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Found 8 results

  1. So...February Sweeps are over. Or was it sleeps? A B C D F I am still catching up on GH, but I've enjoyed the week of the reveal so far. Now that might change once I get to the fallout. So I would give it a solid B since it's been a while since I watched GH. Y&R...hmmm...judging on one episode as I'm behind I would say a C. There were just too many people running around...none of whom I was interested in. But I still have EB's anniversary episodes to sit and watch. How was your shows last month?
  2. I saw some of the June summer spoilers for DAYS and given some of the past discussion in DAYS thread...I figured that I would drop some of it...so... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .After all of this time...JJ is being thrown into the Eve/Brady/Theresa mix. It does not sound like Gabi is out of prison yet (i'm waaaay behind), but when she gets out...no more Miss nice girl...her goal--revenge. Her target: abby and Stefan.
  3. Well...November Sweeps are pretty much over. So...how did your soap do? I for one can't wait to hear about MY's first sweeps at Y&R myself. DISH!!!
  4. Since I mentioned I saw it and would read it...I figured I would do a post with the highlights... WHY ANOTHER WRITER CHANGE? Pretty much, the same thing Corday said in his other interviews...gut feeling, steering the ship, not feeling the stories, etc. RON'S WRITING Corday says he will bring the laughs, tears, and rootable couples. Couples mention: John/Marlena, Patch/Kayla, Hope/Rafe, Chabby. Also noted--Nicole/Brady/Eric/Chloe not sure if it meant together, but more will get done with them. As mentioned elsewhere, there is a murder mystery coming. It starts in June and ends in September. RC has restructured how it will go however. Corday wants to get away from the darkness of the writing. Expect Ron's vision to be clear two months into his run. ABOUT SHERI ANDERSON Corday thinks she has a strong female point of view and should be able to ground RC as well as all of her history with the show. TWEAKS There were some to a point. Then Corday goes into why they shoot the way they have been doing it which a good overview of can be found here: http://www.welovesoaps.net/2017/02/ken-corday-shooting-days-of-our-lives.html. I liked it since a lot of us here have discussed this all the time. I do believe this is the first interview where SOD directly asked him this. And I was surprised he answered. Definitely want to hear everyone's thought now that it's out in the open re:at this point, it's the only way DAYS stays on the air thus production model. OTHERS This interview was done pre-renewal so he talks about how he feels about the Megyn Kelly news. Corday feels the show in in good hands for the fall with RC. And hopes he now has a long term writer for the future like the soap opera writers of old who stayed on their shows for a long time. So...beginning of July to mid-Aug/Sept is Corday's estimate on feeling RC's writing kick in.
  5. So got the new SOD and found it interesting that May 9 is going to be the day where... DAYS: What happened with Aidan is revealed. GH: Jason's memories (with Kim McC appearance) happens. I read the Aidan reason and they explained well. Now the Jason thing...well... Thoughts on either...I'm a bit behind. PS. Lawrence Saint VIctor has an interview inside as well. Haven't read it yet so don't know if he was asked where he was on B&B...yet. will read for sure to see what he is up to.
  6. Well, now that it's over, how would you grade the November Sweeps of all the soaps? Or are you really thinking sleeps? Why? Why not?
  7. So...how did your soap do overall this year? A, B, C, D, Z???
  8. From Jason47's Facebook page: IMPORTANT "DAYS" DATES TO REMEMBER IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS:These are the expected airdates when major events will be happening in the next few weeks:8/17-8/20 (exact date TBA): New head writing team begins8/18: Freddie Smith (Sonny) exitWeek of 8/24: Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) upped to contract status8/25-8/27 (exact dates TBA): Melissa Archer (Serena) and Paul Telfer (Xander) exits 8/28: Stephen Nichols (Steve) returns and James Lastovic (Joey) debuts
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