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  1. Secrets & Lies Arc Finale Episode 139 - The Accident Saturday, March 17, 2007 Tonight's episode features the music of Chris Daughtry. The song used goes hand in hand with the episode and will make your reading pleasure a little more enjoyable. The link to the song is provided below. Please download this song as a token of our appreciation. Daughtry - It's Not Over Lucas chased after Brandon, finally catching up to him as he reached the front door. Lucas reached for Brandon and grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving, he needed to explain. Brandon not wanting to hear anything Lucas had to say, what he had just seen was enough to know how Lucas truly felt about him and their relationship. Noah raced after Bobbie, catching up with her a few blocks away, she was obviously intoxicated. She was driving too erratic and the car was moving at fast speed, too fast for him to keep up with her. "Brandon, wait! Please let me explain ....!" Lucas said as he reached for Brandon. "Explain? Explain, what, Lucas?! I think you're actions say it all, now don't they?" Brandon shouted back as he yanked his arm away from Lucas' grasp. Noah veered off onto another side street, in the hopes to cut her off a few blocks down the road, and hopefully stop her from doing something she'd regret. "Brandon, please .... I don't want things to end like this!" "Like this? Like this?" Brandon says with tears in his eyes and pushing Lucas away from him with every word spoken. As Bobbie sped down the residential street, her mind racing with all kinds of thoughts of what could be happening at the party and what Lucas could be doing with God knows who. The tires of the car screeched as she turned the corner, not stopping at the stop sign at the intersection, she had to find her son before he got himself into trouble. "I just saw you in bed with Dillon, there's isn't much left to say, Lucas! You betrayed me, what we had together meant nothing, apparently...." Brandon's words trailed off and he reached for the door to leave. Lucas couldn't let it end like this, he couldn't lose Brandon, not like this. He reached for Brandon one more time and quickly turned him back around towards him. Brandon, still not wanting to listen to what Lucas had to say, came around with a left cross and knocked Lucas in the jaw. Lucas fell back and landed on his backside. "I told you Lucas, I don't want to hear it! It's over! As far as I'm concerned, you and Dillon can have each other!" Brandon stormed out, leaving Lucas rubbing his jaw and feeling like he just lost the best thing that had ever happened to him. Dillon had heard the commotion and came down to check on things, finding Lucas, and seeing Brandon walking away. Maxie and Lulu also came upon the scene and knelt down to check on Lucas to make sure he was okay. As Noah came upon the intersection, he could see Bobbie's car in the distance. He parked the car in the nearby residential parking lot, and ran towards the campus. As he made his way through the path, he noticed Brandon running from the frat house. It was obvious something was troubling Brandon as he was visibly upset. Noah turned to see Bobbie's car approaching, swerving back and forth, she was in no shape to drive and it all happened so fast, too fast for him to react. As Brandon steps off the curb, Bobbie's car seemingly out of nowhere. Noah calls out to Brandon. He turned around only to be blinded by the bright lights of the oncoming car…. If you think the secrets & lies were over.....you thought wrong. The secrets will continue to be kept, the lies will continue to be told. But then endgame..... The end is only the beginning. Coming Up.....
  2. Ryan

    S&L: Episode 138

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 138 Friday, March 16, 2007 Noah arrived at Bobbie's home, in hopes to check on how she was doing. Unfortunately for him, he saw the door open and Georgie inside, sweeping up broken glass and dirt. He instinctively raced inside, in fear of what might have happened. He had no idea that his fear was very warranted. "Georgie, what are you doing in here?" he asked, looking at the shards of glass remaining on the floor. "What happened?" "I came to bring Bobbie flowers that were left at the hospital, and...and " Georgie tried to muster up, but the whole scene frightened her. Trying to get the words out, she tried again. "Well, I told her about Lucas going to the Alpha Gamma Alpha and Psi Omega Tu party, and she freaked out, and took off about fifteen minutes ago." In the corner, he noticed the garbage back. Something told him to inspect it; possibly the words that Carly said to him a few days back. She's lying, Noah. The more he heard her words echoing in his mind, the more he wondered if she was right. Opening the bag, he saw three liquor bottles shoved in the midst of the trash. "Oh my...." "Why would Bobbie race off like that? Did Lucas do something wrong?" she questioned, "Listen to me, I want you to just clean up this mess, lock the door behind you and go home," he ordered, grabbing his keys from the counter. "Don't worry about Bobbie at all. I'm going to go find her okay?" Without another word, Noah was out the door and racing to stop Bobbie from doing what she seemed to be doing best: getting herself into serious trouble. Back at the party, Lucas is reeling from Dillon’s confession….. "Dillon, what did you just say?" Lucas asked, still somewhat floored by the sudden confession. He very well knew what his best friend said to him, but he was having a hard time believing it. Not holding back, Dillon touched his arm. "I said that I wish I was more than your best friend." When he noticed that Lucas was silent, Dillon sat up a little on the bed. "I know you must think that this is all strange coming from me, but it's the truth." "Laughing a little, he rubbed his hand through his hair. "You can say that again. You and I have been best friends for the longest time, but I never would have thought you would tell me something like this." He opted to sit up too, but slid back on the pillow when he felt a little queasy. "I better get back downstairs and find Brandon," he said, but couldn't move from the bed. Holding his hand, Dillon prevented him from leaving. "I don't know when it started, but I started developing feelings for you. I tried all I could to chalk it up to as simply being curious, but it's more than that." He wanted to kiss him so bad it ached inside. Instead, he continued to open up to him. "Every time I saw you with Brandon, I felt so envious; not because you weren't spending time with me as we did, but because I wished I was in his place. I feel empty when I’m not around you…like a piece of my soul is missing." "Dillon, I honestly don't know what to say right now, I mean, you are really blowing me out of the water with all of this." Searching his friend’s eyes, he realized that he was being completely honest. "Oh, Dillon," he whispered, not sure of what else to say. As their eyes locked, Dillon slowly kissed Lucas. When his friend pulled away slightly, he looked at him again,”Did I make a mistake?" Not able to deny how good the kiss felt, all Lucas could do was shake his head. "No, no you didn't. You’re doing everything right," he replied, leaning over to seize his mouth. Downstairs, Brandon was wondering what was taking Lucas so long. Looking at Lulu, Brandon shook his head. "I bet Dillon is up there right now, talking Lucas' head off about the latest new movie that is coming out. I better go up there to see if everything is okay." Back in the bedroom, Lucas and Dillon were in full make-out mode. Lucas was the first to remove his shirt; with Dillon immediately following. "I can't believe we are doing this," Lucas whispered in between kisses. "This can't be real." "It's very real," Dillon said, laying back on the pillow, wrapping his arms around him, he continue to kiss, not caring how far things go. At the top of the stairs, Lulu followed behind Brandon. "Yeah, when Dillon runs his mouth, people have a hard time leaving. I bet right now, they are getting down to the good stuff." The two of them laughed as they approached the door. Brandon twisted the doorknob, hoping that his boyfriend was keeping watch over his overly intoxicated friend. Slowly opening the door, he peered inside. "Lucas, I wanted to see if Dillon....." Brandon was in total shock at what he saw in front of him. "Oh my God." The sound of Brandon's voice immediately broke the mood. Lucas was the first to look up to see him standing there, “Brandon." He called out…… When his boyfriend quickly bolted from the room, Lucas was first to quickly put on his shirt and run after him. Not knowing what was going on, Lulu approached the door. Seeing Dillon slipping on his shirt, Lulu covered her mouth with her hand. "Dillon, oh my God, what did you do?" Back downstairs, a pleased Maxie grinned from ear to ear, knowing that her plan reached complete success. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies….. - Maxie never thought her plan would end this way….. - What happens next will change the lives of Lucas, Bobbie, Brandon & Maxie for ever!
  3. Ryan

    S&L: Episode 137

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 137 Saturday, March 10, 2007 Monica was making the rounds at the hospital, thankfully glad that Alan had the day off. The more she saw him, the more she thought about possibly being exposed for her affair with Kevin. A quick frown appeared on her face, as she thought as to how Kevin suddenly kept a distance from her; she knew it was for the best, but a small part of her wanted to be with him; to make love to him to erase all the stress from her mind. Shaking her head, she made her way to the admittance desk. When she approached, she saw a bouquet of flowers there and immediately peeked at the card. "Georgie, I was wondering if you could take these to Bobbie when you're done working," Monica asked the young girl who was standing beside her. "Since Bobbie is on vacation, it would be good for her to get these before they wilt," she said, handing her the flowers and making her way back to her office. Once inside, she closed the door behind her. Just a few minutes of solitude is all she needed; regardless of whether it would help with her decision or not, she just needed some quiet. Closing her eyes, she thought of the taunting words David said to her. Either step down from your position as Chief Cardiologist, or I'll reveal your affair with Kevin to your husband You have till Saturday to make your decision. Either she give David exactly what he wants, trying her hardest to come up with an excuse as to why she stepped down, or face the wrath of not only Alan, but the entire Quartermaine family. Putting her head on the desk, she realized either way, she'd lose something. "My, my, my, dear Monica, I didn't realize that this was going to be a 'tough' decision for you," David sneered, closing the door behind him. "Tomorrow is the deadline, you do realize that, right?" Sliding into a seat across from her, he was enjoying watching her sweat. "Get the hell out of my office," she hissed, glaring at him. "I haven't decided anything, so I don't know why you insist on slinking in here like the snake that you are." Laughing evilly, he continued on to taunt her. "Oooh, do you kiss your lover with that feisty mouth of yours?" Standing up, he put his hands in his pants pocket. "Never mind your answer to that question...all I care about is this: I want a positive answer to what I want from you. Your job for my silence." As he let the door slam behind him, Monica did all she could not to scream or throw anything; she instead eyed the photo of her and Alan. Picking it up, she stared at the man she once loved; the man who was the father of her children; the man that would pitch a murderous fit when he learned she's leaving the very career that she loved. Bobbie tried her best to clean up the mess she made of her home, but there was still more work to be done. Picking up the empty Smirnoff bottle, she placed it in the garbage bag along with the other things she destroyed. She couldn't get a handle of what was going on with her; and every time she thought about Lucas, the waterworks and the drinking began. Tying the garbage bag, she proceeded to head to the door to dump it in the garbage can. As she opened the door, she saw Georgie standing on her stoop. "Georgie, what are you doing here," she asked, looking around to see if anyone else was nearby waiting for her. She suddenly noticed the floral bouquet. "Did you bring those for me?" Smiling a little, Georgie looked at the bouquet. "Well, yes, I brought them to you, but they didn't come from me. Someone left them for you at the hospital." When Bobbie didn't move out of the way, she raised an eyebrow. "Did I come at a bad time?" Suddenly realizing that Georgie wanted to come in, she stepped to the side. "Please forgive the mess. I had a little accident and knocked a few things over," she lied, placing the bag on the stoop and closed the door. "So, let's see who these are from?" Taking the flowers from Georgie, she read the card. "Oh, they came from Luke. He must have thought I was returning back from my vacation." "Yeah, it felt kind of weird not seeing at the hospital. When Monica saw the flowers, she asked me to bring them to you so they wouldn't die." Looking at the young girl, Bobbie smiled a little. "It was nice of you to bring them to me. I thought you would be out with your friends, though. You and Dillon didn't have plans?" When she saw the change in Georgie's face, she couldn't help but ask her what was wrong. "Are things not going well for Dillon and you?" Shaking her head a little, she answered back. "No, not really. We aren't seeing each other. I opted to stay at the hospital when I found out that Dillon was going to a frat/sorority party." "You shouldn't stop enjoying yourself just because the two of you are at odds. The two of you have been such good friends. I'm sure if you would have been there, Dillon would have enjoyed your company." "I'm sure Dillon is having a wonderful time without me,' she said wistfully. "Besides, he's not by himself. Lucas went to the party, and so did Lulu; so, yeah, I'm sure he's in good company." Horror flashed before Bobbie's eyes as she heard that Lucas was at the fraternity party. The flowers that she held in her hands immediately fell to the floor, the vase smashing into pieces. "Georgie, what fraternity was Lucas going to?" When Georgie gave her a puzzled look, Bobbie grabbed her by the arm. "Tell me!" "I don't really know....Um, I think it was with Alpha Gamma Alpha and Psi Omega Tu. They're right by each other," she said, beginning to get scared. "What's wrong?" Grabbing her car keys and jacket, Bobbie ran out the door without looking back. Back at the party, Lucas helped Dillon onto the bed, hoping that he would be okay. "Dillon, are you feeling alright?" he asked, deeply concerned for his friend. "Man, you need to pace yourself when you're drinking at parties like this," he teased, laughing a little, but stopped immediately. "If you're going to be sick let me know so I can get you to the bathroom." "Nah, I think I'm alright. I'm just a little dizzy. If I sit down here for a bit, I should be fine." Rubbing his head, Dillon never felt a strong hit like this from drinking beer. "I've had beer many times but not to the point where it makes me feel dizzy." Sitting beside him, Lucas smiled a little. "Maybe it was something you at here. Sometimes food doesn't agree with you; plus, um, the sorority sisters made most of the snacks, so there's really no telling." Downstairs, Lulu was outside giving Brandon the heads up of what happened. "Yeah, Dillon obviously can't hold his liquor," she joked, sitting on the steps beside him. "Lucas wanted me to tell you that he will be back downstairs shortly." "Thanks, Lulu. I was so busy trying to get rid of that annoying Maxie, I didn't realize that Lucas might have needed my help." Feeling a little guilty, he decided to go back inside and check on his boyfriend and his friend. "I think I should go up and check on them." "Let them be, Brandon. Lucas and Dillon are big boys. Besides, come sit by me and keep me company." She saw that he was still kind of worried. "Listen, if Lucas doesn't come back downstairs in fifteen minutes, then go up and check on them, but I'm telling you, I don't think there's anything really to worry about." Taking her at her word, Brandon sat back down beside her on the steps of the sorority house. (Back in the bedroom) It was Lucas' turn to feel a little out of sorts. He didn't know if it was in fact food he had or if he drank something he shouldn't have. He drank beer, however, he also had a few mixed drinks added on to that. Rubbing his head, he made his way to the head of the bed to rest his head on a pillow. "I think you jinxed me, man" he grumbled to Dillon who was beside him. Punching him in the arm, he smiled a little. "I'm just glad that you decided to come to the party, sick or not." Rising up a little, Dillon looked at his friend. "I'm glad that you convinced me to come too. You know I'd do anything for you, right?" He couldn't deny that he was definitely attracted to Lucas; whether it is the intoxication, or just the fact that he couldn't hide the feelings he was having. "It's really no problem, Dillon. You and I will always be cool, you know that. You are a very close friend to me." Without hesitation, Dillon let the following confession pour from his lips. "I wish I was much more than just your close friend, Lucas. You are the one person I think about the most; and I wish there was more." Lucas could do nothing but look at Dillon as he said the words. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies…. - Lucas is floored by Dillon's confession - Noah races to stop Bobbie - Brandon walks in on something he wishes he hadn’t
  4. Secrets & Lies: Episode 132-136 Tuesday, March 06, 2007 - The television was blaring when Bobbie woke up. Completely disheveled, she looked around, not sure as to what was going on. Throwing the covers back, she managed to get out of her bed, letting a vodka bottle fall to the floor with a thud. Her fingers quickly turned off the television, as she made her way down the hall to the bathroom. She felt so out of it, that she had a hard time trying to get out of her night gown, and into the shower. As the water hit her face, she thought about her loved ones coming to her with their concerns; Luke's concern especially hit her hard. She's lied to Luke before, but never in terms about getting 'help' for her alcoholism. Unfortunately, she didn't want or need their help; right now, all she wanted was a nice hot shower, and to be left very much alone. - At General Hospital, Noah was going over a few charts when his mind drifted off to Bobbie. What she could be doing, he thought. Two days had passed since the intervention; two days since Carly outright told him that Bobbie was not being truthful in going to Alcoholics Anonymous. He didn't want to doubt her, but Carly could be very much correct that something is just not on the up and up. Checking his watch, he realized that his shift was over in a few minutes. He would stop by to see how things were going for her; he needed to see for himself that she was in fact, doing okay. - Back at the Spencer home, Bobbie, freshly showered, made her way into the kitchen. The last thing she wanted was to eat anything, but her stomach was growling. Opening up the refrigerator, she decided to eat a bowl of cereal, pulling out the carton of milk. As she sat down to eat, she thought of how everything for her had changed. Lucas was no longer talking to her or even living with her; she couldn't come to terms with the fact that her son was gay. The more she thought about his lifestyle; being with Brandon and walking away from her, the more she wanted to drink to numb the pain. Without warning, Bobbie started to sob uncontrollably. In one clean swoop, she slammed the bowl of corn flakes up against the wall, but didn't stop there; she was soon destroying her home in a fit of anger. Not being able to get a grip of her emotions, she went to the one place that had become all to familiar to her; the ice box. Flinging the door open, she snatched the ice cold bottle of Smirnoff Vodka. Walking through the debris of chaos she created, she slumped into the couch and guzzled down as much as she could. - Back at the party, Brandon was doing all he could not to throw up at the sight of Maxie making a fool of herself. The minute she sashayed her evil self into the pool room, everything and everyone around became tense. Looking at Lucas, Brandon shook his head as Maxie cooed in the ear of one of party-goers. "What the hell is her problem? And somebody tell me, why is she even here to begin with?" Brandon grimaced, taking a sip of his beer. Lulu was quick to answer, "Because she has no life, but loves to stir up trouble in everybody else's," she yelled, glaring at Maxie. "Isn't that right Maxie?!" Ignoring her, Maxie, continued to talk to the obviously intoxicated jock that couldn't stop looking at her. "Will you help me do something special for my friend over there," she whispered, pointing in the direction of Dillon. "If you do, I'll be forever grateful." "Sure, baby," he slurred, smiling goofy at her. "What you want me to do?" Sighing a little, trying not to gag from the foul odor coming from him. "You just be patient and I will tell you everything when the time is right." Maxie quickly made her way over to the bar and picked up two cups of beer. She quickly pulled the vial out of her pocket and began to pour the contents in both cups. "What the hell are gonna do?" Brandon snapped, obviously startling the troublemaker. "If you want to get wasted, do it somewhere else. Snatching her by the arm, he led her towards the door. "I'm getting about tired of you always finding ways to make trouble for my friends. It's time you left, Maxie." Back by the pool table, Dillon was talking to Lucas. "I guess Brandon is taking out the trash," he laughed, finishing off his last beer. Placing the empty cup on the counter, he walked back to the bar and grabbed the two beers that Maxie spiked. Handing a beer to Lucas, he smiled a little. "You have a good guy there, Lucas." Raising the cup, Lucas cheered to the compliment. "I'm glad to see you finally enjoying yourself, man. I know you had some tough times with Georgie, but hopefully this party will help you forget about all of that for the time being." Chugging down the beer quickly, Lucas wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "I know I'm making sure I don't think about all the nonsense in my life." "You mean with your mother?" Dillon asked, looking at him. "When have you last seen her?" Waving his hand, Lucas didn't care to bring up anything regarding his mother. "I don't know, and I really don't care. She obviously doesn't care about me or my feelings, so why should I extend anything to her?" Coughing a little, he looked around to see where Brandon went. "Man, I thought this was a party. Why are we talking about folks that should be forgotten about?" Brandon was about to toss Maxie out the door, when the guy she was talking to appeared. "Hey, babe, I thought you wanted me to do you a favor?" he said, looking at Brandon for a quick second. Smirking a little, the jock nodded his head. "Ah, I get it, you two want to have some 'quiet' time, huh?" "No, no, no," Maxie quickly corrected him. "He and I are definitely not going to have any 'alone' time." She quickly moved away from the door, grabbing a hold of the jock, leading him in a new direction. Brandon tossed his hands up in the air and opted to cool off a bit, exiting the party. Unbeknown-st to him, Maxie's plan was in full affect. "Dillon, are you okay?" Lulu asked, coming to his side. When she noticed that he was a little disoriented, she shook her head a little. "Come on, Dillon, I think you need to lay down for a moment." she requested, trying to lead him up the stairs. Looking over her shoulder, she called out to Lucas. "Can you help me get him upstairs to lie down for awhile? I think he drank too much." Still searching out the room for Brandon, Lucas quickly put his cup down to assist Lulu. "I think he had a little too much fun," he teased, as he got a grip of the railing to help get Dillon up to the room. "Hey, let me take a hold of Dillon, while you go back and try to find Brandon. Tell him that I'm going to stay with him to make sure he's alright." As Lulu ran back down the stairs, Maxie quickly fought off the advances of the guy she was with. "Will you get off of me!" she snapped, pushing the young man aside, keeping a watchful eye on Lulu as she came down. "Well, thank you, Lulu," she murmured to herself, pleased that she didn't have to get her hands dirty in the least. "You helped make my plan go off without a single hitch." - Jason hadn't seen or talked to Elizabeth since the day that she confessed not regretting their night together. He was grateful when she agreed to meet him at Kelly's. At the moment, he just needed to talk to someone; especially with the news Robin gave him, and the situation regarding Anna and Alexis. He smiled when he saw her come into the diner. "Thanks for meeting me, Elizabeth," he greeted, watching her sit down. "I really needed to talk to you." When Jason called, requesting that they meet, Elizabeth was hesitant at first, however, she couldn't deny that she truly missed him. Even after he admitted that he wished their night had never occurred, she still craved being by him. "You sounded kind of upset when you called, is everything alright?" "I don't know," he said, folding his hands. "Robin met me a day ago and told me that she saw Sam or someone that looked very much like Sam." Furrowing her eyebrows a little, Elizabeth had a hard time hearing the words. "Are you serious? How can that even be possible? Sam died." Instinctively, she placed a hand on his. "Maybe Robin was correct in saying she 'thought' the person looked like Sam." "That's what I told her. There is no way Sam could have survived that fire," he said, trying desperately to convince himself. "But what if she's right? Robin has never lied to me, why would she start now?" Trying to reason with him, Liz shook her head, disagreeing with the thought of him actually taking what Robin told him into consideration. "Listen to me, Jason. We all barely got out of that explosion alive. I know you miss Sam, and wish for her to be alive, but there is no way that Robin could have seen her." Jason glanced at Liz, taking her hand in his. "I'm glad that you came to see me," he whispered, still brushing a thumb across her hand. "About the night when you and I talked...I shouldn't have said that I regretted the night we shared." Shushing him, Liz let her free hand brush his cheek. "Don't worry about that now." The two of them sat in silence, not saying a word for what seemed like eons. The moment was shattered however, when Carly barged into the diner and approached Jason. Not paying attention to Liz, Carly looked at her friend, needed so desperately to talk to him. "Jason, I really need to talk to you," she pleaded. "It's very important." Sighing deeply, Liz, looked up at Carly. "Well, Carly, I hate to tell you this, but the sun doesn't rise and set at your command. Jason and I were in the middle of something that he considers important, as well." She was growing tired of Carly's intrusions, especially where Jason was concerned. Carly pauses, rolls her eyes and says to Elizabeth a puzzled look on her face: “Why are you here? Shouldn’t be baking cookies, or saving puppies or smirking or something? Don’t you have a home to go to? Or someplace else to be? "I'm sure you're little rendezvous was hardly of any 'importance' Elizabeth, but what I have to tell Jason is in fact, important and takes priority," she shot back, directing her eyes once again at Jason. "Please." Realizing how upset she was, Jason immediately thought it could be about Sonny. In business mode, Jason spoke to Elizabeth. "I know I had you come see me, but do you think we can meet up later?" Taking her cue, Elizabeth agreed to meet Jason later on. "I'll see you later," she replied. As she walked away from the table, she glanced at Jason who was helping Carly out of her coat. "Carly, is this about Sonny?" he asked, wondering if he sent her to find him. "Did anything happen?" "You know what, I really can’t see why you like that girl. I mean look at…smirking like she’s a freakin piece of artwork. Ugh….she just grinds my gears.” “Carly!” Jason yells, trying to get her back on the topic at hand. “No, this isn't about Sonny, Jason. It's much worse than that," she said, trying her hardest to get the words out. "I just can't believe he would do something like this..." Puzzled, Jason immediately pounced on her comment. "Who? Who did something?" When Carly couldn't muster up the words, Jason's agitation got the better of him. "Carly! Will you tell me what the hell is going on? Who did something that is hard to believe?" Tears stinging her eyes, she immediately reached for his hand. "I heard Nikolas talking to Lucky. I still can't believe that they did this..." "Did what! What did Nikolas and Lucky do?" "I think that Nikolas was helping Lucky keep Sam from being discovered." "Excuse me? What are you talking about, Sam is dead," he firmly said. "Have you been talking to Robin?" "Do I ever? No, what does she have to do with any of this," she said frowning at the mention of her name. "Robin said that she saw Sam at the park." Covering her mouth with her hand, Carly sat awestruck. "Oh my god. Maybe Saint Robin did well this time by telling the truth?" On the next GH: Secrets & Lies -Georgie's visit sets Bobbie off into a collision course for disaster -Dillon, while under the influence, admits his feelings to Lucas
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    S&L: Episode 131

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 131 Monday, March 05, 2007 - Tonight was a very tense night for Patrick at the hospital, and it was bound to get worse. He could handle being taken off the roster to do a surgery, but he couldn't stand the fact that Robin was making it her mission to make his shift a miserable. He couldn't understand for the life of him why she would be so upset about his being nice to Sarah Webber; especially considering that Robin and Elizabeth are close friends. Shaking his head, he continued to sign off on charts he had in front of him. "What is this? Dr. Patrick Drake actually doing some work for a change," Epiphany quipped, walking past him. "I heard about you being pulled from doing the Dawson surgery." Putting his pen down, Patrick looked up at her. "I'm sure everybody has heard. Doesn't really matter much now, does it?" he answered back. All he could think about at the moment was Robin. "Have you seen Robin at all tonight?" Raising an eyebrow at him, she dished out her pearls of wisdom. "You know, when you step foot in General Hospital, your main priority is to save lives. Whatever problems you have going on with Robin Scorpio should be left where they should be; at home." When she saw him roll his eyes a little, she shook her head. "We have enough drama as it is without you two adding to it." Grabbing her files, she made her way down the hall. Moments later, the elevator doors opened up and Robin was laughing at something Steven Webber was telling her. “Elizabeth did that?" she asked, still laughing as she stepped off the elevator. "I can't wait to see her so I can tease her about this." "No, no, you can't tell her. She would know for sure that I was the one that told you that," Steven pleaded, cracking a smile at Robin. Elizabeth definitely knew how to pick delightful friends, he thought to himself. Dr. Robin Scorpio was a delight indeed to talk with, and he hoped to spend a little bit more time getting to know her. "You never did tell me how long you were planning on staying here in Port Charles. I know you and your sister came up here for the Christmas holiday, but Christmas is long gone. Do you have any thoughts of sticking around longer?" she asked, unaware that Patrick was a few feet away from her, listening to her every word. Steven thought for a moment before speaking. Quite honestly, he had no idea how long he could stay in Port Charles, but the more time he spent with Elizabeth and old friends, the more he thought of sticking around. "The idea really never crossed my mind, to tell you the truth, Robin. I mean, I enjoy staying with Grams, enjoying her home cooked meals, playing with Cameron," he started to chuckle a little as he said his last sentence, "tormenting my sisters, even. But I haven't thought long enough as to whether I want to move back here." "Maybe you could come back to work at the hospital full time. We could always use another pair of hands in surgery," she teased, blushing immediately after she said it. What was the matter with her, she thought. She was not one to toss out flirty comments; that was Patrick Drake's style. The thought of Patrick made her frown a little. Steven could immediately see the change in her, and wondered if everything was okay. "Hey, are you okay, Robin?" he asked, somewhat concerned. Without realizing it, he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Whatever it is, you can talk to me about it. Any friend of Elizabeth's is definitely a friend of mine." "Thanks for the offer for a listening ear, Steven, but I think I'll be alright. I was just thinking about something or should I say, someone, and by doing so, it's making me a bit edgy." Looking at her watch, she realized she had to check on her patient before her shift ended. "I better get to my patient, before I head home. I had a good time talking to you." Smiling some, he couldn't have agreed more. "Not as much as I enjoyed spending time getting to know you," he replied, looking at her. "Maybe you and I can have lunch some time, that is, if it's okay with you?" She was about to give her answer when she suddenly saw Patrick looking at them. Anger took over the minute they locked eyes. "You know what, we should have lunch tomorrow," she said, making sure that every word had been heard. "That sounds good," Steven said, pleased to have another chance to be with her. "I could pick you up at your place around seven, if that's okay?" Waving her hand, dismissing the notion, Robin smiled, well aware that Patrick was scoping out the scene. "Nah, don't waste your time coming to my place, why don't I just meet you at Elizabeth's?" Rubbing his hands together, he nodded. "Well, tomorrow it is, then." He watched as Robin made her way to check on her patient. Smiling to himself, he found himself definitely pleased that he would be spending some quality time, granted it be dinner, with the lovely Robin Scorpio. Patrick slammed down a chart in frustration once Steven was out of sight. He knew Robin was acting out in spite just to get even with him, however, he didn't sit too well with the fact that Steven was a little too interested in his girlfriend. - At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on edge. How could he not be? After learning that someone saw Sam, he was spiraling, wondering what steps to take next. Throughout the day, he cursed himself for going along with Lucky to begin with; also, he had to cancel another date with Carly, to which she did not sit too well with, but understood. Raking his hands through his hair, he paced the study, wondering what he should do. Going to the desk, he picked up the receiver to the phone and dialed Lucky's number. Nik: Lucky, it's me, Nik. Hey, we need to talk about what to do about Sam." Lucky: I am very well aware that we have to do something regarding someone spotting Sam..right now, I'm trying to see if I can get Elizabeth over here. Maybe if she's here, I can find out if she was the one that saw her. What about Alexis, has she said anything to you? Nik: No, trust me, she would have called me immediately if she was the one that saw Sam at the park.....This is killing me. Lucky: I know you are going to blame me for all of this. Nik, I just didn't know what else to do at the time. Nik: You're damn right this is your fault. If you hadn't opted to take matters into your own hands, then Sam would be on the right path in getting her memory back....We would have gotten to the truth as to why Helena had her in the first place. Lucky: (pausing a bit before speaking) When you found out....when you learned that she was alive, why didn't you do something? I mean, you had the chance to do what was right...why did you go along with me? Nik: I don't know....for the life of me, I don't know. Just the thought now of seeing the looks on my aunt’s face....it's going to kill her. Lucky: Man, I'm so sorry...... Nik: (cutting him off) No, you're not....don't even dare say you're sorry. Everyone that was there that night will be affected when the truth comes out......and you know the truth will come out that Sam is alive and that we kept her away from everyone. As Nik continues his conversation with Lucky, he wasn't aware that someone was standing outside of the study, hearing his conversation. The figure quickly makes their way to the door, but was stopped when Alfred, Nik's butler, approached them. "Madame, you weren't able to find Sir Nikolas?" he asked, with a puzzled look on his face. "He is in fact here at the mansion. Do you care for me to locate him for you?" Shaking her head, furiously, the figure spoke to him. "No, Alfred, that won't be necessary. Just tell Nikolas that I stopped by today, okay?" Opening the door, she let it slam shut behind her. Wiping her eyes, Carly couldn't believe that Nikolas was keeping the most damaging secret from not only her, but from a great deal of people that she cared about. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies… - Bobbie continues to spiral out of control - Brandon is none-too-pleased with Maxie's antics - Carly interrupts a moment between Jason and Elizabeth
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    S&L: Episode 130

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 130 Sunday, March 04, 2007 At Kelly's, Robin played with the leather glove, looking at it carefully. She knew for a fact she was not crazy. She saw Sam McCall with her very own eyes. The problem now was whether Jason would take her at her word. Looking at her watch, she hoped he would show up. Jason, who was outside of Kelly's, kept thinking about his conversation with Sonny. He didn't like what he saw between Anna and Alexis, and he needed to prepare Sonny in case something went down. Peeking in the window, he saw Robin sitting at a table. Now, however, he had to shelve the thoughts of Anna and Alexis, and figure out what Robin had to see him about. Opening the door, Jason made a beeline for Robin's table. "Robin, hey. You said it was urgent, so tell me, what's up?" Gulping a little, Robin became hesitant in telling him about who he saw at the park. "I went to the park today. I had a lot of things to think about, especially where Patrick is concerned." Holding up a hand, Jason immediately stopped her, not in the mood to hear about her love life with Dr. Drake. "I know you didn't call me here to talk to me about some problem with you and Patrick. I do have other things to do Robin." Taking the glove off of the table, Robin proceeded to tell Jason what happened at the park. "Okay, as I was saying, I went to the park today. While I was there, a woman walked passed me and dropped her glove in the process, " she said, holding the glove in her hand for Jason to see it. "When I finally caught up with her, I told her that she dropped her glove....." She let the sentence trail off. When Robin didn't continue on, Jason rolled his eyes a little. "Robin, can you please tell me what this has to do with me? So, you found some girls glove. Why am I here?" “Jason, when she turned around, I was face-to-face with Sam. The woman I saw was a dead ringer for Sam." The whole explanation sounded so foreign to her. It sounded foreign to Jason too, who sat dumbfounded at what she was saying. "Sam is dead, Robin. Maybe you thought you saw someone that looked like Sam, but Sam is dead." "I wish it was that simple, Jason, but I am telling you right now, right here, that I saw Sam McCall," she whispered, making sure not to be overheard. "You said that Helena held her and Alexis captive, right? What if Helena is..." Jason refused to let her continue. "There was no way that Sam could have survived. Robin, you're wrong." Standing up, Jason got ready to head for the door. Before he could, he felt Robin's hand grabbing him. "Prove me wrong, then. You know deep down inside that I would never lie to you. Despite everything we've been through, I would never lie about this." Releasing his arm, her eyes met his. "All I'm saying is for you to prove that I am wrong." Dillon was having second thoughts about going to the party. First of all, it was his first party since breaking up with Georgie; second, Lucas was, and it was going to kill him to see him with Brandon. Shaking off his nervousness, he made his way towards the beverage table, taking a cup of beer and chugging it down. "Slow down or else you're going to pass out before the party even gets under way," Lucas said, chuckling a little bit. Closely behind him was Brandon, who nodded in Dillon's direction. "Man this is a big turn out, that's for sure," he said, looking around at groups of folks laughing and dancing. Seeing that his friend was a little down, Lucas playfully hit him in the arm. "Shake it off, Dillon. Tonight is about having fun, am I right?" Quickly planting a smile on his face, Dillon quickly agreed to what he said. "You are absolutely right," he agreed, taking another cup of beer in his hands. His eyes zoomed in on Lulu, who was coming inside. "Lulu's here," he replied, pointing in her direction. "I'm surprised ole Luke Spencer let her out of his sight, " he quipped taking a drink of his beer. All three of them made their way towards Lulu, who was looking around the room. When she saw them approaching, she smiled a little nervously. "Hey," I didn't realize that this was going to be the party of the century," she commented, looking at the crowd of college students that was quickly growing. "Have you guys seen Maxie anywhere?" she asked, searching out the room. Lucas was the first to grunt in disapproval. "Who cares if Maxie Jones is here? Nobody likes her anyway, so she might as well save herself the trouble and just stay home." Tapping Brandon on the shoulder, Lucas opted for them to go in a different direction. "Brandon and I are going to talk to a few of the other guys here. We'll be back later," he said, leading Brandon in the direction of some of his classmates. Lulu immediately saw the look on Dillon's face, and worried. "Dillon, stop moping around. Just because Lucas is in a relationship doesn't mean that he's going to stop being your friend," she said, hoping to cheer him up a bit. "You won't believe what I caught Maxie with. She had...." she started to say, but was cut off abruptly when Amanda came their way. "Dillon, you came!" she squealed, latching her arm around him. "I knew that you would when I invited you," the girl cooed dreamily. "Oh, hey, Lulu," she said quickly, making sure her focus was on Dillon. Seeing that Amanda wasn't about to leave anytime soon, Lulu opted to roam the room, hopefully to find Maxie and put a kink on whatever scheme she had cooking." Outside of the frat house, Maxie huffed as she counted the money. "I told you that someone bumped into me, knocking the stuff you gave me out of my hands. I don't see why you can't just give me a freebie this time around," she whined, shoving the money in the guy's hand. "Sorry, but I don't give out my good supply of Ecstasy to just anyone, I don't care if it was lost in the bushes. You still gotta pay, " Rico said, counting the money again. Taking the vial out of his pocket, he quickly slapped it in her hands. "I'm gonna split. The last thing I need is to be getting busted dealing with some cop's kid." Looking at the vial, she made a face as Rico was leaving. "Let the games begin," she smirked, quickly putting the vial in her pants pocket, making her way to the door of the party. It took all Dillon's strength not to push Amanda off of him. Smiling weakly, he mouthed the words 'help me' to Lulu, who just looked on, laughing. "Amanda, why don't you go and get us a couple of more beers," he suggested, in hopes that once she did, he could make a beeline to another location. When she giggled and went on her way, he quickly walked towards Lulu, who couldn't contain her laughter. "So, you thought that was funny, huh?" he said, scowling a little. "I'm sorry, but that girl has got it B.A.D. for you," she said, starting to laugh all over again. "I saw Lucas and Brandon heading for the pool table in the other room. Maybe you should go there before Amanda comes back." "Come with me," he begged, grabbing a hold of her hand. Maybe if Lulu was there with them, he wouldn't feel so out of place being around someone that he was trying to keep his feelings hidden from. As the two made their way to find Brandon and Lucas, Maxie slowly walked in their direction, waiting for the right opportunity to set her plan in motion. Turning her head, she saw Amanda getting two cups of beer. "Hey, Amanda," she cooed, smiling at the obviously intoxicated girl. "Why don't you let me carry those for you? I think Dillon was heading in that direction," she said, making sure to point in the opposite direction of where she saw Lulu and Dillon headed. Not fighting her, Amanda simply nodded and walked in the direction she was instructed. "Thanks, Maxie,"she replied. Rolling her eyes, Maxie made sure that Amanda was out of sight. Sitting the cups of beer down on the table again, she looked around before taking the vial of powder out of her pocket. She was about to put the drug in both cups when she realized that Dillon would never accept the beer if it came from her. Quickly putting the vial back in her pocket, she sought out one of the sorority sisters. "I was wondering if there was beer in the room where the folks are playing pool at." The sorority sister looked at her like she was speaking in a foreign language. "Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't there be?" she snorted, rolling her eyes as she made her way towards the group of girls waiting for her. Huffing a little for being made fun of, Maxie walked towards the room where her main targets were in. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies…. -Patrick isn't pleased to see Steven's focus on Robin -Nik's phone conversation with Lucky is overheard by someone
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    S&L: Episode 129

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 129 Friday, March 3, 2007 The tone in Robin's voice scared him a little Jason. What could she possibly have to say to him? Neither spoke with one another in quite a few months some time; well, not a real conversation, at least. His cell phone immediately started to vibrate. Flipping it open, he greeted the person on the other end. "Hello? Sonny, I'm on my way to meet Robin right now," he replied, listening to what Sonny was sharing with him. "What do you mean someone's been asking questions about you? What kind of questions? Okay, let me see what Robin wants and I'll come over to see you." A nagging feeling suddenly came over him after hanging up with Sonny. First he gets the call from Robin, now Sonny. What could possibly be next? As he rounded the corner, making his way to the park, he realized that he spoke too soon. Across the way from him, he spotted Anna and Alexis talking together. Slowing his pace, he curiously watched on, as the two seemed in serious conversation with one another. "What is Anna Devane doing talking to Alexis?" Jason softly questioned, making sure not to lose sight of them. Across the way, Alexis pulled out a file, handing it over to Anna. "I thought about what you said Anna and I reconsidered my previous decision. However, if you in anyway have it discovered that it was I that gave you this information on Sonny, I will deny it. Understood?" The sooner she got back to her office and away from Anna, the better, Alexis thought. Opening up the file briefly, Anna smiled back. "Duly noted and definitely understood, Mrs. Davis. I promise you, you will not regret giving me this information about Sonny Corinthos." Letting the smile to continue playing at her lips, Anna leaned in closer. "Before you know it, Sonny, along with a lot of other crime dealers will be off the streets." Placing the file in her attaché case, Anna walked in the opposite direction. Back at the other end of the crossing, Jason's mind was in overdrive. What was it that Alexis gave to her? He immediately thought of what Sonny just told him on the phone. Something was definitely up and he didn't like it one bit. Taking his cell phone out of his pocket, he dialed Robin's number. "Robin, I know I said I would meet you at the park, but I need you to meet me later on, okay? Look, I realize you said it was important, but I have something to take care of immediately. Can you meet me at Kelly's in two hours? Fine, I'll see you then." The next call he made was to Sonny. "Sonny, don't go anywhere. I'm on my way to see you. We might have some trouble we didn't think was possible." Maxie was sitting at Kelly's looking at the little vial of powder that she just received. Tonight's party would be the night she changed everything for Dillon and Lucas. Putting the vial in her purse, she sipped her coffee. The thoughts and possibilities were endless. Dillon would have to face the fact right then and there regarding his harboring feelings for Lucas. As for Lucas, well, he would soon see Dillon in a whole new light. "Maxie, I want to talk to you," Lulu demanded, startling Maxie from her devious thoughts. Lulu, for weeks, had known that Maxie was constantly trying to set Dillon off; and she was beyond tired of it. "Amanda told me you cornered her, demanding she tell you about a conversation she had with Dillon and Lucas. Do you want to tell me about that little 'interrogation' Maxie?" Scowling at her, Maxie sat her coffee cup down. "You know, you could have made me spill my coffee, Lulu. I find it kind of you just making it a point of sitting down at a table you so clearly weren't invited to," she snapped, wiping coffee from the edge of the table. "Save the speech, and tell me why you are so concerned about what Amanda was talking to Dillon and Lucas about," she demanded again, this time glaring directly at Maxie. "She already told me that there is going to be a party tonight, so my question to you is this: Why are you so worried on whether Dillon goes or not?" Rolling her eyes, Maxie was beyond tired of Lulu Spencer's guardian angel routine. "If you already know what Amanda told me….Then tell me, why are you here at my table, harassing me? Why should you even care about my wanting to know if Dillon would be there?" "Because, I know you've been giving Dillon a hard time; constantly riding him, trying your best to bother him about his friendship with Lucas. I mean, come on, Maxie. What is so wrong with Dillon being friends with Lucas? I didn't figure you to be the type to look down at someone that has a different sexual preference." Having heard enough of the conversation, Maxie, proceeded to get up from the table. Unfortunately for her, Lulu was on her feet as well. "As much as I would love to sit here and talk to you about nonsense, I have things to do". Slipping on her coat, she grabbed her purse and walked out the door, hoping that Lulu would not follow. Not taking kindly to the brush off, Lulu grabbed her coat and followed right behind. "I'm not done talking with you Maxie," she bellowed, snatching her arm. In the midst of the struggle, Maxie's purse fell, spilling all of its contents. Bending over, Lulu's eyes zoomed in on a folder Maxie had containing private journal entries from Dillon’s journal. While she looked through the folder, Lulu stepped on Maxie’s vial. "What the hell...." she said, snatching it from a frantic Maxie, who was obviously trying to keep it out of sight. "You little bitch; you were going to go to that party and..." Pissed off that her vial was broke and angry that Lulu discovered her folder, Maxie, lunged at Lulu. "Give it to me," she screamed, trying her best to get the contents out of Lulu's hands. A smack in the face was all she received. "I wonder what Mac would say to this," she challenged, waving the vial in the air. "Granted he's no longer commissioner, I still would reckon he would be none-to-pleased to find out that his step-daughter is breaking into the private computers of Port Charles citizens." When she saw Maxie proceed to lunge at her, Lulu purposely dropped the folder into the sewer drain. "You're despicable, you know that?" Screaming in anger, Maxie shoved the rest of her contents in her purse. "You are going to regret what you just did, Lulu Spencer. I promise you that." Anger shown in her face as she watched the petite blonde walk off. Rubbing her face where she had been slapped, she continued to glare at her. A part of my plan may have been ruined, but I have a bigger plan now, and Lulu and Dillon will soon regret it." At Wyndemere, Nikolas was frantic when he was told by Alfred that Sam left hours ago. The first person he had called was Lucky. Maybe he stopped by and took her somewhere, he thought, dialing the number. "Lucky, it's me, Nik. Is Sam with you?" "No, why would she be with me," Lucky answered, puzzled by the phone call. "Are you telling me that Sam disappeared? Where the hell were you?!" he shouted, trying not to get too worked up. "Look, now is not the time to start hollering on the phone. Just get over here, and help me find her, alright?" Slamming the phone down, Nikolas ran his hands through his hair. "Sam, where in the world could you have gone?" he asked silently, getting ready to head out the door to look for her. Realizing that he just told Lucky to meet him at the house, he threw his coat back on the couch. If Sam was out on the streets of Port Charles, there was no telling who might have seen her; who could have approached her. If someone did see her, Lucky and Nik would have some serious damage control to do. His thoughts immediately went to the discussion he and Lainey had at Sam's session. His silence would definitely hurt a lot of people; one of them being Alexis. Minutes passed when Alfred came into the study. "Sir Nikolas, a Mr. Lucky Spencer is here to see you," he said, waiting for his command to show the guest in. "It's okay, Alfred, tell him to come in. Please close the door behind him for me." Lucky wasted no time coming into the study. Waiting until the door was closed, Lucky glared at Nik. "How could you be so careless as to let Sam leave the house? What if someone saw her, Nik?" 'Don't you think I know the chances of her being seen, Lucky, huh? Don't come in here snapping at me about the risks. If it weren't for you keeping Sam a secret to begin with, then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess right now." Plopping on the couch, Lucky put his head in his hands. "I told you, I was trying to keep Sam from being hurt again. I won't regret trying to protect her. We just need to get out there and..." he pleaded, but stopped when the door to the study opened. "Oh my God, Sam." Nik and Lucky both raced to the frightened woman's side, each asking tons of questions. Stepping away from them, Sam sat on the couch. "I went to the park to clear my head." "You have an entire island to yourself! You have to promise me you will never leave unless one of us is with you, okay?" Nik requested, still shaken by the fact that Sam was gone to begin with. Sitting beside her, he took her hand in his after seeing that she looked scared. "What happened in the park?" Tears flooded her eyes, as she admitted to being discovered while there. "I saw a woman there at the park, and I tried my best not to be seen, but I dropped my glove. She must have seen it and followed me to give it back," she said. "She saw me and said my name. I got scared and ran off." Trying to calm her down, Nikolas suggested that Sam go upstairs to her room and rest. "I'll come up to check on you in a few hours, just go upstairs and rest a bit, alright?" Once she retreated up to her room, Nik faced a nervous Lucky. "We have a serious problem Lucky, you do realize that don't you?" "Why, thanks for reminding me, Nikolas. I think I am very well aware that we have a problem," he snapped back, pacing back and forth. "Who was the woman that saw her? That's what we need to be finding out?" Lucky suddenly feared who the person could have been. "My God, what if it was Elizabeth that saw Sam? If it was Liz at the park, you know she's going to make her way toward Jason and tell him." Waving a hand, Nik had someone else in mind. "It might not have been Liz; what if it were Alexis that saw Sam in the park? I know she had errands to run today, so it could have been her that came face-to-face with her." He suddenly grew agitated and took it out again on Lucky. "I told you the risks you created when keeping folks from knowing Sam was a live. Was getting back at Jason worth it, huh, Lucky? My aunt could be going crazy right now." Taking the attack on him, Lucky couldn't do anything but agree with Nikolas. "It doesn't matter who saw Sam, whether it be Liz or Alexis. The person that saw her will tell someone; and when they do, all hell is going to break lose." Back at her apartment, Robin Scorpio picked up the lone glove, putting it in her purse. Checking her watch, she gathered up her things and proceeded to meet with Jason. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies…. -Jason has a hard time believing what Robin has to tell him regarding Sam -The fraternity party is underway and Maxie sets off to make her move.
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    S&L: Episode 126

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 126 Tuesday, February 27, 2007 Opening Video Sarah couldn't keep her mind on the conversation that she was having with Audrey over breakfast this morning. All she could focus on was Patrick Drake. Despite the fact that Robin made it clear that he was her boyfriend, Sarah really didn't care. She wasn't doing anything wrong by talking with him; so she really didn't understand why Robin wanted to pull the whole territorial card out on her. "Sarah, dear, what do you think about taking Cameron for a quick walk in the park,"Audrey asked, sipping her coffee. She was extremely happy that Sarah opted to stay at the house with her and Liz. "Dear, did you hear what I asked?" Startled a little, Sarah immediately spilled her coffee on the table. "Oh, dear, I am so clumsy this morning," she said, quickly wiping up the mess. "Um, yeah, I'd love to take Cameron for a walk," she quickly answered back, hoping her grandmother didn't pick up on the fact that her mind was elsewhere. "I can take him right now, if you would like." Smiling a little, Audrey pretended not to notice that her granddaughter was obviously in another world. "Elizabeth is at work, and I have a few things to take care of, so I figured what better way for you and your nephew to spend time together." Making her way up the stairs, Sarah was all set to gather up Cameron and set out for their little journey to the park. - At the park, Robin and Patrick pretended to believe that everything was going well between the two of them. No matter what, though, tension was definitely keeping the two of them at odds with one another. A part of Robin was angry that Patrick couldn't own up to the fact that she wanted to be exclusive with him; and a part of Patrick was angry that she basically assumed the worse of him where a mere conversation was taking place. Trying to break the tension some, Robin scooped up some snow and tossed it at him. Unfortunately, it was the wrong move to make, especially when she saw the scowl appear on his face. "What is your problem, Patrick? How many times do I have to say that I am sorry?" she asked in exasperation. Wiping her hands clean, she glanced at him. "What?" "What's the point in telling you how I'm feeling?" he snapped, using his scarf to wipe off the snow from his face. "You are just going to turn what I say around, and put the blame all on me." "Do you think I'm going to 'pee' on you again," she snipped sarcastically. "I don't see what was so wrong in letting Miss Sarah know that you were spoken for; that we were an item," Robin was growing tired of talking about Elizabeth's sister. Liz was one of her closet friends, however, Sarah was another matter she wished would disappear. Rolling his eyes, Patrick turned on his heels and began walking in the opposite direction. "If you're going to make little snide comments about what I was trying to get across to you, we can end this whole discussion right here and now, Robin" Stopping in his tracks, he kept his back from her. "You know exactly what I was saying when I made that comment about you always peeing on me. You get pissed when I even come within an inch of another female; and in all honesty, I'm making conversation. Am I to just close my eyes and turn off my hearing when any lady on the staff says hello to me?" "Don't be ridiculous, Patrick," Robin snapped, walking towards him. "I didn't say that at all. But don't deny that you were way curious than need be when you were sitting at that table with Sarah. I had every right to let her know that you were my boyfriend, and won't be sorry for making her aware of that." The two of them continued to argue about Sarah. Neither one paid much attention that Sarah was standing a great distance from the two of them, watching the entire heated exchange. Sarah definitely could pick up on the tension that was going on between the two of them, and to be honest, she was rather enjoying Patrick standing his ground. - At the Quartermaine Mansion, A.J. was still brooding over the way Carly reacted to his wanting to spend time with Michael. He won't deny that she was incorrect in her saying how much he hurt Michael in the past; however, now, he wanted to do his best to make things right. Now that Michael was getting older, A.J. felt that he had the right to make his own decision in whether he wanted to spend time with him or not. "What are you moping around about, A.J.," Edward bellowed, walking into the master study. "If anyone should be looking grumpy, it should be me. I can't believe Tracy wants to conduct yet another business meeting on things that don't need changing to begin with. What in the world was I thinking letting her take control the way she did." "Why don't you just tell Tracy that you are stepping back in and taking control from her, I mean, grandfather, it can't be that hard to do." "I supposed you're going to sit there and tell me that you have a solution as to how to get Tracy to tone down the 'holier than thou' act too, right?" he snapped, tossing his newspaper on the desk. "What you should be doing is thinking over my wanting you to come in and join the ELQ fold." Waving his hand absently, A.J. wasn't at all interested in coming to ELQ at this time. He only had one thing; or person in mind; and that was Michael. "As much as I would love to have you attempt to bully me into giving you your way, I have other things currently on my mind." Snorting in disbelief, Edward approached his grandson. "What could be more important than being a part of ELQ?" "Michael," A.J. replied, quietly. "I went over to see Carly the other day, in hopes that she would let me see Michael. Not only did she tell me to stay away from him, but she proceeded to slam the door in my face. Chalk it up as her way in adding insult to injury." "I don't know why you wasted your time in believing that you could reason with Carly Corinthos. As long as she's still a part of Sonny, you can pretty much forget about forming a closer relationship with him." Edward knew all too well that his attempts to get Jason to return to family fell flat. "What you need to do is attempt to see Michael when neither Carly nor that mobular hoodlum Sonny is around. You keep going over there, pleading and begging Carly to let you see him, you'll see for yourself that you will fall flat on your face. You, my son, are a Quartermaine, and a Quartermaine’s always find alternative methods in of getting what they want." Smirking a little, A.J. took Edward's words into deep consideration. "Grandfather, I must admit, even to myself, that you are absolutely right. If I want to have a relationship with Michael, I'm going to have to do it on my own terms; not Carly's." Getting up from the couch, A.J. grabbed his jacket and car keys. Frowning a little, Edward stared at him. "Now, where in the hell are you going?" "I have a few things to take care of, I don't know when I will be back, so if I don't see you, take care....and, good luck with Tracy." - Back at the park…… "Hey, Cameron. Are you enjoying this walk in the park as much as I am," she cooed, bending over to smile at her nephew. Standing back up, she continued to watch the two of them. "If you are going to be so pig-headed about this, then there is really no point in talking to you any longer," Robin barked, turning her back on him as well. "I'm going back to house." She immediately started to stomp off, making it clear that she did not want to let him get the last word. Sarah immediately saw her opportunity to get closer to Patrick; and made sure that Robin wasn't out of viewing range when she did so. "Patrick, is that you?" she said, pretending to just discover that he was there. When she saw him turn around to look at him, she quickly pushed the stroller to approach him. "Hey, Sarah. What brings you out to the park?" he asked, still burning from his argument with Robin. When he saw Cameron smiling at him, he couldn't help but smile back. ”I see you brought company," he said, smiling back at the toddler. Sarah smiled back, bending down by the stroller. "You've seen Elizabeth's son, Cameron, right?" "Of course," he answered back, shaking hands with Cameron. "Hey, buddy, what's happening?" From a distance, it was Robin's turn to look on at the 'bonding' moment between Patrick and Sarah. She stopped walking the minute she heard Sarah's voice calling out to Patrick. Furiously wiping a tear that was about to trail down her cheek, she turned on her heels, and opted not to go home, but to the hospital instead. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies…. A special ICU episode featuring the Spencer Family. Luke, Noah and Carly finally confront Bobbie about her drinking and are surprised by Bobbie’s response.
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    S&L: Episode 125

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 125 ICU: Lainey/Nikolas/Sam and Dillon/Lucas/Maxie Monday, February 26, 2007 Opening Video - When Dillon made his way into Kelly's, he didn't plan on staying for a long time. His plan was to grab something to eat, look over psychology notes, and head to class to take the test. The minute he sat down, however, something told him that he wasn't going to get much studying done; and he was very much correct. Ten minutes passed when Lucas came into the restaurant. Immediately spotting Dillon, he made his way towards his table. "Dillon, how's it going," he asked, placing his backpack next to an empty chair. Taking off his coat, he draped it across the chair and sat down. "It's been a while since either of us talked." Trying not to sound nervous, Dillon nodded his head. "Yeah, it's been awhile. I've been so busy with classes and dealing with some family matters," he fibbed. There was an obvious reason as to why Dillon and Lucas haven't talked; he couldn't get over what he saw months earlier. Now that Lucas was sitting next to him, the feelings were coming back. "Come on man, you can't drown yourself in school work. You do have the right to hang out with your friends and let off some steam," Lucas teased, playfully punching Dillon in the arm. "I will admit, I have been dealing with some things I wish I could soon forget, however, the more I am with Brandon...." he stopped in mid-sentence when he heard a few college students coming into Kelly's. Glancing in the direction of the college students, Dillon looked at Lucas for a moment. "Do some of the people at school still give you a hard time being with Brandon?" he asked, looking briefly at the students again. "I mean, do you feel uneasy when you two are together?" Laughing abit, Lucas merely shook is head. "Earlier, yeah, folks gave us a hard time, said hateful, cruel things. Now, however, I couldn’t care less what others think of me. I'm not ashamed of being gay, nor ashamed of being with someone that I truly love." Smiling a little, Lucas said something that automatically sent shivers through Dillon. "I think about you as well." "What do you mean?" he immediately asked, feeling his body tense up a bit. "Why would you think about me?" "Out of everyone in this town, you remained true to who you are. When you found out about my being gay, you didn't turn your back on me. Instead, you continued to be my friend, and that means a hell of a lot, considering all the things I've been through recently with my own family." He was going to say more, however, one of the college students approached their table. "Hey, Dillon, what's up Lucas?" the young girl said to them. When they looked on not sure as to whom she was, she giggled a little. "I'm Amanda, We have a few classes together." As Amanda continued talking to both of them, Maxie made her way into Kelly's. She immediately stopped in mid stride, locking eyes on Dillon and Lucas. This should be interesting, she thought to herself, quickly sitting down, continuing to keep her eyes on them. She definitely had to get the goods on what was going on at that table. "Well, Friday night there is a joint party sponsored by one of the sororities and fraternities on campus. On behalf of Alpha Gamma Alpha, I thought I'd extend an official invitation to you both," Amanda said, smiling in Dillon's direction. It was obvious that she was a bit interested in Dillon Quartermaine, and getting him to come to the party would be a good way of trying to get to know him a little bit more. As for Lucas, she thought he was cool too, so it was only right to extend the invitation to him as well. "So, what do you say? Will you come to the party Friday night?" Remembering what Lucas said earlier about getting out and being with friends, Dillon quickly piped up, looking in his direction. "Of course. I'll come to the party; after all, everyone needs to let off a little steam every now and then, right?" Patting him on the arm, Lucas also agreed to come to the party. When she left, he leaned over across the table "I'm glad you are finally taking some much needed advice. I think the party Friday night will be one you will always remember." Looking at his watch, he quickly grabbed his backpack. "We better get to class, man." Grabbing his stuff as well, Dillon quickly followed Lucas out the door of Kelly's unaware that Maxie was lurking around, watching the two of them. Once they were gone, Maxie slid from out of her chair and made her way towards Amanda, who was grabbing her books from the table. "Hi, Amanda," she greeting, planting a fake smile on her face. Amanda was the last person she would ever have thought about talking to, however, she needed the dirt, therefore, if she must use her to get it, she would. "I couldn't help but notice that you were chatting with Dillon and Lucas." Rolling her eyes, Amanda glanced at Maxie. "You're quite the observant one, now aren't you," she said, looking back at her friends, who were heading out the door. "I have to get to class soon, so what do you want?" Fake smile and all erased immediately from Maxie's face. "What were the three of you talking about," she asked, folding her hands on her arms. "I strongly doubt all that giggling was for some tips on how to pass a test or anything. So, Amanda, what was it that you were talking about?" "Since you're so nosey, I'll tell you what we were talking about," she snapped, walking towards the door, "I was telling them about a party Friday night at one of the frats. Now, if you will excuse me, some of us actually have things to do with our time." "Bitch," she mumbled, as she watched the door close behind her. “Whore,” Amanda yelled back. Grabbing her cell phone out of her purse, Maxie quickly dialed some numbers. "I need to see you in thirty minutes, and you better have the stuff that I asked for," she demanded the person on the other end of the phone. "I wouldn't be asking to meet you if I didn't have the money, you moron!" Closing the phone shut, Maxie's plans on setting up Dillon with Lucas were well underway. - Lainey arranged the photographs that Nikolas gave to her a few days earlier. This would be her ninth session with Sam, and they had not yet made any progress in trying to get her to remember who she was. Hopefully, the pictures might possibly jog her memory a bit...hopefully. As she glanced at the clock, she realized that Nik would be bringing Sam to see her shortly. For Lainey, it was proving to be harder than she thought in getting Sam to recall the summer her life changed; perhaps, she thought, deep down, Sam didn't want to remember all that happened to her. What made matters worse was the fact that both Nik and Lucky were keeping the poor girl out of sight from everyone who knows her; letting everyone involved that summer to believe that she was truly dead. A knock at the door broke into her thoughts. Opening it, Lainey smiled at Sam, who arrived with Nik. "You are right on time," she said, motioning for Sam to sit down. When she saw that Nikolas was sitting next to her, Lainey quickly approached him. "I think for today's session, it will be just the two of us. I feel that if you are here, it will only be a distraction." "What do you mean by 'distraction'," he asked, a little agitated that he was being excluded from the session. "I have been trying my best to get her to remember things." Lainey quickly excused the two of them, making sure not to let Sam hear what she had to say. Once outside of her office, Lainey firmly glanced at Nik. "I need to know if you or Lucky are truly trying to help Sam get her memory back. I mean, you come to me, requesting my help, however, in the process; you drop the bomb on me that only two of you know that Sam is alive. How am I to help her, knowing that she's already being kept from everything and everyone that could possibly help her?" Sighing deeply, he put his hands in his coat pockets. "Lainey, it was never my intent in dropping a load of information on you at once. Lucky and I both handled things the best way we could," he tried to reason. When he saw that she was waiting for him to continue, he did so. "When I saw that Sam was alive, believe me, I was furious that Lucky kept it a secret; however, at the time, we just couldn't take the chance. There was no telling what could have happened if she saw everyone that was involved in the fire last summer." "I don't fully agree with what either of you are doing; simply for the fact that too many people are going to be hurt and angered by what you know. Even Sam could become furious with you both; just be aware of the consequences, Nikolas." Without saying anymore, Lainey excused herself and went into her office to start her session. Sam, who was waiting for Lainey to return, looked around the office. With a finger, she traced the certificate that hung on the wall. Looking over at Lainey, she smiled nervously. "I really don't know what to say to you, or how to answer the questions you may ask." "We'll start off slow, and go from there," Lainey replied, taking the folder of photos from her desk. Approaching Sam, she sat across from her. "I thought we would start off by looking at some pictures. Perhaps once you look at them, you might remember some things about the person you are looking at." A puzzled look came across Sam's face. "You think that if I look at these pictures, I'll remember who I am and what happened to me?" She suddenly felt a tightness in her chest; perhaps fear of what the outcome would be. Nodding her head, she complied. "Let me see the pictures." The first picture she showed was of Jason. "Take a look at the picture very carefully, and tell me if you remember anything at all about this person," she said, keeping a close watch of any expressions that Sam may make. "When you look at this picture, do you remember anything at all?" A quick flash of memory hit her. Looking up at Lainey, she handed the picture back to her. "I remember him reaching out to a woman. He was trying to save her," she murmured closing her eyes briefly. Placing the photo back in the folder, she took another one out. This time, it was a picture of Lucky and Elizabeth. Holding it up, Lainey spoke, "Take a look at this one, Sam. Tell me if looking at this picture may help jog something for you." She hoped that it would. She could tell that this wasn't working too well as she had hoped. "That's Elizabeth and Lucky," she answered quickly, nearly startling Lainey. Pointing in the direction of Liz, Sam continued to talk. "She's his wife, but when I saw her, she was with the guy in that other picture." A frown suddenly appeared on her face as she looked at the picture of the two of them. "I don't know why she would be married to Lucky but be with someone else. I know if I were with Lucky, I would never do him badly." Immediately putting the picture away, Lainey was curious as to what Sam was telling her. "You think very fondly of Lucky, am I correct?" Blushing a little, Sam glanced up at Lainey, suddenly becoming shy in what she said. "He makes me feel completely safe, and I know that he would never hurt me. Dr. Winters, I think about him constantly," she confessed. "I know it sounds weird, but…….knowing that he is married doesn't stop me from having feelings for him On the next GH: Secrets & Lies… -Sarah sees the tension between Patrick and Robin, and uses it to her advantage -A.J. confides in Edward in regards to wanting a relationship with Michael -Robin feels threatened by Sarah
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    S&L: Episode 123

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 123 Thursday, February 15, 2007 Opening Video - Tracy Quartermaine was seething when she got home. Slamming the door behind her, she slammed her briefcase on the desk of the Quartermaine study. "Well, how was your day, cupcake?" Luke Spencer said, from the couch he was sitting on. "Tough day at the office?" Startled, Tracy stomped over towards Luke, staring at him in disgust. "So, is this all you do during the day? Lounge on the couch, drinking our finest alcohol?" Looking up, raising his glass of scotch, Luke took a long sip. "Cheers, babycakes," he teased. "Come sit down and tell me what's got my spanky buns all riled up," he said, patting on the couch for her to sit down. Not taking the offer, Tracy continued to stand right where she was. "Oh, so now you're concerned about me and the stuff that goes on at ELQ. Never mind that you up and ran off to help that skank, leaving me to deal with that red-headed twit, Skye." Luke immediately sat up straight on the couch, placing his drink on the coffee table. "Holly may be a lot of things, Tracy, but 'skank' isn't one of them. She needed my help," he bellowed, glaring at her. "Just as you needed my help getting the CEO position. You do recall that don't you Tracy? So shut up with all the guilt trips and tell me what's bothering you." - At General Hospital, Monica is reeling from learning that David Hayward, not Lucy Coe, is the one who has been sending her pictures. She demands that he leave her office immediately, but David refuses to go. He tells her that she’d better come up with a reason for him to keep quiet about her affair or he’ll go to Alan. Monica tries to figure out why David is doing this to her. David smiles at Monica. “It’s quite simple really. I don’t think you deserve to be Chief Cardiologist. You spend more time sucking face and doing god knows what else with your Dr. Feelgood than you do spending time tending to your patients.” A frustrated Monica snaps at David. “You have some nerve commenting on the amount of time I spend not focusing on work. You’ve spent what? Countless hours stalking me and taking photos? You’re sick. You’re a very sick individual.” “Well I may be a sick individual, but you Monica….are a whore.” Monica then tries to slap David for his statement, but he catches her hand and lays a big kiss on her instead. “Now Monica, I have no plans on getting physical with you. That would best be saved for Kevin. However I will tell you what I want in return for my silence.” “And that would be?” Monica asks with a ping of sarcasm. “I want your job. I want you to resign and recommend me for the position of Chief Cardiologist. Now you don’t have to answer now……..but I do want an answer before Saturday.” David then grabs the folder containing the photos and exits Monica’s office. - On the other side of town, Lorenzo calls a meeting with some of his associates. He is sick and tired of bending over backwards to co-exist with Sonny. This latest stunt to put him in jail is the final straw. Next week they make a statement that will make him re-evaluate screwing with Lorenzo. - Dillon returns from class to find a note from Georgie asking him to check his e-mail. He does so, only to find an e-mail titled “I can’t do this anymore”. In it, he learns that Georgie feels like they’ve grown apart in recent months and everything they’ve done to try and fix their relationship is futile, especially since Dillon obviously has feelings for someone other than her (she believes it’s Lulu). - Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Luke and Tracy were in their heated discussion about ELQ, among other things. Taking a seat across from him, Tracy told him what was going on. "Mind you when I took over as CEO, I knew I would have difficulties with some of the morons that work there, however, I didn't know that that bitch Skye made such an impact while there," she seethed, glaring at Luke. "Do you know how it feels to have to hear folks rave praises for her? Talking about how sad it was to see her removed? I could have ran and scratched every last person's eyes out for uttering the name 'Skye.' Luke, who at the mention of Skye's name felt a little hit to his heart. "It must be tough for her right now. She’s lost a job that she loved so much." "WHAT!" Tracy screamed. "Are you kidding me? Are you sitting there feeling bad for that Quartermaine interloper?" Snatching Luke by the collar of his shirt, she made sure that he heard every word she was about to say. “You listen to me, Luke Spencer, and you listen damn well. Get over it. You did what you did, and there's no looking back. Cut the remorse crap. You were looking out for yourself just as much as I was looking out for myself. It could have been your keister out in the streets." Pushing him back on the couch, Tracy snatched her briefcase and prepared to make her grand exit. Turning on her heels, she shot one parting comment in his direction. "You better think about where your loyalties lie, Spencer; and it better not be towards that Skye Chandler." On the next GH: Secrets & Lies…. - Noah sits with Carly and Luke to discuss an intervention for Bobbie - Anna meets with Alexis to learn some of Sonny’s weaknesses - During therapy, Sam confesses to Lainey that she has feelings for Lucky - Dillon and Lucas are invited to a party on campus…..Maxie plans on putting her plan into motion.
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    S&L: Episode 122

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 122 Monday, February 12, 2007 Opening Video - At Wyndemere, Sam walked down the winding staircase, making her way to the master study. As she walked inside, she looked around a little, still in awe over how large the room was. Slowly, she approached a bookcase, looking at the various titles that were there. She made her selection and sat in one of the oversized chairs. Sam was preparing to read, when she heard a door slam. Quickly closing the book, she wasn't sure if she should make a quick exit, or see who was coming into the study. Her body relaxed when she realize it was Nik standing in the entry way of the study. "You scared me," she said, continuing to relax some. Smiling a little, Nik approached her, taking a seat across from her. "I'm sorry, I should have said something to let you know it was me," he apologized. "Did you rest well?" Nodding her head, she placed the book on the coffee table. "Actually, I did have a good rest. I didn't think that I would be able to sleep, considering how large this place is, but I was surprised." Scratching his eyebrow quickly, Nik wanted to let Sam know that he was scheduling another session for her with Lainey. "Sam, I called Lainey and we thought it might be time to set up another session," he replied, immediately watching for her reaction. When she didn't give one, Nik was prepared to continue on. Unfortunately, before he could, he heard his name being called. "Nikolas, where are you? We need to talk," Alexis called out, making her way down the hall. She wasn't near the study, but her pace was bringing her closer with each passing second. "Nik, did you hear me?" "That's Alexis," Nik whispered to Sam. "Here, go out this door until she leaves, okay?" Ushering her to make a quick exit, Nik hurried out of the study to meet Alexis before she approached. "Why didn't you answer me when I called for you?" Alexis questioned, moving past Nik to sit on the couch in the study. "I need to talk to you, it's important." - "Michael, I want you to take a few things down in the basement for me," Carly said, taping a few boxes together. "The sooner this stuff is out of my way, the happier I'll be." Grumbling, Michael picked up one of the boxes, "I don't know why I have to be the one to carry them down in the basement, in a few weeks you'll be telling me you packed something you shouldn't have, and send me right back down for it again." When Carly gave him that motherly look, he quickly exited with the box. Carly was taping her final box when the doorbell rang. Placing the tape on the table, she walked to the door. Her face immediately grew into a scowl at the person she was staring at. "What the hell do you want?" "Can I please come in, Carly?" AJ asked, looking at her. "All I want to do is come in and talk to you for a few minutes. Nothing more, nothing less." He came all this way, the least she could do is offer him the time to talk, he thought to himself. Shaking her head, Carly stood firm, not making a move. "If you want to talk to me, you do it right there. I don't want you in my house. In fact, after this conversation, I don't want to see you near here again." Holding a hand up, A.J. didn't argue. "Fine, I wanted to talk to you about Michael. I wanted to know if it would be possible if I could spend some time with him; to start over again?" "You're kidding me, right? You are not actually standing there asking me if I will give you permission to spend time with my son," Carly was growing livid, but making sure not to draw attention to herself, or have Michael overhear, she lowered her tone. "You're not coming nowhere near my son, you got that?" - The camera cuts to Jason Morgan remembering his recent one night stand with Elizabeth. He appears to be in a trance while staring at the water. His thoughts are interrupted when Lorenzo appears with 3 men. “It appears that you have some explaining to do Mr. Morgan,” states Alcazar with much intensity. “That little stunt you pulled is going to cost you.” Not having any idea what Lorenzo is referring to, Jason blows him off. “I’m not in the mood to deal with you and your ramblings. Leave..now.” Two of Lorenzo’s men get a bit too close to Jason. He throws the first punch, knocking one of the men on his ass. He’s then grabbed by the remaining two and restrained. Lorenzo grabs Jason’s shirt and pulls him in close to whisper something in his ear. “Let me explain something to you Jason. This little song and dance that Sonny and I have been doing for the past 4 years is really beginning to get old. I am sick of the two of you sticking your nose in my business. I’ve had it. If the two of you don’t stay out of my business…..you’re gonna find your lives and the lives of those closest to you in danger.” Lorenzo snaps his fingers and Jason is hit in the stomach with a pistol. The men walk off with Lorenzo, leaving Jason clutching his stomach. - Outside, Sam could hear what was being said. As she listened, she sensed that her voice sounded very familiar to her. Trying not to make any sounds, she stood by the door to hear their conversation. "So, what's the matter, Alexis? Tell me what's going on," Nik demanded, hoping that his aunt's stay wasn't long. The last thing he needed was Alexis discovering that Sam was there; the last thing he needed was to explain everything that was going on. Damn him for going along with Lucky in this whole mess, he thought to himself. "Yesterday, I went to go pick up Kristina from school. Imagine my surprise when I get there," she said, still upset by what happened. "Helena was there....with Kristina, Of course when she saw me, she 'played' nice." Nik focused his attentions on what Alexis was saying. "Did Helena say anything to you? Make any kind of threats of any kind?" he asked, deeply concerned that something could have happened to Kristina if Alexis had not arrived on schedule. "Did Kristina tell you what she said?" Rolling her eyes out of frustration, Alexis, stood up from the couch. "Of course not. It doesn't matter, the point is that this does not sit very well for me. Helena having complete access to my daughter like that. What if I hadn't gotten..." she broke off her sentence, shaking a little. "What if I hadn't gotten to her on time? Helena has put me through hell with all that she's done. When she locked me and..." Before Alexis could finish her sentence, her cell phone rang. Walking towards the exit that Sam went out of, Alexis took the phone call. "Okay, fine, I'm on my way. You know that you are putting me in at real inconvenience, don't you by waiting until the last minute." Closing the phone shut, she tossed it back into her purse. "I have to go, but I want you to keep your eyes on watch for Helena. I know she's up to something, and God knows, I don't want Kristina to be a one of her pawns," she said, grabbing her coat and making her way to the door. Once she was gone, Sam made her way back into the study. She didn't let on to Nik that she heard their entire conversation. - Monica walks into her office after a long shift and is surprised to see David Hayward in her office. She questions him as to why he’s in her office, but he doesn’t say anything. Instead…..he takes out a folder from his briefcase and tosses it her way. As she opens the folder, she is shocked by all the pictures of her and Kevin making love! In the supply room, in her office, in his office, in his suite at the MetroCourt. How could David do this? While Monica’s mind races, David leans back in her chair and poses a question. “So tell me Monica. What’s it gonna take for me to be quiet about your little extramarital activities? - Back at Carly’s, frustration set in for A.J. "You can't deny me from seeing him, Carly. Yes, I made mistakes, but I want to be a part of his life again. I want to do right by him. That is all I want to do," he replied, pleading his case to her. "Can't you let him make the decision on whether he wants to spend time with me? Why do you have to do it?" Gripping the doorknob, Carly kept her tone as low as she could. "This isn't a decision that I'm going to let him make. I'm making this decision for him, and the decision is no. I don't want him near you. You've hurt him enough...I won't let you do it again." Before he could continue talking, Carly pushed the door closed and locked it. Turning her back, she ignored his pounding on the door. Taking the tape from the table, she went back to taping up the remainder of her boxes. Coming into the room, Michael stared at his mother, "Mom, who was that at the door?" Without even looking up, Carly gave him her answer. "Nobody you should be worried or concerned about. Come on and let's get the rest of these boxes downstairs." On the next GH: Secrets & Lies…. - David’s plans for blackmail are revealed - Luke and Tracy fight about Skye - Alcazar makes deadly plans for Sonny - Georgie breaks it off with Dillon
  12. Ryan

    S&L: Episode 121

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 121 Sunday, February 11, 2007 Opening Video - GH begins in the apartment of Patrick Drake. He storms into his apartment, throwing the keys on the table. Robin follows him soon after demanding to know why he won’t speak to her. Patrick continues to walk through the apartment not answering, instead taking off articles of his clothing to get into the shower. Robin follows him into the bathroom and threatens she’ll continue to nag him until he answers her. “I don’t appreciate being peed on,” snaps Patrick glaring at Robin. Taken aback at what he says, Robin yells “What? I never peed on you. What are you talking about?” “Obviously you feel like marking your territory. That’s what dogs do Robin. They pee on areas they feel belong to them. That is what you’re doing to me. You’re peeing on me.” “Oh grow up.” “No really. I have an innocent meeting with Sarah Webber and you show up preparing to mark your territory. I don’t appreciate that Robin.” “Excuse me for wanting to let everyone know that we’re together and protecting the guy I like when I see another woman sniffing around,” she replies. “Maybe if you acted like we’re in a relationship in public, I wouldn’t have to ‘mark’ my territory. I’m outta here.” Robin grabs her pocketbook and slams the bathroom door. “Fine……TURN THIS AROUND ON ME!!” Patrick turns on the water and begins taking a shower. Suddenly the bathroom door comes open and Robin flushes the toilet. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Patrick screams as the cold water hits his naked body. “What’d you do that for?!” Smiling deviously, Robin says: “That was for being a jerk.” Robin then leaves the apartment smiling. Elsewhere, Bobbie sits in her dark living room drinking a glass of vodka. She stares into the darkness seething about the argument she had the other day with Noah. She begins to vividly recall the events…… Bobbie stood in silence as Noah said the words to her, “I need to know if you’re drinking again.” Closing her eyes for a moment, she had to think of what to say to him. “Why are you asking me this, Noah,” she questioned, walking away from him, making sure she wasn’t looking in his eyes. Making sure as to not upset her more than she already was, he chose his words carefully. “Bobbie, I’m asking you because I care about you, and I know that you are dealing with a lot right now.” Sniffling a little, Bobbie turned to face him, knowing that she had to tell him exactly what she had contemplated ever since seeing her son in the arms of another man. “Okay, you want to know the truth? Do you really want to know?” “Yes, I do, he replied, sitting down on the couch. Extending a hand, Noah motioned for her to sit by him. “Just take your time; there’s no need to rush” As the two were talking, neither was aware that Lucas came inside the house. When he heard his mother’s voice, he set forth in approaching. Unfortunately, when he heard what she was saying, he stopped cold; listening to every word. “I just can’t get the images out of my mind, she said, clenching her hands into fists. “I thought I would surprise my son on Christmas by stopping by to spend time with him. I mean, I know we shared Christmas together, but I really wanted to show him that I was trying…” she replied, breaking off in mid-sentence. “You were trying to show him that you could accept his relationship with Brandon,” Noah finished the sentence for her. “Bobbie, you need to talk to him; you can’t keep holding this inside. Look at what it’s doing to you now. You actually are contemplating taking a drink.” Scoffing a little, she gave Noah an incredulous look. “What do you want me to say, Noah? Do you want me to tell my son that I walked in and witnessed him wrapped in the arms of another man; obviously enjoying being intimate with him? Just the thought of even telling him what I saw disgusts me.” Back in the archway, Lucas stood completely shocked at the words he heard. It was one thing to learn that his mother witnessed his romantic night with Brandon, but it was the way she talked that hurt him the most. It proved to him that she was not at all accepting of his relationship with Brandon; in fact, she wasn’t accepting of who he is. He was tempted to confront her with what he heard, but rather chose to go upstairs. A few hours passed when Lucas made his way downstairs. He spent most of the time talking to Brandon about what he learned, and now that he was finished, he wanted to settle a few things with his mother. Reaching the living room, he found her sitting on the couch. It was obvious to him that she was merely pretending to read the magazine that was in her hands. Clearing his throat, he got her attention. “I want to talk to you,” he said, seriousness setting into his voice. “I don’t want you to say one word; I want you to listen to everything I have to say.” Bobbie immediately sensed that the conversation that was about to take place was not going to be a good one. “Lucas, I really don’t feel like talking,” she began. Unfortunately for her, her son was in no mood to be understanding of her wishes. “Right at this moment, I don’t care what you feel. After all, it’s obvious to me that you don’t care about how I feel,” he snapped, folding his hands against his arms. “Of course I care about how you feel. Why would you say that I don’t care about you, Lucas?” “Stop saying that!” he yelled, running his hands through his hair in frustration. “You know damn well that the only way you’d ever care about me is if I were the way you want me to be,” Standing up, Bobbie tried to approach him, but he flinched away at her touch. ”Lucas, please talk to me. You know you can tell me anything,” she pleaded, tears beginning to fill her eyes. Scoffing at her, he shot back in her direction, “When were you going to come around in telling me why you have been giving me the cold shoulder? Mother, I heard every word you said to Noah this afternoon.” Panic set in, Bobbie, wondering what all he could have possibly heard her saying to Noah. “Please let me explain. You have to let me explain,” she begged, looking at her son. “I don’t see what there is to explain. It’s pretty clear as to why you kept your distance from me,” he replied, turning his back on her, walking towards the window. “I guess I’m ‘disgusting’ in your eyes, aren’t I? Here I thought you were accepting me for who I am; and accepting who I fell in love with,” he said, still staring out the window. “Now I see everything you said to me was nothing more than a lie.” Folding her hand, there was nothing she could say to erase what either one of them was feeling right now. “I’d like to explain if I could. I owe you that much.” Waving his hand at her, Lucas turned on his heels and stared at the one person he thought would accept him forever. “I don’t want anymore explanations. What I heard you say was loud and clear,” he said, making his way towards the stairs again. “Don’t worry, mom, I’m going to make things a lot easier for you.” Following behind him, she was curious as to what his final words meant. “What do you mean, ‘make things a lot easier’?” she questioned, fearing the worse. Not bothering to stop his stride up the stairs, he called out. “I’m packing up the rest of my things. Me moving into Sonny & Carly’s old penthouse was to be temporary, but now I see that it’s the only place that I can call home. I’m moving out……permanently.” Bobbie wipes a tear from her cheek as she comes back to reality. She grabs the bottle of vodka and drinks it straight from the bottle. She stares at a picture of her and Lucas from his high school graduation….disappointed at the life that he’s chosen for himself. She hugs the photo and cries herself to sleep as GH comes to an end. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies….. - AJ would like to have a relationship with Michael….but Carly won’t allow it. - Alexis’ almost discovers Sam at Wyndemere while visiting Nikolas. - Monica meets the person blackmailing her - Jason has a confrontation with Lorenzo on the docks
  13. Secrets & Lies: Episode 118-120 Sunday, February 11, 2007 Opening Video GH begins will Anna Devane reluctantly releasing Lorenzo Alcazar from jail. She informs Lorenzo and Skye that due to “lack of evidence”, she’s been ordered to release Lorenzo and drop the charges. Lorenzo hugs Skye and kisses her. Anna rolls her eyes and walks away steaming. “Not too good for your first few weeks Anna,” she tells herself. She takes a sip of her coffee and thinks her day couldn’t get any worse….until David walks in that is. At Wyndemere, Nikolas walks in while Courtney is spending time with Spencer. She takes this time to try and get in some personal talk with the man she still loves. “So…..I hear things are going well for you and Carly. I hope she’s treating you well.” Nikolas looks up at Courtney from his desk and glares. After putting down his pen he begins to speak. “Not that it’s any of your business Courtney, but yes, we’re doing great.” Nikolas look at his watch and asks how much longer she’ll be there. “Listen…I know things haven’t been great between us Nikolas but I think I deserved a second chance.” “Second chance? Second CHANCE?” Nikolas stands ups and walks over to Courtney. “You don’t deserve anything. You left me. You walked out on me. On top of that you took my child with you. You disappear for months, come back and just expected us to pick up where we left off. I’m sorry I didn’t wait by the couch and cry for you.” Courtney angrily replies, “You don’t have to be so damn nasty. Little did I know that you’d shack up with the first person who showed you a little attention! I was confused Nik and I need time away. I thought you loved me enough to wait for me.” “Well I’m sorry I didn’t. You left me at the worst time. I needed you, you weren’t here—” “And Carly was right?” “Yes she was. She made me realize that I needed to put myself first. Look, I don’t want to argue with you. Things are civil between us Court. I allow you to visit Spencer as much as you want. You have free access to our child.” Carly walks into Wyndemere at this time, unbeknownst to Courtney and Nikolas. Courtney continues to talk to Nikolas. “This is not about our child. This is about us. I miss you. I need you.” “But you can’t have me and you’re just going to have to accept it. Look….I want you to be happy.” At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward poured himself a cup of coffee and sat at his desk. Now that AJ was back home, he had big plans for him. The first being, getting him back into ELQ. A shiver went through the elder Quartermaine's back as he thought of Tracy making the employee of ELQ's lives miserable. Although he trusted Tracy to a a certain extent, there was no way in hell he was about to let her run amok with his empire. A knock on the door prompted Edward to bellow for them to come in. AJ stepped into room, closing the door behind him. "You wanted to see me?" Standing up and stepping away from his desk, Edward approached his grandson. "As a matter of fact, I did, AJ," he said motioning for him to sit down. "Now that you are home, I have great plans for you, son." Looking a little puzzled, AJ was about to ask what his grandfather could possibly have planned for him. Immediately, he thought of the only thing that would have Edward smiling the way that he was. "Oh no...." he began raising up his hands in protest. "Listen before you hastily tell me 'no', Edward snapped. "By the way, you know I hate that word, especially when it comes to securing my family's future. AJ, I want you to involved with ELQ. I need you to be involved with ELQ." Stifling a laugh of sarcasm, AJ immediately took the bait for the moment. "Okay, tell me why you want this so much? Seriously. You already have Tracy as CEO of the company. Doesn't she have to know about what you have planned?" Waving a hand in the air, Edward frowned at the notion. "I may not be in the CEO position, but I am still the man that makes the decisions around here; and that decision is getting you into ELQ." At General Hospital, Robin was wrapping up her shift. She couldn't wait to wrap up her shift; anything to get with Patrick and have some steamy sex with him. A smile played at her lips at the thought of their night together. Patrick always had a way of making her forget about the negative that came into her life. Headed towards the elevator, she focused on the last patient she had to tend to; after that, her plan for the night was to give tons of TLC to a certain doctor she had in mind. Patrick, who had just arrived at the hospital, was headed towards the cafeteria when he spotted a dark-haired woman trying to juggle a lunch tray in her hand, while trying to carry packages in her other hand. Running over to her, he offered his help. "It looks like you have a lot to juggle. Let me help you with that," Patrick offered, taking the tray from her hand. Blushing a little, Sarah Webber looked at the kind doctor, thanking him. "I haven't been having the best of luck when it comes to getting something from this cafeteria," she chuckled, putting her packages down. "So, are you here to visit a patient," he asked, obviously interested in knowing a little bit about her. "I mean, do you have a loved one here that you are seeing?" "Actually, I have a loved one here, but they aren't a patient," she laughed, opening her bottle of juice that was on the tray. "My sister works here." Immediately taking a seat at the table, Patrick definitely wanted to know who she could possibly be related to; because whoever it was sure was lucky to have a good looking relative such as her. "You might know her, since you are a doctor and all," she flirted a little bit. Sarah was taken by his good looks immediately, and was instantly curious to get to know him better. "My sister is Elizabeth Webber." Smirking a little, Patrick pointed a finger in her direction. "Are you serious? Elizabeth Webber is your sister?" Rubbing his chin a bit, he sipped his coffee. "So, does 'Elizabeth Webber's' sister have a name?" Sarah and Patrick both started laughing at the statement, so loud that some patrons glanced their way. The laughter did, however, catch someone else's attention; Robin Scorpio's who happened to step in the cafeteria to get something to drink. Putting her hands on her hips, she just stood watching the two of them. Back at the table, Sarah extended a hand to him. "I'm Sarah Webber," she said, quickly glancing at the tag on his uniform, "and you are, Dr. P. Drake. Um, is Dr. Noah Drake your father?" Putting a finger to his lips, Patrick mocked secrecy. "Shhhh, don't say that too loud, you'll ruin my good reputation," he teased, causing the two of them to start laughing again. "Your reputation was already ruined, don't ya think," Robin said, standing behind Patrick. Looking in Sarah's direction, she wanted to make her last words crystal clear. "Hey Sarah. I see you met my boyfriend, Patrick." Back at the PCPD, Anna asks David to leave. He tries to convince her to have lunch with him so they can catch up on time lost. Anna snaps at David, telling him she has no intention of having lunch with him now or ever. David appears to be hurt and apologizes for disturbing her. Anna is tempted to stop him from leaving and almost does, but gets a call from the Mayor to attend a special taskforce meeting with the FBI. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies…. - Patrick is upset with Robin for acting territorial. - Bobbie flashes back to her big fallout with Lucas
  14. Secrets & Lies: Episode 115-117 Tuesday, February 06, 2007 Opening Video - Carly stormed into Greystone with a purpose and found Sonny sitting at his desk doing paperwork. The door to the living room flew open and she barged in announced. Sonny looked up from what he was doing and saw her standing over him with a paper in her hand. "Do you know what this is?" she said as the paper in her hand landed on his desk. "No, but I'm sure you're going to tell me..." he replied as he looked down at it. "It's a letter from one of Michael's teachers. Do you know what it says?" "No, but ...." "It says that Michael is doing poorly in school, he's acting up in class, heck he's even skipping classes now and ...." she exclaimed as she stomped around the living room, angered by what the teacher had to say about her son. "Carly ... calm down." "Calm down? Calm down? Our son is becoming a troublemaker in school and you want me to calm down!" "Look, he's a young boy. He's going to get in trouble, besides, isn't that how Michael's always been? I mean he's mischievous, he get's into things he shouldn't ..." "Yes, but he's skipping classes, Sonny. He's not pulling some prank on Morgan, this is serious!" "Okay, okay ... What do you suggest we do about it?" Carly calm down a little bit when Sonny asked for her opinion, a rarity around the house. "I think we need to have a talk with him and lay down some rules for him. I think some kind of punishment is in order. He's skipping classes, Sonny ... He needs to be in school." "Okay, I agree with having a talk with him, but punishment? He hasn't robbed a liquor store, Carly ... he's skipped out on a class or two." "If we don't do anything now, who knows what's next ... maybe he's not that far off from robbing a liquor store!" "Okay, now you're being a bit ridiculous. He's a child." "Yeah, a child who needs some guidance and some rules. We just can't let him run free to do whatever he wants. He needs to learn that he has to behave in school and he's there to learn. Skipping class and causing all kinds of trouble is not a good thing. We have to nip this in the bud now, not later, Sonny." - Monica and Kevin wait together at Metro-Court, for Lucy. Kevin and Monica had received photos of their escapade, and Monica knew they had to come from Lucy. There was no way she was going to allow Lucy to spill what she knew to Alan. Lucy arrived at the hotel right on time and Monica didn't wait to lash out. "How dare you?!" Monica begin as she approached Lucy. Lucy not sure she was suppose to know what Monica was talking about. "How dare you send those photos to me? Do you know what kind of problems could of arose if Alan would of seen those?" "Monica, I don't know what you're talking about. What photos?" "Don't play dumb, Lucy. You know exactly what photos I'm talking about." "No, honestly I don't. And I don't have to stand here and take the tongue lashing from you!" Lucy turned to leave and Monica grabbed a hold of her arm. "Oh no, you're not leaving just yet. I have a few chose words to say to you." Lucy turned back around and gave a quick jerk to her arm to release Monica's grasp. "Why should I stand here and take the verbal abuse from my husband's trifflin' whore?!" Monica was taken back by Lucy's name calling towards her, as her jaw dropped to the floor. "Well I didn't come here to be insulted either Lucy. And I don’t know if you’ve forgotten, but you and Kevin are not married anymore." "Then why did we come here to meet?" "We .... I asked you here in the hopes of getting you to keep your trap shut about ..." "About you sleeping with my husband…ex-husband? ... After your actions just now, I should go and tell Alan all the sordid details." Kevin stepped up. "Now, Lucy, she didn't mean what she said. We're all a little on edge with those photos floating around." "You're defending her, now?! You're defending your whore over your me? Oh that's rich, Kevin!" Lucy rightfully upset with Kevin for taking Monica's side, stormed out. "Lucy .. wait!" Kevin called out as he began to go after her. Monica grabbed a hold of his arm and turned him around. "You're not going to go after her are you? Let her go Kevin, I thought you were waiting for excuse to let her go; here's your chance ... our chance to be together without Lucy looking over our shoulders every minute. Kevin looked back over his shoulder at the front door, wanting to go after Lucy, but Monica was right. He was just looking for an excuse to let Lucy go, and now he was given that chance. In the state Lucy was in though, there's no telling what she's going to do. He and Monica just hoped she didn't make a beeline to the Quartermaine mansion to tell Alan. - As Nikolas gets Sam settled in to her new home with him and Spencer, the movers continued to bring in her belongings from the boat. Soon she was all unpacked and becoming more and more comfortable with her new surroundings. Nikolas invited her to join he and Spencer outside for a little playtime. They found a beautiful spot overlooking the bay, and Nikolas unfolded the huge blanket out onto the grass. He had brought a few things for Spencer to play with, as the three of them enjoyed the afternoon sun together. Sam started to relax and she was beginning to feel more comfortable outside without being noticed by any passersby. But little did they know they were being watched from afar. As Nikolas, Sam and Spencer played on the blanket, a shadowy figured lurked nearby. - The last place that Skye wanted to be was at the Quartermaine mansion. Unfortunately, she had to give Tracy some documents that she somehow forgot. Now that she had been ousted from ELQ, there was no purpose to hold on to anything, and Tracy let it be known that she wanted 'no reminder; of Skye ever having a part of ELQ business. As she walked into study, her face grimaced at the smug look on Tracy's face. "Look, you bellowed me to come here with the documents; I'm here." Standing up and coming from around the desk, Tracy couldn't help but smirk at Skye. "You can give me the documents and let the door hit you on the way out," she said, trying to snatch the documents from Skye's hand. "You think you are in so much power, don't you Tracy? Skye asked, keeping the document out of her reach. "Nobody is ever going to take you seriously, and you know why? Because you don't give anyone any credit. You nag and annoy yourself into everything to the point where people just give up." "Now that you are done with your little tirade, give me the documents, Skye and get the hell out," Tracy snapped, extending her hand to reach for the documents once again. Before she could do anything, Skye's cell phone rang. Still holding the documents, Skye moved to the other side of the room, hoping for privacy. "Hello? Lorenzo, where in the world are you?" she asked, looking at Tracy out of the corner of her eye. She nearly dropped the papers when she heard him on the other end of the phone explaining what happened. "You're in jail! Fine, I'm on my way." Seeing an opportunity, Tracy waited till the conversation was over. "Well, well, well. Looks like Skye Chandler has to bail lover boy out of the slammer. That's going to be kind of hard, considering that bail is probably way more than someone like you could ever afford," she taunted, letting the smile play at her lips. "But then again, you are apart of organized crime, so it should be too hard to blackmail for some bail money." Turning on her heels, Skye took two steps towards her, and taking both hands, she ripped the documents into pieces. "Here are your documents," she seethed, letting them fall before Tracy's feet, and quickly walking out the door. - At Harbor View Towers, Liz and Jason commiserate after sleeping together the night before. Folding her hands together, Elizabeth looked up at Jason, trying with all her might not to get upset. "A few weeks ago, I went to see Lucky. I had to pick up a gift he had for Cameron. While there, I noticed a woman's night gown and robe in the bathroom." Rubbing his chin, Jason immediately took a seat next to her. "Did you ask Lucky about it? Did Lucky try to explain anything to you as to what you saw?" Shaking her head, she continued to hold her hands together. "I left before I could even ask him about it. I just had to get out of there. It's obvious that Lucky has moved on; maybe it's time for me to do the same." Looking at her, Jason wasn't sure what to say. He definitely didn't want to say the wrong thing to her; especially with all that has gone on. "I think you should ask him about it. You two obviously need to clear the air about a lot of things. Maybe when you do, the two of you can take steps to make things right again." Getting up from the couch, Liz walked to Jason's desk. She was as confused as to what she wanted; who she wanted, and simply talking to her husband was not going to make things better. "Maybe I don't want to make things right. Maybe what I saw was a sign that I need to let Lucky go." "Is that what you really want; to let him go?" he asked, still walking carefully in the questions he was asking. "You've been through too much to just let things end without trying to resolve them." Elizabeth immediately switched gears in the conversation. "Jason, I have to be honest with you about something. I know I've said this to you before..." she said, pausing a little before continuing on. "I don't regret at all what happened between us last night. I'll never regret our night together." Putting his head in his hands, he didn't know what to say to her confession. Taking a deep breath, Jason spoke the words that he knew deep down that he meant. "Elizabeth, I wish that night never would have happened." Tears immediately fell from her eyes. Reaching for the door, she quickly slipped out before Jason could even approach her. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies - Lorenzo is released due from jail - Courtney deals with Nikolas’ closeness to Carly - Edward wants AJ to become involved with ELQ again - Patrick meets Sarah Webber for the first time - Anna is upset when David wants to take her out for lunch
  15. Secrets & Lies: Episode 110-114 Monday, January 29, 2007 Opening Video - Mac and Lucky executed the orders Anna had given to them, and picked up Lorenzo. He was read his rights as they walked into the PCPD's squad room. An officer was already typing up the report as Lucky sat Lorenzo in the chair. "Sit down ..." Lucky ordered as he shoved Lorenzo down into the chair. "So what am I being arrested for this time?" Lorenzo asked. "A whole list of charges, Alcazar. Do you want me to read them all?" Lucky said sarcastically. "Yeah I would, then I want my phone call to call my attorney." "Well let's start off with receiving stolen merchandise and possession with the intent to distribute said stolen merchandise...how does that grab ya?" Lorenzo rolled his eyes at Lucky snarkiness. "Yeah, can I call my attorney now?" "Well, see about that ... it might take a while to get you processed, you know fingerprints, pictures, and typing up the reports. Perhaps I can get you that phone call in a few hours." "The caring from you, Lucky is astounding, you know that?" Lorenzo replied as Lucky grabbed his arm to stand him up. "Come on, we're taking a little walk...and I don't need to hear your mouth." - Looking at the young woman, the tall gentleman, Ric Lansing, immediately saw a familiar resemblance to her. “I don’t want to sound corny or anything, but have we met before?” Sarah immediately smiled at his question. “I don’t believe so, but now that I think of it, you look familiar to me as well.” Sarah wouldn’t deny to herself that she thought this man looked invitingly handsome, and that there was something about him that peaked her curiosity. As for Ric, it took only a quick moment to realize who she reminded him of. She looked so much like Elizabeth. “Can I ask you a question?” he said, clearing his throat. “You said you were going to look for your sister. Would that sister by any chance be Elizabeth Webber?” A puzzled look came over Sarah’s face. “How do you know who I’m sisters with?” she questioned, taking a step back from him. “Who are you?” Extending his hand to her, Ric gave a small smile. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I’m Elizabeth’s ex-husband, Ric Lansing.” Snatching her hand from his, Sarah glared at him. “So you’re the bastard that caused my sister so much pain.” - Jason comes home to find Liz sitting on his sofa. Though he’s surprised to see her, he’s very happy that she’s there. Liz (obviously drunk) comes on to Jason very hard. In her inebriated state, her feelings for Jason pour out. He tries to calm her down, but she vents to him about everything: work, home, Lucky, the stress of being a mother and so much more. Without Jason’s friendship she wouldn’t know what to do. Feelings within Jason begin to come to the surface and he kisses her. He stops himself before they go too far, but can’t resist her. Liz pulls Jason into another embrace and they two make love. - Maxie being computer illiterate asks someone she knows will be easy to manipulate into helping her get the files she needs from Dillon's computer. She asks a computer wizard, named Paul to assist her in her plans. "I need you to do something for me." she flirts with Paul. He not sure what she's up to, but enjoys the attention, nonetheless. "To do what? Is this another one of your brilliant plans again Maxie?" Paul hesitant to help her, not wanting to get caught up in all the drama that is Maxie Jones. "I can't tell you. But I need you, Paul." Maxie replied as she turned on the charm. "I need you to hack into someone's computer and retrieve some files for me." "Isn't that illegal?" "It's only illegal if you get caught, and we're not going to get caught. Do you know why?" "Why, Maxie?" By now, Maxie is laying on the flirtation thick to get Paul to do what she wants, and he's a pile of goo in her hands. "Because you're just that good at what you do, Paul." she flirted. Paul beginning to stutter and sweat, he's always had a crush on her but knew she'd never go for a guy like him. A computer wiz, smart, and intelligent. Not Maxie's type. But she could make him do just about anything for her. "Where's the .... computer and .... what files do .... you need?" Paul stuttered as he conceded to helping her. Maxie reached into the bag she had carried with her and pulled out Dillon's laptop. She had swiped it from Dillon earlier, she didn't have much time to get what she needed and get it back to Dillon before he'd begin to miss it. "Here ..." she handed the laptop to Paul. Paul opened it up and began to do what he need to do to find the files Maxie was looking for. "Why do want these so bad, Maxie?" "Don't talk, hack ..." she replied and handed him a CD to use to put the files on that she requested. Paul put the CD in the laptop and downloaded the files she wanted. Maxie grinned with glee as she saw the files being downloaded, but wanted Paul to work faster, she didn't have a whole lot of time. "Hurry up, Paul. I don't have a lot of time! Doesn't this thing go any faster?" "Patience, my dear .... patience." Maxie was getting antsy, she needed to get Dillon's computer back to him before he started looking for it. The download was finally complete and Paul removed the disc from the computer. "Here you go ..." he said as he handed the disc to her. "Thank you ... a million thank you's." she said as she snatched the CD from his hand. "Anytime ..." Paul said as he smiled and got all dreamy. Maxie grabbed the laptop and put it back in her bag, and put the disc into her purse. "You're the best, you know that?" she said as she complimented him and then left, leaving him still wondering what she needed the files for, but really didn't care, he just enjoyed the feeling of being needed by Maxie Jones. Sam found herself wanting to breathe some fresh air, she had been cooped up in the apartment for far too long. She made her way to the rooftop of the apartment building and breathed in the air she so desired. She didn't know how long she was up there, but it didn't take her long to lose track of time as she started to fantasize about what life would be like with Lucky. They had been spending a lot of time together, and being in close quarters, feelings for him were starting to develop for her. As she sat wondering about what could be, she was startled back to reality by Nikolas, who came looking for her. "Hi .... I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you." he said as he approached her. "Hi .. I was just ...." "Daydreaming? Yeah you were pretty deep in thought." Sam smiled and blushed a little at the thought of Nikolas knowing who she was daydreaming about. "What are you doing here?" she asked as Nikolas came and sat down beside her. "I came with a proposition for you." he said as her eyes widened. "A proposition?" "Yeah. You've trapped in that tiny apartment for too long, and I think you'd more comfortable at Wyndemere. You'd have the entire island to yourself. Lucky can move in too if you want. I mean, if that makes it more comfortable for you that he is there." "It was too good to be true. A situation like this doesn't fall into your lap every day," she thought. "Can I think about it?" she asked. "Sure ... the offer stands, and you can move in whenever you're ready to." Nikolas smiled. "Thank you for offering Nikolas, and I’m not trying to be rude. But why are you doing this?" Sam questioned his motives. "Because I want to. I see how you are here with Lucky. You need room to stretch your legs, besides, Wyndemere is much nicer then the apartment you live in now. And it's away from everyone on the mainland. Like I said, you'd have the entire island to yourself." “But what if someone sees me. Lucky tells me that you’re dating umm….what’s her name….Carly?” “I’ve already informed the guards that if anyone who isn’t Lucky, I or Lainey arrive, we are to be warned before hand.” It didn't take Sam long to figure out this offer will only come to her once. She agreed to move into Wyndemere with Nikolas, but on one condition. Lucky is part of the deal. - As they walked down the hall to booking, Lucky had Lorenzo by the arm, he still in hand cuffs. Lorenzo saw her coming. The infamous Anna Devane, she very much intrigued him. He eyed her up and down as she approached them. She stops them to get the report on Lorenzo's arrest. "Everything went smoothly, I assume ..." she said to Lucky as they stopped to talk in the hallway. Lorenzo smiled as she stood before him, not paying him any mind. "Yeah, smooth as silk. I'm taking him down to booking now. We'll get all the formalities out of the way, and then I figured you wanted to have a chat with him." Anna looked up at Lorenzo. "I do indeed ..." she smirked and Lorenzo smiled in return. Anna walked passed them and Lucky continued walking Lorenzo down to the booking area of the PCPD. They needed to this by the book if they wanted the charges against Lorenzo to stick this time. He was looking at prison time if Anna had her way. And Anna Devane always gets her way. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - Skye is furious when she has to bail Lorenzo out of jail and is taunted by Tracy - Carly and Sonny discuss how to handle Michael (who’s been acting out in school) - Liz doesn’t regret making love to Jason - Someone watches as Nikolas & Sam bond while she’s being moved into Wyndemere - Lucy meets with Kevin & Monica at the MetroCourt
  16. Secrets & Lies: Episodes 107-109 Thursday, January 25, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler, Jennifer Snyder, & Venus Stone (SweetNYGal33) Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) Opening Video - On the other side of the hospital, Sarah Webber was talking to Monica a little. It had definitely been a long time since she had been at the hospital. She recalled all to well about her days of interning at the hospital. “So, Sarah, how long will you and your brother be here in Port Charles?” Monica asked, checking her watch for a brief second. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t late for her lunch with Kevin. “I know Audrey and Liz were happy that you came to celebrate Christmas with them. “Yes, they were. I was so glad I got to see Cameron; he’s getting so big. To be honest, I don’t know how long we are staying. It never came to mind,” she said, fingering the rim of her paper coffee cup. “Did you and your family have a wonderful Christmas?” Trying not to choke at Sarah’s question, Monica quickly took a sip of coffee. “Let’s just say, the Quartermaine Christmas’ are always full of surprises.” Checking her watch again, Monica stood up from the small table in the cafeteria. “I’d love to talk more with you, but I promised a ….friend, that I would meet them for dinner. Tell your brother I send my regards.” Monica quickly made her way out of the cafeteria - At Bobbie’s, Noah was trying to get Bobbie to tell him what was troubling her. He knew it could be about Lucas, however, since she was not telling him anything, he didn’t want to make assumptions. “Bobbie, tell me what’s going on, please. I just want to help you.” When she pulled away, he could do nothing but watch her in despair. “Is this about Lucas? Did something happen?” Wiping her eyes, Bobbie took a seat across from him. “Noah, it’s not that easy to just come out and tell you what’s bothering me, especially when it does concern my son,” she said, wringing her hands together. Laughing ruefully, she took a sip of the tea Noah fixed for them. “How do you tell your best friend, hmmph, let alone your own son, that you saw two men having sex on a couch Christmas night?” “Oh my god, are you saying that you walked in on Lucas and Brandon on Christmas night?” he asked, totally shocked that Bobbie kept something like this inside her for that long. “Why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you tell me this?” Rolling her eyes, she, put her cup down. “What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas, Noah. Pouring my heart out that I saw my son and his…” she could barely get the words out, “his boyfriend, having sex with one another, door open, not caring that anyone could walk in.” distraught, she began crying again. Noah took her in his arms and embraced her tightly. “Shhhh, it’s okay,” he whispered, rubbing her back. “You know you have to talk to him about what you saw. There’s no way you can not talk to him and tell him what you saw, or how you feel.” “It’s just too hard to tell your son that it truly bothers you that they are having a relationship with someone of the same sex,” Bobbie sighed. “I feel like such a hypocrite. Here I poured out my heart to my son weeks ago about how I loved him no matter what. Now, I’m supposed to tell him that I not only saw him and Brandon making love, but that I don’t know if I can truly accept his lifestyle?” Stepping away from Bobbie, Noah wiped her tears away with his fingers. “Bobbie, you can’t keep this inside. You have to talk to your son. You have to be honest with him; and with yourself.” Pausing for a brief moment, he, had a question for her, and he hoped she would be honest with him. “I need to know something, and I want you to tell me the truth.” “What is it?” she asked, looking up at him. “I need to know if you’re drinking again.” - A mysterious boat docks at the Port Charles Harbor. The three men onboard whistle twice, then throws another anchor into the water. A group of 5 men then arrive from the shadows to help. As the men begin unloading the boat, the lights on the harbor kick on and police storm the boat. First in line is Commissioner Devane, holding her gun locked in place on the assumed leader of the operation. Unbeknownst the rest of the officers, another man tries to sneak up on Anna, but she hears him in time and spin kicks him in the mouth before handcuffing him. Lucky & Cruz call Anna over to see what they found. Elsewhere, Lorenzo receives a phone call. “What,” he says with a stern tone. “The shipment’s been intercepted. Someone tipped them off.” Lorenzo hangs up the phone and smiles. He finishes putting on his shoes and walks into the den with Skye. Back at the docks, Anna praises Lucky for getting the tip that he did. She orders Lucky to go with Mac to bring Lorenzo down to the PCPD. - Sarah finished the rest of her coffee, tossing the paper cup into the garbage. Picking up her purse, Sarah decided to go locate Liz and Steven. As she walked out of the cafeteria, rounding the corner to the elevator, she ran smack into a tall man. Stumbling a bit, she dropped her purse. “I am so sorry, miss, are you alright?” the man said, bending over to pick up Sarah’s purse. “I really should learn to watch where I’m going, especially when I’m in a rush.” Taking the purse from the gentleman, Sarah waved a hand at him. “Maybe you should. You know what, nevermind. I’m sorry. There’s no need to apologize, it was my fault. I was in a rush to try to find my brother and sister; I didn’t bother to see if anyone was coming around the corner.” Looking at the young woman, the tall gentleman, Ric Lansing, immediately saw a familiar resemblance to her. “I don’t want to sound corny or anything, but have we met before?” - At the Metro Court, Robin somehow managed to dampen the mood during her dinner with Patrick, by constantly ranting about Carly. How in the world could Steven Webber, at some point in his life, have had feelings for Carly of all people? Patrick could sense that Robin was still thinking about what happened at the hospital and he too was growing weary of the constant talk about it. “Robin, can you put your hate for Carly on the back burner for tonight? Seriously, this is supposed to be a dinner date, and you are here talking about Carly Corinthos and how ‘yet another man’ has come into her line of fire.” Putting her fork down, Robin let out a sigh. “I know, I know, but the nerve of her sashaying her way towards us and having the entire conversation focused on her. I mean I still can’t believe he had a thing for her….” Robin was back in rant mode, when Patrick took his hand and covered her mouth with it. “Will you please stop talking? Seriously, just stop,” Patrick begged, motioning for the check to arrive. “Get your coat. I think I have a sure fire way to keep your mind on us, and less on Carly Corinthos.” Robin immediately perked up at the possible thoughts of what would transpire between the two of them. Quickly putting her coat on, Robin was more than happy to toss all hate for Carly out the window, and focus on the steamy loving she was about to get from Patrick. ‘What are you waiting for, pay the bill and let’s get out of here.” On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - Maxie has a friend hack into Dillon’s computer - Sarah has some choice words for Ric - Anna and Lorenzo meet for the first time - Liz and Jason make love - Nikolas has a proposition for Sam
  17. Ryan

    S&L: Episode 106

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 106 Wednesday, January 24, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler, Venus Stone (SweetNYGal33) Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video - GH begins in the offices Corinthos & Morgan Enterprises. Jason and Sonny talk strategy regarding how they’ll continue to do business under Anna’s watch. “I want you to have Stan do a complete background check on Anna. I will not have her interfering in our business.” Sonny says as he takes a sip of coffee. “She needs to be dealt with.” “I’ll have him do it, but I don’t know how much we’ll find. She’s a former international agent. I’m sure her past is well hidden.” “I don’t care Jason. I want it done.” - Bobbie was in no mood to talk to anyone. She didn’t go in to the hospital today; what was the point? So she could just be there thinking about what she saw on Christmas night? Was she a hypocrite for all that she said to Lucas weeks prior? Was she only pretending to accept Lucas for who he was? Was she in fact, still ashamed of Lucas’ sexual preferences and just said all the words to Lucas to cover it up? Walking to the kitchen, she opened up her cabinet and spotted a bottle of Jack Daniels. Pulling it from the cabinet, she held it close to her, making her way back to the couch. Everything for Bobbie seemed to be coming apart. She hadn’t really talked to Lucas since that night. They shared words, but it was evident to both of them that things were strained again. The only problem was that Lucas had no idea why Bobbie was keeping her distance from him. - At General Hospital, Robin Scorpio was looking at some files when she heard Elizabeth’s voice coming off of the elevator. Looking up, she saw Elizabeth with a good looking man. Being curious as always, Robin immediately approached the two of them. “Hello, Elizabeth, how are you?” she asked, hoping that Liz would not only say her hellos but also introduce her to the drop dead gorgeous man who was standing next to her. “I’m doing fine, and you? How was your Christmas and New Year’s?” Liz asked, quickly hugging Robin. “I’m sure it was a wonderful one,” she teased, knowing that Robin might have spent the holidays with Patrick Drake. Robin blushed a little, as if reading Liz’s thoughts, Robin nodded her head. “It was very good. I did spend the holidays with Patrick, but also with my mom,” she answered back. “So, who’s your friend?” - Back at Bobbie’s, she begins unscrewing the top on the bottle, Bobbie inhaled the strong aroma of the liquor; debating if she should just down the whole bottle right there and then. Tears flooded Bobbie’s eyes as she ran to the kitchen sink, immediately pouring the temptation down the sink. It was at that moment the doorbell rang. Quickly wiping the tears from her face, she walked to the door. When she opened it, she was face to face with Noah. - Liz immediately started to chuckle. “Robin, I’m sorry. I should have introduced you” she said, apologizing to her. “This is my brother, Steven Webber. Steven, this is my friend, Dr. Robin Scorpio.” Robin’s eyes grew wide at the introduction. “Wow, so this is the Steven Webber,” she said, taking his hand in his. “It’s finally nice to meet you. Elizabeth has told me so much about you.” Smiling at both ladies, Steve nudged Liz. “I hope you told her all good things, Lizzy.” Elizabeth definitely had great taste in friends, Steve thought to himself. “So, how long have you been a doctor here in Port Charles?” “I’ve been here for some time now. I understand you were here at some point, too, am I correct?” Steven was about to continue his conversation when he saw an all too familiar face coming in their direction. “Well, this day has been full of surprises. How are you?” Robin was the first to roll her eyes and frown at seeing who Steven was greeting. It was soon followed by Liz’s heavy sigh of annoyance. Standing across from them was none other than Carly Corinthos. - Elsewhere, Lorenzo rewinds and rewatches Anna’s press conference over and over. He slows down the part where she tosses her hair back and declares war on the mob. Someone whose back is turned to the camera begins to speak to Lorenzo. “You know this is going to create problems for us in the foreseeable future don’t you?” “I don’t need you stating the obvious. Ms. Devane’s presence may be able to be used to our advantage. I have never been convicted, nor tried for anything in this town….but Sonny has. All we have to do is sit back and let the man self destruct. He always does.” “What are you going to do?” “Well,” Lorenzo begins. “Since you must know, I plan on being the cool and caring business man that I am. There’s something about this woman that intrigues me. I will get close to her…just close enough to get her to do what I need, then crush her when it’s over.” On the next GH: Secrets & Lies – - Sarah runs into someone from Liz’s past - Monica leaves to go meet up with Kevin - Patrick tries to take Robin’s mind off of Carly - Anna intercepts one of Lorenzo’s shipments - Bobbie opens up to Noah
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    S&L: Episode 105

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 105 Tuesday, January 23, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video - On her final day of work at ELQ, Skye runs into Luke who has just returned to town. He tries to act like everything is good between them, but Skye refuses to let him gloss over the fact that he betrayed her. When he realizes Skye is still angry, Luke decides to walk away, but Skye picks a fight with him. Tracy watches their confrontation in the hallway from 6 floors up. Luke turns the argument around on Skye and blames her for what has happened. Skye slaps Luke across the face before storming out of ELQ. - Nikolas gets a call from Lainey while he’s at the park with Spencer, Carly and the boys. After making sure he’s out of earshot, Nikolas asks for an update regarding Sam’s condition. “It is my opinion that Sam is suffering through post-traumatic amnesia.” Nikolas is stumped. “What’s that? Like post-traumatic stress?” “Yes it is. Basically, her mind isn’t able to deal with what happened to her over the summer, so she blocks it out subconsciously. Whenever she does try to remember, she has a panic attack. We need to ease her into remembering what happened. Trying to force her to remember will do more harm than good.” Lainey is shown walking down the hallway running her fingers through her hair. “I think we should tell Alexis about this. Sam will need her—” “No,” Nikolas says, cutting her off. “My aunt is already going through so much, I can’t bear putting her through this. “You cannot be the only one making decisions for her Nikolas. This isn’t a decision that you should be making.” Nikolas starts to become annoyed. “No disrespect Dr. Winters, but I don’t pay you to tell me what decisions I should be making.” “No disrespect to you Mr. Cassadine, but I don’t get paid to be spoken to in that manner. I’ll continue to work with Sam because I promised I would. But if you ever talk to me like that again, I’ll slap the taste out of your mouth. You got me?” - At Lucky’s apartment, Sam has just gotten out of the shower. She wraps a big, forest green towel around her body and is in her own little world. She opens the door to the bathroom and bumps into Lucky. As her towel is falling, Lucky turns around so he doesn’t see anything. While he’s waiting for her to put back on her towel, he can’t help but try to take a peek at her body. “You can turn around now,” she says. “I’m sorry about that,” says Lucky, feeling awkward. “I should have been more careful.” Sam eyes Lucky up and down. Nice muscles.....great abs she says to herself. She deduces that he must have been on his way to the shower. Why else would he be walking around the house in sweatpants and no shirt? “Don’t worry about it. I know you didn’t mean to do it. If I didn’t like you that would be a little awkard.” “Yeah, I think you’re right,” Lucky says as he walks into the bathroom and begins to disrobe. Sam takes a deep breath and puts her back against the door so they can finish their conversation. “You’re not upset with me are you Lucky?” “No, why would I?” “Well….I’ve been cramping your style it seems. You rarely go out and when you do, it’s only to go to work or see Nikolas. I don’t mean to be a bother to you.” Lucky steps into the shower. “Trust me, you aren’t. I like hanging out with you. Plus it’s a welcome change over the drama with Elizabeth.” Elizabeth…Sam as a vivid flashback. She shakes it out of her mind, and tells Lucky that she can’t really explain it, but she feels drawn to him. There’s an indescribable connection between the two of them that she can’t decode. She thanks him for being considerate and keeping her secret. Lucky tells Sam no problem and says he feels connected to her too. Sam then smiles and walks away from the door while twirling her hair. Lucky just lets the water hit his rock hard body. - Back at on the steps of City Hall, Anna begins to speak. Anna: Ladies and gentleman please…take your seats. My name is Anna Devane. I am here to serve and protect you, the taxpayers of Port Charles. I am no stranger to this city. I have had family ties here for well over 20 years and even served as Chief of Police for a time. Under my watch, you will no longer have to live in fear. Mac begins to squirm in his seat, upset that Anna would take a cheap shot at him. Anna: This is not a cheap shot at my predecessor. However I feel that too many things were let go by the wayside here in this wonderful city. Before I continue, I have a few things that I’d like to clear up. Reporter: Ms. Devane, what will your first act be? Anna: Effective immediately, I will be the acting Chief of Police. Until I am able to familiarize myself with the current crop of officers at the PCDP, I feel that I am very qualified to hold the position at no extra cost to the taxpayers. Our mayor wanted me to make that very clear. Mayor Floyd: Yes I did. Anna: Secondly, I will be re-organizing the teams and create an emergency task force that will deal situations here in the city within 5 minutes or less. Reporter: Anything else? Anna: Yes…….for too long the citizens of Port Charles has feared an all out mob war. For years these criminals, because they are criminals, have abused our legal system to maneuver themselves around and continue to do what they do. I will no longer allow that to happen. I am declaring war on all organized crime in Port Charles. I am vowing to end the corruption within our own police department and in the offices of the lawyers sworn to fight on behalf of the people. I will not tolerate any more of your nonsense. You blow up a building? I will find you. You raid a shipment that doesn’t belong to you, I will find you. You shoot up public places and we will shoot you. There is ZERO tolerance for organized crime in my city. Now….any questions? The reports rapidly begin asking PCPD Commissioner Anna Devane more questions as GH comes to an end. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - Bobbie struggles with a decision to drink or not to drink - Robin meets Liz’s brother for the first time - Sonny & Jason react to Anna’s press conference - Lorenzo makes plans to make nice with Commissioner Devane
  19. Secrets & Lies: Episodes 100-104 Thursday, January 18, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler, Jennifer Snyder & Venus Stone (SweetNYGal33) Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video - Noah just finished his shift at the hospital and all he could think about while there was Bobbie. It was obvious that Bobbie was hurt by something; why else would she be contemplating drinking again? Just the thought of her holding the bottle of rum sent chills down his spine. What happened that Christmas night? He truly was worried about her, and he couldn’t help but want to go check up on her; try to talk to her, and be there for her. “I thought your shift was over. What are you still doing here?” Patrick questioned, snapping Noah out of his thoughts. “You do know you can go home, don’t you, you don’t have to stand in the middle of the hospital wondering what to do,” he said, obviously trying to make a joke that fell flat. “Dad, it was a joke. What’s the matter with you?” - Monica sits in her office thinking about what went wrong in her relationship with Alan, and what’s going right in her relationship with Kevin. Can she call what they’ve been doing a relationship? It feels like one…except they have to be together in secret. Oh the thought of being able to kiss Kevin in public just…..she can’t wait. But now is not the time for the truth to come out. Her thoughts are interrupted when Georgie knocks on her door. “Sorry for interrupting you Dr. Quartermaine.” Georgie says apologetically. “I have a delivery for you.” “What is it?” asks Monica. “I’m not sure. I was told that you’ll have to sign for it though.” Monica signs for the package and dismisses Georgie. - At the Quartermaine Mansion, Alan walks into the den and finds AJ staring at a picture of Michael when he was a child. Alan walks over to him and puts his hand on his shoulder. AJ looks up and just shakes his head. “I don’t know how I’m gonna fix this Dad. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to have a relationship with Michael…especially after the things I’ve done to him.” Says AJ with a frown. “You’re making good steps in recognizing that you’ve made mistakes,” says Alan comforting his son. “It takes a big man to admit when he’s been wrong, and though you’ve made a lot of mistakes, you want to make up for them. I couldn’t be more proud of you right now.” “You know I look at you and the way you’ve raised all of us and I’m envious.” AJ gets up and walks over towards the fireplace. “You loved us unconditionally. No matter how much we’ve disappointed you, you always wanted the best for us.” “I wasn’t perfect AJ.” “But you tried your best to love us through our faults,” AJ says as he turns to his father. “I didn’t do that for Michael. I say I love Michael, but I didn’t show him any love. I wanted to possess him. I wanted to prove what a horrible father you were to me, by being a great father to Michael, but I went about in the wrong way.” “I played favorites with you and Jason and it affected you. I praised him and everything he did, while I criticized you for the mistakes that you made and I’m sorry. I should have never done that to you and Jason.” “What am I gonna do?” “You’re going to make up for the things you’ve done. It may take a year, it may take forever, but you will show your son that you actually care about him. And I’ll help you.” Alan says as he hugs his son. “I’ll help you try to repair your relationship with Michael.” - Looking at his son, Noah tried to pull himself out of his worries. “Nothing, nothing at all, I was just thinking about something.” Trying to put a smile on his face, Noah attempted to change gears. “So, tell me, how was your Christmas and New Year’s with Robin?” Patrick felt his cheeks growing warm at the mention of Robin’s name. “It was ….it was wonderful. We had a wonderful time, and celebrated the New Year in style.” Patrick was not about to give intimate details of his scorching night with Robin Scorpio. Not a chance in hell would he ever do that. “Dad, I got to go,” he said, hastily, trying to keep from being asked anymore questions. Slapping him on the back, he ended with. “Get some sleep.” Walking towards the elevator, Noah opted not to sleep, but to go to check on the person who’s been on his mind all day. - At the hospital, Monica opens up the package to find another piece with an image of her and Kevin on it. With the piece is a note, letting her know that this person knows her secret and wonders if Alan knows what she’s up to. Monica burns the letter and throws a book at her wall. She flashes back to her and Kevin making love. It dawns on her that the only person who could be doing this is Lucy. Monica takes off to go confront Lucy. - The crowd begins to gather on the steps of City Hall. The media is aware that Mayor Floyd will be making a big announcement in a few minutes. Mac, Robert, Lucky and Cruz are among the many in attendance. Ric and Alexis, fresh from their trip to Greece stand at the Mayor’s side as he walks to the podium. Mayor Floyd: Ladies and gentleman, thank you for joining me here today. I know that you all have taken time from your jobs to come here today, so I won’t take too much of your time. For the past 10 plus years, the Port Charles Police Department hasn’t had the best reputation for solving crimes. The citizens have spoken to me and let me know that they don’t feel safe in this town anymore. Unfortunately I had to make a decision that pained me very much, as of 3 weeks ago; Malcolm Scorpio is no longer the Police Commissioner. I respect his dedication to the PCPD and thank him for all of the great work that he has done….but it wasn’t enough. Reporter: Mayor! Who have you chosen to replace him? Mayor: If you let me finish Harry I’ll tell you. After much consideration, I’ve decided to go with someone who has, in my opinion, a great record on getting rid of crime. My selection is no stranger to the PCPD and is no stranger to police work in general. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, your newest Commissioner of Police………Anna Devane! Anna walks through the double door leading to where the Mayor is standing. Alexis claps very strongly, happy to see a woman in position of authority. Robert smiles at Anna, who smiles back at him. Mac shoots a glare at Robert, then Anna. Anna just smiles while near the podium, making sure the photographers get a great shot and prepares to speak as General Hospital comes to an end. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - Anna declares war on organized crime in Port Charles - Mac feels insulted by Anna’s comments during her speech - Lainey gives Nikolas her opinion regarding Sam’s condition - Sam reveals to Lucky why she feels connected to him - Luke returns to town and gets into it with Skye
  20. Ryan

    S&L: Episodes 97-99

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 97-99 Saturday, January 13, 2007 Written by: Ryan Chandler, Jennifer Snyder, NaVell J. Lee & Venus Stone (SweetNYGal33) Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video - Monica joined the rest of the family and told them their guests would be showing up very soon. While Monica poured herself a stiff drink, the family came up with something to tell Carly, Sonny and Jason, once they arrived. - Sliding off the couch, Liz walked around the apartment, waiting for Lucky to come back with Cameron’s gift. When he returned, she could feel the tension return in the air. “I like how you’ve fixed up the apartment…” her voice trailed off, as she took the present from him. Smiling a little, Lucky looked around as well. “It’s not much, but it will do.” The more he stared at Elizabeth, the more he wanted to have her back; the more he wanted to just forget about everything and just take her back. “So, how is Cameron doing? I imagine he is having fun playing with all the toys he got for Christmas.” - In what seemed like less than 20 minutes, Edward began to bellow for Alice to answer the door. Alice did and she showed the guests into the room where the family had been conversing for some time. - It was Elizabeth’s turn to smile. “He’s doing fine and he’s absolutely love playing with his toys. He keeps me up most nights wanting to play longer.” Sitting the gift down on the table, Elizabeth looked at Lucky for a quick moment. “Do you mind if I use your bathroom really quick?” Nodding, Lucky showed her the way. “Is everything okay?” It was hard not to continue caring for Elizabeth. He and she may be apart, but she was still his wife, and his heart would never stop loving or caring about her. - When Nikolas, Carly, Sonny and Jason entered the room, Michael stops in his tracks when he notices AJ behind the door. Carly calls Michael over, unaware of what he has seen. Nikolas taps Carly on the shoulder. AJ completely comes from behind the door, making his presence known. While Sonny and Jason stand staring at AJ in disbelief, they also try to keep Michael from seeing him. Carly flips out and curses at AJ. Monica tries to calm her down but she pushes past her and slaps AJ across the face. - “I’m okay, I just drank too much at lunch today, that’s all,” she answered back, closing the door the bathroom. When she does so, she is taken aback by what she sees in the bathroom. There, in her face, the truth she can’t deny. She's overwhelmed with emotions as she takes a step back from the door. She knocks over the holder on the sink with the toothbrushes onto the floor. Her hand goes to her stomach. She feels her heart sink as she realizes someone new now fills Lucky's heart. Shortly after, she returned back to the main entrance of the apartment. “Well, I better get going. Grams is probably wondering where I am,” she said, picking up Cameron’s gift in a hurry. Lucky doesn’t even get the chance to walk her to the door. She’s out of the place in such a hurry. Lucky was about to say something, but kept quiet. Instead, he watched as she walked out the door. Closing it behind him, he sat on the couch, wondering if either one of them would find their way back to one another. - "I guess I deserved that too." AJ said as he rubbed his jaw with the palm of his hand. "You guess?! You guess?! What were you thinking?! Oh that's right, you weren't thinking!" Carly shouted at AJ, furious with him for being alive and putting Michael through all the pain thinking his father was dead. AJ knew he deserved the verbal beating he was about to get from Carly. He understood why she was furious with him; Michael deserved to know the truth. Carly backed up from AJ and gave him some space as Sonny and Jason stepped forward. "So what's the excuse this time, Junior?" Nikolas says trying not to pounce on the man who is making Carly upset. "Yes, AJ, I think we'd all like to hear your excuse for faking your death?" Jason questioned as Sonny stepped closer. "Do you have any idea what you have put Michael through? Do you?" Sonny lectured. “You’ve got some nerve Sonny. This wasn’t a one sided thing. I made mistakes, but so have you. Hell, maybe if you hadn’t stolen Michael from me, I wouldn’t have made so many damn mistakes,” says AJ glaring at Sonny. “Carly, everyone. Please listen to what he has to say,” says Monica. “Once he explains you may feel differently.” "Oh this had better be good. You need to do some explaining to him, to us, to everyone!" Carly replied as she stepped back to protect Michael, keeping him close to her. - Outside, Elizabeth falls in the snow. She begins to cry uncontrollably. What she saw….she just can’t shake what she saw while in the bathroom. Hanging on the door hook of the bathroom was a white lace-trimmed nightgown and a red silk robe. All she could think of was one thing….that she is responsible for loosing Lucky. How could Lucky see another woman? - An argument ensued between the family and Sonny, Jason and Carly, no one noticed Michael wiggle away from the protective cover he had between his parents. He got up on the coffee table and bellowed, "Shut up!" The family became really quiet and looked surprised to see him towering over them. AJ was finally able to explain the best he could to his son that he had to leave for a while, but that he never meant to cause him hurt or pain. AJ reveals that he was torn into pieces after realizing how wrong it was for him to kidnap Michael and make others believe he was dead. He was desperate and stupid for thinking he could kidnap Michael and force him to accept him as his father. After he was hospitalized after his fight with Jason, he could do nothing but think while in his hospital bed. He thought about all the horrible things he’s done over the past few years and how it never worked out for him in the end. He asked Dr. Thomas to help him fake his death once again, so he could spare the family and Michael anymore pain. He didn’t however know how he would do it and didn’t know that he would brainwash Michael into accusing Carly and then making him believe that he did it. It wasn’t until a few months ago that he actually found out what Dr. Thomas did. Maybe it was the fact that he was lonely or maybe he wanted to make amends, but something told him to come back and fix his life. He came back because he loved him and he saw what his actions did to hurt Michael. He never intended for Dr. Thomas to traumatize him and if it could do it all over again, he would do things differently. Michael rightfully upset with AJ, began stomping his foot on the coffee table. The Quartermaines grimaced in pain because it was a very expensive coffee table and a rare one at that. One that is not easily replaced. As family members tried to get Michael down off the antique coffee table, Monica quietly snuck away from the chaos in the hopes of meeting Kevin for some well needed appreciation and attention. Michael was not happy with AJ for faking his death and was quite upset with him. Nikolas suggests to Carly that she go with Sonny decided to take Michael home to cool off, as Jason followed close behind, leaving his lasting stare for everyone in the room. "Gee, that went well, don't you think?" Alan remarked sarcastically as Alice followed the guests to the front door to show them out. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - Mayor Floyd announces Mac’s replacement as Police Commissioner. - AJ and Alan discuss the mistakes they’ve made with their children - Monica receives another mysterious package - Noah wonders if Bobbie has begun drinking again
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    S&L: Episode 96

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 96 Friday, January 12, 2007 Written by: Jennifer Snyder, NaVell J. Lee & Venus Stone (SweetNYGal33) Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video - As the family bombarded AJ with questions as to why he didn't think far enough ahead to the consequences of faking his death, Monica slipped away to make the phone call. Her mind weighs heavily on Lucy knowing all about her and Kevin and her wanting to keep the affair a secret. She didn't know for how long now, now that Lucy knew. She had to make sure that her dirty little secret was kept under wraps, that would be all she needed -- she had enough going on at home, she didn't need the family to learn she had been keeping just another secret from them. - Slipping into her coat, Elizabeth hoped that all she had to do was pick up the gift and be right back home; however, something told her she might be in for a surprise. - Maxie calls Georgie and tries to talk about Dillon. As soon as she mentions Dillon, he walks into Kelly's, which gives Maxie the green light to do some damage. Maxie hangs up her phone and she goes over to talk to Dillon. He looks up and notices Maxie walking toward him, and he is already not happy. - Monica sneaks to give her some privacy when calling Kevin. She forgot to do one thing before making her call, and that was to be sure she closed the door behind her, as it stood ajar just a crack. Monica went to the phone on the desk and dialed Kevin's number. There had to be a way to ensure Lucy's silence. There just had to be. It rang a few times before Kevin picked up. "What took you so long?" Monica questioned him. "I got Lucy here all up and over my back, she is not happy, Monica." Kevin answered with Lucy standing in earshot of the conversation. "Neither will I if Alan finds out, so she better keep what she saw to herself." As Monica talked on the phone to Kevin, she wasn't aware she company in the room with her. Tracy had stumbled into the empty room to find Monica on the phone. - At General Hospital, Lucy makes way to Kevin's office, but doesn't come to find him. She comes face-to-face with David Hayward. Lucy: Oh, I'm sorry...I must be in the wrong office. I was looking for.... David: Kevin Collins? Yes, you're in the right office. And you must be Lucy. Lucy: Yes, how did you know that? And just who exactly are you? David: I'm Dr. David Hayward... (shakes Lucy's hand)....and I know more about you than you think. And if you'd like, I would like to get a bit more about you. Lucy looks at the coy doctor with a sly grin, yet she is still a bit uneasy with how this complete stranger knows everything there is to know about her, or so she thinks. - "And what exactly isn't Alan suppose to know?" barked Tracy, startling Monica. She thinking quick on her feet, came up with some excuse and covered the phone call with Kevin, telling Tracy it was Carly on the phone. Tracy didn't buy the story Monica spun for her, but there will be another day when she will stumble on what is actually going on. Tracy left the room, leaving Monica on the phone with Kevin. "We're going to have tread very delicately with Lucy ... it may cost us a hefty price." Kevin warned. "Anything whatever she wants Kevin, you give it to her. We've kept our affair secret this long, Lucy is not going to ruin what we have together." Monica replied with a warning of her own. "Can we meet later?" - Back at Kelly’s…. Dillon: Look, whatever you have to say, just save it. Maxie: Well, I know that you and Georgie are having problems. Obviously, something is troubling you. Well, I should say someone. Dillon: You don't know what you are talking about. Maxie: I can understand that you are upset and jealous that Lucas is with someone else other than you, but it'll be ok. Pretty soon, Lucas will realize exactly where your priorities lie, and it will all become clear, that you have feelings for him. Dillon: Shut up. Maxie: Then it will all make sense. Georgie will never be able to stand the sight of you again, not to mention the Quartermaines, and Lucas may not be able to trust you, along with Brandon, and you will be left alone. Funny how things work out sometimes, huh? Dillon starts to stand up and berates Maxie. He tells her that she is wrong in her theories, that he is in love with Georgie, he will always love her, and that he does not have feelings for Lucas. Dillon storms out. - While ringing the doorbell to Lucky’s, Elizabeth could feel her cheeks grow warm. Would he open the door and let her in? Would he be civil to her, or would he simply toss hate at her again. As she stood waiting to see if he would come to the door, she heard footsteps approach. - Getting up to refill her cup full of coffee, Maxie suddenly was hit with the ultimate plan. She could drug Dillon and Lucas and have them sleep together! She would set everything up, then be there to take the photos and give them to Georgie. On top of that, Dillon was always putting his thoughts on that damn video journal of his; all she had to do was find a way to swipe entries, make a copy, and begin to slowly release the video on YouTube. Smirking mischievously, Maxie couldn’t be any more pleased with herself. “Girl, when you scheme, you really know how to scheme,” she said to herself, taking another sip of coffee. - Monica and Kevin agreed on a spot to meet later and she hung up the phone. She picked the receiver up once more and called Carly. Carly picked up the phone right away and Monica quickly spun some story about the Q’s having an important family gathering that her, Sonny, Michael and Jason were invited to. Carly asks if Nikolas would be able to attend and Monica ok’s it. Carly accepted and told Monica they would be over as soon as they could get away. Monica quickly hung up the phone and returned to where the rest of the family was gathering. - Unlocking the door, Lucky looked at Elizabeth. He didn’t know what to say to her; he didn’t know what he could say to her. All he knew was that it pained him seeing her, but not having her in his life. “Um, Nikolas told me that you were coming to pick up the gift he had for Cameron,” he said, stepping aside to let her in. “You can sit down while I go get it.” Taking a seat on the couch, Elizabeth looked around the apartment. Her eyes locked on a picture; a picture of the two of them on their wedding day. She diverted her eyes quickly. Everything in the apartment reminded her of his love for her. Items she bought him for birthdays, pictures on the mantle, even the jacket that she bought he was on the other couch. It all reminded her of how things used to be between them; now it was all gone. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- An ICU episode featuring Lucky & Liz, and the drama at the Quartermaines regarding their reveal. - Liz thinks that Lucky may be moving on - Things at the Quartermaine Mansion get out of hand when AJ is revealed to be alive
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    S&L: Episode 95

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 95 Thursday, January 11, 2007 Written by: Jennifer Snyder, NaVell J. Lee & Venus Stone (SweetNYGal33) Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video - Elizabeth couldn’t figure out why she was feeling the way she was. She loved Lucky; however, she still craved Jason. Picking up toys from the floor, she walked to the toy chest to put them away. Her mind slowly flashed back to her steamy kisses with Jason, the two of them obviously wanting to do much more. Next, her thoughts would flash to Lucky; picturing his smile, hearing his soothing words; his anger whenever he saw her now. Things were way too complicated for her. What she wanted now was to be happy; not only for herself, but for her son’s sake. The telephone rings, and Liz reaches for the receiver. “Hello?” she answers, wondering, or more like hoping it was Lucky on the phone. - At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward decides to call the family together to discuss how are they going to break the news about AJ to Carly and Michael. While AJ just wants to head straight over to Carly's and just spring it on her, Edward has other ideas that he wanted to run by them. "I suppose it should be Monica who extends the invitation... it is her house after all." Edward said snidely. "Yes Edward it is my house and perhaps you should not forget that." She replied sternly. Giving Edward the hint that he could be out on his ear in a flash if she so wished it. “Now, look, we have got to see Michael more times than you can count while you were gone, AJ. You coming back to town better not screw this up,” Edward says as he glares at AJ. “Which is why I do not want you to rush over to Carly. If we want to have visitation, I want Carly to come to us, have her find out from us before she sees you. It may take time, but right now, this is the best way possible.” AJ gets up and throws his hand in the air. “I am not one to sit back and let the chips fall where they may, Granddad. I take action. And if you think that I am just going to sit idly by and wait for Carly, then you are sadly mistaken. She doesn't want me to have anything to do with Michael, so what on earth makes you think that this idea of yours will change her mind?” - At Kelly's, Maxie walks in and sees Georgie working behind the counter. She tries to start a conversation w/ Georgie, but she doesn't want to talk to Maxie. Maxie, faking concern, wonders what is wrong. Georgie tells her it has to do with Dillon, that ever since Christmas, he has been acting strangely. Georgie excuses herself and runs out. Maxie then goes over to the table and sits down. Looking across from her table, she could see Lucas and Brandon talking together. It was time she put Dillon’s secret feelings for him out in the open. Maybe then Dillon would wake up and accept that he was jealous of Brandon’s love for Lucas. Letting a smile play at her lips, she thought back to her seeing Dillon embracing Lucas in a hug; seeing how distracted he’d get whenever Lucas would walk into a room, and the most obvious jealousy he displayed when he saw Brandon and Lucas being affected with one another. Yes. It was time to set the gears in motion; before Dillon even knew what hit him, Lucas would soon learn that his close friend had the hots for him. - “Liz, its Nikolas. I need you to do me a favor, okay,” he requested on the other end of the phone. Hopefully, she would comply and do what she was asked. He simply could not stand having both Lucky and Elizabeth avoiding each other. He also couldn’t stand seeing her around Jason constantly. It was time for Lucky and Liz to get together and talk out their feelings. “What is it Nikolas? I really have a lot to do today,” she said, hoping that the lie would be convincing. “It won’t take up your day, trust me. I need you to go pick up the belated Christmas present I got Cameron. I forgot to send it to him, and I really want him to have it,” Nik said, crossing his fingers, hoping she would take the bait. Elizabeth groaned softly, looking at her watch. “Can’t you just drop it off to me tomorrow? Like I said, I have a lot of things to do today.” ‘Liz, just go to Lucky’s and ask him for the present. He’ll give it to you, and you can do whatever it is you need to do. Like I said, I really want Cameron to get it today.” Turning to look at a picture of Lucky and Cameron, Liz could feel the tears beginning to burn her eyes. Without giving her sadness away, she agreed to pick up the gift. “Fine, I’ll go pick up the present. Does Lucky know that I am…”she questioned, but before she could finish her sentence, Nikolas hung up on her. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - Lucy runs into David while looking for Kevin - Maxie formulates her plan regarding Dillon - Monica worries that Lucy will expose her affair with Kevin - Elizabeth is reminded of her and Lucky's love when she shows up at his apartment.
  23. Secrets & Lies: Episode 94 Saturday, December 30, 2006 Written by: Venus Stone & Ryan Chandler Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video Patrick stepped off the elevator of General Hospital, in search for Dr. Robin Scorpio. She said it couldn’t be done; that he couldn’t plan the ultimate romantic get-away. Now that he has everything set up, he was about to prove her wrong. He was going to make it a night she would never forget. They would ring in the New Year in each others arms. He spotted Robin talking to his father, Noah, and immediately grimaced. He really didn’t want to see him today; the last thing he needed was for his own dad spoiling his quest for romance with Robin. Deciding to just go with the flow, he approached the two of them. “So, what’s going on?” he asked, looking at his father. “Not much, Patrick. I was just filling Robin in on a patient that lapsed in a coma. We might have trouble, since she’s pregnant also,” he said, running his hands through his hair. Looking at Patrick and Robin, and the constant glances they kept giving one another, Noah suddenly realized that were in their own little world. Taking heed to their silence, Noah excused himself. “Well I’ll talk to you both later.” Once Noah was out of sight, Patrick reached for Robin, pulling her close to him. “I thought he’d never leave,” he replied, dipping his head, capturing her lips with his. “When does your shift end?” Smiling knowingly, Robin leaned into him. “I have one more hour; after that, I’m all yours,” she cooed, kissing him again, this time gently nibbling on his bottom lip. Before Patrick could comment on Robin’s feistiness, Epiphany came around the corner, and from the glare she was giving them, it was no time to try to sweet talk. “I’m going to finish up some of my patient files, which will give me plenty of time to pass the time while you are finishing up that shift.” “Oh, so now you want to get back to work,” Epiphany bellowed, glaring at Patrick as he hopped into the elevator that was closing. “Patrick Drake, you are skating on some mighty thin ice.” Turning to face Robin, Epiphany shoved some files at her. “While you’re standing there having x-rated thoughts of Dr. Patrick Drake, maybe you can put your mind to good use and finish these chart you have.” Robin could do nothing but smile and walk away with the chart, not at all letting Epiphany get under her skin. Robin’s hour at the hospital seemed like forever, but now that it was over, she was excited as to what Patrick could possibly have in store for her. Sitting on her couch, she tried to busy her mind by watching television until Patrick arrived. Her thoughts were cut short by the telephone ringing. “Hello,” she answered into the phone. “Hey dad, what’s up? Oh, okay, well, I wish you a wonderful New Year too,” she said, smiling a little at the kind words Robert Scorpio was saying to her. “I love you too, dad. Bye.” Once she hung up the phone, the doorbell caught her attention. Her face immediately lit up when she saw Patrick on the other side of the door. “I thought you’d never get here,” she said, seizing his lips. “So, tell me, what is this big secret plan you have for me?” Smiling knowingly, Patrick held her hands in his. “Well, for one, you don’t have to pack heavy; in fact, all you need is a sexy nightie, a sexy little bikini, and a smile.” Looking at him with a puzzled look, Robin became very interested in what Patrick had planned. “Can you tell me where you’re at least taking me?” she begged, trying to kiss the secret out of him. “Please.” Not budging, Patrick continued to keep mum about where he was taking her. “Just get the items I mentioned and we’ll be on our way, okay?” he said, slapping her on her rear when she headed up the stairs. It took Robin only fifteen minutes to gather her things and both were headed to their destination. The ride was a silent one; mainly because Patrick wasn’t asking any of her questions about where they were going. Forty minutes passed as they pulled up to a cute little building. “Patrick….” Robin whispered, in awe as she read the sign, Romance in Bloom Bed & Breakfast. Stepping out of the car, she took Patrick’s hand and walked inside the beautifully decorated place. “Oh my, god, Patrick, I can’t believe….” Her words were silenced when Patrick kissed her. “Shhhh,” he instructed, putting a finger to her lips. Approaching the counter, he rang the little bell. An elegantly dressed lady came from the other room, a smile on her face, as she looked at her latest guests. “Well, hello, welcome to Romance in Bloom Bed & Breakfast, I’m Deidre Davis.” Opening her reservation book, she scanned for her party’s name. “You wouldn’t happen to be Mr. Noah Drake would you?” Grinning a little, Patrick nodded, “That would be me, yes.” Glancing at Robin, he could tell that tonight was going to be a night neither one of them would soon forget; especially since tonight was New Year’s Eve. Breaking into his thoughts, Deidre handed him a key. “You fine young people can head up to your room at anytime. Everything you requested Mr. Drake has been done to your liking, however, please let me know if there’s anything else you will need.” She was ready to head back to the back room, but turned to say one final thing to them. “You both have a wonderful New Year.” Patrick and Robin made their way to their room. Opening the door and turning on the lights, both were floored at how beautiful the room was decorated. Rose pedals on the bed, a large bottle of champagne chilling next to the bed, and on the other side of the room a Jacuzzi. “I can’t believe this,” Robin gasped, looking around the room, placing her little bag on the bed. “Did your father help you with all of this? I mean, seriously, Patrick, did your dad have a hand in all of this?” Pulling Robin into him, Patrick looked into her eyes. “Baby, this is all me,” he whispered huskily in her ear. “I told you that I was going to make your New Year one that would never be forgotten.” Letting his tongue trail her lips, he instructed her to put on her bikini and meet him at the Jacuzzi. Robin felt her heart lurch, knowing that tonight was much more than she was expecting. She worried that she would do something to make the night less romantic, however, when she saw Patrick slip into the Jacuzzi, she knew that her fears were merely that; fears. Slowly slipping into the water she slid next to him. “Hey,” she said, letting her fingers, trail down his chest. She definitely was feeling something tonight, and all she wanted to do was unleash them without any regrets. Robin wanted Patrick to know just how into him she was. As if to read her mind, Patrick whispered in her ear, “Do what comes naturally, Robin. Don’t hold back, and I promise you, I’ll make it well worth your while.” Once their eyes locked, he knew right then that she wanted him as bad as he wanted her. On cue, Patrick leaned forward, seizing Robin’s lips, tasting her sweetness. With his other hand, he pulled the top of her suit down, pressing himself into her. Without hesitation, Robin pulled him closer to her, feeling him grow stiff from his excitement. “Oh Patrick. I need you, now,” she said, hungrily kissing him. No longer able to deny his desire, he complied, immediately giving into her, feeling every inch of her. “Robin Scorpio, I want you so bad….tell me you want me to too, tell me,” he groaned as he continued to please her. “I want you, you know I do…” she said, loving every moment of their passion. Whispering in his ear, Robin felt him gently pulling away. Taking his hand, she stepped out of the Jacuzzi, wrapping herself in a towel. She smiled when he followed suit. Scooping her up, he laid her on the bed, pulling the towel from her, savoring every inch of her body. “Happy New Year, he said, sliding into the silk sheets. “Happy New Year,” Robin whispered back. Patrick reaches into his drawer and pulls out a box of Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms. Turning the lights off, the two of them relished in a private celebration all their own. On behalf of the writing team at General Hospital, I’d like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year!!! On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - The Quartermaines make arrangements for Michael & Carly to learn about AJ - Monica is worried Lucy will expose her and Kevin's affair. - Elizabeth thinks Lucky is having an affair when she discovers female clothes in his apartment - Maxie comes up with a plan to expose Dillon's feelings for Lucas
  24. Ryan

    S&L: Episodes 90-93

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 90-93 Saturday, December 30, 2006 Written by: Venus Stone & Ryan Chandler Executive Producer: Ryan Chandler Consulting Producer: Jennifer Snyder (SoapQueen89) New Opening Video - The last thing Mac wanted was to have a face-to-face meeting with Mayor Floyd. After hearing him talk about him to Ric a few weeks back, he was still ticked. Mac has always tried to abide by the law; even if it wasn't easy, he still tried to do what was right when it comes to his precinct. Mac's thoughts were cut short when he heard the door open and Ric coming in. "What are you doing here, Mac, said, none-to-pleased to see Ric to begin with. "Hello to you too Mac. I came here to try to convince the Mayor to not do anything rash when it comes to your job," he said, putting his briefcase on the desk and taking a seat. "He can't possibly do anything that would ruin you." Stifling a sarcastic laugh, Mac rolled his eyes. "How would you know, Lansing? Tell me that, how would you know? You didn't get the phone call demanding to clear your schedule so that the Mayor can have words with you." "Mac, I have to disagree with you on that note; you see, Mayor Floyd called me and told me to meet him here as well. So, you see," Ric said, clearing his throat, "I too was told to clear my schedule. I'm here to help keep you here." Mac was not in the mood to be pushed around or lied to, and he was at his breaking point. "Save it Ric! Mayor Floyd is gearing to boot me out on my ass; and you being here is just going to solidify that reasoning; after all, you are Sonny's brother." Ric was about to say something when Mayor Floyd came walking into the precinct. Just from the look on his face, Ric could tell that this was not going to go well. - At Metro Court, Lorenzo is looking over some paperwork to regarding the surveillance of Sonny’s warehouses, when he notices Carly coming in. Slipping the papers in his attache, he makes his way towards her, hoping she would not bolt at the mere sight of him. "Hello, Carly, how are you doing today?" he said, trying to make obvious small talk. Just a glance at her makes him weak in the knees from time to time. How could he not feel that way on occasion? Turning around to face him, Carly smiled in his direction. "Hello, yourself, Lorenzo. How have you been doing?" she asked, offering him a seat at a table. It had been quite some awhile since she talked with Lorenzo. She couldn't help but wonder if he thought of her at times. Shaking the thought from her brain, she continues to talk to Lorenzo. "I wanted to tell you how sorry I was to hear that Diego left Port Charles. Have you hard anything from him?" Shaking his head, he tried his best not to grow quiet at the mention of his son's name. It was hard not having his son by his side; even harder now, since he and Skye were planning not only a wedding, but to adopt a baby as well. Diego's not being there would be so evident. "He hasn't called me at all since being gone. That's the one thing that truly bothers me; that he's remaining distant from me. I just….I made so many mistakes with him." Carly truly felt for him. She knew all too well about how her distance toward Bobbie was what made her bitter at times; but she also knew she had to become a mature person, or at least tried to become a mature person and be able to deal with a lot of setbacks in her life. "Lorenzo, just give it time, Diego will come around." Lorenzo automatically sensed something different in Carly. Her whole demeanor was different; she literally had a glow about herself. "So…..what's got you so happy? I can see it all over your face." "You noticed, huh?" she asked, smiling back at him. "I'm extremely happy these days." "Are you back together with Sonny, is that why you are so happy?" he asked, curious if it were true that she would go back to his worst enemy. He didn't understand why she was always drawn to him; why she and he would breakup, only to get back together, time and time again. Shaking her head, Carly made sure that Lorenzo knew she was not back with Sonny, but also made sure to keep him from learning who it really was she was going out with. "Sonny and I are not back together. He and I aren’t good for each. I will tell you that this person who I’m with now makes me very happy and makes me feel special. You know, you and I didn’t really have a chance to be together Lorenzo, but I’m glad you’ve found someone who makes you feel the way you tried to make me feel. Skye has a champion in you. You know that right?" Smiling at her, Lorenzo stood up from the table. "Thanks. I appreciate you saying that. It means a lot, especially coming from you. Well, Carly, as always it is a pleasure to talk to you." He was about to leave, when Carly pulled him back towards her. "What is it?" Taking a deep breath, Carly said what she had wanted to say for the longest time. "I'd like us to be friends, that is, if it won't make this awkward at all for you." Smiling, he looked at her. "Whoever this man is you're seeing; tell him I like this side of you." Embracing one another, they both parted ways. - Back at General Hospital, Anna is talking to Robin about possible plans for New Year's Eve. Robin for one was trying to make sure she would spend it with Patrick; however Anna had other ideas in mind. "Robin, darling, I think it would be wonderful if we celebrated the New Year together," Anna said, smiling at her daughter. Rolling her eyes at her mother, Robin shook her head. "I am hoping to have plans with Patrick that night," she said, letting a smile play at her lips. She hoped Patrick had romantic plans made; but knowing him, his ideal of romance is entirely different from hers. Both women turned the corner and practically ran into David Haywood. Anna couldn't believe her eyes; she was staring directly in the eyes of the man she was once married to. For a moment, Anna couldn't even think; all she could do was stare. Breaking her thoughts, David smiled at both ladies, "Hello, Dr. Scorpio. Anna? Wow….I didn’t expect to see you here. How are you?" David could tell immediately that Anna was uncomfortable seeing him. "It's been a long time." Anna, quickly switched gears, making it clear that she had no intention of being around David. Yes, they were married, yes, she loved him, but seeing him just brought back too many painful memories. "I’m doing well David. Umm..Robin weren't you going to join me for lunch?" Looking at her mother, it was obvious that she did not want to be around David, and why she didn't know, but she could tell that she wanted to get out from around him immediately. "Yeah, that's right; we were on our way to lunch." David immediately tried to find an opportunity to get a chance to talk to Anna, and opted to join them, "Do you suppose I could join you....I thought we could catch up...." his sentence trailed off when Robin shook her head. "Oh, okay, maybe another time," he said, looking directly at Anna. Once he was gone, Robin looked at her mother, "What the hell was that?" Anna gave a painful sigh, "Don't even ask, Robin. It's a long story." - Back at the PCPD, Mayor Floyd sat across from Mac. Ric could tell from the whole vibe that it was going to end badly for Mac, and he was afraid he would not be able to do anything to help keep Mac in his position. "This is going to be quick. I have already made my decision, I'm sticking with it, and I'm not going to be swayed in one way or the other," he said, glaring in Ric's direction, making sure Ric knew this was a 'Don't cross me' stare. Mac, however, was not going to just let him have the final word. "So, that's it? After all the years that I’ve served this damn city…..you’re just gonna come down here and tell me it’s over? You’re gonna tell I'm out, and just deal with it? Without explanation? Just who in the hell do you think you are?" Mayor Floyd stood up, pushing in his chair. "I’ll attribute your last comment to your anger so I’ll let that little piece slide. I will admit you are a good commissioner, however, you don't see the bigger picture when it comes to putting an end to organized crime. Tell me, how many times have you tried to bring down Sonny Corinthos or Jason Morgan or Faith Roscoe or the Smith Organization or The Alcazars, only to fall flat on your face? Here you have 3 crime lords still being able to walk around free to cause a lot of misery my city. You had your chance, many chances. You couldn’t stop them, so now someone else will have that opportunity." Ric was about to speak but stopped short when Mayor Floyd shot daggers his way. "Malcolm Scorpio, effective immediately, you are hereby relieved of your post as Commissioner. I expect your office to be cleaned out by the first. Mr. Lansing, you are to appoint an officer to escort Mr. Scorpio to his office to clean it out. Should you wish to return to active duty, then you may. It’s up to the discretion of the new Commissioner. Oh, and Mac, have a Happy New Year!" - Nikolas, who was arrived at Metro Court a couple of minutes after Carly left, checked his watch, hoping that Lainey would meet with him. He had a lot of questions to ask regarding Sam, and he needed answers, as well as help. He just couldn't understand how Lucky could have kept her being alive a secret, knowing that she has memory loss; but he was going to make it right. He was going to get Sam back to the way she once was; he had to. Lainey made her way in his direction; She could see from the look on Nikolas' face that it was serious. "Let's sit at that table in the corner," she instructed, leading the way. "So, what's up?" Swallowing hard, Nikolas didn't know how to begin. Should he tell Lainey that Sam was indeed alive? Should he use the whole, 'I have a friend' approach, or should he just ask simple questions. Thinking for a second, he realized that the best way to help Sam was to come forward and be honest with Lainey. "First off, I expect whatever it is I tell you has to be kept confidential. I need you to agree to that before I continue to share what I have to say." "Okay, I can keep what we discuss between us," Lainey agreed, very interested in what he had to share with her. "Tell me what is troubling you." "You remember all the press from the kidnapping situation that happened over the summer right? Well….I recently learned that my cousin Sam, who everyone thought was killed in the explosion, is alive," he said, taking a sip of his drink. "She survived the ordeal with Helena; however, she doesn’t remember much of what happened then or before. Her memory is very spotty. I need you to help her piece together what she can't remember." Nik stared deep into her eyes, hoping she would in fact be the answer to Sam's situation. "Can you help her, Dr. Winters? I don’t care how much it costs. I’ll pay you triple. I just….I need you to help me. Will you? Can you help me get Sam's memory back?" Lainey was at a complete loss for words at what Nikolas shared with her. She contemplates what do. After taking in all the possibilities and the kind of publicity this could give her, she agrees to help. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- A special New Year’s Eve episode featuring Robin & Patrick. A little treat for you SCRUBS fans who feel Robin & Patrick don’t get enough airtime.
  25. Ryan

    S&L: Episodes 87-89

    Secrets & Lies: Episode 87-89 Thursday, December 28, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler Produced by: Ryan Chandler New Opening Video It’s the day after Christmas. The episode will be told in flashbacks as it deals with the fallout from important happenings in the previous episode. Those featured in the episode include The Quartermaines, Monica/Lucy/Kevin and Brandon & Lucas. - GH begins in the old house of Kevin Collins. He walks around the empty place remembering his life with Lucy. Damn….why’d she have to come back? Why couldn’t she just leave well enough alone? He flashes back to the night before when she walked in on he and Monica: Kevin then walks upstairs to where he and Lucy’s bed used to be. Kevin flashes back to a time when he and Lucy made love all over the room, then flashes back to him making love to Monica, then flashes back to what happened after Lucy walked in: “Well doc…..nice to see you too,” snipes Lucy putting her pocketbook down. “I come back to visit you and..and…try to rekindle what we lost and I walk in and find you and Monica Quartermaine?” “Lucy…..I…” Kevin’s voice trails off. He looks away embarrassed. Monica begins putting on her top. “It’s not what you think Lucy. Kevin and I were just—” “Just what,” interrupts Lucy. “Having sex?” - At the Quartermaines, Monica & Alan sits in the living room with Edward, Skye and the newly revealed not to be dead, AJ. They all sit around staring at each other. Alan grabs AJ’s hand and flashes back to the night before: After the shock of seeing AJ (played by Dan Gauthier) begins to wear off, Alan grabs him by the shoulders, stares into his eyes and gives him a big hug. Edward is speechless and doesn’t walk near him. Tracy rolls her eyes, and then takes off upstairs. Ned just shakes his head and can’t wait to hear AJ’s excuse for faking his death (yet again) and his excuse for coming back. Skye gives him a big hug, and then slaps him across the face. “Ok, maybe I deserved that,” AJ says while grabbing his face. “It’s good to see you too sis.” “I could kill you right now,” she remarks. “Well that would kind of defeat the purpose of me coming back now wouldn’t it?” “Don’t you make any jokes Alan Quartermaine Jr.,” replies Edward. “You owe us a damn explanation and it had better be good.” “Father, I think we should just wait and let him explain.” Alan walks Edward over to the den. “Let him explain what Alan?” Monica walks in from outside and sees AJ. “Oh my god.” “Hello Mom.” “AJ? Oh my god. Oh my god! How are you, why are you…..” “I’ll explain everything mom. I promise.” Elsewhere….. - Brandon wakes up with Lucas in his arms. He gently strokes Lucas’ chest. He kisses him on the forehead. Brandon slowly eases himself out of bed, being careful not to wake Lucas up from his sleep. After putting on his boxers, Brandon walks downstairs and flashes back to him and Lucas’ first time making love last night. He picks up Lucas’ boxers and clenches them tightly. As he starts picking up the other clothes on the floor, he feels a breeze. He turns to his left and notices that the door is slightly open. After walking over to close it, he notices a box of gifts on the floor from Dillon with tags for him and Lucas. Dillon couldn’t have possibly seen them last night….could he? - Dillon on the other hand wakes up in Georgie’s bedroom. After seeing Lucas and Brandon make love, and the effect it had on him, Dillon needed to remember that he wasn’t gay. He loved Georgie. Correction, loves Georgie and she’s the person he wants to be with. So he had to prove it to himself that he was still into her by making love to her. Hell, they even tried a new way of making love last night and it was amazing. He looks at her while she’s sleeping and just wants to hold him in his arms. Correction, hold her in his arms. He paces back and forth angry that he is allowing Lucas to stay in his head. Dillon flashes back to making love to Georgie, but imagines that it’s Lucas he’s sleeping with. Dillon then puts on his clothes, kisses Georgie and takes off. - At Bobbie’s, she is shown downstairs at her kitchen table, staring at a bottle of Puerto Rican Rum by Bacardi. She is tempted to pick up that bottle and drink everything that’s inside, but is afraid of what she’d do. She’s trying to not be so dependant on the bottle and she was doing good, but seeing her….her son making love to another man was just…..too much. Noah walks downstairs and sees Bobbie at the table. He was going to say something to her, but instead he watches to see what she does. Bobbie flashes back to watching Brandon on top of her son…..she grabs the bottle and puts it near her face. She begins having more rapid flashbacks and throws the bottle against the wall before breaking down and crying. - Back at Kevin’s old place, he remembers more of his conversation with Lucy. After Monica took off, there was no way for him to avoid Lucy. She doesn’t yell, she doesn’t flip out. Instead she just says she’s disappointed in Kevin. The universe told her that she’d find something surprising when she returned to town and damn did she. Lucy grabs her things and leaves Kevin behind. - We now return to the Quartermaines, who wait for AJ to tell them what happened back in 2005. AJ reveals that he was torn into pieces after realizing how wrong it was for him to kidnap Michael and make others believe he was dead. Monica’s still in disbelief that he could do that to them, but AJ says he was desperate and stupid. He says that after he was hospitalized after his fight with Jason, he could do nothing but think while in his hospital bed. He thought about all the horrible things he’s done over the past few years and how it never worked out for him in the end. He asked Dr. Thomas to help him fake his death once again, so he could spare the family and Michael anymore pain. He didn’t however know how he would do it and didn’t know that he would brainwash Michael into accusing Carly and then making him believe that he did it. It wasn’t until a few months ago that he actually found out what Dr. Thomas did. Maybe it was the fact that he was lonely or maybe he wanted to make amends, but something told him to come back and fix his life. He grabs Monica and Alan’s hands and tells them that he’s sorry for all the pain he’s caused and wants to work really hard to fix everything. Monica tells him that since his “death”, Carly has allowed Michael to spend time with she and Alan and fears their progress will be undone because of his return. Alan asks Monica to stand by AJ’s side and give him a chance to make things right. Edward says that Jason needs to know that AJ is alive and he is the one who plans on telling him. Skye says maybe Sonny, Carly and Jason need to learn together and if anyone is going to do it, it should be the Quartermaines as a united front. AJ thanks Skye for her support and says the sooner they can get this done the better. On the next GH: Secrets & Lies- - The mayor orders Mac to have his office cleaned out by the 1st of the month. - Anna is stunned to see David in Port Charles - Nikolas seeks the help of Lainey for Sam - Lorenzo & Carly run into each other at the MetroCourt
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