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  1. Yeah I've never really cared for it, either. I think I just have something against anything supernatural, which is why Passions completely turned me off as well (though I can overlook DAYS' kookier forays for some reason). PC stops existing to me once the vampires start for this same reason.
  2. Considering how his DAYS run went, I'd argue we're up to 75%.
  3. Yep, that's the big Jump The Shark moment for me as well. Nothing that happens after that is canon in my eyes.
  4. Pretty much every soap I was into. Y&R I lost interest in when Mal Young replaced Sally Sussman, but ultimately the thing that killed the show for me was making Jill be Kay's daughter, not necessarily because it was a poor story choice (it was), but because it was among the first of a looooong list of things that started the decline. DAYS lost me during the last Dena run and never quite got me back. Ron has truly destroyed any chance the show could come back, and it's a shame. GL lost me when Reva the Clone arrived. I came back near the end to Alan stumbling about in a suit
  5. I've tried since I was a kid, but always struggled to connect with ATWT. PROBABLY because just as I started to get into soaps as a kid was right after Marland's death, so the show was in such flux that it just didn't click with me like many of the others, but I do intend to go back and watch the Marland era soon to see if it sticks now that I'm older. Other than B&B, which I have intermittently gotten into, I feel pretty much the same.
  6. And this would be exactly why I wish Stefano had actually died in 1985
  7. As much as he drove a lot of drama later on, I REALLY wish this one would've stuck.
  8. Not totally against this, though I'd argue you could do M-W (say Y&R/B&B), then T-T (GL/ATWT, for example) with the watered down 18 minutes (purely for ad revenue reasons), then do a Friday (or Saturday?) Omnibus edition like they do in the UK for anyone that's behind. I honestly think the omnibus could be the key to making it work, as that gives folks an easy way to catch up, and it wouldn't be especially overwhelming, since it only amounts to a one-hour show a week. If it's successful, you can always expand from there, but I just think that leaving folks wanting more and giving the w
  9. You might get lucky with Y&R, and DAYS. Both shows apparently have all episodes in tact. Just...not circulating, obviously.
  10. From the sounds of it. From what I've been able to tell, they stopped doing many kinescopes after the mid-60s (with the odd exception of that glut of 1975 GHs that have popped up online), but didn't stop taping over old episodes until the late 70s for most shows, so basically, unless local stations and the like haven't held onto their timeshifted copies (or, how some of the soaps had copies shipped to Australian channels for rebroadcast, which, for whatever reason, have been kept), we're basically out of luck
  11. This (hilarious) video cleared up a lot of it for me: I accidentally linked to the entire playlist, but they're worth watching for a laugh, tbh.
  12. In her defense, if anyone walked up to my door with that god-awful plastic surgery, I'd scream like that, too. Those zoom-ins were pretty shocking, but not the way I'm sure they intended. YIKES.
  13. Not that the performance was particularly OTT, but the direction, and the FEKKING SPOTLIGHT???
  14. Yep, as someone who's lived in the NL, RTL Lounge is a station on my parents' cable package. Most Dutch TV stations don't air credits, really, now that I think of it.
  15. EPISODE 189 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Billie slides open the door to Kate's loft, finding John on the other side. Billie is pleasantly surprised to see him there and offers to let him in. BILLIE: John! JOHN: Hey Billie. John steps in, waving to Kate, who stays seated at the breakfast bar. JOHN: Morning, Kate. KATE: Morning, John. Bringing good news, I hope. JOHN: Well, I certainly think so. Billie looks on, intrigued, as she slides shut
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