caroline in a worried tone to call 911 now, Caroline grabs a phone and does as Steve said, then Steve looks down to Kayla an quietly says “Don’t worry Sweetness, you will not die, I won’t let it happen”, meanwhile in the back of the Pub the Mysterious Woman is walking out the door and says “Well I might not have gotten you this time Caroline, but your time will come, in the meantime though you can watch your precious Kayla die,” then the Mysterious Woman leaves the Brady Pub. -Nikki walks into Alice’s Bar, she sits down and tells Bonnie, who is standing at the bar counter, that she wants something to drink, Bonnie is still mourning Patrick and does not see or hear Nikki, but she all of a sudden turns around and shouts out “Your Victoria Lord!!!!” -Abby investigates the secret room in the Spears Mansion, newspapers are everywhere, so are files, then she all of a sudden finds something and looks at it, then she gasps and says to herself that she has to show this to Max, when she runs for the door out of the secret room she bumps into Lilly! -Jan opens the door to the Spears Mansion, walks up to her room and sits on her bed the person she is talking on the phone to is Nicole, Nicole begs Jan to help her get rid of Sami and Carrie so she can have Austin, Nicole tells Jan that if she doesn’t she will regret it, Jan reminds Nicole that she holds all the cards here because she still has all that evidence on Nicole that she tried to kill Colin Murphy, on the other line Nicole yells into the phone “Listen to me you little brat! I have heard about how you weaseled your way out of going to jail for what happened with Shawn and Victor, and if you don’t help me I will find a way for you to go right back to the houscow!” then Jan says “Fine Nicole, I will cut you a deal, I will help you with Austin, if you help me pull of my latest plan.” -Marlena walks into her penthouse and sees a note from John saying that he has gone out on business and he will be back in a bit, she thn just shrugs and goes to put some groceries she got up, meanwhile Samantha Evans watches from the window and thinks that now could be her chance to attack Marlena! -Jack happily asks Jennifer what does she needs to talk about and he plops on the bed, Jennifer tells him to stop acting like that, she then sits down and tells him that last night she ended her relationship with Frankie. -John arrives at the Dimera Mansion, it looks empty and abandoned but John is convinced that it must be a trick, he decides to see if there is a side entrance anywhere, so he stealthily edges across the walls and to the side of the Mansion, meanwhile Stefano watches out a window upstairs and Celeste, who is chained to a wall yells that Stefano cannot do this to John, but Stefano just ignored her and says “It is my second day back in Salem and soon I will have already gotten rid of one of my enemies.” -Billie is at her house gathering some gear to take with her to the warehouse she is going to, she tells herself that in just a few hours, it will be time to find out who attacked her daughter. -Sami hears Austin in Lucas and Carrie’s room, she keeps telling herself that this is the right thing to do, so she goes over there and knocks, Lucas answers it and lets Sami in, Sami walks over in front of Austin and Carrie, she then starts to tear up and tells all three of them that she has to tell them something that will change all of their lives, forever. -An Ambulance arrives to pick Kayla up, Steve tells them that she is still alive, but she is pushing it, the paramedics asks what happened to her, and Steve answers poison, then the paramedics quickly carry Kayla to their ambulance on a stretcher, Steve watches and tells Caroline that this was because of poison, Caroline asks from what though, Steve then replies the tea, that was the only way and then Caroline wonders who would try to poison Kayla. -Nikki lies to Bonnie and tells her that she isn’t Victoria Lord, but Bonnie tells her that she knows that she probably doesn’t want anyone to know who she is because the media would be hounding her, but then Bonnie tells Nikki that she will keep it a secre, as long as Nikki gives her and autograph so Niki groans and wonders how she will get out of this one. -Lilly angrily asks Abby what she is doing here and she is trespassing, Abby gets nervous and answers that she was just coming here to see if Max was around, she starts to leave but Lilly sees the file in Abby’s hand and grabs Abby and shoves her back into the secret room, then she orders Abby to tell her what she was really doing in her mansion. -Nicole asks Jan what she needs help with now and Jan replies that just with a little disguise and Nicole then says fine and that she will be over in a little bit and then she hangs up the phone, once she does she tells herself that Jan better help her get Austin and that she will not lose another man, meanwhile Jan dances around her room singing that Shawn will soon be hers. -Samantha slowly walks into Marlena’s penthouse, once she is in there she slowly reaches fr a bottle to hit Marlena with but before she does Marlena walks back in and asks “Sam, what are you doing here?”, then Samantha answers “Wait… you just called me Sam…. That was my nickname…I didn‘t think you would remember…”, then Marlena says that she usually always called Samantha that, then Samantha happily replies that she can still call her that if she likes, but she thinks to herself that Marlena might not even get a chance to, then Samantha tells Marlena that she just came by to see how she was and she was looking forward to spending time with her, then she again thinks that if she does get to spend time with Marlena, then she can finally go in for the kill. -Jack sits up and tells Jennifer that he hopes it wasn’t because of him, Jennifer then says that it kind of was, because she did it because she still loves Jack and wants to be with him, Jack is shocked and asks “Really, you aren’t joking are you?” Jennifer laughs and says no, she then leans in and kisses Jack. -John sees an open window, so he climbs up to it and climbs inside the Mansion, he then tells himself that that was too easy and then all of a sudden guards burst in! John then says “I knew it” and attacks the guards, he manages to knock out a few after delivering some punches, but he can’t deal with them all so he kicks some of them down and runs out the door and into the hallway, he runs towards Stefano’s office because he hears some voices inside, he breaks down the door and then sees Stefano and Celeste! John is shocked and yells to Stefano “How are you alive?!”. -Billie walks out the door of her house and prepares to go wait at the docks until five a clock, then she will go into the warehouse, as she is walking out with her gun she says that whoever attacked Chelsea will pay, and she walks off. -Austin asks Sami what is it and Sami replies that it is something that could make Austin leave her, then Carrie says that she is confused and then Sami tells them all that she has a confession to make, she begins to cry uncontrollably and tells them all that she didn’t blackmail Lexie because of what she said that night Lexie came over to their apartment claiming that she had to tell them all something about Sami, Carrie asks the real reason Sami blackmailed Lexie and Sami then says through tears that she blackmailed Lexie because she wanted her to tell Carrie she could not have healthy children with Austin! Sami then tells Lucas that that is why Carrie chose him over Austin, Sami said she had to do it so Austin would be with her instead of Carrie. She tells all three of them she is sorry, but she had to confess this because if someone else did, everything would be disastrous like all of her other relationships have been. Sami then breaks down in tears and then Austin pulls her up and asks her how could she do this to him, Lucas and her own sister. He says he thought she would have learned not to scheme in the first place by now, he does tell her he considers forgiving her, but he might not, Carrie walks over and slaps Sami, she says she is disgusred with her and that she just now lost her baby and now she finds out her own sister has betrayed her yet again! Lucas just stares in disgust and as Carrie begins to tear up as well Lucas comes and comforts her. Sami is in hysterics and ignores Carrie’s slap, instead she pulls out of Austin’s grip and tells him to not even consider forgiving her, she says that she does not deserve him and then tells him that their relationship is over, she then comments that he probably doesn’t care anyway since he loved Carrie all along, and then she says “Goodbye Austin” and runs out of the room in tears.
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    Episode#26 -Sami is shocked by the Mysterious Woman’s order, the Mysterious Woman tells Sami that she will leave a bottle of poison by her door so she can do the dastardly deed, Sami then shouts out “No!” and then the Mysterious Woman says that if Sami does not do as she says, she will reveal her secret to Austin, Sami ponders about what she should do and then after a few minutes, Sami yells to the Mysterious Woman that she is done with her and hangs up the phone, after that Sami thinks to herself that it is time for her to grow up and then she decides that she will admit to Austin what she did, she then thinks that she has to do this be cause if she doesn’t, the Mysterious Woman will. -Billie continues to try to get to the police station, however she is interrupted by a call that says in a mechanical voice “Don’t do it Billie”, then Billie immediately replies “What the-” but the voice interrupts her and says “I know who attacked your daughter in the alleyway that night, meet me at the warehouse on the Salem Docks this evening at five a clock, if you go to the police with what you know, I will make sure your daughter is dead by sunset” and then the voice hangs up, while Billie ponders what to do. -Victor throws Nikki off of him and says to her angrily to never do that again, he then yells for her to leave and never come anywhere near Salem again! Nikki ask Victor what is wrong and that he is not himself, he just ignores her and throws her out the door. -At the Deveraux house, Jack wakes up in his bed and thinks to himself that he feels stronger, so he tries to get up and walk, as he is slowly walking toward the door Jennifer walks in and trips on something, causing her to fall right into Jack’s arms. -At the Brady Pub, Kayla continues to try to jog Steve’s memory, she tells him about all of their adventures together , Steve says to Kayla that he is sorry, but he does not remember any of those times, Kayla then sighs and goes off to get smething to drink, mean while outside the door the Mysterious Woman walks up and watches Steve, she then says “Welll, well, you finally made it back to Salem Steve… I could use you to my advantage…. Since you don’t remember me.” The Mysterious Woman then sneaks around to the back dor, she grabs the poison she has in her pocket and she says “Be ready to say goodbye to life Caroline” then she walks into the back of the Pub! -At Marlena’s penthouse, John prepares to go to the Dimera Mansion and find out what is going on in there, meanwhile, Stefano makes sure all of his guards are at the ready when John arrives! -Sami prepares to tell Austin the truth about what she did, she begins to wonder if she should do this, and Austin might hate her for it, however then she thinks that it would be way worse if someone else revealed it to him, she also remembers how all of her other relationships ended because of her scheming and lying, she thinks to herself that this is for the best, tears begin to shed from her eyes as she walks out of her rom to go find Austin. -Jack laughs and says “Well good morning Miss Horton, great day today isn’t it?” and then Jennifer gives Jack a playful slap on the hands after she gets up and tells him that he should be in bed, resting, and regaining his strength, Jack then replies that he feels good enough to go jump off of a building, then he tells Jennifer that however he got cured, it helped him a lot and cured him fast, Jennifer then groans and tells him that they need to talk. -Billie decides what she will do, her descision is that she is going to the docks tonight to meet with that voice, she says to herself that she has to do this, for her daughter’s sake. Then Billie thinks that the voice never said she couldn’t bring a weapon though, and then she heads back to her house to ready herself for tonight. -Victor signals his butler, Henderson, and orders him to make sure that the woman that was just there, Nikki Smith, she never gets on the premesis of the Kirakis mansion again, then he walks over to his desk and opens a drawer, he pulls out a file and says to himself that no one can ever find this file, because that file and Nikki are the only things that could blow a secret that he has out of the water. -As Caroline gets her and Kayla some tea, she gets called away by one of the waitresses, then the Mysterious Woman sees that the drinks are out of site from everyone out in the Pub, so she quickly runs over there and pours the poison in Caroline’s glass and runs off to watch what happens, when Caroline comes back she picks up her and Kayla’s glass and goes to the bar there she gives Kayla the glass in the poison in it, the Mysterious Woman whispers loudly “No!” and then Kayla drinks the tea and aa few seconds later, she begins to hld her neck and fall over unconscious, Steve all of a sudden jumps out of his chair and runs over to her, he examines her and then after a minute or two he subconsciously yells “No Sweetness!!!!” Next on Life in Salem: BONNIE: *with tears in her eyes at Alice’s Bar, she then turns around and looks at Nikki who is sitting there and then all of a sudden her voice perks up a bit* Hey I know you! You are Victoria Lord! SAMI: *standing with Austin in Lucas and Carrie’s room, she is crying and Carrie and Lucas watch from behind* I have something to admit to you all. And it will change all of our lives, forever. JOHN: *jumps into Stefano’s office at the Dimera Mansion, fleeing from the guard, then turns around to see Stefano* No! It’s you! I should have known you were involved in all of this! How are you alive? BILLIE:**leaveing her house with a gun in her hand* Don’t worry Chelsea, whoever did this to you, I will make sure they pay. STEVE:*watches with tears in his eyes as Kayla is put onto the ambulance by the paramedics* I was a doctor before I cam here to Salem a few months ago, and any doctor could tell that this was a cause of poison. CAROLINE:*standing with Steve* From what? STEVE: That tea you gave her, I can tell by just looking at it, someone purposely poisoned it. CAROLINE:*gasps* But who would do such a thing?!
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    Episode#25 -Sami wakes up the next morning in the Salem Inn and goes down to get a cup of cofee in the kitchen, once she is down there she sees Nicole and Nicole tells her that they need to help each other to make sure Carrie and Austin stay apart. -At the Kirakis Mansion, Victor is walking into the living area and hears a knock on the door, he goes over there and opens it to see…. VICTORIA LORD DAVIDSON!!!!!! -The Mysterious Woman sits inside a house somewhere right outside of Salem, there are a bunch of pictures on the wall, they are of everyone in Salem and some have darts on them, others have hearts on them. The Mysterious Woman stands up and says that it is time to make a special delivery. -Billie sits at her desk at Patrick’s house and tells herself that today she will start searching for the person who stabbed Chelsea, she grabs the bag that the knife they found on Chelsea’s soldier is in and puts gloves on, takes it out and looks all over it, she then all of a sudden sees a Phoenix on the bottom and gasps! -As Stefano is walking through the Dimera Mansion he orders Bart to come to him, once Bart is there he asks Stefano what he needs and Stefano replies that once John Black comes back to the Mansion later, kill him! -Abby walks over to the Spears Mansion, once she is there she sees that Lilly and Jan are gone and tries to break the lock on the Spears Mansion door…. And she does! -As Shawn and Mimi sit inside of Hope’s house and Mimi says that it was nice of Hope to let them use her house to interview surrogants at for Shawn and Mimi’s baby, Jan stands outside the widnow and watches, she says that if Mimi wants a surrogant for her brat, she has got one. -Sami tells Nicole no, and that she is done scheming and she truthfully wants to change, Nicole tells her that that is not possible and Sami turns around and tells Nicole that she has wanted to do this for a long time, then Sami punches Nicole right in the face and walks off! -Victor is shocked to see Viki Davidson at the door, he asks her what she is doing her and she says that she is on the run and then he asks “Nikki?” and she says “The one and only! I am back Vic!!!!!”, then NIKKI SMITH jumps into Victor’s arms and pulls him into a kiss. -The Mysterious Woman walks over to the Spears Mansion, she sees the door open and walks inside, she drops a file on the cofee table that says “Kirakis, Claire” and leaves just as Abby is walking down the stairs! -Abby wonders if someone was just in here because she heard something, however she just shrugs and closes the door, she begins to search for something that could tell her about Lilly’s secret, as she is walking through the halls she finds a secret door and goes into it! -Bart agrees to be ready to kill John when he comes, Stefano then says “Excellent” and then laughs, he tells himself that not even John Black can stop him this time. -As Shawn and Mimi begin interviewing surrogants that are trying out for the job, Jan gets a phone call and when she answers it she asks in a disguted tone “What do you want?”. -Billie tells herself that she has to call Bo and she quickly grabs the phone but the line is cut! Billie wonders if someone working for the Dimera’s found out about what she saw so she quickly grabs her purse and the knife and leaves. -The Mysterious Woman stands out side Billie’s house with scissors in her hand and beside her is the cut phone line, she says that she was lucky Billie lives near the Spears Mansion, she sees Billie run out of her house and says to herself that Billie will not get very far, but before the Mysterious Woman leaves to go catch Billie she gets out her phone and begins to dial a number. -When Sami gets back to her room she hears her cell phone ringing so she answers it, once she does she hears the Mysterious Woman say “Sami, you’re first order is to…kill Caroline Brady” and Sami’s eyes widen in shock.
  10. Well I got a banner (made by the lovely psychofan) for the Mysterious Woman Storyline! It has all of the prime suspects pics on it. So look at this lovely banner and see if this could give you any hints on who she is! Again thanks to psychofan for making it!!!!!
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    Episode#22 -Steve says to Jack that he does not even know Kayla, he has only had a few flashes of memory and then Jack tells him that he knows about Steve remembering him and Kayla’s wedding so Steve remembers how Kayla showed him that video of their wedding that one night and that he remembered the wedding. -Sami screams for someone to help her and then all of a sudden EJ busts in and she jumps into his arms. -Kayla tells Jennifer that it is going to hurt her and Frankie if she keeps that she still loves Jack a secret. -Jan laughs and takes the papers out of her purse that she showed to Belle and Shawn earlier, but before they could look at them they got the call about Patrick and had to leave, Jan says that those papers cleared her for everything. -Stefano calls for the guards to come and tie Celeste to something so they come in and tie her down to a chair as she screams for help, then she yells at Stefano and tells him not to touch Alexandra and Stefano says that she is his only child left that he can use, as the Mysterious Woman watches from the door she says “What makes you so sure another one of you’re children isn’t in town Stefano?” -As Nicole is standing in the hallway she gets call, telling her that the apartment she lives in is on fire, Nicole begins to freak out and Marlena walks over to here and asks her what is wrong and Nicole tells her that the apartment that she, Austin,, Sami, Lucas and Carrie lives in is on fire so Marlena screams “No!!!!!”. -Austin yells to Lucas that they will have to climb up the fire escape to get to the roof so the two quickly run to a window that is near the fire escape and jump out of it, then they being to climb it to the roof. -Jack tells Steve that he can tell that he is beginning to remember some of his life with Kayla, and that he does love her. -Jennifer says to Kayla that she is right but it would still hurt Frankie but Kayla replies that it would hurt Frankie more if Jennifer kept this a secret so Jennifer finally agrees to tell Frankie about her still loving Jack. -Sami thanks EJ for saving her as they run out into the hallway together and he asks her why she jumped into his arms like that and she says that she was afraid and it was just a reflex and EJ nods, he then tells Sami that they have to get out of the apartment but Sami tells him that Carrie is unconscious on the roof and they have to save her, EJ tells Sami that Lucas and Austin will take care of that so EJ and Sami begin to try to find a way out of the apartment. -Victor says that they will see about that and then he orders the police officers to take her away so they grab Jan by the arms and take the papers she had and dragged her to the police car as she yells for them to look at the darn papers. -Stefano assures Celeste that he will not hurt Lexie, but he will make sure that she is a true Dimera and Celeste screams “NO!!!!!” -Marlena tells Nicole that she has to go and quickly runs out of the hospital and Nicole follows and says to herself that she will not lose Austin again. -As Austin an Lucas are climbing up to the roof, the fire causes it to break and sends Lucas falling to the ground behind the apartment as Austin hangs on to the roof! -Steve says in a loud voice he does not love Kayla and Jack says “Okay, okay, calm down” then Steve apologizes and says “Goodbye Jack” and he walks out of the room. -As Sami and EJ are running EJ notices and open window in Carrie’s apartment room and says they could use that to escape but Sami is unsure if they can get through the flames or not so EJ picks Sami up and leaps through the flames in Carrie’s room and once they get to the window and Smai gets out of EJ’s arms she looks down to see that part of the fire escape had broke and crashed, landing on Lucas as he fell off of it and now he is laying lifeless on the ground so Sami yells “No Lucas!!!!!!”
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    Episode#20 -Lexie begins to tear up and begs Abe to let her keep Theo and Abe says that he will not let his child live with a woman who cheated on him and then Abe signals his officers and they walk off to where Larry and Bo are as Lexie cries. -As Carrie is in her robe and brushing her hair, the gloved hand walks over to her window, as Sami watches she says “I know that guy…. It’s Alan Harris!!!!” Sami then looks around for a place she can use to get to Carrie without Alan seeing her but before she can she sees Alan make noise with his hand so Carrie opens the window to see what is going on and when she does Alan immediately grabs her and pulls her out onto the fire escape. -Celeste asks Stefano how he could be alive and he replies that he has always been alive but Celeste says that everyone saw his burnt body on Melswan and Stefano laughs and says that that was not his. -Roman asks Samantha how Marlena’s twin sister could possibly be alive and Samantha explains to him how she escaped from the Salem Strangler’s attack and then Roman says that he can’t believe that and tells Samantha that he is glad she is alive, he then tells her that he needs to go pick up a prisoner here but Samantha asks him if sometime they could go out for breakfast or something and Roman smiles and says sure and then walks off. - Abe and Roman arrive to pick up Larry so Bo tells them about how he is alive and then Abe says that Patrick died because of the gunshot that Larry fired so Larry will be charged with first degree murder and the Mysterious Woman watches from a distance and says to herself “No, he should be charged with two.” -Brady and Chloe offer to drive Erin to the Salem Inn and Erin says okay they can drive her their and then she asks if the baby in Chloe’s arms is her baby and Chloe smiles and says that yes, this is Brady and Chloe’s daughter. -Cassie quickly walks over to Shawn and asks him if she can speak to him in private but he says that his mother is about to find out who’s the father of her two twins and Cassie says that it is really important so Shawn finally says okay and Cassie pulls him into a private room. -Lilly thinks to herself that she can’t tell Max her last name because he might hate her because he probably knows about Jan locking Shawn up in a cage so Lilly quickly tells Max that she has to go and tells her that she will call him tomorrow so Max says okay and Lilly leaves Chez Rouge. -As Hope is opening the paternity test Nicole, Bo, Roman, Abe and some other officers bring Larry in and put him on the elevator to leave but Hope stops them and walks over and tells Larry that she will make sure that he pays for killing Patrick but Larry laughs again and tells Hope that she may have stopped him this time but he will be back to make sure Bo and Hope stay apart so Roman tells him to be quiet and Abe, Roman and the other officers get inside the elevator with Larry and leaves the hospital. -Lexie says to herself that she will get custody of Theo and make sure Abe comes back to her… even if she has to use her Dimera power to do it! - Carrie screams when she sees Alan but he puts her hand over her mouth and says “Carrie I am back”, then he smiles and begin to pull her up the ladder to the roof so Sami says to herself that she has to save Carrie from Alan so she quietly follows them up to the roof. -Samantha says to herself that she could use Roman to help her destroy Marlena and then she walks off smiling. -Shawn asks Cassie what she wants to talk to him about and she says that they have to keep Rex and Mimi away from each other so Shawn asks why and Cassie replies that if they get to close again they might fall in love, causing Shawn to lose Mimi. -Erin says that the baby is so cute and then Chloe says yes so Brady, Erin and Chloe all go and get in Brady’s car to drive to the Salem Inn. -Stefano tells Celeste that he had nothing to do with the Salem Stalker or Melaswan and that that was all Tony, he tells her that he has been living in hiding all ths time but he finally decided to return to Salem and Celeste says that she must warn the citizens of Salem about his return but before she can leave Stefano grabs her arm and says that she is not going anywhere at the moment. -Once Sami gets onto the roof she sees Carrie begging for Alan to let her go but Alan says no and that Carrie is not going to be with Austin or Lucas so Sami grabs a spare wrench lying on the ground and jumps out and tries to hit Alan but he manages to block her attack and they begin to struggle for the wrench, causing Alan to let go of Carrie so she goes to get help but before she can get off of the roof Sami accidentally kicks the wrench out of Alan’s hand causing it to his an electric box so electricity goes everywhere knocking Carrie unconscious and a fire begins! -Bo asks Hope if she has read the paternity test results yet and Hope says that she was just about to and once she does she looks down at the results and then a few minutes later she looks up at Bo and says that he is the father of both of her babies!
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    Episode#18 -The Mysterious Woman manages to push Larry over causing him to fall right through the pot where everyone can see him and she quickly rolls out of the way and hides behind a wall. Hope screams when Patrick is shot and yells for a doctor and is in tears by Patrick’s side while Bo looks around for where the gun shot came from he and Hope turn around to see Larry Welch falling through a pot and Larry manages to get up when he realizes Bo and Hope see him so he takes off and urns through the hallway and Bo follows. -Belle awakens and looks around to see Shawn and Philip holding her and Jan, Mimi, Rex and Cassie standing right in front of her so she asks Philip and Shawn what Rex, Cassie and Jan are doing there. -Max tells Abby that Lilly is his date and Abby says that he can’t date her and Max asks why while Lilly raises and eyebrow at Abby. -Jack tells Jennifer that he is sorry but that is impossible and as she said earlier he only has a week left and Jennifer says that there is hope for him though just as Kayla walks in and she tells Jack that she is going to examine him and that will find out if he is getting better or not. -As Marlena shows Samantha pictures of Sami, Eric, Belle and Brady Samantha tells Marlena that she is sorry that she missed so much of her life and Marlena says that she it is alright and that she wants Samantha to be one of her brides maids at her wedding with John. -After Sami gets back to her apartment she immediately begins to make copies of the security tape that recoded Lexie killing Tek at the hospital but Nicole walks in and asks her what she is doing and Sami replies that she is just setting up something to record and Nicole looks at the tape and asks if something is already on it or not and Sami just casually says it is a blank tape but Nicole tells her to stop lying and tell her what she is really doing. -Several nurses and a doctor rush into the waiting room and Hope tells them that Patirck was shor so the doctor says to get him into a room stat and the nurses quickly put Patrick on a stretcher and take him away as Hope cries. -Larry continues to fire shots at Bo as he flees for safety but Bo manages to avoid them and takes out HIS gun and tells Larry to freeze but Larry continues to run and sprints towards the door so Bo fires the gun! -Shawn explains to Belle and Philip that Jan, Rex and Cassie are all back and that Jan is saying that she has evidence that it wasn’t her fault for what happened to him and Victor but Philip says that he is going to make sure Jan goes to jail for what she did to his father but Jan interrupts and pulls some papers out og her purse and says that these will prove that what she did wasn’t her fault but Bonnie gets a phone call and when she answers it she gasps and says “I will be there in a sec” and then she immediately hangs up and tells everyone that Patrick has been shot at the hospital and Hope just called her so Shawn looks at Jan and says that he will deal with her later but right now he has to go so Mimi and Bonnie quickly leave with Shawn, Rex, Cassie and Philip behind them but Belle turns to Jan and says that they are going to talk later but for now she needs to be there for Mimi and then she turns to leave. -Abby pulls Max into private and tells him that it is unfair to Chelsea to go out with another woman and them Max says that Chelsea is in a coma and they were nether officially together or in love but Abby says that he can think what he wants but he knows it is unfair and then she walks off so Max walks back to his table with Lilly and tells Lilly that he is sorry about that and Lilly asks who that was and Max says a friend and then Lilly asks what she wanted and Max said nothing and he says that he would like to change the subject if she didn’t mind and Lilly becomes suspicious. -After Kayla is through examining Jack she tells him that things are looking up for him so Jack asks how and Kayla replies that she does not know but it seems as if someone injected a cure into him, one that is very rare and cannot be found anywhere. -Samantha says that of course she will be one of her brides maids and she thinks to herself that Marlena might not even make it down the aisle but then she tells Marlena that she can’t wait for the wedding. -Bonnie, Mimi, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Rex, Cassie and Billie all arrive at the hospital and Billie walks into the waiting room saying that Bonnie called her telling her that Patrick was shot and she asks Hope who is in tears what is going on and Hope says that Larry Welch appeated out of nowhere and shot Patrick and Belle says that she thought that Larry died in a car chase with Brady and Nicole but Hope says that he is alive and the doctor comes out into the twaiting room and Bonnie immediately asks if Patrick is alright. -Bo’s gun shot manages to hit Larry in the stomach so he falls to the ground and is screaming and tells Bo that he will pay for this but Bo says that Larry is finally going to get what he deserves as he handcuffs him and then after Larry is handcuffed and Bo takes his gun he calls Roman and Abe and tells them to get down to the hospital with a police squad because he has a dangerous criminal that needs locking up. -Jennifer is overjoyed to learn Jack is going to live and then Kayla asks to speak with her in private and Jennifer says of course and once they go down to the living room Kayla asks Jennifer now that Jack is going to live is she going to stay with Frankie or go back to Jack. -Sami says that she is doing nothing and for Nicole to not be so suspicious and then Nicole tells her alright but she is watching her and once Nicole leaves Samie begins to finish making copies of the security tape! -As Samantha is leaving Marlena’s office she says to herself that Marlena is going to be in for a big surprise and she won’t be as lucky as she has been for all these years. -The Doctor informs Bonnie, Mimi, Hope and Billie that Patrick did not make it and that the gunshot wound was in his head so there was no way he could’ve lived but he said that they tried to save him but they couldn’t so Hope breaks down in tears.
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    Episode #17

    Episode#17 -Shawn tells Jan that of course the cage was her fault and then she says no just as Belle and Philip are walking over Belle gasps when she sees Jan. -Lilly arrives at Chez Rouge and she tells Maggie that she is here to see Max Brady and then Maggie says that she must be his date that he was telling her about and then she leads Lilly to the table Max is sitting at. -Sami arrives at the hospital and then she runs into Lexie’s office and says “What do you- oh my gosh you killed Tek” and then Lexie explains what happened and she says that Sami better help her or she will tell Austin everything about blackmailing her and then Lexie says that she needs her help to get rid of Tek’s body and she also tells Sami to go get the security camera tape that taped her killing Tek and destroy it so Sami runs off to the monitor room. -The mysterious woman left Jack’s room as Jennifer and Frankie come back in and then Frankie puts his hand on Jack’s forehead and says to Jennifer that his fever has broken. -Samantha explains that she barely survived the Salem Strangler’s attack and that someone saved her and took her away somewhere but she doesn’t know who and that the body in her coffin is fake. -The hospital calls Hope and tells her that the paternity test results are in a few hours early. -As Lilly and Max wait for their dinner Max asks what her life was like and then Lilly has a flashback of her mother slapping her across the face several times when Lilly was little. -Jan scowls when she sees Belle and tells Shawn that she has hard core proof that the cage was not her fault and neither was what she did to Victor but before Shawn can reply Belle faints in Philip’s arms and Shawn lets go of Jan and runs over to Belle’s side. -When Sami gets into the monitor she sees that no security guards are in there so she quickly runs in and looks for the tape that recorded Lexie killing Tek, when she finally finds it she takes it out and realizes that she can use this to blackmail Lexie into not telling Austin about her forcing Lexie to tell Carrie that she couldn’t have children with Austin. -Hope quickly calls Bo and Patrick and tells them to meet her at the hospital and then she quickly gets her purse and leaves her house while the gloved hand watches her from a tree and the camera moves up to show that the hand is… Larry Welch! Larry says to himself that no matter who’s babies those is, that they won’t survive through tonight. -Jennifer is shocked to learn that Jack’s fever is broken and then all of a sudden he awakens! Jennifer is stunned because Kayla told her that he would probably never wake up. -Marlena is overjoyed that Samantha is alive and tells her that she does not care how sh survived but that she is glad that she is back and that they have so much to catch up on and she tells Samantha that she has had several children and is married to John Black now and when she goes to get her photo album Samantha says that Marlena won’t be happy much longer. -Max asks Lilly if something is wrong when Lilly does not respond to his question and then Lilly suddenly looks at him and tells him that she was at boarding school for most of her life and then Max asks if her parents cared about her and then Lilly says that her father hardly talked to her and that her mother didn’t seem to care about her that much and then Max asks her what her last name is. -Mimi walks out of the Pub with Cassie and Rex and groans to herself when she sees Shawn and Philip holding Belle and Jan walks over to her and whispers “Look Measels, your husband isn’t so faithful to you as you act like”, then Mimi looks at Jan and tells her to be quiet and Jan tells her that she can denie it all she like but soon Shawn will be over Mimi AND Belle for good. -Sami goes back to Lexie’s office where Lexie has Tek’s body stuffed up in a trash bag and she asks Sami if she destroyed the tape and Samie lies and says “Yup, that tape is gone forever”and then she thinks that she is going to need to make copies of the tape before she blackmails Lexie because if she does it now Lexie might take it from her. Lexie tells Sami good and then she quickly picks up the trash bag and says that she is going to throw the bag into the ocean and then she quickly leaves the hospital as does Sami. -Jennifer asks Jack if she can hear her and Jack mumbles to Jennifer that yes he can hear her and Jennifer tells him that his fever broke and he asks “What?”. Frankie tells Jennifer that he is going to call Kayla and quickly leaves the room while Jennifer tells Jack that he is getting better. -Just as Lilly is about to tell Max her last name Abby all of a sudden walks over and ask Max what in the world is he doing with her. -Hope, Bo and Patrick all arrive at the hospital and they rush into the waiting rom and tells the nurse that she is Hope Brady and she is here for the paternity test done on her babies so the nruse tells her that she will go get them real quick. Hope turns to Bo and Patrick and tells them that this is it while Larry wacthes from behind a pot and takes out a gun and aims it at Hope and says “Sorry Hope but can’t let you have those babies.” but just as he is getting ready to fire it the Mysterious Woman sees him and quickly grabs his hands causing the shot to go astray….and hit Patrick! (I know this episode was a little bit long but I owed it to you guys for not posting an episode in a while!)
  15. "The Mysterious Woman storyline is really heating up! With Sami now getting into all of this you know things are just getting good and I don't know who fans think it is but she has caused trouble for alot of Salem lately." the headwriter tells us The new headwriter also provided us with a recap on what the mysterious woman has done that coud help fans figure out who it is if they think hard. 1. Telling Mimi on the roof of the loft that she once lost the man that she loved. 2.The gloved hand wanting to shoot her. 3. Stabbing Chelsea in the alleyway and actinng like she wants bo and Hope to be together. 4. Waking Jan Spears up from her coma. 5. Coaxing Patrick towards Billie instead of Hope. 6. Hates Kate and at once said "You will pay." 7. Recording Sami askign Lexie why she didn't reveal that she could have healthy children with Austin and later using that as black mail material. 8. Sami recongizing her. Who is this mysterous woman and what is her goal? Only time will tell. Guesses on who she is would be appreciated, I would really like to know what my viewer's theories are.
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    Episode#16 -Marlena faints when she sees Samantha Evans, her twin sister and then Samantha tries to wake her up. -Bonnie tells Jan that no matter if she doesn’t go jail that Shawn and Mimi will be together forever and there isn’t a thing she can do to break them up and then Jan says that she will regret that she said that and then she grabs Bonnie by the hair and a cat fight ensues. -Lexie screams when she sees that she shot Tek and then she quickly shuts the door to her office and then she checks to see if Tek is alive or not. -When Sami wakes up she asks Austin what Nicole is doing back and Austin says that she has come back to work with them again and then Sami asks Nicole if she can speak with her privately. -As Jennifer and Frankie go down to get Jack’s medicine as the mysterious woman sneaks into Jack’s room while he is asleep. -Marlena comes to and is shocked to see Samantha and says that she can’t be alive and that the Salem Strangler killed her. - At the Spears mansion Lilly is preparing for her dinner with Max and then when she walks into the living room she has a flashback of her mother calling her worthless when she was five and saying that she was glad that Lilly was going to boarding school. -As Jan and Bonnie fight Bonne tells Jan that she might just go into another coma if she keeps messing with Mimi and then Jan says “I don’t think so but you might” and then she kicks Bonnie so Bonnie goes through the door to the Brady Pub just as someone is walking out and then Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Mimi and Caroline looks to see Bonnie just getting up off of the floor and then Shawn sees Jan standing right outside! -Sami pulls Nicole out into the hallway of her apartment and she whispers to Nicole that she was not supposed to be here and then she tells Nicole that she got her that nice fine job in New York would leave Salem and then she asks Nicole why she came back and then Nicole answers that she got bored there and that she couldn’t let Sami or Carrie get their hands on Austin. -Lexie screams when she doesn’t get a pulse and then she says to herself “I killed Tek.” and then she says that she knows just who to call to help and then she says “I can’t believe I am doing this”. -At Sami’s apartment she comes in after talking with Nicole and she hears her cell phone ringing and when she answers it she hears Lexie’s voice saying “Sami get down to the hospital right now or your future with Austin will be over” and then she hangs up so Sami wonders what that was all about so she quickly runs out of the apartment and gets in her car and drives off towards the hospital. -Shawn sees Jan and then he yells “JAN?!” and then he runs outside and grabs her by the arm and asks what she is doing here and that she is supposed to be in a coma and then Jan tells him that she is back and then Shawn tells her that he knows about the cage and Victor so he is calling the police right now and then Jan says no and that she has changed and the cage wasn’t her fault. -Samantha says that she is alive and well and she says she can explain how. -The mysterious woman pulls a needle out of her pocket and says “Do not worry Jack” and then she injects it into him. -Lilly sees a picture of her mother so she breaks it and then she says “I am glad Jan killed you” and then she leaves the Spears Mansion.
  17. daysfan


    (This episode was supposed to *air* on Friday but something came up so I couldn't but here it is now.) Episode#15 -Sami says that she will never help the mysterious woman get her revenge and then the mysterious woman says that if she doesn’t then she will tell Austin about what Sami did and then Sami asks how she knows about that and then the mysterious woman plays the tape that has Sami telling Lexie what she did! -Bonnie says that she is going to call the police right now so they can come and arrest Jan but Jan says that they couldn’t arrest her even if they wanted to. -Frankie gets Jennifer into the hallway and he says that they are going to find a cure for Jack. -Austin asks Nicole what she is doing here and that he thought that she moved away and joined up with a different company but Nicole says that she wants to work for him again and that she is back in town for good. -As Marlena is planning out her and John’s vow renewel ceremony at her office in the hospital she calls Kate and asks her to be her maid of honour. -Tek comes into Lexie’s office at the hospital and Lexie tels him to get out and he says that he wants to know if she will go out with him sometime and then Lexie pulls out a gun and tells him to get away from her or she will shoot him. -Max says that he is Max Brady and Lilly says that she has heard if him and how he is a racecar driver and then Max asks her if she would like to go out to dinner sometime. -Shawn and Rex talk about how each other have been doing and then Cassie walks over to Mimi and whispers that she won’t get Rex back no matter what. -Bonnie tells Jan that she tried to kill Victor and kidnapped Shawn so she is going to spend years and years in jail but Jan says that she has proof that clears her for those crimes that the police could not ignore. -Sami tries to take the tape from the mysterious woman but she won’t let her have it and then Sami finally says that she will help her. -Jennifer tries to remain hopeful and thanks Frankie for being so supportive. -Lilly says that of course and she would go out with him tonight if he would like and then he says that he will meet her at Chez Rouge tonight. -Sami returns to her apartment and faints when she sees Nicole. -Tek tries to take the gun from Lexie and as thet struggle for it a gunshot goes off! -Kate agrees to be Marlena’s maid of honour and she hears a knock on her office door so she goes over there to open it and when she does she sees….. Samantha Evans!
  18. daysfan


    Episode#14 -Bo and Patrick are shocked that Hope is having twins and then Lexie says that while she was looking over Hope’s pregnancy she discovered that Hope was having twins and that this could mean that Bo is the father of one and Patrick is the father of one. -Shawn and Bonnie are shocked to see Rex and Cassie and Bonnie asks what in the world are they doing there and Rex says that they came back for Carrie’s wedding. -As Sami is leaving her apartment the woman that stabbed Chelsea grabs her! -Jan watches through the window at the Brady Pub as Mimi starts to wake up. -As Lilly is walking through Salem she sees Max Brady. -Jennifer and Frankie tell Jack that they have bad news about his condition. -Hope says that she wants to do the paternity test RIGHT NOW so Lexie takes her away to do the test and the gloved hand watches. -When Sami turns around she sees the woman that stabbed Chelsea and screams “WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK IN TOWN?!!!???!!” -Mimi sees Rex and she says that it is good to see him again and he says that it is good to see her again too and then Bonnie worries that with Rex back in town it will cause Mimi to run back into Rex’s arms and Cassie worries the same thing although she doesn’t know Shawn and Mimi are married. -Someone knocks on Austin’s door and when he opens it he sees… NICOLE WALKER! -As Lilly is walking she runs into Max and he says that he is sorry and Lilly says its okay and then asks who he is. -Tears come to Jennifer’s eyes as she tells Jack that Kayla says that his condition has gotten worse so….. he only has a week left. -Bonnie goes outside of the Pub to think and once she does she sees Jan watching through the window ands walks over and grabs her by the arm and tells her to stay away from Shawn and Mimi. -Hope comes out into the aiting room after the test with Lexie and Lexie says that they should have the results by tomorrow. -Jack says that he never should’ve come back because it is causing Jennifer so much pain when Jennifer breaks down in tears in Frankie’s arms. -The woman that stabs Chelsea tells Sami to shut her mouth and that she is back for revenge and Sami will help her get her revenge on everyone that she hates.
  19. daysfan


    Episode#13 -Hope, Patrick and Bo gather at the hospital for the paternity test and Lexie tells Hope that before the test she needs to speak with her privately in her office and the woman that stabbed Chelsea watches from a distance. -Steve says that even though he remembers their wedding he still doesn’t know her and Kayla says that he knows that they loved each other once though. -Bonnie tells Shawn that Mimi was afraid that Jan would come out of her coma because she heard that Jan is getting stronger and could come out of her coma at any time and Mimi was afraid that she would hurt her but Bonnie told her that if she did she would be sent to jail because she tried to kill Victor and kidnapped Shawn. -Jan asks Lilly what she is doing here and Lilly says that she thought she should come back to Salem to see her twin and then Jan says that she had perfect timing because she just came out of her coma and then Lilly asks what she is talking about and Jan tells her about how she had gotten into a fight with Mimi and hit her head on a rock and went into a coma and she also tells Lilly everything else that happened in Salem while she was away. -Rex and Cassie arrive at Salem and they decide to go to the Brady Pub to see their family. -Lexie brings Hope into her office and says that she found something out when she was looking over her pregnancy. -Shawn tells Mimi that Jan cannot hurt her and then he says that he is going to take her to the Brady Pub for breakfast. -Bo and Patrick wonder why Lexie had to speak with Hope privately. -Lilly asks why Jan isn’t worried that she is going to jail for kidnapping Shawn and almost killing Victor and Jan says that she won’t, she has it all planned out. -The woman that stabbed Chelsea watches as Steve tells Kayla that he can’t kiss her. -Rex and Cassie arrive at the Brady Pub and as they are greeting Shawn Sr. and Caroline Mimi, Shawn and Bonnie walks in and Mimi screams “Rex!” and then she faints in Shawn’s arms. -Hope walks out of Lexie’s office and goes over to Patrick and Bo with Lexie and she says that she is having…. twins.
  20. daysfan


    Episode#12 -Rex says that he can’t come back to Salem because it would be too painful to see Mimi again and then Jan tells him that his family needs him there. -Mimi remembers that Jan will go to jail for commiting those crimes so a wave of relief washes over her. -Kayla is overjoyed that Steve remembers their wedding and then she tells Steve that soon he will remember everything about his life. -As Marlena and John plan their vow renewel ceremony the woman that stabbed Chelsea watches through the window. -When Jan gets out of the taxi at her mansion and walks in she sees a woman inside and then she runs over to her and says…. “Lilly!” -Rex and Cassie head to the airport and when they get there they board a plane that is to…. Salem! -Bonnie says that there is nothing to worry about and that Jan can’t hurt her or her marriage to Shawn and then Shawn walks in and asks “What about Jan?”. -Kayla pulls Steve into a kiss and then he immediately gets away from her and she asks why he won’t kiss her. -Marlena tells John that they re going to renew their vows and nothing can stop them and then the woman that stabbed Chelsea says “I don’t think so”.
  21. daysfan


    Episode#10 -Jan is horrified to learn that Mimi is married to Shawn and then she tells Mimi to get out and if she tells anyone that she is out of her coma that she will pay. -As Lucas and Carrie leave the hospital they run into Austin and he asks what they are doing there. -Lexie says that why she didn’t reveal Sami’s secret is none of her business and Sami says that it was her secret so she has a right to know and then Lexie ignores Sami and heads straight for the door and the woman that stabbed Chelsea is right outside of it! -Mimi gladly leaves Jan’s hospital room and as she is leaving the hospital she is worried that when Jan gets out of the hospital she might try to break her and Shawn up. -Lucas explains to Austin about Carrie ‘s stomach pain and how they got in the accident and Austin asks if the baby is okay and Lucas says yes but Carrie has a fragile pregnancy and Carrie remembers how she thought Lucas was Austin and she declared her love for him. -Jan says to herself that she will get Shawn back and Mimi and Belle will pay for what they have done to her. -When Lexie opens the door the woman that stabbed Chelsea is gone and Lexie leaves her office. -Austin says that he hopes everything works out for Carrie and the baby and he leaves and sees Sami in Lexie’s office and asks what she is doing there. -The woman that stabbed Chelsea watches as Carrie and Lucas leave the hospital and looks at the tape recorder and plays back hearing Sami and Lexie talk and Sami telling Lexie what she did and then the woman that stabbed Chelsea says “Don’t worry Sami I won’t tell anyone your secret but I can use this for my revenge.”
  22. daysfan


    Episode#8 -The nurses start to about how they heard rumors abut how Jan was in a catfight with Mimi Lockhart and Jan fell and hit her head on a rock and then went into her first coma but she came out of it soon and blamed Mimi for everything but in an argument with Belle Kiriakis Black she had a heart attack and went back into a coma. -Patrick starts to think about what the woman is saying and then asks her who she is. -The gloved hand watches as Hope runs through a hall in the hospital and disappears as Bo runs through the hall after Hope. -Kate arrives after Billie calls her about Chelsea and when she gets there she tells Billie that this could be her chance to get Bo back and Billie is appalled. -Shawn tells Mimi that he wants to take her to dinner at Chez Rouge and she agrees but as she is getting ready all of a sudden she sees Jan in the mirror. -Bo yells for Hope to listen to him but she doesn’t respond and runs out into the parking garage and tries to evade Bo as she heads to her car. -The woman tells Patrick that she is just a newcomer to Salem and he says that she looks familiar and she says that he must have her mistaken for someone else and runs off. -Jan tries to say something to the nurses and she manages to say “Shawn” so the nurses wonder who Shawn is and ask her who Shawn is and she says “Shawn Brady” and the nurses say that they have hear that name before and they ask how she knows him. -Billie tells Kate that she is not going to use her daughter’s situation to get to Bo and Kate says that she will regret that she didn’t when Bo and Hope get back together and Billie says that even if she did try it wouldn’t work because Bo will always love Hope. -Mimi asks Jan what she is doing there and she is in a coma. Then “Jan” asks if she remembers her, the woman that taunted her about the abortion and Mimi tells her to just go away but “Jan” tells Mimi that she is not going anywhere and that her future with Shawn will collapse just like her relationship with Rex did. -Bo manages to catch up to Hope and tells her that she needs to listen to him. -While the woman that stabbed Chelsea is walking through the hospital she sees Billie and Kate in the cafeteria and looks at Kate and says “You will pay.” then she takes out a picture of Kate and rips it in half. -The nurses discover that Shawn Brady was once Jan’s ex fiance and apparently was in the area when she had her fight with Mimi and they ask Jan if they would like her to call him and then she tells them no and the only person she wants to see right now is Mimi Lockhart. -As Patrick heads to the cafeteria he thinks about what the woman that stabbed Chelsea told him about Billie needing someone to comfort her and he considers asking her out to dinner. - “Jan” taunts Mimi about how she will never e with Shawn so Mimi breaks the mirror and runs out of the bathroom and all of a sudden gets a phone call. -Hope tells Bo no and that he knows that he only cares about Billie ad Chelsea then she runs to her car and drives off while Bo yells “Hope!!!!!!!!” -Kate tells Billie that she has to act fast to break up Bo and Hope before they get back together and Billie says again she is not gonna try to get Bo to fall in love with her and then Kate tells her that one day she will wish she had listened to her and then Billie tells her that the only thng she is focused on is finding the person that stabbed Chelsea and make them pay and then as the woman that stabbed Chelsea watches she says “But by the time you do it will be too late” and then she throws the two halves of the picture of Kate that she ripped on the floor and walks off.
  23. daysfan


    Episode#7 -Bo arrives at the hospital when he hears about Chelsea and asks what is going on just as Lexie is about to tell Billie and Patrick the news and Billie tells Bo thanks goodness that he is here and that Chelsea was attacked in an alley and that Lexie is about to tell them if she lived or not and then she tells Lexie to tell them the news and Lexie tells them that Chelsea is alive but before she can tell them the bad news Billie starts to rejoice that Chelsea is alive and jumps into Bo’s arms and Hope sees as she gets out of an elevator and hides behind a wall and thinks that Bo doesn’t love her and he just wants Billie. -The woman that stabbed Chelsea walks out into the hallway to see Hope watching Billie hugs Bo and she curses and says that if she is going to bring Bo and Hope together Billie must be eliminated. -Carrie tells Lucas that he is not to blame and that maybe if she had been more careful in what she drinks and eats that she would have never gotten that stomach pain in the first place and Lucas argues with her saying that he might have killed his baby. -Billie asks Lexie when they can see her and then Lexie says that she is sorry Billie but Chelsea has gone into a coma and Billie’s smile suddenly drops and she asks if she will ever come out of it and then Lexie says that she could come out of it at anytime and that someday she will definitely come out of it but she does not know when and then Bo comforts Billie while Patrick stands by and watches in disgust as does Hope. -The nurses go into the room that the patient that the woman ho stabbed Chelsea talked to and they examine her and they say that the patient is definitely awake and then the patient starts to open their mouth to say something. -The woman watches angrily as Hope sees Bo comfort Billie and then she sees that Patrick looks angry as well and thinks that he could be used to get rid of Billie. -Carrie tells Lucas that he needs to stop blaming himself for the accident and the condition of the baby and says that the baby and her are alive and that she still loves him but then she remembers when she thought he was Austin. -Bo turns around to see Hope and then he says that it is not what she thinks and then she says that she knows what it is and then she runs off and Bo follows. -Billie says to Patrick that she needs to be alone for a minute and Billie runs off and then when she is gone the woman that stabbed Chelsea purposely runs into Patrick as he walks off and asks him who he is and he tells her Patrick Lockhart and then the woman remembers that Mimi used to have that same last name and then she lies to him saying she was walking by and she noticed how torn up that woman(Billie) was about her daughter and that she could use someone to comfort her and Patrick tells her that she already has someone for that and the woman says that the man who was there earlier can’t be reliable for things like that because he ran off at the site of that other woman and she(Billie) needs someone who sticks by her no matter what. -The nurses check to see who the patient is and then one of the nurses says “Her name is…. Jan Spears.”
  24. daysfan


    Episode#6 -Chelsea starts to scream but before anyone can hear her the woman stabs her in the shoulder. -Lexie comes back to check on Carrie and Carrie asks her if the baby is gonna be alright and Lexie says that it probably will be but she has to be careful because the stomach pain and the accident put the baby in grave danger so now Carrie has a very delicate pregnancy. -Billie and Patrick go out to look for Chelsea once they figure out she is gone and as they are looking for her in the bar they hear someone talking about how they heard a girl scream earlier and Billie is afraid that it is Chelsea so Patrick and her leave the bar and start to look around then they find Chelsea unconscious and stabbed in an alleyway with a knife in her shoulder. -The woman that stabbed Chelsea walks into a room at the hospital and sits down beside someone’s ed and then she says….”Awaken, there is work that must be done.” -Carrie asks Lexie if her baby can survive this pregnancy and Lexie says that if she stays healthy and takes care of the baby that it could survive but there is little chance that it could. -Billie calls 911 and then the paramedics arrive and tell them that Chelsea is alive but they must get her to the hospital fast and they rush her there as Billie and Patrick follow. -The woman that stabbed Chelsea says to the person that they are someone’s only hope and then as the person starts to wake up the woman runs out of the room and alerts a nurse of that person’s awakening status and then quickly starts to leave the hospital but stops when she sees Chelsea rushed in by paramedics and then when she hears Billie’s voice around a corner across the hall telling Patrick that Chelsea has to be okay the woman quickly hides behind a wall as Billie and Patrick walks by and says that Billie cannot see her. -Lexie gets a page about Chelsea and tells Carrie to get some rest and then when she leaves Lucas tells Carrie that it his all his fault about the accident and that he is sorry. -Lexie rushes into Chelsea’s hospital room and tries to revive her when she starts to die and after a long time of trying to keep her alive Lexie walks out into the waiting room. -The woman stands in Chelsea’s hospital room behind a curtain and relishes in when she overhears the nurses talking about Chelea’s fate and how crushed her parents will be when they hear it. -Carrie says that it is not his fault and that at least everything turned out okay but Lucas says that he has put his baby in grave danger. -Lexie tells Billie that there is good news and bad news. Billie asks what the good news is and Lexie says….
  25. A MYSTERIOUS WOMAN REAKS HAVOC IN SALEM! As fans might have noticed in Episode two there was a mysterious woman that was shown when Mimi ran onto the roof. She will cause problems for some and some she might even help. However some in Salem are in danger with this woman in town. I cannot tell you who plays her or who she is but know this.... she HAS been in Salem before. You will see her on screen very otfen but wil never see her face until everyone finally finds out who she is. Characters and fans wil find out on the same episode. So know that there is a troublemaker in Salem and see if you can figure out who she is!
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