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  1. Alright, this week's been a hot mess for me, so I apologize for my absence. Time to get down to business and carry on with this massacre!



    Julie and Phyllis have a chat while Bob's asleep (the flashback in the scene @jam6242 posted upthread), and Julie notes that she still very much loves Bob. Phyllis agrees, and remarks similarly of Julie toward Doug. Julie is certain, despite Phyllis' insistence to the contrary, that it's too late for her and Doug.


    Alex wants Chris to tell Bob that everything is running smoothly at Anderson, hoping to keep Bob at bay for as long as possible, so that Alex himself can get his hooks into the business without interference. Alex reasons that, if Mary and Bob believe he and Chris are friendly, there'll be less for them to worry about and they can focus on Bob's recovery. Chris sees through Alex, and won't play ball. Alex visits Bob shortly thereafter, and is instructed to keep Chris at the plant at all costs. Alex insists it'll be a pleasure and that they'll surely become friends at this rate. Bob isn't buying Alex's shtick either.


    Talking later to Chris, Bob laments that Chris and Mary didn't marry, but tells Chris that he deserves a family around him, as he'd make a good husband and father, and feels about Chris as the "son he never had". A lot of that going around lately.


    Melissa calls Mickey, and tells him that Melissa is now in a boarding school in New York, but Melissa wouldn't tell Mickey where in case Bob retaliates and takes legal action against Linda. Melissa tells Mickey that Linda met a new man and Melissa "got in her way". Someone's big mad that Melissa spilled the beans on her, methinks. After relaying the news to Maggie, she calls Linda a monster. Mickey is torn on whether to tell Bob about the call, fearing it may cause another heart attack. The Hortons agree that Mickey should tell Bob, however. So Mickey passes the information along, and Bob is justifiably heartbroken. He cries that they'll now never find Melissa.


    Bob feels well enough to visit the plant, so Phyllis takes him there, and finds Alex behind his desk. Phyllis decides it's a great idea to leave Bob with Alex while she goes off with Mary to her wedding dress fitting. Thankfully, he survives this experience. At the dress fitting, Phyllis asks if Mary's truly happy, and Mary tells her that she "never thought [she]'d meet someone so much like dad". HMMMM...


    Phyllis pries into why Mary won't see Chris, suspecting Mary isn't really over him. Mary snaps at her mother, reminding Phyllis that she was the one who broke their engagement. Chris, recognizing he's being avoided, goes to see Mary. He asks if she really knows what she's getting into, and if this is truly what she wants. Mary is firm with Chris that she is content with Alex.


    Bob, swept up in the joy of the moment, and his reconnection with Phyllis, tells her it's high time they got married again themselves. When they tell Mary, she seems more excited about their remarriage than her own. Sounds about right.


    As Chris leaves Mary's studio, he bumps into Alex, and insinuates Mary's sick, and that the wedding is off. Alex slips, insisting she can't be sick, because "there's so much..." OOPS! Alex catches himself, but Chris finishes the sentence for him: "So much at stake? Is that what you were going to say?". Seems Chris knows Alex is only marrying Mary for the $$$, and tells him as much. Chris agrees to keep quiet though, because Mary truly does love Alex (for some god-forsaken reason), but makes it clear he will be watching Alex carefully.


    The day of the wedding, and Alex and Mary are to be married out at the Anderson lakehouse. They apparently rush through the ceremony, and Bob gives a nice speech to the (for now) happy couple. Bob finishes his speech, sits down to have a glass of champagne and immediately keels over.




    Phyllis finds him, and when he doesn't respond, Phyllis screams. After Tom examines Bob, he confirms he's dead. Mary can't cry, she just stares off into space like a zombie. Phyllis sobs on Alice's shoulder that she can't go on without Bob, and plans to leave Salem again. Neil consoles Phyllis as well.


    Alex is being a good boy and isn't pushing Mary to have sex with him (how gracious). Phyllis tries to console Mary, but Mary barely acknowledges her. Chris tries to console her, encouraging Mary to let her emotions out, but Mary only says that now that Bob's gone, her whole world is gone with him. Chris offers to lend an ear whenever Mary needs.


    David finds out about Bob's death and tells Julie, who feels guilt over breaking up Phyllis and Bob's marriage in the first place. 


    At Bob's funeral, Mary still can't cry, and is still icy toward Phyllis. Chris breaks down after the ceremony, promising he will watch over Anderson, and Mary, for the man he considered a second father. Alex, meanwhile, convinces Mickey to rush Bob's will-reading, because he has to take Mary away somewhere. Mary, you in danger, girl!




    Mary, Alex, Phyllis, and Chris descend upon Mickey's office, with Alex licking his chops.


    OOPS! Chris gets control of Anderson, not Mary! Chris is also made sole executor of the estate. BAHAHAHAH! Even Chris is shocked by the news. Phyllis is pleased, but Alex tells Mickey before he leaves with Mary that he'll be back to discuss the will. Melissa, if they ever find her, gets a chunk of money (no word about this block of stock that apparently will come up later, but anyway...), and Mickey informs Chris that Bob changed the will while Chris and Alex were at odds. Bob didn't trust Alex, and put Chris in charge to protect the plant, and Mary.


    Melissa calls again, this time to Mary. She's desperate to be brought home to Salem and to Bob, but Mary tells her of Bob's death. Alex, taking the phone, asks where she is. Melissa tells Alex of her New York boarding school, and Alex promises that Mickey will contact her.


    Off the phone, Mary is in a fog, which Alex takes advantage of, convincing her that the will wasn't reflective of what Bob really wanted, and that Bob wanted Alex to run Anderson. Mary is easily influenced, whispering that she wants what her father wanted.


    Maggie decides that she will bring Melissa back to Salem. Maggie also decides to enrol Melissa in a private school she attended as a girl, which cheers the depressed young girl right up.


    Alex storms into Mickey's office, bloviating about how Bob promised Anderson to Mary, that Alex was training her for the job, and that Bob wasn't of sound mind when he made Chris the CEO of Anderson. Alex demands Mickey challenge the will immediately. Mickey will do no such thing, so Alex contacts another lawyer.


    At home, Phyllis begins to clear out Bob's things from the lakehouse. Mary screams at Phyllis that Phyllis is trying to erase Bob's memory, and screams that Phyllis never really loved Bob. Enraged, she tells her mother to leave her alone, and that she doesn't need her, as she has Alex now.


    So Phyllis leaves, and that's the last we hear of her for the next couple years!




    Alex, however, is already fed up with waiting to shtoop Mary, and tells her as much. Mary sobs that she can't go to bed with him until she feels like her world will go on without Daddy. Mary then asks to have Melissa live with them instead of going to boarding school out of town. Alex flat-out refuses, citing that Mary is in no shape to be parenting anyone right now.


    Maggie visits, and reassures Mary that her farm is close to the school, and that she can visit with, and care for Melissa. Mary worries Melissa will feel abandoned by her.


    Alex's blue balls are getting intolerable for him, so he orders a candlelit dinner to be brought to the apartment. Mary looks at the array dismally, and says only "Alex, you shouldn't have". She won't eat, and Alex has to ask the dinner to be cleared away.


    Ray, Alex's partner at Magnis, wonders why Alex hasn't assumed control of Anderson yet. Ray makes it clear that the clock is ticking, and that he wants a cut of Anderson profits, or else Alex's shady dealings will come to light.


    The last straw comes when Alex finds Mary at Bob's grave. He scolds her viciously for her grief, saying she's acting like a child. Forbidding her to return, he tells her she's a spoiled brat, and that's why Bob didn't put Alex Mary in charge of Anderson. Mary finally fights back, realizing that Alex was after only one thing: her inheritance. Realizing he's crossed the line, Alex backtracks, saying he's just edgy because they haven't been to bed yet. 


    Back at the office, Mary clashes with Chris over the direction of the plant, with Mary demanding Chris make the tough decisions because that's what Bob wanted, but Chris isn't confident in making the decision. Realizing Mary's sudden change of opinion where Alex is concerned, Chris tells Mary he doesn't want to be caught in the middle of her squabbles with Alex, as he refuses to play Alex's games.




    Chris hires a new assistant, someone from outside the company that Alex has no power over. He finds the perfect candidate in a woman named Leslie James.


    Mickey is visited by the right hand man of the former Governor, now Ambassador. Max Jarvis tells Mickey that his boss, Ambassador Chandler, wants to buy Anderson. The new mall is owned by Chandler, and the plant plays a big role in his overall plans in Salem. Chandler announces he will be running for governor again, and Chandler and Jarvis, behind close doors, moustache-twirl about how they'll once again hoodwink the public into voting for Chandler again, despite their shady pasts. Oh brother.






    Robert sends Doug a letter, updating him on him and Dougie, which gets Doug misty-eyed. Lee catches him, and tells Doug she wishes he'd forget about the past, wondering why he's so hung up on Dougie. Doug tells her that Dougie is "like the son he never had". I mean, you might as well just tell her at this point, Doug. Lee convinces Doug to go see a house during a rainstorm. Once inside, it's still raining! Lee, for some reason, still wants them to take the house, but Doug tells her "one amenity we don't need is an indoor swimming pool", and leaves. ZING!


    Lee wishes to take a greater role in the club, hoping to be closer to Doug. Doug agrees, suggesting she be the hostess for the venue.


    Julie is meant to go on a date with Tony Kingman, but apparently it didn't go so well, as she's still hung up on Doug. Apparently Tony and Julie used to be a thing? This is the first I'm hearing about this, but Tune In Tomorrow says so, so....sure! Neil is still hung up on Julie, despite their lousy date, and makes a pact with Lee to pursue Julie to keep Doug and Julie apart. Oh brother.


    Lee begins work at Doug's Place, and is recognized by Tony Kingman! OF COURSE SHE IS! He remembers meeting her when she and Byron were vacationing. This story is getting stupider by the minute! Tony's opportunity to pry is cut short when Neil arrives, and they get to discussing their goofy plan.


    When David tells Doug, Trish, and Lee about Bob's death, Doug immediately rushes off to console Julie, angering Lee. Doug tells Julie he will always be there for her as a friend. Julie isn't happy with this, and when Doug gets home, Lee is equally angry, tired of Doug constantly running off at every possible second to check on his ex-. Doug insists he's worried about Julie as a friend, and a friend only.


    Julie shuts down Chez Julie, and hands Doug a cheque for his half of the business. She also puts things on ice between her and Tony Kingman, who I still don't know why they INSIST on referring to him every time by his full name, as there's only one Tony in Salem at this point, it's kinda weird. Julie is unsure whether she wants to take him up on the job offer to move to New York as an antiques buyer or not. She does, however, take him and Hope out to dinner, and Hope seems to like him.


    As they clear out Chez Julie, Tony Kingman (finally being referred to as just Tony, but being the smartass that I am, I will continue to only refer to him by his full name, because I can), kisses Julie passionately just as Doug walks in. Aaaaand Doug walks back out, and the cycle of crossed wires continues.


    Doug suggests Alice invite Lee to tea, to make Lee feel more welcome in the family. It goes as poorly as one would expect a visit to your new husband's ex-wife's grandmother would go.


    Julie gets a call from a realtor about a location at a new mall for Julie's new design shop. Julie loves it and gives it the go-ahead. Doug is also about to make some real estate purchases. Lee takes him to see a nice penthouse with a beautiful view. Doug's eager to take the property, but Mickey advises against it, due to the steep price.








    Margo be passing out here, there, and everywhere. She once again collapses at work, but Chris the Perpetual Hero, sits her down and calls Mike to take her home. She later insists to Mike that Chris was just making a big fuss out of nothing, but when Mike leaves the room, he finds Margo asleep on the couch. He tries to wake her up gently, but doesn't get a response. He begins to panic, screaming at her to wake up. When she finally does, Mike has Bill check her out. Bill recommends Margo take a couple days off to rest in bed.


    With regard to their counselling, Jordan talks Laura out of counselling Mike and Margo (presumably Laura's last appearance on the show, as she leaves March 25). Jordan asks Marlena to take over, and Marlena agrees, provided Don is okay with it. Don agrees, but stipulates that she should work only from home, and only to help Mike and Margo, since it's only been a few short weeks since she gave birth.


    MASSACRE VICTIM #11! And what an exit, folks! She just...stops appearing.


    Tom sets up a blood bank for Margo, and finally stops the charade that both Margo and Mike were living in. Tom tells Mike that Margo's cancer is back, and she's dying. Once Tom confirms that Margo knows, Mike cannot believe he wasn't told, and insists there must be something they can do to save her. Tom tells Mike that it's impossible, and that Jordan and Tom have set up counselling sessions with Marlena on their behalf. Mike admits he'd been in denial.


    He relays the bad news onto Chris, whose head must be spinning at this point. Chris is floored by the bad news, and donates blood to Margo's blood bank. Mike then takes Margo to the park and finally musters his strength to admit that he knows she's dying. They share a tender moment, and agree to therapy with Marlena.


    At therapy, Margo feels a weight has lifted off of her since Mike told her he knows about her impending doom. Marlena probes further, wondering if there's any lingering guilt or resentment, but the couple claim to be perfectly content. Mmmmhmmm.


    Margo goes in for blood transfusions, claiming at first to be feeling wonderful, but fading fast, and becoming weaker and bitter as the days go on. The stress finally causes Mike to snap at Mickey when he visits, calling Mickey out for bringing up Bob's death and upsetting Margo. After apologizing, he goes to see Marlena for more help.





    Jordan and Bill visit Doug's Place for dinner, and tell Doug that Laura's made a full recovery. Apparently she wasn't at Bayview but at Lakewood (these places all have the same damned names, no?). Bill has decided to accept the position as medical director at Lakewood, to be closer to Laura, but will still occasionally practice in Salem, joking that he "won't be a stranger". Sure you won't, Bill. The two reminisce about their musical duo from the days when Doug's Place was still called Sergio's. They do a number onstage, with Bill on piano while Doug sings. The performer's high wears off quickly, with Doug telling Bill afterwards that he's depressed, and that coming to Doug's Place is no fun anymore.


    MASSACRE VICTIM #12 & 13!! - since I think that's the last we hear of Jordan, as well. Another one that just...stops appearing.





    Don's political career is going well, with him schmoozing rather successfully with the local PTA ladies. This schmoozing leads Don to find out one of the ladies is selling her home, and it just so happens to be the home where Don proposed? I...I'm a bit confused by that, but okay. Really hoping Don didn't break into other people's houses to propose to his now-wife.


    Sam, now apparently all better and like she never had kidney failure, wins a major part in a movie and is moving back to LA. But before she goes, she'll throw Marlena a baby shower. Looks like Donna didn't actually leave yet, even though it said she did last month, but okay. The family has a nice goodbye dinner for her, and Donna holds DJ and sadly hopes they'll be together soon. And NOW off she does.





    Trish has decided not to say a word about the diamond nonsense to David because she's off the hook with the mob, so I guess that whole story will just...DISAPPEAR now. Probably for the best.


    Alex, trying desperately to win some goodwill at Anderson, promises David the moon, the stars, a fern, and a raise, all as long as David doesn't tell anyone that Alex is planning to do so. David does confide to Julie that he's surprised by Alex's sudden change in attitude towards him, but stops short of telling her the news of his "imminent promotion" to executive assistant.






    Marie hears from Cathy that she's engaged to an intern in Chicago. How nice.

    This...so far doesn't sound SO bad, but...the Chandlers introduction sounds absolutely horrible, and I increasingly don't understand what they want Lee to do or be. I don't get any sense that Tony Kingman has a personality, or indeed, a point of view. I don't really care how he's connected to Lee. Everything is just...silly. I guess this is how things will be for the next few months. So...Yay???

  2. 15 hours ago, prefab1 said:

    Agreed that killing off Nick was a short-sighted move, and the show could have benefited from having a "bad" Horton, because it would cause a lot of organic, character-driven conflict, with some Hortons choosing family loyalty over morality. But to the show's credit--and unlike, say, GH, with its litany of dead characters who no one ever talks about anymore--they haven't forgotten about Nick, and his death has fueled years of storyline with the ongoing war between Gabi and Julie. 

    It has, though somewhat inorganically. I will never forgive Ron for making Julie, once a worldly, sharp-witted woman, into a racist, especially when she was the most supportive person of David and Valerie's relationship. If you're going to use history, use it right.


    Agreed as well @soapfave06, that year, to me, was the last excellent year of DAYS, tbh. I thought TomSell's first year was, by and large, excellent, minus the Daniel nonsense, Bo abandoning Hope for dubious reasons, and the weird way they drove a wedge between John and Marlena. They didn't explore the complexities of the situations nearly enough, but they set them up so well, it's a shame they didn't dig in deeper.

  3. 5 hours ago, adrnyc said:

    At least it makes a change from hearing you and everyone else on this board rant about how much they despise a show that's been off the air for 10 years. You people are an absolute trip. Normally, I'm with Victoria Foxton - just scrolling through reading member's incessant complaining about how horrible As The World Turns was - except in the 60s and 70s where are there are no episodes to tear apart bit by bit. Sometimes, I just need to bitch slap the board. You all really are a bunch of pathetic wannabe soap opera writers/producers with no concept of what goes into creating it and would fail miserably at the job. But, you know, you're bored and have no lives so some of the most negative people on the planet have a spot to come to complain about how horrible soap operas are. And you wonder why TPTB don't give a [!@#$%^&*] about what y'all think and ignore you as much as possible????


    If it weren't for the wonderful work Brolden does to track the episodes of ATWT and me feeling responsible to help him out since I'm watching the show in order from YouTube as much as I can, I wouldn't come here. But he's doing some admirable work and I want to help him with added episodes I've found or to clear up some questions he has. I usually read without commenting but sometimes you people are so nasty, vindictive, and hateful that I decide to join in - only it's aimed at the board members instead of a 10 year old television show.

    Then why are you posting here? I mean, if this place is so full of this negative energy you're so put off by that you're posting diatribe after diatribe of same said energy back at us (to what end, I have no idea), then like...I'm not telling you what to do, but I wouldn't hang around, regardless of what folks are posting that you DO like. Get their contact info and e-mail them.


    So...I dunno. Up to you. *shrug*

  4. 1 hour ago, vetsoapfan said:

    Writing Nick into a corner and then killing him off was yet another bone-headed move by TPTB regarding the future of blood Hortons on the show.

    Even Nick as a villain could easily have worked longterm with an imaginative headwriter. I saw potential in him as a Roger Thorpe type, always being compared unfavourably to "perfect Will" and getting mileage out of that, but they went too far and copped out. Shame, really. 

  5. Just now, Paul Raven said:

    Final Dates

    Linda/ Melissa  March 6th

    Robert/Dougie March 14th

    Donna March 6th one day return March 20th



    Tony Kingman March 12

    Tommy Horton one day return March 7

    Laura Horton March 7, 10 and 19.

    So Tommy literally returned JUST for the party and nothing else. What a joke of an ending to a bloody core character. WOW.

  6. 3 hours ago, Titus Andronicus said:


    Kenney left in January 1980.


    An interview I read from a couple of weeks afterward said it was because of Ann Marcus' firing. That absolutely can't be and so I'm wondering if Harrower was already on the way out and he misspoke. Jason has Kenney with Days through the show that aired January 18.

    Yeah, I would say that would have to be it, especially what with Harrower returning to Y&R under his watch. I'd imagine there was a rapport there. I wish I had more insider info there, because it really feels like Harrower didn't get a fair shake. Her stories just seem to get cut off over and over again, and network interference seems like a logical reason. I have seen what that looks like before, and it feels like Ann Marcus had been given the room to tell her (rotten) stories, while Harrower didn't. Just my observation.



    Shall we venture into Harrower's last weeks? Ruth Brooks Flippen starts March 14, these writeups go til' the 21st, so her first week will become self-evident, I think.





    Linda is furious over Bob's divorce settlement terms. Bob has declared that Melissa should stay in Salem to complete school, and Linda leave town. Linda won't hear of it. Linda feels Melissa has turned against her, and thinks she's ungrateful. Melissa insists she's just torn between her love for both Linda and Bob. Linda coldly tells her "you can't have it both ways, honey".


    Don has managed to get Linda a new job in Cincinnati, but Linda doesn't really want to take it. Hoping to stay in Salem, she visits Bob in the hospital, apologizing for not coming sooner. She is contrite, and admits that Bob has a right to be angry, but that separating her from Melissa is a step too far. She grovels at Bob's feet, laying on the theatrics thick with how much she cares for him, and to give her another chance...and Bob doesn't say a damned word. Linda continues to lay herself at Bob's mercy, asking how he cannot see how much she "loves" him. Bob finally speaks, telling Linda that it's too late, and if she doesn't agree to his terms and leave Salem ASAP, he will reveal how she left him to die. Linda finally gives in and says her goodbyes, Bob tells her she already said her goodbyes ages ago. OOF!


    Mary tells Bob she's marrying Alex. Bob isn't thrilled, wondering what Alex wants from Mary to be marrying her so soon. Mary is certain Alex isn't up to anything, as he's just as well-off as she is, therefore couldn't possibly be marrying her for untoward reasons. Oh Mary, my sweet summer child. Chris is defensive of her when he hears the news, and tries to be gracious. He tells Mary that Alex is a lucky man and that if he does her wrong, Alex will have to answer to him. Mary notes that Alex reminds her of Bob, and Chris makes the connection (Mary always has had a rather...excessive loyalty to her father). Chris notes "she's finally marrying her father". OOPS!


    Linda and Mary say their goodbyes, with Mary being her usually icy self toward Linda, but she does promise to watch over Melissa in her absence. When Linda approaches Melissa, she decides to leave with her mother. FOOL.


    MASSACRE VICTIMS #4 and 5!!!


    Beebs' note: This is TWO DAYS into the new writeups. ALL OF THIS. DAYS was wasting NO time. WOW.



    Bob tries to tactfully tell Phyllis that her daughter is marrying her most recent boyfriend, but the news still shocks Phyllis. Bob tries to find out more about Alex, but Phyllis doesn't really know, beyond the fact he reminded Phyllis of Bob. Telling. Mary later tells Phyllis, who pretends she's shocked and hadn't already heard from Bob. She tells Mary the news hurts her, but she'll still be there for the wedding. Speaking later to Bob, Phyllis admits that Alex is a rotten choice for Mary, but she can't stop her.


    Mary brings Bob a letter from Melissa, explaining why she left with Linda. Mary forewarns Bob that while Melissa loves him, she also loves her mother. Bob is enraged after reading the letter, which explains that she needs to be with her mother, as she will have no one in Cincinnati. Bob is certain Linda manipulated Melissa into leaving with her, and is enraged by the letter. Mary calls Mickey on Bob's behalf, to have Linda and Melissa tracked down, only to learn they never arrived in Cincinnati. Slippery Linda strikes again!


    Bob is released from the hospital, and Mary wants to care for him. Alex, desperate to get married right away (and get his hands on that sweet sweet Anderson dollar), suggests Phyllis care for Bob, which suits Phyllis just fine, as she and Bob are beginning to reconnect after years apart. Phyllis hints upon bringing Bob home that she'd like this reconnection to become permanent (HINT). Bob lets her down gently, saying that losing so many people so close together has worn him out emotionally. HE CURIOUSLY DOES NOT MENTION STEPHANIE, but "the thing with Linda and Melissa, and losing MARY". Mary's getting married, it's not like she drove herself off a cliff while on pills or something, BOB.


    Mary asks Margo to be her maid of honour (Mary really has no closer friends than Chris' bloody secretary??), and Alex decides to smooth things over with Chris, and with Bob, by asking Chris to be his best man (speaking volumes about the depth of Alex's interpersonal relationships). Chris agrees not to leave Anderson for Bob's sake, and to being Alex's best man.





    Jordan observes more and more that there's a certain...something between Marie and Alex, and he notices that Marie is spending an inordinate amount of time counseling unwed mothers. He confronts her about this, certain Alex played some part in her past.






    Marlena returns home, but, upsettingly, without DJ, who is too small to leave UH. 


    Donna, despite Terry's article in the paper, is still being teased for being the porn girl, so she asks again to move in with her grandmother. Don and Marlena agree, but worry what Grandma Craig will say when Donna tells her the circumstances. Donna then tells them she already explained the whole situation and Grandma Craig is totally fine with it. Don is amazed at his mother's attitude!


    DJ comes home, and Marlena and Don dote on the boy. Donna loves him as well, but is haunted by the baby she lost. This nagging pain only reinforces her desire to leave Salem. And off she goes (to be seen only three more times after this) to visit Grandma Craig. Looks like it's a visit for now, but became permanent in April.


    MASSACRE VICTIM #6 (though Donna appears again in early April, she leaves town March 6).





    David is BIG MAD Trish wants to work to pay Doug back for bailing her out, by singing with the terribly-named rock group "Wet Wash". David doesn't want these dopes near their home or their son.





    Margo starts to feel weak at work, and Chris gets her to the hosptial. Tom sees that it's bad news, but is nervous to tell Margo, knowing she'll fall apart. (WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING, I WONDER?)


    Bill calls Margo to the hospital, and Margo already knows the news is bad. She tries to put him off, but eventually relents, heading down to his office to hear that her cancer's back. Bill recommends she start chemo immediately, and agrees to keep quiet about Margo's diagnosis to Mike for now, Margo will tell him herself after Tom & Alice's anniversary party.


    Tom and Alice have a big surprise party for their anniversary. Mike presents them with a gift from the entire family: their wedding pictures in a lovely frame. The happy couple lead the group to the dancefloor. Mike and Margo soon follow, as do Bill and Laura. Bill remarks how weak Margo looks (dying'll do that to ya, Bill). Bill swaps partners with Mike, and while Bill and Margo dance, Margo quickly runs from the room. Bill and Mike rush her to UH. Margo desperately wants to minimize the severity of this incident, and wants Bill and Tom to not tell Mike how grave the situation is, hoping she'll pull through this, and if not, she'll be able to leave Mike with happy memories of the night before he hears the news.


    Bill and Laura agree that Mike needs to hear about Margo's condition, and Laura agrees to talk with both of them.




    Robert asks Julie to watch DougieCharleswhateverhisnameis while Robert is in France, but Julie isn't up to it, still too depressed from her previous year's ordeal. Julie suggests asking Doug and Lee, but Robert isn't certain if Lee would agree. Julie and Robert both agree that Doug would be thrilled to spend time with the boy, however. Robert asks Doug, who excitedly agrees, but Robert makes him promise not to tell Lee he's the boy's father.


    Lee agrees to take Dougie in, but when Robert leaves Dougie with Doug, Dougie has a meltdown. Robert realizes the boy has been through too much upheaval too quickly, and realizes he MUST leave with Robert. So Robert takes the boy with him, and after a final performance at Doug's Place, where Robert breaks down crying and Doug has to come sing to him to keep his spirits up, Robert and Dougie share a warm toast and a goodbye with Doug and Julie, before heading for the airport. Julie comforts Doug, who breaks down, realizing Robert and Dougie aren't coming back.


    MASSACRE VICTIMS #7 and 8! (March 14)


    As Julie embraces a sobbing Doug, Lee enters the club, and spots Doug in Julie's arms. She's PIIIIIISSED, and declares to herself that "this friendly divorce has gone too far". OOOO SH1T GONE GET REAL NOW!


    Julie, still bored by the antique business, is contacted by Tony Kingman, a businessman she met in NYC (with the mob bossiest name I've heard in years). He wants her to ditch Salem and head to New York to work as an antique buyer for him. Neil tries to talk her out of it.





    It seems they're really selling the goodbyes here. WOW, I can imagine why the cast felt the sense of doom and gloom in the air. The show really was gutted during these final weeks of Harrower. I get the VERY strong sense that Rabin made a lot of these big changes, considering how they start almost immediately after he took over as EP, and that press statement about clearing house to remove the "negative vibes" on set. At least here they seem to be done with a sense of reverence for the show's history and audience, unlike Stephanie's departure. Even Linda gets a decent send-off, despite being the heavy in that story.


    I do wonder if Robert's breaking down while performing at Doug's Place was rehearsed or not. Because, honestly, it doesn't seem like, from what I've been reading up until now, Robert was leaving permanently. So I wonder if that was changed, or if the general sense in the studio that the DAYS they knew was ending hung heavily in the air and that that moment just organically occurred.


    The energy in these episodes almost feels like the show is ENDING, tbh. If, indeed, these changes were spearheaded by Rabin, it amazes me that he lasted so long as EP after this, because WOW, this is a rather dramatic beginning for what would turn out to be an extremely successful turnaround.

  7. On 11/12/2020 at 11:22 PM, carolineg said:

    I am actually embarrassed to admit this but I actually liked Molly Burnett's Melanie.  Her stories were often stupid, but I thought she was a charming performer lol.  That has to be one of the most unpopular opinions ever.

    I actually always really enjoyed Melanie as well. I just kinda...kept quiet about her on here because I knew how loathed she was. I really didn't see the point in bringing her back in 2015, having said this.


    Agreed re: Melissa Ordway, as well.


    On 11/12/2020 at 10:31 PM, Faulkner said:

    He and Robin Mattson were so magical together on SB that I’m surprised that she didn’t end up back on GL and re-paired with him at some point.

    Suddenly I'm grateful she DIDN'T end up back at GL, because you know full well it'd be Hope/Buzz five days a week. UGH.

  8. 12 hours ago, jam6242 said:

    I always thought Bob Anderson was boring.  I found Mark Tapscott kind of wooden in his acting. The women in his life were more interesting.  Here is a scene after Bob’s death, with Phyllis, Julie, and Maggie.  Sorry for the quality.


    Thank you SO MUCH for this clip @jam6242. I do feel the scene runs long, but the transitions help me retain my attention. These characters are so fascinating, and to know that it's all in this huge state of flux is just wild to me. And those changes are about to start.


    14 hours ago, prefab1 said:

    TBH, I've been really bored reading about the various Anderson storylines in these recaps, though I can see how some of them might have played better onscreen, with the various scheming women in that family.


    But it does seem weird that DAYS wrote out their millionaire industrialist family right at the time when other shows were introducing them (GL's Spauldings, GH's Quartermaines, OLTL's Buchanans, AMC's Cortlandts, etc.). They didn't exactly have their finger on the pulse of the 1980s, did they? 

    The Andersons' actresses, Stanger and Barnett in particular, are fiery. I really enjoy reading about them because they're both fine actresses, with complex characters that fascinate me. So I'm a bit biased in being along for the ride, even if their stories have a lot of stopping and starting going on, particularly later on. The thing to remember is that the Andersons started off very much enmeshed in the Hortons' stories, as they were introduced as taking Julie in when her husband Scott died after a beam fell on him during construction of the Anderson plant. Julie then married Bob, and Phyllis married Neil. Brooke (now Stephanie) arrived on the show as David's college girlfriend. So they had more ties to the show's core that have been more or less severed, particularly during Harrower's run, which stupidly ended David and Stephanie's reunion instead of heating up the Trish/Stephanie rivalry during what seemed an inevitable custody battle for Scotty. I think too many opportunities were wasted under Harrower with the Andersons, and they became so islanded that it just made the most sense to ship them out. 


    But I will NEVER understand the move Harrower is about to make.


    Unless Harrower was under Corday/Rabin's orders to do what she's about to do to steer the ship in time for Laemmle/RBF, she 120% shat the bed with this twist that comes during this month's breakdown. You'll all see what I mean shortly. The absolutely STUPIDEST thing Harrower could've done, and now I see exactly why they had to kill the Anderson story afterwards.



    Shall we? February 1980!



    Mickey fires Linda, because it's now a conflict of interest since Bob intends to divorce her, and he's also certain Linda's read Bob's will. Linda angrily announces she plans to countersue, and implicate Stephanie as Bob's mistress (ick). She then confronts Bob, who's still under the weather, blaming him for getting her fired and for divorcing her, and reiterates her accusation that Bob is sleeping with Stephanie. Bob vehemently denies all of this, and says he had no hand in Linda losing her job. Linda doesn't buy it. She tells him that she'll sue the pants off him, and he'll wish he never met her. Bob clutches this chest and falls to the floor, he's having a heart attack, y'all! Watching him writhe in pain, desperately begging Linda to hand him his heart medication, Linda ponders it a moment, then decides she's saved him once and it got her nowhere, she won't help him again. Linda walks out of the room, leaving Bob to suffer. Phyllis thankfully arrives moments later, and, not being a complete sociopath, immediately calls an ambulance. Bob's pulse is weak, and he's rushed to ICU at University Hospital.


    At the ICU, Linda waits for news, praying Bob dies before he has a chance to amend his will to cut Linda out of it. Linda, Stephanie, Mary, and Phyllis all await news, with Tom telling them it's touch and go.


    Phyllis visits Bob in his hospital room, and professes her love for him, saying he's the only man she's ever really cared for. She cries, begging Bob to recover, for her sake, and for Mary's. Linda, meanwhile, offers to take over the plant in Bob's absence, just as she had done previously. Mary knows better, though, and tells her to get lost.


    But Mary is, indeed, in over her head, and Alex smells fear, apparently, because he comes blazing in, offering to help her run Anderson. And being the fool she is, Mary agrees. Alex sends Mary away, and gloats openly about his latest victory. Blech!


    While Bob is half-asleep, Stephanie pays him a visit. She tells him that the woman who died in the crash in 1977 was the hitchhiker she'd picked up, not her, and she is, in fact, Brooke. She tells him how afraid she was to tell him, and that she loves him. After Stephanie leaves, Bob calls out softly to her "Brooke...my daughter, Brooke". He heard her!


    The next day, Bob tells Mickey to replace Linda with Stephanie in his will, and Mickey informs Mary that Stephanie is, in fact, her half-sister.


    Alex also has news to share: Now that he's taken over as de facto head of Anderson, he's gonna dump Stephanie and marry Mary (and Mary's money!). Stephanie threatens to expose Alex, and tell them that he's been feeding her these ridiculous pills, but Alex has used her addiction to build mistrust within the organization against Stephanie, and tells her no one will believe her.


    Stephanie, feeling rejected, gets in her car to go warn Mary about Alex. She's probably high as a kite and been drinking, of course. The more upset she gets, the worse she drives, and eventually careens off a cliff. Her car lands upside down. She's rushed to Emergency at UH, where she calls out for Bob repeatedly, but bleeds out and dies. 




    Beebs' Note: I should like to point out, that, if I am to believe what is listed as Eileen Barnett's last airdate, and what SOD says this synopsis covers, it would mean that ALL of the above events occurred over the course of FOUR DAYS. WHAT. THE. EVERLOVING. FVCK?!


    Stephanie is now such an afterthought, they bury her the next day, and have Margo, of all people, read her eulogy. 


    Alex has now been given the okay by Bob to run Anderson until Chris gets back from his DC trip. CHRIS ONLY LEFT ON THIS TRIP ABOUT A WEEK AGO WTFFFFF!!! Can you imagine leaving on a business trip and coming back to this kind of a wacky sh!tshow??? My head would explode! ANYWAY, when Alex tells Mary this, she warily asks what's in it for him. Alex claims purely altruistic motives, just wanting to help friends he cares for. Mary, gunning for this month's big Dumbass prize, believes him and kisses him. Alex and Mary begin to be seen all over Salem together, with her seeing the charming side of him that reels her in after her tumultuous time with Chris. Eventually (probably like a week on), they admit their (alleged) love for each other. Finally, Alex proposes to Mary, and she accepts. Yep. Dumbass of the month winner right here.


    Bob recovers enough that Mary tells him of Stephanie's death. He's heartbroken that he didn't have enough time with her after learning she was Brooke, but Mary discourages him from making a public announcement that Stephanie was his daughter, as she was illegitimate, and we apparently cared about this type of thing in 1980.


    Chris returns and is utterly dumbfounded by the fact that LITERALLY EVERYTHING has changed in the two-ish weeks he's been away. Chris asks Mary why da hell is Alex running Anderson, and Mary tells him that's the way she wants it. Chris (rightly) thinks that's ridiculous and tells Bob about everything that's going on, particularly with Alex. Bob is even surprised by some of what's happening, and is really shocked by Mary's fixation on Alex, as she hardly knows him. Bob reaffirms that he'd rather Chris be running Anderson than Alex, but Alex throws his weight around, and when Chris defies him, conflict is in the air.


    Linda tries to beg Mickey and Don for her job back, but they won't budge. Linda asks Don to at least use his influence to help her find something new. No word on whether that trick worked or not. Melissa visits Bob, and he tells her that his marriage to Linda is well and truly over. Melissa sobs in his arms.






    Cathy complains to Marie that she's failing her nursing courses, so Marie ships her out of town to complete her studies with a teacher that once taught Marie. GIRL, BYE!








    Mimi returns, tracks Trish down at Doug's Place, and hands her the phony diamond Earl gave Margo. She demands the real one, and Trish has no idea what the hell she's on about, until she remembers the diamond she lent Margo. Realizing Earl pulled a fast one on Margo, Trish marches over to Earl's office and demands the real stone, pronto. Earl feigns innocence, but Trish doesn't play along, threatening to go to the police.


    Terry realizes Earl is about to skip town and leave HIM on the hook for the porn mess. He threatens to tell all to Don, but Earl pulls a gun on him and makes Terry back off him. Earl calls Don and warns him not to do his Great Teen Porn Extavaganza or else, as his associates won't be very happy. Then Earl burns all his relevant paperwork, and skips town. Goodbyyyyyyye, Eeeeeearl! </dixiechicks>


    A week or so later, Mickey tells Mike and Margo that Earl's been arrested in Chicago on Narcotics charges. Guess that's the end of him, too!




    Don's Bizarro Porn Festival of Shame happens, with Donna giving her speech about getting caught up in this mess, before Don gives a sanctimonious speech about the evils of porn, and how the parents of Salem should keep a watch over their children.


    Donna immediately regrets letting Don show the film, as now she's getting eviscerated by everyone at school, and asks Marlena to let her finish school on the east coast with Don's parents. Marlena agrees to talk to Don about it. Don, however, is thrilled when a desperate Terry does indeed end up turning to him, ready to tell all to Don in hopes of protecting himself. Donna's fears are soon allayed when Terry's story hits the papers, confirming her innocence in the entire porn film mess.


    Mimi comes back and threatens Trish again, but Trish tells her that Earl took the diamond and split. Mimi doesn't care, and says that if she can't get the diamond, then give her $5,000 or Durant will be veeeeery disappointed in her. Trish begs Doug to loan her the money, but Doug, in giving it to her, asks that Trish tell David that she's in trouble.



    Marlena complains of gas pains at dinner, and excuses herself. When she returns, she's wearing her coat. SHE'S IN LABOUR. Hours later, with Don by her side, DJ is born...6 weeks premature. Marlena is scared he's in danger. And she'd be right. Who needs Dionne Warwick when you've got Marlena predicting the future so accurately?




    Now that they're well rid of Earl, Mike can go back to dreaming of a future, and Margo can go back to moping about dying. 


    No, literally. Mike wants a baby, and Margo is so scared of her remission being temporary, that she starts crying any time Mike brings up the subject.






    Lee sees Neil, having caught the flu AND anemia while on holiday in Hawaii with Doug. He recommends meds and does blood work on her. Back at home, Lee recovers, then tries to seduce him, but Doug holds back. Lee notices he feels badly when they do have sex, as he's still thinking he's being unfaithful to Julie, and loses his bo...nerve. Doug agrees he's been seeing and thinking of Julie too much, and is apologetic to Lee. Thinking that maybe getting out of the house he shared with Julie would help, Lee suggests looking for a new one nearer to Hope's new school. Doug agrees to help her look, but secretly doubts he's ever going to be happy with anyone other than Julie. I've never seen two adults dance around each other like this in my life. Such childish nonsense.


    Julie grows tired of Chez Julie, and asks Maggie to partner with her on an interior design business. Maggie doesn't want to overwhelm herself with work, especially at Mickey's expense, while they're working to rebuild their marriage. She declines Julie's offer.


    Julie then invites Neil over to hers for dinner. Excited, Neil thinks Julie may finally be ready to get involved with him as more than a friend, but Julie is a mopey sack of depression, and though Neil tries his best, Julie isn't much fun. He tries to make a move on her, but she pulls away, and Neil snaps at her that he's "ONLY HUMAN!!!1", before heading for the door. He laments, "goodnight, Julie. It was a lovely dream." 


    Okay, Miss Melodrama. We know you were just horny and had run through the rest of the women in town. You don't fool me, Curtis!


    Lee visits Chez Julie to taunt Julie with the news that she and Doug are buying a new house. Julie smiles, and pretends she doesn't want to throttle the snooty southern bitch, all the while realizing that Doug's making a proper commitment to this woman now, so he's obviously moving on without her.




    Bill returns home from visiting Laura with great news: She's ready to return home! And she promises to set Bill free if she can't be the woman he married. Promises, promises, Laura.


    This is an absolute mess, and, considering it's still Harrower's writing being wrapped up, it seems to me that she's shifting things about desperately to gear things up for her successor. But...WOW killing Stephanie is a dumb move. Things are SO disjointed, so clumsily written. I absolutely HATE this.


    Seems viewers did, too. The show fell from 9th and 6.6, to 10th, and a 5.8, its lowest ratings this month (from what I can see) since November 1978 during the Janice custody trial. And the worst is yet to come!

  9. On 11/21/2020 at 11:56 PM, Titus Andronicus said:

    I'd like to know who was really calling the shots between Laemmle being announced in January and her actually taking over in April.

    I suspect Corday and Rabin were trying to guide things to a spot where Laemmle could take over, but that's pure speculation on my part. I'm already noticing things being unceremoniously dropped in December, so they may have been steering things even then. 


    It's funny because, on the surface, Laemmle wasn't a bad choice to replace Harrower. She came from a solid background at Peyton Place, and had a good reputation from the sounds of it, but...yikes.




    OKAY, Let's start the 80s!



    Stephanie has more sessions with Jordan, and reveals she's been drinking too much ON TOP of the pills, and is worried Alex won't want to marry a woman who's a lush (honey, he won't marry you anyway, so you might as well live your life!). She also is terrified that revealing her identity to Bob will ruin the relationship they've forged. Jordan thinks Bob will be far more forgiving than she gives him credit for.


    Bob lets Stephanie know her workload will be heavier with Steve in France (and since he won't be back, I guess it'll just stay that way, then). He suggests to her that she get Mary to take over Steve's responsibilities while he's gone, so that she'll be prepared if and when she takes over Anderson in the future.


    Stephanie suggests that she and Alex elope across state lines. Alex decides at this point that Stephanie is becoming a bore and a nuisance (and is wildly out of character as well, but I digress), and that he must "do something about it". Don't push HER off a baclony, my dude!


    Phyllis calls Alex at his apartment to let him know her divorce from Neil will soon be finalized. Alex doesn't care in the slightest, and blows her off. He's there with Mary, who he pulls into a kiss. She pushes him away, and as she leaves, calls him a "very dangerous man". Uhh...yeah? What was your first hint?


    Alex throws a party, and ignores both Phyllis and Stephanie, instead spends most of the evening flirting with Mary. Stephanie and Phyllis are livid. Phyllis takes the step of hinting she'd like to marry Alex, and he responds that he has no interest whatsoever. Phyllis snaps at him, demanding to know who he's sleeping with. Maggie? Linda? Julie? Stephanie? Trish? Cathy? Lee? (All of them? Why not Alice? Donna? MARIE??) Alex tries to reassure her that he's only had a few dinner dates (*bites tongue*), and thinks Phyllis should take things slowly after her divorce, but Phyllis is desperate to marry him, for reasons that are completely beyond me.


    Mary is officially promoted, and offers Mike another promotion, to an assistant role in the PR Department! Better clear that with Earl first.


    Alex sends Bob to DC for a meeting with government officials about Chris' solar generator project. He tells everyone except Mary, that he's shipping Bob to LA instead, for "confidentiality" reasons.


    Melissa has had enough of Linda's sh!t! She confesses to Mary that Linda isn't pregnant, and has been trying to get Neil to GET her pregnant. She's BIG mad at her mama, accusing Linda of only wanting Bob's money and power, and Melissa can't understand why Linda is so awful, when Bob is so good to them. OOOF! When Mary next sees Phyllis, she spills the beans to her about Melissa's confession.


    Stephanie finds out Bob left Mary in charge of the plant while he's in "LA" and not her, and she's NOT happy, intent to show Bob how hard she's been working in his absence to usurp her sister. But her pill intake and boozing still hamper her abilities, and despite declaring to Chris that she's going to stop taking them, she can't. Physical dependency is a real bitch. Her addiction isn't helped by Bob's excitedly telling Stephanie about how he's grooming Mary to take over (in Stephanie's eyes, take over HER position). Stephanie is determined to make Mary look bad, and have her make very costly mistakes to make Bob second-guess his decision.


    When Bob returns from DC, he tells Linda how successful it was, and how the solar generator will be a huge moneymaker for Anderson. Linda feels a pang of guilt for not telling Bob about the lack of baby. But just...can't quite tell him. Bob, for his part, has been having pains of his own, in the chest. He has a checkup with Tom, and tells him he's been wavering from his diet. Tom tells him to check himself into UH, but Bob can't, what with the solar panel project on the brink of success. Tom encourages Bob to, at the very least, take it easy.


    Well, that might be difficult, as Phyllis spies Alex flirting with Linda one day, and makes a beeline to Bob, telling him all about what a conniving bitch his wife is, and how she's making a fool of him, and she ain't even PREGNANT! Bob's chest pains flare up, but Phyllis carries on, telling Bob that Mary is the one who told her. Bob calls Mary into his office, and Mary confirms Melissa's story. Bob doesn't believe the story for some reason, claiming that Melissa is making it up out of jealousy (okay, Bob, sure). 


    Mary then confronts her mother, scolding her for upsetting Bob like that, and asks her if SHE is the jealous one, noting that Alex has ZERO interest in marrying Phyllis. Phyllis slaps Mary back into 1977 and tells her to stay out of her life, before storming off.


    Bob has a heart-to-heart with Melissa, who confirms Mary and Phyllis' story about Linda. Melissa breaks down, terrified Bob will kick her and Linda out because of Linda's lies. Bob reassures Melissa that no matter what happens, he won't ask her to leave.


    Bob, not feeling up to it, sends Chris back to Washington to finalize the solar panel deal, then heads to Neil's office to confront him about Linda's phony pregnancy. Neil starts off by trying to save face, claiming that Linda THOUGHT she was pregnant because she missed a period, but ultimately wasn't. Neil ends up admitting to Linda asking him to fake a miscarriage, and trying to convince Neil to knock her up himself.


    Bob goes home and lays into Linda for lying. Linda, for her part, plays innocent, claiming she didn't want to disappoint Bob, and that she's still willing to try for a baby with him! Bob tells Linda he didn't WANT her child to begin with! He also expresses that he knows Linda has an ulterior motive for wanting Bob's baby and demands to know what it is. Linda admits she found out that Bob cut her out of the will, and wanted to be back in, so she claimed to be pregnant, and it worked. Bob tells her she won't get another dime from him, and Linda snaps back that she'll punish Melissa for running her mouth. Bob tells Linda that if she lays a hand on Melissa, she'll have her declared an unfit mother in an instant! 


    Linda still confronts Melissa, shaking her for being so ungrateful when she's (apparently) done SO MUCH for them. Melissa calls Linda a lair and a cheat, and never wants to see her again. Melissa also tells Linda that Bob promised to always care for her, to which Linda counters that if she and Bob split, Melissa will stay with HER, not Bob. Bob walks in at this point, and Linda claims Bob's poisoned Melissa's mind against her. Bob tells her she's full of sh!t, and lays into Linda for trying to poison Melissa's mind, full stop!


    Tom is extremely concerned that Bob's heart condition has deteriorated, and he could have a fatal heart attack at any time.


    Bob moves into the Salem Inn, leaving Linda and Melissa at the lakehouse. Linda visits him at his hotel room, begging him to come home, and promising to no longer be duplicitous with him. She claims she "only wanted to give him the son he's always wanted". Bob is revolted by Linda, and orders her from his room. Linda informs him on her way out that she will not make a divorce easy on him.



    Stephanie has an argument at the office (no idea who with), then heads to Alex's to blow off some steam. With drink in hand, she tells Alex she has given him an office at Anderson, so that she can "see what women are hanging all over him". Alex is put out by Stephanie's jealousy, and when Stephanie breaks an expensive tchotchke of Alex's, he snaps at her that she's starting to cost him too much money. Drunk and high on pills, Stephanie throws her drink in Alex's face. Alex throws her out, and demands she never come back. Stephanie leaves, heading for the lakehouse to tell Bob everything, unaware that he's not at the lakehouse anymore.




    Trish hears about Steve's sudden departure for Paris, and is worried that Steve will rat her out to Durant, so she gets Terry (of all people) to take new photos of her for the entrance to Doug's Place, even considering dying her hair for it. Earl sees the photos and suggests to Terry that Trish would be "good on the open market" (barf). He also tells him to get Donna's "photograph" ready, cos he's gonna send it to Don to get him to stop his Crusade for Cleanliness!


    Earl is annoyed that Terry seems to be attracted to Trish, and asks Mike to inform him immediately if Terry goes to Doug's Place looking for her. Mike has to go along with it, because of the debt and stuff. If only Margo had followed through with that call to the Better Business Bureau. Mimi later shows up, demands Trish fork over the diamonds. Trish plays dumb, but Mimi knows better, and invokes the threat of Durant. Trish obliges, and the diamonds are on their way back to France.


    Don is the Dumbass of the Month, receiving "Donna's nude photo" in the mail, and becoming angry at her for it, apparently unaware that he needs an eye exam STAT if he can't tell that farce of a photo is a fake. Mickey states the obvious that he's receiving this as a message to stop his Uptight Suburbanites Against Visible Areolas campaign. Don goes home and confronts Donna, who vehemently denies posing for the photos. She even goes so far as to show Don the photos she DID pose for. He doesn't like thiose either, but at least they're not the sh!tty fakes. He worries he could be blackmailed with these, and also that, seeing Donna "nude", some letch may follow Donna home at night.


    Don goes to see Terry, and wants to know if Donna posed for the obviously fake photo. Terry claims to know nothing, but says that someone must be trying to scare him off his campaign (I wonder who it could be?), Don warns Terry that if he's involved...etc. etc. bla bla bla. He also won't let Donna model for Terry any longer.


    Don heads to the porn theatre, and is apparently shocked that there are teenagers there, because he apparently forgot hormones are a thing. He becomes yet more determined to make sure every porn theatre gets shut down if it's the last thing he does. How noble. SO HE DECIDES TO PUBLISH DONNA'S PHOTO ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE SALEM CHRONICLE! (Interesting that it isn't the Spectator, but, hey...)


    Somehow Don doesn't become the victim of a murder by his own daughter after publishing Donna's photo, and Trish realizes what Terrible Terry is up to. She visits him and demands he give her the photos and the negatives of the shots he took back, as she doesn't want HER photos doctored the way Donna's were. She even threatens to go to Don, revealing how far a girl could go far in Salem as a hooker (remember what she had to do to get out of Italy). Terry hands the photos over but immediately snitches to Earl, who tells Terry it's time to show Donna's porno movie, and invite the press along for the ride!


    The mayor, who's always been a little fishy, visits Don and accuses him of launching the Salem Inquisition to gain publicity for himself (clearly on Earl's payroll then). He also implies Donna isn't exactly an innocent in all this, and thinks Don is attractive negative publicity on Salem, when he's trying to lobby federal funding for public transit. He asks that Don stay out of the media until he can absolutely prove Donna wasn't posing for porn shoots. Don insists he will find proof, because he is "concerned for the children of Salem". The mayor points out, rather cynically, that "children don't vote or pay taxes".


    The gross-ass calls start for Donna, with some a$$hole saying he "saw her photos and wants to touch her body". Pretty sure she's not 18 yet, my dude. Another call, this time for Earl, tells Don that Donna's porno is screening, and that he and Marlena should attend to see some "familiar faces" from the community. Barf.


    Finding out from Terry that the "screen test" she did was actually used in the porn, Donna panics, but Terry warns her that if she names him, Don will lose limbs. Donna leaves an apologetic note for Don and Marlena, saying she didn't know the screen test would be used in the porno until tonight, and leaves town, hitching a ride with a trucker out of town. (for the 95th time since I started writing these things up: THIS WILL END WELL!)


    Mike finds out about the scandal of Donna's supposed porno, and contacts Mickey to let him know that the film was shot at "a studio where he frequently sees Earl". Mike has a STRONG hunch Earl and the porn films are connected.  Mickey informs Don of the connection, and Don heads back to Terry's studio, where Earl just HAPPENS to be. Don confronts him, demanding to know where Donna is. Earl doesn't know, not having seen Donna for weeks, but offers to sell him the movie and the negatives for $5k, or the film will make its way all over town (at minimum). Don reluctantly agrees to Earl's terms. Earl smugly declares the mob as being "home free in Salem from now on".


    Don and Marlena file a police report after Donna's missing for over 16 hours. Donna, still riding the Interstate with the trucker, worries he'll turn her over to the police, and leaves HIM behind at a truck stop. She hitches a ride with a guy named Leo, who the recognizes her from her photo, and tries to force himself on her. She fights him off, and manages to track down a state trooper down the road, who drives her back to Don and Marlena's. When home, Don announces his desire to screen the porn film for the press, with a preamble from Donna about how she got involved with Earl and Terry, in the hopes of nailing them. Donna, terrified of the consequences of this, agrees to go ahead with the plan, regardless.







    Marlena learns from Neil that there is a kidney donor match for Sam, but it's being contested by the girl's father, Mr. Pearson. Pearson claims that his daughter, Amy, signed up for organ donation when she was mentally unstable. Amy is dying of a brain tumour, and he wants her to "leave this world the same way she came into it". I have news for ya, dude. She's a lot bigger now, for a start...


    Mr. Pearson hears how mentally and physically painful Sam's kidney failure has been on her, and changes his mind. How nice. YET ANOTHER storyline averted!


    Brain Tumour Amy dies, Sam goes into surgery. I assume it went fine because that's the last we hear about it.





    Marie recalls giving birth and giving the baby (who was born prematurely) up for adoption on the advice of her doctor. Later, Mother Superior tells Marie that there wasn't a special dispensation for Marie to become a nun, which causes Marie to feel uncertain whether she has a right to be a nun or not. But Mother Superior doesn't want Marie to ask about it any further when Marie asks why there wasn't one.


    I have no idea what any of that means, but if anyone is Catholic or knows anything about it, feel free to let me in on it.


    A bit of clarification, Mother Superior is about to die, and finally confesses that Marie actually shouldn't have been a nun because she had a baby, but because she came to her so abused by Alex, she broke the rules to allow Marie into the convent, as she felt Marie deserved a life of purpose. She implores Marie not to tell anyone else about her baby, as doing so would jeopardize her standing in the order. Mother Superior promptly has a heart-attack and dies. Later that same day, Marie's in contact with the doctor who delivered her baby. The doctor tells her her baby died shortly after delivery, and won't tell her where the grave is. Only that she should "forget about her". Because that tactic ALWAYS works. Marie goes to the hospital where the baby was born, gets ahold of her medical file, and sobs after seeing that the baby did indeed die (allegedly).


    Marie returns to Salem, and is immediately asked by Alex out for dinner to "get advice on personal matters". Marie tells him to buzz off, and Alex claims Marie is afraid of him. Marie denies the accusation rather dramatically, claiming she will NEVER be afraid of him AGAIN. Ok, Marie. Breathe.


    Marie is suddenly uncharacteristically icy with Basketcase Cathy, telling her she's tired and busy with working at the David Martin clinic, and giving Cathy the cold shoulder. Cathy decides she wants to move back into the nurses' dorm to "be around people her own age". That would be a nice change from pining after a 40-something letch, to be fair.





    Robert, stuck in Salem with a sick Dougie, reconsiders Doug's offer of a full partnership in Doug's Place, and decides to stay in Salem. Doug is thrilled. Another potential storyline averted!


    Robert offers to redraw his will to name Doug as Dougie's guardian if Robert dies. In exchange, Doug must destroy the letter from Rebecca revealing the truth of Dougie's paternity, saying Dougie must never know the truth (for...some...reason). Robert also reveals he will rename the boy Charles.




    Julie finds out that Doug loaned Steve $50k a year ago (to pay off the debts he owed to the loan sharks). When she consults Mickey about it, he has no idea about the details, and is puzzled when Julie mentions that Steve took a cane with him to Paris. HMMMM....


    Neil, once again turning his "idle punani-dar" on, zeroes in on Julie, who rejects him soundly, not wishing to trade in a "best" friend for a lover, despite the closeness they've shared since she unceremoniously dumped Doug. I think Julie and Neil were far closer than SOD gives credit for if she's calling him her "best friend".



    Lee tries to ship Hope off to boarding school, claiming that all public schools are good for is teaching kids about drugs and teenage sex. If he agrees to this, I may reconsider my giving Don the Dumbass of the Month award. Lee then marches into Chez Julie, demands a whole bunch of expensive sh!t, and demands she be charged wholesale for them, as Doug is part-owner. Maggie tells Julie, who is PISSED. Julie can't really fight it, as if she DOES, she'll look like a vicious, bitter ex-, taking her jealousy out on a poor bereaved widow (who just married her dead husband's newly rich brother, but I digress). Julie has tried to be diplomatic about Lee for Hope's sake, but she's now fed up. Maggie asks why Julie isn't fighting to get Doug back, and Julie mopes that she won't fight it, because Doug loves Lee (allegedly).


    Doug, meanwhile, is giving Tom yet more money, to the tune of $40k, to save UH from going under YET AGAIN (one hopes Tom Horton becomes better with money as the years go on, because right now, YIKES!), and offers to do another variety show.


    Back at Chez Julie, Doug plays good cop, and tells Maggie that he'll take the items for the full price, and that Lee was "just being practical". Sure, Doug. When Julie walks in, he tells her that he and Lee have decided to put Hope in boarding school, because something something sex drugs etc.


    Lee decides she wants to take a cruise of the Orient with Doug as her honeymoon. The ship leaves in 10 days. Doug says he can't be ready that soon, but Lee nags at him to go, whining that they don't spend enough time together. Doug says he'll "think about it". So of course, he says yes.


    Lee tries to make it clear to Robert that ANY emergency that comes up, Robert should contact ANYONE except Doug. This absolutely does NOT sound like Lee is trying to get Doug alone and kill him under mysterious circumstances WHATSOEVER.




    Greg comes to Chris' office for some reason to tell him that he and Amanda are starting to rebuild their marriage, and have decided to adopt a Vietnamese child, to give Amanda purpose in her life again. He then tells Chris that Amanda loves him and probably always will. That's some nice coarse sea salt for that wound there, Chris!




    Bill visits Laura, who would rather stay at the sanitarium until she has a full handle on her guilt, and the result of her mistakes. Bill remarks he can't wait until Laura comes home and is back to work. Laura snaps at him that he won't accept her unless she's DR. Laura Horton, and can't accept her as a woman. Laura asks that Bill leave her be, she needs time to think.








    Well, at least something is happening this time! Still a lot of dropped stories, but the momentum is finally starting to build with at least two stories. It's obvious Bob's death was a long time in the making, and that Stephanie's death was a thoughtless move for shock value. Mary vs. Stephanie could've easily played out for YEARS, with Linda latching onto whomever would help her most at any given time, even if it meant tying her anchor to Chris. What an absolute waste!


    It feels like Harrower is starting to find her footing, but it's too late now, her time is up!

  10. On 11/20/2020 at 12:15 PM, ChickenNuggetz92 said:



    Hi everyone! I am happy to report that I got a new OneDrive account set up and migration of the Vault is now complete! I've just sent out link invitations to people who have previously requested direct access. The links in my signature have now been updated. You may now upload again, as usual - hopefully I won't have to do this process again in a while haha. Please spread the word to those who might now know this yet.




    Thanks for the update! I don't think I got an email with the updated access, so I'll probably PM you about it. 


    That move was FAST! Once again, thanks for everything you're doing. It's so amazing and appreciated. 

  11. If I'm being honest, it feels like none of Harrower's stories go anywhere. It's a lot of setting things up, starting to build them, only to have them abruptly change direction or resolve themselves in an unnatural way that screams of interference from above or a last minute actor departure (in Mary Frann's case). 


    In fact, the only story Harrower has written that has had a natural beginning, middle, and end was Laura's meltdown, and technically, that was an Ann Marcus story that Harrower inherited. Julie's story has technically resolved as well but it sorta just... Ended with a thud instead of a bang, let's be honest. And besides, it sort of... Transitioned into the Lee/Doug/Julie triangle anyway, so it doesn't feel done yet anyway. And it sounds like it won't be for some time. 


    Honestly, if I didn't know any better, it sounds like Harrower's ideas were being vetoed by someone above her head, because this smells a lot like the pattern MarDar had during their run, where stories would start, vanish, then end in a single episode, never to be mentioned again. 

  12. December '79 time!


    I'm super glad they didn't make Alex into Cathy's birth father because OMG THE SLEAZE.


    Cathy the 17-year-old runaway has dinner with Alex for some reason, and tells him afterwards she'd LOVE to spend the night curled up in his arms, because he makes her feel warm and safe. 


    **if you feel the urge to hurl, it just gets worse from here, so you might as well hold off til' the end of the paragraph**


    Alex responds by kissing her, and trying to take her top off. Cathy, still a virgin, doesn't want to, and tells Alex to back off. Alex doesn't like being told 'no' and tells Cathy to leave and never come back. I guess that means she's also fired? Cathy immediately runs to Chris' for comfort. There, she's comforted by Chris' newest dayplayer family member, cousin Stan! (I tried to figure out how grossly inappropriate the age gap was between them, but this guy has literally three credits on his IMDb including his 5 episodes on DAYS, so I don't have much to go on.)


    She's soaking wet from being out in the rainstorm, and Stan gets her into a bed and warm under the blankets. She talks to him about whether it's bad to be a virgin, and Stan tells her that, after a certain age, it can become a liability of sorts. He then tells her all about what a "beautiful experience" sex is, and then they end up sleeping together. What the actual...


    The next day, Stan asks Cathy out for a date, but Cathy tells him she NEVER wants to see him ever again, because sleeping with him was a SIN! Stan then tells her that's cool cos he's leaving town anyway, but if she stops being a neurotic basket case, he'd love to see her again. And we never hear from him again, so I guess she never did.


    Alex tells Cathy he misses her and wants her to come back to work for him. Cathy, this month's big dumbass, leaps at the chance to work for the abusive old schmuck again, and Alex assures her their run-in at the apartment is all in the past.





    Marie is contacted by Mother House in Canada, and Mother Superior wants her to come up for a "spiritual refreshment", and a reassignment to a new missionary. She visits Alex before she leaves, and they discuss his brother Harley. Alex insists Harley's death was an accident. Marie leaves, and Alex recalls getting so pissed off at Harley, he pushed him off a ledge. He didn't MEAN anything by it. It was gravity's fault!


    At the convent, Mother Superior talks with Marie about her pregnancy years ago with the child of "the man she feared and despised". So obviously Alex, then.





    So, watching the available clips of the Sam kidney failure storyline, it seems Sam went to Joe's bar after witnessing Don, Marlena, and Donna discuss having to stay home for Christmas because of Sam's dialysis. Sam feels like a burden, and leaves the clear her head in the storm. Marlena and Don stay up, waiting for Sam to come home, but get a call from Chris. Chris ran into Sam at Joe's bar. They had a good talk, when some drunk recognized Sam from the TV and spilled beer on her. Trying to wipe it off, he knocked her clamp out, and Sam bled out and fainted. Chris picked Sam up and drove her to UH. Neil puts the clamp back in, but Sam is too depressed to leave the hospital, miserable about losing her acting career, and a lifetime of dialysis, and feels like a burden to Marlena and Don. Neil also tells Marlena to back off, as she's babying Sam, and making Sam feel like an object of pity even more than she already does. He asks her to turn Sam's case over to Jordan, if not for Sam, then for her baby. Marlena reluctantly agrees.


    Sam wants to move back to LA, and continue dialysis there. Marlena looks further into kidney transplants with Neil and Jordan. They are both somewhat dubious, but Marlena points out that the one thing that will keep Sam going is hope to return to acting. Jordan thinks it would be great her for morale, and brings her to Marlena and Don's to discuss it. Sam agrees, and is happy to stay at Don and Marlena's until they find a transplant. Jordan insists the transplant NOT come from Marlena, whose kidneys are already compromised from her pregnancy.





    Lee resents Doug working long hours at his club, and wants him to sell off the club as soon as Byron's inheritance comes through, hoping to cut him off from everything and everyone that reminds him of Julie. Well, good luck with that, because Doug confesses to Maggie that he's still just in much in love with Julie as he ever was, and only married Lee to give Julie the clean break she insisted every ten minutes she needed. Doug was made to feel as though he was standing in Julie's way to happiness.


    Robert decides to blow this popsicle stand, and take Dougie to France. Doug tries everything to convince Robert to stay, including offering to make Robert a partner in Doug's Place. Robert feels he needs time alone with "his son" to get to know him better, and feels Doug spoils him (Doug, after all, set up a trust fund for the boy). Doug tells Robert he won't "allow" Dougie to be raised by strangers. Robert snaps back that it isn't Doug's responsibility, because he isn't Doug's. Doug tells Robert otherwise, and says they BOTH share the right to the boy. Hoooo boy, here we go. 


    Robert finally learns the truth about Dougie's conception by artificial insemination, and is incredulous, but refuses to budge, and the fight's on. Doug and Robert go back and forth claiming that neither of them can lose "their" son, and here comes another custody battle that probably won't actually happen.


    Robert then tells Julie about Dougie, and Julie is just as surprised as Robert was. Robert is shocked that Julie didn't already know, and decides he doesn't trust Doug OR Julie now for some reason. Because Julie's apparently known for being a brilliant thespian in the name of deception. This story is getting stupider by the minute.


    Doug goes to Mickey and asks if he has any legal recourse. Mickey tells him he's s#!t outta luck. Part of the sperm donation process involved relinquishing parental rights. Too bad, yo! Doug returns to the club, and proceeds to argue some more with Robert. Dougie hears Robert and Doug fighting over him, and immediately runs out of the club, and into traffic. After nearly getting hit, he heads further into town, manages to find Chez Julie, where he sobs that he doesn't want to go to France to Julie, who comforts him until Doug shows up, grateful that Julie saved the day by being at work and talking to children.


    Doug gets increasingly desperate, offering to GIVE Doug's Place to Robert, and even stay away from him and Dougie if Robert will just stay in Salem. Robert says he can't, his brother in law is sick (that's some wild relationship he's got with the in-laws, I'll tell ya! I wouldn't even cross town for mine). And then hours before the flight is to take off for Paris, Dougie gets sick, and Neil tells Robert he's got pneumonia and can't fly. GO FIGURE!




    Linda notices Melissa has been snipey with her, and demands an explanation. Melissa tells Linda that she knows Linda has been faking her pregnancy. Linda lies through her teeth, and tells Melissa that she just was really late getting her period and it was an honest mistake that she WILL get pregnant, she HAS to. It's too important to everyone's future that she do! Melissa sees through Linda like a storefront window, and tells her she only wants a baby so that Bob won't leave her, and that she'll tell on her to Bob. Bahahah, the kids on this show are fekking amazing.


    Linda, now desperate, has Neil over and asks a tiiiiiny favour. Can she have him rush her to the hospital after an "accident" and tell Bob she miscarried? Pretty please??? Linda will even throw in some money for his trouble. Neil won't bite. Linda kicks him out and demands he never come back.






    Alex grills Stephanie, who's once again high on her migraine pills, pumping her for info on her background pre-Anderson. Freaked out, and woozy from the pills, Stephanie pretends to forget dates, hoping to throw Alex off. When that doesn't work, Alex reveals that he got a PI to look into her past, and knows she's actually Brooke. Stephanie, backed into a corner, confesses to Alex that she did come back to claim what's rightfully hers and Bob is gonna give it to her. Alex resolves to find out what exactly Stephanie has on Bob. Stephanie, when Alex reminds of what she confessed to, says she made it all up, she didn't know what she was saying. Alex then goes to Chris and suggests that Stephanie isn't all she's cracked up to be, and suggests Bob do a security check on her.


    Bob spies Stephanie popping another of her loopy pills, and asks if she's sick. Stephanie insists she's okay, but can actually no longer function without them. Thanks, Alex! Julie asks Stephanie to see Jordan about her pill-popping, worried it's getting out of hand.


    At her first session, Stephanie tells Jordan all about the accident and the migraines, and the fact that Alex just offered her this pill for the migraine and now she can't live without it (why anyone would trust some random pill a guy they barely know gives them when they're an incredibly savvy woman is beyond me, but ok). Jordan tells her to....try NOT taking the pills? Why hadn't SHE thought of that? Duh!





    Earl has Terry keep the crappily-edited photo of Donna's head on a woman's body to hand just in case Don's crusade starts actually working. As added insurance, Terry somehow manages to use Donna in a porn movie without Donna realizing it's a porno?


    Don visits Terry's "Glamour Gallery" and asks him who's supplying the porn to all the adult bookstores in Salem. Terry plays innocent, and claims they're all coming from LA and New York. Nothing to do with him. Nope!





    After Maggie tells Julie about her suspicions about Steve and his canes, Julie confronts him about it, accusing him of filling the canes with coke....a....COKE-CAIN, if you will.


    I'll show myself out.


    Steve responds that he'd NEVER risk his "reputation" on something so dangerous. So, presumably smuggling diamonds are just child's play, then. Noted. Steve opens one of the canes he's already emptied to show there's nothing inside. Julie is embarrassed and apologized for doubting her perfect brother.


    He then proposes AGAIN to Mary, this time with a ring. Mary says "no" AGAIN. Mary tells him she's never even TALKED to him about love, and the charmer tells her that if she says 'yes', he'll TEACH her how to love him. Mary scoffs at this, telling him that's impossible.


    He then disappears, with Bill telling Alice that Steve received an urgent phone call from Paris, and left town.


    And I think that's the last we hear of Steve.


    What a....non-ending. WTFFF!?

    So...other than Sam's story, which, I confess, makes a lot more sense because it's the only storyline we can actually SEE play out, this month is yet another disjointed mess. I keep getting the sense that Harrower has spread herself way too thin, and she really doesn't know how to give any of her stories an ending. They just sorta build up and up and then....stop. Then build again and then...change direction. She's really confusing me here, because like...wasn't Alex trying to bankrupt Magnis last month? Now we don't hear a damn thing about Magnis, he's just busy trying to sleep with teenagers and rough up women he's drugging up.


    Last month was this big build for Margo and Mike's mob story and now...Margo sits in the hospital...and...nothing happens all month.


    Really really bad story structure on Harrower's part, and for someone that wrote under Bell, incredibly surprisingly haphazard.


    Also, can't say I'm at all sad that Cathy didn't turn out to be Marie and Alex's daughter, especially after Alex trying it on with her. I get that genetic sexual attraction is a real phenomenon, but this is just SO CREEPY and GROSS. I think it speaks volumes to Quinn Redecker's immense talent and charisma that he was able to last more than 6 months on this show without being killed off, because there is absolutely nothing at this man so far that gives me any indication that this will be a man leading story for the next eight years. WILD!

  13. 1 hour ago, Khan said:


    In a way, that's how I feel about the first JER era to the present.  I can connect to the Bill Bell/Pat Falken Smith era (that is, what little I've been able to see/read about it) and I can connect to the Pat Falken Smith II/Maggie DePriest/Sheri Anderson/Leah Laiman/Thom Racina era.  But, once JER entered the picture, I felt like DAYS had regressed into something I never wanted to see or see again.

    Yeah, that's fair. I think the only reason I connected to that era was because I was just at that right age for it, and it sucked me in, so it has that nostalgic quality to it that I remember fondly. But, ultimately, it did more damage to the show, and indeed, the entire soap genre, than anything before or since. I will argue to the death that it, not OJ, has caused the terminal decline in quality and viewership we see today. Compare that to the 80s? I can feel the warmth and emotion radiate from the screen in those episodes, as hokey as I find the stories. When I watch the 90s? I laugh at the absurdity, and roll my eyes at the dialogue. It's a world of difference.



    36 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

    @beebs Just want to add my thanks for the write ups. I love discussing past soap storylines and the choices writers faced and decisions made.

    The tone of the show changed very much by 83 with a whole bunch of plots that would never have been utilised earlier. It gave the writers freedom to do stuff that never would have been entertained in the years prior to create dram/conflict. eg murders, psychos, super villians, doppelgangers etc.

    All to the detriment of the genre IMO.


    Thank YOU for everything you've contributed to this thread as well. It's been a lot of fun for me, and super-educational!

    I feel like there was also this immense pressure to keep up with ABC at this time, and the only way they felt they could do it would be to parrot it. It's unfortunate, but ultimately, it was successful.





    I lost a chunk of what I'd written for November '79, so I'm slightly annoyed, but bear with me.


    So Stephanie tries to convince Bob to take Alex's $4 Million loan, mostly because it'd be a great opportunity for him, once the inevitable profits begin to roll in, to take a step back and help out with Linda's (alleged) baby. Bob accuses Stephanie of trying to take over the company for herself (I feel like it was presented onscreen in a far less hostile manner than what SOD tells me), but Stephanie reassures him that she just wants to ensure he has the time for his new (alleged) child.


    Speaking of the so-called baby, Linda, having put the cart before the horse, tries to get Bob back into bed to NOW try to get pregnant.


    Magnis hasn't paid Anderson for work they did on time, so Bob confronts Alex about it. Alex chalks it up to clerical error, but Bob isn't so convinced, worried that, especially after Phyllis' stock transfer, Alex is setting up Magnis to perform a hostile takeover of Anderson. Alex denies it, but like...Stevie Wonder could see it coming.


    Phyllis again demands Neil divorce her, and this time she doesn't f*ck around. She threatens to sue for divorce, naming Linda and Mary as his adulteresses. Neil knows Alex isn't interested in marrying her, and intends to prove it to Phyllis. So he heads to visit Alex, who says exactly what Neil's been telling Phyllis: that he has no intention of marrying her, and that Phyllis simply is starry-eyed in the presence of a tycoon like himself.


    Phyllis suddenly asks Bob to buy the lakehouse from her for $350k, and if he won't agree, she'll have to sell to someone else and kick him and Linda off the property. Bob is stunned, and tells Phyllis he'll have to consult with Mary before making a decision. This reeks of Alex.


    Speaking of Alex stank, Mickey reads over the loan agreement, and, while there's virtually no interest, it places the whole of Anderson Manufacturing as collateral. So if the solar panel doesn't sell, Magnis owns Anderson. GEE, IT'S ALMOST LIKE ALEX IS GOING TO SABOTAGE THE SOLAR PANEL SOMEHOW. Mickey tells Bob not to sign it, and when Alex visits Mickey to try to get an answer, is told Bob won't sign, with Mickey making the dramatic flourish of trashing the loan agreement in front of Alex.


    Alex decides to draw up a new version of the agreement, with Mickey's help. He shortly thereafter divests Magnis of all their hospital properties, which makes Bob worry about their financial status and their commitment to their deal with Anderson, seeing as Anderson produces many of Magnis' medical supplies, and Magnis is Anderson's largest client at the moment.


    Alex offers Tom a large cheque to keep UH in the black, with, once again "no strings attached", and then another. Tom has offered Alex a place on the UH board, so it doesn't even look suspicious. Alex then signs Mickey's new loan agreement with Anderson, which favours Bob. Alex then tells himself "how else can I shake $4 Million out of Magnis?" Alex is out to screw his own company, hmmm....


    Alex confides in another Magnis board member that he plans to push Bob into early retirement by next year, and take over as head of Anderson himself, as Magnis is near ruin by Alex's own design.



    Linda remains cut out of Bob's will, but he does ask Mickey to set up a trust fund for her (alleged) baby, and asks that Mary be made to inherit Anderson after he dies. A few days later, he changes his mind and puts Linda back in the will. Linda, now desperate, tells Neil she can't keep faking being pregnant, and needs to conceive NOW if she intends to stay in the will, and in Bob's house. Unfortunately, Melissa hears Linda tell Neil this. OOPS!


    Stephanie, still under Alex's spell, has been continuing to suffer from migraines (remember how she's had them going back to the 1977 accident). Alex suggests she take a strong, over the counter medication for it, but Stephanie has been washing them down with booze, and this time, goes to Alex's apartment, gets into a lacy teddy, and tries to get it on with him. He tries to talk her down, but she then shows him a picture of his brother, Harley, that she found in his drawer. Alex tells Stephanie that Harley died by suicide, and is angry with her for rummaging through his things. He tries to take her home, but Stephanie wants to screw. Alex gets rough with her, and (ICK ICK ICK) tells her "I know you like it".


    Marie, shortly afterwards, recalls walking in on Alex and Harley arguing in Alex's apartment in New York, moments before Harley fell out the window and died. Marie knew Alex hated Harley, but isn't sure if it was suicide or murder.






    JULIE IS OFF TO SAN FRANCISCO TO GET HER FACE FIXED! Post-surgery, she's told her face grafts have a 30/70 chance of taking, which I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not, but Julie seems fairly confident, so I'm guessing this is a positive result? Julie finally gets her head in check, and decides, regardless of the result, she will return to Salem and to Doug. GIRL, YOU WAITED TOO LONG!


    Doug vows to stop fixating on Julie, and Lee vows the same re: Byron, and they agree to start sharing a bedroom. Doug decides, since he's not getting any younger, and he can't live the rest of his life without the WAP, he'll marry Lee! STUPID!


    Julie's doctors reveal that they are the most talented plastic surgeons in the known universe, as Julie's bandages come off, revealing a face as unblemished as a baby's behind. MIRACULOUS! It's like she never opened the stove to begin with! Because that's how skin grafts work. She immediately tries to call Doug, but Lee answers. She lies and says Doug's not home. Julie tries again later, but Lee disconnects the line, and tells Doug there was no one there. She and Doug then take off out of town and elope!


    On their honeymoon, all is well until Doug calls Alice, who tells that Hope broke her arm at school and has been crying out for her dad to come home. So much for that! Back to Salem they go. Lee whispers "let's go back to OUR little girl". Blech.


    Which is basically what Hope says when they get home. Hope is mad when Doug tells her Julie isn't coming back, madder, and even madder when Doug tells her he's married Lee. Feeling betrayed, she orders Lee leave and never return, demanding Julie come back (heh heh heh, the kids are smarter than the adults around here, I see). Lee tries to get in Hope's good graces, talking about how much they love each other. Hope, in turn, resents that Doug and Lee got married on the sly without telling her, and demands she stay with Tom and Alice instead.


    Julie wears a dress that apparently shows off her ta-tas very nicely, and heads to Doug's Place, hoping to reconcile with her ex-husband. Too bad he then gets on stage and announces his new wife! Neil sneaks Julie out the door, and Julie makes him promise to never tell Doug she was there.


    Neil confronts Jordan the next morning at the hospital, still upset over Julie's breakdown. He accuses Jordan of letting his feelings for Julie cloud his professional judgment. To which Jordan counters that this is a test for Julie's strength and ability to cope on her own. Neil thinks Jordan's sicker than any of his patients.


    Julie pays Doug a visit, hoping to see Hope to facilitate the transition for her, but Lee answers the door. Lee lies and tells Julie that everything's sunshine and roses with Hope (who's at school). Julie agrees not to interfere, provided Lee won't interfere with her relationship with her ex-stephalfsisterdaughterinlaw. As Julie leaves, Doug steps into the room, and marvels at Julie's magical face. Julie grits her teeth and wishes the happy couple all the best, and tells Lee to take good care of Doug "but then you probably already have". 


    I love bitchy Julie.


    Hope goes to Julie and tells her that Doug doesn't love her anymore, and that Lee sends her to Tom and Alice's all the time because she's in the way. The manipulative little scamp wants to live with Julie, who tells Hope to try to get along with the conniving bitch for daddy's sake, and sends Hope on her way. When home, Doug and Lee scold her for coming home late, and Hope grumbles that no one would care either way, and that she doesn't love anyone anymore, and that Lee's only nice to her to get Hope to like her, then storms out of the room. I like this Hope.


    Julie tells Jordan she doesn't feel comfortable continuing therapy with him AGAIN. This time because she feels Jordan's caught feelings. Jordan feels rejected and proves Julie right, by accusing Julie of blaming him for Doug's marriage to Lee. Julie then talks to Marie, and tells her that she still loves Doug as much as she ever did. Marie tells Julie the obvious: Don't kill yourself stewing about it. Go talk to him already.





    Steve is back. He takes Mary for drinks at Doug's Place, and suggests they get married, then sees Trask show up and runs over to try to buy back his cane. Trask, oblivious as to why he wants it so badly, agrees to sell it back. Steve's saved (for now), and goes after Lee for payback for their plan working. But Lee won't give Doug a divorce to get Steve a cut of her settlement. She's perfectly happy gettin' that money AND that D. Steve threatens to expose that Lee was screwing around on Byron if she doesn't follow his directions.


    Lee's also got trouble in the form of Byron's attorney, Desmond. Upon finding out Lee married Doug, he warns her that if she makes a play for the inheritance, Desmond will expose her adulterous ways and contempt for her late husband in a heartbeat.


    Steve formally proposes to Mary, but Mary won't do it after the Chris debacle, and besides, Steve hasn't even told her he loves her yet. "Oh you KNOW I do," he says, then asks Mary on a ski weekend. Steve better hurry with that ski weekend, because Mimi sends a letter saying that Durand/Durant/whatever his name is was sent to jail but is about to be released, and will likely come to Salem to track down his Box O' Sparkly Canes.




    Cathy agrees to move in with Mickey and Maggie (I thought she already had but...ok). But she INSISTS on paying room and board. She turns out to be a runaway from foster care, and doesn't know her real parents from a hole in the ground. She claims her reason for tracking them down is mostly professional, since she's enrolling in the UH nursing program and needs a medical history from them. Mickey is concerned Cathy will be in for disappointment and rejection, and doesn't want to delve into it, but Cathy is insistent that she MUST know.


    Bill is worried they'll see Cathy being admitted to the nursing program as a touch nepotistic (in a sense), grills Cathy on her motivation for joining. Cathy tells Bill she's joining the program, not to please Tom, or Marie, but herself, sounding like a motivational poster: "I wanna be somebody, and I'm gonna be!" 



    She'll have to be somebody without Alex's help, as Alex plans to leave town soon. So much for room and board, Cathy. But Alex tells her the next day that he only told folks that to see how they'd react. WTF is this man up to?


    Mickey writes Cathy's foster family, the Breton's, asking for info on Cathy's birth family, but gets a "return to sender" back. Cathy starts sobbing again that she's now a NOBODY! And will be for the REST OF HER LIFE!! So much for motivation. She then gives up the nurses' program, because she's DIRT. And came from DIRT. And she's not SMART ENOUGH to be a nurse because she's NOBODY, and...(do you get the gyst yet?)







    Sam is deteriorating fast, so Neil demands she start dialysis, but Sam sobs and whines and moans about it. Neil tells her she has to do it, but Sam doesn't wanna. Neil hooks her up to a dialysis machine the next day. Neil tells Don that Sam will survive, but will never recover. Marlena suggests donating a kidney, but, being pregnant, neither Don, Jordan, nor Neil will hear of it.


    Marlena suggests to Don that they look for a larger apartment now that Sam's out of the hospital. Don worries about having Sam lurking about now that her kidney failure has caused Sam to put her acting career on hold. Will it lead to renewed resentment of Marlena, and how will Sam respond to it? Would Marlena keep all her limbs this time?


    Don doesn't want Marlena stressing herself out while pregnant to deal with Sam, but Marlena insists, despite the fact Neil tells Marlena HER kidneys have been compromised by the strain of her pregnancy. Neil urges her to get rest instead of running herself ragged.


    Sam feels like a burden, and goes to a local bar to drown her sorrows. A bar patron gets handsy with her, and as Sam pushes him off, knocks the clamp for her dialysis out of her arm. Sam bleeds out and faints.





    Don defended his opponent in a smear campaign, yet still managed to win his council seat. Mickey thinks the mayor is behind the smear campaign, and that Don's integrity will come back to bite him in the arse in short order. And if Donna's topless photoshoot is any indication, that day may be coming very soon.


    Lester, Marlena's kooky patient that was siphoning money from Trask, demands Don, as city councilman, put forth legislation to shut down all the porn shops opening up in Salem.


    Ohhh here it comes. Don sets up the "Clean Up Salem" crusade! Mickey suggests to Don that it goes deeper than porn, and believes (rightly) that there's a syndicate involved that has infiltrated the city. Earl, to make sure the campaign doesn't succeed, has Terry perform the most laughable photo editing job in human history, superimposing Donna's head onto a nude woman's body, and sell the photo to a porno mag. Terry complies because he also owes Earl a lot of money.


    Beebs' note: I remember seeing the end result before, and it's as bad as those celebrity phony nudes they used to do in the early internet days where the person's head is on an angle that isn't humanly possible. You could even see the added ring of photo paper around Donna's head. It was SO BAD.


    Someone from Earl's gang of idiots calls Don and tells him if he doesn't drop the "Keep Salem's Filth Behind Closed Suburban Doors, Please and Thank You" campaign, he'll be soooooooorry!





    Mike drops off a payment to Earl that turns up $300 short. Mike insists he didn't steal any of it, but Earl doesn't buy it and has someone fire a warning shot through Mike's window. Mike finds out and tells Earl he's going to the police. Earl reiterates that such a move would cause an "accident" to happen to someone in Mike's family, and Mike hasn't got any evidence to show the cops anyway. Mike refuses to play along with Earl's game any longer, but Earl won't give up so easily.


    Neither will Mike. He visits Mickey, and asks what he can do to stop Earl. Mickey suggests looking in the payment envelopes he's given to pass onto Earl, as maybe there's something more than money inside that could incriminate Earl. Mike strategically apologizes for going off on Earl, hoping that his apology will keep Earl from putting too close an eye on him while Mike tries to get the drop on Earl. Doesn't work. Earl immediately calls one of his henchmen to do just that. That night, at Doug's Place, Mike finds a contact list inside one of the envelopes. Mike thinks he's hit the jackpot, but the henchman catches Mike snooping, and goes to Anderson the next day, to shout at Margo that Mike's "gat a big maouth, too big fahr 'is own good!" and shoves Margo down the stairs. BYE MARGO! Chris finds her at the bottom of the stairs and calls an ambulance.


    At UH, Earl shows up at Margo's hospital room with a bouquet of flowers. Mike wants to know how Earl knew about Margo's "accident", and Earl just says he's concerned. Mike mutters repeatedly about wishing he'd killed the man when he had the chance.






    Stories are finally moving this month. I feel the sidelining of the Andersons is really picking up now. It seems like they were aiming to supplant the Andersons with Alex Marshall and his much darker stories. It's a shame because I was really enjoying the interplay between Mary, Bob, Stephanie, and Linda, with Phyllis and Neil popping in and out of the action. Alex was fine as a part of those folks popping in and out, but he now seems to be eating their story, and I don't like it. Harrower seems to be biting off way more than she can chew, storywise.


    Steven and Earl and the mob are finally giving Stephen Schnetzer something to play, but it comes across as slapdash, with a half-hearted attempt to romance Mary that seems to go nowhere.


    Doug/Julie/Lee is building up, but I can see why Lee was so reviled by the audience. She isn't exactly a bitch you can root for. She's just...psychopathic and mean. It's not like Linda, where you can still root for her despite the awful things she does.

  14. 8 minutes ago, Wendy said:

    Hope and Julie also had a half-brother/brother in Steve Olson, last played by a pre-Another World Stephen Schnetzer, all the way back in 1979! Then he apparently left town and...poof. The end. What's HE been up to for the past...I don't know, 41 YEARS?


    Another Horton male just cast off. (Yes, he is an Olson, but his mom, Addie, was a Horton!)


    Maybe a bit problematic with another Steve in Steve Johnson on canvas, but that seems a minor issue.

    We've been going through his run on the show in the DAYS BTS thread, and...yeah, it seems he's still alive, and with plenty of potential. A brilliant troublemaker in that age bracket that could've acted as a corporate raider type for the new century once AW ended, but...another opportunity squandered.

    And hell, just refer to him as Stephen, and you're fine!


  15. 8 hours ago, Khan said:

    Have I mentioned how much I appreciate these monthly recaps, @beebs?   They have REALLY lifted my spirits.


    Reading these synopses, however, I get the feeling that DAYS was a show in desperate need of new direction.  We all can complain from now until doomsday how much the '80's ruined the show with all the run-and-gun stuff, but the truth is, there was no way the show could revert back to the Bell/Falken Smith style of storytelling.  The ratings were dropping, and there was really no one around who can do that famous style of storytelling as well as Bell and PFS.

    Thanks, @Khan! Means a lot to hear you say that! It's been a LOT of fun writing them out, and learning more about this lost time for the show. I'm hoping to keep going through to the end of '83, since I think we all pretty much know what happened past then. But we'll see.

    I sense that there were so many factors challenging DAYS' success at that time, and it would've been really difficult to maintain the tone that Bell and PFS had set up without a very solid changing of the guard to maintain the momentum. Unfortunately, I feel PFS burnt out before she was able to do this, and Corday's desire to see Ann Marcus take the job really stifled any such plan. Surely there were other successful writers of the period who could've maintained that level of quality at the time. I do wonder if the Dobsons could have been swayed from GL at that time, or if their wildly-varying quality would've once again proved a liability at DAYS. Labine/Mayer would've probably been a decent fit...though, of course, they were running their own show at the time.


    I feel like the shift was inevitable, as you say. I just wish they would've kept the more adult tone the show had previously had, as I feel there was a very distinct shift to DAYS become a show for kids after 1983 that I just can't connect with the same way.


    5 hours ago, jam6242 said:

    Bill Hayes has said that Bill Bell originally intended for Doug to lead Sister Marie astray in 1970, but tossed that story plan aside when he saw the chemistry between Bill H and Susan Seaforth.

    Thank you, @jam6242 for that info. Yeah, I think the direction they did choose was probably for the best, though I would've enjoyed seeing Marie back in action sooner, and not have her history become so dark under Harrower.

  16. 32 minutes ago, Dr Neil Curtis said:

    Days- Melissa Anderson is definitely needed! She was needed when Victor starting seeking interested in Maggie, could have played with the history of Ivy/Pete/Melissa during that story. Now that Hope is gone Melissa needs to be there and Sandy Horton a blank ass slate to work with and tested with Roman. Too bad they killed David Banning and Bill. 🙄

    Killing David remains the biggest WTF of all time to me. There was a golden opportunity in that moment to either bring Gregg Marx back or hire a new David for the Eli story, as well as reintroduce Anne Milbauer (personally, I'd try to recast her with Hillary B Smith), make her Susan Martin's daughter, and have her get involved with David. A golden opportunity to have a short visit from Denise Alexander presents itself there, and immediately folks have a much stronger connection to that entire wing of the family. 


    Instead they just...have him fall off a motorcycle offscreen? For real??? Waste. 


    I also really love the idea of Marie being the Horton maitriach. She is so necessary today and, again, not a word from her in years. 

  17. Honestly, watching the 11/18 episode (thanks for the recommendation @DynamiteKiddo), and I'm impressed! It feels like Ron's starting to find a bit of a groove without Corday breathing down his neck. Does anyone know who wrote that particular script?


    If it hadn't been for the whole angle of Gwen trying to sleep with Chad, I would have argued that the most logical person for Gwen to be would be André's daughter, come to seek revenge against the woman who killed her daddy. But...unless they're undoing the blood relation again? I dunno. I just would rather not have it be yet another secret Kate baby.



    ETA: oh duh. She arrived being in a relationship with Jake, so she can't be Andre's. Ughhh. 

  18. 13 hours ago, ChickenNuggetz92 said:


    Oof, I was worried something like this would happen! Let me investigate. Worst case scenario is I have to migrate everything to a new vault but I've been keeping an active backup. It might take me a few days - hang tight everyone!


    Update: As it turns out, the storage on the vault has been reduced from 5TB to 1TB. One of the joys of purchasing OneDrive Business Accounts through eBay is dealing with kinks like this. Let me purchase another one, and I will migrate everything there. It'll take some time to migrate the data as I'm limited to my own internet speed (thankfully I have fiber internet).

    Thanks for that @ChickenNuggetz92, and definitely let us know when it's back up and running/new access codes and all that. Appreciating all the work you've put into this project, especially with the corporations so desperate to keep everything hidden as of late!

  19. 20 hours ago, asafi said:


    Any chance to see somewhere the story of Marie falling in love with her brother, Tommy AKA Mark Brooks?

    Only via summaries. No one has posted any episodes past between 1966 and 1976 that I've seen anywhere, unfortunately.



    On 11/17/2020 at 11:30 PM, Paul Raven said:

    When Marie returned as a nun Bill Bell wanted to do a story about her being tempted to forgo her vows but it never came to pass. Bill was struggling to tell current stories in the half hour and I guess the controversial aspect put a lid on that development.

    I would be incredibly interested to see how that would've played out. Is there any information on who she would be drawn to in this storyline? 

    I find it fascinating because Harrower seems intent on doing things differently and really pushing the psychosexual narrative back into the show, but she just...doesn't have the finesse of Bell or PFS, and a lot of it steps WAY over the line in many cases to me in a way that reads as cynical. I find early DAYS' steps into controversy worked because they managed to reflect the dichotomy between the old fashioned values the Hortons represented and tried to uphold in their public life, and that they truly believed to be the "correct" things to do, with the realities of the world that tended to clash with those values, and their attempts to "do the proper thing" usually ended up making their problems exponentially worse. There's really none of that in Harrower's work, it's just salaciousness for the sake of shock value in many cases. I think Harrower had potential to do very good things, but may have been under pressure to do shocking stories to give the show a shot in the arm and just couldn't do it in a graceful way.



    Anyway, that's just my two cents, onto October:

    One paragraph in and Mike already wins Dumbass of the Month: He asks Earl to add Margo's $1000 onto his loan so he can pay Trish and David back. Earl is fine with it, so long as Mike runs errands for him after work. Mike's dug himself a beautiful hole, hasn't he? He tells Margo about his side gig, and Margo asks what kind of errands Mike needs to run. Mike responds by stamping his feet like a two-year-old and telling her to mind her business, and leaves. MARGO WILL NOT BE SUSPICIOUS AT ALL NOW, SURELY.


    Margo goes back to Earl and tells him that Mike will pay him back ASAP and that he can find someone else to run his errands. I'm sure with Margo's firm and intimidating voice, Earl was incredibly moved by this.


    Just as I suspected, Earl gets back to Margo later in the day and tells her he'll need Mike for the next six months or so. Soz. Margo threatens to tell the Better Business Bureau on him (OH NOES!), and Earl tells her that if she does, Mike will have an "accident", like a mysterious house fire...and no one would know who's to blame! Believe it or not, only NOW does Margo realize Earl's a crook. This story has been going on HOW long now?? Time you got your nose out of your "How To Plan Your Own Funeral" book, Margo.


    Earl then repeats his threats of "mysterious accidents" to Mike, and warns him that he will be kept on for 'as long as he is useful', which will apparently be a long time. Good job, Mike.





    Chris has designed a solar panel of sorts, but Anderson is struggling to get production up and running due to a cashflow problem caused by Mary's cockup with the government contract. Alex offers Bob the money to get production started, no strings attached (he says). Bob, for once, has the good sense to be suspicious, and turns Alex's offer down.


    Alex then takes Stephanie to dinner, and tries to convince Stephanie to butter Bob up and get him to accept Alex's offer. He then propositions her, and Stephanie thinks he's joking, and goes home alone. Alex, not one to give up, tracks Stephanie down at the office a few days later, and suggests a much more intimate dinner the next time. Stephanie gives in, and heads to Alex's apartment for dinner, where he gifts her a gold necklace, before taking her to bed.


    Apparently wining and dining (and bedding) Stephanie has worked, and Alex sets up a personal loan to Bob for the $4 Million needed to start production of Chris' solar panels. He even finds time for the girlfriend he's two-timing, and arranges for Phyllis to trade her Anderson stock for Magnis stock. Things are getting messy, and Bob frets upon finding out about Phyllis' little trade. Her trade may have cost him controlling interest in Anderson.


    At the office, Mary walks in on Bob and Stephanie in an embrace. Mary sees the embrace as another sign that Bob and Stephanie are having an affair, and runs off before Stephanie can explain that it wasn't indicative of anything sexual. Stephanie does approach Mary later to explain this, and reiterates that she sees Bob as family, and that she's no rival to Linda. Mary actually believes her.


    Later, Alex meets with the one and only Harold Trask to discuss University Hospital's heretofore unheard-of financial troubles. Alex suggests that, though Tom's doing a great job at chief of staff, the money troubles started when he took over from Greg, and that maybe he needs an assistant, like Neil, for instance.





    Bob, sick of Linda's nonsense, has Mickey take her out of Bob's will. When Linda finds out, she lies to Bob and tells him she's pregnant, because, of course, Bob wouldn't want to disinherit an heir! Bob is not impressed that Linda's (allegedly) pregnant, saying he's too damned old to be a father again. But Linda acts wounded by the suggestion she abort, and reminds Bob how good a father he's been to Melissa.





    Marlena calls Sam in LA, and Sam insists she isn't back on drugs, but she's still feeling lousy. Marlena decides to fly down to see her. There, the doctors tell Marlena that Sam needs hospitalization as her kidneys may fail. Marlena persuades Sam to return with her to Salem (Don's gonna LOVE that one).


    Returning to Salem, Marlena discovers Don debating whether to run for city council full-time (since he was filling in temporarily as a favour to the mayor last month). Don is uneasy about campaigning while Marlena is pregnant and while Sam is ill, but Marlena urges him to run. He's pushed further towards running by Alex, who contributes $15k to his potential campaign.


    Neil runs tests on Sam, and discovers her kidneys are very likely failing, and that she'll need a transplant, or she will be on dialysis, possibly for the rest of her life. Sam takes the news with her usual poise, sobbing that she'd rather be dead.


    Donna inadvertently compromises Don's campaign almost immediately, by contacting a local "modelling agent" named Terry Gilbert, hoping to do some modelling to help pay Don back for covering her shoplifting sprees. Yeah, too bad Terry's modelling agency is a front for porn! Dumb Donna strikes again!


    Donna's been hired on, for a whopping $7.50/hr ($26.90 today, I might add), and we find out Terry and Earl the Very Legitimate and Above-Board Loan Shark are in cahoots. Earl tells Terry to hold onto any pictures taken of Donna until after the election, as they could be worth a fortune.





    Julie spots Lee and Doug together, as Doug is buying the emeralds at Chez Julie, of course. Doug doesn't see Julie before she runs off, but Lee does, and is thrilled. Her little plan is working.


    Robert visits Julie, and lets her know that Doug hired Jordan to treat her. Well, that really sets Julie off, since Doug is still interfering, even though he has a new woman (she thinks). Her trust broken in Jordan, she assumes everything she's told him is being filtered to Doug, and cancels the facial skin graft. All this to spite her loved ones, who she thinks are more concerned with her looks than her mental well-being.


    She tells Jordan as much the next time he visits, while he tries to get her to recall all the progress she's made. Enraged that he glossed over the fact Doug hired him, she lunges at Jordan, enraged, but realizes at the same moment how ridiculous she's being and breaks down in his arms, apologizing for being such a mess. JUST THEN, DOUG WALKS IN! He figures all of Jordan's advice to stay away from Julie is a ruse to get into her bed! (I mean...maybe not consciously but like...it kinda reads that way, tbh). Julie, while apologetic for her outburst, can't get over the fact he covered up who hired him, and asks Jordan to stop therapy sessions, having lost trust in him.


    Jordan, realizing what's happened, goes to visit Doug. Doug isn't there, but Lee is. Jordan tells her that he and Julie aren't having an affair, she's simply going through "affection transference". Lee manipulates Jordan's words and suggests to Doug, when he returns home, that Julie HAS fallen for Jordan, and wants Doug to GTFO.


    Julie, meanwhile, goes to see Laura at Bayview. Laura, now being surprisingly rational, tells Julie to get the surgery done, and go back to Doug. 


    Well...little late for that, because Doug hears Lee's bogus version of Jordan's explanation, gets drunk (again), and goes home to find Lee in lingerie, ready to go. And go, they do.


    Trish, starting to worry about how much Doug is drinking (how many people in Salem are lushes at this point?? YEESH!), goes to Julie and begs her to talk to Doug, even as a friend. Julie won't do it, knowing how much she's screwed his life up already. Trish shows some more backbone and snaps at Julie that she'll do it herself, and not to worry anymore.


    After going back and forth on it, Julie forgives Jordan, and AGAIN decides to go ahead with the facial skin grafts. Just call her Julie The Metronome.




    Steven signs over his partnership of Chez Julie to Doug to pay Doug off for covering his gambling debts. Julie doesn't want anything to do with Doug, but agrees, since Steve DOES owe him the money. Looks like they're writing Steve out now, as Steve doesn't even directly approach his own sister about this, instead getting Mickey to inform her. I suspect we will not hear much more about Steve after this.




    Dayplayer intern Joe invites Cathy, the 17-year-old runaway, to a "swinging party". Marie overhears Cathy accept. Cathy gets wasted, and Joe takes her back to her boarding house, where he tries to force himself on her. Marie is lurking in the hallway, and busts into Cathy's room, scaring him off. Marie comforts her as she sobs.

    Maggie convinces Mickey that taking Cathy in isn't coming from a place of needing to be a mother (yeah right), it's a need to help someone who's in trouble. Mickey relents, agreeing to have Cathy stay with them on a trial basis.


    Connecting Alex to yet ANOTHER character, he hires Cathy as his maid, and Cathy confesses to Marie that she's smitten with her new boss. Marie bites her tongue so hard she leaves imprints. Cathy also now wants to live on her own, since things are going her way now (you know, after like...two weeks). Chris warns Cathy to stay away from Alex, saying "there are other guys who could show you a good time and get serious about you". DUDE, SHE'S 17! ICK!

    What is with this show as uncomfortably inappropriate intergenerational stories in the late 70s? And why are they so often involving Donna??? Like...most of these are underplaying how creepy the stories are, and it's just...weirding me out. There is a LOT of exploitation of teenage girls on this show in this era, and it's just too much. Blech!


    I don't feel like we got a satisfactory end to Steve. It's like...just as his story ramped up, he just...handed his story over to Lee, and disappeared? Did Durant kill him? Did he say a proper goodbye? What about Trish's diamonds she taped to her desk? It's just so WEIRD how none of Harrower's storylines are following through so far. The set-ups are there, and yet they'll disappear or shift back into 1st gear just as they start to get momentum going?  It's a very odd era, to say the least.

  20. DAYS needs to bring on Melissa for sure. Recast Nathan and give him a personality this time. Noelle would add something certainly.


    I'd be tempted to bring Carrie and Austin back with Noah in tow, but they have to give Austin more to do than be dumb this time. He's an accomplished musician. Run with that. Hook him up with Eve and cause a rift there with Carrie while Austin brings music back into her life. 


    Johnny DiMera I would only bring back if Sami was there again full time. 

  21. 11 hours ago, te. said:

    IIRC, Marie became a nun because of what happened with Tommy.

    That's what I always thought, though it appears she simply left for New York at the time, and then wasn't heard from for awhile, which, I believe, is the time period Elizabeth Harrower seems to be trying to fill in (or retcon) . Because having three doomed relationships and a suicide attempt in the span of 18 months isn't enough to drive you to a convent apparently. So she had to make the time leading up to it even worse! 

  22. 2 minutes ago, prefab1 said:

    Current DAYS might just be for you, but I will say that the strength of the show tends to be in its acting and dialogue, which doesn't always come through in internet summaries or discussions of its plots. 


    For instance, Cady McClain's Jennifer had a great little scene today where she was talking to JJ about how tired she is of Jack always screwing up and hurting her, then trying to apologize after the fact. 

    I will concede that what saved DAYS for me, even in the TomSell era, was the day-to-day writing, which was often ELECTRIC thanks to the talents of the Cullitons and Melissa Salmons. What episodes I have seen recently have been entertaining, again for similar reasons, and the acting has stayed strong throughout, absolutely.

    I think the long-term storytelling is what is really letting this show down. I wish they would ease up on the looney tune stuff and not tell their stories from such an oddly regressive point of view, because it really lets down the awesome cast and writing staff they have.

  23. 50 minutes ago, SFK said:

    I'm starting to get into this show, it was pretty inoffensive today (i.e., no Ben). I'm still reticent about what they're doing with Allie. I fear that she'll be turned into some antiquated "lesson" in what becomes of impulsive young women (slut-shamed). Meanwhile, good looking young men rape and murder yet deserve umpteenth chances at redemption.

    Yeah, that's....that's basically the way it's been for awhile now.

    I tuned out about two years ago, but still follow the goings-on via online and...yeah, that's pretty much it.


    You're probably better off reading up on the Bell/Pat Falken Smith era than watching what's going on now, tbh.


    ETA: God, I sound so cynical. If you're getting something out of it, I have watched a couple episodes here and there and enjoyed it, but nothing grabs me the way it used to, put it that way.

  24. 4 minutes ago, DynamiteKiddo said:

    Xander not being Justin’s Alexander is one of the more stupid things they did new character wise over the last 10 years.  And that was Tomsell, who were definitely more invested in Adrienne & Justin than any other head writing regime, save for maybe RC.

    Yeah, but TomSell were also almost comical in their stubborn refusal to introduce extant legacy children, with the exception of Theresa. They would almost exclusively introduce all new characters and shove them down folks' throats (Melissa Archer's Serena, who everyone screamed should've been Sarah, the entire Ozark yokel family), or retcon their new creations into being the sons and daughters of established characters (Beige Paige, Paul).


    Xander was just yet another, seemingly more blatant middle finger to the fans in that regard.

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