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  1. Downtown Salem, Marlena gets a knock on her door. She opens it and smiles when she sees her son Eric Brady. They hug each other. Marlena “It’s so good to see you Eric.” Eric “It’s good to see you too. I’ve missed you so much.” He walks into the apartment and sees his half sister Carrie, Tony Dimera, and Anna. He walks over to Carrie and hugs her. Eric “Long time no see.” Carrie “Indeed. You’re looking good.” Eric “Thank you. Where’s Austin?” Marlena “Now that is something I have been waiting to know. Every time I ask Carrie, she seems to change the subject.” Carrie “You’re right and with good reason. This is not my day. It’s Jan’s day so I don’t want a big fuss over this, and besides I am not ready to talk about it. Austin and I are no longer together. I don’t know where he is and that’s how I would like to keep it.” Marlena “Are you ok?” Carrie “Oh I’m fine Marlena. Seeing my family is the medicine that I need. I just wish dad could be here.” Marlena “Why don’t we all go over to the hospital after this gathering. I am sure Roman would like that.” Eric “Sounds great. Where’s my twin sister?” Carrie “Yes where is she? Eric, you have got to see her. Sami is really acting strange. She’s not acting like herself. I know you are the person better than anyone to figure out what is going on.” Eric “I will try my best.” Then the door bell rings. Marlena goes to open it up and the wo “man” of the hour arrives. Stami smiles at Marlena, as she holds the gun with a firmer grip in her pocket wondering if she should shoot Marlena right here and now. Stami decides too. He pulls his gun out and aims it right at Marlena. Marlena is appalled. Before she can even say anything, Stami shoots her in the chest! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc&NR=1 Created by : ML Cooks Executive Producer: ML Cooks Episode 15: Death of an Icon! (FINALE) Written by: ML Cooks and Tara Smith Downtown, Salem Children Service Board Lucas with Will walks inside the building. Will gets butterflies in his stomach, looking at all the case workers, talking with other people and pounding away on their computers. Lucas grabs a number and waits to be called as Lucas and Will have a seat. Will “Dad, I am really nervous about this.” Lucas “It’s going to be ok Will. I am here to support you through this. “ Will “Dad I can’t lose my daughter. She’s all I got left in this world. I’ll die if they take her from me.” Lucas “Don’t even think about it.” Their conversation is interrupted when their number is called. Lucas and Will stand up and walks over to their assigned case worker. They are escorted to an office. The trio have a seat. Caseworker, looking at Will “I’m Sharon Newman. I have been assigned to your case. And I assume you are Will Roberts?” Will “I am.” Sharon flips through some notes while intermittingly looking up at Will. Sharon “You do know you have a warrant out for your arrest right?” Will “I was not aware of that.” Sharon “I think kidnapping is a crime. You have kidnapped a,… Arianna Roberts.” Will “I did not kidnap her. I did the right thing. I took my daughter away from her insane grandparents. I was making us a family.” Sharon “If you don’t mind my saying, how can you be a family when your still a child? It’s nothing but a case of a child raising a child.” Lucas “Will has a loving and supportive family. He would not be in this alone.” Sharon “You’re right. Upon reviewing the case, I was obligated to put in some calls to the right people. I have two visitors here……You can come in now.” Lucas and Will turn around to see Crystal Galore and Bernard Galore walking into Sharon’s office. Lucas “Who is this?” Crystal “We are Arianna’s grandparents and we are here to bring our precious granddaughter back home.” Bernard “And out of the hands of this young thieving punk.” Lucas “You’re not going to talk about my son like that.” Bernard “And would you look at that. I can see where William gets his bitchassness from.” Sharon “Everyone calm down. We are here for the sake of this baby. And speaking of I have one more visitor.” Just then the Salem PD walks in. Will and Lucas are shocked. Officer “William Roberts, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Arianna Roberts.” Bernard and Crystal are smiling as Lucas stands their shell shocked. Salem University Hospital Nicole is lying on her hospital bed, thinking about how she almost had everything, but then lost it all because of “Sami”. She flashes back to getting shot at the fashion show after pulling off Stami’s wig… Nicole Who the hell was that, anyway? Oh well, I’ll let everyone figure it out for themselves. Suddenly, Jan barges into Nicole’s room! Nicole What do you want, Jan? I’m getting tired of sudden visitors. Jan You bitch! You stole my life! You knew I was the hidden DiMera child, but you took the title for yourself! Nicole] Yes, yes I did. Thank you for stating the obvious. Jan] After everything I did for you! I tried to kill Victor, I stole the evidence that you tried to kill Colin, I helped cover your sorry ass when you and Crystal Galore set up Marlena to die, and I threw Greta Von Amberg out of town for you! Nicole, frustrated And if you haven’t forgotten, you didn’t succeed in any of those! Victor turned up alive, Colin turned up alive and you’ve been blackmailing me for years with that evidence, and Greta’s back! And she wants to kill me! Hell, I helped you more than you helped me! I helped build you that cage and if it wasn’t for me, little baby Bentley wouldn’t exist! I deserved something for once, damnit! You are already rich, with all the Spears money and power. And would you really want to be the daughter of a DiMera and some psychiatrist, and not to mention, the sister of Belle Black and Sami Brady? Jan Well, I’d prefer that over you completely keeping it from me and taking everything that was supposed to be mine! Nicole What was yours?! A title?! I didn’t even get any money out of it, which is what I wanted! Tony got thrown out of the DiMera Mansion and the entire Empire once Stefano found out that he raped Kristen Blake! You’re making a big deal out of nothing, and I have other things to worry about, like recovering and that nut job Greta. Something must have happened to her while she was out of Salem because she’s much more crazier than I remember. Jan Yeah, Greta came to my doorstep the other day, pretty much attacked me, and we got into a fight out in my yard. Got rid of her though by throwing a raccoon on top of her, scratched up her face and everything, and I think it had rabies. Nicole pauses for a moment and starts to think, then scowls and looks up at Jan. Jan What? Nicole, starting to try to slap Jan You brought this on me! She’s probably so crazy and hell-bent on killing me because you infected her! Jan Uh, no, the raccoon did. Duh. Nicole, yelling in anger and continuing hitting Jan You keep talking about what I did to you, you’ve brought all hell on my life! Now I’m just lying on a hospital bed waiting for Miss Rabies to come and kill me! Before Jan can respond, suddenly, they here a crash, and Greta comes out of nowhere, with a knife in hand! Greta Hello, ladies! Nicole and Jan both scream as they see Greta’s scratched features, and the insane, blood-thirsty look on her face! Nicole, looking at Jan as she tries to stand up Don’t just stand there you idiot, run! We’ve got to get out of here! Greta Oh no you don’t! Its time for some bitches to pay! Greta runs forward as Jan tries to run out, and she grabs the weak Nicole and throws her to the ground, and Nicole bangs her head against the wall as she does, and falls unconscious! Greta grabs Jan by the hair just as she tries to leave the room, and Jan screams! Jan Get your hands off of me! You saw what happened last time! Greta Sorry, Jan, no raccoons around to save you this time! Greta whirls Jan around and throws her onto Nicole’s bed, and then puts her knife down as she grabs a syringe, and stabs it into Jan’s arm! Jan tries to keep screaming, but the drug knocks her out quickly, as Greta laughs maniacally…. The Horton House Mike steps out of the shower after hearing an ignorant pounding at the door. With a towel wrapped around him, chest exposed, he opens the door to see a fuming Alexis. She storms in with out being invited. Alexis “You son of a Bitch. How could you let this happen?” Mike “Whoa, little lady, I think you need to calm down. You can’t barge into the Horton house like this. What is the matter with you? I am not the only one here. My Aunt Maggie is up stairs.” Alexis “I don’t give a damn. I wouldn’t care if the Pope himself was here. I want to know why did you let Jeremy find out about our one night stand.” Mike “Oh so now this is my fault? I let Jeremy find out? How about he over heard us talking about it?” Alexis “I can’t believe this is happening. This has ruined any chance of us being together.” Mike “Is that all you care about? How about I have a son who thinks I’m dead. I have a son that wants nothing to do with me.” Alexis “I have nothing to do with that. That’s your fault. You left him fatherless to be raised by his mother while you were doing what? Having affairs with Carrie Brady? Thought I didn’t know? Yea I do…Jeremy told me all about it. How much of a bad father you were to him.” Mike “You know nothing about me. there are two sides to every story. Don’t you dare judge me and don’t blame me solely for our escapade. It takes two to tangle deary so don’t go playing miss innocent now. You wanted me really bad that night. In fact, you couldn’t get enough of me.” Alexis then slaps him. Mike “That’s enough little girl.” He grabs her and begins to drag her towards the door. He opens the door only to be shocked to see Robin, at the front door! Marlena’s Penthouse Marlena collapses to the ground after taking a bullet to the chest point blank. Carrie, Eric, Tony, and Anna are speechless. Stami then takes off. Eric “Mom!” He runs over to her and kneels down and begins to wail out his eyes. He is confused, having just saw his “Twin sister” shoot his mother. Anna “I’ll call an ambulance.” Tony then walks over to Marlena and begins to comfort as well. Eric, looking up at Carrie “What the hell just happened?” Carrie “I don’t know. I’m going to find Sami.” Carrie grabs her purse and leaves. Meanwhile, downstairs, Stami, has ditched his Sami wig and now is Stan. He smiles as his mission was accomplished. Making Sami’s life a living hell just like she did to everyone else’s. Stan sees Carrie outside as well looking around for Sami. He laughs and heads to the airport, leaving Salem and Sami to deal with the fact she shot Nicole and just killed her own mother. Just as, Back at The Salem Inn, Sami breaks free of the ropes she was bound too. She then takes the gag out her mouth and breathes deeply. “Thank God. I have to stop Stan. I hope it’s not to late. I have to save my mother!” Sami then runs out the Hotel. Back at the Penthouse. Paramedics arrive on the scene and are even shocked themselves to see the iconic Dr. Marlena Evans laying on the floor, looking life less with a bullet to the chest. Eric and Tony get up to give the life savers room to work. One paramedic kneels down and takes a pulse. He looks up at the other paramedic and says “She has no pulse.” Then He looks at Eric and Tony. “I’m sorry, Dr Evans took a bullet straight through the heart. Marlena is dead!”
  2. The Horton House Maggie is pulling some fresh donuts out from the over as Mike walks in. Mike “MMM, smells like old times. SO many great memories of great grandma.” Maggie “Oh I know. We all miss Alice dearly.” Maggie sits the donuts on the counter and then gives Mike a hug. She then pulls back after she realizes is something is wrong with her nephew. “What’s the matter Michael?” Mike takes a seat at the table as Maggie does the same. Maggie “Is it Jeremy? You two still haven’t been getting along?” Mike “Not at all and I’m afraid it’s worse than that.” Maggie “Oh dear.” Mike “I really messed up. Aunt Maggie, I don’t think things can ever be repaired between my son and I.” Maggie “What’s going on?” Mike “I had a one night stand with his girlfriend.” Maggie “Michael William Horton.” Mike “I know, it’s bad. It was an honest mistake.” Maggie “How could something like this happen? How do you sleep with your son’s girlfriend?” Cheatin Heart Jeremy is sitting at the bar, drinking beer after beer, as he keeps thinking of the conversation he over heard his dad and girlfriend having. Alexis “You tell Jeremy about our one night stand and you will be sorry.” She gets up and storms out of the office, as she opens the door, she sees Jeremy standing in the doorway with tears in his eyes. Alexis almost drops her purse as her heart stops Jeremy “How could I be so damned stupid. My own sorry ass father and my slutty girlfriend.” He tries not to think about it by drinking more beer until he hears a, “Can we talk?” He turns around, realizing that familiar voice is none other then Alexis herself. Jeremy “Talk about what? How you were going to lie to me and you wanted my dad to lie with you? Or we can talk about all the nasty things you and my father did to each other.” Alexis “Jeremy I am sorry.” Jeremy “It’s too late for all of that. DO you think sorry is supposed to make it better. Is sorry going to make me forget that my girlfriend, had a one night stand with a man I despise, my own father. A man who doesn’t even know how to be a father. It seems his only purpose is to prey on woman.” Alexis “Let me explain. I was drunk after our argument. Mike walked in the bar and we started talking and-” Jeremy “Let me guess, one thing led to another. I’ve heard that same story so many times before, just by watching TV. Come on, at least come up with a better excuse. No no wait, there is no excuse for sleeping with my dad. What did I really do to deserve you two back stabbing me like that?” Alexis “I am so sorry.” She says wiping a tear from her eye. “I really did not set out to hurt you. Neither did you father.” Jeremy “Don’t do that. Don’t you dare make excuse or defend Mike Horton. I have been listening to his excuses for years. I’ve heard them all and I don’t want to hear them no more.” Alexis “I didn’t know Mike was your father until after we had-…” She pauses, knowing the word sex will be like a knife going through Jeremy’s heart. Jeremy “After you and my dad had sex. You can say it. It still doesn’t matter how it happened or who didn’t know what, you knew I loved you but you till slept with some one else anyway. So that tells me you don’t give a damn about me. It’s over Alexis. Stay the hell away from me. I never want to see your slutty face again. Go be with my dad!” After saying that, Jeremy leaves the bar as everyone looks at Alexis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc&NR=1 Episode14: Swan Song Written by ML Cooks The Spears Mansion Lucas is busying himself in the kitchen by making breakfast for his full house which now includes, Jan, her son Bentley, Will and Destiny. Jan comes down the stairs with Bentley. She walks over and kisses Lucas and lays Bentley down in a stroller. Jan “You’re up early. Good morning.” Lucas “Good morning baby. I had a lot on my mind. My life has been turn upside down in one day.” Jan “Why don’t you let the maids cook for you.” Lucas “No it’s ok. Cooking really is relaxing for me. “ Jan “Well it smells really good.” Lucas “SO tell me, how does it feel to be the missing Dimera daughter with Marlena?” Jan “YOU know, it really hasn’t set in yet. It’s all so overwhelming. I still think this is all a dream. I always wanted to meet my birth parent but I had no idea my father was a Dimera and Marlena is my mother. That means Sami, is my half sister. And Belle is to.” Lucas “Wow you’re right. I never intended to keep it in the family.” Jan “Well we didn’t know you did until last night. Are you coming with me to Marlena’s for the gathering she and my father are throwing for me? I didn’t know with all the drama that you are going through with Will. And that reminds me, did you get back my credit card?” Lucas “Yes I did. I’m sorry he took it.” Jan “It’s ok. So what are you going to with this whole situation?” Lucas “I don’t even know.” Jan kisses him on the lips. “I’m going to get ready for the party. I’ll be back down for breakfast. Can you watch Bentley for me?” Lucas “Sure babe. I’m glad you are better after your catfight with Greta. What made you two act like that?” Jan “Greta had some misconceptions about a past situation. But everything is fine now.” She smiles at him and walks back upstairs, just as Will walks down into the kitchen. Will “Good morning dad.” Lucas “Good morning Will. Where’s Destiny?” Will “She’s still sleeping.” Lucas “I made breakfast.” He says retrieving plates from the cabinet. They both help them selves to the food. Lucas “How did you sleep?” Will “Like a baby. It’s been a long time since I slept in a safe place and for that matter a nice bed.” Lucas “Well you don’t have to go through none of that no more. I am going to help Will.” Will “Thank you, and that really means a lot to me. And I want to apologize for how I have been acting since I came to Salem.” Lucas “Don’t worry about it man. It’s all water under the bridge. Besides, we have bigger fish to fry. Mike called this morning.” Will “Is something wrong with Arianna?” Lucas “Nothing like that. She’s fine, and getting better. Children service board wants you to go down to their office and talk with them.” Will “Hell no! They’re not going to help me. They’re going to keep my daughter away from me or arrest me.” Lucas “Son, in life when you take actions, you have to be liable for them. You broke the law by kidnapping your daughter. But I am going to do everything I can to keep you out of jail.” Will “I hope so. Wait until you meet Arianna’s parents. The Galore’s” Lucas “Galore huh? That sounds really familiar. Why don’t you go get dressed and I’ll go down to CSB with you.” Will “Thanks dad. What about Mom?” Lucas “We are not going to worry about your crazy mother at this time. There is something really wrong with her.” Chez Rouge Brandon and Carrie are looking over dinner menus. Carrie “It’s a real shame your sister lied to my entire family. She reminds me of Sami.” Brandon “In some respects I guess you could say that. SO how does it feel to be back in Salem?” Carrie “Well, I have mixed feelings. I’ve been through a lot here. How about you?” Brandon “It’s ok. I can see my father. He’s had a stroke and I would like to be there for him and maybe build a good relationship with him. It’s a shame it takes tragedies like this to make you realize what we really have.” Carrie “I know what you mean.” Brandon “So tell me why did you and Austin split?” Carrie “I guess now is as good as time as any. Everyone is going to know eventually. Austin and I broke up over a year ago because he cheated on me. I don’t know where he is now.” Brandon “Wow, I can’t believe that. I find that really hard to believe. You two were like a super couple from a soap opera.” Carrie “And like every super couple on a soap opera, they usually never stay together.” Brandon “I guess so.” Carrie “So tell me more about what you think is going on with Sami.” Brandon “One things is for sure. Samantha is not herself. She seems like a whole nother person.” Then out of no where they hear a woman scream. They both turn around and see Anna. Carrie smiles and gives her mother a big hug. Salem Inn Stami is pointing a gun at Sami. “Very soon Sami Brady, you are going to kill your own mother. It will be the crime of the century. We’ve seen your poor mother possessed by the devil, held captive in a cage by Stefano, and she was even a serial killer. But this time, The great Dr. Marlena Evans will sing her swan song. Her last hurrah.” Then Sami’s phone ring. Stami looks at the caller id. “Well speak of the devil, literally” Stami answers the phone “Hello Marlena” Marlena “Hello Sami, how are you feeling?” Stami “I’m fine.” Marlena “Well I don’t know. You haven’t been yourself for weeks.” Stami “I know mom. I have been doing some soul searching. What’s going on?” Marlena “I am having a family gathering here at the pent house. I would like for you to be there.” Stami “Sounds splendid. I’ll be there and I’ll be on my best behavior. I promise. When is it?” Marlena “In a few hours.” Stami “See you soon.” He says hanging up the phone. Stami walks over to Sami and caresses her face with the gun. “Looks like your going to kill your mom in a few hours”…….
  3. Salem University hospital. Lucas “You kidnapped you own daughter? How, why?” Will “Arianna’s parents were threatening to take her from me. They don’t like me for getting their daughter pregnant and blames me for her death. They want my daughter to replace the daughter they lost. But I am not going to let that happen. That’s why I took my baby girl and Destiny, being Arianna best friend helped us.” Lucas “Son, you’ve committed a crime. Your daughter is now sick because of what you’ve done. Mike has already called the children service board and you have given Arianna parents’ more ammunition to use against you. Why didn’t you just come to me earlier?” Will “Oh yea, the two most destructive parent’s on this planet. Lucas and Sami.” Lucas “I resent that. I’m not perfect and neither is your mother. We both have made our mistakes and did our dirt but I did what I could do for you. I played the cards I was dealt with to the best of my ability. It’s hard being a parent. And you’re going to find out very soon.” Will “One thing is for sure, I won’t be the father like you were. I’ll be better.” Destiny “Please Will, this is not the time to go against Lucas. We need him right now. We need him on our side. You know for a fact The Galore’s will do everything in their power to snatch Arianna out from your hands and make sure you never see her again.” Lucas, looking at Destiny “You seem like a girl with a good head on her shoulders. You’re giving some good advice now but you couldn’t you tell Will not to go on the run when he did?. That’s some advice you should have given him. “ Lucas “Don’t talk to her like that. Destiny has done nothing but be a friend in my time of need. “ Destiny “”It’s ok Will, you don’t need to defend me.’ Destiny looks at Lucas “You don’t know nothing. Arianna wanted to be a family with Will and their daughter no matter what. So yes I helped Will take baby Ari and runaway. We were trying to fulfill Arianna’s wishes. We lost her so suddenly. Our lives were turned upside down. I miss my best friend. She was a sister I never had. And I wanted to do something for her. I was helping keep her dream alive. Keeping her family alive.” Lucas “I just don’t know what’s going to happen from here. Will you may lose your daughter anyway thanks to you actions.” Will sighs as he looks into the room where his daughter is sleeping peacefully. He contemplates the fact he just may lose his whole family, first Arianna and now his daughter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc&NR=1 Episode: 13, Affairs of the Heart Written by: ML Cooks Mike walks into Jan’s room where Marlena, Anna and Tony are sitting by Jan’s bedside. Anna “DO you have the results Mike?” Jan “Anna sit down! You’re not the missing Dimera.” Anna, sighs “You’re right.” She looks at Tony. “I know she is, I don’t need no test to tell me otherwise. Call me other later.” Marlena, rolling her eyes “Yes, bye Anna and take care. I think we can handle this.” Anna “Whatever’ And after that Anna walks out. Mike “I do have the paternity results.” Tony “Finally this whole thing can be over with once and for all.” Mike opens the envelope and arches an eye brow “Marlena and Tony, you are the parents of Jan Spears.” Marlena, and Jan are speech less as Tony gets up and hugs his new found daughter. Mike is then paged from the nurse’s station . Mike “If you will excuse me.” He walks out the room. He looks at the nurses station and is surprised to see Alexis. He walks over to her. Mike “What are you doing here?” Alexis “We need to talk.” Mike “I don’t think we should be talking.” Alexis “Oh yes we do.’ She says walking off in the direction of his office. Mike follows her as Jeremy walks into the hospital and sees his father escorting his girlfriend to his office. “What the hell is going on? Jeremy says to himself. Brandon runs into Carrie in the hospital lounge. Brandon “Sorry.” Carrie “Oh no it’s ok.” Brandon “It’s been a long time Carrie. How are you?” Carrie “I’m fine. Doing a lot of humanitarian work around the world. I didn’t know you were back in Salem.” Brandon “Nicole was shot.” Carrie “Oh my, is she ok?” Brandon “She’ll live. I’m about to take her home, she’s being released today.’ Carrie Oh that’s good. “ Brandon “So what brings you back to Salem? The last time I saw you, you and Austin were going to ride off into the sunset. Is he here in Salem too?” Carrie “Marlena called me and told me Sami was acting very strange and that she thinks I need to come home.” Brandon “I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sami is not herself. She acts like she doesn’t even know me. She has a cold and empty look in her eyes.” Carrie “I have notice the strangeness too. Something is definitely off about my half sister.” Brandon “So where is Austin?” Carrie, taking a deep breath “Austin and I are no longer together.” Salem Airport. Anna buys a one way ticket to Los Angelos. After writing a check, her cell phone rings. She pulls it out from her purse. “Hello?…. Tony, I am so happy for you. I knew Jan was your daughter. I hope everyone can see I was trying to do the right thing.” Tony “I do darling. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done and for opening my eyes to the truth.” Anna “I did it for you Tony. I’ll always love you.” Tony “You say that like you are leaving.” Anna “I am. There is nothing in Salem for me no more.” Tony “You’re wrong. Your daughter is here. Carrie is back in Salem.” Anna “My baby girl. Oh my good ness. I’ll talk to you later Tony.” Anna hangs up and rushes out of the airport. Salem Inn Stami walks into his hotel room. He walks into the bedroom where Sami is still tied up. He sits in front of her and lights up a cigarette “Oh girlfriend, you won’t believe the latest drama. Your damn son Will has a baby of his own.” Sami is in shock and tries to scream out and wiggle out of the grey masking tape she’s bounded by. Stami “Oh give it up. You’re not gonna break out of that hold. Oh and by the way, you’re big half sister is in town. That pretty Carrie. I can now see why you were so jealous of her growing up. She’s beautiful, intelligent and charming. You, your just a rusty butter knife. But soon, no one is going to have to deal with you. It’s almost time to do what I need to do. I already shot Nicole and framed you for it, now I need to shot some one else. This time I am going to kill. It’s going to be the most shocking death ever to hit this little wanna be town. Nothing or n one will be the same.” Sami shakes her head back and forth, as if pleading for mercy. Stami “Who am I going to kill you ask? Well I should say, who will Sami Brady kill in just a few days? Get ready Samantha. This is for the record books. You are going to kill your own mother. You are going to kill Dr. Marlena Evans, Craig, Brady Black. Yes, Marlena is going to die. I am going to make sure of it. It’s a shame you’re going to kill your own mother.” Back at the Hospital Alexis and Mike are talking in his office “What the hell were you doing the other night at Chez Rouge? Following me?” Mike “No, I had a long day at work and I wanted to unwind with a glass of wine and a nice dinner by my lonesome. This is a free country you know.” Alexis “I can’t be running into you when I am with Jeremy. I can’t handle it.” Mike “You should have thought of that before you wanted to sleep with me. You need to be careful to whom you’re giving it up to.” Alexis “Excuse me? Don’t you ever talk to me like that. You bastard. What about you? You slept with me. What does that say about you?” Mike “I am not in a relationship. You are so there is a difference. I think we need to tell Jeremy what happened between us. I am not going to keep on going through this. I don’t like to keep secrets from my own family especially my son. I am trying to build a relationship with my son who happens to hate me right now. I don’t think his girlfriend cheating on him with his father is something we can hide forever. So I think it’s time to tell him.” Alexis “Never. Not on your sorry ass life. I’ll just deny it.” Mike “I won’t let my son be with a lair and a cheater. There’s no telling what other skeletons you’re hiding.” Alexis “You tell Jeremy about our one night stand and you will be sorry.” She gets up and storms out of the office, as she opens the door, she sees Jeremy standing in the doorway with tears in his eyes. Alexis almost drops her purse as her heart stops. Jeremy “What tangled webs we weave.” He looks at Mike. “Some father you are. I can’t believe the two of you. You two deserve each other.” After saying that Jeremy walks out of the office. Alexis hollers after him, causing a scene as everyone on the nursing staff looks at her. Mike buries his face in his hands, as the pain of hurting his own son begins to set it.
  4. Salem University Hospital Lucas is holding his son Will after learning his baby’s mother is dead. “Son I am so sorry. How did it happen?” Will pulls away from his father and looks into his eyes, wanting to be honest and bury the hatchet, “Her name was Arianna. I named our daughter after her so we can always remember her.” Lucas “That’s very nice of you. Tell me what happened to her? How did Arianna die?” Will “She died while giving birth.” Will pauses and turns away from his father. Lucas looks at “Sami” “What is the matter with you? Why are you just standing there?” Stami “Lucas, you are really getting on my nerves.” Lucas “You’ just find out you’re a grandmother and you have nothing to say? Will was missing for over a year and now he’s back with a baby at age 16 and you have nothing to say?” Stami “Pretty much.” She then turns to Will. “Will, your baby girl is beautiful. I am so happy for you. But I am sorry about your loss.” Will “You’re not mad at me mom?” Sami “Of course not Willy.” Will, frowning up “You’ve never called me that before.” Sami “First time for everything.” Lucas “Something is very off with you. You haven’t been your self for months now Samantha! It’s like you are a whole new person or something.” Sami “Don’t you have Jan Brady to worry about?” Will “Mom, dad, don’t start fighting. This isn’t about the two of you right now. It’s about me and my family. I have a family now. And I will not screw it up like the two of you did with me.” Lucas is stunned as well as Destiny. Marlena and Carrie walk over to them, stunned as well after what Will just said. Lucas looks at Carrie “Carrie, what a great surprise.” He gives her a hug. Will “Great, you’re here to rag on me too Aunt Carrie?” Carrie “Will, you have a daughter! Marlena told me everything. I can’t believe it, you’re so young. It’s a child having a child.” Lucas “At least some one in your family realizes that. Sami here is acting like she doesn’t even care.” Sami “Oh, stop your whining Lucas. Carrie “Yea, I am surprised myself that Sami is so cool with it. I’ve heard you haven’t been yourself Sami. Is everything ok?” Sami “It could be if everyone just quit questioning me. Jesus Christ, every five minute some one is asking me “Are you ok Sami?” Enough with it ok?! Marlena, Carrie, Lucas, Will, and Destiny look at Sami in shock. That is until Mike Horton walks over to them with news on baby Arianna. Will “Mike how’s my daughter? Is she going to be ok?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Affairs of the Hearts: Episode#12, Dad at 16 Pt.2 Written by: ML Cooks Salem University Hospital Lucas is holding his son Will after learning his baby’s mother is dead. “Son I am so sorry. How did it happen?” Will pulls away from his father and looks into his eyes, wanting to be honest and bury the hatchet, “Her name was Arianna. I named our daughter after her so we can always remember her.” Lucas “That’s very nice of you. Tell me what happened to her? How did Arianna die?” Will “She died while giving birth.” Will pauses and turns away from his father. Lucas looks at “Sami” “What is the matter with you? Why are you just standing there?” Stami “Lucas, you are really getting on my nerves.” Lucas “You’ just find out you’re a grandmother and you have nothing to say? Will was missing for over a year and now he’s back with a baby at age 16 and you have nothing to say?” Stami “Pretty much.” She then turns to Will. “Will, your baby girl is beautiful. I am so happy for you. But I am sorry about your loss.” Will “You’re not mad at me mom?” Sami “Of course not Willy.” Will, frowning up “You’ve never called me that before.” Sami “First time for everything.” Lucas “Something is very off with you. You haven’t been your self for months now Samantha! It’s like you are a whole new person or something.” Sami “Don’t you have Jan Brady to worry about?” Will “Mom, dad, don’t start fighting. This isn’t about the two of you right now. It’s about me and my family. I have a family now. And I will not screw it up like the two of you did with me.” Lucas is stunned as well as Destiny. Marlena and Carrie walk over to them, stunned as well after what Will just said. Lucas looks at Carrie “Carrie, what a great surprise.” He gives her a hug. Will “Great, you’re here to rag on me too Aunt Carrie?” Carrie “Will, you have a daughter! Marlena told me everything. I can’t believe it, you’re so young. It’s a child having a child.” Lucas “At least some one in your family realizes that. Sami here is acting like she doesn’t even care.” Sami “Oh, stop your whining Lucas. Carrie “Yea, I am surprised myself that Sami is so cool with it. I’ve heard you haven’t been yourself Sami. Is everything ok?” Sami “It could be if everyone just quit questioning me. Jesus Christ, every five minute some one is asking me “Are you ok Sami?” Enough with it ok?! Marlena, Carrie, Lucas, Will, and Destiny look at Sami in shock. That is until Mike Horton walks over to them with news on baby Arianna. Will “Mike how’s my daughter? Is she going to be ok?” Affairs of the Heart Episode 12: Dad at 16 pt2 Written by: ML Cooks Meanwhile, security officers rushes over to Greta’s room and they see the nurse laying on the ground as Nicole stands back in a corner and watches all the activity. One of the guards take a pulse. He looks up at his partner and says, “She’s dead. Call the Salem PD. This is now an official crime scene.” Nicole begins to panic and has a flashback of her encounter with Greta last night. Nicole gets out of her bed and walks into the hall way to look for Greta’s room. She finds it and walks inside. Nicole is stunned that it’s really Greta she sees before her. “It’s really you. You’ve come back. You dumb fool.” Greta, slowly opening her eyes, “No Bitch. You’re the dumb fool. Pay backs are a bitch and you will get your’s.” Nicole “Look at you. You look sick. What the hell happened to you?” Greta “Worry about your self. Worry about what you are going to do when I come for you. Enjoy your last days here in Salem.” Nicole “Greta, you’re tripping. Get a hold of your self. I’ve just been exposed, so nothing you do is going to matter now.” Greta “You just wait.” Nicole leaves at Greta’s ominous warning, a chill runs through Nicole’s spine. Nicole begin to think to herself if Greta could have really killed this nurse. Nicole makes a mental note that Greta was really acting strange last night. Wanting to leave she speaks to a guard, “I’m feeling a little queasy. I’ll be in room 12 if you need to talk to me.” Guard “You didn’t see the patient when you walked in here?” Nicole “No I did not.” Guard “That will be all. The Salem PD may have more questions for you.” Nicole nods her head and quietly walks out of the room. She then walks to her room and opens the door and enters. She is stunned to see Greta bursting out of the closet with a syringe. Greta “Say one word and I’ll kill you right here and right now!” Anna and Tony walks into Jan’s room. Jan “You have got to be kidding me. Where’s my fiancée?” Tony “He’s handling a family matter right now with Will.” Jan “He better be. That jerk stole my credit card. And just what are you doing here Tony and for the love of God, why are you with this crazy old bat?” Anna “You don’t have to be so rude.” Jan “I told you to stay the hell away from me. You’re a crazy stalker. Pulling my hair out, putting cotton swabs in my mouth. Who does that?” Tony “Jan, there’s no need to get all worked up. There was a reason why Anna did all of that.” Jan “I am listening.” Tony “Jan, Anna thinks you are my missing child with Marlena.” Jan is so shocked she is speechless. Anna “That’s why I took those DNA samples. I wanted to run a paternity test first before I rattled any one’s chain about this. I wanted to get proof first.” Jan “Oh my God, you have to be kidding right?” Tony “No my dear. That’s why we are here. We want to run you’re DNA for a paternity test.” Jan “You and Marlena, my real birth parents? This sounds so contrived.” Tony “It does but there is only one way to find out. So will you consent to a DNA test?” Jan “I thought Nicole was your missing child with Marlena.” Anna “No no, she lied about the whole thing. She made it look like she was the Dimera child so she could get the Dimera millions.” Tony “So that’s why we need you to solve this mystery once and for all.” Jan “Yes, I’ll do the paternity test.” Mike looks at Marlena, Carrie, Sami, Destiny, and Will. Mike and Carrie stare at each other for a moment as they both remember their affair. “Arianna is running a high fever and she’s dehydrated. We are going to keep her a few days to make sure nothing else is wrong. In the meantime, as a doctor, I am obligated to certain things.” Lucas “What does that mean?” Mike “Will is too young to take care of this child. Arianna is showing signs of neglect.” Will “Are you saying I abused my daughter?” Mike “In some respects yes. Will, it’s obvious you can’t take care of this child. You are too young. When I see signs like these I have to call the children service board. Which is exactly what I did. They will be here in a few minutes.” Will “No! Damn it! Why did you do something so stupid?” Destiny “This is not good.” Lucas “What is the matter Will? Is there something else you’re not telling me?” Will “I am about to lose my daughter thanks to Mike here.” Mike “It’ nothing personal. I have a job to do.” Will turns to his dad and begins to plea with him, “Dad, please don’t let them take my baby away from me. I’ve already lost Arianna, I can’t lose my baby girl too. I’ve worked too hard to keep her with me.” Lucas “What does that mean?” Destiny “It’s time Will. I can’t stand by here and watch all this take place and not say nothing.” Marlena, interjecting “Then tell us!” Destiny “Will is-” Will cuts her off. Will “NO, I did it, so I’ll be a man about it and fess up.” Will then looks back at his dad. “The police are looking for me. I kidnapped my daughter.”
  5. The Penthouse Grille Jeremy and Alexis are seated at a table. Jeremy “You look very lovely tonight.” Alexis “You don’t look so bad in that tuxedo. I surely was not expecting you to clean up so nice.” Jeremy “Why is that?” Alexis “You just didn’t look like the type to wear a suit.” Jeremy “Come on, I’m a Horton.” Alexis “That you are” She says as the waiter comes over. Alexis “I’ll talk a sex on the beach.” Jeremy “Give me a whatever is on tap.” Then the waiter walks away. Alexis “Yuck.” Jeremy “What’s yuck about?” Alexis “Beer. It’s so gross. Why would you even drink beer at a fine restaurant like this anyway?” Jeremy “I had no idea you had to drink certain things at certain places.” Alexis “I guess I’ll have to teach you a thing or two.” Jeremy “You do that.” He says as the waiter brings over their drinks. Waiter “Are we ready to order?” Alexis “No, please give us a few more minutes.” The waiter obliges and walks away from the table. Jeremy “Let’s toast.” he say picking up his mug of beer. Alexis, picking up her drink, “Ok, what are we toasting to?” Jeremy “To us.” Alexis, smiling “I can drink to that.” She says before taking a big gulp of her drink then spitting it out all over Jeremy as she sees Mike Horton walking into the restaurant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode:11,Dad at 16! Written by: ML Cooks Salem University Hospital Lucas, Marlena, Anna, and Tony with Stami in the background all look at Will, a baby girl and Destiny. Lucas “Will what is going on? Are you alright?” Will, speechless at the moment, not wanting to tell his dad he has a daughter under these circumstances and especially in front all of these people, looks at Destiny. Destiny gives him a look like” Go on and tell him” Will takes a deep breath as Arianna continues to cry. “Dad, meet my daughter, Arianna.” Everyone gasps. Meanwhile, In Greta’s Room A nurse walks in and takes vital signs as Greta sleeps. Greta, awakens from the touch of the nurse’s hand taking a pulse. Greta grabs the nurses hand and bites down on it. The nurse tries to holler out but Greta jumps up and covers her mouth. Greta “Shut the hell up you whiny Bitch! “ The nurse tries to break free of the crazy woman’s grip but can’t. Greta, realizing the nurse won’t calm down takes matters into her own hands and begins choking the dear life out of the nurse. Greta “Don’t mess with me damn it!” The nurse’s face turns blue and she passes out. Greta realizes she needs to leave the hospital and walks over to her door and opens it and walks out of the hospital with out any one noticing. In Nicole’s room, Brandon and Faye walk back in after having an evening dinner in the lounge. Nicole “Great ,are you two here to drill me about my lies?” Brandon “Nicky, don’t you think we have a right too?” Nicole “Look I am really sorry for lying to you both. I needed some cash. So I lied to get the Dimera monies. I was desperate.” Faye “Honey, if you needed some money you should have come to me or Brandon.” Nicole “Yea right. Like you two are rolling in millions.” Brandon “Oh, wow thanks sis. I really can’t believe you took things this far. I can’t even look at you right now” He walks out of Nicole’s room after saying his last statement. Faye just looks on at her daughter in disgust. Nicole “Don’t look at me like that. You’re no saint.” Faye “But I have learned from my mistakes.” Nicole “And is that why you are lonely and miserable? Sorry mom I will not end up like you. A dried up prune.” Faye “Nicole, don’t speak to your mother like that.” Nicole “Oh yea some mother. Left your kids behind to sell your self to smoke crack. Yea some mom aren’t you?” Faye can’t even say another word and leaves her daughter’s room. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief now that she has driven her mother off. After seeing Faye walk out the room and down the hall, Nicole gets up and leaves her room and walks back into Greta’s room but is stunned to see a blue faced nurse on the floor and no Greta. Flight 559 of Friendly Skies Airlines based out of Pasadena lands at Salem International Airport. Pilot “Thank you for flying our Friendly Skies. Welcome to Salem.” The fliers leave the airplane as each passenger is greeted by first and lat name. Flight Attendant “Thank you for flying Carrie Brady.” Carrie takes a deep breath as she walks down the stairs. She looks out onto Salem and a flood of memories come rushing back to her. Her weddings to Austin two times each one stopped by her half sister, Sami. Then she remembers being scarred by Alan Harris with acid which ruined her chances of being the New Face of Bella. She remembers falling in love with Austin and the hard time Roman put them through to be together. She then remembers her affair with Mike Horton. Carrie tries to shrug everything by pulling out her phone and calling Marlena. Back at The Pent house Grille. Jeremy stands up in shock, trying to brush off some of the drink his date just spit on him, “What the hell is your problem?” Alexis, wiping her mouth “I am so sorry.” Jeremy “I hope so! Do you know how much this suit cost?!” Alexis, grabbing her purse, “I’m sorry Jeremy, I have to go.” He stands up and runs out the restaurant, right past Mike Horton. Jeremy begins to run after her but stops when he sees his dad. Mike “Everything ok?” Jeremy “It was until you got here?” Mike “Listen, Jeremy I can explain.” Jeremy “No! There’s no need to. You left me and my mother by ourselves while you here having affairs with Carrie Brady. Where were you at when I was playing baseball? Were you there when I first learned how to ride a bike or when I graduated from high school? Now you want to make up for lost time!? I got news for you Mike! It’s not happening. I am my own man now and I have been fine with out you in my life so far so I don’t need you now. Stay the hell away from me! I want nothing to-do with you.!” And with that Jeremy walks out of the restaurant as everyone looks at Mike. Extremely embarrassed, Mike leaves the restaurant as well, thinking he has lost his son forever. He also realizes that Alexis was right, Jeremy can never know that he and Alexis had a one night stand. Back at the Hospital Lucas “You’re what?” Will “I have a daughter. Her name is Arianna.” Lucas “Will! You’re only 16!” Will “Please dad, not now. I know this is bad. But I need help.” Marlena “Is something wrong with my granddaughter?” Destiny “We think so. Her head felt warm to the touch and she won’t eat or stop crying.” Marlena, grabbing baby Ari takes her to a nurse. Anna and Tony walk off to go talk to Jan. Lucas looks at Sami “Why are you just standing there?” Stami “What do you want me to say? Will has a daughter. Yippee skippie.” Lucas, Will and even Destiny look at her in shock. Lucas, for head frowning up “Is this how you really feel? You don’t care our child now has a child?” Will “I’m not a child!” Lucas “Yes you are! You’re 16 years old Will. You haven’t even graduated from high school yet. What about you?” Looking at Destiny. “Where are you’re parents?” Destiny “Oh, I’m not the mother.” Lucas “What is going on here? What do you mean you’re not the mother? Will where is the mother of your child?” Will hesitates before answering, getting teary eyed, Destiny holds him, “She’s dead.” Lucas and even Stami are stunned.
  6. Salem University Hospital. In the waiting area, Marlena, looking at Anna and Tony “So you think Jan Spears is my daughter, our daughter Tony?” Tony “Marlena I know it sounds crazy but Nicole being our missing child doesn’t add up” Marlena “It would make sense as to why Faye is here.” Anna “Marlena, just let us do the paternity test.” Still waiting on news on Jan, Lucas walks over toward Tony, Anna, and Marlena. “I overheard my fiancée’s name. What’s going on?” Anna “Lucas, there is something you must know.” Marlena steps in front of Anna’s face and stops her from speaking any further, “Please don’t. Don’t drag any more people into this. Not until we find out for sure.” Tony “Does that mean you are willingly to get the paternity test done again?” Marlena “Yes.” Lucas “What the hell is going here? I hear Jan’s name and now a paternity test?” Marlena “Well Lucas you might as well know.” Lucas ?Know what? I don’t like the sound of this.” Tony “Lucas, Nicole may not be my missing daughter with Marlena.” Lucas “Ok, so what does Jan have to do with this?” Marlena “Jan might actually be my missing child.” Then Nicole walks out of her room. Nicole “Don’t bother.” They all turn around and look at her. Faye and Brandon follow Nicole out of her room. Anna “Ready to confess Nicole?” Nicole “Anna, shut the hell up.” Anna gives her a smirk. Tony “What’s going on Nicole?” Nicole “I can’t keep this charade up any longer. I give it up. I lied to all of you. I am not the missing Dimera child with Marlena.” Every one is stunned at Nicole’s confession. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode 10: The confession Written by: ML Cooks Will, with his daughter Arianna and Destiny walk up to the Spears Mansion. Will continues to hold baby Ari as she continues to cry. Destiny “ I think something is wrong with her Will.” Will “Please don’t say that. We can just lay her down in one of the rooms. It looks like no one is home.” Destiny “Will can you please stop. We can’t keep hiding and running. Arianna is sick.” Destiny feels the baby’s forehead. It feels warm to the touch. “Will I really think Ari is running a fever. Her cheeks are all red. We need to get her to the hospital.” Will “We can’t do that. I’ll lose my daughter. They’ll call the police on me for sure.” Destiny “You’re going to lose Ari anyway if you don’t take her to the hospital. She needs medical attention. You have to give this up. You have to tell you parents what’s really going on. We need help.” Will “You’re right. I can’t let my baby girl get sick..” He kisses her forehead and sheds a tear. “It’s time to man up. It’s time to take responsibly.” Destiny “I will stand behind you all the way . I am with you. “ Will “Thank you.” Will and Destiny walk off to the hospital. Downtown Salem Titian Building Jeremy walks in to the entrance way and sees Alexis at the receptionist desk. He walks over to her. She gets a little nervous as she remember her one night stand with Jeremy’s father Mike. Jeremy “So you are really that mad at me huh? I’ called you numerous times last night. What were you doing?” Alexis, having flashbacks of her sexual tryst with Mike, “I was out with some girlfriends. “ Jeremy “I’ve been doing some thinking.” Alexis “and that is?” Jeremy “I really like you Alexis and I think our argument was really stupid.” Alexis “As do I. “ Jeremy “I was thinking and hoping I could make things up over dinner tonight. What do you say, 8 o’clock at Chez Rouge.?” Alexis “Oh your aunts restaurant again?” Jeremy “Where ever you want to go. We can dine here at the Pent house Grill.” Alexis “Sounds fine. 7 o clock then.” Jeremy “I’ll be here.” He gives her a peck on the cheek then leaves. Alexis takes a deep sigh and wonders if she will be able to maintain dating Jeremy. Back at the Hospital Anna “I knew it. “ Stami “What a liar.” Nicole “You’re one to talk.” Marlena walks up to Nicole and slaps Nicole across the face. Nicole rubs her cheek. “How dare you play with all of our lives like this?” Faye “Nicole, how could you do such a cruel thing like this?” Brandon “Yea this is low even for you sis.” Nicole “I did it for the money. I’m sorry, I know it was wrong.” Tony “You damn right it was. I am a Dimera damn it! Don’t think for one second you’re going to get away with this.” Faye “There’s no need to threaten my daughter. I will not have that.” Tony “Who do you think you are? You’re straight from the trailer park. Look at you.” Brandon swings at Tony but Tony back ups Tony “Your pathetic. Try harder next time.” Brandon “Nothing better not happen to my sister. I’ll come after you.” Tony “You’re making me laugh son. Your sister should have thought of all of this before she decided to play God with our lives. She will pay for this.” Marlena “Tony please. Don’t make this situation worse. We don’t need to be violent. Nicole will pay for her crimes the good old fashion way.” Nicole “What do you mean?” Marlena “I’m pressing charges on you young lady.” Lucas “Alright wait a minute, everyone calm down here. Let’s get this paternity test in order. If Jan is the missing Dimera child then we all need to know.” Nicole “Jan is the missing Dimera child. That much I know.” Anna “Your word means nothing no more.” Nicole “Can you please stop talking to me you old hag?” Brandon “That’s enough.” Brandon grab his sister and shoves her into her room.” Tony “Now that the liar is gone, Let’s get the paternity test done.” Lucas “I really don’t know how Jan is going to take this.” Lucas says as they begin to turn around and walk to Jan’s room. When they turn around, Lucas is stunned to see his son with a baby and a young girl. Lucas “Will, what are you doing here? What is going on? Who’s baby is this?” Will doesn’t know what to say as his daughter Destiny continues to cry. Meanwhile, After Faye and Brandon go get some food from the lounge, Nicole gets out of her bed and walks into the hall way to look for Greta’s room. She finds it and walks inside. Nicole is stunned that it’s really Greta she sees before her. “It’s really you. You’ve come back. You dumb fool.” Greta, slowly opening her eyes, “No Bitch. You’re the dumb fool. Pay backs are a bitch and you will get your’s.” Nicole “Look at you. You look sick. What the hell happened to you?” Greta “Worry about your self. Worry about what you are going to do when I come for you. Enjoy your last days here in Salem.” Nicole “Greta, you’re tripping. Get a hold of your self. I’ve just been exposed, so nothing you do is going to matter now.” Greta “You just wait.” Nicole leaves at Greta’s ominous warning, a chill runs through Nicole’s spine. Greta, hollering after her “I’m going to kill you Nicole walker.”
  7. VALERIE WILDMAN, MATT CEDENO, JULIANNE MORRIS, AND AMBYR CHILDERS HEAD TO AOTH...AND ML COOKS RETURNS TO LIS AS CO-EP/CO-HW! Some BIG announcements are here for AOTH and LIS! Matt Cedeno(Brandon Walker), Valerie Wildman(Faye Walker), and Julianne Morris(Greta Von Amberg) have all reprised their former "Days" roles on AOTH! LIS fans might remember Morris from the 2006-2007 era, when Greta returned and the Nicole/Eric/Greta triangle was re-ignited for a short time, but later left when Nicole and Jan forced her out of town. However Greta's returned and is out for blood, and has a nasty raccoon bite! "I won't reveal too much but...lets just say ML has some whacko plans for Greta." Tara Smith says. Cedeno and Wildman are Nicole's true family, and are playing a big role in the reveal that Nicole lied about being Tony and Marlena's child. "We've planned to bring them back for a very long time, ML finally got to it on LIS. I can't say they will have huge storylines on AOTH or anything but we've got stuff in store once they return to LIS." Also, AOTH has a newcomer! Ambyr Childers(ex-Colby, AMC) has joined the cast as teenage friend of Will: Destiny Stoke! "Destiny is a character ML himself created, all on his own, and I only helped a little with her creation. Its time for the new generation to be built up, because while LIS has had a twenties scene before we never had a teen scene." Childers, unlike the other three, is on contract. Also, ML Cooks, the sole EP and HW of AOTH, and former full Co-HW/Co-EP of LIS...will be returning to LIS after AOTH ends!!!!!! "I am so happy when he told me he wanted to return full time, it was such a joy because he brings so much to LIS and he really is a strong writer who knows what he's doing. And he really made me realize how much we gotta move forward. He and I don't want to be stuck in the past forever...we have to start moving forward and building up the younger characters, or just getting fresh blood in, no matter what age." Now, its not like we can't tell stories for the older characters because we'd NEVER do what people like Hogan Sheffer or Tom Langan did on Days during their tenures. Our vets will always have a story in place for them, and its also not like we are forbidding ourselves from ever bringing back another character from Days' past or ever re-telling a classic story. Believe me, we care about the vets and they WILL have story, but slowly we are building up future generations for the years to come on LIS." Tara Smith commented
  8. Downtown Salem, The Salem Inn Mike and Alexis look at each other in shock. She gets up and begins to put her clothes on. Mike “God this can’t be happening.” Alexis “Why didn’t you tell me Jeremy was your son?” Mike “Was I supposed to? We never got that far and aren’t you the one who said this was a one night stand? “ Alexis “I can’t believe we just did this?” Mike “Jeremy is already so pissed at me.” Alexis “He can’t find out about this?” Mike “DO you know what you are asking me to do? I can’t lie to my own son. And I can’t let my son be with some one who is going to cheat on him.” Alexis “It’ not like Jeremy and I are official or anything. We are just dating so no I didn’t cheat on him. What would you have to gain by telling Jeremy about what happened here? He already doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. If you tell him about this you can kiss Jeremy good bye.” Mike “Don’t try and manipulate me. Especially where my son is concerned.” Alexis “It would be a disaster if you told Jeremy about this. As far as I am concerned I don’t know you and have never met you. If you decide to tell Jeremy now, I’ll just deny it and say you were trying to break us up. Imagine how he would feel then? SO the choice is yours doctor.” She walks out of the hotel room. Mike “Damn it. What the hell do I do now?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode: 9, The Mission Written by: ML Cooks Warehouse District, Will walks into an empty warehouse and he meet up with Destiny. Destiny “It’s about time you showed up. We can’t stay here long, you should see all the home less people walking around her looking at me and your daughter crazy.” Will “I am doing the best I can. I bought Arianna some baby food. I’ll feed her and then we’ll make our next move.” Will follows Destiny over to his daughter. He smiles when he sees her. He picks her up and holds her. She’s just sound a sleep. He talks to her “You’re mother would be so proud of you little one. You’re my angel Ari. I’ll never let no one hurt you. I’ll never let no one take you away from me. You’re mother would want us together.” Will sheds a tear as he thinks about his daughter’s mother. Destiny, feeling his pain as well wraps her arms around the family. “She would be proud William. She was my best friend and She told me everything. And she told me she wanted the three of you to be a family. No matter what.” Will “And we will be, Me and my little Arianna. I know she’s watching down on us with a smile on her face.” A tear strolls down his face “At least I hope she is” Destiny “I really don’t want to break up this happy moment but we need to plan or next move. We can’t stay here any longer. Our only option now is your father’s house.” Will “I can get a room for tonight. I took Jan’s credit card.” Destiny “Oh yea, even more charges now on top of kidnapping.” Will “No one is going to take my daughter away from me.” Destiny “Well then we need some help. Arianna’s parents are hot on our trail.” Will “Alright, fine, let’s go back to my dad’s house.” Destiny “It’s for the best. If we want any chances of you keeping this beautiful little girl, we can’t do it by ourselves.” Will puts his daughter in the stroller and he motions Destiny to follow him as they head out the warehouse and heads back over to the Spears mansion. Meanwhile, at The Spears Mansion Jan walks down the stairs and Lucas is waiting for her. Jan “You look worried, is everything ok?” Lucas “No, my son is missing again and I just found Greta outside foaming at the mouth. I want answers damn it. Did you and Greta have a fight?” Jan tries to brush past him and she walks into the living room and over to her purse. She looks inside and looks for her credit card to order a pizza for her and Lucas. She rummages through her purse and realize it’s missing. “Damn it!” Lucas, walking over toward her, “What’s the matter?” Jan “Seems your son is missing again and so is my credit card.” Lucas “What are you trying to say?” Jan “Can’t you put two and two together? Your son stole my damn credit card.’ Lucas “My son is not a thief, and how dare you imply something like that?” Jan “How do we know? Will has been gone for how long? We don’t know what he’s capable of now. He ran away and there is no telling what he will do for money.” Lucas “I will not have you talk about my son that way.” Then suddenly Jan passes out. Lucas rushes over to her and kneels down next to air and he calls out her name. She doesn’t respond. He pulls out his cell phone and calls for an ambulance. University Hospital Marlena walks into Nicole’s room as Nicole was trying to buy time to keep her lies going. Marlena is a bit surprised to see Faye, and Brandon. “Oh my, what is going on?” Brandon “That’s what we are trying to figure out Marlena. Its nice to see you again.” He says giving her a hug. “Sami” “Well it looks we have every one we need for the truth. Come on Nicole, out with it. Who’s your mommy?” Marlena “Sami, don’t start your vial words again. I will not have it today. You’ve hurt me and Tony enough already.” “Sami” “No but really you have to listen. There seems to be discrepancies as to who Nicole’s mother is.” Then out side their room, they hear Mike Horton, listening to a paramedic’s report that Greta Von Amberg has been bit by a raccoon. Nicole panics and think to herself “What the hell is Greta doing here? She is going to ruin everything. Everything is going against me. I have to do something.” Marlena “Oh dear, Greta, I’m going to go out and see if there is anything I can do. I still want answers when I get back.” She leaves. Faye turn around to look at her daughter “I don’t know what games or plots you got going, but it ends here. It seems you got a lot of explaining to do.” Brandon “I’d second that.” “Sami” “I can’t wait to hear this.” Nicole “Get the hell out before I call security.” Faye “Sami" "Yes please, leave me and my family alone so we can figure this out.” “Alright fine. I’ll just be out side.’ Sami walks past Brandon but he stops her. “Can I help you?” Brandon “Why are you acting like this?” “Sami” “Because I don’t know you, DUH!?” Brandon “Do you honestly not know who I am?” “Sami “That’s what I said.” Sami then turns around and coldly walks out the room leaving Brandon to wonder what is going on with Sami. He then turns around and looks at his sister. “Alright out with it.” Nicole “Fine, you want the truth, here it is…..” Jan is then rushed into the hospital Marlena rushes over to them “What happened?” Lucas “I don’t know. We were having a heated discussion and she just collapsed. She had a fight with Greta Von Amberg.” Marlena “Yes, she was just brought in. SO many strange things are happening tonight.” Marlena instructs the medical team to check out Jan. Not long after that, Anna and Tony rushes up to Lucas and Marlena Marlena “Tony, thank God you’re here.” She looks at Anna. “What is she doing here?” Tony “We are on a mission Marlena.” Marlena “Oh” Anna “We are going to prove once and for all if Nicole is really your missing child.” Marlena “Oh Anna please, give it up.” “Sami” “Marlena you really need to hear what Anna is talking about. She might be really onto to something. You saw Faye and that man in there.” Tony “Faye? Wasn’t that Nicole’s mother, or was?” Anna “It all makes sense.” Tony “Marlena we need to know for ourselves. We have to find out if Nicole is really our child.” Marlena “If Nicole is not our child then what?” Anna “I already believe I know who your real child is” Marlena “I can’t wait to hear this.” Tony “Jan Spears!” Marlena is stunned.
  9. Inside the Spears Mansion, Lucas walks up to his fiancé after hearing the front door close. He notices her face is scratched up, she has bruises on her arms, and her hair is disheveled. “What the hell happened to you?” Jan “Oh, nothing, I had a little fight with a raccoon.” Lucas “What? Are you ok? A raccoon really did all this to you?” Jan “Look honey, I’m going to get cleaned up.” she says trying to walk up the stairs. He stops her by grabbing her, “I think you should go get checked out?” Jan “Oh I’m fine, nothing but a good nights rest is all that is needed.” She says walking up the stairs. Lucas, stands there baffled then he hears some moans coming from out side. He opens the door and sees a woman laying on the ground. He rushes out to her and kneels down and is shocked to see Greta Von Amberg “Oh my God Greta, what happened? Are you ok?” Greta just rolls her head back and forth and makes odd noises as she is foaming at the mouth. Lucas pulls out his cell phone and dials 911. Meanwhile, inside the Mansion, Will hops on the phone and after a few rings he begins to speak “How is Arianna?” Woman’s Voice on the Phone “She’s ok? She misses you. What is going on? How… did it go with you parents?” Will “Not so great. I don’t think they will be able to help us?” “You have to try. We are running out of time. We need their help! We can’t do this forever!” “Destiny I’m sorry. I’ll be over soon, just as soon as I leave my dad’s crazy fiancée’s house. I am going to get some money so we can eat.” Destiny “Good, I’m hungry and I know Arianna is too.” Will “I hear ambulances, I have to go.” Will hangs up the phone and sees Jan’s purse sitting next to it on the telephone stand. He looks around to make sure no one is watching. Once he figures the coast is clear, he reaches in and grabs a credit card. He shoves it in his pocket and runs out the back door as the sirens approach the mansion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode 8: No Strings Written by ML Cooks Downtown Salem Marlena’s Penthouse Marlena grabs her purse and is about to walk out the door until her phone rings. She pauses for a moment and debates whether she should let the machine get it. With Sami acting out of control and Nicole in the hospital, she decides that’s a bad idea. She picks it up “Hello…Carrie , no no,, I am not busy. I am glad I caught your call.” Carrie “Earlier when we talked, I could really tell you had something on your mind. I know you Marlena, tell me what’s going on?” Marlena, taking a deep sigh “It’s your half sister” Carrie “Oh God, what is she up to now?” Marlena “I am very worried for her Carrie. She is acing very strangely. I have never seen her behave this way.” Carrie “What is she doing? What’s going on?” Marlena “She’s acting as if she is possessed.” Carrie “I think we’ve been down that road before Marlena.” Marlena “Well maybe not that serious, but something is definately wrong. And that’s not all?” Carrie “What else?” Marlena “You’re mother. She has done something really foul.” Carrie “I didn’t even know Anna was in Salem.” Marlena “She is and she’s causing a lot of trouble. Carrie I really think you should come home.” Carrie “I know you wouldn’t ask if it was not serious Marlena, I’ll hop on the earliest flight that I can.” Marlena “Oh, thank you Carrie. Will Austin be coming with you?” Carrie, pausing, again not wanting to talk about Austin for some reason makes up a quick white lie “Marlena I have to go, now, I’ll see you soon” Then Carrie hangs up. Marlena hangs up her phone too and wonders why every time she brings up Austin, Carrie rushes off the phone. She brushes it off and figures she’ll know more when Carrie lands in Salem from China. She grabs her purse again and heads out the door. Salem University Hospital Nicole watches “Sami” who just over heard Faye telling Nicole that She is her mother. Nicole “What the hell are you doing here Samantha?” Brandon smiles once he lays eyes on “Sami” “You look different Samantha” Stami “Who are you?” Brandon “What are you talking about? You’re joking right?” Nicole “Just leave now! Everyone.” Stami “I don’t think so. It seems I came right on time.” She says brushing right past Brandon. Brandon can’t believe Sami is acting so cold towards him. “SO what is going on here Nikki? Who’s your momma?” Faye “Nicole, what is going on here? Why is she asking you that?” Sami “Oh didn’t Nicole tell you? She’s the missing DiMera daughter with Marlena.” Brandon “Marlena? What the hell is going Nicole? Are you up old to your schemes again? Is this the reason why you want us to leave?” Stami “Yeah sister is it?” Nicole “Why can’t every one leave me the hell alone!? If you won’t leave then I will.” She tries to get up but flinches in pain. Nicole fakes it even more, trying to gain pity and sympathy. She is stalling for time to think on how to turn the tables around and keep her lies from being exposed. Salem Athletic Club Jeremy throws his cell phone back into his gym bag as Nick walks up to him. Nick “Having a bad day cousin?” Jeremy, looking up at Nick “Alexis is avoiding my phone calls. And it’s a good thing you caught me here. I’ll have to teach you how to work out to get buff.” Nick “What makes you think I need you’re help?” Jeremy “I mean come on man.. Have you looked in the mirror lately?” Nick “Yeah and…?” Jeremy “Your nothing but a skeleton. I know you’ve never worked out before so I’ll just help you out.” Nick “Well I wasn’t looking for a personal trainer but I guess I could use a few tips.” Jeremy “Sweet, lets warm up. Just do what I do.” He says stretching his arms and legs.” Nick “So why is Alexis avoiding your phone calls?” Jeremy “Well we had a little spat and now she’s blowing it all out of proportion. You know how women are.” Nick “I guess so. Most girls just blow me off.” Jeremy “Well you get some muscles, I am sure the ladies will be flocking to you.” Nick “I don’t want a woman who’s only interest in my looks. But I am not here to talk about my non existent love life. How’s Mike doing? You two getting along?” Jeremy “We don’t talk any more and that’s how I want to keep it.” Downtown, Salem Inn, Mike and Alexis continue to kiss passionately as they begin to undress each other. Alexis lays back onto the bed and looks into Mike’s eyes. She then admires his nice cut chest and abs. She scoots on the side of the bed and runs her finger down his chest and he smiles at her. Mike “Are you sure you want to do this? We both had quite a bit to drink? “ Alexis “I am sure. Just one thing though..” Mike “Sure what is it?” Alexis “This is only for one night. This is no strings attached sex.” Mike “A one night stand? Alexis “DO you think I’m a whore?” Mike “Do you think you are?” Alexis “Why answer my question with one of your own?” Mike “No I don’t. We all have needs. I’m not looking for a long term relationship anyway.” She smiles and licks his abs. “Make love to me daddy.” Mike leans down and kisses her, pushing her body back against the bed. She wraps her arms around him and rolls her eyes in the back of her head and moans as Mike inserts his love tool. Feeling good from sexual pleasures and also from drinking beers at the bar, she gets caught up and loses control of her thoughts when she whispers “Oh Jeremy….” Mike immediately stops. “What did you call me?” Then Alexis’s cell phone rings. She grabs it off the night stand and the caller id says Jeremy. Mike “Did you say Jeremy?” Alexis, hits ignore on the phone and takes a deep breath to get her answer ready. “I’m drunk I’m guess, I apologize.” She says looking away from him unable to look him in the eyes.” Mike “Jeremy who?” Alexis “Does it matter? Look I think you should get your things and leave.” Mike “No, not until you tell me who this Jeremy is?” Alexis “Why is it so important to you? Are you dating some one named Jeremy too?” Mike “Hardly. I have a son named Jeremy.” Alexis, eyes widening “Jeremy Horton?” Mike “That’s my son. Damn it. I just slept with my son’s girlfriend.”
  10. Greta "Who the hell do you think you are? I am so tired of you and Nicole walking all around this town acting like you can stomp on everyone. Eric, Austin, Victor, Belle, Mimi, Shawn, and you still won't stop trying to get rid of me! I've had enough!" Jan " Who cares Greta? No one ones want you here. Leave it in the past. Let's move on. I am warning you Greta Von Hamburger! You better leave me and my family the hell alone or suffer the consequences." And with that Jan tries to walk into her house. Greta, incredibly insulted, grabs Jan by the hair and throws her down onto her own front lawn, down the stairs of her porch in the process, and Greta then walks down the small set of stairs herself. Greta "Be careful, don't want to hit your head on another rock and go into a third coma." Jan "Stupid Bitch!" Jan stands ups, and charges after Greta. Jan's mighty push, causes them to fly off the porch and they fly on the lawn. Sitting on top of Greta, Jan begins to wail on Greta, punching her in the face with both hands! Greta screams, and then tries to grab a hold of Jan's wrists, and tries to furiously kick Jan off of her. Greta leans up and pushes Jan back onto the grass, and shakily stands Jan "Just give it up Greta. You can't best me. Can't you see? Now I am going back inside to be with my family." She says once again trying to walk inside her house. Greta jumps up at Jan, and grabs a hold of the back of Jan's shirt, causing her clothes to rip! Greta once again pulls Jan down to the ground, and grasps at her neck, and scratches it, and begins to choke Jan! Jan's face red end’s as she gasps for air. She grabs Greta's arms and tries to force Greta’s hands from around her throat. Greta’s strong grip is no match for Jan. Seeing stars and unable to breath, Jan's rolls on her side, throwing Greta off of her. Jan sits up and begins to circulate oxygen to her brain, giving Greta time to gain an upper hand. Greta reaches up towards Jan's low hanging maple trees and tears of a branch, and then charged towards Jan. Greta shoves Jan over with the branch by ramming the entire thing into her stomach, and then beats her over the head with it repeatedly. Jan now then hollers out and crawls away from Greta. Jan stands up turns around and kicks Greta in the knee cap as she was approaching her, and Greta falls to the ground. Jan reaches up above her and grabs a tree branch to beat Greta with it, just like she did her, but as he pulls the branch down, a raccoon falls down next to her. Jan "Oh my god!" Greta who is still on the ground, holding her knee tries to get up. Jan, in an act of craziness, grabs the raccoon and flings it at Greta. The raccoon latches onto 's Greta's face hugging it with it's nails. Greta tries to scream out and before she can get the raccoon off her, and from all the commotion, scared and confused, the raccoon bites Greta's face! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode: 6, Greta and her Coon Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith Downtown Salem Marlena’s Penthouse, After making some green herbal tea, Marlena sits on her white leather sofa and takes a sip of the tea and reflects on her daughter behavior the last few days. She puts her tea down and looks in her date book to look up a number. She picks up her phone and dials some numbers. “Hello, Carrie, did I catch you at a bad time?” Carrie “No Marlena, It’s so good to hear your voice.” Marlena “Same here, how are you?” Carrie “I’m fine. I’m in China on a humanitarian mission.” Marlena “My, my those poor people. That earthquake was just awful.” Carrie “It’s pretty horrible. Especially the middle school.” Marlena “I am glad you to hear you are doing good things. How’s Austin?” Carrie, pausing before she answers “listen Marlena, I really have to go, is there anything wrong?” Marlena “Nothing compares to what those poor people are going through over there.” Carrie “I’ll take that as a yes. I’ll call you back.” Marlena “Thank you Carrie. Take care.” They hang up. Marlena takes a sip of her tea and thinks to her self “I have to figure out what is going on with Sami.” The Cheatin Heart Mike and Alexis continues to drink beers at the bar. Alexis “You don’t take jokes very well I see.” Mike “Gotcha. I was just pulling your leg.” Alexis “You’re a pretty sexy guy.” Mike “I’ve been told that once or twice.” Alexis “By your girlfriend?” Mike “I’m single to mingle.” Alexis “You call this mingling?” Mike “I do. “ They look into each other’s eyes seductively. She brushes his thigh with her hand then ends it with a caressing of the knee cap. He then smiles at her. Mike “Why don’t we get a room, and get more personal.” Alexis “I would like that.” He pulls money out from his wallet and lays cash out on the bar. He then grabs Alexis’s hand and they walk out the bar together. As they walk out, Alexis’s cell phone rings. She pulls it our from her purse and sees its Jeremy calling. She hits ignore and tosses the phone back in her purse remembering the reason why she was drinking was because of him in the first place. She wasn’t about to ruin her buzz with drama from some one she’s barley dating. Salem University Hospital Nicole awakes from her coma and can’t believe she sees her brother and mother. Faye “Hi baby.” Brandon “It’s about time you decided to wake up.” Faye “How do you feel?” Nicole “What is going on? Where am I?” Brandon “Wow, don’t tell me you're playing the amnesia trick.” Nicole “No smart ass.” Brandon “Come on, Nikki, watch your mouth in front of mom.” Nicole “Right, like she’s a mother Theresa. Give me a break. What the hell are you two doing here?” Faye “You got shot. We didn’t know if you’d make it.” Nicole “Well as you can see I am fine. Thanks for coming and see you later. “ Brandon “What’s that supposed to mean?” Nicole “I don’t need you here right now. Your not supposed to be here?” Faye “We are family, your my daughter. Why wouldn’t we be here?” They hear the door open and see “Sami” in the door way. Nicole panics as she realizes Sami just heard Faith say they are family, Nicole’s lie about being Tony and Marlena’s child is about to come out. Spears Mansion Greta pulls the crazed raccoon off from her face. Jan is laughing, cleaning herself off. Jan “I told you not to try me. You should have stayed put where ever you were. You’ve wasted your time coming back to Salem. I hope you die Bitch.” After saying that, Jan walks back into her house, leaving Greta, lying unconscious on the ground………
  11. Spears Mansion Lucas looks at his son and Jan in confusion. Jan “I wonder what flew up Sami’s ass.” Lucas, looking at Jan with his infamous frowned head “Please don’t talk about my son’s mother that way.” Will “Oh no it’s ok. She’s not my mother any more. You can talk about her all day long. I don’t care. And by the way, Lucas, you’re not my dad and don’t call me son.” Lucas “You’ve have grown a mighty pair of big ones for a 16 year old. Is this what being in the streets taught you? To be disrespectful and dis own your family. You’re acting like you’re crazy mother.” Jan “It must be something in the water.” Just then the door bell rings. “I think that will be my cue to make my exit.” Lucas just roll his eyes at Jan. Jan opens the door and almost urinates on herself when she sees Greta Von Amberg! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode: 6, The True DiMera Child Written by: ML Cooks and Tara Smith Spears Mansion Jan sees Greta standing there! Her eyes widen, remembering how she forced her out of town for Nicole. Jan What are you doing back in town?! Greta I came back to take care of you and Nicole once and for all. You both can’t keep me out of here forever. Jan Oh please. Those issues are between you and Nicole, not me. Greta You were the one who barged into my hotel room, and escorted me to the airport! And believe me, Nicole will get what’s coming to her, but right now she’s recovering from a gunshot wound. Jan You shot her? Greta No!!! I have no idea who did, but they did the world a big favor. But forget about Nicole, right now I am dealing with you, and don’t think that I am not going to make sure you fall as well. Jan Oh, little Princess Greta is going to try to hurt me??? You’ll end up just like your mother! Greta How dare you! Jan And what do you think you can do to me, huh?? Greta Well, you are the infamous psycho Jan Spears. I’m sure there is something you have hidden that I could reveal. You may have gotten off the hook for locking Shawn in a cage and your whole surrogate scheme, but I have a feeling you are hiding something else. Jan flashes back to throwing Cassie out the window of Belle’s loft and her and Cassie framing Mimi, but then snaps back into reality. Jan Sorry, no, I’m a different person now. Stop picking at straws. Now, I have bigger things to deal with. Goodbye. Jan tries to shut the door, but Greta pushes it back open! Greta Not so fast missy… The Salem Inn. Marlena continues to pound on "Sami's door, while inside the motel room, Sami is trying to muster up enough strength to make a sound, a hoot, a holler, any sound at all, so her mother can save her from her demented look alike. Marlena "Open this door now Samantha Jean Brady. I want to have a few words with you." Stami(opening the door) "Marlena, what a surprise." Marlena "I am your mother. How dare you call me by my first name? What has gotten into you? Slapping me across the face, bad mouthing your new sister when she is on her death bed. I didn't raise you to behave this way." Stami "Nicole will never be no sister of mine. She's a loser, and I meant every word I said at the hospital." Marlena "I will not believe it. I am not listening to this., this has to be a dream." Stami "No at all. I hope that bitch Nicole dies, screw you and your new daughter with Tony. I don't need none of you guys. So take Nikki and get on with your new happy family." Marlena "I can't believe all these horrible things that are coming out of you mouth young lady. When did you become so vial? What is happening Sami? Talk to me, I want answers!" Stami "Sure, I'll talk to you. I got one thing to say...get the hell out of my apartment you old hag!" Stami walks over to the door and opens it, signaling to Marlena her time there is up. Marlena is absolutely speechless and walks out of her daughters house with tears in her eyes from listening to Sami's stinging words. Stami slams the door shut and walks into the other room to taunt Sami once more. “All this fuss about Nicole. I think it’s time Sami goes to see how big sister is doing. I’ll tell her you said hello.” He says laughing. Sami still continues to try and break free of the ropes that ties to a bed. Spears Mansion Jan “You better get your hands off me Greta!” Greta “You are in no place to shout out orders. This is my time. This is my game and you will play it as I see fit. Now do we understand each other ?” Jan “In your dreams bitch. You need to go find Nicole. She’s the one that wanted you out of town. She was controlling me. I only did what she asked. You can’t possibly blame me. I have a fiancée and a new born son now. I don’t want to trouble.” Greta “You should have thought of that before you started working with Nicole.” Jan “I didn’t have a choice.” Greta “That’s the way the cookie crumbles my dear. What goes around comes back around and I am here to tell you will get yours. I am going to make sure you lose everything. Your baby, your fiancee, your money, this house…” Jan “Earth to Greta. Are you deaf and or blind? TAKE THIS UP WITH NICOLE.” Greta “I got plans for her too. Far more worse than what coming to you. But there’s no need to worry about that. The only thing you should worry about is me taking everything away from you.” Jan “Just try. I’m not scared by the likes of you. Now get the hell off my property!” Greta “That’s ok. I think I will pull up a chair and watch the final moments of your happy family.” Looking past her and into the living room window, she sees Lucas holding Bentley and Will on the phone. “Nice family, you better go back inside and enjoy while you can. Like the say, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” Jan “You’re flipping crazy if you think I am going to stand by and let you destroy my family.” And with that Jan shoves Greta so hard, she loses her balance and falls on the ground. Greta “Bitch!” Chez Rouge Tony takes a sip of wine after hearing what Anna just said. “You think Jan Spears is my daughter?” Anna “Yes.” Tony “It’s absurd. Why do you think this?” Anna “Your alternate personality told me on the island. Vince told me that Jan Spears was your daughter.” Tony “Vince? The same man who raped Kristen? The mad man who killed Kate, told you Jan was my daughter and you believed him?” Anna “Well it was worth trying to find out for you. That’s the reason why I haven’t told know one what I knew. I wanted to be sure before I just drop some major bombshell on you like that. “ Tony, intrigued even more by the idea of Jan being his daughter, takes a moment of silence. Anna “What do you have to lose? “ Tony “You’re right. I have nothing to lose. “ Anna “Yes, finally, we will get proof that Nicole is not your daughter.” Tony “You’re really adamant about this..” Anna “I just know Nicole is a liar and phony and I got a little surprise for everyone.” Tony “Anna…..What are you going to do? She is still my daughter until proven other wise.” Anna has a gleaming smile on her face. Univesity Hospital Nicole, slowly opens her eyes, hoping she doesn’t see Greta standing over her, but maybe she wishes it was Greta as her heart rate and blood pressure go up as she sees her real mother Faith and brother Brandon, smiling down on her.
  12. Chez Rouge Tony and Anna are seated at a table Anna “Are you sure your precious Marlena won’t object to our having dinner?” Tony “Of course not. Why would she?” Anna “Oh I don’t know. Because you dropped me like a bad habit as soon as you found out you have a child with her. You have been clinging to her ever since.” Tony “Non sense. But Marlena and are connected through Nicole and we always be” Anna “You think?” Tony “Now what is that supposed to mean? You keep saying get a blood test on Nicole. Why do you believe that Nicole is not my daughter with Marlena?” Anna “I thought you'd never ask.” She says with a smile. Spears Mansion Will rubs his stinging cheeks as Jan and Lucas look at “Stami” in shock. Lucas “What the hell is the matter with you? Don’t hit our son like that. I have never seen you act this way.” Will “I can’t believe you did that. You are an unfit mother.” Stami “Boo hoo hoo. Cry me a river William.’ Even Jan is stunned and disturbed by “Sami’s" erratic behavior “Samantha, what has gotten into you?” Stami “Up your ass Jan. This does not concern you.” Lucas “Don’t talk to her that way.” Stami “You don’t like my parenting skills, then Lucas you raise him.. I don’t have time for this.” After saying that Stami leaves. Will, Lucas, and Jan all wonder what has gotten into Sami. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode: 5, Peace in the Valley Written by ML Cooks Mike walks into the Cheating Heart after a long and stressful day at the hospital. He sits at the bar and orders a beer. The bartender hands it to Mike and without passing go, Mike chugs it down. “You better slow down there.” Mike looks at the woman who is sitting next to him, “Oh really. Says who?” “I do. I’m Alexis.” “I’m Mike. Nice to meet you Alexis.” Alexis “Same here” She says drinking on her own beer. Mike “I don’t know to many women who drink beer.” Alexis “I’m not your every woman.” Mike “Feisty and assertive. I like that.” Alexis “So tell me why you are drinking like a fish.” Mike “Long and stressful day at work. Why are you drinking?” Alexis “Want to clear my mind. Just had an argument with the guy I am dating.’ Mike “Do I know him?” Alexis “I don’t want to get into names.” Mike “That’s understandable. Want to talk about it. Maybe I can give you some advice.” Alexis “Why, do you date men?” Mike, chuckling, “I like your sense of humor. Don’t date men. I have a son.” Alexis That doesn’t mean anything these days. I know so many men that are on the down low.” Mike “Not this man. I just figured, with you being younger and me being a bit….” Alexis “Older?” She says laughing Mike “Real cute. I was going to say wiser.” Alexis “Let’s call it older.” She says laughing Mike “Yea yea jokes on me.” The Salem Inn Stami walks into the room and over to his victim Sami. He rips the gray duct tape that was on her mouth. Sami screams out as some of her skin from her lips are ripped off. Stami “Shut the hell up.” Sami “You bastard! Let me go! You can’t keep me tied up forever.” Stami “You’re right. Don’t worry Sami dear. You won’t be here forever. I just need to do a few more devious things as Samantha Brady. Then you can return to your dreadful life” Sami “You won’t get away with this. Every villain has their day of exposure.” Stami “You should know. Didn’t you get exposed by Carrie twice? At your wedding and she lit your face up. What kind of sister are you? It’s ok. I am doing everyone justice. The permanent downfall of Sami Brady. Salem will breath a sigh of relief. There will be peace in the valley. Everyone will celebrate the destruction of Sami. It sounds so nice. Oh, by the way, Willy said hi” Sami “You demented bastard. I know my son didn’t believe you were me.” Stami “Maybe or maybe not, but I did slap some sense into that boy.” Sami “You did what?’ Stami “I smacked your demon child around a few times. Lucas and Jan were shocked. It was great.’ Sami tries to break free of the ropes but can’t. Suddenly Stami and Sami hear pounding at the door. They both wonder who it is as no one knows they are there at the Inn. Back at Chez Rouge Anna “It’s about time some one listens to what I have to say with out attacking me for it.” Tony “Anna we go back a long time. I know you didn’t try to keep the info about Nicole being my daughter with Marlena from us out of spite or for personal gain.” Anna “You’re right. I was only trying to help. To make sure what I knew was true.” Tony “Well tell me what do you know” Anna “Well right before I walked into the DiMera mansion, and Kristen shot me, I was going to have some hair and DNA tested.” Tony “Hair and DNA? Nicole’s?” Anna “That’s just it. I took hair and saliva from Jan Spears mouth. I think Jan Spears is your daughter. Not Nicole!’ Tony is stunned!
  13. Spears Mansion Lucas looks at Will, astonished and angered at Will telling him he’s not his father anymore, and Will tries to turn to leave but Lucas grabs his arm. Lucas “Hey, I AM your father! I always have been and always will be! You can’t just decide whether I am or not, it’s a given son and I’m also your authority.” Will “Sorry, Lucas, but I think I just disowned you. Nice knowing you, but I have other stuff to take care of. It seems you are doing just fine with Jan Brady here. You know, I actually have a life now, other than whining about you and Mom. Which I see will never ever happen “ Jan “It’s Spears, thanks” Lucas “What kind of life??? What are you talking about? Why won’t you tell me what you’ve been doing these past several months, huh?! I haven’t heard from you, no phone call, no letter, no nothing. I didn’t know if my only son was dead or alive. Do you know how that makes me feel? “ Will “Oh, shove off!” Will tries to push Lucas away, but Lucas still manages to angrily hold onto Will, and then takes out his cell phone and dials a number. Will “Who the hell are you calling? The police to come cart me off? I didn‘t do anything!” Lucas “No, I’m calling your mother, Will. She ha been worried sick about you too. She needs to be here. “ Jan, rolling her eyes, “Oh great. Just what I need” She says under breath Will “Sami is the last person I want to see!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode: 4, “Family” Reunion Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks Salem Inn Stami is pacing around in the real Sami’s bedroom, twirling the gun that he used to shoot Nicole. He chuckles at how he has already destroyed Sami’s relationship with her mother, and “sister”. Stami “Now I get why you pretended to be me for so long…its fun, isn’t it? Causing so much havoc as another person. And I’m so far from being done, there are so many more lives out there in Salem.” Stami’s cell phone then rings, and he picks it up and looks at the Caller ID, and then smirks before answering. Stami “Hello, Sami Brady here.” Lucas, on the other line “Hey, Sami…its me, Lucas. I’ve…got some news… “ Stami “What is it, Lucas? “ Lucas “Will’s back in town. “ Stami, looking at Sami and faking a concerned tone “Who is that?“ Lucas “What the hell are you talking about? Your son!“ Stami “WHAT?! My son…he’s back?!?!!? Oh, is he okay? Where are you??? “ Lucas “The Spears Mansion. “ Stami “I’ll be over right away! “ Stami hangs up the phone, and then maniacally laughs at this while Sami continues to watch in astonishment and horror. Stami “Oh, this is perfect timing! Think about all I can do to your ex, and your own son… “ Stami waves at her as he turns to leave… Salem University Hospital Marlena walks into her catatonic husband’s room, Roman Brady formerly known as John Black, and looks at him, seeing that he still has not moved or even budged since December of last year. She sheds a few tears as she sits down and strokes his cheek. Marlena “Oh Roman, I’m so sorry I haven’t visited you lately. I’ve been far too busy with Kristen, Tony, and my new daughter: Nicole Walker. I think I’ve mentioned her to you already, but she got shot this evening while at a fashion show. She’s alive, but I’m so worried, because now someone is on the run who shot my own daughter, and who knows how this might affect Nicole. And Sami, my firstborn daughter, can’t even act mature! She will never stop fighting with me, I guess I should have gotten used to it by now. But my life has felt like its in Hell ever since you got shot…I am just so tired of it Roman. Everyone practically plays with me, and I have to stop it. Its time for me to step up and take charge of my life, and not let other’s stomp all over me. “ In Nicole’s hospital room, Greta sits at her bedside, looking on in disgust. She looks at all the machines attached to Nicole, and twirls the cords around her finger for a moment. Greta “This is probably how my mother looked before she died…that was one of the reasons I came back here. I found out Hope Brady did it. Hope Williams Brady of all people killed my mother, but I’ll deal with her later, if she ever even returns to Salem. “ Nicole keeps slipping in and out of consciousness, but keeps her eyes locked onto Greta, and Greta wonders if she’s fallen back into a coma. Greta, leaning in to whisper in Nicole’s ear “You know, with how much I hate you…I really could kill you right now. I could pull the plug, you could go out exactly like my mother did. I believe Sami Brady almost pulled the plug on you in a situation similar to this years ago, right? Maybe I could deliver the final punch to the great Nicole Walker Roberts Kiriakis…after all you’ve done to me, how you tortured me and Eric, and so many other people in this town… “ Greta leans in to almost pull the plug on Nicole, however she hears voices, and quickly darts up and runs out of Nicole’s room as a few nurses walk in. Greta “Looks like I’ll have to come back later…sweet dreams, Nicole. “ Spears Mansion Jan is sitting in the living room, sighing at Lucas and Will’s constant fighting on the back patio, and hears the doorbell ring. Jan “Oh please, who now… “ Jan gets up, and goes to answer the door, only to see Stami standing outside. Stami “Ahhh, Janet. How nice to see you again. “ Jan “I wish I could say the same to you. I guess you’re here to pick up your rotten son?” Stami “My poor little boy, who’s been gone for months with no contact to me or Lucas, is just getting back and you are already bashing him? Heartless bitch. “ Jan “He’s already taken a few pitiful stabs at me, and him and Lucas have been constantly fighting ever since he barged in here! Who knows how dangerous he is now. “ Stami, grabbing Jan by the neck “Don’t you EVER speak about Will like that, do you understand? Now move. “ Stami shoves Jan out of the way, and rushes out to the back porch to see Will and Lucas while Jan scowls. Once out on the patio, Will and Lucas both turn to see Stami. Will “Mom So you actually decided to come?” Stami “Of course I did! You’re my son! And you’ve been freaking gone for months, where have you been?! “ Will “You two can’t get that question out of your heads, can’t you? Dad’s been asking me all night, too.” Stami “Well, I’d think we would have a right to know, and I want to know NOW! “ Will “Don’t be so pushy! I don’t think I ever knew you two could act like such morons so fast.” Lucas “You don’t talk to us like that! We are your parents, and we want to at least know what you’ve been doing while you were out running around. Obviously, there’s something you don’t want to tell us. Are you doing drugs or something like that? Just get out with it! “ Will “NO! I’d never touch that stuff! “ Stami, thinking to himself “This is so perfect…another part of Sami’s little family is soon going to be torn apart, because I think these two are about to rip into each other…literally! “ Lucas “Then what is it? What are you keeping from your mother and me?!?! “ Will “Don’t act like you care now. I’ve been taking care of myself for the past two years and I’ll continue to do so.” Lucas “I am not going to play this game any more.” Stami turns Will around and back hands him a few times. Lucas and Jan alike are stunned and outrage at Sami’s brutality on her son!
  14. Spears Mansion Jan raises an eyebrow at seeing Will on her back patio, and does not know he is Lucas’s son. Jan Who the hell are you and how’d you get into my house? Will, looking at Lucas You didn’t tell her about me, Dad? I’m Will Roberts, Lucas’s son. Jan Ohh, wait, I’ve seen you in pictures before…don’t think I’ve ever actually met you. Lucas Will…no…its impossible. Where the HELL have you been?! Will Is that really any of your business? You obviously never bothered to look for me. Jan Lucas, what are you talking about?! Lucas Back before you and I got close, after my mom’s death and right as EJ Wells died, Will went to Colorado to stay with his great grandparents for awhile in Colorado, and he was supposed to attend school there. But then he decided to run away, and I’ve had to send out investigators for months to look for him. Will Yeah, well, I decided to come back to finally face my parents…but I see that you’re too busy kissing your new psycho girlfriend. Jan Excuse me? Lucas, why did you never tell me?! Lucas You were pregnant, and then when you gave birth, I was going to tell you but wanted you to be happy with Bentley. And besides, its not your issue, its mine. And now that my son is home, I’m not going to let him disrespect you like this, and I need to deal with it. Jan Of course. We finally get engaged, and JUST like with Shawn, something bad happens. Yeah, I see where this is going. Jan then storms into the house, and Lucas for a minute wants to go after her, but then turns to look at Will, ready to handle his son. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode: 3, Father and Son Written by Tara Smith Salem University Hospital Nicole, although not quite ready to speak yet, looks on in shock at Greta Von Amberg standing above her. She remembers how she got Jan to get her out of town on Christmas Eve of 07, and never expected her to return. Greta Ohh, so I’m enough to wake you up from your coma? Wonderful! Because Nicole, I may have been willing to put up with you last time, but not this time. You’ve bullied me long enough. Oh, and you are a DiMera now? I seriously doubt that. Nicole, trying to speak G-rrrr…ettaa…this…. Nicole’s vitals begin to go up, and Greta tries to shush her with her finger . Greta No, don’t speak. I don’t think people should know that I’m back just yet. Soon, they will, but not now. And as much as I hate to say this, I don’t want you to die just yet. Nicole’s vitals calm down, as she tries to breathe, and even shakes at looking up at Greta. Chez Rouge Anna and Tony walk in to the restaurant, and choose a table to sit down at. After they order their drinks and food, Anna begins to speak. Anna You know, Tony, I really never thought you’d speak to me again after what happened at Stefano’s funeral. Tony At the time, I can’t say I didn’t think that, either. However, I am not so angry anymore, and things are better now. I am growing close to my daughter, and even Marlena. Its wonderful, despite Kristen and Peter still hating me…and there is some other news, too. Anna And what is that? Tony Stefano’s alive. Anna, gasping Are you kidding me?! He was in a coma, and the hospital said he died…he was supposed to be under their watch! How did he cheat death this time? Tony I don’t think its something you want to know, Anna. Anna Of course I want to know, Tony. This man is a danger to us all. Tony Elvis Banks DiMera, my younger step-brother, and…Renee…kidnapped him. Yes, Anna, she’s alive. Anna Renee…as in…the Renee? The Renee who killed my baby? Our child? The Renee who went after us, specifically me, for months? I thought Andre killed her! Tony So did I, but…she’s alive. Just stay away from her, my dear, please. She’s nothing for either of us to worry about. Anna Well, you two aren’t…you know… Tony Together? Anna, oh please! Right now, my top concern is my daughter. Anna, thinking to herself If she even is your daughter… Spears Mansion Lucas Now, Will, who do you think you are, believing you can just run away like that? Will Why do you care?! You and Mom didn’t even care. I called both of you when I got back here, but no one answered! I had to go to Aunt Julie, who’s in jail, to find out where you might be! Lucas We’ve been busy. Your mother has been trying to get over the death of EJ, and she’s also had a family crisis with Nicole Walker. I have been trying to help Jan, a mother and fragile woman, take care of her new baby. Will So you’ve got a new kid now? And you forgot about me for Jan FREAKING SPEARS?! She’s a psycho! She locked Shawn in a cage! Lucas No, Bentley is Shawn’s son. And I know she’s done some bad things in the bast, some that are unforgivable. But I’ve been helping her through it, and she’s really a better person now. Lets get back to you, and what you’ve been doing this year. Will I said its none of your business! Get off my back! Lucas No, I won’t. I need to know where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. NOW. Will You don’t. Because, after this short time I’ve been back, I already know that you’re not my father anymore.
  15. Salem University Hospital Marlena, Tony, and Anna all look at Mike waiting to hear news on Nicole. Tony “Well speak up Mike. Don’t keep us in suspense any longer.” Mike “Nicole is in a coma. She took a bullet to the back.” Marlena “Oh dear. Mike, will she wake up?” Mike “Very likely.” Tony “She took the bullet to the back, where at exactly?” Mike “A few millimeters from her lower spine.” Marlena gasps as Tony continues “Is she paralyzed Mike?” Off in the distance and around the corner, a woman, wearing oversized sunglasses and a pink scarf spies upon Marlena, Tony, Anna, and Mike talking about Nicole. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode 2: We Meet Again Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith Midtown Salem, The Salem Inn Stami walks in his room and immediately pull his Sami wig off. “Oh, Did I have a fun adventure.” Sami tries to speak but can’t since she gagged and bound. Stami “What was that? Speak up please” He laughs. He then turns on the TV so Sami can watch the news report on Nicole being shot at the Titian fashion show “DO you hear that Sami dear? Some one shot your dear old sister. I wonder who it could have been.” he says pulling out a gun from a holster. He waves it in Sami’s face. Sami begins to panic, wondering what this deranged maniac is going to do “You look worried. If only all the people you ever plotted against could see this moment now. Sami Brady, at my mercy.” Sami tries to struggle out of the ropes that has her tied to the bed. Stami continues his taunting “It’s no use.” He says taking the gun and grabbing one of Sami’s hands. He puts the gun in Sami’s hand so her finger prints can be on the gun. “You just shot your own sister. What until the world finds out Sami Brady shot Nicole.” He begins to laugh. “By the way, I’m just getting started.” The Spears mansion, the back patio Lucas is on bended knee with a ring box with a 14 qt diamond sitting inside. “Jan Britney Spears, will you marry me?” Jan “Are you serious?” Lucas “Yes I am? You don’t think I am?” Jan “I am just so overwhelmed. I can’t believe this is happening” Lucas, frowning his fore head up “Is something wrong? Is this a bad thing?” Jan “No of course not. Oh I am sorry. YES!! Yes I’ll marry you.” Lucas smiles, takes the ring out the box and slides it on Jan’s finger. He stands up, grabs her and swings her around as they kiss Jan, laughing “Stop, you’re making me dizzy.” Lucas “You’ve made me the happiest man on the earth.” He says kissing her. “I wish I could say the same thing.” They hear from behind. They turn around and are shocked to see Lucas’s son Will. Back at the Hospital Mike “It’s to early to tell if she’ll have movement or not in her legs. “ Marlena “Oh dear God. Can I please see her.” Mike “I am really sorry, not tonight. I want to run some test. I don’t think she’s strong enough for visitors. Try again in the morning. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.” He says before walking back inside of Nicole’s room. Anna “Why don’t we go grab something to eat. My treat.” Marlena “I’ll see you in hell first.” She says walking away. Anna and Tony look at each other. Tony “She’s going through a hard time.” Anna “Please Tony, don’t make excuses for her. Why don’t you go run off and be with her. I know that’s what you want.” Tony “Actually I want to talk with you.” Anna, arching an eye brow “Oh,, is that so?” Tony “Yes, Let’s say I treat….. Hungry?” Anna “I am” They leave the hospital while the mystery woman continues to keep her eye on Nicole’s room. Mike walks out of the room and the mystery woman takes this chance to slip into Nicole’s room unnoticed. Titan Parking Lot Alexis is just leaving the Titan building with Jeremy, off to another dinner date, and Jeremy gives her a small kiss on the cheek as they get into the car. Alexis So, where we eating tonight? Jeremy I was thinking the Penthouse Grille. Alexis Very nice. I’m glad we don’t have to eat at your Aunt’s restaurant for free every date. You know, that reminds me, I meant to ask you something. Jeremy Yeah? Alexis You know, we haven’t known each other for long, but it seems like you’ve never even talked about your family, other than mentioning your aunt a few times at Chez Rouge. So, whats your family like? Jeremy, pausing for a moment I don’t think you want to know about my family life. Alexis Awww, of course I do. I’ve heard so much about the famous Hortons. Jeremy Then why are you asking me about them? Alexis Because I want an insider’s view on it. Jeremy I barely even know any of them, except my Aunt Maggie and Aunt Julie who I’ve only lived with for a Aunt Julie who I’ve only lived with for a little over a year. Alexis Hey, don’t get so snappy about it. What about your parents? Jeremy My mother raised me in Egypt, and that’s where she still is. My father’s a complete jackass. There, is that enough for you? Alexis, stunned at Jeremy’s words Well, excuse me, then. The car ride continues in silence on the way to dinner, as Alexis simply stares out the window after Jeremy snapped at her, and Jeremy continues to drive… Back at the Hospital The mystery woman takes a seat next to Nicole and looks at her comatose body. “The tables have turned Nicole. I told you I would be back one day. And here I am. To do unto you what you did to me.” Nicole begins to wake up as the sound of the woman registers in her brain. Once her vision clears up she is stunned to Greta Von Amberg.
  16. Nicole is rushed into Salem University Hospital as Mike runs over to find out what is going on “What happened?” Marlena “Some one shot her. Please Mike, save her. I can’t loose my daughter now.” Mike “We’ll do everything we can.” He says as he rushes Nicole into the E.R. for surgery to remove the bullet. Tony walks up behind Marlena and wraps his arms around her. “Don’t worry Marlena. I know we don’t know much about our newly found daughter, but I know enough to know she is a fighter. She’s got DiMera blood in her veins. It’s going to take more than a bullet to take one of us out. You should already know this.” Marlena “I guess you’re right. I just want to get the chance to know her.” “Well you sure aren’t missing anything” They both hear. They turn around and see Sami(Stami) Marlena “How dare you? How dare you talk about you’re sister that way? She is fighting for her life in there.” Stami “Let the Bitch die. Who cares?” Tony “Marlena, I suggest you get this twit together. I will not stand here and hear of such disrespect for my daughter.” Marlena slaps Sami across the face. To her astonishment, Stami slaps Marlena back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPJ-PgKs-Fc Episode 1, The Debut Written by ML Cooks Spears Mansion Jan walks out onto the patio where Lucas is sitting on a lawn chair, enjoying the starry night. Lucas “Hey, done at the fashion show? Jan "Yeah, some big drama there. I don't even want to be involved with whatever the hell has happened in this crazy town, so I just decided to leave and save the Spears Industries stuff for another day. Lucas “Can I be honest with you about something?” Jan, looking into his eyes “Of course you can. I don’t want there to be no secrets between us. Lucas you are the love of my life.” He smiles and kisses her then pulls back and looks into her eyes. “This is going to sound strange, but Anna has been on my mind.” Jan, rolling her eyes “You’re right, it is strange. Why in the hell have you been thinking of crazy Anna?” Lucas “It’s what she has been saying. About Nicole. She said Nicole is your enemy.” Jan “Please. I barely know Nicole. You have to really ignore Anna’s crazy rubbish.” Lucas “No I’m serious Jan. Maybe Anna knows something we don’t.” Jan “Like what?” Lucas “I say we invite her over and talk with her.” Jan “You can’t be serious?” Lucas “I am. If Nicole is your enemy, you need to know and find out why. You could be in danger. You know Nicole is dangerous. You may not know her very well, but she still got you to try to kill Victor Kiriakis all those years ago." Jan “You really want me to do this?” Lucas “Do it for the safety of our family.” Jan “Fine than, call the whack job up and I’ll make us something to eat.” Lucas, giving her another peck “I love you.” Jan, getting up “I love you too.” Lucas, grabbing her arm “No wait a minute.” Jan “Lucas, I have to go cook.” Lucas, standing up “That can wait.” Jan “What’s the matter? You’re looking serious” Lucas “Jan I love you more than words can express. I love being with you and Ben. I thank God everyday for sending you in my life” He pulls out a ring box from his pocket and gets down on one knee. Jan is astounded, as Lucas continues “Jan Britney Spears, will you do me the honor in becoming Mrs. Lucas Roberts. Will you marry me?” Back at the Hospital Tony, looking at Stami “Don’t you ever let me see you hit your mother again young lady.” Marlena “No Tony it’s alright.” Stami “You two can just screw yourselves. And I hope Nicole dies!” And with that, she turns around and walks off. Tony “She’s out of control.” Marlena “Something is off. Something just isn’t right with Samantha. Something in her eyes.” Before she can continue Anna barges in. “I heard about Nicole. I am so sorry. Is she ok?” Marlena “Anna, what business do you have here?! Don’t be so concerned about my daughter now! If you were really concerned, you would have told Tony and I the truth when you first found out Nicole was our daughter.” Tony “Marlena Please, You’re going through a hard time. Let’s grab a a cup of coffee.” Marlena “Don’t patronize me Tony DiMera. I am tired of people thinking they can just play with my life.” Anna “Marlena, like I’ve said before. I had no ill intention. I wanted to make sure Nicole was your daughter. I have nothing to gain by scheming with this info.” Marlena “What do you mean make sure?” Anna “I wasn’t sure if Nicole was your daughter. Right before Kristen shot me, I had reason to believe that J-” Before she barely gets Jan’s name out, Mike barges out the E.R. and the focus switches to him. Marlena “Mike, Please tell me you have good news.” Tony “Will my daughter be ok?” Mike continues to look at Marlena, Tony and Anna with a worried look. “Nicole is..." Also, now, tune into LIS and AOTH's sister soap: S.T.E.A.M. A soap written/created by LIS's Co-Owner, Co-EP, and Co-HW ML Cooks, STEAM brings you all the delicious quality drama that you oculd find in a new soap!!! Also full of diversity, follow the lives of psychotic Mona, crazy nun Sister Patterson, supercouple Bryan and Sabryn, and many more in the town of Pasadena! Only on STEAM...
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