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  1. 11 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    I think it sounds great. I know some people don't like melodrama but I really do. 


    The whole Donna having a psychotic break and kidnapping baby Scotty arc does kind of sound like something that Bill Bell would have written in the early 70s.


    Glad to see Mickey and Maggie be used. Ultimately, Maggie having an affair with Neil and getting pregnant does make a lot more sense than Maggie being a surrogate mother and then just deciding to keep the baby, or something like that.

    Ahh thank you for this! Of all the compliments you could give, the Bell comparison was the best one, haha!

    A lot of how I wanted to go with Neil was down to knowing Maggie and Neil had chemistry, but hating how Sarah's paternity came to ultimately be. I think revisiting Mickey's mental illness and having him be the one to really give Neil the kick in the seat to change his ways, especially seeing as Mickey's recovery was so truncated on the show, would be interesting.

    I know there was a lot of hope that Bill and Laura have more story, but I honestly don't know where else those two could have gone given what I had to work with. I hated Laura being crazy, and I really didn't see anywhere for Bill to go beyond being part of the spoiler to Stephanie's identity reveal (since, if you've seen the 3-19-79 episode, he definitely doubts Stephanie's account of what happened with the pan).

    Either way, I'm so glad you liked what you saw. I know I'm big on melodrama, but honestly, I don't mind melodrama so long as it MATTERS in the end. I think that was my one big complaint about Ann Marcus, was that, ultimately, very little of what she wrote mattered after her story arcs ended. It was silly, and there was so much to work with, too!

  2. 2 hours ago, Bright Eyes said:

    As someone who hates SORAS'ing, it would have been cool if you corrected the ages of David and Mike. Like has been said by countless people, Steven could have easily taken David's place. Mike's would be more tricky, but I always envisioned Danny Grant would have been a nice substitute. But I guess that's for me to write for myself. 


    Anyway, I do hope you find the time to re-introduce Valerie and Danny at some point. Other than some unpopular story choices, the Grants' exits are really the only big scar on the show by this point.


    Was Donna's friend Anne (and her mother Susan) supposed to be Anne Peters and Susan Martin Peters, who would be years into living in LA with Eric, or was it just some clumsy coincidence? 


    Seeing Trish and Brooke/Stephanie at loggerheards with no hint from Stephanie that they were best friends is strange to me. Though, in the recaps you were posting it seemed to be an afterthought as well.


    I hope Steven gets a chance to become something more than a damp squid (in reference to his time on the real show).


    I'm rooting for Chris and Mary to reunite. 


    The new Jordan Barr aspect with Marlena/Don was well done. It made me think that bringing in characters that we know, but putting your own spin on them could be quite fascinating. 


    I wish ALL these classic characters could stay on the show. That's not probable, but it'll be hard to say goodbye to any of them when you feel they've come to their temporary or permanent end.


    All in all though, good work. It'll be great to see what you do with the big couples of Bill/Laura, Mickey/Maggie, and Doug/Julie. I'm not envious at such a task to keep those plates spinning.


    Remind me where Donna and Pete were in their story here. Had she even gotten pregnant yet? Already miscarried?

    First off, glad to hear from you. The feedback is super-appreciated!


    I'm not the HUGEST fan of SORAS, but I figured...well...the ship has sailed with Mike and David already, so I'll likely freeze their ages somewhat for awhile, or at least age up some others to kind of...balance the scales a bit. As a result, yes, Anne and Susan are Anne and Susan Peters. Unfortunately, I wrote this without taking a second to remind myself how they left Salem (if they left Salem at all, in fact), as Daytime Serial Newsletter basically just...kinda...stopped writing about Susan without addressing where she went, and I foolishly didn't double check other sources, so that's my bad. I'll speak more to it in the June post.

    Absolutely looking to reintroduce Valerie, and possibly Danny as well. Just unsure on when, but it'll come. As for Stephanie and Trish, yeah I basically was running off what Harrower hjad written, so continuing with Stephanie and Trish butting heads thanks to the divorce from David, but I had lapsed a bit on how their relationship was when Brooke "died", so I'm sort of playing it more that Stephanie is mad that Trish would take her son away from a father that loves him, something she never had, and run with that. It's more of an explanation than Harrower ever gave for Stephanie's sudden change in attitude, I imagine.


    As for Pete and Donna, this was after their initial story with the miscarriage and Donna saying Don had raped her had ended, and Pete had left town to complete school. I believe that was all under Ann Marcus.

    Glad you enjoyed, and I appreciate the critique, quite genuinely. I need checks and balances to make this work, as I'm far from an expert on this show, much as it fascinates me. So thank you!

  3. 9 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    This is a good start. I really liked it.


    The Bill/Laura storyline sounds intriguing. It also sounds like you're going to give Mickey and Maggie something to do, which is a great idea because according to the synopses, it does sound like Harrower backburnered them.


    I also read the April 1979 synopsis that you posted, and I have to ask is Mary going to botch the government contract that Anderson has, or are you going to continue that storyline?


    Thanks @AbcNbc247! I'm glad you liked it! I admit, I didn't really have much for Bill and Laura, or Mickey and Maggie at first, but I think I've got a plan formulating, at the very least, for Mickey and Maggie, so that'll prove interesting. I may give Bill and Laura a bit of a rest for now, but we will see how that goes.

    Re: Mary and the government contract, I'm gonna leave that going, mostly because it feels like an unnecessary beat to play, since they just...immediately went back to an almost-identical storyline involving the government contract for the solar panels, so like...why bother? There are other ways to accomplish the same thing, tbh!

    This is just the beginning, of course. I'll have a lot more coming. Thanks again for reading and commenting. I hope you continue to enjoy this *bites nails* 

  4. 21 hours ago, Bright Eyes said:

    Every time I read an episode it's like going back a thousand years. It feels like a lifetime ago. I like that you've stuck to your guns. It must be strange to keep going when so much has happened since in real life. 


    Have you explained yet (I can't remember) how Anjelica got into cahoots with Stefano since they never crossed paths during her original stint?


    I hope Nick's comeuppance, whatever it may be, won't be fatal. I know Abby had other things on her mind, but Nick is still her cousin who she was very close with when he first came to Salem. It felt like she barely knew him.


    The Abe/Kate etc conversation made me realize how ready I am for Sheryl/Jordan/Jerome to be exposed. The story has been too isolating from major characters. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jordan told Rafe the truth about everything in a prior episode, right?


    I'm also ready for more of the Roman story. 


    How many episodes has Theresa been in that coma now?


    Happy to see Andrew in Salem. 


    You're inching close to number 200 ... for a fan-fiction that's a pretty big deal. Any big plans for it?

    Hahha, yeah, it's increasingly hard to keep track of the characters AS OF 2014. I realized when writing the other day that, in 2014, Eric isn't an alcoholic yet (no plans to do that story with him either). It's jarring at times.

    Anjelica getting involved with Stefano will be a surprise for later. She's got deeper ties than what you all know now. But it's coming out in time.

    Nick I have a lot of plans for going forward, so no, he's not dying for the time being. I think Abby's so wrapped up in a lot of her own dramas she's barely able to focus on her immediate family, nevermind Nick. That tunnel vision Abby's got going on will play into things later, but I do need to have a scene soon to delve more into Abby's feelings about Nick after what he'd been doing to Will and Gabi before she whacked him with the rock!

    Jordan told Rafe SOME of the truth, but not about her real connection to Sheryl. Don't worry, though. That story is very close to ending. It's become a bit of a logistical mess from my original vision, so I'll be well rid of it. Thankfully it'll kick off a lot more story that ties the major characters together more.

    The Roman stuff you'll see more of soon. Big twist coming soon with that.

    I think Theresa's been in a coma for about 120 episodes or so now LOL. In series time, it's maybe a couple months, but it has been dragged out a lot, you're right. Ah well, what's a few more months? 😂

    Andrew has arrived, yes! I took your advice to give Kim someone to lean on to keep her from being quite so isolated, so thanks for putting that seed in my mind.

    As for 200, we'll see where everything lands. I may try to get The Penthouse Grille's Grand Re-Opening (which will be the huge finale to a number of stories, naturally) to fall on or around 200, but we shall see! Hopefully I'll have some more time to write once I'm back in Toronto and we'll get to that 200 before 2022. Haha.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting. It really helps keep me going to know someone's still reading! 

  5. On 5/18/2019 at 10:18 PM, Bright Eyes said:

    With Steve's happy expression, I'm guessing the next Pawn is Jack. I get the intention Carlivati is doing with Jack, going back to the character's origins to eventually tell a story of needing redemption which was his strongest trait before becoming a clown, but if Jack is the Pawn, I assume you'll be telling such a tale in a much better way. Of course, if he isn't the Pawn, than ignore everything. 😄


    Just to be clear, did Sheryl definitively kill the real Crystal Clarke or was it just implied? 


    I hated Nick gloating to Victor about his machinations. I thought he was smarter than that. Either way, I hope this time his comeuppance, whenever that may be, won't end in his death. And, of course, that his family (Marie, Jessica, Joshua, Alex) may show up at some point. I do think Marie, being the first heroine of the show, deserves at least a recurring role. However, you should only do what you want with your version. I'll be reading regardless.

    Sorry, I just saw this now!

    Glad to see you still reading! And I agree with you re: Ron and Jack's return on TV, though I don't think I'd do it that way either. I think you'll be surprised with how this all plays out, though I'll not spoil you.

    The real Crystal Clarke is no more. I wanted to make a separate avatar for Crystal, but had a lot of trouble figuring out the masking feature on Photoshop to give her red hair, so I gave up LOL.

    I would be interested in potentially having Marie pop in more often, honestly. I'm not sure in what capacity, but considering I plan to use Julie a lot more, a more prominent Horton presence overall would be smart, you're right.

    Either way, I'm so glad you're reading, and I hope you've been enjoying!

  6. Haha, thanks again!

    I've been on the fence with Kayla, mostly because I realistically didn't have much of a place for her on the canvas without Joey, Stephanie or Steve, but she'll likely pop up again later on. I think just having such a large canvas to work with gets overwhelming for me, so I'm trying to slim the down slightly (since I'm not 1hr five days a week and all ;) ). Maybe have some folks pop up here and there like I've been doing with Chloe etc.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the Roman story. It's gonna get a lot more complex very soon, but I'm grateful for the feedback, and your comments are a big help.


  7. Another strong show. I love all the different pieces. The Abbott teleconference was great again as Jack stubbornly refuses to believe he's in any danger from Victor. But the family knows better. Don't get too comfortable, Jack. 


    Phyllis and Michael was another strong beat. I'm enjoying watching them at odds over this. Phyllis will not take Michael's actions lying down, and she shouldn't. I love that you're showing the emotional conflicts here, as I find the best soap opera is when you can understand the motivations for everyone's actions and understand why they feel they did the right thing. Great storytelling there. I'm interested to see where things will go with Gloria now that she's in the loop on what Michael has done.


    Karynn and Esther's adventures continue. I enjoyed the heart-to-heart between Chance and Nina on their way to Chicago. It was good to see them discuss things. Nina's a meddler, though given her history, I could see why she'd be a bit protective of him. 


    Karynn is is so snarky, it's fantastic. You really got a strong connection between her and Esther, and I totally buy it. Great writing there. Fascinated to see where the story wth Karynn's ex-husband goes as well. 


    All very strong stuff here. A solid episode. Great work, ML!

  8. OOOOO Phyllis is figuring [!@#$%^&*] out. You got her very good. A little bit smarter than pretty much anybody in town. I like that. Her relationship with Michael is a great way to help connect the dots, and I love how this is moving. I can't wait to see how that progresses.


    I liked the flow of following Scotty from the lobby to the condo and into the conversation with Victor and Lauren. Great way to guide us into the situation and connect the stories. 


    LOVED the Abbott teleconference. It was nice to see Ashley here. She's kind of glue holding everything together, her absence is helping to cause the family structure to crumble. I can't wait to see the struggle between Keemo and Jack explored more. You've been digging deep into the family and emotional relationships between the characters lately and I have been really enjoying it!


    Nina and Jill meeting at the Chancellor shell. A good scene, with revelations left, right and centre. I expect Nina will be saving Karynn and Esther soon. 


    Great as well to see the panic spread across Genoa City as Victor's release becomes public knowledge. I'm sure that will have ripple effects across town, and it'll play heavily into future story. Great stuff!

  9. GOOD episode yet again!

    As Cary said, the balance was perfect, the stories were firing on all cylinders, and the movement was there. Loved it.


    Phillip is going down a destructive path, no thanks to Cane, I'm wondering how much Rufus will manipulate the situation to get her hands on that Chancellor money. Very dark scenes and the music helped too. Good stuff.

    Nikki and driver had a really surprisingly tender moment. I feel like he's really going to be there for Nikki, and that's what she needs right now, though I worry he will coddle Nikki with her drinking, much like Jack did back in the day, and that will not help matters at all. I'm intrigued by the direction that story's going.

    Victor and Lauren's scene was good as well, though Victor really has to get in the moment and gain back that intensity he has always had. I find his "breaking character" moments amusing, but I think the intensity really needs to be there, too, and it'll help your scenes flow even better. REALLY good job writing Lauren as well, and you gave the recap dialogue a very smooth stroke, so it let us buy into it without breaking the reality of the moment. GOOD job.


    Michael and Phyllis was another good scene. Phyllis is a great confidant for Michael and I'm glad you took advantage of their longtime friendship to help bring people up to speed with the story. Michael is in HUGE trouble now that Victor's out, and he KNOWS it!


    Fantastic show beginning to end. Another winner, ML!

  10. Oh now she gone have a baby. She better move fast or that sperm will die before it's even in her! LOL.


    What an emotional episode, though. Vicky serving Jake with divorce papers, and Paulina being there for him. We all know where that's heading, and with Grant as a spoiler, the classic set up returns, and I can't wait. Really good scenes there, particularly with Michele seeing it all go down, and immediately blaming Bridget. This will just be more fuel for her fire.


    Felicia's shaking, and I love her dismissing it as just hot flashes. She KNOWS something's up, but what's causing those cravings. Hmmm...


    I can't say I'll really miss Jack, but what a way to tie all that history together, really good stuff there! Grant is not going to get what he wants, particularly when this is the lengths, and desperation he goes to to get it. Loving that, and Frankie still being worried about Cass. She has good reason to!


    Another excellent episode!

  11. Christy is showing herself now. Time to have a baby LOL. Oh WOW. I loved her luring Cass to the warehouse. That whole family is nuts. Haha. Frankie's feelings were right on the money. Really enjoyed that build-up. After all this time, people STILL don't buy into Frankie's extra-sensory abilities! People need to get with it! LOL.


    Michele's scenes were great too. What did she find on her sister's computer? I can't wait to find that out. That girl is out for blood! Loved the scenes between Bridget and Cory as well. She's there for him in his time of need, and it's good to see. She's really growing up, and that's good. Michele's schemes will be a true test of that, surely!


    Another all-around great episode. Lots of great stuff, and great movement. Fantastic job, Cary!

  12. I'll tell you right now, I love the structure of this episode. Rachel listing off their friends and going through what each of them are dealing with before the party is a masterstroke. GREAT build there.

    Felicia is going to really suffer for her decision to go with Iris. Rachel does NOT take well to being one-upped by Iris, and this is going to be VERY hard for her to take, especially with the loss of Carl imminent. I love that you're dealing with that subtlety. Not every headwriter would. It's a GREAT story decision! I love that you also had Matt and Mitch discussing Jasmine's work ethic at school. It's small, but it adds a lot of reality to things. And naturally, Felicia struggling to keep away from the bottle.

    I love the sensuality between Paulina and Jack. It's so natural, and you capture it well. Too bad Grant is all too ready to blow a huge hole in it! Jack has NO idea what's about to hit him!

    Bridget found the condom. Too late, though!

    I LOVE that you're reigniting Stacy/Michael/Donna. That's a fantastic use of history, and so natural. Something innocent being blown out of proportion by a perpetually jealous Donna. GREAT stuff!

  13. I am LOVING this cat and mouse game with Grant and Carl. Carl knows something HUGE about Grant and I just LOVE it. The fact of Grant having a secret son is a HUGE one and I am loving watching Grant squirm. BRILLIANT reveal, one last act of revenge against the unscrupulous turd who took his son away. BRILLIANT.


    Elizabeth is so hurt, and the fact it's taking a toll on her is great. You really know how to write Rachel, I know I've said this before, but I can SEE and HEAR her saying these lines in my mind. It's SO well-done. MORE great work there. Lizzie's pain, I feel it SO much. Very well-conveyed. Another great scene.


    Everything in this episode flowed so naturally, it was fantastic. It was simple, and Carl's emotions and sadness, and that of his family...very palpable.


    Kirkland and Charlie's scenes were another good set. Charlie has NO clue what Eric has done. SCANDALOUS! Hahah, I know this secret is gonna marinate a LONG time. Great stuff, and I can't wait to see what happens next there.


    FANTASTIC episode, Cary. I'm THRILLED by it!

  14. I love that Noah's sexuality is starting to be called into question. I always read Noah as a bit gay, so great move there. I loved the Victor/Nikki scene, and HERE COMES DRIVER <3


    Esther, Karynn, and Garret are a HOOT. I can just SEE Liz Hubbard as Kay's sister. GREAT casting, and these scenes really bring that home. Fantastic stuff! I expect Karynn won't be in prison for long though.


    Scotty and Rufus are a trashy mess and I love it. Scotty, thirsty as ever, he's got his eyes on Noah. And you know Scotty plays to win. That's gonna end in butt babies, just you wait! HAHAHA.


    GREAT show again, ML!

  15. WOAH! That was a GREAT shock. Maggie getting attacked like that. GREAT shock! I loved the little things of that scene too. Maggie playing with her new remote locks, while Cass, ever the traditionalist, is puzzled by them. He's been with Frankie too long! Haha. Too bad the locks didn't work.


    Definitely could feel the tension as Eric blackmailed Kirkland. That was well-written as well. Things are getting steamy with them, and Christy is just warming up. Deliciously evil mother and son. GREAT stuff!


    Brianna has a PLAN for Maggie, and I KNOW it isn't good, GREAT cliffhanger there. Frankie's intuition is more right than she thinks!


    GREAT episode. VERY tight! Not much more to say, other than I am VERY impressed!

  16. OKAY what an episode. So we have some great scenes with Cory getting meet his brother, after all these years. Can't wait to see their relationship develop. Hopefully in dramatic ways.

    Kirkland getting some good head will shut him up for now, but will he end up telling Charlie? (Probably not, or else there'd be no story LOL)

    I loved the juxtaposition between Paulina and Jack reminiscing and lovemaking with Christy and Grant's scheming and plotting. Grant knows he has the silver bullet that will take Jack down and give him his chance with Paulina (so he thinks), but I hope he doesn't. I rarely see Paulina this happy, so it would be nice.


    Finally, the tender scenes between Rachel and Carl. It's going to be so sad to see him go. It's been a long build to this, but it  has been well-written throughout. Driving story in many directions, and so many nods to the past, with branches into the future. Brilliantly done!


    Another great show! GOOD job! :D

  17. This episode just KILLED. The blackmail request has been made. Ohhh wow. Christy doesn't play! I love that she was able to also really know about her son. Every mother has a clue. She really did lay on thick about nothing changing her love for Eric, which I found funny. Great scene and that story is gonna be HUGE for you.


    John and Sharlene happy, how long will THIS last? I enjoyed them discussing Lindsay with Gregory. Truth is, yeah, I see where John's coming from, though obviously this time she really has a strong reason for her actions, whether or not they're based on the reality of the situation though...

    Ryan dealing with Kirkland's HIV test with him, lovely use of Ryan as a consult for a very conflicted soul like Kirkland. It is sad he has no one alive to truly reach out to about this situation, but Ryan is there, which is cool. Relief that the test come out negative!

    This blackmail story is gonna be AMAZING. Can't wait to see it play out. A really focused, tight episode. GREAT stuff, Cary!

  18. Bahahha, Oh god. What an ending. Okay, let's start at the beginning, though.


    LOVED the repartee between Karynn and Esther. You got a good dynamic going between them. Very good there. And ohh the image of those damn pink shoes. BAHAHA.

    The scene between the Newmans was AMAZING. You have a handle on their conversation so very well, I'm seriously impressed. You definitely should keep that going. It was excellent and natural, particularly when it was just Nikki and Victor. Fantastic dialogue between them.


    And Scotty and Phillip. Rafe's right. Scotty is definitely something. Something of a ho. MY LORD, that boy is looking for a ride on any pole that passes him by. Loving the drag queens with dollar signs in their eyes about Phillip. This is gonna get real messy real fast. Love love love the direction I THINK you're going in!


    Fantastic show, amazing work. Love to see what comes next!

  19. LOL Nick just gone round town punchin' everyone! First Paul, now Noah. Lawd.

    Noah's reaction makes perfect sense, seeing as everyone just glossed over Sharon's absense. I loved seeing the interplay there, and that ENDING. Victor appears just in time.

    I liked the scenes between Phillip and Paul, and Phillip in the bathroom with the drag queens. And then Scotty walks in. Ohhhh this is gonna be good. Phillip's temptation, and recalling the history with Cane and Colin was smart. Very good filling us in.

    I'm wondering if Paul will unlock the mystery. Hope those twins are safe. That's gonna be an interesting story to play.

    Karynn and Esther's adventures are gonna be GREAT. Loving what you're doing so far, so definitely keep that moving!


    Great show!



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