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  1. If I never hear over qualified or under qualified again, I'll be one happy mitch!!

  2. These old Bea Arthur ads for Shoppers Drug Mart really run the gamut. This is one where she gets to indulge more of her Maude side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMv-SDpMsr8

  3. If I never hear over qualified or under qualified again, I'll be one happy mitch!!

  4. I really never needed to see Bieber sucking on a stripper's fake tits.

  5. Yes I have One Life To Live's 1995 bumper music as my cell phone text theme

  6. I don't care how pathetic it is, every time I find some sort of "new" old soap clip on Youtube, especially for things like Loving, it's like Christmas.

  7. If anyone knows of Santa Barbara full episodes (in English), let me know please.

  8. Finally finishing up another bit of "A World Away". Feels good to accomplish something for once. http://aworldawaysoap.blogspot.com/2014/01/episode-4-bend-time-back-round.html

  9. Am I insane for thinking that programming the heat to only be on from 7.30-8.30AM and 6.30-9.30PM and at just 64 degrees in this freezing winter is INSANE? How stingy can you be?

  10. All right, B&B and DAYS, I'm giving you both a chance this year. All I ask is that you entertain me.

  11. I don't care about your cat, Jan!!!!

  12. Watching Jill Larson on Wheel Of Fortune. She is the most adorable woman! LOVE her!

  13. Met someone today with the last name Boner. I can't even imagine.

  14. Daniel Cosgrove is going to cancel Days...lol

  15. Looks like someone found a new ATM to w/draw funds. I'm hearing there's a big GH announcement coming up. PM if you want the info. I need someone to cry with me.

  16. Beyonce just legit released a brand new, unannounced album with videos for each and every song, including four extra videos. Like, WHAT? Dead right now

    1. beebs


      I know Eurythmics did that once, I believe on the "Savage" album.

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  17. Just 10 minutes into a 1991 AW episode and my entire existence is seething Michael Hudson LOATHING.

  18. what's next a Golden Girls reboot? lol

  19. what's next a Golden Girls reboot? lol

  20. TLC is airing a one hour special about a man with a 132 pound scrotum. I just..there are no words...

  21. Malcolm Jamal Warner says his least favorite Cosby Show opening was the Carribean One (Season 5) who else agrees? I knew it was that one before I clicked the link lol

  22. Taking break from SON for Summer ... Too much TV to watch (Corrie, GH, DAYS, OLTL, Degrassi, AMC, pretty soon Big Brother) with Big Brother around the corner, so no time to comment on how much I'm liking it, espeically with how I am a feedster and comment on Joker's for BB. So see y'all in September and have a great summer! Or who knows, I might still log in and this could be a lie LOL.

  23. Galn Gering shouldnt teas me with tweets like this galen gering ‏@galengering 4h Guess I'm not gettin a storyline on Days anytime soon...hmmmmm #needanewgig

  24. I never thought this it would be this hard to find a fulltime, ok paying job with benefits.

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