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  1. Don't remember when, but they had the cast do the announcing for a while after that. They didn't need him anymore though, with no sponsor tag in the opening credits. It was like, "Yeah, this show is called As the World Turns, thanks Dan I can read."
  2. Yup. Palin is proud of what she does not know, and it's really caught on among Republicans in general. Look at this: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/gingrich-hits-romney-knowing-speak-french-150300235.html And of course the attack on Huntsman for adopting Chinese daughters. Apparently adopting Chinese and speaking French is not conservative? lol.
  3. I loved the 50 million dollar baby storyline. I loved Carly in general back then, they really did a number on her character as the years went on.
  4. I was thinking about that too! Yeah, that was hilarious.
  5. UGH I hated when Barbara did that, somehow I totally forgot about that. What is she even on trial for anyway? I totally forgot about that. 2004 was just a bad bad year for ATWT. Passanante's 2005 was good though, I will fight anyone who says it wasn't.
  6. Mark Collier is just a charming guy, I never liked any of his pairings or storylines on ATWT but I liked his presence.
  7. I love Jessica Dunphy as Alison. I really thought she would've done more with her career by now. The recast Alison was awful. I hated this Chris Hughes too. I wish they had kept Paul Korver.
  8. what is the deal with cabot? did he really die? I know I stopped caring after a while so idr.
  9. That 2004 episode doesn't make me nostalgic at all. What a bore. edit: I take that back. Seeing Ben Hendricksen was a treat!
  10. They need 25 seats to regain control but I do not see it happening. Republicans made big gains in state legislatures, so the states that are redistricting will have district gerrymandered to protect Republican incumbents. Not saying the Dems wouldn't have done the same thing, they totally would have (in my state, NY, they passed a law to count prisoners in their home districts for state legislature redistricting instead of at prison because this creates more seats in the liberal downstate as opposed to the more conservative upstate where most of the prisons are). I think the Democrats could keep the Senate, or it could flip. That is the more interesting chamber to watch for IMO.
  11. Well, that and you'd think ANYBODY would realize that saying something like that is extremely offensive, let alone somebody as successful in the industry as MADD.
  12. Anyone see Beth Chamberlin on SVU a couple weeks ago? She was really good, and the episode in general was one of the best in years IMO.
  13. Why do you feel it violated what Knots represented? I thought it was a mistake because Linda was a highlight to me in a season that's not my favorite (season 12) but that is a strong way of putting it.
  14. This is terrific! Whoever made this is so talented.
  15. I miss earlier WoST. It got crazier and crazier as the years went on. And so did its webmaster. Anyway, Carl thanks for posting this as well as the long Jelinda's theme in the ATWT thread. "Hold on to Love" and "Jelinda's Theme" are the most breathtaking soap themes IMO.
  16. Why are you embarrassed? He is hot. As long as you're not an ATM he has no problem with you
  17. God this Chris was so awful. I didn't realize they had New York accents in Oakdale
  18. I don't know if you can really classify that as a "quit" though since TPTB didn't renew his contract and wanted him to go recurring. Since his reason for staying with ATWT was to maintain a steady paycheck, it makes sense that he had no interest in being recurring. And it must be hard to be a soap actor, since there is a lot of repetition, and we always hate it when TPTB rewrite the past... imagine how annoying it is for THEM, since they were the ones living it, and have to act like what they knew happened didn't happen.
  19. All I can think is that if this had aired twenty years later we would've complained about how the Walsh/Snyders had "RappaDavidson'd" ATWT
  20. I really liked this Chris (Paul Korver) and then Dylan Bruce but nobody ever lasted long in the role. I didn't like Bailey Chase, Ben Jorgenson, or whats-his-face-who's-always-on-soaps-when-they-get-canceled.
  21. Now you're almost right. On a soap today she wouldn't have had an abortion.
  22. The girl who played Tory was really good IIRC. It wasn't a well written storyline but she made it work. Knowing that these are on YouTube I will check them out later; no idea if they will be good or not. I remember finding them humorous at the time but we'll see.
  23. I actually don't mind that kind of thing, kind of breaking the fourth wall but in a cute way; ATWT did the same thing with Barbara when CZP was pregnant. They had other characters comment that maybe Barbara needed to go on a diet. And then right after CZP gave birth they wrote that Barbara was pregnant with Will so CZP ended up being pregnant for like two years.
  24. Floyd Boyd was a man, Guiding Light's biggest fan And he wanted to write for the show But his script got turned down and he left with a frown 'Cause he wasn't quite ready to go. He had yet to meet Reva, his favorite soap diva But Floyd had terrible luck! When he ran on the set, with disaster he met And now in Springfield he's stuck ^ Anyone else remember this? I do only vaguely and I have no idea whether it was good or totally lame.
  25. Ugh, Christel sucks, on all levels. I always knew she was a bad actress but apparently she is a shitty person too. Pathetic.
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