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  1. INT. MONA LISA - DAY Carter grabs a faint Lisa before she falls do the ground. Scott rushes over to a table nearby and pulls out a chair while Carter drags Lisa to the chair, seating her. Lisa: (faint) Scott? Is it really you? Scott: Yes, Mom. Carter comes back to them with a glass of water. He hands it to Scott, who is now kneeled next to his mother. He holds the glass while Lisa takes a sip. Scott: You all right? Lisa: I will be . . . (strokes his face gently) So glad to see you . . . Lisa then strikes her son across the face. Scott holds his face, which stings. Carter is stunned. Lisa jumps up and hovers over her son. Lisa: How dare you! How dare you do this to me! On Scott totally shocked, CUT TO INT. BARBARA & HENRY'S HOUSE (KITCHEN) Henry, with a chef hat and apron that reads "I rub my meat for two mins," dances around the kitchen while the pots of the stove create a slight fog from the steam. Henry: (singing) Pour it up! Pour it up! That's how we ball out! . . . Strips clubs and dollar bills-- He is abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door. Aggravated, Henry opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CLARK COLEMAN. Henry is speechless. Clark: (distraught) I need your help. On Henry worried CUT TO INT. TOM & MARGO'S COTTAGE - DAY Mo and Casey sit on the sofa making out. Tom then barges in slamming the door. The two break apart like two teens that have been caught in the act. As the rearrange their clothes: Tom: Where is your mother?! Casey: She's at the station. What's wrong? Tom: Emily! Casey: What now? Tom tosses the paper at Casey before he storms up stairs. Casey unballs the paper to see the headline (from last episode) featuring Tom, Carter, and Scott. On Casey cringing, FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7m5isq5q04 FADE IN: INT. TOM & MARGO'S COTTAGE - DAY Casey kisses Mo (before she leaves) and closes the door behind her. Tom comes down the stairs, undoing his tie and tossing it to the side. Casey: You sure you're fine? Tom: Do I look fine? (off Casey holding his hands up for mercy) Sorry. Casey: No problem but does this story even has any truth to it? I mean we haven't seen or heard from Uncle Scott since I was child. You sure Emily isn't fabricating this to p*ss you off? Tom: No she isn't. For once she isn't lying in that rag she calls a paper. Casey: (confused) So then I don't get while you're mad at Emily . . . Tom: Because she's ruining my campaign! Don't you see it! Casey: Dad, I doubt anyone is taking Emily or her paper seriously. Her past isn't squeaky clean either . . . Tom: But when you're running up against someone with a stellar track record such as Carter Wallace-- Casey: Dad, you need to chill. Casey goes and sits on the sofa. He pats on it to indicate he wants Tom to join him, to relax. After fighting it, Tom gives in. Casey: Dad, you have a stellar track record too. Tom: I do but-- Casey: Not "buts." Who cares that you left mid office almost fifteen years ago? That was then. This is now. Margo rushes in breathing heavily. Margo: Oh honey! There you are. (rushes over and kisses Tom) I went by the campaign office and Bonnie told me everything. (calming down) You OK? Tom: Not really. Margo: Don't worry, honey. We'll figure this out--me, you, Bonnie, Lisa-- Tom jumps up from the sofa Tom: Mom! I gotta go see her. Margo: We're coming with you. On a shot of the Hughes rushing out, CUT TO INT. BARBARA & HENRY (KITCHEN) Henry and Clark are now seated at a table. We enter mid-convo. Henry is trying to pry some info out of her. Clark: Henry, can you stop! Henry: No! You just come beating down my door and you want me to stop? Clark: Yes. Henry: We haven't heard from you in years! Maddie, me, Bernadette-- Clark: I'm fine. (swiping hair out of face) Can't you tell? Henry: Not really but I'll drop it for now . . . Clark: I just need a place to stay for a few nights-- Henry: What? Hold on--you just come in here and expect to provide you a haven when you can't tell me where the heck you've been for the past five years?! Really, Clark? On Clark moaning, CUT TO INT. MONA LISA Picking up where we left off of Lisa slapping Scott, and both he and Carter stunned: Scott: What was that for! Lisa: For not picking up the phone and calling me! For not visiting me! Your brother-- Scott: Oh I've seen ole' Tom already. Lisa: What? So you've been in town for awhile now! (to Carter) And you knew?! Carter searches for the right words, but before he can get them out, Lisa pops him in the face. Carter now holds his face, shocked. Lisa: Now I see why you were using me--getting close to me. You wanted to stick it to me and Tom. (pointing to Scott) And he's the best way to do so? Scott: He didn't even know I was related you to until the night I arrived in Oakdale. Lisa: Oh really? So how do you two know each other? Scott: We met awhile back in Somerset. I had a small practice there, he was there visiting-- Lisa: So you two became buddies and decided to come here and run for district attorney? Carter: No! I didn't even ask him to join me until weeks after I decided to come to Oakdale. Scott: Exactly. Lisa: (stewing) Oh OK . . . So Tom knew you were here? Scott: Yes. I've been here since Christmas. Lisa: What! Tom, Margo, & Casey come rushing in and up to Lisa, Carter, & Scott. Tom: Mom-- Lisa pops him across the face. Lisa: How could you! (to both of her boys) How could both of you! . . . (enraged, flailing around) How could all of you! Casey and Margo step back, not wanting to feel the wrath of Lisa. On Tom holding his face, now stunned too. FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey9yuMLqe34&list=UUZ7KYSz-dyMkHcL2yYphqmw
  2. INT. THE INTRUDER – DAY Open in Emily’s office. A tight shot on Emily as she stares down at some papers on her desk. She marks them with a red, and is gradually becomes displeased with what she’s reading. Emily: No . . . No . . . No! Emily slams her pen down on the desk. Emily: This is abysmal! Samantha knocks on the door and then peeks in. Sam: Everything all right? Emily: (hostile) No. Everything is not all right. (then) You know what, something is wrong—who green-lit this story on the district attorney’s election? Sam comes in and closes the door. Sam signals for Emily to hand her the document. Emily passes it to her. Sam skims over it. Sam: I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Emily: (rolling eyes) Of course you don’t. Sam: Why the attitude? I just asked you a simple question. Emily: Then let me answer it . . . the story is boring. Point blank. That’s not going to sell any papers or bring us hits on the site. Sam: But it’s the truth. Emily: And it’s boring. Let’s spice it up some. Put some scandal into it. Something! Sam sighs. Emily: What was that for? Sam: Emily, we’re supposed to writing stories that are true and have integrity. I don’t see any scandal in the Hughes v. Wallace race. I just don’t. Emily: Of course you don’t because you’re green. Now let me school you on how the media industry— Sam: School me? Honey, who has the degree in journalism? Emily: And your point is? Clearly you missed the class on how to sell a proper story. Sam: No I just chose to skip that class because I believe that a paper should be foregrounded with the truth. Not centering a story around smut and scandal, but if you had proper training in journalism— Emily: (raising up) Proper training? Honey, I’ve been running this paper for well over a decade. And pretty d*mn fine before you came waltzing in here taking over . . . You know what, ever since you’ve gotten this job, you think you run the place. Sam: Whatever. Sam tosses the document on the desk. Emily: So now what? You’re going to go call grandma and let her know that we’re at a standstill? Sam: Nope. Run it. Emily is stunned that she’s won this round. Emily: Did you just say— Sam: I said run it. Change it. Edit it. Do what you want. Just don’t be surprised with the backlash. Emily: Oh it wouldn’t be the first. Sam: I’m sure it won’t. Off Sam’s exit, Emily smiles, pleased with herself. She then reaches and grabs the phone and starts to dial. She then waits for a second, then: Emily: Gary, hey. I need you and the rest of the guys at the printer to be ready. This story I’m about to send will be the headline . . . Yes, I know it will be rushed but make it happen. I want this story out before noon . . . Thanks. Bye. Emily hangs up the phone. She then goes back to work, churning out a story. We get a glimpse at the marked document on her desk; however, our eyes are drawn to three names on it: Tom Hughes, Carter Wallace, and . . . Scott Eldridge. CUT TO INT. TOM’S CAMPAIGN OFFICE His volunteers are working the phones, doing flyers, etc., but we pan back towards Tom, who is with some of his team as they go over some strategies in the background. Tom sits back and takes in their suggestions, attentively. Volunteer1: So Mr. Hughes, we need you to be on point at the first debate. We don’t need a knockout for certain, but we need you on point. Volunteer2: Yes. This first debate just needs to be what you plan on achieving if you win, and you debunking the ideals that you’ll have another mid-life crisis during your term. Tom: Trust me. That won’t happen. Volunteer2: I hope not because there are a lot of people in this town that are still upset about the last time you were D. A. Bonnie (O.C.): That won’t be a problem now that I am here. Everyone turns to see Bonnie coming in. She makes her way up to Tom and gives him a hug. Bonnie pulls back and looks Tom straight in the eye. Bonnie: You ready to go to war? Tom nods. Tom: More than ever future Assistant District Attorney. On Bonnie and Tom sharing a smile filled with determination, FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2VgH3loFZs FADE IN: INT. TOM’S CAMPAIGN OFFICE We pick up where we left off—a determined smile between the two. Then Bonnie breaks away, reacting with the interest about their campaign office. She digs it. Bonnie: Good estate. Right in the center of town, near the police station and town hall . . . just perfect. Tom: That’s the reason why I chose this place . . . Putting that aside, when did you get back in town? Bonnie: Last night. Tom: How’s Duncan? Bonnie: Doing better. He has his off days due to the chemo but he doing so much better. Tom: Glad to hear that. I’m still stunned when Jessica called us with the diagnosis—that Duncan had stage two prostate cancer. Bonnie: Me too. But we’re taking it day by day. I think it also helps that Mom is over there taking care of him. Shannon stopped by to see him . . . Beatrice pops in and out to see him. Tom: I’m bet he’s enjoying that, being surrounded by all the women he loves. Just shows how tragedy can bring loved ones back together. Bonnie: Tell me about it . . . Now, who is this Carter Wallace? Off Tom rolling his eyes, CUT TO INT. MONA LISA – DAY We open up on Carter flirting with Lisa, as they share a drink at the bar. Carter: So glad that you decided to join me for a drink. Lisa: I’ve never been one who turns down libations . . . Lisa seductively strokes her glass. Lisa: . . . especially when the person offering them looks just as good as the wine tastes. Carter: Mrs. Grimaldi, you wouldn’t be hitting on me, would you? Lisa: And if I were? Carter: Then I say cheers. Carter picks up his glass and he and Lisa have a toast. Lisa takes a sip of her wine all while keeping her eye on Carter. She likes him. Carter: So, Mrs— Lisa: Call me Lisa. Carter: OK, then. Lisa, how are things at the fashion house? Lisa: A mess. However, that is expected in fashion. Carter: I see . . . so when am I going to be invited there to see your fashions. Lisa: (modest) Carter, must you forget that you’re the enemy. I can’t take you around time showcasing you. I’d never hear the end of it from Tom. Carter takes Lisa’s into his and stares into her eyes. Carter: But just because Tom and I are at war does not mean we have to be. Lisa: (grinning) True . . . Carter: Plus, how will I know if you’re good enough to design my suit once I win the election. Lisa jokingly slaps Carter on the arm. Lisa: Very funny! You doubt my boy, but you forget that he has a bit of me in him. Carter: Well I hope it’s not your sexiness because I don’t nor will ever look at Tom like that. Lisa: I hope not . . . But resilience, resilience is what he inherited from me. He won’t lie down and take a beating easily. Carter: And I don’t expect him too. Carter’s phone interrupts him. Carter: Excuse me, Lisa. Carter turns away from her and answer it. Lisa waits patiently. Carter: Hello? . . . So they know? . . . (sighs) That’s fine. Better now that it comes out then later . . . All right. I’ll talk to you later. Bye, bye. Carter hangs up and turns back Lisa. Lisa: Now that, that is over . . . Lisa’s is preoccupied by something. Her glass drops out of her hand and shatters on the ground. Carter: Lisa, what’s— He follows where she is look at the other end of the restaurant is Scott. A waiter points him into the direction of Lisa and Carter. He tips the waiter and advances towards them. Lisa: . . . Scott?! Scott plants a kiss on the cheek and hugs her. Scott: Hey, Mom . . . Carter. Lisa looks at Carter. Lisa: You know my son? Scott: Of course he does. Meet Oakdale’s future Assistant D.A. and Carter’s running mate. On Lisa at a loss for words (for once), CUT TO INT. TOM’S CAMPAIGN OFFICE Bonnie and Tom are now in an adjacent office shut off from everyone else. Continuing where we left off with them. Tom: He’s some flashy attorney from Monticello. Bonnie: OK . . . so why is he running for D. A. here? Trust me, the crime rates are extremely high in Monticello. His expertise is needed there more than here. Tom: I said the same thing. Bonnie: But again, it doesn’t make sense. Why here? Monticello, Chicago, Somerset, Springfield, Bay City, and Salem—those areas should provide wet dreams for anyone running for D. A. Tom: I’m guessing the mayor. What’ve I’ve heard is that the two became golf buddies a few years back at the Governor’s charity golf tournament in Henderson. Bonnie: Did he try to run there too? Tom: (laughs) No. (stoic, but nervous) But I have been looking into his history and he has a stellar track record for his time in Monticello. Bonnie: How stellar? Tom: Way better than his predecessor, Mike Karr, and he was one h*ll of D. A. A Volunteer peeks their head into the office. Volunteer #3: Mr. Hughes, we need you out in the main room fast. Something has come up. Tom: (concerned) OK. Bonnie and Tom exchange looks. They both then rush out into the main room where everyone is surrounding a computer and holding paper newspapers in their hands. Bonnie: What is it? Another Volunteer hands Bonnie a newspaper. Volunteer #4: Take a look. A close-up shot of The Intruder, and the headline reads, “Brother V. Brother: Battle Lines Drawn.” There is a shot of Tom on one side and Carter and Scott on the other. Bonnie: You’re brother? Tom snatches the paper from Bonnie and flings it across the room. Tom: D*mmit, Emily! Bonnie: But what damage can it do? Everyone has probably known that Scott’s been back in town, right? Tom: No. Bonnie: Tom! Tom: I know, I know. I was hoping to convince him drop out the race before they made a public announcement or it went out to the presses, but I’m not surprised that big mouth Emily found out before everyone else. (paces the floor) But I can fix this, I can fix this. Volunteer #5: (at computer) I wouldn’t say that just yet. Volunteer #5 slides aside to show the same story online. Tom: She put it online too! Bonnie: Tom, that’s not the point. Look! Bonnie points to the side of the screen where Emily has a Twitter box embedded on the site, and it shows a feed of all the other newspapers across Illinois linking to her story. Bonnie: Sh*t just got real. Tom: F*ck! Tom flips a chair over before calming down. Tom: I’m going to kill her. On Tom enraged, FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR1jFxeam4s
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