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  1. Blog 193 Deaths (Edited Sept. 14) Ted Corday Canadian-American died July 23, 1966 (age 58), producer, director, co-creator DOOL & Paradise Bay & Morningstar, husband of Betty, father of Ken Irna Phillips died Dec. 23, 1973 (age 72) Mother of Daytime, ATWT, AW, GL & more, mentored Aggie & Bill Claire Malis died Dec. 24, 1979 OLTL & Jo's mother on FOL Virginia Vestoff died May 2, 1982 The Doctors, DS, ATWT Carolyn Sue Jones died Aug 3, 1983 "The Addams Family" & Myrna Clegg, scheming matriarch on Capitol from Mar. 1982 til Mar. 1983, even knowing she was dying of cancer. Charita Bauer died Feb. 28, 1985, Bert on GL Kay Campbell died May 27, 1985 Lonely Woman, Ma Perkins, GL, EON & Aggie wrote Kate Harrington especially for her to coax her out of retirement, AMC Grayson Hall died Aug. 7, 1985 actress OLTL Dr. Julia Hoffman on Dark Shadows& book "Grayson Hall: A Hard Act To Fllow" Roy Winsor Secret Storm, Love of Life, SFT, Somerset, Another Life died May 31, 1987 Betty Corday died Nov. 17, 1987, EP DOOL 31 yrs. longer than anyone else, mother of Ken, wife of Ted Douglass Watson died May 1, 1989 (age 68), Mac Cory, AW, 2 Lead Actor Emmys, was on vacation when he died, Moment of Truth, SFT, Love of Life Rebecca Schaeffer OLTL, My Sister Sam, murdered by stalker, died Jul, 18, 1989 Joan Bennett died Dec. 7, 1990 Dark Shadows Emily McLaughlin died Apr. 16, 1991 soap actress Nurse Jesse on GH Michael David Morrisson died Feb. 18, 1993 actor ATWT Constance Ford died Feb. 26, 1993 (cancer), beauty when young, Ada on AW, Woman with a Past, SFT, EON Douglas Marland died Mar. 8, 1993 (57)"rules", The Doctors, GH, ATWT, GL, LOV A New Day in Eden (for Showtime), created Luke & Laura & Bobbie Spencer, 3 Carries DID story, Nola Lois Kibbee died Oct. 18, 1993 actress Caddyshack, EON, SFT, Somerset MacDonald Carey died March 21, 1994. first primetimer to go to a soap, wrote poetry, still on tape "sands through the hourglass", a film star Frances Heflin died June 1, 1994 soap actress Mona on AMC (parallel to Ada on AW) Samuel D. Ratcliffe died Dec. 14, 1995 (AIDS) talented humorous writer, SB, GL, AW Michael Zaslow died Dec. 6, 1998 (age 56) wonderful actor, GL & OLTL, ALS, Roger Thorpe, David Rinaldi, SFT, LIAMST, wrote for AW Bethel Leslie died Nov. 28, 1999 (70) Writer/Director, The Doctors, AW, AMC Pat Falken Smith died May 19, 2001 Writer, controversial, rape or seduction? DOOL, GH, GL, RH, created the Bradys & the DiMeras Mary Stuart died Feb. 28, 2002 actress SFT, OLTL, GL, called Mary, Queen of Soaps for 35 yrs. at SFT Henry Slesar, EON, OLTL, Capitol died Apr. 2, 2002 Nancy Addison died June 18, 2002 actress RH, GL, AMC, LOV, The City Barbara Berjer died Oct. 20, 2002, actress AW, GL, pneumonia, Bridget, Norris, From These Roots, ATWT, EON, AMC (only actor to be on two soaps at the same time: AW & GL) Terry Lester died Nov. 28, 2003, SB, Y&R, ATWT (DID story) Richard Biggs died May 22, 2004 actor Marcus on DOOL Dr. Franklin on Babylon 5 Ruth Warrick died Jan. 15, 2005 Citizen Kane, AMC's Phoebe, GL, ATWT William J. Bell (Alzheimers) died Apr. 29, 2005, Dir, EP, creator, DOOL, Y&R, B&B, AW, wed to Lee Anne Meacham died Jan 12, 2006, actress, AW, off-Broadway, friend of Tennessee Williams Gloria Monty died Mar 29, 2006 (age 84), Dir, EP, GH, controversial, Ice Princess, rape or seduction? directed First Hundred Years, Secret Storm & Bright Promise Benjamin Hendrickson died July 3, 2006 soap actor ATWT suicide Tudi Wiggins died July 19, 2006 actress Darlene Conley died Jan. 14, 2007 soap opera actress B&B Shell Kepler died Feb. 1, 2008 soap actress GH Beverlee McKinsey died May 2, 2008 (kidney transplant), actress, AW, Texas, GL, Iris, Alexandra, foiled JFP Larry Haines died Jul. 22, 2008 soap actor SFT Irene Dailey died Sep. 24, 2008, actress, AW, Aunt Liz, EON Eileen Herlie died Oct. 8, 2008 (pneumonia), actress, AMC, Myrtle Fairgate, OLTL, GH, PC James E. Reilly died Oct. 12, 2008 (age 60) (cardiac), writer, Capitol, PSSN, DOOL, GL, Y&R, GH, SuBe, B&B Clint Ritchie died Jan. 31, 2009 OLTL's Clint soap actor, cowboy Phil Carey died Feb. 6, 2009 OLTL's Asa soap actor James Mitchell died Jan. 22, 2010 AMC's Palmer Courtlandt Frances Reid died Feb. 3, 2010 (age 95), actress, DOOL's Alice Horton, Portia Faces Life, ATWT Dixie Carter died Apr. 10, 2010 soap actress EON Julia Sugarbaker Helen Wagner died May 1, 2010, actress Nancy Hughes ATWT, GL, Valiant Lady Elizabeth Taylor died Mar. 23, 2011 celebrity, actress, cursing Helena on GH Anthony John Herrera died June 21, 2011 soap actor ATWT Mary Fickett died Sept. 8, 2011 AMC's Ruth Martin, The Nurses, EON Judy Lewis died Nov. 25, 2011 an American actress, writer, producer, and therapist. She was the secret biological daughter of actor Clark Gable and actress Loretta Young. They kept her identity a secret from her. Whitney Houston died Feb. 11, 2012 songbird John Ingle died Sept. 16, 2012, actor, GH, DOOL, Quartermaine Al Freeman, Jr. died Apr. 14 2012 soap actor OLTL Jonathan Frid died Apr. 14, 2012 soap actor Dark Shadows Barnabus Barbara Esensten died Nov. 14, 2012 (75), writer, partner with James Harmon Brown, GL, PC, AMC, Dynasty, DOOL, OLTL, LOV, CITY Larry Hagman died Nov. 23, 2012 (age 81), actor, Dallas 's JR, Tony Nelson Paul Rauch died Dec. 10, 2012 (age 78), EP, AW, ATWT, GL, SB, Texas, OLTL, Lovers & Friends, Y&R, trying to get a new venue for GL when he died Charles Durning died Dec. 24, 2012 soap actor, song & dance man, AW Jeanne Cooper died May 8, 2013, actress Y&R, memoir Julie Harris died Aug. 24, 2013 actress KL Matthew Cowles died May 22, 2014 Billy Clyde Tuggle on AMC, husband to Christine Baranski Ruby Dee died June 11, 2014 soap actress GL Charles Keating died Aug. 8, 2014 (lung cancer) (72), actor, AW, the Guthrie Kathleen Layman died Oct. 26, 2014, MJ McKinnon*, AW Ann Marcus died Dec. 3, 2014 (93), writer, KL PP RtPP LOL LIAMST DOOL GH FC SFT MHMH F2N AtG, memoir "Whistling Girl" Donna Douglas died Jan. 1, 2015 actress "Beverly Hillbillies" Rod Taylor died Jan. 7, 2015 singer Taylor Negron died Jan. 10, 2015 actor, comic Leonard Nimoy died Feb. 27, 2015 Star Treks Anne Meara died May 23, 2015 actress comic mother of Ben Stiller Christopher Lee died June 7, 2015 actor Count Dracula, knighted, sang in addition to acting Nathaniel Marston died Nov. 11, 2015 ATWT OLTL troublemaker David Canary died Nov. 16, 2015, actor, AMC, AW, multiple Emmy winners Patricia Elliott died Dec. 20, 2015 Renee on OLTL Earl Hamner Jr died Mar. 24, 2016 writer "Waltons" Gloria DeHaven died July 30, 2016 RH, ATWT, MH/MH, Agnes Nixon died Sept. 28, 2016 AMC, OLTL, LOV, CITY, AW, GL, SFT, ATWT, Robert Montgomery Presents. When AMC & OLTL were both cancelled on the same day Aggie set about to do what people had urged her to do for years: write her memoir "My Life to Live: How I Became the Queen of Soaps When Men Ruled the Airwaves" She had a stroke while she was doing it but she persevered---and after 4 years she had it completed & in the hands of the editors. She was choosing the look for it---and she died. She had Parkinsons & pneumonia. Larkin Malloy died Sept. 29, 2016 Sky Whitney EON, Kyle Sampson GL, Travis Montgomery AMC, Acting Coach Patricia Barry died Oct. 11, 2016 DOOL, GL, AMC Anthony Addabbo died Oct. 18, 2016 soap actor GL Y&R Claire Labine died Nov. 11, 2016, writer, created RH, writer son Matt & daughter Eleanor, fought with Rauch & MADD, pitched Holly & Olivia same-sex story, Where the Heart Is, Love of Life, GH, GL, ATWT, OLTL Alice Drummond died Nov. 30, 2016, character actress "Ghostbusters" Joe Mascolo died Dec 8, 2016 (age 87), Stefano on DOOL, actor, B&B Massimo, roles on GH & SB Barbara Tarbuck died Dec. 26, 2016 actress Carrie Fisher died Dec. 27, 2016, writer, actress, script doctor, famous bipolar, Debbie Reynolds daughter, Princess Leia, posthumous Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album Debbie Reynolds died Dec. 28, 2016 (74), song & dance gal, Carrie Fisher's mother Edward Mallory died Feb. 16, 2017 DOOL a son, Tom Jr. Peter Hansen died Apr. 9, 2017 soap actor GH Matthew Labine died Sep. 1, 2017, writer, son of Claire Mark LaMura died Sept. 11, 2017 AMC, ATWT, OLTL Anne Jeffreys died Sep. 27, 2017 (84), actress, GH, PC Robert Guillaune died Oct. 24, 2017 SOAP & his show John Conboy died Jan. 19, 2018, EP, Capitol, GL, LIAMST, SB, Y&R Tim O'Connor died Apr. 5, 2018 actor/singer Harding "Pete" Lemay died May 26, 2018, exceptional writer, memoirs, AW, ATWT, The Doctors, GL, Lovers & Friends, OLTL Charlotte Rae died Jun 29, 2018 (92), actress, FOL Aretha Franklin died Aug. 16, 2018, soul sensation Neil Simon died Aug. 26, 2018, writer, playwright Susan Brown died Aug. 31, 2018, GH, Alzheimers Burt Reynolds died Sep. 6, 2018, actor Frank Parker died Sept 16, 2018 (age 79), actor, Shawn Brady DOOL, Y&R, GH Peggy McCay died Oct. 7, 2018 (age 90), Caroline Brady DOOL, Tributes up on Youtube, Love of Life Sondra Locke died Nov. 3, 2018, once married to Clint Eastwood, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Stan Lee died Nov. 12, 2018, multi-talented cartoon genius William Goldman died Nov. 16, 2018, writer, playwright, The Princess Bride Ken Berry died Dec. 1, 2018, F Troop Penny Marshall died Dec. 17, 2018 (75), comedienne, director, Big, A League of Their Own Robin Leach died Dec. 17, 2018 (76), Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Bettina F. Bradbury died Jan. 13, 2019 AMC ATWT Capitol DOOL OLTL SB Kaye Ballard died Jan. 21, 2019 (93), comic actress, The Mothers-in-Law Candice Earley died Jan. 31, 2019 (age 68), AMC's Donna Beck Tyler Courtlandt Sago Tyler Carmen Duncan died of cancer Feb. 3, 2019 at 76, actress, Australian, The Chief on AW Kristoff St. John died Feb. 3, 2019 at 52 (heart disease), actor, GEN, Y&R Julie Adams died Feb. 3, 2019 (age 92) Capitol, actress Albert Finney died Feb. 7, 2019, actor Jan-Michael Vincent died Feb. 10, 2019, actor Beverly Owen died Feb. 21, 2019, Marilyn Munster Peter Tork died Feb. 21, 2019, Monkee Katherine Helmond died Feb. 23, 2019 (Alzheimer’s) (89), comic actress, Who's the Boss? Luke Perry died Feb. 27, 2019 (52) (stroke), actor, AW, LOV Andre Previn died Feb. 28, 2019, musician Jed Allan died Mar 9, 2019 (84), actor, SB, DOOL, PC, GH (Jed read with Deidre Hall when she auditioned at DOOL & he told them to hire her because she was sarcastic!) Denise DuBarry Hay died Mar. 26, 2019 (63), actress, infomercial specialist Georgia Engel died Apr. 12, 2019. MTM Ken Kercheval died Apr. 24, 2019 (83), Dallas, SFT, Secret Storm, How to Survive a Marriage Dr. John died Jun. 6, 2019, singer/songwriter Gloria Vanderbilt died Jun. 17, 2019, fashionista, Anderson Cooper's mother Joel Aronowitz died Jul. 1, 2019 (Dir/ATWT/EON) Emmy for Directing for ATWT Rip Torn died Jul. 9 2019, actor, Men in Black Denice Nickerson died July 10, 2019 actress David Hedison died Jul. 18, 2019, actor, AW, Y&R, father-in-law to Jodie Foster through daughter Alexanda Hedison, fired for age by JFP Rutger Hauer died Jul. 19, 2019, actor, knighted, Blade Runner Sally Spencer died Aug. 3, 2019, M.J. McKinnon* on AW Toni Morrisson died Aug. 5, 2019, writer & poet, award-winner Valerie Harper died Aug. 30, 2019, Rhoda *Both of two MJ McKinnons AW have died in real life. S. Michael Schnessel death date unknown, writer for ATWT & OLTL (I can't find anything to illustrate that S. Michael Schnessel is actually dead.) Aggie's IMDB Trivia: She became ABC's overall daytime consultant [October 2000]. It was her hand that opened the All My Children (1970) photo album on the shows opening montage sequence from 1970-1989. When she went into labor and had to go to the hospital to deliver one of her children she brought her Dictaphone along so that she could continue working. During the 1960s she simultaneously wrote both Guiding Light (1952) & Another World (1964). This led to a few minor problems such as in the 445th episode of Another World (1964) she wrote in the script that the scene takes place "in the coffee shop of Cedar's Hospital" - Cedar's Hospital is the fictional hospital on Guiding Light (1952). Her memoir, My Life to Live: How I Became the Queen of Soaps When Men Ruled the Airwaves, was released March 21, 2017. Once we were plotting an episode, and I looked down and saw that it was the 6,000th episode of 'All My Children.' So I said to the group, 'Hey, let's knock off and I'll take you to lunch.' When I had come back, for the first time in my life, I had forgotten that I was to have a telephone interview. So I called the reporter...and apologized profusely and explained that we discovered it was our 6,000th episode we were writing. She did some figuring and said: 'Do you realize that if you'd been writing nighttime, you would have been working for 240 years!' If this blog is depressing to you, by all means, do not read it. Personally, I think this is one way we pay tribute to the performers.
  2. INT. MONA LISA - DAY Carter grabs a faint Lisa before she falls do the ground. Scott rushes over to a table nearby and pulls out a chair while Carter drags Lisa to the chair, seating her. Lisa: (faint) Scott? Is it really you? Scott: Yes, Mom. Carter comes back to them with a glass of water. He hands it to Scott, who is now kneeled next to his mother. He holds the glass while Lisa takes a sip. Scott: You all right? Lisa: I will be . . . (strokes his face gently) So glad to see you . . . Lisa then strikes her son across the face. Scott holds his face, which stings. Carter is stunned. Lisa jumps up and hovers over her son. Lisa: How dare you! How dare you do this to me! On Scott totally shocked, CUT TO INT. BARBARA & HENRY'S HOUSE (KITCHEN) Henry, with a chef hat and apron that reads "I rub my meat for two mins," dances around the kitchen while the pots of the stove create a slight fog from the steam. Henry: (singing) Pour it up! Pour it up! That's how we ball out! . . . Strips clubs and dollar bills-- He is abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door. Aggravated, Henry opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CLARK COLEMAN. Henry is speechless. Clark: (distraught) I need your help. On Henry worried CUT TO INT. TOM & MARGO'S COTTAGE - DAY Mo and Casey sit on the sofa making out. Tom then barges in slamming the door. The two break apart like two teens that have been caught in the act. As the rearrange their clothes: Tom: Where is your mother?! Casey: She's at the station. What's wrong? Tom: Emily! Casey: What now? Tom tosses the paper at Casey before he storms up stairs. Casey unballs the paper to see the headline (from last episode) featuring Tom, Carter, and Scott. On Casey cringing, FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7m5isq5q04 FADE IN: INT. TOM & MARGO'S COTTAGE - DAY Casey kisses Mo (before she leaves) and closes the door behind her. Tom comes down the stairs, undoing his tie and tossing it to the side. Casey: You sure you're fine? Tom: Do I look fine? (off Casey holding his hands up for mercy) Sorry. Casey: No problem but does this story even has any truth to it? I mean we haven't seen or heard from Uncle Scott since I was child. You sure Emily isn't fabricating this to p*ss you off? Tom: No she isn't. For once she isn't lying in that rag she calls a paper. Casey: (confused) So then I don't get while you're mad at Emily . . . Tom: Because she's ruining my campaign! Don't you see it! Casey: Dad, I doubt anyone is taking Emily or her paper seriously. Her past isn't squeaky clean either . . . Tom: But when you're running up against someone with a stellar track record such as Carter Wallace-- Casey: Dad, you need to chill. Casey goes and sits on the sofa. He pats on it to indicate he wants Tom to join him, to relax. After fighting it, Tom gives in. Casey: Dad, you have a stellar track record too. Tom: I do but-- Casey: Not "buts." Who cares that you left mid office almost fifteen years ago? That was then. This is now. Margo rushes in breathing heavily. Margo: Oh honey! There you are. (rushes over and kisses Tom) I went by the campaign office and Bonnie told me everything. (calming down) You OK? Tom: Not really. Margo: Don't worry, honey. We'll figure this out--me, you, Bonnie, Lisa-- Tom jumps up from the sofa Tom: Mom! I gotta go see her. Margo: We're coming with you. On a shot of the Hughes rushing out, CUT TO INT. BARBARA & HENRY (KITCHEN) Henry and Clark are now seated at a table. We enter mid-convo. Henry is trying to pry some info out of her. Clark: Henry, can you stop! Henry: No! You just come beating down my door and you want me to stop? Clark: Yes. Henry: We haven't heard from you in years! Maddie, me, Bernadette-- Clark: I'm fine. (swiping hair out of face) Can't you tell? Henry: Not really but I'll drop it for now . . . Clark: I just need a place to stay for a few nights-- Henry: What? Hold on--you just come in here and expect to provide you a haven when you can't tell me where the heck you've been for the past five years?! Really, Clark? On Clark moaning, CUT TO INT. MONA LISA Picking up where we left off of Lisa slapping Scott, and both he and Carter stunned: Scott: What was that for! Lisa: For not picking up the phone and calling me! For not visiting me! Your brother-- Scott: Oh I've seen ole' Tom already. Lisa: What? So you've been in town for awhile now! (to Carter) And you knew?! Carter searches for the right words, but before he can get them out, Lisa pops him in the face. Carter now holds his face, shocked. Lisa: Now I see why you were using me--getting close to me. You wanted to stick it to me and Tom. (pointing to Scott) And he's the best way to do so? Scott: He didn't even know I was related you to until the night I arrived in Oakdale. Lisa: Oh really? So how do you two know each other? Scott: We met awhile back in Somerset. I had a small practice there, he was there visiting-- Lisa: So you two became buddies and decided to come here and run for district attorney? Carter: No! I didn't even ask him to join me until weeks after I decided to come to Oakdale. Scott: Exactly. Lisa: (stewing) Oh OK . . . So Tom knew you were here? Scott: Yes. I've been here since Christmas. Lisa: What! Tom, Margo, & Casey come rushing in and up to Lisa, Carter, & Scott. Tom: Mom-- Lisa pops him across the face. Lisa: How could you! (to both of her boys) How could both of you! . . . (enraged, flailing around) How could all of you! Casey and Margo step back, not wanting to feel the wrath of Lisa. On Tom holding his face, now stunned too. FADE OUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey9yuMLqe34&list=UUZ7KYSz-dyMkHcL2yYphqmw
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