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  1. OKAY onto Part 2 of November 1980, and I gotta say I am seeing some improvements. Let's see what y'all think:


    PART 2


    (November 5-ish – November 19-ish)


    Marlena is the queen of spite career moves, and accepts Kellam’s permanent position on his staff. Doing what, I have no idea because he DID NOT WIN the election, so I haven’t a clue what he needs a psychiatrist on staff for, particularly when he’s fully committed to being a complete sociopath, himself. Liz remarks that Marlena is being very loyal to Kellam, a statement so weighed down by innuendo, I’m amazed she was able to get it to sail right over Marlena’s head.


    Don is, as per usual, pissed off at Marlena for taking the job, and tells her that she needs to quit ASAP, as he’s calling a formal inquest into Cassie’s death, and he can’t do that if she’s working for the slimebucket father of the guy who probably killed her. Marlena responds like a bratty teenager on the Jenny Jones show, and says Don’s just jealous of her relationship with Kellam, and refuses to quit her pointless job working for a sociopath, instead demanding Don quit as DA. She tells him that she won’t readjust her entire life around Don’s wants just to appease a cheating husband. Don gets fed up by Marlena’s obstinance, packs a bag and moves into the Salem Inn.


    When asked by Johnny why the grumpy guy with the perm left in a huff, Marlena explains to Johnny that Don needed time alone to think. Johnny thinks he left because of him (I’m sure it didn’t help matters, but no, it isn’t all about you, Johnny). He then asks if Marlena’s leaving as well, and Marlena hugs him and promises she won’t (who’s gonna pay rent on this place if Marlena moves out as well??)






    Don, as well as the Salem PD, are certain that Cassie’s death was a result of foul play, and they’re certain Tod had something to do with it, citing inconsistencies between Tod’s accounting of events and eyewitness accounts that say that Cassie was drunkenly headed for Tod’s that night to crash his party.


    Incidentally, we finally get a consistent spelling on Tod’s name. It’s…one D. Which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I shall pronounce his name “toad”. I may even start writing it as such, because I am a sh!t disturber like that. Anyway…


    Jessica is served with a restraining order. Not from anyone in particular, just from the bits of land that are not inside the Salem city limit. I did not know borders could issue restraining orders, but…hey, you learn something new every day. Jessica has another aneurysm, as Alice talks her down, telling her that if she tells the truth, everything will turn out fine.


    After Alice stops Jessica from freaking out, Jessica calls Toad over to try to convince him to stop lying so that maybe they can stop being suspects at some point. Toad insists they keep lying because if no one breaks rank, he won’t look like the prime suspect. I guess instead, he would rather they ALL be suspects together and the cops won’t be able to pinpoint just him! Yes, I believe he IS, in fact, sober when he visits Jessica, so we can’t blame the sauce for his complete lack of common sense.


    Alice tells Marie about Jessica’s restraining order, and Marie wants to go comfort Jessica. Alice suggests she don’t, because she may reveal that she’s Marie’s daughter, and you know how Jessica reacts to any and all adverse news. Marie agrees, against her better judgment. Mickey tells Alice and Marie that the police think Jessica is lying to protect Toad (you know, because she IS). Marie calls Alex to try to talk to Jess to get the truth out of her. He agrees.


    When Alex does visit Jessica, she tries to convince him that she’s telling the whole truth, but Alex knows better, and scolds her for protecting Toad. Jessica cracks, and admits she lied, that Cassie was with Toad the night of the party, but insists her drowning was an accident. Alex isn’t so sure, and tells Jessica as much. Big mistake, as Jessica instinctively stands up for Toad, and stubbornly announces she will keep lying to protect him from going to jail.


    Max suggests to Kellam that Toad might have actually killed Cassie and that it wasn’t an accident. But he and Kellam also thinks that the police are only suspecting Toad because of Don’s call for an inquest, and that Don only did THAT as revenge against Kellam for kissing Marlena.


    OOPS! Cassie was pregnant when she died! This’ll give Toad even more motive to kill her. It just gets worse and worse for the guy, doesn’t it? As Mickey and Don talk about this, Mickey asks about Marlena, and Don admits they’ve separated. Mickey suggests Don go see Marlena and have a talk to try to patch things up. Don decides to do just that.


    At the same time, Kellam is having a similar conversation with Marlena, and even suggests she quit her job working for him to try to relieve any tension between Marlena and Don. Marlena tells him it doesn’t matter, since she and Don have separated. Kellam pretends to be really sad about this, just as Don walks in, immediately misinterprets the scene before him, and huffily announces he’s come to grab more of his things, instead.


    At the inquest, Kellam makes a point to threaten Don if he slanders Toad. Alex, meanwhile, informs Mickey about Jessica’s lie, and encourages him to get the truth out of her on the stand.


    On the stand, Don questions Toad about his relationship status with Cassie at the time of her death. Toad claims he saw Cassie a few days before the party, but not that night. Jessica is then asked the same questions, and lies through her teeth, insisting she didn’t see Cassie that night either. Too bad the police had questioned several of Cassie’s friends who testified that Cassie HAD gone to crash Toad’s party the night of her death.


    The testimony becomes even more inflammatory when the medical examiner reveals that Cassie was three months pregnant at the time of her death. Worse still for Toad, Don calls a passerby who was on his boat the night of the party, and distinctly remembers seeing and especially hearing Toad, Cassie, and Jessica on Toad’s boat that night. He recalled hearing them arguing on the shore, before continuing onto their boat, and remembered hearing Jessica’s and Cassie’s names that night, particularly. OOPS!


    Back at UH, Josh senses something is up, as Jessica hasn’t been to see him for a number of days. Marie simply tells him she’s in some trouble, but will be okay soon.


    And what trouble it is. Realizing how deep he’s in now that there are eyewitnesses, Toad asks to be put back on the stand. Once there, Toad admits he did actually see Cassie that night, and that after they dropped Jessica off at the shore, he and Cassie carried on arguing on the boat for a bit. Cassie admitted she was pregnant and insisted they get married. Toad refused, stating that he didn’t love her, then the wave hit, Cassie fell overboard, and Toad dove in to try to find her (unsuccessfully).

    Jess takes the stand immediately after and corroborates what she was present for that night. Don makes a point to the jury that Toad and Jessica had both lied under oath. Don is now certain that Toad and Jess are GUILTY!!!1 Cassie may have drowned, but was likely knocked unconscious by a blow to the head, so the trick is for the jury to decide if the blow was inflicted intentionally, or accidentally. The jury believes Cassie was knocked out by someone, and Don has Tod and Jessica arrested for Cassie’s murder.


    Alex goes to Marie to tell her of Jessica’s arrest, hoping Marie will go to Jessica’s side, as she was closer to the girl, but Marie is insistent that Alex do so. Alex presses to know why, thinking Marie’s once again pushing for Alex to play father figure to Jessica again. Marie instead blurts out that Alex IS Jessica’s father. Alex, shocked, asks how Marie knows, and Marie tells him the rest: because Marie is Jessica’s mother! SUDDENLY IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Marie admits she got pregnant by Alex in New York during an edition of “World’s Worst BDSM Sessions”. Marie ran off (presumably after seeing Alex throw his brother off a balcony), and had the baby in a convent. She knows Jessica is that baby because she gave the baby a medallion and Jess has that medallion etc. etc.

    Alex wonders why Marie gave up their baby, as he would’ve married her. Marie fires back that she wouldn’t have married HIM. Alex is BIG mad, and goes off to the jail to see his kid. Alex doesn’t reveal the truth to her at that moment, instead comforting her and telling Jessica that she’s very special to him. Jessica appreciates the comfort, not questioning his motivation like she constantly does with Marie.


    Josh is starting to remember some things about the night of his beating, but they’re patchy. He recalls wanting to kill Kellam (that’s more a general mood in Salem, though, so not hard to recall), and then planning to see it through (okay, that’s a little different). It’s only when Mickey tells him of Jessica and Toad’s arrest for Cassie’s murder that Josh’s memory is jogged in a dream: he saw Cassie fall off the boat, and saw Toad jump off the boat after her. Josh remembers going to jump in to follow suit, then wakes up in shock. He must see Marie immediately!


    Toad and Jessica are released on bail, and Alice and Tom offer her a place to stay until she’s acquitted. Toad, on the other hand, goes home to Kellam, but insists he’ll be moving out the second the trial is over, blaming Kellam for telling Toad to lie to the cops in the first place. When Liz finds out that Kellam is responsible for Toad lying to the cops and getting himself in this huge mess, Liz has ANOTHER go at her father, telling him that she’s moving out as well.





    Liz is frustrated by her father’s fixation on women he has to manipulate in order to get close to, and orders him to stop chasing after Marlena. She calls out his double standard of chasing after married women he works for when she can’t be with Neil because it might hurt his “image”.


    Trish actually has something to do for once, and makes an appointment with Neil at the hospital, not because she’s unwell, but because she overheard Neil’s conversation at Doug’s and is concerned he’s slipping back into gambling again. Neil pretends nothing is wrong, which is so convincing that Trish immediately offers Neil money to cover his gambling debts he claims he doesn’t have. Neil thanks her and says he already took care of the debt he claimed he didn’t have five seconds ago. Trish is certain that Neil’s slipping back into gambling to fill the void that losing Liz left in his life, and urges Neil to go talk to Liz again.

    Neil actually takes Trish’s advice, and calls Liz. Liz agrees to see him, but when Neil tries to convince Liz to forgive him and resume their relationship (now that Kellam’s campaign is over, there really isn’t anything standing in their way), Liz refuses once again. Neil maintains he didn’t take Kellam’s bribe, and accepts responsibility for their breakup, but Liz still can’t get past the pain the breakup caused her.


    This changes once Liz discovers Kellam convinced her brother, Toad, to lie to the police about what happened the night of Cassie’s death. Suddenly the fog lifts, and she realizes that, OH YEAH, Thing 1 and Thing 2 probably were lying about Neil taking the bribe money, as well! So she goes to pay Neil a visit to try to smooth things over. Neil is thrilled by Liz’s change of heart, but as they’re about to kiss, the phone rings: the bank has refused his $20k loan to cover his gambling debts. Because Neil won’t tell Liz what’s wrong, she figures Neil is shutting her out again, and she leaves AGAIN. Sturm-and-Drang-o-rama.






    Mary and Leslie are having a screaming match over Mary’s ultimatum about telling Chris the truth: that Alex owns the land the marina is on. At this exact moment, Chris shows up, wondering why they’re using their outdoor voices indoors. Mary leaves, giving Leslie those threatening eyes, and Leslie breaks down and tells Chris that she’s been lying to him. Without even having to say it, Chris immediately guesses that Alex owns the land, and lashes out at her for dealing with the sleazeball, even announcing he’s giving up the project as a result. He notes that, without Mary’s pressure, Leslie would never have told Chris the truth, citing Leslie’s previous closeness with Alex. He feels he can no longer trust Leslie, and plans to go on the road alone to hawk his solar generator.


    Chris heads immediately over to Alex’s, where he announces he’s breaking his lease. Alex threatens to sue for breach of contract, but Chris suggests Alex sue Leslie instead, since she’s the one who made the deal in the first place. Alex thinks Leslie should keep to their agreement, since “two unemployed newlyweds is very sad”. Chris threatens that Alex will one day get what he deserves (you’re in for a long wait, Chris).


    Mary is next in line to visit Alex. She finalizes their divorce, while Alex informs her for Chris’ visit, and accuses Mary of trying to split up Chris and Leslie, something she doesn’t deny. However, Mary counters that Alex himself has plenty of cause to want Leslie and Chris apart.

    Before leaving for his solar panel sales tour, Chris asks Leslie what she’ll do while he’s gone. Leslie says she’ll wait for Chris, but when Chris has a tepid reaction to her desire to pick up where they left off, Leslie takes her engagement ring off, certain that she’s lost him for good. At first, Chris tells her to keep the ring, but Leslie tells him she won’t if it doesn’t mean anything to Chris.


    Mary’s next order of business is to visit Max, to try to scam a job at Anderson from Chandler Corp. Max is his usual sleazy self, and is sure they can find room for a “beautiful woman like her” in the company (GAG). Afterward, Max pays Leslie a visit to offer HER a position at the Anderson plant as well! Leslie is about to tell Max to shove it, but Maxwell leaves before she can.





    Lee and Kyle exist again, with Lee teasing Kyle about his attraction to Maggie. When Maggie comes to visit, Kyle immediately leaves, and Lee makes immediate mention of how close they seem to Maggie, and can’t understand why Kyle would bolt from the room like that. In the therapy room later on, Maggie tries to help Kyle, but is shouted down. Maggie leaves, hurt and confused. Oh Maggie, whenever in doubt, if Lee is involved, always assume Lee did something.


    Lee is delighted she’s wounded Kyle’s ego enough that he’s rejecting Maggie, because apparently Lee is only happy when everyone around her is miserable. Maggie admits to Mickey that she’d become too attached to Kyle, seeing so much of herself in him. She tells Mickey that she wanted to inspire him to live a full, active life with a disability, having her own experience to draw from.













    So...I have to say, things are moving at a CLIP. It's shocking for me to see so much movement, considering Tomlin's second run as HW was so much slower-paced than this. Yet somehow, I feel like they're hitting every beat? The stories are becoming a bit more interesting and complex than they were under Laemmle, so i will give them props for that, though I'm less than thrilled by the continued nonsense surrounding Kellam. At least his kids are wising up to him.

  2. Okay, so I figure if I cut down my summaries to cover just each issue, maybe I'll be more likely to actually do them? November 1980 was 16 pages long, and my eyes were watering just thinking about it, so here's Part 1 of November 1980, which would be Gary Tomlin/Michelle Poteet-Lisanti's first full month as HWs.



    PART 1 (October 27 – November 4-ish)

    Marlena tries to convince Don to go to Kellam’s 21st birthday shindig for his kid who we can’t figure out the spelling of. Don won’t do it, so Marlena goes on her own. Kellam is thrilled, but Marlena explains the reason Don won’t come is because he caught Kellam kissing Marlena.


    At home Don is caring for Johnny who has exactly zero time for Don.


    After the party, Marlena tells Don that Kellam has offered Marlena a permanent position on his team after the election. Don is pissed off, yet again, bloviating about how the DA’s wife can’t work for the governor because it’s a conflict of interest. Apparently Don’s never heard of a soft touch.



    Rando dayplayer Mark brings Jessica to Tod’s party, as per Todd’s plan. Todd leads Jessica to greet Kellam, and Rando mark makes a beeline for the door so that Tod can have some alone time with Jess. Todd’s a big fibber and tells Jessica that Cassie’s been invited (she hasn’t). His fib comes out after about eight drinks, prompting Jessica to feel sorry for Cassie and put off by Tttodd.

    Dayplayer Mark flees to the disco, where he runs into Cassie.  When another random dayplayer friend of theirs mentions the party to Cassie, Cassie realizes something is up and decides to crash the party and make a huge scene.

    Back at the Chandler mansion, Kellam makes a toast to the drunkard he bore, and the drunkard announces that he’s gonna marry Jessica. Jessica runs away in response, because, even in 1980, consent is still key. Outside the mansion, Jessica gets some more practice sobbing, when Tod comes out. Jess asks how he could embarrass her like that in front of everyone, to which Toddd tells her it was to get even with Kellam for making his 21st birthday into a society event for his campaign, but, like…also that he does want to marry her?? Because that’s supposed to make it alright. Jessica runs off again, and, by the lake, they run into a drunk Cassie. Cassie accuses Ttod of stringing her along when he really wants Jessica, and accuses Jessica of putting on a Little Miss Innocent act, shouting “all the nuns taught was was how to be a liar and a slut!”

    Tod then thinks it’s a good idea to put the two girls on a boat together? Then lets Jessica off the boat? Maybe he figured Cassie was drunk enough that Jessica would push her overboard?? I’m confused as to why SOD felt I needed to know this information, but anyway.


    Julie tells Mrs. Chisholm that she knows Joshua is Sunny’s son. Mrs. Chisholm nearly has a coronary, and begs Julie to stop Josh from seeking revenge against Kellam (even though Kellam absolutely deserves to be revenged against). Julie agrees.

    Mickey tells Josh that Mrs. Chisholm’s story isn’t enough to have Kellam arrested, so Josh does the most logical thing and goes and gets his gun. When Julie goes looking for Josh to stop him revenging at Kellam, she finds an empty room, and an empty gun holster. She panics and runs out into the street, looking for both. Julie manages to chase him all the way to the Chandler house, where she calls out to him before he reaches the door, and tells Josh she knows he’s Sunny’s son. Josh stops and tells Julie he must kill the man who killed his mother. Julie tells him that’s a terrible idea, that Sunny would think it was a terrible idea, and that his bestie/brother Todd would definitely think it’s a bad idea. Josh thinks Tod would probably think it was an a-ok idea, since Ttod doesn’t exactly LOVE Kellam, but he agrees not to kill the a$$h0le, regardless.


    After promising not to shoot Kellam, Josh asks Julie to go back to Flora. Julie thinks THAT’S a bad idea too, but goes along with what Josh asked of her, anyway. Josh, thankfully, doesn’t shoot up the party, instead taking a walk along the lake, where he sees Tod alone on his boat (guess he pushed Cassie overboard LOL). SOD says that as Josh watches Todd, two strangers watch Josh! From where, who or why, I have no idea, but anyway. They beat Josh up and throw his body in the lake to drown. Julie hunts for him when he doesn’t come home that night and finds him, sending him to UH in an ambulance, where Neil says he’s badly banged up, but he’ll be okay.


    Tod comes back from the boat and tells Max about Cassie and the boat. Mustache Twirler #2 tells Todd to pretend nothing is wrong and that there is no Cassie. Jessica later asks Ttod where Cassie is. Toodd tells Jess that he and Cassie broke up, and that he will “never see her again”. Ominous.


    Jessica cries to Alice, who tries to give advice to the mousy little whiner, but she won’t listen, so Alice goes to Marie and asks MARIE to talk to her kid, saying that if Marie had listened to her mother years ago, she’dve been spared a lot of miserable years. Marie agrees.

    Jessica tells Marie she’s worried about Cassie’s disappearance. When Marie tries to be comforting, her brat daughter snaps at her, wondering why Marie’s being so nice now. Marie apologizes for being distant, and that she can’t explain why she’s been that way, but tells Jessica she does love her. Jessica screams at Marie, wondering how Marie can treat someone she loves that way?


    After Jessica again asks Toddd where the hell Cassie is, he finally breaks down and tells her she’s dead. After letting Jess off the boat, the two drunks took off on Tod’s boat and argued, first about Cassie not being invited to Ttod’s party, then about who loved who. Cassie loved Todd, but Tod loved Jessica, and Jessica loves Josh (and the cycle continues). Cassie stood up, a wave hit, she fell overboard, and Tod hasn’t seen or heard from her since. Bye Cassie!


    Jessica tells Todd to call the cops, but Tod doesn’t want the publicity and worries he’ll go to jail for killing her. Jess is apparently about to have an aneurysm at the news, and orders Tood leave her apartment.


    Alex is next up to bat in this edition of “Let’s Harass Marie About Seeing Her Annoying Child”, telling Marie that he’s concerned for Jessica and hopes Marie can reach out to her. Marie won’t, instead asking Alex to be more of a surrogate father to Jessica instead, and still won’t tell Alex why. He knows she’s holding something back from him, and he’s determined to figure out what it could be.


    Alex then goes to Kellam and talks tough about keeping Kellam’s “punk kid” away from Jessica, which immediately arouses suspicion from Kellam, who wonders why Alex gives a $#!t.


    THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG! Someone actually gave enough of a $#!t about Cassie to ask where she went, and now the papers are reporting her death. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are annoyed to find out that the papers are reporting Cassie’s body being found in the lake (guess it wasn’t the body they wanted found there). They’re extra-annoyed because the paper mentions Cassie’s connection to Todd! OOPS! JUST in time for Election Day, too! The press hound Kellam for a statement about Cassie’s death, but Kellam deftly dodges the questions, saying only that his son is in mourning, and that he hasn’t see Cassie in three weeks leading up to her death (that will come back to bite ya, for sure!)

    Kellam’s also less-than-impressed to discover Josh’s rather grave condition, and scolds Max for ordering such an intense beating.


    Max accompanies Tood to the station for questioning, where he coaches Ttod on what to tell the police (the baloney about not having seen Cassie in three weeks, she wasn’t on my boat, etc.) When questioned, Todd recites his answers like a pro, and lies further, telling the police that Jessica was his date, so now they’ll be questioning Jessica as well.


    Alex helps Jessica work up the nerve to go to the police, who want Jess to make a statement about the night Cassie fell off the boat. Jessica debates telling them everything she knows. When Alex tells Marie about Jess being questioned, she suggests Mickey accompany Jessica to the police station. There, Tod pleads with Jessica to deny having seen Cassie that night. The dummy agrees, as Tod insists the police think Cassie’s death wasn’t an accident (well maybe if you’d said something in the last week or so???) Jessica says nothing.


    Julie tells Flora about Josh’s beating, and she’s shocked, but knows exactly who is responsible, but Josh cannot corroborate anything, because he got beat so bad, he ended up forgetting the entire night! Hooray!


    The Sleaze loses the election! Kellam blames Don! Marlena blames Don! Everybody blames Don! Liz visits Don to tell him that everybody blames him, and to ask why Don quit working for Kellam. Don tells her that he caught Kellam kissing Marlena. Liz sighs defeatedly, apologizes to Don, then goes home and tears a strip off Kellam for being a sleaze.


    Max berates Kellam, calling him a ‘loser’. Kellam fires Max and tells him to get out of his house, to which Max reminds Kellam that he has too much on Kellam to leave now, and that from now on MAX runs the show, and will not be taking orders from…his…boss??? What a weird pair.



    Liz still doesn’t believe Neil when he tries to tell her that he didn’t accept Kellam’s bribe.

    Kurt Randall tries to convince Neil to join the next poker game, which means you KNOW Neil will eventually fall right back into old habits. After about thirty seconds of hesitation, Neil immediately withdraws $15,000 from the bank and goes a-gamblin’!


    And loses every penny!


    And more! Kurt gives him a deadline to pay up, causing Neil to call the bank for a loan. Here we go again.





    Mary agrees to handle the PR for Chris’ marina project for free (until the marina turns a profit), pissing Leslie off because it’s yet another way Mary and Chris remain too close for her comfort. Chris agrees without consulting Leslie, making everything that much worse between them. Chris throws some platitudes at Leslie about her being the only woman for him, and all is forgiven.


    Mary, meanwhile, heads to Doug’s Casino, and announces to Neil that she’s ready to resume all her old relationships (all at once? How modern of her). Chris and Leslie walk in at that exact moment. This…leads nowhere.


    Later, at the marina, Leslie senses something is bothering Mary. Mary confesses she feels uncomfortable with Chris not knowing Alex bought the property. Leslie begs Mary not to tell Chris the truth, but Mary holds firm: either Leslie tells Chris the truth, or Mary will.




    Trish, now free from her whiner husband, learns she’s off to LA to record a demo.

    I see they're already cutting some of Laemmle's dead weight, as I'm fairly sure Leslie is on her way out soon as well. I'm pretty sure this is where temporary Mary steps in? It really does feel like there was plans to use Mary heavily under the new regime, possibly having her mix it up with Don and Neil from what I've been reading. I wonder why it didn't work out.

  3. 23 minutes ago, yrfan1983 said:

    I love Diane Sommerfield as Val and wish the show had kept her kong-term!


    Felt like the 1st time Val and Trish met...? They didn’t meet in the 70s?


    Who is Evan sitting with?


    Last question, can the soap gods please gift us with every episode from Pat Falken-Smith’s run? 😃😃

    To point one, agreed. I like how they kinda cast Vanessa Williams to more to resemble Diane Sommerfield than Tina Andrews. I see similarities in their mannerisms and voice.


    To the second, no, there was a line Trish said to Liz about running into a friend. The tension is probably just from Trish being tense about David being on the run (he was presumed to be the Strangler at this point by the Salem PD, and was on the run for shooting Alex, I believe?)


    Evan is sitting with Renee, it looks like.


    I'd take even a few full episodes. These clips are KILLING me, I want MOOOORE. LOL!

  4. 2 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

    I know this is soap sacrilege, but I have tried to get into DS and just can't. Maybe it's just because each actor plays multiple characters and that is too confusing for me.

    Yeah I've never really cared for it, either. I think I just have something against anything supernatural, which is why Passions completely turned me off as well (though I can overlook DAYS' kookier forays for some reason). PC stops existing to me once the vampires start for this same reason.

  5. 3 hours ago, Soap-princess said:

    I refuse to watch the Kay/Jill maternity reveal. Possibly one of the worst moments in Y&R history for me personally. 

    Yep, that's the big Jump The Shark moment for me as well. Nothing that happens after that is canon in my eyes.

  6. Pretty much every soap I was into.

    Y&R I lost interest in when Mal Young replaced Sally Sussman, but ultimately the thing that killed the show for me was making Jill be Kay's daughter, not necessarily because it was a poor story choice (it was), but because it was among the first of a looooong list of things that started the decline.

    DAYS lost me during the last Dena run and never quite got me back. Ron has truly destroyed any chance the show could come back, and it's a shame.

    GL lost me when Reva the Clone arrived. I came back near the end to Alan stumbling about in a suit in a grey snowy field and nearly fell off the couch laughing.

    AW lost me when they killed Frankie. I came back when they announced Alice Barrett's return, and it was jarring with the sci-fi crap they were doing with the Jordan Stark story. The finale did no one any favours.


    GH is the worst for me. The values of the show are so warped, it makes me physically angry to watch, ever since the JFP/Guza era. Sonny pulling a gun on Jax in Robin's foyer in front of her daughter and Robin being totally okay with potentially murdering someone in front of a small child and not even so much as raising her voice to Sonny over it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I haven't been able to even attempt to try to get back into it since.

  7. I've tried since I was a kid, but always struggled to connect with ATWT. PROBABLY because just as I started to get into soaps as a kid was right after Marland's death, so the show was in such flux that it just didn't click with me like many of the others, but I do intend to go back and watch the Marland era soon to see if it sticks now that I'm older.


    20 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    Even though I’ve enjoyed all these soaps, I’ve traditionally had more trouble connecting with daytime soaps set in California: Santa Barbara, B&B, Sunset Beach. They just don’t have the grounded, richly textured community feel that I’ve gotten from the Midwest/Northeast-set soaps.

    I don’t have the same issues with CA-set primetime soaps, but my expectations are different. I’m not looking for the same immersive experience.

    Other than B&B, which I have intermittently gotten into, I feel pretty much the same.

  8. 24 minutes ago, ironlion said:

    I agree that soaps shouldn't be five days a week, and should be kept to a 1/2 hour.  22 minutes though, not 18 watered down with commercials.


    For example, if it were CBS, (keeping soaps at 60 mins), I'd do:

    Mon-Wed         Thu-Fri

    Y&R 1-2pm      GL 1-2pm

    B&B 2-3pm      ATWT 2-3pm


    (OR) Ideal Scenario (30 min soaps)

    Mon-Wed             Thu-Fri

    Y&R 1-1:30pm       GL 1-1:30p

    B&B 1:30-2pm      ATWT 1:30-2p


    Less extra characters, less fluff and more matter. Fewer episodes, somore reason to tune in for every episode, every week. I'd opt for a Mon-Wed; Thu-Fri split. I think a Mon/Wed/Fri; Tue/Thu split might be too confusing to the layman audience. Y&R and B&B would get 3 days as they've had the higher ratings. 


    As for the most realistic soaps, I'd say B&B and Y&R. Riche era GH in the 90s (minus the Cassedines) was a good realist period. I like a balance, Some realist soaps and some over the top soaps. Just not DAYS and PASSIONS over the top. 

    Not totally against this, though I'd argue you could do M-W (say Y&R/B&B), then T-T (GL/ATWT, for example) with the watered down 18 minutes (purely for ad revenue reasons), then do a Friday (or Saturday?) Omnibus edition like they do in the UK for anyone that's behind. I honestly think the omnibus could be the key to making it work, as that gives folks an easy way to catch up, and it wouldn't be especially overwhelming, since it only amounts to a one-hour show a week. If it's successful, you can always expand from there, but I just think that leaving folks wanting more and giving the writers the time to breathe a bit might stop things from getting too bloated or messy.

  9. Just now, ironlion said:

    Yikes! I've been waiting for years to see Phillip Chancellor's death on Y&R as well as Victor Lord's death on OLTL. One day they might surface, if such video exists anymore. :(

    You might get lucky with Y&R, and DAYS. Both shows apparently have all episodes in tact. Just...not circulating, obviously.

  10. 1 minute ago, ironlion said:

    Exactly what are the blank years for old soaps, the late 60s to the late 70s? At least those are the years I find toughest to locate online. 


    And why is that? I suppose it has something to do with tape erasure?

    From the sounds of it. From what I've been able to tell, they stopped doing many kinescopes after the mid-60s (with the odd exception of that glut of 1975 GHs that have popped up online), but didn't stop taping over old episodes until the late 70s for most shows, so basically, unless local stations and the like haven't held onto their timeshifted copies (or, how some of the soaps had copies shipped to Australian channels for rebroadcast, which, for whatever reason, have been kept), we're basically out of luck :(

  11. 1 hour ago, ReddFoxx said:

    B&B does tend to have dramatic direction. When Brooke saw that was alive the camera zoom ins were extra dramatic.



    In her defense, if anyone walked up to my door with that god-awful plastic surgery, I'd scream like that, too.


    Those zoom-ins were pretty shocking, but not the way I'm sure they intended. YIKES.

  12. 4 hours ago, BoldKara said:

    LEGEND!!! 🙏


    OK it seems the RTL Lounge is an actual TV channel and based on one of the endings of the episodes on the Vault, it's clear that channel doesn't air the end credits, and goes directly to a The Bold and the Beautiful banner, and ends. I personally don't mind as the quality is just so beautiful...a million thanks to Bartosz...keep em coming I say! 😍

    Yep, as someone who's lived in the NL, RTL Lounge is a station on my parents' cable package. Most Dutch TV stations don't air credits, really, now that I think of it.

  13. 1 minute ago, slick jones said:

    I quit when Ron C. took over, and I don't regret it one iota.

    Laura makes three still viable Horton family members sacrificed by  I-ron-y Carlivati.  The biggest mistake was David,  but killing Laura after proving she's still viable  (from what I've read here) is just ASS. plain and simple.  

    I could've sworn David was Dena's fault. But I agree either way, it's just stupid. What's the point of bringing her back after YEARS just long enough to make fans see what she could bring to the show again, just to off her a couple of weeks in? It's incredibly lazy, and creatively bankrupt. There are some sacred cows you just don't shoot.

  14. On 03/02/2021 at 6:44 PM, victoria foxton said:



    Lolol found my Twitter account, I see @victoria foxton

    8 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    Quick question,


    If I find a really good Youtube channel with DAYS clips, I shouldn't share the link because it increases the chances of the channel being taken down?

    Basically, though if you can PM it to me, I'd be eternally grateful 😬😬😬

  15. 1 hour ago, Franko said:

    I fear that @beebs has found DAYS' autumn of 1980 to be just too boring for words ...

    (Just teasing, luv.)

    LOL, I've just been having a lot of work-related stuff to deal with. But, I'll be honest, suffering through Nina Laemmle and a host of characters I don't really care about in stories that don't particularly interest me was rough. I can only hope Gary Tomlin/Michelle Poteet-Lisanti are a little better than what they started off writing under. It also doesn't help that SOD puts out two summaries per month at this point and sifting through what does and doesn't ultimately matter to the stories, plus filling in the gaps with Tune In Tomorrow is kind of a challenge. I'll see what I can do.

  16. 26 minutes ago, YRBB said:


    That person is vile and seems to be doing this on purpose. That wonderful DAYS uploader has had to go private AGAIN because someone ELSE gave this Erik Stone poster the links to the playlists. Now nobody has access to the episodes. Why is it so difficult to follow the rules?!

    I suspect it might be a good idea to start a DAYS vault, under the circumstances. I MIGHT look into it.

    I love the german and french episodes being uploaded, though I've always loathed watching dubbed TV. Something about it always just irritated me, so it's hard to watch. But it's still delightful to see the footage, regardless.

  17. 2 hours ago, Dr Neil Curtis said:


    I loved Eileen’s return as Kristen, just didn’t like that whole “oh ok, she’s alive.” thing. No shock value from John nor Marlena, only EJ who thought it was his mother in disguise. 

    I mean, after the number of DiMeras that had faked their deaths by that point, I probably wouldn't be too shocked either tbf.

  18. 41 minutes ago, Franko said:

    I can't remember if Dee said in the 30th Anniversary Scrapbook that she didn't like all of the Kellam story, or just the ending. I think the only stuff from 1980 she liked, and even that was by extension, was when they referenced D.J.'s death when Marlena counseled Stella Lombard (and I get the impression it's largely that she liked working with Elaine Bromka).

    I can see why. DJs death could have been a fascinating story, but was instead basically used as a wedge for Don and Marlena, and it seems they hardly delved into Don's feelings about it. Especially since he had lost another child years before. They instead just made him a nasty,defensive pig, and made Marlena come off as a shut in who only talks to Kellam and literally no one else. It's very bizarre.


    I know SOD doesn't do the best job of filling in character motivations (can you tell I still miss Daytime Serial Newsletter?), but you don't even get a glimmer of what the hell these people are thinking from SOD, and it makes the stories seem 10x worse for it.

    3 minutes ago, carolineg said:


    I feel like this 1979-80 stuff with Don and Marlena is mostly weird and dumb.  Stuff happens (DJ dying, Don blaming Marlena, Don's affair) and then for months it seems like Don/Marlena don't do a whole a lot except hang out with Kellam and argue here and there.  And Liz and Don seem to come out of nowhere.  And it does seem odd Marlena has no friends to confide in even though we know her friends exist on the canvas.  I know it's hard to tell from recaps, but this whole Kellam stuff seems awful.  Not looking forward to the rape, especially since the show really doesn't use that history much anymore.  I can understand why she hated it.  For a character so popular, Marlena is not doing much of anything even though major things are happening to her.  Again, it's hard to tell from recaps, but Don just cheated on her why does she want him at her birthday party so badly lol?

    It's kind of true, though early in Laemmle's run, Liz is initially attracted to Don, and Kellam to Marlena, so it isn't entirely out of left field. It's just the fact they had Liz end up with Neil and had Kellam chase after Julie for awhile that sort of...confused the issue. I wonder if they were still saying Julie was Sunny's doppelganger by this point, or did they get another actress to play Sunny in flashbacks?



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