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  1. Yeah, it's definitely evolved over time. CBS was more conservative, slow-moving, family-centred, but there's that Bell vs. P&G divide that largely split the lineup down the middle in terms of subject matter.

    ABC has always moved faster, been more liberal, lighter, with grittier subject matter, definitely defined by Agnes Nixon's style. GH managed to keep pace, despite rarely sharing writers or producers with the Nixon shows.


    NBC was a mish-mash, since their 60s and 70s soaps were successful thanks to both Bell and Nixon's styles, and sort of defined by more daring adult drama, but never really reaching the youth the same way ABC did. That shifted in the 80s and 90s with the dramatic change in style of DAYS, the introduction of SB, and AW and SFT trying to keep pace. I feel like NBC never developed that clear identity of the other two, and that may have contributed to their patchy success after the mid-70s.


  2. 2 hours ago, ChickenNuggetz92 said:

    Hey friends! With the rise of Sony adding algorithms to episodes about to re-air being copyrighted on YouTube (even under uploading them as unlisted), I wanted to create a backup plan. Per my Twitter handle, I decided to create a cloud-based Y&R Vault! I've already shared this on the Facebook group, "The Young and the Restless - The Classic Years" group, so I'm inviting you guys to access as well as contribute to the vault! Best part - no registration required, just click on the link here and it's easy as dragging and dropping! If you're having trouble accessing the site, try using your browser's Private Browsing or Incognito mode.


    For full disclosure, I bought a OneDrive business account via eBay. This gives me a "lifetime" 5TB of storage. The only main concern is that it's very possible that the account may cease to work down the road - however from what I've read from other people who've done something similar, Microsoft is unlikely to be diligent about auditing these accounts that are sold. I'm also not terribly concerned about the data on this, considering it's just a collection of videos with no sensitive information. I will, however, continue to research some solutions for backing this up in the event it goes down!


    I've added the link to my signature so the link stays easy to find instead of sifting through hundreds of pages of threads. Perhaps I'll evolve from ChickenNuggetz92 to YRVault down the road... :P


    Awesome! I saw your post about this in the Classic Y&R FB group and (haphazardly) uploaded a few episodes, but I can't seem to access the page anymore. I'll try again via the link here. Hopefully it works!

  3. On 3/13/2020 at 3:10 AM, Paul Raven said:

    The Young and The Restless (ABC), produced in New York, has done location shooting in Los Angeles; show, time and money are everything. We're spending time and money to make the shows better."

    You gotta love how, even back then, the mainstream press could so easily, so concisely, so quickly, get so much information completely WRONG.🤣

  4. Reading through DAYS early history (thanks to the brilliant @JAS0N47 , of course), and in my reading of the monthly summaries, I'm increasingly finding Dr. Greg Peters to be a sanctimonious ass and it's getting on my nerves. Having never seen him on the show in any episodes that have popped up online, I'm curious to know what others' opinions of his character were, watching day-to-day.

    They also glaze over a (to me, understandable) overprotectiveness Susan Martin had over her daughter, Anne, but only refer to it in reference to the litany of complaints Greg had about Susan. Was this really how Susan was with Anne, or was it down to Greg feeling resentful toward Anne for subconsciously reminding him that Anne was actually Eric's baby?

  5. With DAYS, that point came surprisingly late: the past year things have gone so off the rails, particularly with the death-means-nothing vaccine, and the stupidity with Steveno and turning Julie into Miss MAGA. The show has been crazy before, but always seemed to hold a sense of reverence for their history, at least enough so not to completely stomp on it. They moved forward instead of constantly messing with the past. I honestly don't know if there is a moment I could really pinpoint as "the last straw" for me, but there were a number of WTFs in 2019 that finally killed it for me.

    GH, honestly I tuned out pretty much forever the second it became clear that I was supposed to root for The World's Most Boring Man aka Jason. The propping was constant, and the moral code of the show shifted so extremely by that point that, even being a tween, I could never understand why RoboHitman and The Forehead were supposed to be in any way appealing. They were just awful. Final nail in the coffin was Sonny holding Jax at gunpoint in Robin's foyer in front of her daughter and Robin being totally cool with it and not even chastising Sonny SLIGHTLY for having a gun 10ft from a small child. The absurdity of it all made me realize they would never have ANYONE in the Mob Squad face consequences for any behaviour a normal person would abhor, and it just stopped having any impact for me.

    Y&R for me was a combination of Jill's parentage mess, combined with Marrrrrco, and the twin doppelgangers. Once you cross that line into absurdity, you just can't put the genie back in the bottle. They keep trying, but they keep reverting back to it, and it gets worse every time.

    GL was absolutely the clone and San Cristobel. I never came back after that, and I was absolutely fed up of every show aping DAYS.

  6. On 1/15/2020 at 11:11 PM, SFK said:


    Precisely!  I can't stand a suck-up, especially an ignorant one.

    In fairness, Ron's quite happy to block anyone whose nose is anything less than a deep brown after interacting with him on Twitter, so I guess folks wanna stay suckholing.

  7. 20 minutes ago, titan1978 said:

    Three months was the longest that lead time should have been allowed to get.  That still gives you time to course correct and have impactful sweeps because you could still shift things around.


    8+ months is just crazy for a daytime soap.

    Exactly. I don't understand how taking more frequent breaks to keep them around the 3 month mark is less cost-effective than getting themselves 8-9 months ahead by doing the same thing.

  8. 5 minutes ago, KMan101 said:


    Yeah, they'd never reshoot or scrap anything. Not when they're 8 months ahead. 


    Our luck we'd get Dena Higley back.


    I wouldn't mind giving Quan a shot at being solo HW, but I think he'd need a co like Sheri Anderson (who never shoulda left)

    Realistically, I know that. But creatively/ratings-wise, it would be necessary to turn the ship around at this rate.

    And yeah, Sheri was the only thing reigning him in, it's plain as day. Quan had good ideas, like I'm fairly certain it was his idea to bring on Eli and Valerie during his last stint, but of course, Dena doesn't know how to execute anything, and I think he's too green to really know how to execute his ideas effectively, either. He would need someone like Sheri or Lorraine Broderick to help him steer the ship. But even if they were to drop the axe on Ron tomorrow, it still would be way too late to course correct with them so far ahead. SMH.

  9. 16 minutes ago, pdm1974 said:

    Wow....Remember when DAYS used to get a holiday boost??


    I can't help but be worried that TPTB are thinking twice about their renewal decision. I wonder if they have wiggle room to still get out of it.


    I'm not sure why people, including myself, are having trouble getting invested in the show. I haven't watched in weeks. I think the time jump was a good idea on paper, but after the first couple of weeks it started to drag. And, having things like Will and Ben being BFFs is just too much. I'm sooooo tired of "crying Nicole." I miss when she was a martini drinking bitch. Now, she just cries and whines and bounces back and forth between Brady and Eric. "Stevano" was kinda a last straw for me. Stefano should have permanently been laid to rest with JM. We didn't need him, and to be honest, the DiMeras at all. The one suprising thing I sort of enjoyed was Lani and Kristen's friendship. All of the rest, I just can't get into it.

    I'll tell you exactly why, from someone who also recently tuned out after watching pretty much daily for the past 9 years:

    There is no time taken to build anything. This show is so invested in getting to the next plot point, they skip the fallout from everything that's just happened to rush to the next big plot point. Instead of investing in characters and relationships to flesh out where the stories are now and how it all matters, it's all just bombarding you with flashbacks and expository dialogue to explain the convoluted scheme that lead to the latest unexplained "shocking" reveal. The reveal, with this team, is rarely worth the following two episodes where everything has to be explained in flashbacks, and is done shoddily here in part because of budget, and in part because the planning and execution is not meticulous enough for Ron's ambitions.

    I had this same problem at OLTL, if you remember The Tale of Two Todds reveal where not-actually-dead Irene spent the next two days explaining the dumbest backstory on record after weeks of actually decent suspense, where the reveal could've been far more powerful if Irene had shown up around the same time as Todd and dropped some hints along the way to make the explanation less clunky.

    So, TL;DR, Ron's ambition outpaces his talents, and why invest when nothing matters?

  10. 6 hours ago, Faulkner said:

    2011-2012 was when ATWT, AMC, and OLTL were all cancelled. I think in the 2000s, there was still mild investment/innovation and hope that soaps could get younger viewers to tune in.

    I do wish there would be more widespread reporting of online viewership, because with Nielsen only reporting traditional TV ratings, it's like driving with one eye covered. We have no real idea what shows young people are watching, because everyone's moved to streaming services, and none of them are reporting their viewership, which I find bizarre.

    I assume the networks have SOME idea how many viewers are watching online, but apparently that isn't factoring into their business decisions, and thus the stories are catering only the remaining TV viewers, who are apparently largely 65+ and pearl-clutch at the very thought of saying the word "gay", and it's driving everyone else away.

  11. On 1/1/2020 at 11:34 AM, KMan101 said:

    DAYS: Like GH, 2013 was a mostly good year for DAYS. It really fell to [!@#$%^&*] in 2014. I mean, badly fell to [!@#$%^&*]. Just collapsed. The show's on fumes but Ron tries. There's too much interference and he needs a Sheri type back with him to balance some things out. The show just feels chopped up and messy.


    2010 saw the loss of Alice Horton and we had a pretty great month long memorial to her as Hortons and others came back into town. Yet like none of them stayed. None

    of them returned. Sigh. This was the time to rebuild.


    2011-2012 - MarDar. Lots of lost potential. They too suffered from interference. Will always love them for shafting Daniel Jonas, but then we got Egg Baby under them, no? Or was that Higley? Or Tomsell. 2014-2016 really run badly together.

    It did. I think losing James Scott, Camilla Banus, Eileen Davidson, and Ali Sweeney all in very short order really caused massive problems for the momentum for TomSell. I feel they had so many plans tied to those five characters, that to lose them one by one, they didn't know what direction to go in from there. Their antipathy toward the men of Salem didn't help. Drake Hogestyn was barely on the entire time, and when he was, he was a crusty husk of his former self. You really could sense a loathing of the character of John during that period.

    Jennifer was, I think, the only character of the lot to stick around long-term after the funeral, no? Maybe she was back before then, to help usher Crystal Chappell back on the show. My timelines are a bit muddled on that era. Absolutely ridiculous they didn't keep John Martin as Bill around, as I haven't heard anything but positive things about his performance, admittedly, I thought he did a good job, and fit in like a glove.

    They really bunged up MarDar, and the fact Marlene McPhereson was able to tell much better stories at AMC than DAYS speaks volumes about the interference they ran into. It always felt like stories would start, then disappear for weeks, before being wrapped up within a couple episodes, never to be heard about again. EXCEPT THAT STUPID EGG BABY STORY, which, yes, MarDar wrote. I feel like they were strongarmed into that. There was absolutely a campaign to push Daniel to the forefront in that era. He was someone's pet, and I have NO idea whose, because once he was killed off, we still hear about it! Certainly no actual FAN of the show.


  12. On 12/28/2019 at 1:35 PM, soapfan770 said:

    The best things of the 2010's? 


    Karma finally caught up and struck Christopher Goutman, Les Moonves, JFP, Barbara Bloom, Frons, McDaniel, and some others as their careers were forever ruined by their own decisions and were all fired. 


    Decent periods for the soaps? I'd say 2011-2015 B&B, 2013 for Days, and late 2012- late 2014 and the first half of 2017 for Y&R




    Days: 2011-2012, 2015-present, with the nadir definitely being Chase raping Ciara

    B&B: Everything since the fall of 2016 has been horrible with each year bringing in a new low. 

    Y&R: This decade started out by Death by volcano! I'd say Mal's era was third worst after Latham and MAB&Co.


    That said, we haven't had a soap dip below a 1.0 yet have we? 

    +1 to this entire post, honestly.

    I will say that my predictions for the coming decade are relatively bleak. I'm anticipating DAYS won't be on TV five years from now. We'll see how the app series pan out. They very likely are using the app to acclimate viewers to watching episodes via the app in preparation to move online. If they do, they'll need to shrink the cast down significantly, and episode lengths as well.

    I have a feeling that the wave of annoying conservatism we see on the shows with regard to subject matter will only get worse. Recent exchanges I've had with folks on certain social media groups on Facebook confirm to me that the remaining traditional over-the-air viewership of these shows are stuck in 1962 and refuse to leave, yet complain endlessly about how boring the shows are. 

    I'll venture a bet that one show will do something very innovative within the decade that will usher in a new era for soaps, and finally prove their viability online. I have a sneaky suspicion someone at one of the streaming services will attempt to package another reboot of a serial, much like Prospect Park attempted with OLTL and AMC. Or package a new serial altogether, though that seems less likely (though would also be the wisest move, IMO). It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I think there is a potential audience beyond the diehard holdouts like us out there, it just needs to be done well, and paced appropriately (ie. enough time given to character and family building, something that has been consistently sidelined in recent years for poorly-executed stunts that have no long-term impact).

    Also, I expect by decade's end, we will likely be seeing two remaining TV soaps, both on CBS. Expect B&B to overtake Y&R in households at some point. Steve Kent will burn the wrong bridge and be gone when B&B overtakes Y&R, and DAYS is cancelled on NBC (this will probably happen around the same time).

    Additionally, I will bet money that Dena Higley will be rehired as HW at DAYS within the next year. I would've said two years, but the timejump has tanked the ratings, and since Corday doesn't know how to read a ratings chart properly, he'll think she's the perfect replacement and the show will bore everyone to tears to the end of its TV run, and possibly be the first HW for any online variant.

    God, I sound cynical.

  13. 47 minutes ago, dragonflies said:



    The coveted demographic of women viewers aged 18 to 49, abbreviated as W18-49, is the one most sought-after among network executives in terms of TV audiences. And now, Days of our Lives reached a big moment in that demo.


    According to the latest ratings, Days of our Lives came in second in the W18-49 demo for the week ending last Sunday, December 15 with a 0.42 rating. The Young and the Restless came in first (0.44), while The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital tied for third (0.40).

    That article's got more spin on it than a merry-go-round. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Broderick said:


    Same here.   I rarely skipped an episode while Sally Sussman was writing.   I didn't care for her the writers who preceeded her, and haven't cared for the ones who've succeeded her.    But I thought she did all right.  Yeah, some of her material was pretty dull, but it seemed like Y&R, and it seemed to moving forward in a somewhat logical manner.  None of the other writers since about 2005 have even come close to crafting anything I've cared to watch daily. 


    Do I think there are better writers out there? Yes. But of the people who we're liable to get who could potentially write the show in a manner that's familiar with characterization I could engage with, Sally isn't a bad choice. Now, I will also say that I would feel a lot better if she were paired with someone who could inject some pizzazz into her stories, as I do agree she can get a little bit blah, but I don't think she's completely lacking in talent, either. Considering the talent pool that's left, I could think of a lot of people who would be far worse than Sally.

    I also can't  totally blame Sally for DAYS losing #2 after JER. No one was going to maintain the ratings he brought. Especially considering the fact two of his most popular stories ended just before Sally took the reigns. I think it was to be expected that most anyone that took over from Reilly was going to cause the show to lose some steam.

  15. 3 hours ago, ironlion said:


    Steve Burton is the only person that can play Jason IMO, even if he's not doing it well right now.

    In addition to cast slimming I think cutting the show 30 minutes (and all other hour-long soaps for that matter) would do it a whole lot of good.


    LOL, GH is bad right now, but in its defence....CBS may bring in the numbers but its soaps are currenly in  crap  quality where storyline is concerned. Y&R has been dull for so many years now, meanwhile The Bold and the Beautiful just keeps recycling romance plots. At least GH gets relatively creative with their lackluster stories.


    I've been saying this for awhile. I honestly think the main reason B&B has been sustaining/gaining in the ratings is less to do with their storytelling (because we all know how consistent THAT is) and more to do with the fact it's aired in relatively bite-sized chunks so it's easier to get sucked in than an hour-long show (I also think this is why no soap that's debuted as an hour has ever been truly successful in the ratings).

    GH honestly needs to do a big blowout story where someone who has hated the mob for the past few decades (I always figured Monica would be the best person to head this up) brings the mob down and then we jail the worst ones (Sonny/Jason etc.) and move on with actual doctors and medical stories.

  16. 53 minutes ago, VirdenEMT said:

    When I watched Wed episode, I was struck with how cold Marlena was around Mickey's cancer diagnosis. That is her granddaughter and she hardly batted an eye. She is more worked up over Gina staying at her apartment.

    Bad writing and bad acting.

    I would also lay that at the feet of the direction. More than once in the past couple years I've noticed directors on this show play things in a rather bizarre manner. See Justin's reaction to Adrienne's death for an example.

  17. 2 hours ago, Taoboi said:

    Now that I'm caught up on the thread...


    1) I guess I'm the only one that liked Sally's last run. I don't mind being solo on that.  But boring...no. Only real time other that double mess that Cane was ever interesting. And so many possibilities for someone who said she fell by the seat of her pants. Allegedly. 


    Actually, Sally was the last time I watched Y&R regularly. I really liked where she was going with it, and then it started to feel like she wasn't being given room to move the stories forward...and then she was gone. I literally got through one episode of Mal's run as HW before losing interest. Was Sally perfect? No. Way too much time with Victoria and Billy in the Jabot lab/broom closet. But it was way better than whatever's come after.

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