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  1. Outside Greystone -- The explosion rocked the neighborhood and soon the TV crew was on the scene, as the officers tried to get their bearings in the aftermath. The fire and rescue units were called and the street soon became a chaotic disaster area. Unknown as to who was in the house when it exploded, Sonny and his family were everyone's concern. Cabin safehouse -- Alexis had just put the girls to bed and had sat down on the couch. She curled up in the corner of the sofa and threw the afghan over her for warmth. Ric had walked into the living room and sat down beside as his cell phone began to ring. "Lansing ...." he answered "Boss, turn on the news .. you are never going to believe what has happened!" Thomas replied. Ric and Alexis stared at the chaos surrounding Greystone as shocked looks came over their faces. Ric still hanging on the line with Thomas .... "Get me all the info you can, Thomas! I want details and I want them now!" "Oh my God, Sonny and ....." Alexis overwhelmed with what she was watching unfold on television. Ric pulled her close to him as they sat and watched the news report about the explosion and what was known at this time, which wasn't much according to the local news station. Ric fought the urge to go back to town to find Sonny, but Alexis held him back and reminded him that he was also in danger, that he would be safer staying at the cabin. He hoped that someone would be calling with information to put his mind at ease about Sonny and the family. A few blocks from the chaos -- "It went off without a hitch." said the dark figure hidden in the shadows as he talked into his cell phone. "Good .... keep me informed." The dark figure closed the phone and stood at a safe distance watching the chaos unfold as news crews showed up on the scene, and fire and rescue extinguished the flames. Flashing lights lit up the neighborhood as police cars arrived one right after the other. It was a spectacle to witness. Things were going as planned and no one suspected a thing. On the docks -- Faith knowing full well that Trevor would follow through with his threats, she was planning on living to fight another day. She met with Lorenzo to tell him what had happened and to tell him she was going back to Miami. She would come up with another way to get Sonny and Ric's territory. She had to take out Trevor first. Lorenzo realized this might be the opportunity he was waiting for, he could move forward with the plans to gain the territory without Faith's help. It was already set into motion, they had done all the work over the past few months, he wasn't about to let it all go to waste. Trevor was after Faith, not him, he could do it alone and take it all for himself. He didn't need Faith for the plan to work. At the hospital -- Emily and the family were informed that there were complications, but they were treatable. Relieved to hear, Emily breathed a little easier. She tried to call Zander to let him know, but she got his voice mail. She had been prescribed bed rest and plenty of it. The less stress she incurred the better, which seemed impossible being a cop's wife, but she had to try for the sake of their baby. She tried calling Zander over and over, but to no avail, he wasn't picking up. She began to worry about him and fear the worst. Her parents there with her, tried to keep her calm and relaxed but her mind just began to wander and to think of the worst case scenarios. Being a cop's wife, it came second nature. Her worries escalated when Monica got a page to go to the ER, there had been an explosion and a few officers were injured. Emily feared the worst and it took everything in her to stay in bed instead of going down to the ER to see if one of those officers was her husband. Coming up -- - There's a new threat in town - Emily receives word about Zander - Ric and Alexis fear the worst about Sonny and the family - Lorenzo sets a plan into motion to take over the territory
  2. On the docks -- Faith surprised to see Trevor, her first instinct was to rush into his arms, but she thought better of the idea. She and Trevor had had a long on going relationship, both business and personal, but both had cooled off over the past few years. Trevor had divorced from his wife many years ago, it had been said that Faith was the reason for shambles their marriage was in, though in reality there was a lot more to it. "Long time no see, Faith." Trevor said as he approached her. "It sure has been a while, Trevor. As always, it's nice to see you again." she purred. The initial encounter was a little awkward, she unsure of herself and her feelings she still had for this man she had once called her partner in crime. "What can I do for you, Trevor?" "I have a business proposition for you Faith." "Oh you do, hmmm .. is that all you have for me?" she flirted. "I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't come here to see you for a more personal reason, but there's a time and a place for everything, Faith. Now's the time for business, pleasure will come later." She flashed him a smile that would make any warm blooded man beg for mercy. "What is it that you want, Trevor?" "I want you to stay away from my family, Faith." "Or else what? You're going to kill me?" "You will be swimming with the fish before sundown." Trevor threatened. "Now is that anyway to treat the best lover you've ever had?" she replied as she tried to seduce Trevor by rubbing her hand up and down the front of his chest. Trevor grabbed her hand and squeezed. "I never said you weren't a smart and sexy woman, Faith. But my family comes first." "That's funny because you never thought of them before..." she reminded him of their past together. "Well things change, Faith. Ric is all I have left and I am not going to stand by and let you of all people ruin his life." "No Trevor, you did that a long time ago." she replied and then her lips pressed against his. "Remember ..." "Yeah I remember, you're pretty hard to forget." "Don't worry, Trevor. Ric won't be harmed unless he gets in my way. I just want what he has. And if he gives it up without a fight, I might let him live long enough to enjoy that family of his." she threatened. Trevor grabbed her arm and squeezed it tight. "No, you listen Faith. You come anywhere near Ric or his family, you will pay dearly. And you know me Faith, I don't threaten, I make promises. You will not live to see the sunrise. You got that?" Faith knew Trevor didn't make idle threats, he meant every word he said and she knew she'd be as good as dead if she harmed Ric or the family. Trevor released his grip on her when he saw she got the message loud and clear. "Now you need to get this straight Faith, Ric and his family are to be left alone, and you will take your sexy little ass back to Miami within the next 24 hours, or I will be paying you another visit. And next time, I will not be so gentle with you." "Oooh, promise..." she replied trying not to let on he shook her with his threats. Trevor grabbed her arms with both his hands and pulled her to him with one quick jerk. "Promise ..." he replied and then pressed his lips hard against hers, leaving her a bit breathless and shaken. Trevor turned and walked away from her, leaving her standing on the docks alone, and weak in the knees. He was a man of power and at that moment, she was left feeling she had no other choice but go back to Miami to lick her wounds. At least she was alive to fight another day. She would get her hands on Ric's territory, she just needed to take Trevor out first. At the PCPD -- Durant entered the squad room with warrants in his hand. He came upon Mac, Lucky, Zander and Jameson who were still discussing their strategy to bring in Sonny and Ric. Durant slapped the warrants down on the desk. "Here are the warrants, now go and bring the two of them in!" he ordered as Lucky picked up the warrants and handed the warrant for Sonny to Zander. "Here, I'll let you do the honors ...." Lucky said as he patted Zander on the shoulder. "Be careful, Sonny and Ric don't play games. They are to be considered armed and dangerous." Mac said concerned for his men as they went out after the two mob bosses who have run amok in Port Charles for far too long. Durant approached the holding cage where Carlos Escobar was still waiting for someone to get his statement. "You, I want to talk with you ..." Durant said as he pointed at Carlos. Another officer unlocked the cage and Carlos was handed over to Durant. "We're going for a little walk ..." "Ooh where are we going? Carlos asked as Durant took him by the arm and shoved him in the direction he was suppose to go. "Never you mind where we're going ... walk ...." Durant ordered as he and Carlos headed down the hallway towards his office and gave Carlos another shove. "Hey, you know this is police brutality?!" "Shut up and move ...." Durant replied getting annoyed with Carlos' back talk. They walked down the hallway and stopped at Durant's office door. Durant opened the door and pushed Carlos inside the room. "Take a seat ..." Carlos did as he was told and sat down in the chair in front of Durant's desk. "You know you should be extra nice to me if you want the information I have that can put Corinthos away ..." Durant sat down behind his desk and glared at Carlos. "What is this information you say you have? Perhaps we can make some kind of deal." "Now see, I don't like to make deals without my attorney. And well, since I don't seem to have one here at the moment, I don't feel oblige to tell you anything.... you know just so I don't incriminate myself." "Well, why don't we just chalk this up to a friendly conversation off the record. Start singing!" Carlos didn't see any other choice, he obviously wasn't going to get anywhere with Durant. It wasn't in his best interests to talk, but he knew maybe if he talked he could make some kind of deal later, a deal that would exonerate him and hang Corinthos. Little did Carlos know but Durant had started to record the entire conversation they were about to have. At Greystone -- Two patrol cars pulled up outside Sonny's estate, Zander and Jameson were sent there to do a job and they were going to execute the warrants they had been given. They waited till more back up arrived before entering the premises. Once more patrol cars had arrived, the two emerged from their car, guns drawn before they hit the front door of the mansion. No guards at the front gate which seemed a little odd, and the two approached the situation with caution. As the two stormed the house, they found no one on the inside, an empty house was all quiet, little did they know they had tripped an invisible wire when they opened the front door. A keen eyed Jameson noticed something on the far wall of the foyer. "Everyone out! Now!" Jameson grabbed the back of Zander's jacket and pulled him back out the front door. Before anyone knew what had hit them, the mansion exploded. Jameson and Zander fell forward from the impact of the blast, landing close to the patrol cars, face down in the dirt. The other officers took cover behind the patrol cars to protect themselves from the explosion. Coming up -- - Faith leaves town - Ric hears of the explosion at Greystone - Jason escapes capture
  3. On the docks -- Lorenzo meets Faith for a midnight meeting on the docks. He's concerned about the next step in Faith's plan to take over the territory, and Faith is boasting about a job well done. "I hope you know what you're doing," Lorenzo said as he came upon Faith. "Of course I do. It's working fabulously so far." she replied as she approached him. "Yeah that's what I'm afraid of. When Sonny and Ric find out what we've done, we're good as dead." "You worry too much, Lorenzo." "No, I'm being cautious, Faith. Too much too soon will cause mistakes and mistakes we don't need right now. We should be keeping a low profile, instead we're setting up Sonny and Ric and ...." "And reaping the rewards ..." she finished his sentence for him and grinned. At the safehouse -- The long black limo droved down the narrow dirt path towards the secluded cabin the woods, as Davis and Mario accompanied Ric and Alexis back to the safehouse. The car parked out in front of the cabin, and Ric emerged from the car. Alexis followed behind him as Davis helped Ric up to the porch. Viola inside with the girls, Alexis was relieved to be back safely with her family. Davis assisted Ric to the couch and then took his place outside standing guard with Mario. Frankie stood inside the cabin and waited for his orders from Ric. Alexis and Viola snuck up the stairs to take a look in on the girls, while Ric and Frankie discussed business. "I want you to get me everything on what went down tonight. I need to know what Durant is up to and what he found at the warehouse." "Yes, sir." Frankie replied and then he turned back towards the door. Alexis stood at the top of the stairs and watched Frankie leave the cabin before she came back down. Ric heard her on the stairs and watched her as she came over and sat with him on the couch. "Everything okay?" she asked. "Yeah, we'll be fine here at the cabin. No one else knows about this place but us, not even Sonny." "Durant thinks he has you, doesn't he?" "Yes I suppose he thinks so. But it's not him I'm worried about." "Oh ... " Ric shook off his suspicions of Zander and the case that was building against him. Zander had enough evidence to put both he and Sonny away for a long time. "I'm worried about you and the girls. The four of you should of went to the island with Carly and the boys." "No, I'm not leaving you here. We're better off here at the cabin then thousands of miles away without you." Alexis snuggled up close to Ric on the couch, his arm wrapped around her, as she leaned in against him. He winced when he felt her up against his aching body. Frankie had left to go do what he was told, while Davis and Mario stood guard outside the door of the cabin. The two bruts taking turns walking the perimeter of the property every hour as a safety precaution. No one was getting close to Ric and his family, they were safe, at least for tonight. On the docks -- As Lorenzo steps into the shadows and disappears into the night, Faith is startled by a visitor. "Who's there ...." she says as she can hear footsteps come up behind her. "It's me ..." Faith turns around when she recognizes the deep voice, and comes face to face with Trevor. Coming up .... - Trevor threatens Faith - Zander and Jameson arrest Sonny - Jason returns home
  4. At the hospital -- Emily's test results are in and the doctor is sharing the results with Emily and Zander. "Emily is going to have to take it easy for the next few days, and I'd like to keep her in the hospital for observation." the doctor informed them. "Are she and the baby okay, though? I mean no complications, right?" Zander spoke up concerned for his wife and child. "They're fine, this time. I don't mean to scare either of you, but this is going to be a delicate pregnancy and Emily will need to live a stress free life for the next 6 months. Which is why I'd like to keep her in the hospital the next few days to monitor the baby and to be sure she/he is okay." "Stress free? Yeah like that will happen." Emily joked. "I know stress free is almost impossible, but having you in the hospital can at least give you a better chance at achieving it. I'll check back with you tomorrow. My suggestion for you, is to get plenty of rest. Use the time here in the hospital to relax and rest. You and your baby need it." With that the doctor left the room, leaving Zander and Emily alone together. "He does realize I'm a cop's wife, right? Stress free does not exist for us, Zander." "Yeah well, its going to have to for the next 6 months, I don't want anything to happen to you or our baby. And if he says bed rest is what you need, bed rest is what you and the baby are going to get." Zander replied and gave her a kiss. "Yeah but I hate hospitals!" "Em, your a doctor ...." Zander joked. "Yeah but I'm not always a patient and you know what they say .... Doctors make the worst patients." she smirked. "Oh I can see that ..." he laughed and quickly gave her a kiss to stop her from replying with a comeback. Emily's parents entered the room, and they were filled in about Emily's condition and that she was to stay in the hospital for a few days for rest. As they all sat conversing, Zander's cell phone rang. He excused himself and went out into the hallway to answer the call. "Smith ..." he answered after he flipped open the phone. "Hey, it's Jameson .... I'm at the PCPD with Escobar. Drop what you're doing and get down here ASAP." "I'll be there as soon as I can." Zander replied to his partner, Detective Lee Jameson who had escorted a suspect, Carlos Escobar from Miami to Port Charles. A suspect who they had hoped would connect Sonny and Ric to an incident that occurred in Miami last year. Zander went back into Emily's room and told her he had to leave on police business. He gave her a kiss goodbye and quickly left the hospital, heading to the PCPD to meet up with Jameson. At the PCPD -- Detective Jameson and Escobar entered the squad room, and were met by Mac Scorpio, the police commissioner. Escobar in handcuffs and walking with confidence alongside the Detective. "Can I help you?" Mac said as he approached. "I hope so. I'm Detective Jameson from the Miami-Dade Special Investigations Unit and this is our suspect Carlos Escobar. I believe someone was suppose to get a call from my superiors that we were arriving today." Mac recognized the name and he had received a phone call a few days prior from a Captain Cortez from the Miami-Dade Police Department about a Detective escorting a suspect connected to the Sonny Corinthos case. "I'm Mac Scorpio, the Police Commissioner and yes I did get a phone call that you and the prisoner would be arriving. You can put him in the cage and we'll have a chat about the case." Jameson uncuffed Carlos and tossed him in the large metal holding cage that sat in the corner of the squad room. He followed Mac into the interrogation room to discuss the case and waiting for Zander to arrive. "Miami-Dade, huh? The same police department Detective Zander Smith is associated with?" Mac asked as he closed the door of the room. "The one and the same. Detective Smith and I are partners. I called him when I arrived, he should be here shortly." Jameson replied and he took a seat. They didn't have to wait long before Zander arrived. He walked into the squad room and noticed across the room, Escobar was sitting in the cage, waiting. Mac came out of the interrogation room, Jameson followed and met up with Zander. "Hey, man ... any problems getting him here?" Zander greeted as Jameson approached. "No problems at all, he was a good boy all the way from Florida." Jameson joked as he eyed Escobar. Escobar smirked because he realized they were discussing him and their travels from Miami. "Yes I was a good boy, now what do I get? A cookie?" "Maybe, just maybe, the judge will see to it you keep on breathing." Jameson snarked back. "That is if Corinthos lets you live that long." Zander added. "Now come on Detective, that's not a nice thing to say. I mean, I've been a good travel companion, haven't I? I didn't give you any trouble, did I? And that's how you talk to me ...." Escobar replied, being the smartass that his is. Jameson just sneered back at the prisoner and then followed Zander and Mac back into the interrogation room for a discussion about the case. As the three of them were discussing the case, John Durant entered the squad room with Detective Lucky Spencer by his side. The men following them held in the hands bags of evidence that needed to be logged in to the evidence room. "Take that stuff and get it all logged in!" Durant ordered as the officers did as they were told. "I'll start on the paperwork ..." Lucky said as he went to his desk and then noticed the new prisoner in the cage. "It was a good bust tonight, Detective." Durant praised. "Thank you, sir." Lucky keeping his eye on Escobar, wondering where he had come from and who he was. Mac, Zander, and Jameson emerged from the interrogation room. Durant was the first to ask questions about Escobar. "Mac, I see we have a new guest tonight. Care to explain?" "John, this is Detective Jameson from the Miami-Dade Special Investigations unit. He escorted Carlos Escobar from Miami. He's a suspect involved in an incident with our very own Sonny Corinthos. Jameson hopes to shed some light on our case against Sonny and Ric." Durant shook hands with Jameson. "John Durant, Federal Prosecutor and the lead on the case against Sonny Corinthos and Ric Lansing." "Detective Jameson and I have been working this case for 3 years now, and the case has led us to believe Escobar and Corinthos had dealings in Miami for the past 3 years. We hope he can lead us to the bigger fish, who we really are after .... Salvador Sabata." Coming up -- ~ Durant's case against Sonny starts to build ~ Ric fears for his family's safety ~ Faith and Trevor meet
  5. In the limo -- As Ric and Alexis head back to the safe house, the silence is broken by the ring of Alexis' cell phone. She pulls it out of her purse and flips it open to answer it. "Alexis Davis..." "Alexis ... It's John. I shouldn't be doing this but out of professional courtesy, I am giving you a heads up. My task force and I will be carrying out search warrants tonight." "Thank you for letting me know. I hope you know what you're doing and what will transpire because of it." "I do ... and I hope the search will give me the evidence to put Sonny and Ric away for a long time." "Well, good, I look forward to going up against you in court, John. Because effective immediately, I will be defending my husband if this goes to trial. I hope you come prepared, counselor." Alexis flipped the phone closed and hung up on Durant. Ric looked at her, "Did you just quit the DA's office?" "Yeah I guess I did." she laughed. "John Durant wanted to let me know he is coming after you and Sonny tonight. I just hope he knows what kind of a fight he has ahead of him." Ric feeling a little more confident knowing his wife was in his corner, but his first priority was keeping his family safe. The waterfront -- Durant and his task force stormed one of Ric's warehouses, search warrants in his hand. The warehouse dark, it didn't seem like anyone was around. He dispersed his men and they began searching the offices and the entire building. A few crates sat in the corner of the huge dim light room. "Let's get those crates open ..." Durant ordered. A crowbar was used to open up the crates. The aroma of coffee filled the air as Durant and his men stood there hoping to find something other then coffee. "It's been cleaned out, sir. The office is empty." said one of the men as he returned from searching part of the building. "Dammit, there has to be something left here! Find it!" As Durant oversaw the execution of the warrant, his men emptied the contents of the crates onto the floor. Ground coffee spilled onto the concrete floor as they poured it from the crate. When the crate was empty, there were traces of what was in the crate left behind. "Sir .. I think we found something!" one of the men said and Durant raced over to see what they found. He looked into the empty crate and found some white residue at the bottom of the crate. "Call forensics and get them down here, I want to be 100% certain that is what I think it is!" At Sonny's warehouse -- At Sonny's warehouse, Detective Lucky Spencer executed another search warrant. The team stormed the warehouse in search of incriminating evidence against Sonny. It seemed the latest shipment wasn't removed yet by Sonny's men, Lucky and his team had hit pay dirt. Lucky quickly got on his phone and informed Durant of what they had found. "All those crates ... open 'em up!" Lucky ordered. Inside the crates was all they needed to put Sonny away on weapons charges, drug charges and a host of other offenses. It was a good bust and it made Detective Lucky Spencer quite proud. As the men continued to search Sonny's warehouse, Durant and his team arrived to see what the other team had discovered. "Detective, what did we discover here?" Durant asked as he approached Lucky. "You'll be pleased I'm sure. We got 'em on a list of charges, sir. From weapons to drugs to money. You name it, we found it." Lucky boasted. "Good work .... great work, Detective." Durant quite pleased with the discovery, but it was all a little too convenient. Lucky noticed it Durant's smile soon was overcome with concern. "Sir, anything wrong?" Lucky asked as their search continued. "Nah, I guess not." Durant replied, brushing off the feeling that things were as kosher as it appeared to be. "Get all this stuff back to the evidence locker and make sure it's done by the book!" Durant barked the orders to the team. "I'll be back at the office filing the necessary paperwork against Corinthos. Good work, Detective." "Thank you, sir. I'll make sure it all gets back to the house safe and sound." Durant smiled at Lucky before leaving the warehouse. Lucky and his men continued collecting evidence against Sonny and his organization. With all they had discovered, Sonny was in for a long time behind bars. At the hospital -- Georgie Jones was working the nurse's station in the ER, her first night on rotation at the hospital as a nurse's aid. She was expecting an eventful night in the ER, it usually was in PC. As she stood filling out paperwork, the door to the ER opened up and Zander came rushing in with Emily passed out in his arms. Georgie quickly went to see what was wrong and how she could help. Zander filled her in on Emily's condition and that she had been having pains after dinner and then passed out. Georgie called for a gurney and for Emily to be taken to cubicle #3. Being Emily was pregnant, Georgie called for the OB/GYN who was on call. She also tried to reassure Zander they were going to do their best and that he should wait in the waiting room until the doctor examined Emily. Zander wasn't about to sit by and wait, he wanted to be with his wife and no one was going to deter him from being by Emily side. It took a few orderlies to keep Zander from the examine room, but he complied to the doctor's orders. Emily was in her first trimester, and though her doctor's didn't think it would be a risky pregnancy, they did have her on a strict regiment. Zander began thinking all kinds of things, none of them good. He sat and waited a while before the OB/GYN emerged from cubicle #3. "How's Emily and the baby?" Zander asked frantic with worry. "She's stable, we're going to keep her here for a while to monitor the baby. That's all I can tell you for now. We're running tests, we should know soon though." Dr. Swenson replied. "We'll be moving her to a room as soon as one becomes available. But until then, you can sit with her if you would like." he continued. "Thanks, doc." Zander replied and he ran quickly to be with Emily. Georgie was in the cubicle with her, making sure everything was working properly and writing down Emily's stats. She was startled by Zander's entrance. "I'm sorry, I'll get out of your way, I just wanted to double check on the stats." Georgie said as Zander took a deep breath and a seat next to Emily. Georgie wanted to be helpful and asked if she should call Drs. Quartermaine and let them know Emily was going to be admitted. Zander thanked her for her kindness and if she could do that, it would be appreciated. She left Zander alone with Emily and went to the nurse's station to call Emily's parents. She didn't know Emily and Zander all that well, but she knew Drs. Quartermaine and they had been helpful to her during her time in the nursing program at the hospital. Zander was soon joined by Monica and Alan. Monica had reminded Alan to keep his mouth in check while around Zander, their dislike for each continued even after he and Emily moved to Florida. In the time of crisis was not the ideal moment to start with each other, Emily didn't need the extra stress and aggravation. The family sat by Emily's bedside waiting for the test results to come back, Alan had called the lab to put a rush on the results. This was his daughter and grandchild, the concern he had for them was overwhelming. Coming up ... ~Arrest warrant is issued for Sonny ~Forensics test the white substance found at Ric's warehouse ~Test results are in on Emily and the baby ~Lorenzo and Faith plans are coming together
  6. Durant's Office Durant sat in his large leather upholstered swivel chair, his feet propped up on his desk as he laid back looking over one of his files. He was startled by a knock on his door and invited whomever it was inside. Zander peeked his head in and asked if he was interrupting. Durant waved Zander into the office, and then removed his glasses as he sat upright in his chair. "To what do I owe this pleasure, Detective?" Durant greeted as Zander approached the desk. Zander stepped forward and handed Durant a thick file folder. "Here ... this should get you a conviction." Durant took the file folder and laid it open on his desk, a rap sheet staring up at him. "What's this?" he asked as he flipped through the file. "That is what is going to get you a conviction on Sonny and quite possible Ric. It's all you need, Durant. Have fun..." Zander's words drifted off as he turned to leave the office. Durant calling after him, stopped him in his tracks and turned back around. "Wait! I thought you'd want to be in on this Detective? You're just handing over your case?" "Look, I've been working on this damn case for 3 years, Durant, but I have another case building against Sonny that is more important then racketeering and drug charges." Zander's words piqued Durant's interest even more. "You do, do you? Care to share what's going on?" "I gave you enough to put Corinthos and Lansing away for a lifetime, what more do you want from me, Durant?" Zander reluctant in sharing his case that was still pending. Durant felt some hostility coming from Zander, though he didn't feel it was directed towards him, but more towards Sonny. "Hey I don't mean to step all over your toes, Detective. I was just asking ..." "I know and I'm sorry for snapping. It's just the case I have building against Corinthos is ... personal. And I have to do this case alone, Durant. You understand, don't you?" "Yeah, of course I do. Dealing with Corinthos all these years, I have my own stake in seeing him behind bars. Thanks for the file, Detective." Durant replied as he acknowledged Zander's help. "You're welcome. I hope you get the bastard. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go meet my wife at Kelly's for dinner." With that, Zander walked out of the office and headed to Kelly's to meet Emily. Durant sat back down at his desk and picked up the phone. He punched in a number and waited for someone on the other end to answer. "This is John Durant, I need search warrants on both Corinthos and Lansing's residence, warehouses, vehicles ... the works. And I need it tonight!" At the hospital Ric was up and walking around, he shouldn't be, but he had spent enough time in that hospital bed. He needed to get out of there before he lost his sanity. Frankie stood guard outside the door of the private room as Alexis stepped off the elevator, obviously in a rush to see Ric. She didn't even stop to talk with Frankie, she barged right into Ric's room, startling him as he stood by the window. "What are you doing?! You should be in bed." she barked as she entered the room and saw her husband staring out the window. "Alexis, I'm fine. What are you doing back here? I thought you went to see Nikolas?" "I was going to, but I had a run in with Faith when I got to the launch." "Oh my God, are you okay? She didn't hurt you, did she?" Ric asked, worried about his wife. "No, I'm fine. She just tried to scare me by making threats towards you." "Frankie!" Ric called for his body guard without questioning Alexis any further. "Ric? Now don't go doing anything stupid. I'm fine, really." Alexis trying to calm him down. "Yes sir ..." Frankie said as he came into the room. "I want you to call some of the boys and have them go out there and find Faith. Put a scare on her a little bit. If her goons are with her, give them a little taste of what we can do to them if they come near my family again." Ric ordered. "Yes sir." Frankie noticed Alexis' concern before leaving the room, and he hoped she was alright. Ric grimaced and applied pressure to his side with his hand as he searched for his clothes. He wasn't staying one more night in the hospital. Faith was getting too close and he needed to protect his family. "Ric, calm down, you're going to open up those stitches. You are not well enough to leave this hospital!" Alexis barked at him as he found his clothes in the drawers of the dresser. "Look, Faith got close to you tonight, too close! I can't have that happening again!" "The boys can take care of that, you need to stay in the hospital! You're not ready to face Faith alone! Dammit Ric! Listen to me, please!" Ric stopped and sat down on the bed, his clothes lay beside him. He held his hand out to her, she took it and was pulled in towards him. "I love you, and I will protect you at all costs, Alexis." "I love you too, Ric, but you are still healing. You are in no shape to go after Faith alone." They were interrupted by Ric's cell phone. He reached for it and flipped it open to answer it. "Lansing ..." "We have trouble, sir." "What kind of trouble, Thomas? Faith and Lorenzo?" "No, not that kind of trouble. It's Durant .. he's out for blood. Our sources at the PCPD are telling us that Durant got a judge to issue search warrants for both you and Sonny's property .... homes, cars, warehouses .. everything." "Dammit! Okay, have Davis and Mario come to the hospital to pick up me and Alexis. We'll go to the cabin till all this blows over. And make sure Sonny meets us there." "Yes sir, right away." Ric flipped closed the phone and with some pain in his side, he got dressed as quickly as he could. Alexis concerned and wanting to know what was going on. "Now what? What's going on, Ric?!" Ric hurried her out the door. "I'll explain on the way ...." "On the way? On the way, where? Ric?" Coming Up ... ~ Emily and Zander get a scare. ~ Ric and Sonny are searched ~ Alexis steps down
  7. At the hospital -- Zander stood waiting for Ric's answer, though Ric was reluctant to point to the suspect he believed Zander wanted. Zander grabbed the photo sheet from Ric in disgust. He knew Ric wasn't going to tell him the truth, no matter how long he stood there and waited. Ric noticed the frustration from Zander. "I'm sorry Zander, I don't recognize anyone." Zander rolled his eyes at Ric's comment. "You honestly don't expect me to believe that, do you?" "Yeah Zander, I do." "You know I figured you'd do the right thing here, Ric. But you know what? I don't need your ID, I have enough evidence to put both you and Sonny away for a long time, without you." "If you did, Zander, I would be in handcuffs by now!" Zander knew what Ric was saying was the truth. He didn't have enough evidence, but he surely didn't need Ric's testimony to get warrants for both he and Sonny. Zander turned to leave, but turned back towards Ric. "For Alexis' sake, Ric, I hope you know what you're doing. I would hate to see you regret your decision." Somewhere on the docks -- Alexis was heading towards the launch, where a boat waited for her to take her to Wyndamere. She had made plans to visit with Nikolas to go over a few details about Cassadine business. As she approached the launch, she encountered someone. "Well, well .... It's nice to see you again Alexis..." the shadowy figure said as she came into the dim light of the moon. Alexis tensed up when she realized who was approaching her. "Faith ... what do I owe this pleasure?" "I was hoping you could get a message to your husband." "Oh really, and who's to say I'm going to do this for you, Faith?" Alexis replied as two of Faith's bodyguards came from out of nowhere and came up behind her. Alexis felt their presence beside her and she tensed up even more. "You are going to deliver this message for me, Alexis, because if not ..." Faith seethed and nodded to her two goons, who then grabbed a hold of Alexis' arms to hold her steady, as Faith approached her. Faith stepped up and got in Alexis' face, standing nose to nose with her nemesis' wife. "Let your husband know, I am coming after him, and if he stands in my way, those he loves .... let's just say accidents do happen." she threatened. Faith's goons released Alexis from their grip, and Faith stepped back and away from Alexis, letting her pass, now. Faith and her goons disappeared into the shadows once again, leaving Alexis on the docks alone. After the encounter, Alexis quickly fled the docks and headed to the hospital to tell Ric of her encounter with Faith Roscoe. Coming Soon ~ Durant issues warrants for Ric and Sonny ~ Ric takes back control ~ Emily is hospitalized after she encounters problems with the baby
  8. At a warehouse on the docks ... The room was silent as the members of the five families had their guns drawn on the door, awaiting the unexpected visitor. The door swung open and in stepped the blonde vixen, herself. She slithered in with three bodyguards in tow, and noticed the guns drawn on her. "Whoa, gentlemen ... You can put those weapons away, I am no threat to you." she said as she stepped inside and the door closed behind her. "Faith you are a threat to everyone in this room .... you were not invited." Sonny stepped forward and faced her. She ran her index finger underneath his tie and pulled it slowly out from behind his buttoned jacket. "I didn't come here to fight Sonny ..." she whispered. "Then state your business and leave ..." he replied as she flirted with to distract him. "I'm just here to make sure my investment is protected." she seethed as she took a seat at the table and very obviously crossed her slender legs. Her bodyguards standing close to her when she took her seat. The other gentlemen at the table put their weapons back in their holsters, but still uneasy with her sitting at the same table. They were on guard throughout the entire meeting. Faith had heard enough and she soon left the private meeting. Afterwards, the families discussed how they would strategically take her out of the game. They discussed their next course of action. It had been decided that Sonny would be the one to take her down, she seemed more to want what he had, more than anyone else there. The decision had been made when the meeting was interrupted once again. The door swung open and Trevor stepped inside the room. The family representatives were surprised to see him at the meeting. They didn't know he was back in the business, they had been told he had retired when Ric took over a few years prior. "Gentlemen ..." he greeted as he approached the conference table. "It's nice to see you again, Trevor." Javier greeted with a handshake. "Javier ... how's your papa doing?" "Papa is doing well, thank you for asking." Javier replied. Trevor went down the line and greeted everyone who was in attendance. "I hope you don't mind me stepping in to represent Ric's interests. I would of been here earlier but I had an appointment, it couldn't be helped." "That's quite alright Trevor. A man in your good standing, can certainly be forgiven for lateness." Javier praised. "If I may ...." Trevor began and Sonny motioned he had the floor to speak. "I am sure we are all aware of our pesky problem, who seems to be becoming a bigger problem for some of us more than others." The men at the table nodded in agreement and Trevor continued. "We have to eliminate this threat before she gets out of control." "What do you propose, Trevor?" Tomas spoke up. Trevor explained to the men his plans, and they all agreed. Faith had to be eliminated and quickly. The meeting came to a close, Trevor feeling quite proud of himself, a bit too proud. It felt good to be in control again, though Sonny still was uneasy about Trevor being involved in the business again. At the hospital - Ric's room Zander stepped off the elevator and approached Frankie, who stood guard at Ric's hospital room. Frankie stepped in front of the door, refusing Zander access. Zander shown Frankie his badge and told him he had a few questions for Ric regarding some past business. Zander had to get some answers from Ric if he wanted to get Sonny on the pending charges in Miami. Frankie opened the door and he entered the room, leaving Zander in the hallway. Frankie opened the door from the inside and allowed Zander access to Ric, but only for a few minutes. Zander thanked Frankie and entered Ric's room. "I'm not sure what you want from me, Zander." Ric said as Zander approached his bedside. "How about the truth, Ric?" "The truth about what? I'm not sure what you're talking about." "The truth about Miami and the incident that occurred there last year .... ring a bell, Ric?" Zander tried to jog Ric's memory. Zander mentioning the incident in Miami had an effect on Ric. Zander noticed he became evasive and nervous about the questions he was asking. There was something Ric wasn't telling him and he needed Ric to tell him everything. "Dammit Ric!" Zander was getting frustrated with the run around he was getting with Ric. "Look, just tell me what went on, the truth, now." Zander pulled out some mug shot photos he had in his jacket pocket and handed them to Ric. "Tell me who it was, Ric ... I need some thing." Ric took the photo sheet and stared down at the photo array of suspects. He knew 3 out of 6 on the sheet, and two of them were involved in the incident they were talking about. Ric looked up at Zander. Ric couldn't tell him the truth, it would be an of betrayal. Coming up .... ~ Zander gets evidence against Sonny ~ Alexis encounters Faith ~ Ric takes control back
  9. Episode 4 At Kelly's Alexis already there waiting for Zander when he walked in the door. He saw her sitting at a table in the far corner of the room and went to greet her. He asked her about Ric and how he was doing. He seemed genuinely concerned for him as Alexis gave him an update on her husband's condition. It didn't take long for the conversation to turn about business. Alexis tried to get some information from Zander about what he was doing back in Port Charles. Zander though not forthcoming with any info she could use. He was being very evasive about his reasons for coming home, but by the way he was acting, she knew somehow it had to do with Ric and Sonny. Zander knew she was fishing for information and caught on to her pretty quickly. As much as she tried to gain info from him, he was trying to do the same to her. Neither of them came out of Kelly's knowing a hell of a lot more then when they went in. He knew though, she would be on guard from now on and he needed to proceed with caution and care. As Zander left Kelly's, he received a phone call from his superiors in Miami. It was news he didn't want to hear. He had less then 24 hours to find some evidence to connect Sonny with a suspect they had in custody. He was running out of time, he needed to find something, anything that would connect the two together. Frustrated with the way the investigation was going, Zander had to visit the one person he hoped would shed some light, so he headed to the hospital. At Greystone -- At the warehouse Max pulled the limo around to the front of the house and waited for Sonny. Milo with Sonny, they emerged from the house and walked towards the limo that was waiting. Max opened the passenger side door and Sonny stepped inside. Milo and Max both got in the front seat, Max driving and they headed to the warehouse for the meeting with the 5 families. Sonny on his way, the rest of the families began to arrive at the warehouse. Enrique Delgado from Los Angeles, California, Tomas Cortes, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Dominick Garcia from New York City, Javier Cordero from Miami, Florida, and Antonio Alverez from San Antonio, Texas. Each arrived one by one with their own security, they all entered the office area of the warehouse and took seats at the conference table waiting for Sonny's arrival. Max pulled the limo up in front of the building and opened the passenger side door. Sonny stepped out and walked with a purpose towards the office door. He was greeted by the 5 family members who already had arrived. Trevor followed behind Sonny, making his presence known to everyone that he was in attendance to protect Ric's territory. The meeting came to order and the floor was given to Tomas who gave everyone an update on his organization and how his profits were increasing since the last time they had met. The meeting was going along smoothly till they were interrupted unexpectedly. The door opened as guns from every man in the room were drawn and aimed on the person who dared entered their private meeting. Coming up .... ~Zander visits Ric ~Faith makes her presence known ~Alexis' life is threatened
  10. Episode 3 After his visit with Sonny, Trevor went back to the hospital to see his son. He stepped off the elevator and walked down the dismal hallway of the hospital towards Ric's room. Frankie stood guard, just where he was when Trevor had left a few hours before. Frankie made eye contact with Trevor as he approached. "I didn't expect to see you again, tonight, Mr. Lansing." Frankie greeted as Trevor approached him. "I wasn't planning on it, but something has come up that I thought Ric should know." he replied as he looked in at Ric. Frankie stepped aside and left Trevor pass. Ric sitting up doing some paperwork, looked up and saw Trevor in the doorway. He motioned for his father to enter the room and come closer. "This isn't bad news is it?" Ric joked. "No, well I don't think it is. But I wanted to keep you abreast of the situation." "So what did Sonny do this time?" Ric questioned. "He called a meeting of the 5 families. It's schedule for tomorrow night at one of his warehouses." "Sonny must be worried about something important to call a meeting so soon." "I just left Greystone and yes I would say Sonny is worried. And I don't think it's just about the missing shipments and Faith Roscoe. I think there is someone else he's concerned about." Trevor explained. "Yeah I'm sure Sonny is concerned about Zander being in town. He and Sonny never did see eye to eye." "Zander? I don't think I know the name, care to explain?" "Zander Smith, it's complicated but he and Alexis are quite close. For a short time Alexis was his attorney." "Legal troubles he had, did he?" "You could say that, he use to work for Sonny. Now he's a detective for the Miami-Dade police department." Trevor raised an eyebrow and a concerned look overcame his face. Miami certainly rang a bell for him. "Why do you think he's in town? A coincidence isn't it?" Trevor asked as he grew more concerned as to why a Florida detective was conveniently back home. "I don't think Zander is anything to be concerned about. Alexis told me he had heard of the shooting and came to be supportive when she needed it. End of story." Trevor thought a little more and his concern grew noticeable, but he hoped Ric wouldn't see it. There was reason to be concerned when a detective is snooping about and with the 5 families meeting in the same town -- it could spell disaster for everyone involved. Trevor quickly changed the subject. "You don't have to worry about the meeting tomorrow night, I'll go in your place." Ric looked up from his paper work with a raised eyebrow. "You are, are you?" "Of course I am, you don't think a meeting like this will go on with some representation in your place, now do you? That wouldn't look good in front of the 5 families. It would come across as you being left vulnerable and weak. You cannot afford that, Ric." "I suppose you're right, but just don't do anything stupid. I know you and Sonny don't get along, so don't try to take over the situation, let Sonny handle things. He knows what he's doing." "Don't worry, I'll protect your interests." Trevor boasted. "Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of." Coming up ... ~Alexis wants answers from Zander ~The 5 families want answers from Sonny ~Jason and Zander exchange threats
  11. Episode 2 After his meeting with Sonny, Jason tracked down Emily at the hospital. It had been a while since he last saw his sister and they had a lot to catch up on. Jason stepped off the elevator and his eyes met his wife's, who was supervising the nurse's station. He approached and a smile appeared across her face. "Hi ... I didn't expect to see you today." Elizabeth said as Jason walked up to the desk. "I was hoping to find Emily here, I heard she and Zander came home." "Yeah, she's around here somewhere. Her and your parents were in the lounge talking for a while." "Okay, I'll look around. I'm sure we'll run into each other." Jason leaned over the desk and gave his wife a kiss before leaving her to go look for Emily. He didn't have to look for very long when he found Emily coming out of the doctor's lounge. "Hey, Emily wait up ...." Jason called out as he approached her from behind. Emily heard a familiar voice call her name and she spun around quickly to see Jason approaching. She missed him so much and was anxious to talk with him. She ran into his arms and almost knocked him over. "I missed you, Jason ..." she replied as she felt her brother's strong arms around her. They parted and walked back into the doctor's lounge for some private time to talk. "So what brings you back home?" Jason asked as Emily and he sat down at an empty table. "Zander and I have some good news we wanted to share." "You couldn't do that over the phone?" Jason asked curious as to the real reason she and Zander came back. "We could, but this is something we wanted to do in person." "So, what's the good news you brought with you?" "Zander and I are going to have a baby ..." Jason shocked with Emily's news, happy for her, but surprised to hear it, nonetheless. "I'm happy for you Emily ..." Jason began. "No you're not ..." she quickly remarked and Jason gave her a concerned look. "Look, Zander and I have our differences and our history is not best friends, but I want you to be happy, Emily. I really do. You deserve to be happy and if it's with Zander ...." Emily got up from her seat and went to hug her brother. As he held her in his arms, she felt just how much Jason loved her and how much he wanted things to go right for her. "Have you told Alan and Monica, yet? I'm sure they will be thrilled." "Yeah they were pretty happy about it, but they too have worries about me. Dad and Zander never did get along, and I'm sure Grandfather is going to blow a blood vessel knowing that a great grandchild of his, will have Zander as a father." "But I'm sure Edward will be happy to know there is another child coming into the family that he can mold into his image." Jason finished her thought. "Em, we need to talk about Zander." he continued. Emily sat back down with Jason, curious as to what he wanted to talk about regarding her husband. She put two and two together when she noticed how Jason was acting. "Jas, if you're going to ask about any cases he's working on, I don't have an answer for you." Emily replied. "I know, and I don't want you in the middle of this, Em, but there is something just not right about what's been going on here recently." "And what? You think Zander has something to do with it? Is that what you're saying, Jason?" Emily started to get defensive. Jason stayed silent. His non response was enough for Emily. "I can't believe you Jason!" Emily got up from her seat and distanced herself from her brother. "Em, look, I can't tell you what's going on, and believe me I wish I could. But the more you know the more you will be in danger. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you, you know that." Jason replied as he got up from his seat and went to her. "Zander didn't have anything to do with whatever is going on, he's a cop, Jason! He left the mob life a long time ago..." her words drifted off and tears began to well in her eyes. Jason noticed she was upset and tried to console her. "I'm sorry Em for upsetting you. That was not my intention. I hope you're right, because if Zander has played any part in what is going down, Em, I can't promise he won't get hurt." Jason kissed her forehead and turned to leave. She called after him .... "Jase, be careful ..." Jason turned back around ... "It's not me you need to be worried about." Coming up ... ~Zander meets Alexis at Kelly's ~The 5 families gather in PC ~Zander visits with Ric in the hopes of finding new evidence against Sonny.
  12. Chapter 10 - Episode 1 Durant invited Zander into his office and offered him a seat. Before sitting, Zander removed his leather jacket and revealed to Durant the 9mm in his shoulder holster. Zander's detective badge could be seen in plain sight, hanging on one of his front belt loops. The shiny badge caught Durant's eye as he took a seat behind the large mahogany desk. Zander took a seat in front of Durant, and was ready to get down to business. "So, you have some information you think I would be interested in?" Durant said as he started off the conversation. "I have a stack of charges waiting in Miami for Sonny Corinthos, but we're having a hard time connecting him to some other crimes and making sure it sticks." Zander revealed. "How do you think I can help you?" Durant asked, still curious as to what Zander wanted from him. "I was hoping that you had a few charges of your own to stick on Sonny and perhaps we can connect him to more crimes in both states. I want to make sure he doesn't find a loop hole this time." "My first question to you is ... I get the feeling you have something at stake here, Detective?" Durant questioned Zander. Zander evasive and not wanting to tip his hand to Durant, but there was more at stake for Zander then anyone. But he wasn't quite ready to reveal all he knew or why he wanted Sonny behind bars, so bad. He would reveal the truth when he was good and ready, now, was not it. "Hey, I'm a detective working on a case, Durant. I want to make sure the charges stick this time, Sonny has eluded us for far too long." Zander explained. "And what about Ric? Doesn't that bother you, I mean, you and Alexis are close, no?" "Yeah, I'm going to be sorry about that, but Ric is still a criminal just like his brother. I know arresting Ric will hurt Alexis, and I guess I'm hoping Ric will turn states evidence against Sonny for Alexis' sake." "You're taking a big gamble there, aren't you? I mean, Ric turning against Sonny is something I don't see happening." "Maybe, maybe not. I guess we'll see who Ric loves more .... his brother or his family." As Zander and Durant discussed more about the case, they were interrupted by Zander's cell phone ringing. He excused himself from the conversation and answered his phone. "Smith ...." Zander answered when he flipped open his phone. "Zander, can we meet to talk?" the voice on the other requested. Zander looked towards Durant and the expression on his face gave Durant the inclination his plans to take down Ric were about to come to light. "Sure we can meet, Alexis." Zander replied as a grin came across his face. "Kelly's ... in about an hour?" Alexis suggested. "I'll see you in an hour." Zander replied and flipped the phone closed. He took a seat back down in front of Durant and put his phone back into his jacket pocket. "I don't think I have to tell you to tread lightly with Alexis, Detective. You know if you go after Ric, you will have to deal with Alexis, and trust me, she's the last person you want to go toe to toe with." "Believe me, Durant, I know Alexis probably better then anyone and I know what she is capable of." "Just watch your back, if I know Alexis, she will protect her husband and her children if it comes to that." Zander had a few more errands to run before meeting Alexis. He got up from his seat and grabbed his jacket. He headed towards the door, but before leaving the office, he turned back around towards Durant ..."Think about what I said, maybe together we can take down Corinthos." Coming soon .... ~Alexis goes fishing for answers ~The 5 families have a meeting ~Emily surprises Jason with some good news
  13. Episode 4 At Greystone ... Sonny poured himself another drink and walked over and sat down in the chair behind his mahogany desk. The file that laid staring up at him he pushed aside and reached for the phone. Sonny dialed the phone and called Benny, his financial adviser and accountant. "Benny, call together the 5 families. Tell them I'm requesting a meeting." Sonny instructed and then he hung up the phone as Jason entered the living room. He got up from his seat and swallowed the alcohol that was in his glass as he approached Jason. "So, what do you have for me?" he asked his right hand man. "Not much ... But I can tell you that it looks like Faith has her self wrapped up with Lorenzo. Shipments are not going in or out of PC for the time being and Lorenzo is fit to be tied." "Good ... put the pressure on him maybe he'll crack." Sonny replied thinking of what his next move would be. "Oh I wouldn't doubt it. He's losing millions as the stuff sits in the warehouse and can't be moved anywhere else." "Let's hope that it's soon, because the longer Faith is in town, the worse it's going to be for all of us." Sonny refilled his glass and offered one to Jason. Jason refused and was going to continue his thought but was interrupted. Max came into the living room and announced there was someone who wanted to see them. Sonny asked Max who was there, but before Max could tell Sonny, the visitor barged into the living room. "I'm sure the boss will have no objections to seeing me, right Sonny?" the visitor exclaimed as he entered the room. "When I thought it couldn't get any worse ..." Sonny replied as he and Jason both surprised to see who was wanting to see them. "What? No hug for your dear old dad?" Trevor said sarcastically. "You are NOT my father, and God help anyone who you call son." "Now Sonny is that anyway to talk to the only decent father you've ever known?" "Trevor, I had no use for you when I was growing up, and I certainly don't have any use for you now!" "Okay, fine, I won't offer my help to take down Faith. You know Sonny, you need my help. Without me, Faith will eat you alive!" Trevor tempted Sonny. Sonny looked up with interest piqued and wondering what Trevor had planned. "What did you have in mind?" Coming up ... ~Alexis tries to gain information from Zander ~Durant makes a call to the Miami Dade Police Department ~The 5 families meet and has an unexpected visitor
  14. Episode 3 As Trevor and Ric discussed business, Frankie interrupted, Ric noticing Alexis standing in the doorway and smiled a hello. She stepped in and into the welcoming arms of Trevor. "Hello Trevor." she greeted with a smile. "It's nice to see you again." "It's nice to see you again, Alexis." he replied and then Alexis went to give Ric a warmer hello. She leaned in and gave him a kiss, as Trevor looked on. "Ahem ..." Trevor cleared his throat to remind them he was still in the room with them. "I'm going to check on a few things, Ric. I'll be back later." he excused himself, leaving Ric and Alexis alone together. "I assume he's here for a reason?" Alexis referring to Trevor being in Port Charles. "Yeah he heard about the shooting and came running, like the good father he seems to think he is." Ric replied remembering the kind of father Trevor had been to him all those years ago. "I'm also going to assume he's asked to take over while you're laid up?" "Yeah he has. I haven't given him anything yet, and not sure I want to. I know how he operates. I'll give him the access and the bastard will steal it right out from under my nose." "So what do you plan to do?" "I don't know just yet. I might just let him do what he needs to do to get things under control, at least till I'm out of this bed." Ric replied, Alexis taking notice it was eating at Ric that he had to be locked up in the hospital while his business was being threatened. "I wouldn't be too hasty, Ric. I mean this could be something or it could be nothing." she hinted. "What? What do you know, Alexis?" "Well, it's probably nothing but .. I find it rather odd that you're shot, Zander comes back to town, and your father shows up all in a 24 hour period. You don't think that strange?" "Zander's back in town? When did that happen?" "Yeah he and Emily flew in last night." "I'm assuming he came back here for you. I mean the two of you are close." "Yeah that's what I thought, but things just don't add up. He told me he had heard about the shooting and they flew in from Miami as soon as they heard. But .... I don't know, I just found it odd that's all." "You don't think he's here to take Sonny and I down, do you?" "I'm not sure what to think, I mean Zander has never had use for Sonny, that's a given. And I think he's tolerated you because of me and he wanted to see me happy. I don't think he'd do anything rash. I mean he is a hot head but he's not stupid." "Well, that's debatable." Ric replied with a bit of snarkiness. "Now, be nice." she said with a smile. "Okay then what is going on? Why now? Why come back to Port Charles now? Unless he's got something on Sonny or I or both of us?" "I don't know, maybe if I spend some time with him and let him open up to me a little. Like you said, we're close. Maybe he'll tell me what's going on, you know, in confidence." "Then again, maybe not, you are married to one of the most wanted crime bosses on the east coast." Ric chuckled. "Yeah that, but Zander trusts me. If he's here to harm you or my family, I need to know about it. That would make this personal, and well ..." Alexis stepped closer to her husband's bedside and leaned down to him. "Sweetheart, this will become personal and I don't take kindly to people who want to hurt my family. It's that Cassadine blood in me, when we're crossed, you better watch your back." she winked. Ric believed every word Alexis spoke. She can be the kindest person someone would ever want to meet, but cross her path the wrong way or hurt one of her family, and you live to regret it. Coming up .... ~ Jason goes to see Emily. ~ Zander has information Durant needs to put Sonny and Ric both away for a long time. ~ Zander has some explaining to do to Alexis. ~ Happy New Year to everyone! ~
  15. Episode 2 At the hospital ... Ric's restful sleep was interrupted by Mario, Johnny and Ian, who had just been involved in a high speed car chase of someone they believed to be Lorenzo Alcazar. Frankie opened the door to Ric's room and the three men entered with heads hanging low, because they left Alcazar slip through their fingers. By the look on their faces, Ric knew it wasn't good news. "Did you have a talk with Alcazar about his involvement in all this?" Ric asked as the three kept their distance from him. "We didn't get a chance to, sir." Mario disappointed Lorenzo go away from them. "Why? What happened?" Ric inquired as the three men looked at one another not wanting to be the one to explain. "Two of his men kept us busy while he slipped out the back. We gave chase but he got away, sir." "I see. I'm sure he has got my shipment in that warehouse! There is millions of dollars worth of product in that shipment and I want it back!" Ric ordered. "Yes, sir." Ric dismissed the three men with their orders to steal back the shipment that Lorenzo had taken from him. His taking back what was his could very well instigate a war between he and Lorenzo but he had to take the risk. The shipment could not be replaced if lost, he had others waiting for it and without it, he wasn't going to collect what was owed to him. Later on that night ... As Ric rested his weary body, another visitor stopped by. From his bed, he saw his father outside talking with Frank, and soon Trevor stepped into the room. Ric propped himself up without much difficulty or pain as his father approached his bedside. "You're looking better..." his father began as he sat down on the swivel stool next to the bed. "I'm not feeling better. Once I get my shipment back, I'm sure that will change." "We're working on it. I just passed your men in the hallway, they explained what's been going on." "I should of took Lorenzo out a long time ago. He's been a thorn in my side for a while now." "We'll take care of Lorenzo, you just concentrate on getting better. Alexis and the children need you." "You know how much I hate this, right? How can I possibly run this business from a hospital bed?" "That is why I'm here. I'll help you till you're able to come back. Don't worry. It's all under control." Trevor tried to re-assure his son the business was in very capable hands, Ric was still worried about giving his father the keys to his kingdom. "Uh huh, I've heard that before." Ric replied with a roll of his eyes. "Hey, I provided good for you and your mother for a long time, Ric." Trevor became defensive. "I know, but there were times that weren't so good. Times that I wish you had been there and weren't. Times we needed you and the business was more important than family." Trevor looked down and away from Ric, knowing his son was right. There were times that Ric and his mother needed him and he was too busy with the business to care. Business came first, and he regrets missing important milestones in his son's life because of it. He tried to make it up to Ric, but at the time, Ric wanted no part of him or his love. It has taken a long time for he and Ric to get to the place they are now. Many conversations and long sleepless nights. But Ric found it in his heart to forgive and thankfully accepted him as a father again. Coming up .... ~ Sonny begins to ask questions about Zander's whereabouts ~ Alexis begins to show her Cassadine roots ~ Durant gets the goods on Sonny
  16. Previously -- Durant on his way to interrogate Ric about the shooting, Zander tried to deter him by piquing his interest with some information he had on Sonny Corinthos. "I think you and I need to have a chat." "And why would we need to do that?" "Because I think I have some information you'd be very interested in." Zander replied and he noticed he piqued Durant's interest just a bit. "I'm on my way to interrogate someone, call my office tomorrow and set up an appointment." Durant turned and started to walk away from him. "I don't think you would want to wait on this information, Durant. It's about Sonny Corinthos." Hearing the name Sonny Corinthos stopped Durant in his tracks. He turned around and walked back towards Zander. "I'm listening ..." "I'm sure you are and I'm sure you will find what I have could very well put Sonny Corinthos behind bars for a very long time." Episode 1 Zander pulls Durant to the side and in the hopes of deterring Durant from interrogating Ric, Zander lured him away with his information he had on Sonny. Durant's persistence on taking Sonny down was known by many, and Zander knew if he talked a good game with Durant, it would take the focus off Ric and his dealings. Zander may dislike Ric, but he had no use for Sonny. It was time Sonny got what was coming to him and Zander was going to make sure he paid. As Zander lured Durant from Ric's hospital room, he felt his cell phone vibrate against his hip. He looked down at the number and knew he had better answer it, they would just keep interrupting if he didn't. "Dammit, I have to take this." Zander said to Durant, as he pulled the phone from his belt loop. While Zander took the call, Durant kept his eye on Ric's room down the hall. He was looking forward to interrogating Ric about the shooting, but he then thought of the bigger picture. If he could get his hands on Sonny, he could take both brothers down without much effort. Zander flipped open the phone and began talking to the caller. "You have a report for me?" the voice replied. "No, not yet. I will call you when I do." "Better make it fast, I can't keep the suspect in custody forever. You got 36 hours." Zander feeling the pressure from his Captain, flipped closed his phone. His focus back on the discussion with Durant. "Problems?" Durant said as he saw Zander was a bit frustrated about something. "Nothing I can't handle." "You said you have information on Corinthos that I would be interested in?" "Yes Durant, I think you will be very interested in what I have on Sonny." The two walked towards the elevator and waited till the doors opened up. "Why don't we discuss this downtown at my office?" "Sure we can do that..." Zander replied as he looked back towards Frankie and gave him a nod. Problem avoided and he did his part to help Ric, most importantly it helped Alexis. Once they were out of sight, Frankie entered Ric's room and gave a detailed report about Zander detering Durant from visiting. Frankie left the room, leaving Ric to ponder Zander's agenda. The two were not friends, and Zander didn't have reason to help him now. It left Ric wondering what exactly Zander was up to, why was he in PC, and why now. There were many questions Ric wanted answers to, he just hoped that Zander would be smart and stay out of the situation, a situation that could get him killed. Coming up ... ~ Ric's doubts surface about his father. ~ Alexis' Cassadine traits come to the surface. ~ Sonny questions Zander's motives for coming back to PC.
  17. Readers take note - beginning in Chapter 9 - the story will change format. I am a fan fic writer whose style has always been dialogue writing. I am going to change the style for this story and to give more of an episodic feel to it. I hope it brings more interest and more readers to this story. Chapter 9 will be posted later today. Thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments, it is greatly appreciated. Jen
  18. In a warehouse across town ... "If this plan of yours doesn't work, I'm a dead man." Lorenzo scowled towards her. "Don't worry, it's all planned out. What could possibly go wrong?" Faith seethed as her and Lorenzo looked out across the new shipment they swiped from Ric's warehouse. "For one, you're playing with fire. Sonny and Ric are not going to take it lightly that their shipment was stolen from underneath their noses." "I know ...." "Are you insane?" Lorenzo barked at Faith in return. "Starting a war with Corinthos or Lansing is not in your best interests." "It is when I want what they have." she purred as she rubbed her well built body up against him. "Yeah and get me killed in the process! I thought we had a deal?" Lorenzo now concerned about his own life and what was rightfully his. "Shhh .. we do have a deal, Lorenzo. Once I get my hands on what I want, I'll cut you in .... cross my heart." she replied as she made an x over her heart with her index finger. Lorenzo certainly leery about the deal he made with the devil herself, but this was about survival and if he didn't make the deal, he would for sure be dead already. The silence was broken by the shrill of his cell phone ringing and he reached into his pocket to answer it. He flipped open the phone and said hello. "Tell me you have good news, Gino ..." he said to the voice on the other end. "Sorry to say boss, I don't." Gino replied waiting for the tongue lashing he was about to receive from his boss. "How bad is it?" "The others got word that Lansing's shipment came up missing, and they've put a hold on all shipments in and out of Port Charles until the threat is eliminated." "Wonderful, so now no one is receiving anything? Do they realize how this pushes my schedule back? Dammit!" Lorenzo barked and flipped closed his cell phone. "Ya know you are becoming more trouble than you're worth!" he barked at Faith. "Now, now, it can't be that bad." she purred. "Oh yes, it can be that bad! Because of your stunt by taking this shipment, everyone's shipments are put on hold till further notice. I'm going to lose a lot of money because of this!" "You worry too much, you know that?" "Oh do I now? Hmm.... let me see .... because of you and your plan, I've lost a few million dollars in the last 5 minutes, and I'm probably going to lose a hell of a lot more till this deal is done. Not too mention losing my life, if Sonny or Ric have anything to say about it. And I'm not suppose to worry?" "Sonny nor Ric know you are part of this plan, and besides, you'll make more than you know once the deal is complete." "That is if we don't end up at the bottom of the harbor, first." Lorenzo turned to leave her, and she latched onto his arm. He looked down at her and pulled back his arm, yanking it from her. "I'm going back to my office, when you have news about what is to come next, you give me forewarning. Till then, we don't know each other." He walked off leaving her alone with the stolen shipment. Outside the warehouse ... Three of Ric's guards pulled up in a black Lincoln, hoping to have a chat with Lorenzo about Ric's missing shipment. There were 2 men standing guard at the door to the warehouse. They approached the Lincoln as Ric's guards climbed out, their hands firmly positioned on their weapons, ready to draw if need be. "The three of you can go back the way you came." one of the brut men snarled. "I don't think so. We'd like to have a conversation with your boss." Johnny said as he stood by the driver's side door, it still standing open. "And I said you can turn back around and leave." the guard threatened as he stepped closer to the car. Mario and Ian came around to the driver's side of the car to assist Johnny as the two guards threatened bodily harm to one of their own. A fight ensued, and Ric's guards soon overpowered the two guards who were to stand watch for Lorenzo. "No, I told you we wanted to see your boss!" Johnny shouted angrily at the one guard as he stood over his lifeless body. Mario, Johnny and Ian walked with a purpose towards the warehouse door. The dim light above the door showed them the way and the three of them entered the warehouse without so much as a knock. The three stood in the warehouse gawking at the missing shipment and had their answer. Their boss wanted to know if Lorenzo had his shipment, and there in plain site, it was. All of it. The three of them were made aware that someone had just left the warehouse by the sound of the car tires screeching down the back alley. The took chase after the mystery man in the hopes of catching who they believed was Lorenzo Alcazar. Meanwhile back at the hospital ... As Ric rested quietly, Frankie kept his watchful eye on him. Down the hall, the elevator doors opened and Durant stepped out of the car. He walked down towards Ric's room, anticipating to ask some questions about the shooting, but he was stopped before he even had the chance to ask any. "Mr. Durant?" Zander asked as he stepped out of the shadows and cut off Durant's path to Ric's room. "Yes, and who might you be?" Durant asked as he looked over the young man who stopped him. "Oh, I'm sorry ... Detective Smith" Zander replied as he pulled out his badge from the inside jacket pocket. "Hmm .. okay? What can I do for you?" "I think you and I need to have a chat." "And why would we need to do that?" "Because I think I have some information you'd be very interested in." Zander replied and he noticed he piqued Durant's interest just a bit. "I'm on my way to interrogate someone, call my office tomorrow and set up an appointment." Durant turned and started to walk away from him. "I don't think you would want to wait on this information, Durant. It's about Sonny Corinthos." Hearing the name Sonny Corinthos stopped Durant in his tracks. He turned around and walked back towards Zander. "I'm listening ..." "I'm sure you are and I'm sure you will find what I have could very well put Sonny Corinthos behind bars for a very long time."
  19. It was getting late and Alexis said goodnight to Ric, the children were waiting for her at the cabin with Viola. She hadn't spent any time with them on her brief return to home earlier that day. She gave Ric a soft kiss goodbye and walked towards the door. She looked over her shoulder to see him smile, one last reassurance for her that everything was going to be all right. Greg waited for her outside Ric's room, ready to take her where ever she wanted to go. The two of them said goodnight to Frankie, who stood guard outside Ric's room, and then they headed for the elevators. The night was sure to be lonely for Ric as he had not spent one night without Alexis since they had married. He closed his eyes and tried to get the well needed sleep his body was asking for. As he slept, the elevator doors opened and a well dressed man stepped out. He seemed to not know where he was to go next but he followed the hallway to find Ric's room. Frankie noticed the stranger looked lost and approached him. "Can I help you, sir?" The gentleman was startled by the young man. "Yes, I guess I'm a little lost. I'm looking for Ric Lansing's room?" Frankie skeptical of the stranger and would need to know more about him before getting close to Ric or his room. "May I ask who you are, sir and why you've come looking for Mr. Lansing?" "I understand, you must be one of Ric's bodyguards? I'm sorry I should of introduced myself, I'm Ric's father, Trevor Lansing." the older gentleman extended his hand to Frankie. "Hello sir, Mr. Lansing didn't mention you would be visiting this evening." "I don't think he knew I was coming early, I was to arrive tomorrow. I heard about the shooting and I came a day early. I guess I should of called him." Frankie looked through the glass window in the door to see Ric sleeping peacefully and made a decision not to disturb him. "I'm sorry sir, but your son is sleeping, maybe you want to come back tomorrow?" "I'd really just like to tell him I'm here, do you think I could sit with him for a while?" Frankie hesitant but he opened the door for Trevor and left him inside. Trevor walked into Ric's room, the room dark but a dim light was lit above Ric's head. Trevor sat down on the chair next the bed and reached for his son's hand. Ric felt the touch of a masculine hand and his eyes slowly opened to see his father sitting next to him. "What are you doing here?" Ric asked still not fully awake and coherent. "I heard you were shot and I jumped on the next plane out of Miami." "You didn't have to do that .... I wasn't expecting you for another day or so." Ric replied as he propped himself up against the pillows that supported his back. "I know but you're my son, I wasn't going to not be here with you. How are you feeling?" Trevor replied concerned for his son. "I'll be fine ...." Ric winced in pain as he adjusted his position. "And the family?..." "They're safe .... I have guards on them 24 hours a day." "I'm sure you do. Faith is not one to take lightly." "You know Faith is here?" "Yeah I figured she'd make her way up here after she left her mark on Miami. She's out for blood, Ric." "Yeah I take notice." Ric chuckled under his breath. "Why don't you let me handle Faith? You're in no shape to run things." Trevor replied worried about his son. "Thanks but no thanks. I've got things under control." "Yeah I see that." Trevor raised an eyebrow. "I'm not 10 anymore, dad .. you don't have to protect me. I can take care of myself, my family and my business. Even if it's from a hospital bed." Ric replied hoping to convince his father he didn't need his help against Faith. "Look, I know you can, I'm just concerned that Faith will come back and do the job right the next time, Ric. She knows you're vulnerable now, she's got you where she wants you." Ric knew his father was right. Faith wasn't going to stop till she got what she came for. Trevor saw Ric's hesitation to give up control on his territory and pressed him even more. "Think of it this way, I still own partial shares in this territory, I'm protecting my investment. You can still run the organization from this bed, I'll just be out there where Faith can see me and she can think that you are unable to run this business, but really, you've just added re-enforcements." "I can't let you do that. I can't just let you put yourself out there in the open for Faith." "You're not letting me do anything .... I'm volunteering. Your objection is dually noted." Trevor replied hoping that Ric would agree to his plan. Ric's meeting with his father was interrupted by one of his men who had rushed to inform him of some not so good news. Frankie opened the door and Johnny stepped into the room. "I'm sorry for interrupting sir, but we have problems." Johnny said not wanting to upset his boss. "What's the problem, Johnny? Don't tell me there's trouble with the shipment that came in tonight?" "Yes sir ... it's missing." Not wanting Ric to get more upset then he already was, Trevor stepped in. "What do you mean it's missing?" he asked. Johnny hesitating to speak freely. "It's okay, Johnny. He's my father ... you can tell him." "We unloaded the crates, took inventory of what had been delivered, and somehow now the entire shipment has been removed from the warehouse." Trevor raised an eyebrow. "Sounds like Faith has struck again." "No I don't think so, sir. I recognized a few of the men as they took off with it." "Who were they, Johnny ...." "They were part of Alcazar's crew, sir." "Could Faith be working with Lorenzo?" Trevor asked, knowing of Lorenzo Alcazar, he had dealings with him in the past. "If she is, he's dumber than I thought." Ric replied not amused by the latest developments. "What do you want us to do now, sir?" "Go see Lorenzo ... I want my damn shipment back! Take Mario and Ian with you." "Yes sir." Johnny replied and went to do as instructed. "If Faith has struck a deal with Lorenzo, you can bet she has organized a fatal assault against your territory, Ric." "Yeah, yeah ..." Ric waved off his father's concern. "Faith is no one to mess with Ric ... she will eat you alive if you are not careful. I know I've been up against her before and she takes no prisoners." The more Ric thought about his father's plan, the more it became the only way to hold on to his territory. He needed his father's help, though he didn't want to admit it and was hesitant to agree to such a foolish plan, but it was his only option at this point. "Okay .... " "Okay....what?" Trevor questioned. "If this plan of yours doesn't work, and you get hurt or worse ... I will never forgive myself." Ric replied and agreed to Trevor's plan. "Oh it's going to work, don't you worry about that. Faith can't resist a vulnerable territory, but little will she know, and I'll be there waiting for her." Trevor replied and walked towards the door to leave. "Dad ....." "Yeah ...." "Thanks. If this works, I owe you one." "Ric ... you won't owe me anything. I'm protecting my son, that's my job." Trevor turned and left Ric alone to get the rest he needed to get well.
  20. Alexis came back from stretching her legs and noticed Frankie standing guard at the door to Ric's hospital room. She made a remark about it being business as usual and Frankie nodded to her to say hello. Ric was sleeping when she came into the room, so she quietly sat down on the chair in the corner of the room and watched over him. Alexis hadn't slept either and before long she felt herself falling into a peaceful slumber in the chair. A duty nurse came in and woke her when they had Ric's private room ready for him. They would be moving him up to the 7th floor for the duration of his stay. Alexis followed the orderlies as they moved Ric to his private room, Frankie following along behind. The nurses re-set the machines Ric was attached to and left him and Alexis alone. Frankie closed the door of Ric's room and stood guard just outside as he had been instructed. Ric and Alexis finally were able to spend some alone time together and enjoy the second chance they had, thankful he was alive. "I don't know what I would of done without you ...." Alexis said as she held onto his hand tightly. "You don't have to find out cause I'm going to be okay .." Ric replied and looked longingly at her. "This time ... what about next time?" she questioned him, being concerned about someone coming after him to finish the job. Ric didn't have an answer for her, he knew she was right, there was always going to be a next time and he was a sitting duck just lying in a hospital bed. He couldn't show that he was now vulnerable, it would be asking for someone to come back and maybe not missing the next time. "I don't want you to worry about the next time. Can't we just focus on the here and now?" he answered seeing the concern in her eyes. "I am worried about the next time, but this is not the time to talk about this, you need to get your rest and get well so you can come to us." she told him and then leaned in to kiss him. "Why don't you go home and see the kids, I'm sure they're missing you too." Ric suggested. She didn't want to leave him, but she agreed the kids probably were worried about her being away so long. "Okay, but I'll be back later." she replied accepting his suggestion. She gave him a long kiss goodbye and headed for the door to leave. "Alexis ....." She turned around and their eyes met. "I love you ..." he said, his eyes fixated on only her. "I love you too.." she replied then turned towards the door and left. On her way out she stopped for a brief moment and stood in front of Frankie. "You take care of him, Frankie ..... he's all I got and our girls need their daddy." Frankie looked down at her and reassured her. "I won't let anything happen to him, Mrs. Lansing." Alexis satisfied with Frankie's assurance, she continued down the hallway to the elevators. "Frankie ..." Ric callled. "Yes, sir .." "Make sure someone is waiting for her when she steps off the elevator in the lobby." Frankie got on his mobile unit and called down to Greg who was parked in the parking lot of the hospital. "Mrs. Lansing is coming down the elevator and into the lobby. Meet her there to take her home." A brief moment passed before Greg answered. "Taken care of." Frankie gave Ric a nod to let him know Alexis would be meeting Greg in the lobby. Alexis pushed the button to go down and the doors of the elevator opened up. She stepped inside, there was a brut of a man already in the car, and she very well aware of his presence as she joined him. She pushed the button to go down to the lobby and leaned back against the side wall of the car. She wore a necklace around her neck and began to clutched with her hand. Ric had given it to her a number of months ago, inside the pendant was a transmitter that would alert Greg if she felt she was in danger. As the elevator descended to the lobby, she eyed the man next to her. Feeling uneasy about him, she tried to distance herself as much as she could. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when the car came to a stop on the lobby floor and the doors opened up. She quickly exited the car and literally bumped into Greg who was waiting for her. The brut of a man existed behind her and turned the other direction. Greg noticed the man and was made aware of Alexis's uneasiness as they both watched the man standing across the lobby watching them. "Come on, the limo is right outside the doors." Greg said as he hurried Alexis to the car. "Do you know that man, Greg?" Alexis asked as she felt that Greg had seen the man before and knew he was trouble for them. "Let's just get you back to the cabin..." Alexis didn't need to hear any more from Greg. His reply to her question was proof enough for her that he did know the man and he smelled trouble. Alexis climbed into the backseat of the limo and Greg got in the driver's seat. As Greg drove the limo away from the ER entrance, the large man appeared and watched the car drive away. Greg picked up his mobile unit and informed Frankie there could be trouble for him. Greg then radioed Marcus and a few more men to come to the hospital to make sure Ric was protected. With Ric being immobilized in a hospital bed, it was their job to protect him. Greg drove Alexis back to the cabin, where Davis was on watch over Viola and the children. Greg walked Alexis into the cabin, Viola greeting her at the door. Kristina and Emma were down for an afternoon nap, so it was a good time for Alexis and Viola to discuss Ric's condition and her worries about all that had happened. Viola makes them some tea and they sit together at the kitchen table talking for awhile about Ric and her concerns for her husband. Alexis was glad she had Viola to talk to, it was nice to hold a conversation with another woman. Things she didn't dare talk to Ric about, she could open up with Viola. She thankful to have someone like Viola in her life, there were times she just needed another woman to confide in. Viola not much younger in age than Alexis, they shared some of the same experiences, had quite a few other things in common, though Viola was there more for the children, she had quickly become Alexis's confidant. "I am so worried about him, Viola ..." a concerned Alexis said as she sipped her tea. "He's not any worse is he?" "No, no .. he's going to be okay ... this time." Alexis replied hinting that there would be a next time. "You think who ever did this is going to come back and finish the job..." "That's exactly what I'm thinking. And he's like a sitting duck there in the hospital bed." "His men are there, aren't they?" "Yeah Frankie's with him, it's just ...." Alexis remembers the man she met in the elevator and became overly scared for her husband. "Alexis .... what's wrong?" Viola noticing that something Alexis remembered rattled her so. "Nothing, he's fine .... he's got Frankie and if there was any trouble we'd hear from him." Alexis replied as she tried to dismiss the notion the man she saw was going to finish the job he started. "Ric's going to get well, and come home to you and the children ... he will." Viola said trying to comfort Alexis with reassurance. "Yeah I know, I'm just being overly afraid for him, I guess." "You have every right to feel that way, Alexis. Ric is your husband and he was shot last night. Nothing wrong with feeling this way." "He wouldn't of been shot last night if he would just leave this life he so wants to live." Alexis blurted out not wanting to lay her problems with Ric onto someone else. "Have you talked to him about that .. leaving the life, I mean?" Viola asked her in a soothing voice. "Yeah I have and as every time before, it ended in an argument. He's not leaving this life, Viola. I don't know why I waste my breath." "Because you love him and you are afraid for him, Alexis." "He just doesn't understand how this all effects me and the children, it's like it's this life or nothing. He tells me he's in too deep, even if he left the business we'd still be in danger from his enemies. Either way, leave or stay, he's always going to have a target on his chest. This time someone didn't miss their mark, thank God he's alive but what about next time. And we all know there's going to be a next time. He might not be so lucky. I almost lost him last night, and it didn't even phase him that he almost died and left his children without a daddy!" Alexis unloaded her feelings on Viola, who sat and listened to her fears. "I'm sorry ... I shouldn't be dumping all this on you." Alexis apologized. "No no, please unload if you have to. It's not healthy to keep this all bottled up inside. I'm here for you, Alexis. Please know that." Viola replied letting Alexis know she could always come and talk to her. "Thanks, but right now I think I want to go and see the children." Alexis replied and stood up from her chair, taking the last sip of tea in her cup. Viola watched Alexis go till she disappeared up the stairs. She cleaned off the table and washed the dishes that were left in the sink from when she fed the children lunch a few hours prior. Alexis walked up the stairs to see Kristina and Emma before she went back to the hospital to be with Ric. She first checked on Kristina who was sleeping peacefully in her single bed. She walked over to her and kissed her on her cheek. She tucked the child in and whispered to her how much she loved her. As she left the room, she closed the door quietly and than walked down the hall to the nursery. Emma sleeping as well, she quietly peeked in on her. Alexis snuck out of the nursery and headed to the master suite so she could freshen up before going back to town. The feeling that Ric was in danger was still with her, she couldn't shake the notion. As soon as she freshened up, she hurried down the stairs and asked to be taken back to the hospital to be with Ric. Greg drove the car around and she climbed into the backseat. Before Greg pulled away, he radioed Frankie and told him Alexis was coming back to the hospital and someone should meet her in the lobby. When Greg arrived at the hospital, Ian was waiting for them just outside the hospital entrance. Alexis thanked Greg for the ride and climbed out of the back seat. Ian escorted her to the elevators and rode with her up to the 7th floor. He walked with her to Ric's room as he had been instructed to do. Ian passed Alexis to Frankie and she gave him a nod of thanks. "All's quiet here, Frankie?" she asked as she peeked in at Ric. "Yes Maam, all afternoon." Frankie replied. "He's been asking for you, ever since you left." Alexis smiled and walked into her husband's room. He was awake and smiled when he saw her come in. "So I hear you missed me ..." she smiled. "Of course I did, I always miss you when we're apart." he replied as he reached for her and she came and sat down beside him. "The kids are fine, and Viola and I had a nice long talk ... but I couldn't wait to get back to be here with you." she replied not mentioning the brut of a man she ran into as she left the hospital earlier. "I need you to be careful, okay..." "I have Greg, Ian and Davis ... I'm as safe as I can be." "I know but ...." he replied worried about her safety, especially now that he's considered very vulnerable. "You're suppose to be resting now worrying about me." "You can't tell me you're not afraid for me, yourself or the children?" "Of course I am, it comes with being a wife and a mother." "Don't give me that, Alexis ... I can feel your afraid when I hold your hand and I see it in your eyes ... this is more than just being a mother or a wife. Talk to me .." Ric replied as he saw how much she was afraid when he looked into her eyes and he could feel her hands shaking when he held it in his. Alexis sat quiet, unsure about telling him about the man who scared her earlier. "Alexis, I can't protect you if you don't tell me who or what has you so afraid." "When I left earlier, there was this man in the elevator with me and when I met with Greg in the lobby, the man watched us as we left the hospital. He just freaked me out a little, that's all." she dismissed the notions again about the man she saw. "Frankie ....." Ric called. "Yes sir ..." Frankie said as he came into the room. Ric looked at Alexis ..."You tell Frankie what this man looked like .." "He was a big man, about 6'2, dark hair, wearing a dark gray suit ... I didn't recognize him but Greg seemed to know him." she replied describing the man she saw. "I want you to find out who this man is and why he is following my wife ...." Ric ordered. "Yes sir." Frankie replied and went back out into the hallway. He called a few of the other men to find the man who scared Alexis earlier that day. Alexis felt a little better knowing that she wouldn't have to worry about the man following her anymore. But it didn't take away the fear she still felt for her husband and the children. She guessed that fear would never go away, she was the wife of a mobster, the fear came with the job.
  21. "Your husband is a very lucky man." the doctor began and Alexis let out a sigh of relief. "We stopped the internal bleeding and removed the bullet. We repaired the lung which had collapsed because of the damage done by the bullet. He's resting comfortably now, but I don't see him coming out of the anesthesia till sometime tomorrow." "Thank you. Can I at least go sit with him?" "Sure .. I'll have a nurse take you up to recovery. He'll be there till he comes out of it and we can get him into a private room." As Alexis and Zander were happy to hear that Ric had pulled through the surgery, there still were questions the police were going to have as to why Ric was shot. While Alexis went to be with her husband, Zander made a few phone calls. The duty nurse led the way to Ric's room, Alexis followed close behind. She stood in the doorway of her husband's room, and couldn't believe what she saw in front of her. The man who was her world was now fighting for his life and she couldn't do anything to help him. She approached the bed and looked at all the machines that were attached to him by tubes and wires. She sat down on the swivel stool and reached for his hand. She held it in hers hoping that he could feel her there with him, even though he was still under medication. She sat and talked to Ric for hours, telling him all about the kids and how much they needed him, and how much she needed him. She was startled by Sonny who stood in the doorway, not wanting to interrupt her time with Ric. When she saw him standing there, she got up from the chair and went out into the hallway with him. She had a few words to say to him, but she would leave it for another time, the hospital was no place for what she had to say to Sonny. "How's he doing?" Sonny asked as they stepped away from the door. "He's doing fine. They'll be moving him to a private room as soon as he wakes up." "Any questions yet from Durant about why Ric was shot?" "Not yet, but I'm expecting they'll show up here any time now." "Well I'm sure you'll know what to say ... or not to say when they come around asking questions." "Oh yeah I'm sure I will." Alexis replied with an eye roll and a smirk. "She doesn't need to worry about that." Zander said as he approached Sonny and Alexis. He had a hug and a kiss on the cheek for Alexis, but only a snide look for Sonny. The bad blood between the two of them was still evident as Sonny made himself scarce once Zander showed up. "I know Sonny is Ric's brother, but dammit, I can't help but dislike the man." "I know the feeling." Zander replied as he turned her towards him. "What did you mean I didn't have to worry about the questioning in the shooting?" "I took care of it, at least for now." "How?" "I had a chat with Mac. I'm a detective now, remember." Alexis smiled ..."Oh .. well thank you." "No need for thanks .... you and Ric have been through enough, you certainly don't need the cops hanging around asking questions ... at least not now." Zander may be a detective on the Miami Dade-County police force, but he is still Alexis friend. He's been involved in the business Ric's in and knows how the business operates. Zander left her go back to sit with her husband and he went to meet up with Emily for breakfast. He would check back on Alexis later, hopefully Ric would be awake when he returned. Zander had a few questions of his own for Ric. ------------------------------------------------- Sonny was surprised to see Zander was back in town and it raised some questions as to why. Once he got back to Greystone, Sonny made a few phone calls. He wanted to know what Zander was doing back in Port Charles, there had to be another reason besides Alexis. He didn't have to wait too long for the answers about Zander being back in Port Charles. And he didn't like what he heard. Zander being a detective from Miami, didn't sit well with Sonny. Zander was fishing for some answers about a case he was working on and had hoped that those he was looking for were now in Port Charles and could be the reason for Ric getting shot. If there wasn't enough Sonny had to worry about, now he had to worry about Zander getting enough evidence against them to help Durant put both he and Ric in prison. Max knocked on the door to the living room and then left Jason in. He had gotten Carly and the boys settled in and was back to take care of business. "I think you better have a talk with your sister." "Emily's back in town?" Jason surprised to hear she was back. "Yeah her and her cop of a husband." Sonny replied. "And what does that have to do anything?" "Ric was shot last night, and if I'm not wrong, I think it was Faith who ordered it." "And .... still doesn't tell me what that has to do with Zander being a cop?" Jason replied still not understanding what Sonny was trying to say. "It does because he's here on business .... another case he's working on, I'm sure of it. If he finds out why Ric was shot last night, I would hate to think of what he'd do with that information. Durant is already sniffing around. And let's not forget Zander and Ric are not friends, he tolerated Ric because of Alexis. Alexis had become as close to a mother as Zander has got, and the two became very close when he lived in Port Charles. If he's fixed anything, he did it for Alexis." Sonny answered. "I did find out where Faith is staying while she's here ..... she's at Metro Court." "Yeah and I'm sure didn't do the hit last night, but I'm sure it was on her orders. I just don't understand why she would go after Ric when she still has Alcazar to contend with. Faith wouldn't of made a mistake like this." "So what do you want me to do?" Jason asked. "I need you to keep an eye on Faith. I need to know where she goes, who she talks to ... and info on anyone else who could be connected with her, anyone she may have helping her, perhaps she struck a deal with someone for part of the territory. When you find anything, call me." Sonny instructed. "I'm on it." Jason replied and left. As soon as Jason left, Sonny picked up the phone and dialed. If Faith was in town to take his territory, she must be in the market for territory elsewhere. Sonny sat down at his desk and pulled out a black book. He paged through the book till he found the phone number he was looking for .... "Felix Escobar ..... good place to start" . Sonny dialed the number and waited for someone to answer. "Felix Escobar, it's Sonny Corinthos." Sonny said as soon as someone picked up on the other end. "Yes, Corinthos, what can I do for you?" Escobar said when he picked up the extension "Faith Roscoe ...." was all Sonny replied "Oh that vixen, yeah she's been through here .... shot 5 of my good men. The orders have been executed by Sabata." "Sabata? And Faith's still alive? I didn't think he was one to miss his targets?" Sonny questioned. He had known Sabata for years, and when Sabata ordered hits, he never missed. He always got his man. "Yeah well that slippery little vixen has dodged the bullet once to often for my tastes, but with the contract still out there from Sabata, no one else has dared to go over his head. Sabata is no girl scout these days." "Has he ever been?" Sonny chuckled. "No but Faith hit him pretty hard, you know how she can be, Corinthos." "Yeah I do, and now she's here." "If you take her out, Corinthos, Sabata would be ever so grateful ..." "The information is appreciated, Felix." After talking with Escobar, Sonny started making plans for a meeting. Faith was making mistakes and she needed to be taken out before she could gain anymore strength. Sonny called a meeting of the 5 families, it was time to take care of Faith once and for all. ----------------------------------------------------------- It had been hours since Ric's surgery, and Alexis had sat with him the entire night by his side. She sat with him holding his hand and talking to him, hoping he would hear that she hadn't left his side. She was hoping it wouldn't be too long before he woke up. "Ric .... please if you can hear me, wake up for me .... please. The doctors tell me it's not good that you are still sleeping. Come back to me, Ric ...." she tearfully said to him as she held up and kiss his hand. "Kristina and Emma miss their daddy, Ric .... I miss their daddy ..." she continued. As she sat talking to him, she felt a slight squeeze from his hand and a surprised look overcame her face. "Ric? You can hear me! Open your eyes for me, please ...." He tried with all his might as his eyes fluttered open, still very groggy but he was awake and that's all she cared about. He had come back to her and the girls. She quickly went out to the nurse's desk to tell someone he was awake. The duty nurse followed her into Ric's room and checked the machines and his vitals. Ric's eyes followed the nurse around the room, he still didn't seem to know where he was or what had happened to him. They had intubate him because he needed help breathing, so they had inserted a tube down his throat and into his airway, so he couldn't talk. As soon as he was give a thorough examination, the tube would be removed from his throat. The duty nurse asked Alexis to leave for a few minutes while the attending physician gave Ric a full examine. Alexis stood outside in the hallway and watched through the glass window while the doctor and nurses removed the tube and attended to her husband. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she waited for any news about Ric's condition. The doctor soon emerged from Ric's room and stopped to give her an update. "Ric is still groggy but he is fully aware of where he is and what's going on. He's going to have a rough time talking for a while, it's normally after having a breathing tube taken out, nothing we should be concerned with. We have to keep an eye on his condition, but he is a lot stronger then he was last night. Which is a good sign. And he's asking for you." "Thank you so much, doctor." Alexis replied, she was so relieved to hear such good news. Alexis rushed to her husband's side and a tearfully hello was evident. "The doctor says your going to be just fine. God I thought I lost you ..." she said and he lifted up his hand and brushed the side of her face. "You're never going to lose me, Alexis ..." he replied, his throat was hoarse and rough. "Where are our girls?" he added. "They're with Viola ... they're fine, but they miss you ..." "I miss them too .." he replied. He just couldn't stop staring at her, he was so happy she was there with him. He wouldn't know what he'd do without her. "I love you so much ..." she said as she smoothed back the hair around his temples. "I love you too .." he replied wanting so much to kiss her like he used to. "Greg? and Mario and Davis?" he asked "We're fine sir ...." Greg said as he stood in the doorway of Ric's room. "I'm sorry for barging in ..." he apologized. "Don't worry about it ..." Alexis said as Greg stepped into the room and stood at the foot of the bed. "The guys and I were concerned and thought we should come by and see how he was doing." Greg replied as some of the men moved towards the doorway of Ric's room. "He's doing much better than last night." "Sure seems like it." Greg replied with a smile. "You don't have to worry about anything, sir .... just get better." he added before turning to leave. "Greg ...." Ric called out to him. "Yes sir ..." Greg stopped and turned back towards Ric. Ric looked at Alexis and she knew it was her cue to go get some coffee. She offered her seat to Greg as she got up and walked towards the door. "I'll be back in a few minutes." she said before leaving Ric with Greg. Greg sat down next to Ric's bed waiting hear what his boss had to say. "Faith Roscoe .... find her and take her out, Greg...take whomever with you, I trust your judgement." "Yes sir..." Greg replied not questioning Ric's order to kill Faith. "It's business as usual ...." "Yes sir ... is that all, sir?" "I want Frankie outside this room at all times, got it?" Ric instructed. "Yes sir. I pray for a quick recovery for you, sir." "Thank you, Greg." Greg got up from the stool and walked towards the door. The other men stood just beyond the doorway and waited to hear any instructions Ric may have given for them. Thomas stepped up and was the first to ask. "So....?" "Frankie .... he wants you on guard at this door at all times." Greg replied as Frank stepped forward. "And he's says it's business as usual." Ric's men dispersed and left Frankie standing guard at Ric's door. "We have business to take care of ..." could be heard from Greg as they all walked away from the room.
  22. Durant finished the search of Ric's warehouse and found nothing. He and the officers left with just as much as they came in with, nothing but a piece of paper. Ric smiled as Durant passed him on the way out. "I told you wouldn't find anything, Durant." "One of these day's Lansing I will and then I'll put you and your brother away for a very long time." Durant once again having the last word, as he walked out the door of the warehouse with the PCPD officers. As soon as Durant was out of sight and gone, Justus laid into Ric. "I'm telling you, Ric ... Durant is going to find something to put you and Sonny both away for a long time. He will not give up till he finds it, and even if he doesn't find it, he'll make it up to find it." "Look, Justus, I appreciate the words of advice, but right now I don't have the time to worry about Durant. He's the least of my problems." "Problems as in last night's shootout?" "Sonny and I are on top of the situation." Ric replied just as his cell phone rang. "Lansing ..." he answered. "I think I have some information about the unknown threat.." Sonny informed Ric. "I'll be there in 15 minutes." Ric replied and flipped his phone closed. "Greg! Let's go ...." Ric and Justus walked out of the warehouse together and to Ric's limo that was waiting. "If I need you again, I'll call you." Ric said to Justus as he climbed in the backseat of his car. "Where to sir? Greg asked as he started to pull away from the warehouse. "I have to meet Sonny at Greystone." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greg pulled the black limo up in front of Sonny's compound and Ric emerged from the backseat of the car. Max was at the gate to greet him. "Sonny's expecting you." Max said as he opened up the gate and allowed Ric inside. "Thanks Max." Ric replied and he walked up to the front door of the dark and dreary manor. Once inside, Ric found Sonny in the living room at his desk. "You found out some information on the new threat in town?" Ric asked as he walked into the living room. Sonny got up from his chair and went to the wet bar to refill his glass. He offered Ric a drink before getting down to business. "I did, and I think we have a serious problem." Sonny said as he handed Ric a glass of bourbon. "So who are we up against? He can't be all that almighty powerful." Ric replied as he took a seat on the couch. "She ..." "She .. who?" "The "he" is a she and yes she is quite powerful and deadly." Sonny replied and then took a sip of his drink. "Well who is she and how can we put a stop to her?" "She is Faith Roscoe and she's a viper when it comes to business. We're going to have our hands full with this blondie." "You sound like you know her." Ric asked. "I know of her and she can be deadly. She has taken out entire families without getting her hands dirty. She normally hires out to do her killing, but it certainly seems she's taking care of this job herself." "How can you tell?" Ric asked "Because instead of two dead last night, they all would of been." Sonny smirked. Ric gave him a crooked smile and now really became worried about Alexis and his children. "What ever Faith wants, Faith gets and she doesn't care who has to die for her to get it. If she wants our territory, everyone who is close to us is in danger. She'll stop at nothing till she gets it." "Okay, so what's the game plan then? It's going to be impossible to tell who her next target is going to be, how can we possible protect everyone?" "You sent Alexis and the kids to the safe house, and I sent Carly and the boys to the island with Jason. He's coming back after they are settled in." "Well while you were checking into Faith, I did find out earlier that the men who were killed last night were part of Alcazar's crew of goons. So it looks like Faith is systematically taking us down one at a time." Ric replied. "Since she's playing right now with Alcazar, it may buy us some time to plan our move against her." Sonny took the last swallow of bourbon in his glass and set it down on the table in front of him. Ric did the same and stood up from his seat on the couch. "I have to get out of here, I have a long ride back to the cabin. I'm sure Alexis is pacing the floors with worry just about now." "If I hear anything else, I'll call you." Sonny said as he walked Ric to the front door. The two of them shared a brotherly embrace before Ric walked out the door, he heading back to the cabin and to his family. ------------------------------------------------------------- Alexis just put Emma down for the night, Kristina in bed for a while now, and Viola is upstairs in her room reading. The cabin was quiet, the most it's been all day. She sat on the couch and cuddle up with the afghan and watched as Mario and Davis stood guard outside on the front porch. She felt safe and secure, but worried about Ric not being back yet from town. As she snuggled up on the couch, safe and secure within the cabin, danger lurked outside amidst the darkness and shadows of the woods surrounding the property. As the darkened figure was about to make an approach, Ric's limo pulled up at the front porch of the cabin. Greg emerged from the driver's seat and opened the back door for Ric. Ric walked behind the car, just as shots rang out from the darkness a short distance from the house. Davis and Mario both saw Ric fall down to the ground and reacted quickly by drawing their weapons on the unknown assailant. They fired a few rounds into the darkness but had no idea if they hit anything or not. Greg quick in reacting, rushed to Ric who was lying face down on the ground, while Mario rushed inside the house to make sure Alexis would not rush out to her husband. Davis went to Ric's aid as well, and found him still alive but barely. Davis turned Ric over and saw he had been shot in the chest. Davis quickly got Ric back into the limo and before Greg could take off, Alexis came rushing out of the house wanting to go with Ric to the hospital. "Ric!" she cried as Davis came upon her, hysterical. "Greg's taking him to the hospital ....." Davis said as he tried to keep Alexis from getting inside the car. "I'm going with him Davis! And you're not going to stop me!" she screamed at him and opened the back door of the limo. She climbed in with Ric and saw that he had been shot in the chest. She rushed to find something to stop the bleeding with and all she found were towels that were kept in underneath the seats. "Let's go Greg! He's been shot in the chest!" Alexis cried frantically. Davis slammed the door closed the Greg sped off down the dirt drive heading back to the main road, then towards town. Viola had heard the shots and came rushing down the stairs just in time to see the limo's taillights. She questioned what happened and Davis told her that Ric had been shot, Alexis had gone with him to the hospital. Mario and Davis helped Viola get the children ready to go into town to be with Alexis. But Viola stopped and thought better of it. The hospital is no place for the children, especially at a time like this. She decided they'd wait to hear from Alexis. Greg pulled up the limo outside the ER and quickly jumped out of the front seat and opened the back door. Ric barely conscious, Alexis had a bloody towel in her hands as she held pressure on the wound to help stop the bleeding, but to no avail. His wound was just to severe. Greg went into the ER and demanded a doctor to help with Ric who was still in the limo with Alexis. Alexis opened her door so the orderlies would have access to Ric. He was put on a gurney and rushed inside the hospital where a doctor was waiting to see him. Alexis and Greg rushed in behind him but were stopped before going too far. The front of Alexis's blouse was covered in Ric's blood and the nurse asked if she too was hurt. Through the tears, Alexis told her no that it was Ric's blood. Alexis sat in the waiting area for a few hours, as the doctors worked on Ric. Soon one of them emerged from the "No Admittance" area and walked over towards her. She got from her seat, and tried to compose herself enough to talk with him. "How is my husband?" she asked frantic to know his condition. "We're prepping him now for surgery. You're husband was shot in the right side of his chest. He is really lucky to be alive." the doctor replied knowing she wanted to hear some good news. "So .. how long will he be in surgery?" she sniffled back the tears. "It will be a few hours. That's all I can tell you right now, I'm sorry." the doctor turned and walked away. Alexis stood alone in tears and then she heard a voice from behind her, someone who was familiar to her and she was glad he was there. She rushed to him and threw her arms around him. After all she had done for him, it was his turn to be there for her. "Who called you?" she asked and then noticed he was not alone. "I got here as quickly as I heard. Emily and I took the first flight out of Miami." Zander said as Alexis gave Emily a hug too. "How's Ric?" "He's in surgery for the next few hours." Alexis replied and walked with them to the waiting area to sit down. Zander sat down next to Alexis and tried to comfort her as they waited for some news about Ric. Emily left Zander with Alexis and went in search for her parents. She hadn't seen them in a long time and had hoped she'd have the chance once her and Zander were back in Port Charles. "So how are you and Emily doing?" Alexis asked hoping to keep her mind off of Ric if she heard about Zander's life in Florida. "We're doing okay .... I made Detective a few months ago, so that helps with making the mortgage payments on the house. And some other good news but I think I should wait and have Emily tell you." "I am so happy for the two of you. You really seem to have a handle on everything." "Well, I can't say our life is all rosey but it's certainly better than what we had here in Port Charles." Zander replied remembering all the trouble he had when he lived here. As Zander and Alexis talked, Emily had found her parents and spent a little time with them before returning to the waiting area where she had left Alexis and Zander. As she came upon them Zander stood up to greet her with a kiss. "So have you told her yet?" Emily asked as she sat down with Zander on the couch. "No I was waiting for you, I thought we could tell her together." he replied as Alexis now started to see how anxious the two of them were to tell her something. "Tell me what? Please tell me it's good news. God knows I need to hear some." "Oh its good news ... very good news." Emily smiled, just about jumping out of her skin from excitement. "Emily's pregnant." Zander announced as any proud father to be should. As the words came out of his mouth, Emily's friend Elizabeth walked up from behind them and over heard the good news. "Emily's ... what?" "I'm pregnant!" Emily thrilled to see Elizabeth and she jumped up off the couch and went to hug her dearest friend. Zander and Alexis left the waiting area and took a walk together to talk some more. Elizabeth and Emily stayed back and caught up on old times. As Alexis and Zander walked the halls of the hospital, Alexis told him about the situation Ric was in and that she and the family had moved temporarily to the cabin safe house. She felt comfortable and safe in telling Zander, she had known him for quite a number of years and she knew he would not tell anyone else. "So where are the kids?" Zander asked as he and Alexis stood outside the doors of the hospital chapel. "Viola .... Viola is taking care of them." she replied and realized she hadn't called to check on them since she and Greg brought Ric in over 4 hours ago. "May I borrow your cell phone?" she asked Zander. "Sure ..." Alexis walked a short distance from him and made a call to Davis. She felt better once she talked with Kristina and Viola, she knew the children were in very capable hands until she could be with them again. After making the phone call, she and Zander went into the chapel and lit a candle for Ric. Although she not overly religious, she said a little prayer for her husband. The two of them left the chapel and headed back to the waiting area in the ER. Alexis had hoped by now that he was out of surgery and the doctors could tell her he would be okay. Zander and Alexis sat a little while longer together before a doctor came down to talk with her about Ric. He approached and sat down in the chair next to her. He introduced himself as Dr. Dixon and that he was the surgeon who performed the operation on Ric. "I have news on your husband's condition."
  23. The long black limo turned off the main road and onto a dirt drive lined on both sides with dense forest. Alexis, Viola, and the children sat in the back seat for the last hour awaiting their arrival at their final destination. Ric promised her he would be at the cabin later that night after he dealt with some business regarding the new threat that was in town. Derek pulled the limo up to the cabin that sat deep in the woods, away from every one and every thing back in Port Charles. Mario and Davis helped Alexis and Viola with their bags as they all walked up towards the log cabin. Kristina stopping at the bottom of the stairs to the porch and smelled the colorful flowers that outlined the covered front porch. Mario took the keys to the cabin out of his pocket and opened up the door for it's guests. Alexis with Emma in her arms walked into the rustic cabin as Viola walked in with Kristina, Mario and Davis set down their bags by the door and closed the door behind them. Alexis explored the kitchen while Kristina ran upstairs to see which room was going to be hers. Viola chased after her and Davis followed. Mario stood in the foyer as Alexis walked from room to room taking in every inch of her new home. "Everything should be ready for you, Mrs. Lansing." Mario said to Alexis as she passed by him. "Thank you, Mario. I think we'll be fine." "Davis and I will be here for the duration. If you need anything, just call us." he said as Davis came back down the stairs with Kristina in his arms. "We're going to have to keep a special eye on this one." Davis laughed and Kristina giggled. "Put me down!" Kristina wiggled away from him and jumped from his arms to the floor. "Thanks Davis." Alexis replied as the two guards stepped outside onto the front porch. "Viola!" Alexis called from the bottom of the stairs. "Yes, maam .." "I assume one of the bedrooms is set up for Emma?" "Yes, Mr. Lansing thought of everything." "I'm sure he did. Could you watch Kristina while I put Emma down for her nap?" Viola came down the stairs and took Kristina's hand. "Sure .... " "I shouldn't be long. If Daddy thought of everything, I'm sure he thought of the chocolate chip cookies you like so much." Alexis said to Kristina and she took off towards the kitchen. "You said those magic words again, Alexis." Viola giggled and went after Kristina. Alexis headed up the stairs to the nursery to put Emma down for her nap. As she turned the corner to go down the hallway, she noticed the master suite's door was ajar. She pushed it open with her foot and stepped inside. There were rose petals sprawled across the king sized canopy bed, a bottle of wine sitting on the dresser with two crystal glasses waiting for her and Ric. Her eyes widened as she noticed the gift box sitting on the chair in the corner, and she couldn't resist taking a peek at what he bought her. Emma wiggled in her arms and she decided to put the baby down before exploring the rest of what was waiting for her. She closed the door behind her and walked down to the end of the hall to the nursery. She opened the door and was taken back by what was waiting there for her. The room was decorated in a delicate pink with a rocker in the corner, and a mahogany crib just waiting to hold Emma. She placed the baby gently in the middle of the crib, hoping not to wake her, she covered her with the pink blanket that was draped over the railing. She snuck quietly out of the room and closed the door. She then scurried back to the master suite to see what else her sweet husband had waiting for her. Before she even reached the bedroom, Kristina came running down the hall towards her with chocolate fingers ready to grab her. "Mommy, are you coming down for some cookies?" "You going to show me the way?" Alexis asked and the toddler took her hand. Alexis followed her daughter but still keeping her eye on the master suite as long as she could before reaching the bottom of the stairs. "Hurry up, Mommy...." Alexis looked back up the stairs before turning towards the kitchen and following Kristina to the cookies. "I hope you saved some for me?" Alexis smiled as she sat down at the table with Viola and Kristina. The afternoon passed fairly quickly as Kristina was entertained by the cartoons on the television and Viola had brought along those romance novels she likes to read so much. Alexis of course, sat and worried about her husband and hoped everything was going okay back in town. She sipped the tea Viola had made for her as she sat and watched out the window just waiting for Ric to arrive. "He'll be here, Alexis ...." Viola spoke up as she saw Alexis watching for Ric. "I know, I'm just ...." "Worried ..." Viola finished Alexis's thought. "It shows, huh?" "Yeah it's quite obvious." Viola replied as she laid down the book she was reading. "You're right, he'll be here." Alexis replied as she looked once again at the clock that sat on the mantle of the fireplace. The darkness began to fall upon the log cabin and Alexis worries overcame her as she began to pace the hard wooden floors. Viola was in the kitchen making dinner as a black limo pulled up in front of the cabin. Alexis didn't hesitate as she went out onto the front porch thankful he was there with her now. Almost knocking him over as she took him into her arms and embraced him. "It's okay, I'm here now ...." Ric said as they stood on the front porch together, she not wanting to let go of him. "Everything quiet here?" he asked Davis as he walked with Alexis into the house. "Everything has been quiet here, sir." Davis replied and Ric nodded in acknowledgement. Alexis's fears disappeared as soon as Ric had arrived. The two of them sat together on the couch, till Kristina came flying down the stairs and into Ric's arms. The toddler climbed all over him and finally settled herself in his lap. "I missed you Daddy.." she said as he kissed her on her cheek. "I missed you too, sweetheart." Ric replied and than looked over at Alexis. He gave her a kiss on the cheek too. Kristina giggled as she felt Daddy's fingers tickling her tummy. Viola came around the corner of the staircase to let them know that dinner was ready. After the family ate dinner, Alexis excused herself to go feed Emma. She didn't feel comfortable feeding the baby during dinner, she always made it a private time between her and the baby. Viola cleared the table and kept a watchful eye on Kristina as Ric quietly followed Alexis up to the nursery. Alexis sat in the rocker with Emma in her arms and gave her access to the nourishment she hungered for. As Alexis fed their daughter, Ric stood in the shadows of the doorway and watched over them. It was the most precious thing he had ever seen. In those few minutes he stood and watched Emma suckling, all that was going on around them seemed non existent. He wished they could stay in that moment forever. He walked away from the moment and left Alexis feeding Emma in the quiet of the nursery. He walked quietly down the stairs just as the cell phone he had attached to his belt loop began to ring. He quickly went into the study and closed the door before answering it. "This better be something I want to hear." Ric said once he flipped open the phone. "Well, hello to you too, son ..." Ric groaned when he heard it was his father, Trevor. "Yes dad, hello to you too. What can I do for you?" "Isn't it okay still for a father to call his own son without asking what he wants?" Trevor replied a little disappointed. "Sure it is, but right now, I am a little busy for you, dad." Ric walked with purpose to his desk and began looking over some warehouse files that laid staring back at him. "I just wanted to let you know that I'll be arriving in Port Charles the day after tomorrow." If he wanted Ric's attention he certainly had it now. "What for?" "I hear through the grapevine that my help is needed." "Well, news travels fast, doesn't it? Who called you .. wait let me guess .... Alexis?" "No she didn't call me, should she have?" "No, Sonny and I can handle this, there is no need for you to come to our rescue." "Rescue nothing .... I'm coming and you have no say. Plans are already made, Ric." "Okay ... if you think you need to be here, I'm not going to argue with you." "Thank you. Finally doing something I ask of you, perhaps this is the start of a trend." "Let's not push it." "I'll call you when I get into town. I'll be staying at Metro Court." "I guess I'll talk to you in a few days." Ric flipped his cell phone closed and was ready to throw it across the room, but thought better of it. He rolled his eyes as he thought of his father getting involved in the situation, but he wasn't going to argue with the man. It was just as much his father's territory as it was Ric and Sonny's. But he hoped just this once, his father would stay out of it and let him handle it. He and his father had some serious trust issues to work on, but he couldn't worry about that right now, he had other things that weighed heavily on his thoughts. He poured himself a snifter of brandy and fell back into his leather desk chair, just wanting some time to himself to think about the next move he and Sonny needed to make. The time he had to himself didn't last long when his cell phone rang once more. He flipped it open hoping there was good news coming in from the other end. "Lansing..." Ric answered "Sir, we have problems." "Don't tell me that, Thomas!" "Sorry sir, but we need you back here at the warehouse, right away." "What's the problem now?!" Ric demanded to know. "John Durant." "Dammit! Do not tell him anything till I get there!" Ric flipped closed the phone with anger and stormed out the door of his office. Alexis came down the stairs just as he was about to head out the door and back to Port Charles. "Where are you going now?" she asked as she reached the bottom of the stairs. "I have to go back to town. There are problems at the warehouse." he gave her a kiss goodbye. "And don't wait up .... I'm not sure how long this will take." As Ric walked out the door, Alexis over heard him telling Mario to call Justus and meet him at the warehouse. She knew there was trouble once he called Justus ... legal troubles ... and she guessed it was John Durant trouble. --------------------------------------- "I want every inch of this warehouse searched!" Durant bellowed as he and the officers entered Ric's warehouse. He slapped a search warrant in Thomas's hand as he brushed passed him. "You can tell your boss, I have all the paper work in order." Thomas, Frank and Johnny stalled the officers as long as they could, but Durant didn't want to hear what they had to say. It wasn't long before Ric walked through the door of the warehouse with purpose. "What do you want now, Durant?!" Ric demanded as he approached. "Oh lookee here, the big boss man is here now. Should I be scared?" Durant remarked as Ric came upon him. "Yeah, perhaps you should be." Ric threatened. "Ooh is that a threat, Mr. Big Bossman?" "Take it anyway you want to Durant." "Oooh I'm quivering in my wingtips. Perhaps it should be you who should be scared, bossman." "Oh and why is that, Durant?" Ric blew off Durant's comment "I have a search warrant." Durant slapped the warrant against Ric's chest and smirked. "What the hell is this?" "That is a search warrant, a warrant to search the premises and anything and everything inside and outside of this said building." Durant now becoming more cocky. "Gimme that ..." Justus said as he came up behind Ric and reached for the warrant. "It's all legal like counselor." Durant said as he dispersed the officers to search the building. "Yeah I'm sure it is...." Ric replied with an eye roll. Justus read over the warrant as the officers ransacked the warehouse in search of evidence. "What exactly is he searching for, Justus?" Ric asked his lead counsel. "Apparently looking for evidence in regards to the shootout last night." Justus replied. "Well, he isn't going to find any." "Oh maybe not, but I'm sure I'll find something to arrest you for." Durant smirked. "If there's something here, I'll find it." "Don't worry, you won't." "We'll see Lansing, we'll see ....."
  24. Alexis and Viola left with Greg following close behind after receiving the orders from Ric on keeping a watchful on his family. Greg, one of Ric's men who had been with him the longest, he felt comfortable in leaving his family in Greg's care. He knew Greg would lay down his life for Alexis and the children, just as he would for Ric. Alexis had been only gone a few minutes before Marcus announced to Ric that Sonny had arrived. Sonny stepped into the foyer of the penthouse and Ric greeted him. Sonny laid his overcoat across the back of the sofa with Ric leading the way into the living room. "So what can you tell me about last night?" Ric asked as he offered his brother a seat on the couch. "Other than there's a new threat in town .... apparently a Miami family is looking to gain our territory." "I gathered that much from what I read in the newspaper. Any idea who the family is?" "I'm expecting a report shortly." Sonny replied checking his cell phone. "Yeah so am I." Ric went to the door and asked Marcus to come inside. "You told the men I wanted to see them, right?" Ric asked of Marcus. "I did sir, they should all be here shortly." Marcus replied just as they heard some men in the hallway. "Show them in Marcus." Ric ordered and Sonny stood up from his seat. Marcus invited into the penthouse 6 of Ric's men, Thomas, Davis, Frank, Mario, Tony, Leo and Ian. The six men stood before their boss, who was not looking at all happy, and they knew a reprimand from him was coming for all of them. "It has come to my attention that there is a dangerous threat coming after mine and Sonny's territory and I called all of you here to make sure the orders I give are carried out. There is no room for mistakes .... mistakes right now could and will put my family in more danger." "Yes sir..." the six men answered in unison "I need a detail on the vehicles, as well as at the warehouse, Alexis's office and here at the penthouse. I want the tightest security until further notice. Got that?!" "Yes sir.." they replied. "Good .... now .... Thomas and Frank, I need you at the warehouse with Johnny taking care of the shipments. Davis and Mario, I need you with Alexis around the clock, I want the two of you to become her shadow, do not let her out of your sight. Tony and Leo will be on vehicle detail along with Derek. Ian and Greg will be with me and Marcus will keep the penthouse secure. I want up to date reports from all of you every hour." "Yes sir ..." the men acknowledged their orders "Davis and Mario stay here, the rest of you can leave." Ric ordered and the men left, leaving Davis and Mario with Ric and Sonny. Davis and Mario stood in front of Ric waiting for orders from him. "I asked the two of you to stay because Alexis and the children are a top priority. There is no room for mistakes or miscalculations. They are my family and the two of you need to know just how important of a job this is." "Yes sir, we understand." Davis replied as Marcus opened the door and Alexis with Viola and the children came back from their walk. "Good, you're back." Ric replied as he went and greeted his wife with a kiss. "You said we should give you a little private time with the men. I didn't want to stay away too much longer, Emma should be laid down soon for her nap." Alexis replied and she acknowledged Mario and Davis. "Daddy ..." Kristina said as she clung onto Ric's pant leg. "Hi sweetheart." Ric said as he picked her up and into his arms. "Mario and Davis are going to be with you, Alexis. I do hope you won't be giving them any grief." "Are they for me too, Daddy?" "Yes sweetheart, they are." Ric replied and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You do know this is no way to raise the children, right?" Alexis upset took Kristina from Ric's arms after passing Emma to Viola. "Bodyguards on us all the time...." "Alexis, please ... can we not get into this now? You know Mario and Davis are here to keep you safe." "I'm in danger in my home, is what you're telling me?!" Alexis getting more upset at the thought of having two guards inside their home. "Look, Marcus will be outside the door ... Mario and Davis are for the times you need to go out. Let's not make this any more difficult." "Yeah, okay." Alexis stormed up the stairs with Kristina, and Viola following behind her. Ric counted to himself ... "1 .... 2 ... 3 ...." and then heard the bedroom door slam upstairs and he jerked at the sound. "Is she always like this?" Sonny asked. "Not usually." "I'll wait for you in your office." Sonny said as he nudged Ric to go after Alexis and talk to her. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alexis sat on the bed and frustrated with the situation began to cry. Kristina crawled up on the bed with her and gave her a hug. "Don't cry, Mommy." the child said as Alexis held her tight in her arms. "Listen, don't you worry about Mommy, okay? Maybe you want to show Viola what Daddy bought you yesterday?" Kristina looked at her confused. "You know the new game Daddy brought home for you?" Alexis replied and gave a wink to Viola. "Come on sweetie, show me the new game you got..." Viola said as she reached for Kristina's hand. Alexis wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at Kristina as Viola led her out the door. She heard Ric coming up the steps as she took a tissue from the box on the nightstand and dabbed her eyes. Ric walked in and closed the door behind him. Alexis reached for the tissue box and threw it in his direction. He ducked as it whizzed by his head and hit the door. It fell to the floor at his feet and he picked it up. "I guess I should feel lucky this wasn't the lamp, huh?" he joked. "Now is not the time for jokes, Ric!" "Okay, I'm sorry. Can we at least talk about this?" he replied as he set the box of kleenex back on the nightstand. "You want to talk .... I don't know if I'm in the right mind to talk about this, Ric!" she pushed herself away from him and walked to the other side of the room as he reached for her. "Now don't be like this, Alexis." "Don't be like what? Upset? Worried? Oh, that's rich." "Look, I know this situation upsets you, it does me too. I don't like keeping guards on my family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But I have to, to keep you safe." Ric replied trying to make her understand. He tried to wrap his arms around her to comfort her but she wiggled away from him, wiping the tears from her eyes with the tissue she held in her hand. "This happens every time there's a threat in town, and I am about tired of it, Ric! I'm just sick and tired of all of it!" "What would you like me to do about it?! I'm doing all I can right now to protect you and the children!" "What I would like for you to do, is the impossible." "You mean get out of the business?" "Yes that's what I mean!" "You know as well as I do that won't happen. I can't leave, Alexis! The best I can do is do what I can to keep the family safe from the danger, and that means body guards on you and the children constantly." "Do you even know the threat this time?!" "No, which makes this all the more dangerous for you and the children." Alexis seemed to be calming down a bit and Ric went to embrace her. She accepted his arms around her and held on to him tightly. "I'm sorry sweetheart, what about you and children going to one of the safe houses for a while, at least till all this is done?" She pulled back from him and sniffled back the tears. "What about you?" she asked with concern. "I have to stay here and figure out who is after the territory. You, Viola and the children should go to the cabin, it's only an hour from here. I can send Mario and Davis with you and I'll be sure to see you every night." he offered to her an alternative. "Can't Sonny handle this without you? I want to know your safe from all this?" "I know you do, but Sonny and I need to handle this situation together. It's our territory that is threatened not just mine. Look, you can slip out of town this afternoon. The cabin is stocked with a few months worth of food, and I'll bring some things later tonight, okay?" Alexis thought about her husband's offer and decided it would be best for her and the children to get out of town and away from the danger that threatened them. She nodded her head in agreement and a crooked smile came across Ric's face. He breathed a sigh of relief that his family would be safe from harm ..... this time. He gave her a kiss and left her alone in the bedroom while he went to give instructions to Mario and Davis who were still waiting in the living room. Alexis went down the hallway to Kristina's room to find Viola and Kristina playing a game on the floor. "Viola, we're going to have to pack some things for the children. Could you go and pack a bag for Emma, please?" "Sure, Alexis ...." Viola replied as she got up off the floor and handed Emma to Alexis. "Where we goin' Mommy?" Kristina asked as Alexis went for her daughter's suit case that was in the closet. "We're going on a little trip." Alexis replied as she opened up the empty case on the bed. "Daddy coming with us, too?" the child asked as she watched her Mommy fill the case with clothes. "No sorry, sweetie. This trip is just for you, Emma, Viola and Mommy." "No Daddy? Not at all?" Kristina replied ready to cry. "Daddy will be coming to see us tonight, but we need to leave soon. Can you get some of your toys to take with us?" "Are we goin' for a long time, Mommy?" "No not too long .... I hope." "Where are we goin'?" "We're going to someplace safe." "Isn't here with Daddy a safe place?" Kristina asking her usually 20 questions. "Sweetheart can we just get ready to go, Mommy will explain later, okay?" --------------------------------------------------------------- Ric headed down stairs to give instructions to Mario and Davis who stood waiting for him in the living room. Sonny emerged from the office and met up with Ric before the guards were dismissed. "Alexis and the children with Viola are going to be staying at the cabin. I need the two of you to keep watch on them for the duration. I will join them when I can, hopefully later tonight." "Yes sir." "Now, I'll have Derek drive all of you there and the two of you do not leave the cabin till I get there." "Yes sir." "Who's idea was this?" Sonny asked as Mario and Davis left the penthouse with their orders. "Mine. Alexis and the children will be safer at the cabin then here at the penthouse. I'll be with her later, she'll be fine till I get there." Sonny agreed with Ric on the plans for his family. The two of them headed back to the office to discuss strategy against this unknown enemy that now threatened them, their families, and their territory.
  25. *Disclaimer - Love scene ahead - and I tried my best to keep it as clean as possible.* The rain pounded hard against the glass windows, and lightning cracked as it hit somewhere across town. Ric Lansing found himself sitting in the plush chair in their master suite not being able to sleep. It was one of many nights these past few weeks he had not been able to sleep a whole night through, it was like clockwork. He removed himself from the queen sized bed so his wife, Alexis could sleep in peace. He looked over at the bed and she was so peaceful, he hoped she was dreaming good dreams about he and the kids, not about the dangers that surrounded them. The thunder rolled across the sky as he sat with a glass of bourbon in his hand contemplating the next move his brother Sonny would make against the newest enemy who wanted their territory. That too was like clockwork, there wasn't a moment of peace for their families, never would be he guessed. When one is in as deep as the two of them were, it would be impossible to leave the business. His head jerked towards the bed as he heard Alexis stir. He went to her when she called out his name, she feeling he wasn't beside her, she quickly worried where he had gone. He sat down on the bed and she reached for him. "Is there anything I can do?" she asked, her eyes still closed but awake. "Shhh ...I didn't mean to wake you, go back to sleep..." he replied as he set his glass down on the nightstand. She opened her eyes to see the worry on his face and propped herself up on her elbow, reaching for him with her hand. She caressed his face and he leaned into the touch. He saw the concern for him come across her face as he leaned down and kissed her lips. "I'll be okay ..... don't worry." "But I do worry about you Ric. I worry all the time." "I'm sorry. I guess sometimes I forget how this life effects you." he replied as he pulled her into an embrace. "I guess it would do no good asking you to leave the business so we can have a somewhat normal life?" "Alexis, you know that isn't ever going to happen. I can't leave the business, not now .... I've been in this business far too long to get out. There are people who will come after me even if I do leave. This is who I am, this is my family and what we are. I cannot change that, even though I wish many times I could." Ric explained as he got up from the bed and walked towards the window. "You know I shouldn't of said anything. I married you knowing full well what the life entailed, but I love you Ric .... and I worry about you." Alexis grabbed her silk robe and climbed out of bed. She went to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, looking out across the city over his shoulder. As the storm came down on Port Charles, it was another sleepless night for Ric and Alexis. He sat down on the plush chair, she eased down onto his lap, he holding on to her waist. They watched the lightning light up the midnight sky as the rain came down hard and pounded against the windows. "I love you so much, Alexis. I swear I won't let anything happen to you or the children." "I know .... I love you too." she replied as his head lay gently on the soft skin of her chest, he felt her heartbeat against his ear and it was the most soothing sound he had ever heard. She sat cradled in his arms for a while as they sat in the darkness of their master suite. It was the most secure she had felt in a long time. She knew he wouldn't let anything happen to her or the children, it was just sometimes she wished they could go away and leave everything behind. Ric had been involved with the violence of the mob for so long, he grew up in the business, and she knew that no matter how far they'd go to escape it, it would find them. There was no way out .... not anymore. Alexis got up off his lap and leaned down to kiss him goodnight. "Come to bed ...." she said as she reached for his hand. He noticed the look in her eye and conceded. He took her hand and he followed her back to the silk sheets of their queen sized bed. She climbed in and he after her. He laid next to her, his arms wrapped around her tight. It was the most comforting feeling she could ever know. Being in the arms of her husband she fell asleep quickly, while he laid awake still worried about the threat that was lurking in the darkness of the city. He guessed he would never feel completely safe but he would always make sure she did. He'd lay down his life for her and the children, and no one was going to take them from him. --------------------------------------------------- Alexis heard the cries of their youngest child, and climbed out of bed hoping not to wake Ric who was finally sleeping peacefully. She wrapped herself up in her silk robe and patted her way to the nursery. Screams from the baby could be heard throughout the penthouse as Alexis opened up the door to find the 3 month old child crying in her crib. She quickly picked up the child and held her close hoping to comfort the tears away. "Shh ... it's okay ... Mommy's here." Alexis said soothingly and it seemed to quiet down the baby. Alexis wiped the baby's tears from it's cheeks and kissed her softly. "We don't want to wake Daddy, do we?" Alexis changed the baby from her jammies to a day outfit and got her ready for the day. The sun barely above the horizon, Alexis cradled the baby in her arms and started down the stairs, but not before she heard little footsteps coming up behind her. "Wait for me, Mommy....." Kristina said as she came scurrying down the hallway in her pink fuzzy footed pajamas towards Alexis. "What are you doing out of bed so early? The sun is barely up, sweetie." Alexis said to the 4 year old. "Emma got me up, she cries so loud, Mommy." Alexis giggled at her child's remark. "Come on, let's get some breakfast." As Alexis reached the bottom of the stairs, Viola was there waiting for her and took Kristina by the hand. "You too, huh?" Alexis giggled as Viola yawned. "I can say this, Emma surely has a good set of lungs on her ...." Viola replied. Alexis laughed ... "I wonder where she gets those from..." Alexis holding Emma in her arms as she sat down at the kitchen table, and Viola lifted Kristina into her highchair. As Viola went to start making Kristina's pancakes, Alexis opened up her silk robe for Emma. The baby didn't waste a second to find nourishment as she quickly began suckling on Alexis's nipple. "I take it, Mr. Lansing is still sleeping?" Viola asked as she poured the pancake mix into the hot pan on the stove. "Yeah, he had a rough night again. Hopefully he can get some sleep this morning without interruption." Alexis said as she looked towards Kristina, implying it was her who needed to let Daddy sleep in. Kristina noticed her mother's look towards her and lifted her hands up and said ..."What?" "You know what ... you need to let Daddy sleep this morning, okay?" "'kay I promise." Kristina replied as she looked over her shoulder to see where her breakfast was. Viola flipped Kristina's pancake on a plate and walked it over to her. She sat it down in front of her and Kristina licked her lips. "Mmmm... pancake..." she replied as her eyes devoured the large pancake in front of her. Viola handed her a fork to use. Kristina was just getting the hang of using the large utensil as she bobbled around with it in her tiny hand. "Here, let me do that ..." Viola said as she cut up Kristina's pancake and fed her the first piece. Alexis removed Emma's mouth from the nipple and draped a cloth over her shoulder. She lifted the baby from her arm and rested her against the cloth. Alexis closed her robe and began to pat Emma's back as Viola brought her first cup of coffee to her. Alexis smiled a thank you to her and sat keeping a watchful eye on Kristina eating her breakfast. Alexis left Emma with Viola and Kristina as she went back upstairs to get dressed and to check in on her husband. She walked into the master suite and heard the water running in the bathroom, the bed empty. She closed the door and went to her closet to find something comfortable to wear. She was still on maternity leave from the DA's office, so there was no need for those power suits that hung next to her blue jeans .... at least for now. As she pulled out a pair of jeans and a sweater to match, Ric emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist and the water beads dripping from his chiseled body. He not noticing she was in the room, he was taken by surprised when she pulled the towel from his waist, leaving him wearing nothing but the stream of water that drizzled down the front of his chest. "Hey .... gimme that back .." he said as he tried pulling the towel from her, and drawing her to him. As he did, her body slamming against him, her arms quickly wrapped around his neck and she planted a morning kiss on his lips. As she held onto him, his hands went to untie the robe she was still wearing. It fell open, her soft skin lay upon his as the kiss became deeper and more passionate. Moans of pleasure escaped her as he backed up towards the bed, she falling gently on top of him as he laid down. As he moved his body up against the pillows, she followed with a hungry look in her eyes, and devoured him as she moved up along his body. An excitement came over him as he felt her body rub against him and he removed her silk robe revealing her shapely figure to him. His hands caressed her as they became one with each other. He reached up and kissed her mid-drif, leaving kisses against her soft supple skin. He scooped her up in his arms, she sitting atop of him, her legs wrapped around his waist, she felt them become one again. He felt her muscles contract against him, as he moved in and out. He took her hands in his and held her arms over her head as he thrust hard in a rhythmic motion. Whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips as her hands tightened around his, as they went over the edge, together, into ecstasy. Her tongue moistened her lips as she tried to catch her breath and she fell relaxed beside him. She draped her arm across his chest and their eyes met .... "Hungry for breakfast?" she said as his hand brushed back the hair from her face. "Not anymore .... you're all that I hunger for." he smiled. He leaned down and kissed her softly. They lay together for a few more minutes, till she realized what time it was. "I have to get ready .... " she said as she quickly got up from where she was laying and put her robe back on. "Why, where do you have to go today?" he asked as he watched her walk towards the bathroom. "No where really, but Kristina and Emma are downstairs with Viola eating breakfast. I need to make myself look presentable to the children. I can't go back down there looking like this, can I?" she replied as she pulled her robe closed and scurried into the bathroom. Ric climbed out of bed and got himself dressed. As Alexis showered, he left the bedroom and headed down stairs, dressed in his dark navy suit ready to do business. As he walked into the kitchen, Viola handed him a cup of coffee with one hand as she cradled Emma against her. Kristina was still sitting in her highchair and her face lit up as she saw her Daddy for the first time that morning. "Hi Daddy .." she said as Ric went to her and gave her a morning kiss. "Morning sweetie ...." "Where's Mommy?" she asked as Ric sat down at the kitchen table and unfolded the morning paper. "Mommy's in the shower, she'll be down in a minute." Ric's expression changed as he read the morning headlines on the front page of the newspaper. "Mob shootout leaves two dead" the headline read and Ric read further in disbelief. He hadn't heard about last night's altercation and was upset that he wasn't kept informed. He quickly got up from the table and rushed to his study, he needed to find out more about what happened last night and why the men who worked for him hadn't called to tell him about it. He picked up the phone and dialed. "We need a meeting this morning about last night ..... you better be here within the hour!" He slammed down the phone and fell back into the leather high back desk chair. As soon as he did, the phone rang and he answered it. "Lansing ..." "I hope you have a handle on last night's situation?!" Sonny replied. "I already have a meeting set up within the hour." Ric replied. "You didn't know about this?" "Of course I didn't know, I read it in this morning's newspaper." "I know I didn't order this, and if you didn't order it either, then we have another one to contend with, Ric ..." "Sonny, be here within the hour and we can discuss it further." "I'll be there." Sonny replied. Ric hung up the phone and went out into the living room and called for Marcus. The bodyguard opened up the door and acknowledged his presence. "I need you to gather the men .... I'm calling them all in right now!" "Yes, sir." Marcus replied and went to do what was ordered. "Dammit!" Ric yelled out of frustration as Alexis came down the stairs. "What happened?" she asked as he composed himself in front of her. "You and Viola need to take the children out for a little while, okay?" "Okay, but ..." "Don't ask questions ... just do it. Take Greg with you." Ric replied and pulled her to him into an embrace. "Is it something I should know about?" "No ....nothing I can't handle. It's going to be fine, I just need to have some private time for a meeting." "Something went down last night, didn't it?" she asked as worry overcame her. "Yeah something did happen last night, but Sonny and I are going to handle it." Ric replied and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry...." She walked away from him .... "Fat chance on that..." she said under breath as she headed towards the kitchen. He watched her walk away and quickly turned his attention back on to the situation at hand. ---------------------------------------------- Viola handed Emma back to Alexis and then lifted Kristina out of the high chair. She quickly ran passed Alexis and into the living room where Ric was pacing back and forth contemplating on what their next move would be. "Morning Daddy .." Kristina said as she clung onto Ric's leg. "Morning again sweetheart ..." he replied with a smile and lifted her up into his arms. "Daddy .... what's wrong?" the toddler asked when she sensed something was not right with Ric. "Nothing for you to worry about, okay." he replied as Alexis and Viola emerged with Emma from the kitchen. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled. "Come on sweetheart, let's go get you out of those jammies." Alexis said as Ric left Kristina down. Viola took Kristina by her hand and led her up the steps towards her bedroom as Alexis went to Ric once again. He leaned down and softly kissed the top of Emma's head, then kissed Alexis. "I love you ...." he said as she caressed his jaw with her free hand. "We love you too..." she replied then walked away from him and headed up the stairs. He watched her climb the stairs and said a promise to himself never to allow anything to happen to the ones he loved more than life itself. His family meant everything to him and he would protect them at all costs. Danger was knocking on the door now, and he would fight like hell to keep it from coming inside and taking what was his. Ric knew the war had escalated after the shootout last night and he hoped all the protection he could provide was enough to keep the ones he loved safe from the danger.
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